Hinote Kagari

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Hinote Kagari (Scenesys ID: 82)
"To project justice, I am Guardian Hino!"
Name: Hinote Kagari AKA: Guardian Hino
Gender: Male Series: (OC) Guardian Princess Runealy
Origin: Guardian Knight Grade: 9
Clubs: Drama Club Age: 15
Group Information
Groups Waldian Guardians, Radiant Heart Academy


Hinote Kagari is a passionate actor in Radiant Heart Academy's Drama Club. Always wanting to play the leading hero, he however often gets stuck playing the villain despite his desire. Regardless, he continues to act and play with all the passion his roles deserve. His life would had continued being quiet, had not a real Princess and her knights intruded into his secret acting practice spot one night in an old run down convenience store. Now he hangs around, sharing in their secret and earning their trust, maybe hoping someday he can play the part of an actual knight, rather than one in a play.


Wants to be the guy, Not the guy, Dreaming about being a knight in shining armor, Acting, Getting himself into situations without an exit

Vital Trivia

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Title Date Scene Summary
Hikawa Shrine December 5th, 2023 Zoisite attacks the next Shrine on the list... Hikawa Shrine. Unfortunately for him, all the Inner Senshi are in attendance, more magical girls drop in, and there's even a ghost handing out knives in the back room! Total chaos ensues!
The Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia October 21st, 2023 The D----- Kingdom is hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate Princess Dia coming of age. It might be an expensive, ticketed event, but that hasn't stopped a variety of RHA cast members from attending! There are dances, conversations, and of course, the stunning revelation that Hannah is Sailor V!
Theater and Televisions September 12th, 2023 Hinote Kagari meets Runealy Waldia under more pleasant circumstances.
The First Reposte August 24th, 2023 A group meets up in the sports pavilion! Adrien is practicing his fencing, Naru comes to practice her staff, Hinote is there looking for sword pointers, and Marinette is lost. New friends met and old friends reunited!
Summer Clubs are Still In August 19th, 2023 Garden Club is in session! Brief meetings and greetings.
Le Cirque qui Brule August 10th, 2023 A witch's labyrinth lurks in Juuban, inviting the unwary to a circus where the shows flametacular ending never stops. Officer Usagi is on the case - and before she knows (or agrees to it) is joined by The Red Princess, Puella Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, and Trager des Blauer Greif. The civilians Madoka and Hinote are drawn into the drama as well, and meanwhile Haruko gets a Witch's Kiss - can all this really be wrapped up in one thirty-minute episode of Radiant Heart Academy?
Maximum Mahou Mall Mayhem( August 6th, 2023 A chance encounte in a mall, has Hinote getting more answers than he bargained for. What will he do with this information going forward?
Food Court Chaos! July 20th, 2023 Runealy Waldia and Edelise Albrecht fight Hosshiwa off in a Food Court, also Hinote Kagari is pretty sure it's the world that's insane and not him.
Curried Audition July 12th, 2023 Hinote Kagari, actor extraordinaire, meets Prismara Bree Fish-out-of-Water extraordinaire.


Title Date Scene Summary
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