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An Ox-citing advertisement
Date of Scene: 28 February 2024
Location: Four Clover Mall
Synopsis: The Deadbeats seek to rewrite the history of the Qixi Festival and the Tanabata, but Guardian Daifuku, Cure Suzhen, Cure Wukong, Ginga Bishonen, Ginga Otome, Ginga Kingu, Hinote Kagari and Goldenweb Yorotsuchi are around to stop them!
Cast of Characters: Yaling Yao, Takuto Tsunashi, Cho Konishi, Amanda Faust, Chiyo Sakai, Wako Agemaki, Hinote Kagari, Sugata Shindo, Ahmya Karashima

Yaling Yao has posed:
It's a typical winter day close to the end of the season, so the temperatures are doing their best to be unpredictables. Today little sun is out, mostly hiding behind the cover and the clouds, and naturally not many people are out on the streets, hiding from the damp weather and the grey sky. Most naturally gather inside shops and malls, shopping one of the chief reasons besides their job to leave the warm comfort of their homes.

A crowd that is a mix of curious bystanders and interested shoppers have gathered in front of a manga store inside Four Clover Mall, due to the promotion of the manga "The Ox Across the Heavenly River" as part of the announcement of its anime release.

The popular hit narrates the story of the Ox from the legend of Niulang and Zhinu, helping his master in his various adventure on the Heavenly River, as he seeks to reunite him with his lover Zhinu, cruelly torn away on the other side of the Heavenly river by the hand of the Goddess her mother.

A girl with green hair of medium length is part of the crowd interested in buying the Special Edition with the box and a special illustration with the reunion of the two lovers. She is at the back of the crowd, and she is wearing a pair of skinny cuffed jeans, with a pair of black ankle boots, a slightly oversized green sweater on top of an equally loose-fitting navy blue silk blouse. Around her neck a white snake is nested, resting placidly.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"So is Sugata buying you a copy and then I'm borrowing it when you're done?" Takuto asks absolutely shamelessly, as if Sugata's not even there.

He's the spiky-haired redhead with the red eyes and red shirt, color-coded for convenience as well -- but over his shirt he's wearing a bomber jacket with the words 'Star Driver' embroidered across the back. He's even labeled for convenience.

He's eating ice cream and hanging back a little bit, talking to Wako and Sugata.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi had decided that, after all of this recent ferfluffle and fighting and romance, she...

... Okay, the truth was that plotting and scheming with her roommate to setup her friends on a date and had inspired her! To setup MORE dates! Romance! And sent her into a light romantic tizzy. While she'd rarely been one to be mega into romantic things, perhaps this had awoken something inside her?!


Or maybe she was just caught up in the sillyness of a playful date setup for her friends and so she was actually kind of just... relaxing. And enjoying herself. It was nice to just do that once in a while.

Also, Wuwu was there. And riding on her shoulder... occasionally picking at her hair. "Will you stop that? You're going to make people think I have lice," Cho snapped.

"... And if you do?" Wuwu asked.

"... I... I don't, do I?" Cho asked nervously.

"Of course not. Wukong doesn't get lice."

Cho gave a soft sigh of relief and... "Oh. OH! Yao-san!" she called out, lifted a hand and waving at Yaling! "Hey! You came for the event too, right?" she called out. What timing! The new girl!

Wuwu, however, glanced up and... his eyes narrowed on the snake. Wait... that wasn't... no. It couldn't be. Could it?

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy was here at the mall a few days ago trying to help Natsu get clothes -- and thank goodness Usagi showed up! -- but along the way, she saw the manga store and thought man, she hasn't been inside one in awhile!

    So today, she's come back to check this store out and see what the selection is like, and what a pleasant surprise, there are people she knows here!

    That feels weird, somehow. When she was actually in high school there was maybe, one other student who was into manga and anime enough to actually buy manga at the store, and it was a girl and they only had one class together so they never got close...

    Anyway, friends are here now! And Wuwu. "Other people can't actually see him, right?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Manga? MANGA! While she hadn't been able to indulge in awhile due to her duties at the shop, as well as the whole 'magical girl' stuff, Chiyo was a long standing member of Manga Club. With a large title like this being released, and soon to be made into an anime, she was more than excited.

Enough so that she'd hurried through the last hour at Nounamu so that she could rush here eager to get a copy herself! In her haste she'd just thrown her coat over her work outfit so she actually makes decent progress in the slacks and shirt she usually wears as part of her uniform instead of the dresses she preferred when casual. Dresses were fine, but not when she was almost full out running across town!

Coming across the crowd lingering in front of the shop she lets out a disheartened groan, head drooping just a bit. "Oh please don't let them sell out like last time!" She prays to whatever diety might listen. Maybe her own? ... No, he was the god of fire and the hearth not anime and manga.

