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Read First

First and Foremost, before diving in, you should Read our Mission Statement, and Best Practices

  • Best Practices: Some things to always keep in mind while applying, and while playing on the game.
  • Staff: Your friendly and sweet Radiant Heart Staff.
  • What is Mahou Shoujo?: Not familiar with the theme? Curious how the Staff of Radiant Heart MUSH views the genre? Look here!

Story & Theme Files

Then the Story and Theme files of the MUSH!

  • Origin: Are you a Pretty Cure? A Sailor Senshi? A Mew? What are you!?
  • Age & Time: How aging and time works on an OOC level.
  • Corruption: Eating dark forcefields bigger than your head 101.
  • Magical Healing: What magical healing means for corruption and other booboos.
  • Honorifics: They're not required, but they might add some spice to your RP!
  • Glossary: What's a linker core? What makes a Door different from a regular door? Find out here.


The Origins Currently Existing on the MUSH!:

  • Dark Energy: Persons or Entities using or made of dark energy as a primary source of power.
  • Puella Magi: "Sign a contract with me, and become a magical girl!" :3
  • Chara Bearer: Hanging out with who you wanna be. And Protecting Heart Eggs from X-energy.
  • Arbiters: Magical Mentors, former Magical Girls!?
  • Culinary Guardian: Culinary Guardians brought forth by the mystical Irori Senbei, baked on the hearth of Sanbo-Kojin itself. Things are really heating up.
  • Accursed: Cursed artifacts, and those that hold them- for better or worse.
  • Youkai Musume: A descendent of a purified youkai, empowered by a bead of the Yasakani no Magatama.
  • Memoriate: Blessed by Mmeme, a Memoriate protects memories and henshins with ghosts.
  • Geode Girls: The magic of Geode Girls comes from friendship. The bonds people share with others.
  • Muse: Become A-Mused!

~More to come as people app!

Rules and Policies

Then, there's the actual Policies of the MUSH!:

  • ICA = ICC: The result of Consensual Roleplay.
  • Behavior: How we expect you to behave while on the game.
  • Rating: The tone we expect you to keep on the game.
  • On Antagonists: Laughing evilly from rooftops while you watch Mahou Shoujo fight your youma 101.
  • Combat: The basic policy of handling combat on Radiant Heart MUSH.
  • Tinyplots: We want you to run them! Find out how, here!
  • Homages: Want to create a theme a little like something else? Read this first!
  • Death: Death, it happens! But usually isn't permanent for heroines in Mahou Shoujo.
  • NPCs: Can you Roleplay out your Mascot? Sure! Find out the specifics here!
  • Building and Code: How can you help expand the world? Can You bring your dice object? Find out here!
  • Groups: How you can get a minor +group listed on the game with a player listing.
  • Disclaimer: Don't go sticking Moon Sticks up your nose, we're not liable.
  • Approved and Banned Themes: Origins that are Banned, and Origins that can be apped, at review request by various guests or Radiant Heart MUSH members!


Finally, How to Apply to Radiant Heart MUSH

Thank You!

Afterwards, take a moment to read about the resources and people that helped us along the way!:

We hope you take the time to read, and understand everything before applying for a character on Radiant Heart MUSH. If you have any questions, Staff can answer them for you by sending an E-mail to:, or by asking on the +guest channel on Radiant Heart MUSH, by typing '+guest <message>', or paging a staff member personally.