544/It's Pronounced Rifle 1

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It's Pronounced Rifle 1
Date of Scene: 02 October 2023
Location: Pikarigaoaka Ward
Synopsis: La Crima shoots Wako Agemaki with a heartstealer rifle, hoping to produce one of a few items. No one lets her have it- and she gets more than she bargained for from the Galactic Pretty Boy!?
Cast of Characters: Wako Agemaki, Takuto Tsunashi, Veronica Perenna, Norie Okana, Kyouka Inai, Amanda Faust

Wako Agemaki has posed:
It's that weird liminal season, when schools have officially switched back from their summer uniforms but it isn't really autumn yet. The weather is still warm, the sun slow to set. The light in this pretty open park in Pikarigaoka is thick and golden.

"It won't be too long before the fall wind comes again," Wako muses. She's seated on a park bench not far off the main walkway, a spot with a good view for people-watching. The wrapper of a red bean taiyaki crumples in her hand, but she's in no hurry to get up and throw it away; instead, tipping her head back, she draws in a breath and begins to sing, her voice not loud but pure and clear.

"If we run into the sunlight that shines in the distance, long shadows will spread from our heels..."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Which means that Takuto's not moving an inch away from where he's seated next to her, just leaned forward with one elbow on a knee, hand propping the side of his head as he watches Wako sing, and listens, a small smile on his face. He looks like he's breathing her presence, like her singing takes him to another time and place.

At least when she's singing, the time and place is still with Wako-chan, in the past on an island, maybe, or any of the places in which she's sung a song for him.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica is out on a stroll, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of this calm day. The brunette is looking around at the charming autumn colours, a package of mochi in hand, slowly making her way through them. She had decided to buy some after she noticed the air was filled with the smell of sweets.

The phantom thief stops when she picks up on Wako's beautiful singing, her curiosity pushing her towards the other girl and standing there in the background once the blonde girl comes into her view. She rather likes how she is singing, actually.

Norie Okana has posed:
Norie Okana has a process with her hunting. 'Magical girls must have pure hearts'. She wonders if she has a pure heart. She doesn't know. No one has shot a magical girl with one of these weird guns so Norie Okana, as La Crima, is hunting with her Heartstealer Rifle. A strange rifle/gun with a tank filled with weird fluid in it and a star shaped exit hole on the end.

She had it slung under an arm and was sneaking in trees in the park. "I must be very. Very quiet." she said matter of factly. "I am hunting magical girls."

Despite this, she is doing nothing to draw out these magical girls. But that's when she sees Wako Agemaki. She doesn't know her name. She just knows she saw her transform in front of all that is god and madokami one time, at the Aquarium.

Jumping from tree to tree, quickly, like a dark energy surge. She gets as close as she believes she can and ...

Aiming the rifle from the tree, she pulls the trigger and--- there's a sudden shock of bad feeling. Like a dark energy surge momentarily.

A strange, dark energy pulse shoots out from it, aiming to smack Wako in the chest or torso. This also causes La Crima to stumble out of the tree as it 'shakes' from the recoil and land down on her butt, exposing her. She "Ows." in monotone and gets up quickly, already floating quickly toward's Wako's direction. She needs to see what came out. If anything. She' looking for something like that picture Taka-senpai showed her. a Pure Heart. Or something else which would be a more extreme response.

Or if she even hit Wako to begin with.

She's moving fast.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako sways just a little where she sits, from side to side in time with the song in her head. "I await the unseen tomorrow... by your side, as you quietl--"

There's no warning, no reason for her to be on guard. Between one note and the next, the bolt of energy lances along its downward angle like a slash of shadow through the air, striking her squarely in the chest.

The song dies in Wako's throat.

She looks down at herself, forehead creasing in confusion, as light shimmers where the bolt struck - faint for a moment, then brighter, resolving itself into a many-pointed crystal with a shape like a star.

"Taku...to...kun?" It's all she manages to get out before her eyes dim and her body begins to slump, leaving the crystal floating as if of its own accord.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
There's someone else who moves fast. Inai-sensei, help, comes Takuto's call the second he sees Wako hit. It's startlingly calm and even, if that's even something she hears when her students think it.

Naru said that people have at least a few minutes before they're in trouble, if they get their heart crystals shot out. Possibly more, but who's willing to test something like that? He doesn't even look at the glimmering and beautiful many-pointed crystal star that the shot punched out of his girlfriend; he doesn't help ease her down, not when the worst she'll get is a bump on the head.