Flush faced from running, hair only a little bit mussed, she hops up onto her toes trying to peer around a tall... Star Driver? "Takuto-kun, hi!" Wait was that a monkey over there too?

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Yes!" Wako answers Takuto cheerfully, without waiting for Sugata to express an opinion. She already finished her ice cream, and now she's standing between the two boys, half eyeballing Takuto's ice cream and half looking at the promotional displays for the manga's release. "That special edition looks really nice... ah, Chiyo-chan! Were you getting in line, too? You can go ahead of us if you want." Offering Chiyo a bright smile, she hooks one arm around Takuto's and another around Sugata's, attempting to steer both boys to make room for Chiyo.

Hinote Kagari has posed:
Hinote Kagari is in the mall. Today he's dressed in a brown suit jacket, a white, button up undershirt and khaki slacks. He has his hands in his pocket. Now floating next to him, is a tiny fairy, dressed as an old time private eye, a yellow fedora, yellow trenchcoat- the whole shebang.

"I walked into the shopping mall. Hoping to get a bite to eat at the greasy spoon."

"We're just going to a WcDonalds..." trailed Hinote as he slumped a little, looking at the chara a moment before looking forward. He did however stop at the Manga store and look into it as he stroked his chin and walked in. Maybe he could find something to read. Tracy started floating along the cases, sometimes, he'd take out a magnifying glass and look at the spine of the book for now discernable reason.

Hinote, himself, was drawn to the drama section and was looking over titles.

"So why are we in the newsie, kid." asked the chara.

"Looking." said Hinote under his breath, quietly. He did notice the crowd. Oh.

There was a new release today wasn't there.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"Maybe Sugata will return it when she's done," Sugata himself says dryly, but it's an empty threat and they both know it. He may as well be a walking money bag when it comes to browsing manga, and it's how he and his partners like it. "Did you consider that?"

He's fully expecting either no response, or a flippant one. He moves as lead, making space for Chiyo to join their group.

"Good to see you again, Chiyo-san."

Ahmya Karashima has posed:
     Damp weather was a great thing for some people though, as Ahmya Karashima walked along the streets with a large umbrella over her, humming absently to herself as she kept an eye out for one of her favorite things. Insects! Some insects only really come out in the rain after all! ... ... Still, the rain got a bit hard for her to just wander at one point so she slipped into the mall to avoid the worst of it for a bit, wandering over near that large group with an absent hum, looking around with her one eye to get a rough idea of what was going on.

Yaling Yao has posed:
When she is called, Yaling turns around smiling, recognizing the voice. "Konishi-san! Of course I came!" Yaling waves strongly to her schoolmate! "I have been looking for new manga to read, and I recognised this title when I noticed the ads! I liked the first few chapters when I initially read it, but I sort of stopped back then, since there were other manga I was more engrossed into, hehe. What about you?" she asks after explaining her reason, her blue eyes shining with enthusiasm.

When Yaling turns around, the movement slightly jostles the snake around her neck, who looks around with her honey brown eyes, a small hiss being heard when her eyes fall on Wuwu. That has to be him, right?

While they chat, there is another figure that stands out among the crowd: a lean man in his forties with brown hair styled as a buzz cut wearing a dark grey uniform. His expression seemingly frozen in a frown, he picks up one of the limited edition boxes lamenting under his breath.

"Those two fools... Their story has has no merit. Good thing I have a remedy for it, and you shall be my assistant. Now come forth, my Deadbeat", he says, his fingers touching the illustration of the ox on the cover, a purple bolt jumping from it away from the spot, landing next to a bench.

The bolt lingers there, quickly taking the form of a Ox, that immediately shouts "Niulang, you dull cowherd. The goddess has shown me the truth. I shall no longer serve you!"

With a rallying cry, the ox turns his head upwards and something answers his call: several rocks resembling small meteors fall all over the mall!

"It's a Deadbeat, Yaling!", the snake suddenly whispers at the girl. "Go, now!" The girl nods and excuses herself to Cho. "Sorry, Konishi-san, I gotta go!"

She runs in a secluded corner and she places her hands as if playing a pipa. An ethereal green instrument appears in her hands, and with the notes, Yaling plays, a storm of lotus leaves envelopes her. With the transformation done, she hurries back, thunder falling from the sky onto her hands. Jumping towards a cluster of falling rocks, she drives her electric fists into them, turning them to fine dust. "Wellness, warmth and wisdom from White Snake's gaze! Cure Suzhen!"

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi grinned to Yaling and nodded. "Really? I... admittedly hadn't. But I wanted to try something a bit... well... uhhh.... romancey," she said, admitting feebly. "Oh, err, this is Wuwu! My helper monkey," she said, motioning to her shoulder.

While most people just saw a normal monkey... Well, a helper monkey... Yaling was magic. She'd hear the truth when Wuwu waved a little hand and... "Sup," he said.

