Wako Agemaki

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Wako Agemaki (Scenesys ID: 73)
"That's when it hit me. That the world didn't exist just to make me suffer. And I still believe that, you know?"
Name: Wako Agemaki AKA: Ginga Otome
Gender: Female Series: (CC) Star Driver
Origin: Star Driver Grade: 10
Clubs: Drama Club Age: 15
Group Information
Groups N/A


Until she transferred into Radiant Heart Academy in high school, Wako lived her entire life on Southern Cross Island, a small island off the southern coast of Japan. A friendly girl-next-door type who always seems to be hungry, she aspires to use this opportunity to achieve her long-held dream of becoming a professional singer.

Only a few people know that she's also her island's South Maiden, able to channel the power of the Cybody Wawna. Now that she has the chance to fight for herself as the Galactic Maiden, she has no intention of standing back and letting others protect her any longer.


The Sun, Girl Next Door, Former McGuffin Girl, Semi-Retired Shrine Maiden, Aspiring Singer, Barrier Warrior, Shield Bashing, Holding Back an Apocalypse, Beware the Nice Ones, Always Hungry, CPR Certified, Ouran Host Club Mental Theater, Prettyboy Wrangler, Tracks Bishonen by Scent

Vital Trivia

Height: Average
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 16
Likes: Singing, Food, Takuto, Sugata, Takuto and Sugata, Romantic Stories
Dislikes: Being Kidnapped, Feeling Helpless, Seeing People's Feelings Disregarded
Favorite Food: Melon Bread
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: None



