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Shameless Self Promotion
Date of Scene: 27 October 2023
Location: Four Clover Mall
Synopsis: Mizudori Teion has a plan to make sure nobody forgets her little autograph signing session.
Cast of Characters: Mizudori Teion, Usagi Tsukino, Wako Agemaki, Sayaka Miki, Takuto Tsunashi

Mizudori Teion has posed:
     A normal Thursday afternoon at Four Clover Mall, maybe 4pm. The place is as busy as ever, crowds of people doing their shopping, students loitering after school. Nothing unusual or notable in the slightest.

    Well, there is something that might be marginally notable. In the center of the walkway down the center of the mall, adjacent to a little potted plant display and across from a fountain, someone has set up a small folding table. It has a black tablecloth thrown over it, upon which green letters have been printed in a stylized, neon font. They read "Bass-chan!" and have the neon outline of a little chibi girl's head wearing oversized headphones.

    Behind the table on a folding chair sits a girl, maybe sixteen. She's either the girl herself or her biggest fan, as she's dressed mostly in black with green highlights- black hoodie with green piping, black jeans. Her hair is shoulder length and also black but has green stripes dyed into it, and her eyes are bright green as well, almost unnaturally so. Maybe they're contacts.

    Upon the table she has an open laptop, as well as a small pile of USB sticks. They're all black and have green writing on them, which is small but upon closer inspection just says "Bass-chan!" in the same script as her tablecloth.

    There's a pricing sheet on the table too, just a plain white paper with black printing. It claims the USB sticks, which contain her "Newest, hottest single!" are 500 yen each (about 4 bucks), but it says at the bottom that if you already have a copy of the song, she'll autograph it for free.

    The girl looks... kinda bored. Because almost nobody is paying her any attention. She sits with her hands folded on the table, looking around. When someone looks her way she gives them a smile, but most people just wander on by with barely a glance, too occupied with their own shopping to investigate some girl peddling music they've never heard of.

    The more people ignore her, the more she scowls when nobody is looking.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The mall was a great place to just hang out; one quick bus ride and you were surrounded by all the distractions a teenager could want! Who wouldn't hang out at the mall whenever they were free to?

Usagi Tsukino wouldn't know - she was hanging out at the mall, having headed over as soon as class was done. She was looking out for a new jewelry box, something cute to replace the one she already had, which was smaller and looking worse for wear. It wasn't Bass-chan she was looking out for, but it was Bass-chan she found, when her eyes lifted from the map of the mall to cut across the way, and she noticed the table and chibi design, the USBs available - a musician?

And the girl was very cool looking, and 500 yen wasn't very much, and... before she knows it, she's walking over. "Can I listen to your single first, or is it a buy it and listen after deal?"

She doesn't mind either way, but curiosity for curiosity's sake.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako was, to be honest, mostly loitering - alternating between watching her cell phone and scanning the passers-by for a distinctive plurf of red hair - but Usagi's familiar voice catches her attention. Pocketing her phone, she wanders over to check out the table.

500 yen, huh? A little more rummaging into the pockets of her hoodie and she comes up with a little embroidered change purse. "I'll get one," she offers, counting up the money to hand over.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka was searching for music tracks on youtube the other day. Her usual fare, music on the style of the classical, was not turning up anything special for the day, or that she already knew about, so she tried to click on something new for a change, and wow, she actually liked it. It wasn't her usual type of music, but to say that the artist was just ok, would be an enormous disservice.

She liked it to the point of checking up her background and other compositions, and that was how it turned out she was hosting an event in her district, just over at the mall.

'Meeting her in person sounds neat! I wonder what she is like and if she has experiences to share.' Nevermind that she plays the piano.

The bluenette is there at the event, 500 yen in hand, ready to buy the music and get the newly blooming prodigy's autograph.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    Mizudori is looking the other way, frowning at the retreating back of yet another person who didn't stop to buy her song, when Usagi approaches from the other direction. The result is her reaction is just a bit startled as she whirls her head back to look at the blonde girl approaching her table. Green eyes cut up and down- well. This girl certainly didn't look like the type who'd be into her stuff, but then again, at least she's here and asking about it and that's more than can be said for most everyone else thus far.