Cho face palmed and sighed. "Really?" she asked, cocking an eye.

Wuwu just stuck his tongue out at her... which then froze. He looked around, sniffing the air and...

"Huh? Oh, right, uhhhh, yes, me too," Cho said, bowing and... quickly... backed away, going the exact opposite direction. Sure, she was... out... to a lot of people. But not EVERYONE. She moved behind a pillar, pulled out her little pen and journal/compact, and doodle a bit....

""Historic Legacy, Pretty Cure!"

In a flash, the short girl with mildly long hair... was gone. In her place was a (very slightly taller) girl with a golden tiara with two massive feathers pointing up over her eyebrows and pink flowing hair that went so far down it practically touched the ground. Her boots were knee high and red, while her dress was pink with black tiger stripes across it. With a black undersuit over her legs and arms. Around her neck she had a yellow handkerchief tied, with a large pink one wrapped around her waist, over a... monkey's tail. Over her wrists she wore black armguards with pink metal plates over the front of her arms.

A moment later she leaped into the air, blew a shrill whistle and a pink cloud flew down, allowing her to land on it...

And fly the like. Ten feet closer to the battle! She leaped up, landing on the nearby roof. "A thousand immortalities wouldn't be enough to make me ignore these crimes! Cure Wukong!"

... No, she didn't NEED the cloud for that. But, come on. It was flying on an AWESOME PINK CLOUD! Who wouldn't do that?

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Chiyo-chan!" cheers Takuto, waving his ice cream carefully then switching it to the hand further away from Wako-- which turns out to be a good move, since she's got her arm through his a moment later. He amiably goes where Wako steers him, eyeing the monkey on Cho and the fairy by Hinote, but not saying a thing about either.

"Of course I considered it, just when you said it! But I know you wouldn't," Takuto tells Sugata over Wako's head, then laughs, "because you would never be so mean to Wako-chan, so cruel--"

And then he stops, mouth open, watching an ox out of nowhere. "Oh that's us!" he says, half excited and half irritated, somehow. He calls out "Apprivoiser!!" and then jams his ice cream in his mouth whole.

That means that halfway through his henshin sequence, he gets brain freeze.

"Ngrraahh-- ahaugh-- sassou toujou-- Ginga Bishounen--! DAMN," Takuto's practically squishing his forehead with his gloved hands, then he flaps his hands, and with this agonized look he calls out "Star Swordo-- EMERAUDE!" and slams his right fist into his chest to draw out a big green energy sword, and then "Star Swordo-- SAPHIRRR!" and slams his left fist into his chest to draw out a big blue energy sword. and then he yells, "Ox! You should be LOYAL! When were you ever treated badly!!! FLAIR! Galactic Cross Slash!!"

He practically skates across the tiles of the floor, little crackling burst of blue light beneath his feet as he goes, and slashes his swords DOWN in a big X! But energy versus energy-- it's a pinch!

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai becomes more aware of her surroundings once she recognizes the tall Takuto. The fact that she hadn't really been aware before makes her smile sheepishly as both Wako and Sugata greet her as well. "Wako-chan! Sugata-san! It's good to see you both again." The offer of going in front of them earns a surprised blink. "Are you sure? I'm okay with standing in line with you all, I don't want to cut. You were here first after all." It seemed as if they were making room for her anyway.

"Thank you. I haven't managed to make it out to a new manga release in ages and this one is supposed to be *so good*," she gushes with a wistful sigh.

A sigh that just turns into a VERY long one as things start to change around them with the appearance of a giant ox.

"... This. This sort of thing is why I haven't managed to catch up in awhile," she utters with a nod to the trio as her hand lifts to point toward some of the bookshelves. "I'll be hiding over there to change. Back in a jiff." THEY knew she could change but that didn't mean she could just do it in front of everyone. So unless they wanted to form a protective barrier around her so she could change in peace that meant quickly stealing away to momentarily hide.

Flipping her hand up a pair of large cooking saibashi suddenly appear in her grasp, and she clicks it in the air with arm fully extended. "Let's COOK!" The declaration comes with a sudden plume of fire sworling up around her, only to die down a moment later revealing her in a short kimono, apron, leggings and sandals along with a very large wooden mochi hammer slung over her shoulder.

Hinote Kagari has posed:
Hinote Kagari 'ehs' as he hears a commotion and looks up and drops the book he'd pick up. There's a giant Ox. What's that about. He'd walk back and hide behind one of the bookcases and down floated Tracy, his chara. "Kid. What are you doing. Go out there and investigate what's up!"

"Look, I don't have powers..." but he thught back to what Tadase said.

Cause like... we're gonna bump into each other if you start protecting people. I hope you do, even though it's a hard job sometimes.

"Okay, so like, what should I do then?" he asks Tracy.