Naru warned him. He knows what this is and what he's supposed to do and who can (hopefully) help. So instead of paying attention to Wako, slumping down and calling his name, he rockets off the bench on a collision course for La Crima, yelling and transforming as he goes--


--and his outstretched hands, clad in white gloves as flashy as the rest of him and his bright white and glittering gold, are aimed directly at the gun actually.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Kyouka doesn't actually hear the call for help in words, for what it is worth. It's like a ping on a radar- someone called, here's the location. And she just goes.

    There's no grand flash of light, no crack of thunder. Just the vague snap of displaced air, and she's standing over Wako's slumping body. Already henshined, she appears as Stellar, in her white-and-gold long coat and black vest and leggings. She takes in the scene at a glance, grey eyes hardening as they understand what they are seeing, thanks to the warnings she also has already received abut this particular weapon. But Takuto is already after the attacker, and the crystal is still right there hovering over Wako's body. This is unfortunate, but not yet a crisis.

    Her arms snap out to either side, and a dome of brilliant golden light hisses into being over herself and Wako. Little traces of orange-red lightning race over the surface of the shield. She will keep Wako safe while Takuto does what needs to be done.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica is quick on her action once she notices the dark energy surging towards Wako. Running towards a secluded place, she isn't wasting time when she pulls out her calling card to trasform. She is really hoping whatver that thing was it didn't work and she would be coming to stop second attempts, not try to remedy whatever damage the dark energy did. Preventing was much less tricky.

"While the world is full of trouble and anxious in its sleep, the princess of moonlight does dance and leap.", she declares, moonlight bathing her even during the day, condensing in a blue top hat with an azure ribbon and an ebony cane with a cat handle. The light on her upper body then explodes in a tone of white, turning into a waistcoat, before a blue burst surrounds it, coalescing into a blue suit.

The light swirling around her lower body stops rotating, arranging itself in a white skirt with many layers. A blue-white burst follows, turning into boots with long stripes. Finally the moonlight gathers around her hair, fashioning it into a long braid and granting it its colour.

She rushes back towards where Wako was, her skin becoming pale once she notices the floating crystal. 'Tch, too late, idiot', she berates herself before analysing the situation. 'Is it safe to touch?', she thinks, her arm stuck there while she ponders whether she would risk damaging it.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    A short redhead is taking a walk in the park.

    It's weird. Mallory has only the dimmest childhood memories of any *positive* outdoor experiences, or really any experiences away from books, computer, or videogames, or TV, or RPGs... memories outnumbered by negative ones. And yet... he's kind of enjoying this. Just taking a walk, taking in the scenery, just... *being*. But then, he... no, damnit, she is out for a walk as *Amanda*, not as Mallory, and she kind of suspects that makes a large part of the difference.

    Although, not having to worry about bills, or taxes, or the specter of medical problems of a body that isn't as young as it used to be, is probably also part of it.

    Someone is singing! She wanders over that way, listening to the tune, losing herself in the music-- and just as she comes in sight of the singer, there's a bolt of dark energy. What the hell.

    Right. The other side of this coin is *this* could happen at any moment. Mallory never had to worry about going grey, as he was born with naturally white hair (as some anime people just are!) but now, Amanda wonders if the stress of monster attacks will drive her grey early. With no one (she hopes) looking her way, she transforms, the fire-egg-explosion-flame henshin proceeding quickly and then she's striding, then running towards the fallen singer -- And oh hey, Ginga Bishounen is already on the scene! ...No time to be ashamed of what happened at the shrine the other day. "What happened?!" And there's an... adult magical girl holding the victim. "What happened?!" Amy says, then realizes she just asked that. Damn wandering thoughts!

    Eh, she's the puella with a rocket launcher, isn't she?

    "...Whatever it is, I'll go back him up." She turns and starts to run after the galactic pretty boy, then decides that's not fast enough and rocket-jumps to launch herself across the park ahead of him!

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima looks forward as... Takuto turns into a magical boy, mid run. "Another one..." she trails off, as she looks over the boy's shoulder she sees something like the picture Taka-senpai showed her and quickly rockets upwards into the sky, away from Ginga Bishounen, as she holds the gun in her arms tightly, trading the pureheart for access to the gun as she rockets backwards and then stops quickly, hovering in the sky as she looks down.

She can feel that Pure Heart the way others feel darkness. She's drawn to it. She wants to touch it and... she suddenly shakes her head and blinks a little. She needs to concentrate...