    "I mean, I'd say you can listen to it but they wouldn't let me set up speakers," She replies to the question, in a perhaps-surprisingly low-toned drawl. "And no offense but I'm not gonna lend you my headphones. So I guess you have to buy it first."
    Then Wako is coming over too. What is it about her table that's suddenly attracting blonde chicks? Not that she's going to complain about the attention. "Um, sure," She says, reaching to take the money and push one of the USB sticks over.

    And now there's Sayaka too, who isn't blonde so at least there's some variety. Mizudori is feeling a little better.. better enough to consider enacting her Master Plan. Which is why, as she takes money and hands over USB sticks, her other hand beneath the table reaches into her pocket and pulls out a special USB stick. Not one like the others, but one upon which she has recorded a unique composition for this particular encounter. Subtly she slips her hand up and plugs it into the side of her laptop.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
That's when that plurf of red hair becomes visible: Takuto's got his face mask on like a good sick kid who can't be assed to stay in bed (it's only a cold!) and he's carrying a bag folded up and stuck under his arm, hands in his jacket pockets. His stupid Star Driver windbreaker, in fact, that's basically just what it says on the tin.

He comes up behind Wako, holding his finger to his lips when he sees Usagi (if she sees him) and then visibly thinks better of it and steps around to stand abreast of Wako instead of getting his nose broken. "Oh? Oh what kind of music? I mean other than 'best played at higher than top volume'?" the tall red-haired, red-eyed boy asks, interestedly leaning over the shorter girls to see what they're looking at.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Aw, they should have let you put up speakers! You're a musician!" Usagi pouts, more for the musician's sake than her own, prepared to fork over her 500 yen when, -

"Oh, hey Wako-chan! Awesome! I'll listen to yours, and then I can buy my own if I like it." Is that rude to say in front of the musician in question? Probably not, right? Musicians had to expect that some people wouldn't like their stuff. She was pretty positive, anyway. She digs around in her backpack (no purse!), looking for her phone; she's got one of those USB to USB-C adaptors, courtesy of having a million things in her purse, so if Wako permits it, she can listen to the USB right away. "How long have you been doing music for, Bass-chan? Are you solo or do you have a band? What's your favorite song?"

Sorry Bass-chan, you are going to catch the brunt of her curiosity. She might have continued rambling, but then she catches sight of Takuto, and immediately falls quiet, trying not to giggle as he obviously considers spooking Wako and then gives it up.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Hi, Usagi-chan!" Wako claims her purchase - and then immediately surrenders it to Usagi to try out, once it becomes clear that Usagi has the means to listen to it on the spot. Is this rude to the artist? Maybe. On the other hand, it could just as well be a second sale in the making, right?

She gets a moment or two to look bemused at Usagi's inexplicable giggling, before Takuto wisely opts to move up nest to her. She cuts him a knowing little side-eye, but smiles. "Takuto-kun, got your history project done?" This is about when she notices Sayaka standing nearby, money in hand; abruptly she makes an apologetic face. "Oh, sorry, are we in your way? Here," and she scoots a bit to the side, nudging into Takuto, to clear space for Sayaka to approach the table.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"Thank you", Sayaka comments with a slight bow to Wako as she gives her space, before going ahead and giving over the money as soon as it becomes her turn to acquire the USB stick. The autograph is already there, makes sense. Why waste time doing the signing at the time. Although that would have made it more personal, wouldn't it?

She tells her as much. "I think it's a missed opportunity that you didn't sign it on the moment. Would have made it more special for the people coming to buy it. Your music is awesome, and it deserves to get all the boost it can." Coming up front with a criticism might indispose people, but at least there is a compliment mixed in.

She puts the usb she bought in her bag, not taking her gaze away from the musician. And then she isn't the only one who thought to ask her questions. 'Oh, that's Tsukino-senpai!', Sayaka thinks, recognising her as the scaredy-cat girl who hosted the pajama party.

"Hello, Tsukino-senpai, how are you doing?", she ends up addressing Usagi first instead of asking the questions she came there for.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    "You're damn right they should have." Mizudori says to Usagi. She has this way of talking that is both fervent and full of emphasis, yet laconic and drawling at the same time, as if the world is boring but she feels very strongly about it. When the girl has the temerity to apparently decide not to buy her single until she listens to the one her friend just bought, Mizudori's mouth thins into a line, and she feels even more strongly that enacting her Master Plan right about now is an appropriate course of action.