"Chara Change! Become someone who'll investigate this danger!" yelled Tracy as he threw his magnifying glass high in the air over his head. Instantly, a fedora appeared on Hinote's head and his expression changed. Drastically, as he gripped the tip of his hat and started narrating.

"I walked out into the chaos and noticed a big Ox. I didn't know what it's deal was. I outta ask." said Hinote, narrating his own detective story suddenly.

"Hey Ox." he asks sternly, tilting the brim of his hat up a little with his finger to get a better look. "What's your beef exactly?" he asks, other hand reaching into his suit jacket.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako hipchecks Sugata lightly at his snarking, losing none of her smiling good cheer. "I still can't believe you went to Nounamu without us," she complains playfully. "Not that I'm upset about the wagashi, but how are we supposed to show you around...?"

Her question trails off, because there is an ox. The face she makes matches Chiyo's deep sigh. "Oh, come on," Wako complains, for real this time. "It could have at least waited until we bought a copy. Apprivoiser!"

In a flurry of sparkling pink, the girl in the pink hoodie transforms into full white-and-gold military parade regalia, tailcoat and pleated skirt and capelet and all. The Galactic Maiden sighs a little, fondly, at Takuto's brain freeze antics, and touches her fingertips together before her. "Zero Time!"

The barrier encompasses the store, and at least a good bit of this end of the mall, in a swift whoosh. A fair bit of the confusion and noise dims, as the nonmagical bystanders who'd crowded the shop disappear with the creation of the otherdimensional space.

"Please don't use the King's Pillar this time," she tells Sugata. "There's too many of us in here."

Ahmya Karashima has posed:
     Idly watching the crowd.... in the otherwise relatively young group, there seemed to be a rather gangly tall man who seemed less than thrille to be there. Something that caught Ahmya's one eye as a bit odd, but she was more or less just letting the moment pass as just a bit of oddness. That is.

Until there was a purple bolt of energy shot out, her gaze tracking it as it shoots off to the side. Blink. Blink blink. "...Huh." She glances at the crowd, before slipping around to the side to use it as somewhat cover as she holds her arms out in front of her, tracing a golden circle in the air that connects itself together as a golden spiderweb. Followed by grabbing and flipping it up over her head, a golden veil briefly obscuring her vision...

As she's rather unceremoniously changed into Goldenweb Yorotsuchi. Meteors were falling over the mall. Potentially causing damage. Hm hm hm. She takes a deep breath, before pointing one finger towards the Ox.

"A moment of peace and joy disrupted by your appearance! People's love of the written and drawn word is a sacred thing, and so by the blessing of the golden web, I shall be protecting this moment from the machinations of the Dark Twilight Pact!" Calls out Ahmya. See! She can do justice speeches!

...It's too bad Rashmi or Chrono aren't here. A barrier would be nice right about now. Wait, could SHE do a barrier? ... Maybe...

It wouldn't be as good, but...

"Run, everyone!" She shouts out towards the gathered crowd, quickly starting to shoot up webbing to connect floors and ceilings between the ox and the crowd, leaving small areas that humans could fit through but something as large as an ox couldn't easily fit through; just in case someone else needed to run and save people. Strong and firm... with runes woven into the walls being set up that read 'Repel' 'Defend' 'Resist' 'Stop' 'Protect'.

...Not that it would help much with falling meteors, but it would at least help limit the amount of people exposed to the attacking ox.

...Phew. That's tiring. How the heck do Rashmi and Chrono do that all the time?!

...Probably because they're not physically creating giant walls between giant halls/buildings.

...Oh huh there's another person also creating a barrier as well! ... ... "Huh."


She glances at her webwalls. "...Eh still useful."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
As Takuto laughs off the snark and Wako hipchecks him, Sugata smirks, unconcerned. He too had had ice cream, but he'd sacrificed it willingly to Wako. To Chiyo, he says calmly, "We don't mind; Wako's the only one getting anything. We're just here to carry bags."

But then things take a chaotic turn, and Sugata is quite pleased to have not had that ice cream, actually, as Takuto suffers a strike of brainfreeze mid-henshin. What the Glittering Crux might have done, if they knew it took mere brainfreeze to shake the ~mighty Ginga Bishounen~.

"You two were absolutely keeping quiet about the number of incidents you ran into," he says idly, watching the chaos break out. Only when Zero Time is up does he finally transform.


In a flash, Ginga Kingu stands beside her instead, fluffy blue cravat swaying with the motion as he summons his own Star Sword. "Star Swordo - Diamant!"

The white energy sword gleams in his hand, glowing under the starry sky of Zero Time.

"You're no fun," he tells Wako with a sigh, "If these are the allies you've been fighting with, I'm sure they could survive it."

Still - Wako has asked him not to do it, so he won't. Instead, he moves in as Takuto does, not gliding across the ground, but sweeping forward with grim intent.

