From Radiant Heart MUSH


On Radiant Heart MUSH, all combat is Consensual, Freeform Roleplay- Roleplaying out the scene, and acting accordingly and fairly, telling a story with the action! Some people mix it up by using a simple coin flip (type ‘+flip’ to flip a coin!) to decide if their character got hit or not to add a bit of a random chance to the mix, to spice it up every other pose.

Typically, when you fight on MahouMUSH, you’re always going to want to be transformed into your magical powered henshin mode. Type ‘+help +henshin’ for more information on transforming on a coded level.

Trying to engage a powered opponent without transforming first, in either form of combat, is generally always going to generally end up poorly for the Magical Girl who chooses not to transform- regardless of your choice of combat style.

It is considered rude to attack a character outside of their henshin form without asking them first unless they’ve done something to warrant the attention. -- sometimes characters may want to enact some civilian level heroics, but that should be their choice rather than something forced upon them.