    Just as Sayaka is stepping up to the table, she uses the hand not engaged in taking money to click on the Special USB Stick she had just plugged into her computer. And, quite suddenly, her computer makes this horrible, discordant screeching sound. "What the-" Mizudori jerks back, doing an excellent job of looking entirely caught off guard. "What the hell!" She quickly reaches down, more obviously, and smacks the keyboard. The nails-on-a-chalkboard sound ceases. "Sheesh.. sorry, dunno what the hell caused it to do that..." At least it save her from having to respond to the girl's criticism of her autographing methods!

    Of course, there's going to be a lot more than just weird screeching sounds from a laptop to distract everyone momentarily. Because just moments after she cuts the sound off... the facade of the music store across the hall (no doubt this location was chosen due to said adjacency) explodes outwards, showering passersby with dusk and fragments of masonry and window glass. There's an odd, discordant roaring sound, and when the debris clears enough to see, a horrible creature is dragging its way out of the store and into the central walkway of the mall.

    It appears to be an amalgam of all the rejected paraphernalia of the music store, a real FYE horror show. It's head is made of a large speaker, its limbs shelves of discount CDs, and although vaguely humanoid, there's a lashing tail which seems to be composed of guitar strings, band posters, and other materials all woven together.

    People are already running and screaming in all directions. Mizudori, still sitting behind her table, just goes, "Whoa."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The USB in her hands, Usagi is distracted from actually listening by Takuto's antics and Wako's response - but also, by a greeting! A familiar voice, waiting behind them because whoops they were kind of blocking the table.

"Hi, Sayaka-chan," she says, once her slightly younger classmate has given her advice and completed her purchase. "I was just going to listen to Bass-chan's single and then buy a copy -" even if she didn't like it, honestly, because she could spare a few hundred yen to support a cute girl.

But then there's a screech of noise, enough to have Usagi cringing away, and Bass-chan is explaining, and then - explosions. Of glass and masonry, and people are screaming but it doesn't sound like too many people got hurt, and then of course, there's the monster, formed from ... store paraphenelia? An object head creature, like out of an old video game.

Usagi freezes for a second - just a second! - before shaking it off. Sayaka is closest to her, so she puts a hand on her shoulder. "Bass-chan, Sayaka-chan - we've got to get out of here, come on!"

Get the civilians away before you run off and transform - though she has a feeling Wako-chan and Takuto-kun might just transform right off, which is the main reason she didn't tell them to run.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"... what?" Takuto asks the world, as he is yet again baffled by something so ridiculous he can't quite parse it. He sighs, then puts his folded up shopping bag on the floor next to the table. "Excuse me," he says apologetically to Mizudori, then takes a step back and yells, "AP--"

That's a lot of light. "--PRI--"

Oh the lightshow's starting. Oh. Oh no. "--VOISER!" he finishes yelling, and then there's a spin on his heel and a pose, the whole outline henshin sequence with his hair sticking up amazingly; he cocks a hip and pants appear! and the arm that's outstretched gets sparkles start at it; he gets a whole overwhelmingly glitzy military coat and everything.

"DASHING ENTRANCE!" he continues, and his hair gets a star-shaped blond streak in it. "DAZZLING THE STAGE, GINGA BISHOUNEN!"

Then he's absolutely scrambling over, laughing behind the surgical mask that's still on his face. "Here kitty kitty!" calls Takuto. "You don't want to start a fight at the mall, right? Why don't you turn into a pile of... stuff... again?"

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Meanwhile, Wako - who absolutely crumpled at the cacophony that erupted from Mizudori's laptop, seriously, the look on her face in that moment was like she was dying inside - is still reeling a little from the assault on her eardrums when the music-store-reject-monster erupts straight through the storefront in a roar of all kinds of chaos. Perhaps that's why she turns and gives it a deeply exasperated look. "Seriously?"


Usagi is already acting, moving to herd the (supposed) civilians to safety; she wouldn't need Wako to tell her what to do anyhow. Instead, nearly in chorus with Takuto, Wako cries out her own "Apprivoiser!"

There are. So many sparkles.

"Brilliant entrance!" A gold-lined capelet unfurls from the shoulders of her white-and-gold tailcoat. "Illuminating the stage!" The starburst pins containing her cravat glint. "GINGA OTOME!"

Oh god, there's two of them.

