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Disclaimer and Copyright

By applying for a character on Radiant Heart MUSH you are agreeing to the following policies:

  • That you are over the age of thirteen.
  • That if you are not over the age of thirteen, you have a parent or guardian’s permission to apply at MahouMUSH
  • That MahouMUSH is not responsible or liable for damages to your computer, property, or life.

Radiant Heart MUSH makes no claim of ownership to any materials under copyright. They are used without permission, but are used in a fanwork. Breach of copyright is not intended and Radiant Heart MUSH is a free-to-use service, that makes no profit. Original Themes and Characters are copyright their creators.

Radiant Heart MUSH is run by fans, for fans, and can be be contacted at MAIL@MAIL.COM with any concerns.