ALSO. There's no way she knows if this boy can leap tall buildings in a single bound and might try to leap after her.

Others arrive and she takes a sharp breath. "Figures." she says, continuing in her monotone. "Don't make me fight." she says more louder. "Give me what came out of that girl. It's important."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Oh she can fly too. Takuto's face, already set, takes on a more determined and definitely angrier expression -- and he slingshots himself around a tree to fly after La Crima. He doesn't say anything, but he does absolutely throw Amy a thumbs-up as he sees her.

In midair, he's thumping his chest with one hand, then the other, and yelling something else-- his contrail isn't just blue and white now, it's blue and green and white, as the crackling magical energy of this boy forms swords in his hands.


And he kicks up pretty hefty divots of turf as he stops himself behind La Crima, energy swords pointed at her. "You should have realized you were picking a fight. You can back down and hand over the gun if you like, or I can take it," he says seriously.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy comes down as La Crima flies up, past her. "Hey!"

    She makes demands. Amy can only shout back, "Why on Earth would we give you that?! It's clearly like, I dunno, her hopes and dreams or her emotions or her soul or something, right? People *need* that stuff to live! ...And you need stuff to live to, but you don't have to do *this*!"

    Ginga Bishounen is on a similar page. "Hell, you can run away and keep the gun, and I won't stop you *this* time, us sparkleskirts are distracted by getting whatever came out of her back *into* her, after all."

    Amy glances over at the group gathered around Waku, then up at La Crima. "What *did* come out of her, anyway?"

    Hey, you never know, maybe La Crima will be a blabbermouth.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica is sort of just standing there, having decided that for now the best course of action is to guard the crystal until she knows it is safe to touch it. "Oh, hello there", Veronica says when she notices Stellar is there too. "Would you know what to do with that crystal, perhaps?"

The Phantom Thief is coincidentally gazing towards the general direction of the tree La Crima had previously fallen from, when she hears the vampire shout at them. 'Well, that was a rather dispassionate speech for something that's so important to her', she muses.

"Quite sorry, the chances of that happening are close to 0", she responds towards the voice, tipping the hat in that direction just in case she can be seen to complete her performance. Because, of course, that's important.

When Stellar summons her barrier, Veronica nods in approval, muttering "good idea". Pointing the cane outwards, the Princess puts another barrier on top of the one Stellar surrounded them with, leaving the offensive to the other two mahous present. Wouldn't want any other nasty surprise now.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Stellar continues to stand over Wako's unconscious body. However, it seems that with the shield of light erected about the prone girl (as well as Stellar herself) she doesn't need to do anything to actively maintain it- at least while it isn't under attack. She glances at the Princess of Sarek, who is inside the barrier as well. Seeing the girl summon a second barrier, she grins. "Don't worry," she tells the girl, "I'll keep her safe. But the help is appreciated."

    So saying, she drops down to one knee and examines the floating Pureheart Crystal. She's heard them described, but this is the first time she's seen one in person. Like Sarek, she hesitates to actually touch it- the thing looks very fragile, and the last thing you'd want to do is break one of your student's souls when they asked for your help! But she remembers that she's heard twice now of people able to handle them and put them back where they belong.

    So she reaches out with one hand and nudges the crystal back towards Wako's chest, experimentally.

Norie Okana has posed:
Ginga Bishounen confronts her as he summons two swords. She slacks a bit in place and sighs. "...Always make this so difficult..." she says in a manner that doesn't make it clear who she's talking to. She looks over to Amy as she glowers. She frowns. "Go away. 'red'." she says softly. "I'm not fighting you."

She looks to Ginga Bishounen, over her shoulder. Less glower.

"...Falcata...!" she calls out, holding out her hand as a strange curved sword appears in her hand, glowing with dark energy- made of the stuff- as she grasps it at it's strange handle.

She swings it down as she frowns. "I don't want to fight." she says more quieter, though in monotone still.

"But I need what came out of her." even as others tell her no. "I need the pure heart."

She raises the sword over her head and attempts to swipe down at Ginga Bishounen in an unearthly manner, entire arm distending backwards as she doesn't even need to turn around, fully to try to strike, hoping to catch the boy unaware.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Catching this boy unaware works sometimes, and it almost works this time, since that is not the direction he expected the attack to come from. In fact, as he crosses his blue and green energy swords above his head, he makes the most undignified startled sound, like a cat that sees a cucumber but without the jump.