Yaling Yao has posed:
"Wukong, that was indeed you" the snake around Cure Suzhen's neck hisses in surprise as she unravels a little, looking at the other historical Precure. "Huh, is Wuwu someone you know, BaiBai?" That was the name Cho had mentioned earlier, right? Granted, the monkey had greeted her while she was rushing away, but that's no expectation to have them known each other.

"Yes, that's the fairy known as Sun Wukong, the many times immortal Monkey King and a trickster. Be careful around him, he is a renowned prankster", BaiBai warns her.

"Sure, I will!" Yaling heeds her fairy's warning. Though, that doesn't mean she can just ignore the fact she got greeted. "Hello, Wukong-san and Cure Wukong, I am Cure Suzhen, and this is Bai Suzhen, but I call her BaiBai."

"Shut up!" the ox exclaims at Takuto, his hoof stomping the ground, the vibrations speeding towards Ginga Bishonen under the form of energy followed by a coat of stardust for the galactic mahou boy, both serving as something to pit against his attack and an attack itself for the pretty boy. "He is not deserving of loyalty! He is just a miser that chases what's not his", the ox counters.

The attack however spreads more than just around Takuto, moving past him and towards the panicked people running away. It is provvidential help that Ahmya's barriers form them absorbing the impact that threatened to hurt them and buying enough time for to escape.

Zero Time fortunately enters in action as Wako expands her barrier, removing the people and letting the meteor crashing against the ground. No, big deal, people are no longer here and Zero Time will repair space, even if Yaling doesn't know that.

"Duo attacks are useless!" the Ox screams as Sugata moves in with Takuto. "That's not worthy, just a mere cooperation that will be broken by my horns!" And just then his horns do fire off of him, moving to intercept Sugata.

"Do you think yourself funny, little clue boy? Niulang shall no longer find his way!" the Ox derides Hinote's pun, and declaring he can't avoid his old master from being lost forever. "Burn away!" he says, the fire of the sun erupting from his mouth towards the new chara guardian.

Then there is that girl standing above. "The Heavens are not for you. Watch as the stars fall on your arrogance", another roar, putting meteors right above Cure Wukong, with an additional cluster falling towards Cure Suzhen for calling down thunder from the heavens.

That is not all, however, because another clusters of them is sent towards Guardian Daifuku. "The only thing that shall have a fire here is your funerary pire. I will do the goddess' will!"

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cure Wukong glanced towards Cure Suzhen and gave a wave. "Hey! A--" and then... she paused. Blink blink. Blink. "Wait... Cure... Suzhen? Bai Suzhen? Does that mean... you're a..."

"Huh, she must be one of ours, not Blues. Neat," Wuwu said. "I haven't--"

"I have a team mate?!" Cure Wukong yelled, throwing her staff up, to catch it in her tail.

"What? No, not quite," Wuwu said. "She's--"

"I have a teammate!" Wukong shrieked.

"I said no, she--"

"I have a TEAMMATE!" Wukong yelled again.

Wuwu sighed and face palmed. "Yes, you have a team mate." Really, he had nobody to blame but himself. He should stop telling the kid to not listen to authority... when he was authority.

And then, to make the day BETTER! A zone of no property damage. "I have a teammate and I can't cause property damage, yay!" Wuwu yelled! She twirled her staff around in a tight spin, before leaping to land by Suzhen. "HI! New team mate!" The staff then grew... Grew... And GREW! To the size of a rather large tree. "Duck, okay?" she told Suzhen before shaking it once, twice and... BATTING the falling stars like baseballs!

"Ha! I am Cure Wukong, Ox... Oxington! And I am the sage equal to heaven! The heavens don't need to be for me because I am just as good and also I'VE GOT A TEAMMATE! Eeeeee!" And then she did another excited hop.

"... Cure Wukong! The Ox!"

"... Oh, right! Sorry!" She yanked out a handful of hair before leaping away from Suzhen and over the ox! "Monkey strike, ten thousand flies on the ox!" She then threw the strands of hair and they formed into... a few dozen monkeys, which proceeded to spin and come crashing down, foot first, at the ox from above! If they hit, they'd poof back into just hair, though...

... The impressive thing was just... how many of them actually listened. Only about a fifth of them went their own way and were lounging about the battlefield now, one reading a manga...

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"MAKE ME shut up!" the Ginga Bishounen yells triumphantly, even as he's knocked off his feet and back by the vibration of the floor and the stardust attack. "For love, someone can move the sun, moon, and stars! For love, someone can change their stars! And love is the strongest force in the universe!"

He blasts himself up off the floor in a flurry of blue-and-white energy, hovering brightly for a moment as he slices down on the horns approaching Sugata, covered in glitter. And he bats a meteor back at the Ox right out of the air.

