Character Application

From Radiant Heart MUSH

Application on Radiant Heart is done on game. Rather than an E-mail application or similar application process.

TO start you should 'create' a character at login with the following command:

create "<first name> <last name>" <password>

If your character only has a singular name, that's okay just include the first name only.

Then connect to the game and exit into the OOC lounge to head to the Application Room! Where you'll be walked through a set of rooms to initiate the application process. However, for posterity here, we'll list the rooms contents here for you, if you find answering questions from a wiki page is easier than moving from room to room.

Application Room - Start

+================================<* Welcome! *>================================+

Welcome to Radiant Heart MUSH! Before you continue the application process, we need to make sure of a few things: That you understand the theme, and you understand our policies. You can do both by reading the News Files on our very own website:

When you are done, and believe you've understood our files, you can type '+accept'.

+===========================<* Elevator Pitching *>============================+

If you'd like to send an 'Elevator Pitch' (That is, a small blurb with your idea.) for the character you want to app to get staff's opinion first, you can do so with '+pitch <title>=<pitch>'. This is a good idea if you have doubts about the appability of the character you wish to play.

+===================<* Previously Played Canon Characters *>===================+

Before apping a Canon Character, be sure they aren't played or open first on +Origin! If you are looking to pick up a previously played Canon Character Please contact staff so you can be given the bit to run through setup. (Current players can send a +request with '+request <title>=<message. Guests must ask Staff directly.)

+===============================<* Last Bits! *>===============================+

Please note. Guests cannot +accept, and cannot get access to the Application Rooms! Please 'create' a character at login first!

By typing +accept, you agree that you will abide by our rules and agree they might change, and it's your job to keep up to date on them!

Application Room - +finger Information

+==============================<* +Finger Info *>==============================+

First, we'll setup your +finger profile. Your +finger profile, or just 'finger' is a small little summary of your character for others to see. Everything here will be information the general population of the MUSH will see and be able to read. This does not mean it's IC information, it's just a sort of cliff notes about who your character is.

To set it up, we'll be using the following command:

+finger/set <field>=<text>

The Following Required Fields are:

Charname: Your character's civilian, or commonly known name. For example, 'Usagi Tsukino', or 'Hana Song'.

AKA: Your character's alternate identity, or commonly known nickname. If your character has none just put 'None' in this field. For example, 'Sailor Moon', or 'Cure Comet'

Age: Your character's age, in numerals. For example: '15'.

Clubs: After school clubs or sports your character might be in. Such as 'Garden Club' or 'Basketball Club'. If your character has none, 'None' or 'Go Home Club' is a valid answer.

Grade: Your school grade, in numeral. If you're not in school, 'N/A' is a valid answer. If you teach, 'Teacher' is also a valid answer! For Example: '7'.

Type: Are you are Canon Character (CC; A character from existing media.), or anOriginal Character (OC; a character of your own creation NOT from existing popular media.)? Use +chartype/oc to set your character as an OC, and +chartype/cc to set yourself as a CC!

Series: What Canon series are you from? For example: 'Sailor Moon' or 'Smile! Pretty Cure' or 'Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha' as just some of many, examples. If an original series of your own making, just put that, too.

Origin: Your character's 'Magical Origin'. Are you a 'Sailor Senshi', a 'Pretty Cure' a 'Guardian Knight'? What is the name of your Magical Origin? You can type +origin to list currently existing ones. If your Origin doesn't currently exist, don't worry, you'll be able to tell us more later in the application process

Quote: This sets your quote! Your quote could be anything your character is known for saying or might say regularly, or even your transformation phrase. Example: "The Stars in the Skies Shine Brightly! Cureee Comet!"

Profile: This should be a short, 3000 character or so blurb about your character. Be detailed, but not so detailed as to make it too long. Give us the cliff notes about who your character is! Don't worry, you'll be able to give us more detail later

Skills: Just a short, comma separated list of skills your character might know. You can be a little silly here. Like, 'Cake Baking' and 'Roller Skating Queen' are good examples of serious skills, but 'Klutz Surpreme' and 'Cinnamon Bun' are also valid sillier skills.

Finally, a non-+finger command: @sex me=<gender here>: Just set your gender with this command!

+=============================<* +Henshin Info *>==============================+

Now that we're finished with setting your +finger we'll setup your +henshins. You can type '+help +henshin' for more information, but here's the basic minimum to setup:

+henshin/set B=<Charname> - The character name you set in your +finger. This is your 'Base' henshin. The B is for 'Base'. Example: '+henshin/set B=Hanna Song'.

+henshin/set 1=<AKA> - Your AKA Earlier, if you had one. If you had set 'None' earlier, you can ignore this one. For example: '+henshin/set 1=Cure Comet'.

Type '+henshin B' to finish setup and That's it. We're ready for the next part of setup!

Let's continue finishing your +finger in the next room!

Application Room - Character Sheet

Now it's time to setup your +sheet. If you are an existing character with a +sheet already setup, please continue to the next room, you don't need to do this unless you are changing or updating things in your +sheet!

+===============================<* Background *>===============================+

First, let's fill out your Background. Your Background is your character's history up to the point you start to play them. It should be as detailed as you feel it should be. Now's a good time to detail important events in your character's lives!

Everyone gets 10 Background fields of 4000 characters each. They can be set with the following Command

+background 1-10=<Background Info>. For Example: '+background 1=Hanna was born to two loving parents, etc, etc, etc.'.

You can review your Background with the command '+background' by itself. You can delete bad entries with +background/wipe 1-10, for example: '+background/wipe 1'.

