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These are scenes that are texting-by-phone (or Device or magical communicator or what-have-you) only. To create a text log, you can put in the title below, and follow the instructions.


Associated Logs

Title Date Scene Summary
Texting with Wako-chan 1 July 28th, 2023 Following the events of Black-Hearted, Usagi turns to the first person she thinks will understand: Wako. After all, with Jadeite after Naru, she's got to spill the beans, right?
Texting - Usagi Would Cry August 15th, 2023 Naru texts Darien about his magic-teaching comments in Everything at Steak.
Texts: Midnight Tokyo Ice Cream August 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien for information, Darien is annoyed. Film at 11.
Swords or Knives? August 18th, 2023 Naru asks Kazuo about weaponry.
Texts: I'm Sure Being Short Is Fine August 18th, 2023 Naru texts Takuto to thank him for the loan of Star Sword Emeraude!
Texts: She spilled marinade on me. August 18th, 2023 Zoisite texts Hematite about Pyrite and danger and SAN checks.
Texting - Butter-Side Down August 21st, 2023 Enlightenment achieved.
Texting - Relax August 21st, 2023 Books II: Book Returns.
Texts: omg don't leave me on read August 21st, 2023 Naru and Darien talk about Pyrite and aliens and dark energy.
Texts: the why of 'fire ants in your soul' August 21st, 2023 Takashi and Darien talk about Pyrite and Darien's issues with dark energy
Texts: Do you need a cover story August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and the August 23rd cutscenes, Mamoru texts Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite.
Texts: Should I be worried? August 23rd, 2023 After Scene 300 and the Backlash cutscenes, Mamoru texts Koji and Takashi.
Texts: do you need a hotel room August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and Kazuo's Backlash cutscene.
Texts: i lied there is anxiety August 23rd, 2023 Hematite texts Usagi Tsukino, ninth grader and definitely not a magical girl, about warning Kyouka and also about relationship advice, because he is a coward
Texts: the tutor thing sounded fake August 31st, 2023 Naru was visited by Maxwell Stanton and has questions for Darien.
Texts: your eviltude is vastly overrated September 1st, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien to make sure he's okay.
Texting with Naru-chan 2 September 4th, 2023 Following Scenes 366 and 373, Usagi texts Naru for advice on complicated thoughts of murder and revenge.
Texts: just text me next time plz September 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts Himeko following their dream conversation.
Texts: Black Flame and Brain Weasels September 5th, 2023 Naru checks in with Kazuo after her first encounter with Sunbreaker. Her reward for survival might possibly be free blackmail material.
Texts: Likeable Liability September 5th, 2023 Naru and Hematite/Darien text surrounding scene 371 (Fries and Diet Coke).
Texts: dumpster fire September 5th, 2023 Mamoru texts Takashi about fries and wasps and relationships.
Texting: Naru Needs Help 1 September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and during scenes 380 and 382, Usagi Tsukino texts Chiyo Sakai for help. She gets a promise of support and a lead.
Texting: Naru Needs Help 2 September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Usagi Tsukino texts Wako Agemaki for help.
Texts: Kidnapping O'Clock September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Hematite texts Riventon for help. Riventon texts Sunbreaker for answers.
Texts: Naru Needs Help! September 6th, 2023 Naru's been kidnapped. Usagi reaches out to Ikiko for help.
Texts: technically i only agreed not to get set on fire September 7th, 2023 In which Kazuo checking in with Naru's roommate after Naru misses their morning run prompts an entire cascade of Things, ranging from Usagiflail to Bad Ideas to everything basically hating everything to discussion of Murder Missions (and yet Hannah does not actually appear in this log!) to Kazuo getting handed almost all of the things he was carefully trying to duck having stored in his head. (Strong language, mostly between Kazuo and Kyouka.)
Texts: Ghost Writer September 8th, 2023 A ghost is used to pass along messages.
Texts: i dont need you to validate my morality September 10th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about Nephrite being an alright dude
Texts: I understand. September 11th, 2023 Hook me up with the Moon, bro. Prelude to scene 406.