And he laughs, then calls to Wako, "It's a SPIKE!" and throws Emeraude, the green star sword, up into the air toward the Ginga Otome.

(Stardust glitter trails it too.)

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Sanbo-Kojin is the god I fight for!" Guardia Daifuku declares as mention of this goddess and her will is brought up. The flames that had allowed her to change now lick along the pole of her hammer as she moves the kine up over head. With a feat of dexterious strength the hammer spins in her grasp creating a defensive perimeter for the meteors to fall down upon.

The smaller ones are crushed from the spinning hammer sending dust flying out around her in far less harmful gravel-sized chunks.

Once most are dealt with, and the last descends toward her, she reaches up to grab the hammer with her free hand trying to slam the business end of the hammer into it as it falls to throw it right back toward that massive ox much like Ginga Bishounen had.

With a quick, deep breath her hammer comes around to swing overhead and then down to crash into the ground with a cry of, "BAIN-MARIE!"

With the protective barrier in place she doesn't feel bad about doing this indoors. The ground cracks, a single crevace shooting out beneath the Ox with a blast of superheated water hissing out between licking flames.

"Watch out monkeys!" She didn't want to steam some primates. They were cute.

Hinote Kagari has posed:
Tracy is hanging out in the shop still, examining books and looking through a big detective drama with his magnifying glass. "You got it, kid." he says.

Hinote Kagari starts to narrate his current, present life. "The ox didn't appreciate my candor. It was angry and was about to blast me... I could really feel the heat." he says as he suddenly runs forward and ducks, in the process throwing himself to the ground, before he removed his hand from his jacket producing... a gun. Is that a Colt .45!?

"Cool off, brown cow." he said as he pulled the trigger of the gun...!

-and instead of a flash and a bullet there's a stream of water, aiming to smack the cow in the side with a strong push. Oh..

Oh it's plastic. A replica. A Watergun.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"Broken by your horns?" Sugata scoffs, "It will take more than an unruly animal to do that."

And though the Ox is larger than him, he stands against the attack without concern, because of course Takuto is there, slice at the horns with his cross slash. Sugata grasps Diamant in decisive hands, and the moment the Ox is distracted launching meteors, dives in for a close attack, slashing at his ankles.

How are you going to keep up the attack with your tendons sliced through?!

Of course Takuto is going on about the power of love, but Sugata -

Sugata has nothing to say about the power of love. That he stands hear at all, jacketed in blue and gold, free from Southern Cross Island, is testament to that power.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Meteors rain down, smashing shelves and toppling books into haphazard piles. There are webs everywhere. There are Wukongs everywhere. There is an ox rampaging in a bookstore. Daifuku smashed open the ground. It's chaos.

Wako is having a fantastic time.

She leaps into the air, sheathing herself in a sphere of soft pink light, dodging falling meteors to alight on the top of a bank of shelves. From here, she reaches out, tracing the path of a meteor in the air with her hand until she can snag it in a smaller shield - she can't hold it, not for long, but she can certainly change its trajectory. One, and then another. First just steering them clear of the other fighters, but it doesn't take her long to find a rhythm.

And then her voice sings out, clear and pure, as she starts deflecting meteors towards the Ox.

    "'There's Deneb, Altair, Vega,'
    You pointed out the Summer Triangle
    I look at the sky and remember.
    Ah, I finally found Orihime-sama!
    But where's Hikoboshi-sama?
    Without him, won't she be lonely~~?"

Sugata's fighting, he'll be focused on his opponent, but she winks at him anyway. Then Takuto calls out and she leaves off the song and leaps from her perch into the air again without missing a beat. She knows this cue--!

The blazing emerald Star Sword flies into the air, up, up - at the height of its arc, a glittering pink bubble captures it and holds it, just long enough for Wako to bring both hands smashing down on it, spiking the whole thing down at the Ox with all her strength.

Ahmya Karashima has posed:
     Ah good it seemed like people were protected by her web walls at the very least! She's going to leave those up for now juuuust in case anyone needed to run behind and take cover from something. "If you need to take a moment to gather yourself, get behind the web walls! They should hold up for at least another attack or two!" Yorotsuchi calls out to the other magical people there. While taking stock of what was giong on now.

Giant ox. It was yelling at people that duo attacks are useless and unworthy. And sending attacks towards... three people. Meteors! ... What the heck!

Goldenweb Yorotsuchi pauses though. And then a little grin forms on her face as she flicks her hands towards one of those falling meteors, the golden rings on her fingers sending out a series of silken threads to attempt to entrap one of those meteors as she leaps into the air, bringing her arms overhead as she jumps towards the ox! Aaaaand attempts to pull the meteor off course! If successful, she would bring it flinging down towards the Ox itself, as a rune of 'HEAVY' is weaved into the webbing surrounding the meteor, increasing its weight to about twice its original weight! BAM!

