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Tokyo is a place where a simmering conflict between good and evil, between light and darkness, between hope and despair, bubbles beneath the surface. Monsters slither out of the dark and hunt the magically unaware and defenseless, turning their hearts to evil and stealing their energy. Each person who gives into their darker emotions makes them stronger.

But as surely as there are villains and monsters, there are those who will oppose them and protect the world. And those heroes, right now... might just be running late for school while trying to cram toast into their mouth.

Because the radiant light of the world's hope is contained within their hearts. Friendship, love, and determination give them the strength they need - but the magical transformation sequence and special attacks help. They are Mahou Shoujo - Magical Girls. Individually, they may be called Pretty Cure, Sailor Senshi, Chara Bearers, Puella Magi, and several other names - but these Magical Girls (and the occasional Magical Boy!) defend the world from the wicked designs of evil - all while juggling friends, schoolwork, romance, and keeping their second identity secret from their parents.

Radiant Heart MUSH is a Mahou Shoujo Crossover MUSH, set in its own version of Modern Tokyo. We cordially invite you to join us, and take up the role of one of these magical residents of Tokyo - as an existing character or as one of your own design. Join the heroes or villians, or stand on your own, and write new stories alongside us using characters old and new.

Connection Info

IP: radiantheartmush.com

Port: 7777

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IPv6: 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe5f:8fec

After you check out the News Files, join in the fun by creating a character!

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Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

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Title Time Description
Fryer Soul 2024-02-25 23:00:00 Rei is trying to sort out the scattershot memories from her past life, and integrate them into her current existence. To do that, she decides it's time to go meet some of the people she has encountered since her life became so 'interesting', and find out through 'doing' what she hasn't been able to by meditating.

The people she calls friends, and those she is only acquaintances with... And even more people she will meet in the future: Learning more about them may be the key to understanding herself.

And what better place to meet than the party room at WcDonald's?

OOC: Open to everyone. New faces, familiar faces, big social for a big step forwards in Rei finally leaving her shell behind for good.

You can be invited if we've met, or invited by someone else if not, or just be in the area, or whatever! We're going to take a fresh look at the future together!

Grabbed by the Ear(Closed scene) 2024-02-27 00:00:00 La Crima and her corn are angry and it is time... for payback. Resulting in the kidnapping of one Hinoiri Kirara and those unfortunate enough to be at hand. Watch for the drama, plot for the popcorn. (Closed scene, start of kidnapping plotline)
An ox-citing advertisement 2024-02-28 00:00:00 A manga store is marketing the manga 'The Ox across the Heavenly River' as part of the announcement of its anime adaptation... The Deadbeats have intervened however, deciding that this story should no longer be celebrated! Let's stop the Qixi and Tanabata festival from being erased!
Maybe We're Myth-taken 3 2024-03-01 22:30:00 Two twisted beings of vaguely mythical origins have hunted and haunted the late night streets. Another one strikes, out to steal life energy from the people of Tokyo!
Rescue operation 2024-03-03 00:00:00 The time has come to rescue those kidnapped by La Crima and her corn! Can the boys and girls of radiant heart save Hinoiri and the other victims before time runs out?! Likely! (Primary ending of the kidnapping plotline.)