Characters and Themes Policy

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Characters and Theme Policy

Radiant Heart MUSH’s policy is that you may app feature themes and their characters at your own leisure. Though, there are a few rules governing this.

If the character is from one of Radiant Heart MUSH’s core themes (That is: Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Shugo Chara! Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura), and doesn’t exist on that +theme’s character listing yet, then you should ask Charstaff if they’re appable before applying for them. Original themes, of your own creation, are also appable on MahouMUSH.

In order to be appable, the theme must fall within our Rating Policy. If it’s possible to modify the theme to fit within the Rating Policy, you will need to detail these changes within the theme portion of your application.

The theme must have one complete contained season, series or manga series that is at least one month old to be considered ‘appable’. Also, elements from seasons that haven’t finished won’t be introduced until that season finishes. This is for unwanted spoilers’ sake. The theme must adhere to ‘Mahou Shoujo’ stylings and fall within the general theme, scope and mission statement of Radiant Heart MUSH.

If you wish to know if a theme is acceptable for Radiant Heart MUSH or not, you can submit a +request for a formal review of the series, or just ask a Staff for a review. Staff reserve the right to veto a theme, or suggest changes to themes in order to make them acceptable.

When applying for a character that has a close connection to another currently played character- such as a brother, sister or a love interest or close friend (For example, the relationship between Homura and Madoka or Honoka and Nagisa, or Usagi and Mamoru.) it is generally good form to speak to that player about your intentions of applying for the character, and make sure you're both on the same page. It is understood that any objections raised by the currently played character will be taken into consideration during application, therefore, it is super important to speak to people before you app.

Before applying into an existing OC theme, you will also want to speak to the theme contact for that specific theme before you apply, to make sure your concept fits into the OC theme and is approved by the theme contact. You can find out a theme's contact by typing '+themes/info <theme name>' on the MUSH, at the very bottom. Themes without a theme contact are CC themes, and may be applied into freely, taking the above guidelines into account. Failure to speak to a theme contact before applying can lead to your character application being rejected until you can speak to them.