"Takuto-kun!" she calls out as she lifts her hands before her, shaping the beginnings of a barrier. "Don't push it too hard, you still have a cold! ZERO TIME!" The barrier rushes out, muting the screaming of panicked bystanders into quiet as the non-magical civilians are shifted out of the other dimensional space.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"It's on Youtube too, Usagi-senpai", Sayaka comments. By how she is being addressed, switching to the first name is probably fine, she reckons. "It's not the kind of music I usually listen to, but I liked it."

She is about to tell Mizudori off for the screeching noise, annoyed by it. Seriously, why isn't she more careful with her equipment? She didn't even reply to her opinion: was trying to distract Sayaka with the noise her plan all along? Talk about rudeness.

Then there is another annoying sound, behind her this time. The bluenette covers her ears with her hands this time, at least partially prepared from Bass-chan's noise. She doesn't block it completely, but at least she didn't have to endure all of it.

Sayaka gazes at the monstrosity that has come out of the music shop. Music paraphernalia, uh? Well, she has more than enough music of her own, and giving it a taste of her violin blades is something she is always ready to do!

At least if there weren't people in danger around her. Funnily, she is of the same mind as Usagi, so she agrees to coming with her, because she wants to see them in a safe location.

At least, until Wako invokes Zero Time, causing her to tense. "Do we have a Witch too!?" Sayaka exclaims, looking at the slightly different surroundings. A weak one maybe? If that's the case, the time to act catiously is off, and she stretches out her hand, the ring on Sayaka's hand turning into her Soul Gem.

"Stay back, Usagi-senpai, Bass-chan!" bringing the Soul Gem in front of her, and the explosion of blue that follows turning her into her Puella Magi form, cape floating behind her and violin sword tightly in the grasp of her right hand.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    But Mizudori is already leaping up from her chair... and onto the table. Even as Usagi is urging her to run her gaze is fixed on the creature which someone summoned from the depths of musical hell, and a feral grin has spread across her previously bored visage. "Ah!" She cries, her voice oddly musical all of a sudden, as if declaiming. "A demon of the musical abyss has arrived to make sure my fans can't gain access to my transcendent composition! VILE CREATURE! I'll-"

    But then Takuto is transforming, in a rather show-stealing way, and Wako too (if less ostentatiously, only just) and she scowls again! "Hey! This is my show!" She yells before suddenly leaning her head back, pushing her hand into the air, and opening her mouth to project one piercing, perfectly-pitched but nearly ear-bleeding note.

    As she does this, the world around her suddenly seems to turn inside out, an odd effect of blooming black nothingness that both surrounds her from the outside and comes from within, twisting in an eye-gouging way until what emerges is... her, but all black. Like a living shadow in the shape of a girl. But with neon green highlights. Her eyes and mouth blaze with green light, and her entire body is traced with lines of bright green, expanding to circles and whorls at joints and intricate traceries over her torso. Think Tron, but even less-defined in the parts that aren't glowing. The brightest light emanates from her shoulder-length hair, which blazes green from roots to tips as if suddenly composed of fiber optics.

    "Back the <sccrrrrr> off!" She yells at the other magical people, as Sayaka transforms as well. Seriously, all of them? How did her music stand ONLY attract magical people? Her voice is now weirdly pitched, as if autotuned, her words coming out in chromatic scale. And when she curses it is seemingly automatically replaced by a discordant dubstep sound effect. "My autograph signing, my monster to kill!"

    She leaps off the table and when her feet hit the floor, splashes of neon light fly up as though she just leaped into a puddle although there's nothing there. The neon tracery all over her dark form pulses and flows with a rhythm, as if the visualizer for a song although no music can currently be heard.

    She then scowls, the expression jack-o-lantern-like when all you can see is a glowing green slash of a mouth below glowing green eyes, as Wako has enabled Zero Time. "Hey! Stop taking away my audience!" She's legit mad and about to act on it when the creature reminds everyone that it's there by letting out another discordant screech and lifting one of its CD-rack arms to fire a rapid-fire stream of discs like a machine gun straight towards the noisy mahous. Bass-chan is forced to dive aside, the movement gracefully skate-like, as wherever her feet touch the floor they slide as if frictionless, leaving a neon green trail which fades after a few moments. "Ugh.. hey, hold on a second! This isn't what I <sscchhhrrr> had in mind!" This to the monster, as if it would listen to her. It doesn't, continuing to advance across the now mostly-empty mall hallway.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Ugh, Tauburn, I wish you were here too, those piles would be really helpful about now--" Takuto says into his mask, then glances back at Wako. "I'm *fine*!" he calls back, then slams one fist into his chest. "Star Swordo... EMERAUDE!" He pulls out a glowing green light sword that's legitimately a clashingly different shade than Mizudori's green. Then he slams his other hand into his chest and draws out, "Star Swordo... SAPHIR!"