There was a pause though. As Cure Wukong off to the side seemed to be making a lot of noise. Also there was a monkey reading Manga. Goldenweb Yorotsuchi kind of inches over towards that monkey. Putting herself between the monkey and the ox.

She is going to protect this precious manga bean with her life. >:|

"Oooh. Sanbo Kojin is a wonderful Kami! A bringer of warmth and joy through the wonders of the hearth! A good friend of Ta-No-Kami, the Kami of Harvest that they worship at my shrine!" Says Goldenweb Yorotsuchi with a grin towards Guardian Daifuku.

She hasn't moved though. Even with the talk of kami to a shrine maiden! Manga-Monkey shall be safe!

Yaling Yao has posed:
"Teammates?", Yaling repeats as she watches how overjoyed the other girl is, a smile actually forming on her face at that.

"Sure thing, teammate!", she exclaims, not quite what that was about, but the pinkette's excitement honestly made her excited! "This is going to be the greatest thing. Nice to join your team, Cure Wukong!"

"Historic Pretty Cure, that's what you and she are", the white snake hisses slowly. "That's what she means." Yaling nods energetically at that, the other girl's words making sense. She is totally right. "And that's also why you know each other, right!?"

BaiBai blinks. "Well, it's not wrong to say that." At least they are gonna have it easier if they act together.

The newly dubbed Ox Oxington can't quite retaliate when Wukong shows she can maje it rain too, all the clones that didn't get distracted giving him a pretty strong beating.

And if having his attack emulated wasn't enough, the burning humiliation the ox feels only gets worse when Ginga Bishounen not only blocks the attack directed at Sugata, but also swats one of the Ox's own meteors out at him, sending him kneeling by the impact, dazed and unfocused.

And he can't even catch it nor Daifuku's imitation with his horns since those are still stuck regrowing after he fired them away. And with dazed as he is low to the ground, he easily sinks into the Bain-Marie Daifuku has prepared for him, scalding him with the superhot water.

The Ox is getting to cool off a bit with the fresh water on his body, however that's anything one than nice with its scalded flash reacting to the pressure of the water, causing him to bellow out in pain.

After Sugata cuts down his tendons, the ox loses any chance to get up again. He is too stuck in his own exhaustion and can do nothing to defend.

Wako's melody reverberates into the air and the pleasing notes are truly a joy to the ear, covering even the sound of the Star Sword Emeraude cutting the air and finally him.

Last but not least the redirected meteor coupled with the heavy rune crushes the Ox's body, and he can do nothing but literally stew in his own's broth.

"Ox!" Cure Suzhen yells out. "You were swayed away from your trip across the heavens, but they are much more gentle than the goddess you now serve. The spells of mount Li gently call down Nuwa's blessing. Get purified by the tenderness in the heavens", Yaling declares, a gentle drizzle forming above the ox, purifying away his warlike temperament.

"Tch, what a waste", the man in the grey uniform saya before teleporting away.

"Cure Suzhen, your history is being further re-written", BaiBai declares before unraveling from her neck to have an astral representation of herself become a silver scroll with a lotus emblem where previously there was an empty space.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cure Wukong couldn't help but be impressed by the sheer enormity of the assaults. Bit by bit they managed to knock the ox back and then.... finally... the dust settled... And normally? She would have been focused on more things.

The awesome runes that magically held the ox down. The amazing and beautiful singer. The dashing swordsman. The rather cool detective with the water gun. The return to sender from Daifuku. The enthusiastic swordsman. Even the rain, so beautiful and pure...


Except, today? The job was done and... She leaped, a moment later she latched on Suzhen. "I have a TEAMMATE!" she shrieked, hugging the girl, swinging her around in a tight circle, her tail wagging like an excited puppy. "I have a teammate I have a teammate I have a teammate! Oh! Thank you for all your help everybody!"

Because she had assistants! The manga reading monkey finally closed the manga, a single tear going down her eye. "Thank you... Spider-san... And they... were roommates," she said, before poofing into hair.

And... now that the battle was over... Wako would feel a presence behind her. And one of the clones... had come. It was DJ-Wukong! And she had a microphone. "Girl, I challenge you, to a sing--"

And then she poofed into hair before she could finish the sentence. Thank goodness for that. Cho did NOT need her clones making her ENEMIES!

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
The Ginga Bishounen lets his Star Swords dissipate, crackling away into light and then nothing-- the one in his hand and the one Wako so neatly spiked into Ox Oxington. And he sways slightly to elbow Sugata, grinning. "You like that one? You should come with us to Fite Nite and we can come up with some new combos."

Takuto then cups his hands around his mouth and calls over, "Wako-chan! Should we wait until Zero Time is done to pick up your copy? Or do you have it?"

