Texts: well I wasn't worried BEFORE

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Texts: well I wasn't worried BEFORE
Date of Scene: 25 March 2024
Location: Texts
Synopsis: Sugata finds out about the Student Council, and Wako and Takuto razz him.
Cast of Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Wako Agemaki, Sugata Shindo

Sugata Shindo texts: Did you know the Student Council is a club here?

Takuto Tsunashi texts: i mean isnt it usually? like. it cant be a class so it must be a club

Wako Agemaki texts: why are you asking about the student council, anyway?

Sugata Shindo texts: it's usually more exclusive than a simple club.
Sugata Shindo texts: don't worry about it.

Wako Agemaki texts: ...
Wako Agemaki texts: well I wasn't worried BEFORE
Wako Agemaki texts: but I am now

Sugata Shindo texts: what's the worst that could happen?

Wako Agemaki texts: you join and student council turns out to be a secret evil conspiracy
Wako Agemaki texts: and you end up dressed as a peacock again

Takuto Tsunashi texts: damn

Sugata Shindo texts: that was ONE time.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: and tauburn got pics

Sugata Shindo texts: don't remind me of the outfit. i try not to think about the fact that they had one rea-
Sugata Shindo texts: Takuto.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: hello

Wako Agemaki texts: really? send me copies!

Takuto Tsunashi texts: wawna should have them available next time we apprivoise

Sugata Shindo texts: delete that photo.
Sugata Shindo texts: delete the photo.

Wako Agemaki texts: yay! n_n

Takuto Tsunashi texts: then gimme a better one :D

Sugata Shindo texts: what kind of photo are you looking for?

Takuto Tsunashi texts: what kind do you think? you should try sending me a lot of different ones and i'll let you know if you hit the kind i'm thinking of

Sugata Shindo texts: how did you put it the other day?
Sugata Shindo texts: ah yes.

Wako Agemaki texts: takuto-kun don't give him openings like that...

Sugata Shindo Texts: I am running away. I am packing my knapsack and leaving you my little cybody, and going out to explore the world as a lone vagabond. I can no longer thrive in this household.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: LMAOOOOOOO

Sugata Shindo texts: I am a lone wolf, with no one to love, a man with only his mission.

Wako Agemaki texts: but how will you survive without Tiger and Jaguar to do your laundry

Takuto Tsunashi texts: and wash your back

Sugata Shindo texts: they're invited too.

Wako Agemaki texts: okay, lone wolf-kun.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: we'll have parties in your house without you
Takuto Tsunashi texts: we'll think of you the whole time

Wako Agemaki texts: we will :pensive:

Takuto Tsunashi texts: anyway its not like we're sharing the pics with anyone. just us and tauburn and wawna. oh and when you leave samekh dw we'll use him as a paper shredder or something

Wako Agemaki texts: he can be a garbage bin

Takuto Tsunashi texts: if you turn him upside down he kind looks like one

Sugata Shindo texts: i'll have the house bulldozed
Sugata Shindo texts: ugh fine. as long as the pictures aren't shared.
Sugata Shindo texts: he does look like an oversized bucket.

Wako Agemaki texts: I promise! <3

Takuto Tsunashi texts: no, i mean, literally all of glittering crux saw you like that and that was people you knew your whole life. they knew it wasn't you. we wouldnt ruin your reputation with people who still think you're respectable <3

Sugata Shindo texts: they made that outfit.
Sugata Shindo texts: i dread to think of how many of them worked on it.

Wako Agemaki texts: it's better not to think about it
Wako Agemaki text: HAVE you found a house??

Takuto Tsunashi texts: i dont even know if it counts as better or worse than professor green's

Wako Agemaki texts: ugh we don't talk about professor green

Sugata Shindo texts: of course I didn't find a house.
Sugata Shindo texts: I've had one built.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: of course you did

Wako Agemaki texts: built? already??

Sugata Shindo texts: I'll have the keys tomorrow.

Takuto Tsunashi texts: eeeeeeee!!!

Wako Agemaki texts: I can't wait to see it!