Title Date Scene Summary
Early Morning Conversation May 19th, 2024 Up with the dawn, Wako and Chiyo kill some time in the back garden of Sugata's house, catching one another up on recent concerns.
Aftersnarky May 11th, 2024 Wako and Sugata have a chat with Mizudori after her most recent show.
I Regret Nothing and Did Nothing Wrong May 9th, 2024 Wako and Takuto have opinions about the fact that Sugata used King's Pillar, and got hurt. Sugata has opinions too.
Music Wars: Ready To May 5th, 2024 In which Bass-chan decides to liven up Wako's Golden Week gig, to the benefit of pretty much everybody.
Prelude to the Music Wars May 3rd, 2024 Wako and Sugata, out to see the animals, encounter Mizudori hustling for her latest show. Mizudori has a fan! And also a prospective rival. But they're going to go see her show either way, so Bass-chan is really the winner here.
Yoga Time! Zone Construction is a Go! April 15th, 2024 One of the DDGirls decides to hold an impromptu yoga flash mob slash energy draining party. She gets more 'mob' than anything.
Radiant Hearts Prom 2024 April 6th, 2024 The first ever prom at Radiant Hearts had it all! Dancing, great food, three singers, hip throws, off-world travelers and fireworks!
You Said You Missed the Onsen March 26th, 2024 Sugata has a new house, and Wako needs some encouragement from her boys!
Texts: well I wasn't worried BEFORE March 25th, 2024 Sugata finds out about the Student Council, and Wako and Takuto razz him.
Texts: you'll be gentle with me? March 24th, 2024 The Trio text about Wako's new roomies and Takuto being out of practice and there is, of course, trolling.
Texts: fly March 21st, 2024 Takuto and Sugata discuss the merits of various transit methods while Wako ignores them.
Arranging Living Arrangements March 21st, 2024 Rashmi and Wako *both* showed interest in Chiyo's request for a dorm-mate, and it looks like one will have to step aside... Until it's discovered that triple dorms exist! And most are free! A little magical breaking and entering later, and the trio have scouted out their dorm of choice, already making plans for the roomie adventure to come...
An Ox-citing advertisement February 28th, 2024 The Deadbeats seek to rewrite the history of the Qixi Festival and the Tanabata, but Guardian Daifuku, Cure Suzhen, Cure Wukong, Ginga Bishonen, Ginga Otome, Ginga Kingu, Hinote Kagari and Goldenweb Yorotsuchi are around to stop them!
Texts: single week in this world where we are not PLAGUED by CHAOS February 24th, 2024 Usagi Tsukino texts Kyouka, Mamoru, Wako, Naru, and Kazuo after Scene 1178, Project Eclipse Begins. She's totally not mad, though. Meanwhile, Wako and Mamoru have their own updates to share, following Scene 1172 and Scene 1177.
Let the Beat Drop February 23rd, 2024 Sunbreaker challenges Takuto to a DANCE BATTLE! Riventon makes sure Wako can't interfere! Unfortunately... Before the battle can finish, well... Hail to the Kingu, baby.
Dine In, Dish Up February 23rd, 2024 Sugata's finally arrived in Tokyo, and Takuto and Wako are excited to show him Korma Chameleon. A meal of teasing, tasting, and talk of the near and far future is enjoyed by all.
Texts: the better surprise planned February 20th, 2024 The group chat between Wako, Takuto, and Sugata is alive and well, between photos, revelations, and planned surprises.
Running Out of Time February 18th, 2024 Thousand Waves Spa and Massage Parlor is open for business, and they've got a great sale going! There's no way this is a trap, right? ...right? Well, Wako, Takuto, Amy, Karin, Kyouko, and Masato will check it out, just in case.
Focus of the Youma Camera February 2nd, 2024 A new modeling agency isn't exactly what it seems, and poor Haruko Hara gets captured! Good thing Chrono, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Ginga Otome all showed up to live out their modeling dreams! Cameran, your time is over!
Putting 'Inai' In Perspective January 9th, 2024 Kyouka invites a few of her trusted students to her apartment for a bit of storytime regarding her past.
Calling All Heroes December 10th, 2023 The forces of Known Good gather in The Shed to learn about the true threat of the Midnight Tokyo Project. The danger is unveiled, the risks are discussed, and a plan is hatched.
Digital Business November 11th, 2023 Riventon and Viluy attempt to steal some equipment - and Takuto Tsunashi's heart crystal when he stumbles upon them. What's victory worth, though?
Lunar Eclipse 2: The Hamster Ball-ening November 4th, 2023 It's the grand end to Sailor Eclipse's reign of ...terror? toyrror? and everyone's here! Hannah, Amy, Ginga Otome, Cure Spanner, Yellow Pearl Voice, Cat Noir, Himeko & Bakeneko, and even Sunbreaker join forces against Sailor Eclipse and her loyal boyfriend Darien in an epic standoff in Kobayashi Toy Shop!
Texts: naruplush.png November 4th, 2023 Sailor Eclipse kidnapped Darien and Naru and honestly doesn't care that they can text.
Akuma November 2nd, 2023 Adrien meets with Wako in his dorm to give her the rundown on Hawkmoth and the Akuma in the hopes of helping to rescue Usagi, Darien and Naru. Can he keep his identity as Cat Noir a secret or will Vice President sniff him out?
The (Magic) Shed October 30th, 2023 Kyouka calls on a few trusted students to show them a handy secret.
Shameless Self Promotion October 27th, 2023 Mizudori Teion has a plan to make sure nobody forgets her little autograph signing session.
Melonpan olive branches. October 26th, 2023 A conversation on the street between Kyouko, Wako, Takuto, Chiyo with a Kyouka cameo. Kyouko is bad at friends and classes and tact. No one is surprised.
The Haunting of Starlight Manor October 15th, 2023 The exorcist squad of a guy with evil magic and some lady from an island?? investigates Nephrite's house!
Inner Conflict: Bone Work October 11th, 2023 CW: Body horror. The mystery of the sourceless Dark Energy impact sites continues, with a sad tale of a butcher and his collection of bones...
Comparing Notes October 5th, 2023 Wako and Veronica meet up to share information and compare notes regarding heartstealer rifles, magical artifacts, Midnight Tokyo and how a fox became the Vice President of a drama club. (Not Radiant Heart's drama club. Just a drama club.)
Texting with Wako-chan 2 October 3rd, 2023 Following her encounter with Sunbreaker and the Outer Senshi (scene 545), Usagi Tsukino texts Wako Agemaki about teams, murder, and the illegality of guns in Japan.
It's Pronounced Rifle 1 October 2nd, 2023 La Crima shoots Wako Agemaki with a heartstealer rifle, hoping to produce one of a few items. No one lets her have it- and she gets more than she bargained for from the Galactic Pretty Boy!?
Quadrapeds Gotta Stick Together October 1st, 2023 With the children in school, the mascots will play - or at least, communicate. Luna of Mau reaches out to Vice President, cementing an alliance between likeminded parties. After all, quadapeds have to help each other out in this thumbs and fingers needing world!