"Arms aren't supposed to do that!" he protests, scandalized, and then swipes the blade away in an ostentatious parry as his other sword falls lower and slashes for the back of the arm that isn't doing horrifying things, seeing if he can cut the gun's strap.

"We need that gun more than you need MY GIRLFRIEND'S SOUL."

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Some distance from Tokyo, on a small island off the southern coast of Japan, two teenage girls with identical faces clasp hands. Not knowing what else to do, only knowing that something is wrong, they quietly chant a familiar phrase: Katami, wakachita, yagadanse. Katami, wakachita, yagadanse.

The floating crystal that is Wako's pure heart moves readily at Stellar's experimental nudge. As it nears Wako's chest, a symbol like a figure Y glows from under her t-shirt - faintly at first, little more than a trick of the light, but brightening the closer the crystal comes.

Katami, wakachita, yagadanse.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    "Neat." says Stellar, as a glowing symbol appears on Wako's chest. It gets brighter the closer she pushes the crystal. "This seems promising."

    She pushes it more firmly to unite it with the glowing symbol. "I was told this works." She comments confidently to the Princess standing nearby.

Amanda Faust has posed:
> I'm not fighting you.
    "I don't wanna fight you either! I wanna *help!*" Amy shouts back.

    When La Crima *attacks* Ginga Bishounen, the rocket launcher is in Amy's hand, but she's just a little too slow, unable to draw a bead before the two get into close combat. "Tch..." She walks closer.

    "Look. I solve problems. I *can't help* it. So if you can tell me why you need that... whatever it is, and what it will do for you... if you give me enough details I *won't be able to stop myself* from thinking of ways to help you. That's just how us sparkleskirts are, right? So take advantage of it!"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica has to hold back the urge of grabbing Stellar's hand away when she tries touching the star. Thankfully her sense of apprehension over how delicate it looks is appeased by the crystal's glow strengthening the closer it gets towards Wako.

"So it does", she comments at Kyouka's explanation. "Glad you were nearby, madame", the Princess of Sarek does a small bow, then sneaking a glance over to the ongoing battle. "Seems everything is going alright over there too". At least from what little she can see. Hard to tell with all those trees in the way.

"They probably aren't outnumbered at least, otherwise someone would have already come over here to attack the barriers."

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima can feel that sword get parried and she 'nrgs' at the repelling force. "...girlfriend?" she says quieter. This causes her a long enough pause.

The strap breaks and the gun starts to fall to the ground....! Before it stops midfall. Some sort of thick, awful tentacle exploding from La Crima's side grabs onto it, surrounding it's back end and encasing itself around the back end. It looks god awful and inhuman.

She calls out. "Falcta..!" again, another blade appearing in her offhand now.

"....Falcata.... FALCATA!" she calls out towards the heavens again. But she's run out of arms!? Until two more tendrils explode from her back, hanging over her shoulders which hold similar blades.

She turns around to face Ginga Bishounen more properly. She feels. Slimy. Attacking from behind like that.

"I'm sorry." she says out loud to Amy. "But I want my feelings back..." she says more quieter again. "I'm sorry."

She leaps forward, becoming a torrent of four blades as she attempts to come down onto Ginga Bishounen.

"...don't. Want to hurt you. Please..."

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Katami, wakachita, yagadanse.

Contact. As the crystal touches that glowing emblem on Wako's chest, there's a momentary flare of dazzling pink light... and without resistance, the pure heart settles into place and disappears, merging with the brightly-shining Y symbol.

"...yaga...dan..se... Owww..."

The words wheeze out of Wako. She blinks several times, the spark of life restored to her eyes, and winces as she begins to sit up. "What happened...?" She looks about her, recognition clear on her face when she sees the Princess of Sarek and Stellar both close by. "Sensei?"

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    "You're probably right." Stellar tells Sarek. "If there was someone helping the shooter, they'd be over here trying to get the crystal. I don't think she expected Agemaki-san here to have quite the level of help she ended up having."

    She looks with satisfaction as the crystal disappears, and then Wako sits up. She rises back to her feet as this happens, but keeps her barrier in place, just in case. "You got shot by one of those soul-stealer guns. Luckily Boyfriend-kun was on top of things enough to call me right away, while he went off after the one who did it."

    The view through the barriers is somewhat distorted, but it's still easy to see the sword-wielding boy fighting with Lacrima in the sky, along with Amy. "I put your soul back in. Feelin' alright? Hopefully you'll be no worse for wear."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    More tendrils! "Oh, *that's* a cool trick. Whats controlling those like?"