+==============================<* Personality *>===============================+

Next is your personality. Your personality is your character as a whole. What do they do in their spare time? Why? Do they have any friends? Are they even friendly? Why or Why Not? Why are they the way they are, basically. Please be detailed, this is the most important section you might fill out to App Staff.

Everyone gets 10 Personality fields of 4000 characters each. They can be set with the following Command:

+personality 1-10=<Personality Info>. For Example: '+personality 1=Hanna likes cats because she likes how fuzzy they are. She has a friend name Erin. She likes Erin because, etc, etc, etc.'

You can review your +personality with the command '+personality' by itself. You can delete bad entries with +personality/wipe 1-10, for example: '+personality/wipe 1'.

You can continue into the next room to continue character generation!

Application Room - Magical Origin

It's time to setup your Magical Origin. This is all the sparkly bits that make up your magical powers and abilities. First, let's talk about the Focus and Style of your Origin. If your Focus/Style/Powers is already filled out on +sheet, you can ignore this entire section and continue onward! IF Your Origin Exists already, you only need to fill out the 'Powers' section of this room.

Focus and Style should be explained in general terms, rather than tailored for your character. Other people may be apping this Origin, after all! 'Powers' is where it gets personal.

+=================================<* Focus *>==================================+

Focus is the thing that is the source of your magical power. Where does their power come from? For example, a Pretty Cure's power typically comes granted by a fairy, mascot, or guidance figure giving them an item that allows them to transform. A Sailor Senshi have their wands and their Sailor Crystals that belong to them. What does your magical girl use? Is a pendant given to them by a mascot-creature? An artifact that strangely found it's way into their possession? A talking wand that allows them to turn into a magical phantom thief? Those are all examples of a focus. If the series in your +finger is one of your own creation, please let us know here, too.

Everyone gets 10 Focus fields of 4000 characters each, to explain their Magical Focus. They can be set with the following Command:

+focus 1-10=<Focus Info>. For Example: '+focus 1=Pretty Cures are magical warriors of light! They work with a mascot creature to, etc, etc, etc.'

You can review your Focus with the command '+focus' by itself. You can delete bad entries with +focus/wipe 1-10, for example: '+focus/wipe 1'.

+=================================<* Style *>==================================+

Next let's talk about your Origin's 'Style'. Most magical girls of a type will have a similar form of style, in dress and in how they fight evil. For Sailor Senshi, that's their fuku's (Or dashing Tuxedos, if you're Tuxedo Kamen!) who fight with with magical projectiles or physical combat. For Pretty Cures, it's basically entirely magical physical combat of punches and kicking in pretty dresses. What kind of style does your type of magical girl have? Do they don a magical armor and fight with glowing, magical weapons? Do they don dresses and fight with magical martial arts? Basically. How does your Origin typically manifest itself physically, and on a fighting level.

Everyone gets 10 Style fields of 4000 characters each, to explain their Magical Style. They can be set with the following Command

+style 1-10=<Style Info>. For Example: '+style 1=Pretty Cures tend to manifest as girls in pretty, stylized dresses. etc, etc, etc.'

You can review your Style with the command '+style' by itself. You can delete bad entries with +style/wipe 1-10, for example: '+style/wipe 1'.

+=================================<* Powers *>=================================+

NOW let's talk about your personalized Powers. These are the powers, attacks, and personal 'style' of your character. Basically- it's what's different than the origin's style about you. How do you personally fight? Do you have any special powers such as healing? Making magical barriers? Does your character use a weapon? What kind of weapon?- Note, everyone needs to fill out this question.

Everyone gets 10 Power fields of 4000 characters each, to explain their Magical Powers. They can be set with the following Command

+powers 1-10=<Power Info>. For Example: '+powers 1=As Cure Comet. Hanna can throw magical starlight balls and ram into people!'

You can review your Powers with the command '+powers' by itself. You can delete bad entries with powers/wipe 1-10, for example: '+powers/wipe 1'.

Done? Good, we're almooost done! Continue on!

Application Room - Pregenerated Characters

If you are generating a new character, you can ignore this room. If you are picking up a previously played character, this is the room for you.

This is the only required room for people picking up previously played characters. We want you to answer just a few questions. This is to mainly make sure you've got the hang of the character you want to play. Please be sure to answer ALL of them completely.

Use the command: +question <number of question>=<answer text>

Question 1: Have you read past RP of the character on our wiki: berore applying? Answer with: '+question 1=<Answer>'.

Question 2: Do you understand all the information currently on your +sheet? Are you updating any of it, or changing any of it during this process? Answer with: '+question 2=<Answer>'.

Question 3: Give us the small version of the character's personality in a small blurb. Answer with '+question 3=<Answer>'.

Question 4: Give us one good, short RP pose. Include a few other characters in the scene, but not RP for them. Just show us how how you picture the character in RP! Answer with '+question 4=<Answer>'.

You can review your answers by typing '+answers'. You can delete any answer you made with '+question/wipe <number>'. If you are done, you can continue on to the final room!

Application Room - Final Room

Welcome to the final room! Where we put on some finishing touches.

Use the describe command to give yourself a short description if you have not yet. You can do so with '@desc me=<Description>'. We also have a multidescriptor that lets you change between multiple descriptions! Type '+help +desc' for more information.

Now it's time to make sure you're all done!

Type +sheet/all to see ALL the information you've set during the setup of your character. Make sure it's all correct and up to snuff. Staff will be checking it all to make sure they fit theme and policy, after all! Feel free to go back to other rooms to edit or change your information.

When you are done, you can type '+final/done' to send staff an App Job and finally, wait for your reply to find out if you're approved or if you're application will need some revisions!