Texts: I Will Just Call You 'Coach' September 13th, 2023 Checking up and checking out.
Text: Discussing Firefly September 14th, 2023 Usagi reaches out to Michiru after hearing Riventon is putting out a no-contact request between the ocean Senshi and Firefly.
Texts: Hamster ball of goodness September 14th, 2023 Naru texts Wako to thank her for her role in the rescue
Texts: If I was missing September 14th, 2023 Naru and Himeko text about abductions and adoptions.
Texts: Thank you September 14th, 2023 Naru texts Coco to say thank you for the rescue
Texts: The Prince of High School, Vol. 13 September 14th, 2023 Mamoru's phone is a little busy today. What with Naru wanting him to relay messages. And Takashi having a quibble with a senshi. And Usagi fussing. And ... Luna? And a DATE?
Texts: the knife is very happy September 14th, 2023 Wako and Takuto text about kendo and Sugata after Wako talks to Kazuo
Texts: Mood Swings September 21st, 2023 Usagi, Mamoru, Naru: A rose throw, arm day, and dark energy. First convo happens the night after Subsidaries, second convo happens the day after Subsidaries but before Feat of Clay.
Texts: The prehensile-hair ghost September 25th, 2023 Takuto sort of fills Kyouka in on Nezu Shrine.
Texts: hey do you have more than one ghost September 25th, 2023 Kyouka has some questions for Darien after talking getting info on Nezu Shrine.
Texts: A Motorcycle-Gravity-Sword?! September 26th, 2023 Hematite and Hannah text Usagi about the fact that Hannah's ended up in the hospital. Usagi is not amused. Featuring: fire, carrots, final fantasy 7, and news of a boyfriend.
Texting with Wako-chan 2 October 3rd, 2023 Following her encounter with Sunbreaker and the Outer Senshi (scene 545), Usagi Tsukino texts Wako Agemaki about teams, murder, and the illegality of guns in Japan.
Texts: The nihilism is strong. October 9th, 2023 Naru and Hematite text about Jadeite mostly.
Texts: presumably it still shoots souls out October 18th, 2023 Takashi has information he wants seeded amongst the sparkle side. Mamoru is happy to give that info to Naru. (And also relieved Taka's gonna get some sleep.)
Texts: Volatile Diamonds October 20th, 2023 Rei and Usagi text about the sleepover's volatile conversation and a potential lead on the Silver Crystal and its princess.
Texts: can you 'embezzle' from your job October 20th, 2023 Usagi and Mamoru texting.
Texts: i thought you dyed your hair already October 20th, 2023 Kyouka tells Darien about Kiseru's ghost info.
Texts: how dare she take your phone October 24th, 2023 Hematite and Usagi text after Inner Conflict: Body Paint. The Princess of Sarek stole Hematite's burner phone. Usagi is not amused.
Texting with Takashi and Mami: Are You Busy Tonight? October 26th, 2023 Takashi asks Mami out on a date.
Texts: New experiences October 28th, 2023 Out of the blue, Hinoiri contacts Sayaka. An awkward proposal... Does she want a date?
Texting with Takashi and Mami: On Magic and Death October 29th, 2023 Mami lets Takashi know that Norie knows about them dating, and the conversation veers into Puella 101. Dating as magical boys and girls is rough.
Texts: luna showed me the video October 30th, 2023 Usagi and Mamoru text about the Silver Crystal clock app video, princes, youkai, and the culture festival.
Texts: Dormmates and Chillax November 3rd, 2023 Hinoiri wants to prepare Sayaka a surprise...
Texts: A Spanner in the Eclipse November 4th, 2023 It's time for the final confrontation with Sailor Eclipse and friends are being called upon to fight.
Texts: On the trail of the Eclipse November 4th, 2023 Amy contacts Coco over the fight against Sailor Eclipse.
Texts: Take selfies! Post them up November 4th, 2023 Hinoiri tests Usagi to see how the test of courage went; she's surprised to get a reply from Sailor Eclipse. Featuring: felt coffee, a request for selfies, and new ambitions.