"You can always fight another monster on a different day at the Wall at the other end of the mall!" the Ginga Bishounen calls towards Bass-chan helpfully, then starts slicing the CDs out of the air. "Aren't these expensive antiques??"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi never gets enough of Wako and Takuto's transformations. Their bold confidence is really inspiring! And then - what Usagi should have figured would happen, actually happens: Wako-chan activates Zero Time. The world shifts, stars swirling into life all around them, the mall and civilians all gone, but - Sayaka-chan and Bass-chan are still there.

That means they're not ordinary civilians, and Usagi, with baffled eyes, watches as the two transform - Sayaka, into a knightly figure, and Bass-chan into - a living shadow, with the most eerie, jack-o-lantern face.

"What?! I can't believe - oh, forget it! Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

In a flash of light, Sailor Moon has joined the fray, scowling a little at Bass-chan - "Your audience was in danger! It's a good thing Otome-chan took them away!" And then she's running away, shrieking a bit as CDs are shot like machine gun pellets at her. "Oh come on! Can't we visit the mall without trouble?!"

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Focused primarily on the monster, and secondarily on Takuto, Wako mostly misses Sayaka's transformation, and would have missed Bass-chan's... except that the noise she makes to do it is so piercing it makes the Galactic Maiden actually stumble. She catches herself in a translucent bubble of pale pink light that has her floating a foot or two off the floor, and turns in midair to shoot an accusatory look up at this latest magical girl on the scene. "What do you mean, your audience?" she demands, closely on the heels of Sailor Moon's protestation. "Is this your monst--ah!"

She breaks off in a yelp as several CD projectiles shatter into prismatic shards of plastic against the curve of her shield. "Cut that out! Sailor Moon, I've got you - AURORE AUSTRALE!"

Skimming through the air, she places herself between the barrage and her ally. A push of both hands expands the shield into a broad arc that surges forward like an inverted wave of light, meeting the torrent of discs before they can hit her, Sailor Moon, or Sayaka. Who the Ginga Otome blinks at in vague surprise. "Oh," she says, a bit lamely. "Hi!"

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"This is not the time for a musical, Bass-chan", Sayaka reprimands her when the artist gives an intonation to her speech. "Stay back, and I will take care of this!" Her and the other two mahous she now spots, the rather flamboyant colours having initially gone by unnoticed when she focused her attention on the noises, the monster and the barrier.

"Would you quit it with these noises!?" Sayaka growls at Bass-chan's piercing note as she is being fed up by the damage her ears are incurring. "Seriously, it's- Uh, what happened to you?" Her annoyance gets tinged by confusion as she takes a look at the shadowy magical girl that wouldn't look out of place in an Halloween movie.

"I won't back off", is the disregarding Bass-chan receives. Why is she making this so difficult, anyway!? "If you are doing it for attention, at least you can lend us a hand. I don't think that monster is playing around, and there seems to be a Witch around here!

"Usagi-senpai, you are a magical girl too!?" is Sayaka's surprise. "This monster won't last long then!" She grins at the new ally, before summoning swords in the air to send against the disks of the creature.

Except Wako's barrier makes her unnecessary so the blades she summoned stay floating in her, waiting for her command. "Hi, and thanks!" the bluenette comments when Ginga Otome tentatively greets her.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    "Nobody goes to the Wall, it's for hacks and sell-outs!" Bass-chan spits at Ginga Bishounen as if his suggestion was the most egregious thing happening right now. At least his swords glow, which she definitely approves of. When Sailor Moon (now also transformed) informs her that her audience was in danger, Bass-chan actually laughs, a weird cackle that ascends and then descends an octave. "I'm saving them from the worst danger of all! Boredom! Banality! Oh, speaking of which.."