Nezu Shrine September 24th, 2023 An investigation into one of the shrines of Tokyo turns quickly into a fight with a ghost.
A-Point September 23rd, 2023 The mysterious 'Lord Nephrite' appears with his loyal minion, Arachnis, to test the Earthsplitter at the art gallery! Who will appear to stop him from sacrificing works of art to Metallia!?
Kind of Unfair September 21st, 2023 In which Wako purifies Hematite. A little.
Knifin' Around September 18th, 2023 Wako and Naru ask Kyouka for some advice about knives during self-defense class.
Lend Your Ear To Someone September 14th, 2023 Kazuo returns the borrowed saber to the Galactic Maiden, who turns out to be ... the girl with the fox that stole Kazuo's sunglasses. Sometimes melonpan is an unexpectedly good investment. Especially when Kazuo has other questions for Wako. Wako has answers for Kazuo. And Wako also has homework for Kazuo. Lucky Kazuo?
Texts: the knife is very happy September 14th, 2023 Wako and Takuto text about kendo and Sugata after Wako talks to Kazuo
Texts: Hamster ball of goodness September 14th, 2023 Naru texts Wako to thank her for her role in the rescue
How It Ended September 12th, 2023 Sailor Moon gathers her friends together to launch a rescue for Naru! Unfortunately, things won't always be as simple as they may hope. Can the power of love, friendship and a warehouse filled with sparkles save the day? Hopefully! Tune in to find out!
Scorn the Sunbreaker September 10th, 2023 Sunbreaker teams up with Scorn to take on the sparkleskirts! Introducing the dangerous and deadly duo of a terribad with a knockoff terribad! Can the sparkle skirts hope to defeat this menace?!
Texting: Naru Needs Help 2 September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Usagi Tsukino texts Wako Agemaki for help.
An Unfortunate Presentation August 27th, 2023 Kyouka shares what she has found out about Midnight Tokyo with her trusted allies.
So many flavours of magic! August 23rd, 2023 Monsters, magic, photo opportunites! Naru and Wako chat about all sorts of things over coffee and dessert.
Rice and Curry August 6th, 2023 A meet up of magical mahou at Korma Chameleon. After a little poking around, Ikiko, Wako, and Chiyo all realize/reveal they're magical girls. New friends and allies found and information exchanged for the future!
Starfield Jellyfish Exhibition August 5th, 2023 The Aquarium runs a one-day special event featuring a rare breed of Jellyfish. The problem is that the Jellyfish are part of a youma. A huge mess is made, a doll and a vampire are made sad, magical heroines save the day, and Zoi walks away with bonus intel. RIP Ted, you will be always remembered.
Just a small favor August 1st, 2023 Firefly wants to ask the Ginga Otome, an enemy, for a favor for her senpai's birthday! It goes... astonishingly better than expected. Also Tiny Wawna and Tiny Tauburn are excellent.
(Not) A Good Plan July 30th, 2023 Desperate for energy after hearing about the Midnight Tokyo plan, Riventon decides to attack the mall without backup. Several magical warriors stand up to oppose him, while many civilian characters get drained.
Texting with Wako-chan 1 July 28th, 2023 Following the events of Black-Hearted, Usagi turns to the first person she thinks will understand: Wako. After all, with Jadeite after Naru, she's got to spill the beans, right?
When You're A Fox, You're A Fox All The - Wait July 26th, 2023 In which Wako gains melonpan, Vice President gains fashion, and Kazuo gains no dignity whatsoever.
Self Defense 3 July 24th, 2023 Kyouko, Wako and Takuto attend self-defense class.
Catching Up, Catching On July 24th, 2023 Sometime after Kokytos, Usagi and Wako meet to exchange information, tease each other about romance, and have a treat. Also? Luna and Vice President are Watching Each Other.
He Wanted Wawna July 23rd, 2023 Wako comes back from two fights almost in a row and Takuto helps a little with some of the damage. Also snacks. And Vice President.
Kokytos July 22nd, 2023 Carbonado attempts his first gambit to collect energy. Then he's ganged up on by a lot of Mahous. At least they're terrified the whole time?
This Really Sucks July 22nd, 2023 Riventon summons a youma that is more dangerous that it looks, which is good because it looks ridiculous, and Cure Daybreak, Yellow Pearl Voice, Snow Agel Mou Foubiki, Amy Faust, and Ginga Otome all respond, fending off Osouji, Riventon, and Firefly; purifying the youma, preventing further damage, and sending the two home largely empty-handed.
When Succulents Attack! July 21st, 2023 A sunny afternoon of painting and fun with learning (ew learning) about succulents at Radiant Heart Academy becomes a battle when ait's revealed as a youma plot! Can Snow Angel Mou Fubuki, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Ginga Otome, and Puella Magi Red save their fellow students? Can Darien believe his ears when he finds out what the youma's plan was? and can anyone be prepared for the threat that rears it's head when the youma is defeated?
Real Friends Help You Move July 21st, 2023 Wako called Kyouka in as Takuto got to the mulchy remains of the plant youma, examinations of unconscious students and theorizing about the attack and the eyes claiming credit followed.
Free Range Student Sunday July 16th, 2023 Just after the dance, some students converge on a local hangout to just... hang out. Guest Starring: MR. VICE PRESIDENT!
Escaping to Responsibility July 16th, 2023 Outside the Summer Dance, Wako finds Kyouka lurking benevolently.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Melonpan Mishaps July 14th, 2023 Before Kazuo can catch a rabbit with his trap, there's someone else that the bait is practically tailor-made for. Wako does not get fed. Wako does get a promise for later, at least!
Omnomnomnom July 13th, 2023 Naru and Wako get to know each other over snacks.
Night Parade July 11th, 2023 Chaos erupts at a museum when someone lets the cat out of the vase.
Office Hours 7 -- Wako July 9th, 2023 Kyouka runs into Wako Agemaki on the way out of the grounds after school.
Fast Cars & Schoolgirls: The Nephrite Experience July 8th, 2023 Sports car: Check. Suave talent scout: Check. School full of walking life force batteries: Check and check.
Stray Cat Strut July 2nd, 2023 Francesca Leon is under attack by a two-headed bear youma! Luckily, Ginga Otome, Sailor Moon, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Zephyr, and Cure Tide are on the scene to help her - and civilian Rei Hino, who's wandered into a nightmare.


Title Date Scene Summary
In Other Words (Wako Agemako) February 14th, 2024 Wako prepares her Valentine's gift for Takuto and Sugata, with a little help from her tiny Cybody.