Texts: We're fine. Generally. November 4th, 2023 Naru informs Coco about how things are going with Usagi/Sailor Eclipse.
Texts: naruplush.png November 4th, 2023 Sailor Eclipse kidnapped Darien and Naru and honestly doesn't care that they can text.
Texts: siiigh i know youre right November 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts with both Sailor Eclipse and her boyfriend
Texts: It better be worth it November 9th, 2023 Naru and Darien text about contracts, meetings, youmas, Shitennou, and the silver crystal.
Texts: Hospital Heart-to-Hearts November 12th, 2023 Amy informs Sayaka of how Hannah is doing and how the talk they are having is going, then starts discussing her own secret before settling for doing it in person (happens before scene 746: Amy and Sayaka go to WcDonald's).
Texts: The Aliens Are Coming From Inside The Dorm November 14th, 2023 Following Planetary Revelations, Usagi has some news to share with Naru and Mamoru. Mamoru has some news too, and Naru and Usagi make a (perhaps disastrous) plan to test if becoming a magical girl lets you breathe underwater.
Texts: magical rules lawyers November 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about the Silver Crystal video, he asks her about contract magic.
Texts: do you really believe in fate? November 17th, 2023 Naru and Mamoru discuss the TSAB, business deals, and fate.
Texts: dont ugh me November 17th, 2023 Mamoru texts Kyouka to tell him an important thing and then they bicker like children. Also, Fuyuko.
Texts: Soul Gems Are What? November 21st, 2023 Amy texts Usagi seeking advice on talking to people. Why? Well, it turns out Soul Gem is a pretty literal name...
Texts: Aftermath of Backup November 27th, 2023 After responding to Usagi's request to help Hinoiri and Sharpsong out, Chiyo updates Usagi on the situation with Sayaka.
Texts: Calling for Backup November 27th, 2023 Hinoiri reaches out to Usagi about Sayaka's on-going crisis following the revelation about soul gems. Usagi in turn reaches out to Chiyo. Takes place during scene 811.
Texts: Know Any Lawyers? November 30th, 2023 Kyouka needs a lawyer, for someone. Fuyuko'd like details. A secret is kept, mostly.
Texts: Hands off December 2nd, 2023 Hinoiri, Madoka and Sayaka have a bit of a... chat. Happens after Scene 829: I need to tell you something and Scene 834: Hinoiri did what!
Texts: post-separation fortifications December 4th, 2023 Kazuo and Mamoru text about quitting Obsidian.
Texts: still alive December 4th, 2023 Takashi texts Mamoru to ask if Sailor Moon killed him. Mamoru texts Usagi to see if she's okay and whether or not she killed one of the Witches 5. It's a whole thing.
Texts: Matters of Duality December 7th, 2023 Ula contacts Hinoiri over the situation with the two Sayakas.
Texts: goodnight dirt boy December 9th, 2023 Hematite and Usagi text around a professional disagreement.
Texts: it definitely wasn't usa December 11th, 2023 Mamoru is investigating Cyprine's death.
Texts: Sooner is better than later December 12th, 2023 Naru and Kyouka texting Mamoru before Soryuu Shrine.
Texts: p sure my employment with the school does not extend beyond death December 12th, 2023 Kazuo grudgingly checks in with Kyouka to see if his judgment of how they'll handle Soryuu Shrine (namely, "???") is correct or if he's missing anything. Kyouka thinks Kazuo is looking for much more general reassurance. At least this time the misunderstandings spiral into jokes instead of a pair of hissing cats?
Texts: Be careful December 14th, 2023 Mamoru warns Koji he's quitting.
Texts: im sorry December 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Fuyuko immediately before Soryuu Shrine in order to apologize for causing her trouble in advance.
Texts: very very public freak out December 21st, 2023 Naru and Mamoru text about the boys
Texts: Beryl visited December 24th, 2023 Norie Okana texts Takashi Agera after Beryl's surprise 'visit' looking for info.