    The girl of shadow-and-light changes direction suddenly, even as the monster behind her roars again and smashes a decorative mall-pillar (thanks to Zero Time, ineffectually). She slides back over to her laptop, still sitting on the table, and hits a button and.. music starts to play. Loudly. Is that her single? She did have speakers the whole time, the liar, and now she's providing the soundtrack for this fight. She must be doing something to amplify it too because it's obnoxiously loud and there's no way her laptop speakers could produce that level and fullness of sound. "Much better! It's always time for a musical." This last to Sayaka, as the girl complains about her music. "If you're going to be part of my show, at least have the decency to know your part!" The LED tracery of her body and hair has started pulsing in time with the beat of the music as she whirls back around to face the creature. Wako's accusations go ignored for the moment.

    "Well whether or not I can put on a proper show, I guess I can't leave you stomping all around." She exclaims to the creature, as she lifts a hand, green light suddenly appearing to trace the outline of a guitar in her grip. It seems to solidify as the light demarks its shape, an instrument made mostly of shadow with green LED highlights just like her body. Without waiting she lifts her other hand and strums across it, creating a blazing pulse of green energy that fires from the instrument towards the monster.

    Said monster was advancing, as its barrage of CDs were proving ineffectual after having been sliced up by Bishounen and then shielded by Otome. The blast of green energy Bass-chan fires hits it square in its.. torso-ish region, sending it careening back into the wall.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Isn't the whole mall for hacks and sell-outs?" Takuto calls toward Bass-chan quite reasonably, he thinks; most of his attention's on the monster, and he honestly misses the henshins beyond 'oh other people are doing sparkly lightshows too'. He chases the monster down as it crashes into the wall and lifts off the floor, leaving a blue and white jagged light contrail behind him, then yells, "TAUUUUUU MISSILE!!" and crashes into *it*, swords first.

There is coughing from amidst the inevitable explosion of detritus that Takuto actually rolls out of, letting his Star Swords vanish. He's fine, Wako.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Wah, thank you Otome-chan!!"

With Ginga Otome's protection, she can take a second to gather her thoughts, and the most ideal thing to do here is to attack, right? Takuto has his swords, and he's - tackling the monster?! Jeez! That's dangerous! But... he did do it with swords? So -

And Bass-chan is speaking up, but what she's saying makes no sense. None at all. "You can't think that this is better than being bored, can you? That's crazy! This thing could have hurt someone."

And she pulls the tiara from her head, the gold transforming to cosmic energy.

"The mall is a place of joy and fun, where people come to spend their money on frivolous things! How dare you transform this place of joy into a hall of misery for something as silly as fighting boredom! In the name of the moon, I'll stop you! Moon Tiara Action!"

She throws the tiara, directly at the monster, striking a pose at the conclusion of her speech!

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Wako Agemaki," the girl in the white-and-gold military glam offers to Sayaka, as if this were in any way a time for casual introductions. "You can count on me to back you up!"

Then she's lifting higher into the air, limned in that faint pink light, to shoot an indignant look at the Ginga Bishonen as he rolls coughing out of dust and music store shrapnel. "I told you to take it easy!" she calls out to him, scolding. "Am I going to have to complain to Sugata-kun?"

Fully exasperated now, she splays both hands in the air in front of her, fingers spread and gathering light at each fingertip. "Ugh!" she says. "I can't believe I gave that girl five hundred yen! Cascade de Soleil!" As Sailor Moon's tiara flies out, it's joined by the shower of pink sparks that streak from the tips of her fingers to converge upon the monster like a set of Macross missiles.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"Thank you, Agemaki-san! I am Sayaka Miki, looking forwaes to work with you!" the bluenette excitedly replies.

Sayaka gives Bass-chan a glare when she talks about them stomping around. This is the first and last time she buys her music, seriously! Why can't she realise they are all fighting for the sake of what's right. Except she isn't, is she? That is the idea Sayaka is making of her, anyhow.

"What's wrong with you?" she shouts as the flying swords she had conjured get flying through the air towards the monster, ready to turn it into their own pincushion. "We are all fighting to stop this thing from hurting people, and you are worried about putting up a performance!" This girl is so annoying. Who in the right mind gave her magic!? If she hadn't noticed the lack of a Soul Gem, she would have been more than happy to attribute it to that pest of Kyubey.