> I'm sorry. I want my feelings back.
    "YES!" Amy points up at La Crima, and then does a fistpump. "Oh it's like pulling teeth, but I got information I can use to help you! So, you've lost your feelings and are trying to get them back by stealing someone else's feelings -- or ability to feel, however it works. I'm sure there's another way to help you, I don't know off the top of my head but this is a start! I'll ask around!"

    She's so enthusiastic about this that she forgets to shoot La Crima while there's distance between her and Ginga Bishounen. Oops.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Hey guess what," Takuto says, showing his teeth, "You don't get to complain about not having feelings when you're playing with actual lives, you selfish... tentacle... person! I hope if you ever get your feelings back you feel REALLY BAD about this FOREVER!"

He's parrying just fine, two swords versus four; he's not managing to land any more hits, but he's keeping her busy, he's keeping her occupied, and he calls to the Princess and Red and Kyouka, "The gun, the gun! Get the gun, or destroy it!"

And then he presses in, and there's no clang clang of steel on steel, or klok klok of wood on wood, there's only hisses and sizzles of dark energy constructs versus the Ginga Bishounen's raw Drive.

Faster and faster they go, and then--

--then he hears Wako's voice, and he echoes her with a fierce belief and joy. "Katami!" he calls out with a parry that heads off two purple blades with one. "Wakachita!" he cries as he ducks under another attack, quick as the light of his swords, and then he yells, "Yagadanse! Galactic Cross Slash!!"

And that's him hurtling himself upward with his contrail below him, then coming down at La Crima with an X-shaped slashing attack.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"So anyway, where have you learnt about what that crystal is? You seem really well informed", Veronica mentions once the crystal is fully reabsorbed into Wako's heart.

"How do you feel?" Veronica says, looking at any sign of trouble on Wako's face. She tries to grab one of the protein bars Naru had recommended for her curse, before of course realising they aren't in this form.

"Alright", she mutters under her breath, before undoing her transformation. They will have to trust on Stellar's barrier for the time being. "Here", Veronica says, finally bringing out a protein bar from the bag that is now back with her. "Might help if you are feeling down."

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima can only answer back. "...I hope I do too." she says quieter again. Amy's words are too much for her to process all at once. But she hears her talking.

She's called a tentacle person. She doesn't correct this. She swings and swings into the clash of energy blades as she quickly has to deal with a Galactic Cross Slash, after failing to connect with the Galactic Pretty Boy with any reasonable strike, and her eyes go wide and---

She tries to bring the tendril arms around her to block the attack, but they just get cut through, exploding into a black ichor as she feels those blades cut into her. Ginga Bishounen can feel the resistance, it's like slicing into thick jello. There's no blood. There's just pooling ichor at her feet as she painfully shakes.

"S...stop..." she begs. "P..Please. I'll...stop...." she offers. It isn't purification. But it still hurts so much, dropping the two blades into the ground, which dissipate into nothingness, the other two blades, formerly in the tendrils are already gone.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Immediately the two star swords vanish, and Takuto reaches to take the gun from La Crima. "Okay," he says, and looks to Wako, suddenly uncertain. Looks to Kyouka. And then he frowns at La Crima again, whether or not she gives up the gun. "Is there something we can do to help you heal? I didn't realize it would hurt you so badly, and I... don't think you want a hospital, right?"

He still has his hand on the gun even if she's not letting go though.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako still looks pretty shaky, but the offer of the protein bar has her perking up considerably. "Oh," she says as she reaches to accept it, "you're a lifesaver. Thank you." In approximately no time flat, she's ripped open the wrapper and inhaled what seems like half of it in one bite. NOM.

By the time she's chewed and swallowed, she's regained a bit more color. "Thank you both," she says again, looking from Veronica to Stellar and back. "I can't believe this... Naru-chan warned me, but still..." The rest of the protein bar goes the way of the first bite in short order; Wako's eyes are already searching outward as she scarfs it down.

"--Takuto-kun!" Okay, with her mouth full it comes out more like 'Fafufo-fun.' She lurches to her feet, rubbing her hands against her skirt. "Sorry, I'll tell you everything I know soon, but right now--" She's off and moving at a slightly unsteady jog, headed for where Takuto and Amy are confronting La Crima.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    "I've gotten several reports of this kind of thing already. Heard of at least two other incidents." Stellar tells Veronica. She does not comment on the girl's transformation- she doesn't know who Veronica is anyway, civilian ID or not. But she was here helping protect Wako, so she can't be too shady. So the logic goes. "In both cases the victim who was shot was able to be revived by putting the crystal back into their chest. Seems like it worked this time as well."