He starts picking his way across the pitted and tumbled-up battlefield, brushing glitter off himself, and then just stops, because no, he's not moving anywhere until the floor is in one piece again. "Hi nice to meet everyone I haven't met yet! I like your webs, Spider-Girl! Nice snake, Cure Snake Lady! Wukong, good to see you again! Teammates are GREAT! Bye, Daifuku! Nice work, Detective Guy!"

He wasn't paying attention to names. Unfortunately.

Hinote Kagari has posed:
Hinote Kagari watches his shot hit paydirt, and a rain purify the ox. He narrates.

"Rain fell down from the heavens after my shot smacked the ox like a bat out of heck. I lowered my artillery and gave a wave to all the others. Better make sure they're alright.

Hinote does just this, the waterpistol vanishing into his suit jacket as he holds the brim of his fedora a moment. "Everyone alright out 'dere? Is this case closed?" he asks. Voice a little gruff, in a practiced sort of manner.

Before finally, the hat vanished into sparkles with a pop and Hinote blinked a few times and then suddenly looked red faced in a blush.

"...what...was...that." he asks in less gruff voice. Then a look of realization of his face as he storms back into the bookshop.

"TRACY." he called out. Oh, someone was gonna give him answer. "I WAS CALLED DETECTIVE GUY AND YOU'RE GONNA ANSWER FOR THIS."

Ahmya Karashima has posed:
     Honestly the sight of the ox being beaten down was... kind of saddening for Yorotsuchi, especially once it's more or less just being held down in a beef broth. As that rain had started to fall, Goldenweb Yorotsuchi walks up to it, the soft tap of her geta ringing out with each step, even as that purifying rain fell down over the ox, crouching down to gently cup its cheek. "I hope your next story is much more pleasant, Oxington." She says, leaning to rest her forehead against the Ox's, even as purification does its job. She was sure it would be gone in a few moments, but maybe it could have comfort in those moments before.

She would stay in that pose until the ox is gone, before finally standing to turn towards the others gathered. "...So."

"...That was very sudden. And violent."

Meanwhile she's holding her hands out towards the webbing to draw the energy back in, the webs unraveling themselves rapidly to leave the area relatively clean.

"...Aw. ...Good-bye, Mangonkey-chan." She says, dipping her head towards the monkey that was now hair. At least it got to enjoy itself for its short life.

"Goldenweb Yorotsuchi; that's my name. Spider-Girl is a copywritten name and I don't want to be sued by Dosney." Yorotsuchi responds, her tone moderately joking. "A pleasure to meet you all." She says, dipping into a proper polite bow as the last of those webs disappear into motes of golden light. She straightens back up as she grabs the edge of that veiled hat, grabbing it in a flurry of movement; the veil obscuring her for just a moment. Long enough for her to return to being Ahmya Karashima. "Or Ahmya. That's also a valid option. And I'm fine. I somehow managed to avoid being the target of any attacks. Likely because I was just setting up protective walls for most of this."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Wako sings, and her voice, as always, is a thing of beauty, floating over the battlefield, reminding them all what Tanabata is about. Sugata stands still as she sings, head tipped back, enjoying the pure and sweet sound.

And then, when she's done, he watches her spike Esmeraude with the kind of satisfaction summoned only by people who cared far too much about swords seeing them used very well.

"You'll have to take me to Fite Night, then. Perhaps dear Wako-chan will permit me to use King's Pillar."

He's teasing her, because if he had really felt it necessary, he would have done it, and dthe three of them know it.

Still, the fight is over - the Ox is defeated, the monkey girl has a teammate, which she's thoroughly thrilled over, quite clearly, and Takuto is ready for them to get their manga.

"Sugata Shindo," he says rather than offering his henshin name. "I can tell most of you have met Takuto and Wako."

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"You absolutely cannot use the King's Pillar at fite club!" is Wako's immediate reply to Sugata, as she drifts back down to not quite touch down on the floor. To Takuto she adds, "We can't just steal a copy. We'll have to come back later, and they'll probably be out of the special edition, but that's fine."

Turning her attention to the other mahous, she smiles brightly. "Nice to meet you, Ahmya-chan, Cure Suzhen, Detective-kun. Congratulations on your teammate, Wukong-chan. Great work, everyone!"

She points at Takuto: "Ginga Bishounen." At herself: "Ginga Otome." And finally, at Sugata: "Ginga Kingu. You said you'd let us pick, Sugata-kun, you have to use it now~"

Yaling Yao has posed:
Cure Suzhen turns towards everybody else, to check whether anybody got hurt. It doesn't look like her healing arts aren't needed, luckily. "I am Cure Suzhen, and I am glad to see everyone is alright. Thanks for helping making the Ox Upbeat!"

She then grins at her new teammate and her energetic hugs and her swinging and excitement... before she hugs her just as strongly. "We need to celebrate the formation of this team, Cure Wukong! Let's pick up the manga and then go eat some takoyaki. It's my treat."