And then she starts talking like she did this. "What are you on!?" Sayaka asks furiously at the other magical girl, the grip on her sword quivering with repressed fury. She so wants to give this girl a piece of her mind. "You think people enjoy being put in accidents, ending at the hospitals!? That they find feeling pain and the dreary walk to recovery fun!?" She waits for an answer from the other girl, the Puella Magi so tempted to point the sword she is holding at her.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    The poor monster doesn't really stand a chance at this point. I mean it's not even a real monster to begin with, its a cobbled-together animate museum display of corporate music industry detritus given a mockery of life to die for a publicity stunt. Really ya'll are doing it a favor when the combination of Bass-chan's blast, Ginga Bishounen's sword-first tackle, Sayaka's flying blades, Ginga Otome's macross missiles, and probably most of all Sailor Moon's tiara (not to mention indignant justice speech) all slam into the thing and more or less blow it apart. If it was made of flesh and bone it would be a horror show, but since it's just made of music-store garbage it's just a big mess. Jewel cases and fragments of overpriced band posters everywhere, fluttering down from the sky.

    Bass-chan peers at the place where the creature was for a moment, as if waiting for it to somehow get back up. When it doesn't, she turns and skates back over to her laptop, hitting the spacebar again to pause the obnoxiously loud music. Then she turns to Sailor Moon. "The mall is a place of joy and fun? Seriously? Have you seen this place? It's <sccrerrb> depressing is what it is."

    She dismisses her henshin, which takes the form of the shadows seeming to flow off of her like a puddle of oil onto the floor, mixing with swirls of green like running paint, before just disappearing. "And you!" This to Ginga Otome, as the now-human-again girl, looking properly put out, whirls to face the still-floating girl, "Bring the people back! That was totally lammmmme. And after I put all this effort in to make sure people would remember my special event."

    To Sayaka, she just flashes a strangely endearing grin and says, "What's wrong with me? I'm an artist. Besides, nobody's getting hurt. They probably won't even have to close the music shop... more's the pity." Ginga Bishounen, coughing on the floor, is not addressed.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Coughing, laughing, some horrible mix between the two. He's still coughing as he gets to his feet, covered in the trash confetti that exploded out from the former monster next to him, and he's half-chortling and half-coughing (still) as he brushes himself off and then drops his henshin. He comes back over, mask still in place, and thumps his chest the same way he'd grab a star sword except that he's just trying to reboot his lungs.

They're all mad. He flashes her a thumbs up. "Good show," he wheezes, then scoops up his shopping bag from the floor under the table. "Crappy youma. Neat look. Good luck." He turns to Wako, and cocks his thumb over his shoulder, indicating he's going outside, then waves to Sailor Moon and Sayaka! and does just that.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Of course the mall is fun! Why else would people come here?!" The monster is destroyed, and Sailor Moon catches her tiara on the return, sliding it back onto her forehead.

She's irked, but despite everything -

"You were going to save all these people, after you got them into trouble int he first place? Don't you think that's dangerous?! And that store, they're going to have to close until they can fix the damage you did!" Despite everything, she is a little amused. Because it's so - ridiculous. Putting people in danger, but planning to save them, all for a music career?

"How many USBs do you need to sell to not do that? Maybe you could try a GoFundMe instead." And she drops her transformation, just like Takuto - trusting she won't get shot - and grabs a USB, dropping 500 yen on the table. Guess she's putting her money where her mouth is.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako drifts back down to stand properly on the floor, dusting her hands unnecessarily against her skirt. "Honestly," she complains to the air at large as Takuto grabs his bag and makes his exit. "I told him. Now I bet he's going to be coughing all night." She's sounding very put-upon, imperfectly covering a faint note of real concern.

Letting out a deep sigh, she shakes her head. "Someone could have gotten hurt, you know? Just for a publicity stunt? That's pretty lame. You're lucky we were here." Glancing at Sayaka, she checks herself, the concern taking over her expression as she realizes how worked up the other girl is. "...Don't let her get to you, Sayaka-chan. It was a pretty dumb stunt, but we protected everyone, and that's the important thing."

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she looks from Sayaka to Usagi to Mizudori and back to Sayaka. "I'm going to take down Zero Time and go fuss over my boyfriend," she says. "It's probably best if we're not here when the police show up to start asking questions, all right?"

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"Nobody got hurt just because that witch took your prized audience away!" the Sharpsong Puella Magi is quick to bite back at Bass-chan. "If you keep using this method, I hope your career fails and you are forced to busk for the rest of your life", Sayaka replies venomously.