Texts: Moon Mama Why Were You Like This December 25th, 2023 Rashmi texts Usagi about Setsuna's decision to return to the Gates of Time. Later, Usagi texts Ami in hope that her moon mana didn't give everyone horrifying orders.
Texts: Cry is legit December 27th, 2023 Naru and Mamoru text about Adrien, Nephrite, names, Firefly, mirrors, etc
Texts: a little more experience December 29th, 2023 Adrien needs girl advice and asks Mamoru.
Texts: we were trouble January 1st, 2024 Kyouka texts Fuyuko on New Year's Day. It goes about how you'd expect. (CW: Swearing)
Texts: Texts 4 help January 3rd, 2024 Hinoiri sends out some texts for help with... relationships. Fortunately, she has a great support network. Ha ha. Ha... ha... In the discussions she learns a bit about herself, about Takashi... and the meaning of family. She also stays up WAY too late and learns about EMOJIS! The unicorn is developing, people, be afraid!
Texts: i dont intend to start lying January 3rd, 2024 Kyouka and Mamoru text about philosophy until Sunbreaker kidnaps Setsuna.
Texts:Healing January 6th, 2024 Naru and Jason catch up over text.
Texts: Explosive Worries January 7th, 2024 After Hinoiri's dorm room gets set on fire and Sayaka's calls aren't answered, she turns to Riventon for help.
Texts: embarrassment central January 15th, 2024 Chiyo texts Usagi after her unfortunate confession to Kazuo resulted in surprising new information.
Texts: for reasons I can't get into January 22nd, 2024 Naru and Mamoru text about Chat Noir and Riventon.
Texts: if I'm gonna die I'm not letting you do it January 23rd, 2024 Takashi does the unthinkable and asks Mamoru for help.
Texts: Cheerful questions January 24th, 2024 Sunbreaker has some latenight questions for a certain kitty.
Texts: Prelude to a Stormy Talk January 25th, 2024 With the return of the familiar that was carrying the Lost Logia, Ula had talked about its effects on Sayaka, reminding Amy she wanted to talk with the two of them.
Texts: douse him in water! January 26th, 2024 Ami texts Usagi shortly before she heads off to meet Zoisite - Izou Saitou - in scene 1047/The Babe Wore Blue. Usagi tries to be supportive. Keyword, tries.
Texts: embarrassment central 2: sunbreaker boogaloo January 26th, 2024 Horrific embarrassment strikes again, this time when Chiyo lets Usagi know that not only does Sunbreaker think Culinary Guardian Daifuku is Usagi... now she thinks Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki is Mamoru - and that he's gay and uninterested in her. Whoops?
Texts: Benevolent Ruler January 27th, 2024 Hinoiri texts Usagi with concerns following scene 1050. After all, if Mamoru (Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki) is gay, won't that have an impact on his GIRLfriend?
Texts: Sculpting a New Relationship January 27th, 2024 Coco texts Cho to check if it's ok to bring a friend over to their dorm room.
Texts: A Very Green Date January 28th, 2024 Coco and Yuuto decide on their first day. It's time to visit the Botanical Garden!
Texts: a barrier jacket for your dreams February 1st, 2024 Naru and Mamoru text about Usagi's nightmares
Texts: New Sentinels and Bruises February 6th, 2024 Talks about new sentinels occurs, and Yuuto reveals he got hurt in that battle.
Texts: Recounting of a Nightmare February 6th, 2024 Yuuto has snitched on himself about staying up late working on Coco's statue. When inquiring as to why, a nightmare comes up.
Texts: ill add it to the list February 9th, 2024 Kyouka and Mamo text about Fuyuko, Corona, and rainbow crystals.
Texts: Soon To Be Someone's Bathrug February 16th, 2024 Hinoiri met Corona, and didn't enjoy it. She texts Fuyuko soon after.
Texts: You Need A Sleepover February 20th, 2024 Hinoiri finally texts Usagi back after the situation with Sayaka. A break up has occurred! There's only one possible thing to do!
Texts: the better surprise planned February 20th, 2024 The group chat between Wako, Takuto, and Sugata is alive and well, between photos, revelations, and planned surprises.