    She stands up as she watches Wako consume the protein bar and then get to her feet as well. "Don't overdo it, Agemaki-san.." She cautions, but glancing over towards the scene of the fight, she can see that Ginga Bishounen seems to have the attacker at his mercy... and is attempting to take the gun. Which is exactly as she hoped.

    Rather than interfere, knowing she may only get in the way, she stays where she is, crossing her arms and just watching events play out as Wako head over.

Amanda Faust has posed:
> You should feel bad about this forever!
    "I HOPE not! Once she's a better person, she shouldn't have to suffer that!"

    When she is *clearly hurting*, Amy is about to object, but Takuto isn't looking to inflect meaningless pain. Amy smiles slightly upon hearing that he's wondering how to help La Crima heal... "Wait! You can take some energy from me, right?" She dismisses the rocket launcher, and approaches La Crima, standing next to her if allowed. If the energy vampire makes clear she's about to feed, she even obligingly looks away and tells Takuto quietly, "Don't watch."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica pays attention to Kyouka, giving a thankful smile. "Good to know that it works reliably, I will make a note of it. The brunette smirks at the mention of Naru having warned Wako. 'See, I knew it!', she thinks to herself pleased, recalling her suspicion that Naru had a habit of helping people like what happened to her.

She is quick to become the Princess of Sarek again once she sees Wako running off towards the fight, giving chase and warning "Don't push yourself so soon!"

Norie Okana has posed:
La Crima doesn't move. She just stands there and works on stitching herself back together. This looks unpleasant and awful. "I'll be. Fine." she says stiltedly. "...thank you." comes more quieter.

Amy offers energy and she looks at her with wide eyes and she blinks and frowns. "Look. Over there. Or something." she says quietly.-- whether that happens or not, she grips Amy's shoulder and there's a spark of dark energy, the same sting Amy's felt before enters her and she drains energy from her.

She stops shortly. "...Sorry." she says quietly to Amy.

"Energy. Vampire. Not. Tentacle person." she finally corrects. "Sorry. Can't. let you take my gun. I need. Keep searching." she says more sharply. "...sorry." she says again. As in general.

- and whether people move to or not, she escapes in to a duskport, quickly, as not to hang around too long.

She somehow feels worse about this. At least the girl seems ambulatory again...

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Damn it," hisses Takuto, immediately dropping his henshin as soon as La Crima escapes. When he turns to Wako, it's with a woeful expression. "I'm sorry I didn't get the gun I'm so glad you're okay I called Inai-sensei right away it was all I could think of--"

And then he finally notices the Princess of Sarek, and he offers her a little smile. "Thank you for helping," he says, and then he looks at Amy, and tilts his head a little. "Thanks. Is she a friend of yours--? No, nevermind, it wouldn't have made a difference, I guess."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy winces and sucks in air as she feels that sting. She shakes her head to the Ginga Bishounen. "Not friends. But... that doesn't mean no one should care about her."

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako's barely reached them as La Crima vanishes into darkness, and then Takuto is turning to her, apologizing. "Hey," she says, and moves to hook both of her arms around one of his. "It's okay. I'm okay. See?"

Hanging onto his arm keeps her steady on her feet. She looks to Amy and to the Princess of Sarek again, managing a smile. "I'm glad you were both around... Thank you. I owe you some explanation," this is directed mostly to the Princess of Sarek, "but I'm also kind of trying not to fall over at the moment. Could I give you my phone number, and we can meet up later?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy turns around and nods to Wako. "You're welcome. It's what this power is for, right? And uh... sure."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
La Crima has disappeared by the time Veronica reaches the others, so she doesn't actually know who was the culprit. Oh well, at least everything is going well: Wako has recovered, and nobody else is in danger.

"That would be great", Veronica replies, being quick to give her phone number away and memorise Wako's. "Let's meet up later then", she comments, giving a bright smile to Wako.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako makes sure both Veronica and Amy have her phone number, and gets Veronica's saved in her phone - a process made somewhat more complicated by the several incoming texts she has to swipe embarrassedly away. Still, it doesn't take long, and she nods her cheerful agreement. "We'll do that. Definitely need to get the word going around about all this stuff, anyhow."

For now, though, she'll let Takuto fuss her back to her dorm room. There will be time enough for information sharing when she's feeling less likely to fall on her face.