After a last scornful glance, she replies to Wako "Alright, Agemaki-san, I won't", with a sigh. She is keeping her eyes on the disruptive magical girl though. "How is everyone else?", the bluenette asks, looking at the others. She looks down with worry towards the section of the floor Takuto is laying on. "What's going on, Tsunashi-senpai? Is something wrong?"

Wako mentions it's a cold though, so things aren't so worrysome actually. "Intervening was quite nice if you had a cold this severe." Someone ought to learn from that spirit of service, she thinks as she tosses a glance at Bass-chan.

"Zero Time?" Sayaka repeats a bit lost. "Is that what this barrier is?" She is pretty early in her mahou career. That magical girls can have barriers is quite new to her! "Oh, then you put away the other people, that's awesome!"

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"That's right," Wako confirms cheerfully. "Well, it's more like I moved us and the monster a little bit to the side, sort of. It won't do anything for the damage it did to the store when it busted out through the front like that..." she looks askance at the hole in the front of the music store, "but at least it keeps innocent people safe."

Mizudori Teion has posed:
    Mizudori has the grace to look gratified as the laughing, coughing Takuto walks back over and says it was a good show. "Hey, don't you want to buy a single?" She calls after him as he leaves, scowling as he, apparently, doesn't. I mean compliments are great but they aren't going to get you on the charts.

    She's then distracted by Usagi. She flashes that oddly endearing grin of hers once again, her bright green eyes seeming to glow faintly despite her henshin being dismissed. "Don't worry about it doll, it's all for the art. Haven't you ever heard of performance art? Sacrifice for beauty! And trust me, that store being closed is a public service. Did you see what they were charging for t-shirts? Damn corporate drones, it's about time someone-"

    Her tirade is cut off by coins hitting the table as Usagi... pays for one of her USB sticks anyway. "It's not about the money," She says while hurriedly pocketing the change before the girl can change her mind. "It's about bringing wonder and creativity into the mundane tedium of-"

    She's interrupted again by Wako lecturing her as well. "So?! Somebody can get hurt walking down the sidewalk! You could trip on a soda can and fall into traffic! At least if someone gets hurt for art they're advancing the cause of-"

    Then Sayaka interrupts her again, and wishes her a career composed solely of busking! "Busking is a time-honored tradition," She says primly, "and if I could maintain my artistic integrity by- oh you know what? Forget it. It's clear you don't get me but that's fine. Geniuses are never understood during their lifetimes." She huffs, walking over to her table, scooping up the remainder of her USB sticks and snapping her laptop shut.

    "It's not like I asked you to interfere. I had everything perfectly under control." Kicking a bit of exploded store-facade out of the way with one sneakered foot. She starts to walk away, then pauses to turn and flash a cheerful smile. "Thanks for buying my song! Hey, I'm playing at the Untidy Squid with Improper Propriety next week, you should totally come watch, it's gonna be raaaaaad." She flashes the horns, then just walks away.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The musician might have been a little crazy, but none one was hurt, and - well, T-Shirts are pretty expensive these days but still! That's not a reason to bust up a store!

"I don't know if I'll be able to catch your show, but if I'm in the area, I'll check it out? Stop scaring people though! Something could have gone wrong!"

But she says all this over her shoulder, because she's walking off too - she still has a jewelry box to find!

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Usagi-senpai and Tsunashi-san are off, so the bluenette waves at them. Hopefully she can meet them again next time.

The explanation given out by Wako is really useful, leaving Sayaka wondering if she can learn to do these things. 'Maybe I can get her to train me on that', she reflects.

Sayaka looks disapprovingly at Mizudori. The only way she wants to be near her now is to sequester her, inconsiderate attitude and all, and plant her onto a seat to Kyousuke's concert. Maybe that will teach hear what a true performance is like.

She undoes her transformation, looking over at her Soul Gem. Uh, it is barely any darker than how she started. Makes sense though, she only really threw out a small volley of swords.

"See you around, Agemaki-san, it was great working with you!" And just like that she goes away.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"See you later, Sayaka-chan!" Wako calls back, and then she's heading off herself in the direction that Takuto left.

Once she's a bit away from the wreckage of the music store, she finally drops her transformation. The barrier of Zero Time comes down at the same moment, the crowds and the noise resuming between one step and the next.

What the onlookers and first responders will make of the wrecked music store is anyone's guess.