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NPCs - Non Player Characters

Non Player Characters are defined as characters that are spoofed by another player or staff and don’t have their own charbit.

An example of an NPC might be a Precure’s Mascot, a mundane family member of your character’s that you pose before the youma comes to suck out the life force of the audience, or a big bad being roleplayed by a staffer for a TP. There are some times where you don’t need permission to use an NPC, and times where you may need staff permission.

Examples of when it’s okay to use a NPC WITHOUT staff permission are situations such as:

  • Portraying a previously approved mascot character.
  • Portraying a family member of your character.
  • Portraying a minor friend of your character who isn’t also a magical hero. Please be careful if NPCing big name CC Minor Friends (e.g. Naru Osaka, Hitomi Shizuki) - these warrant extra thought because they are appable characters in technicality.

Examples of when you NEED Staff permission to a NPC are situations such as:

  • Portray an unplayed CC, in your theme or otherwise. Staff may want to NPC these for you if they are needed.
  • Portray out an unappable character. (Such as Dark King, or Metallia) Almost assuredly, Staff will NPC these for you, or the permissions you are granted will be limited in scope.
  • The NPC bit has an actual Charbit backing it up. You will know these as they are set Type: NPC in their +fingers and show up in the +themes list. These characters exist for staff to help drive RP and may or may not be temporary.

In general, you should not be playing your NPC more than your applied for character on their lonesome, but the two may appear often together without issue. (Most Precures, for example, even go to school with their mascot in their backpack, and Chara-Bearers are rarely without their Guardian Charas.). Also of note, casual mention of unplayed CCs does not constitute the use of an NPC.