Consensual Roleplay

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Consensual Roleplay

This file will detail some information about the concept of Consensual Roleplay, or the social contract, on Radiant Heart MUSH. Each player brings their own sets of ideals and concepts to the table when they come to Roleplay, and Consensual Roleplay allows everyone to have a good time, regardless of the diversity of players.

There are two key points to Consensual Roleplay.The first is that You Should Never feel pressured to Roleplay Something You, the Player, are not comfortable with. You can be dealing with the world’s most horrible monster ICly, but you should remember that behind that character is a player who is a human being that can be made just as uncomfortable as you. If you feel that something you are about to do could be considered offensive, or takes advantage of somebody else’s character, ask the group that’s gathered with you before you take this action. Remember, it’s always better to ask and make sure, than keep silent and run into a potential issue or problem. The worst anyone can really say is No, but most players are up for compromise.

The second point is to remember that we are all here to have fun. It’s important that we work together, as potential friends, to lift each other’s Roleplay Goals. When all parties get a little of what they want out of a scene, or a plot, the more enjoyable everyone will find the Roleplay!

We hope, on Radiant Heart MUSH, you’ll embrace the ideals set forth in this document, and join us for a magical good time.

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