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Kyouka Inai (Scenesys ID: 53)
"The world is full of devils, kid. Sooner or later most people need to make a deal with one."
Name: Kyouka Inai AKA: Stellar
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Eyes of the Arbiter
Origin: Arbiter Grade: Faculty
Clubs: Guidance Counselor Age: 24
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Kyouka Inai, or Ms. Inai as she's known to the students, seems young to be a school employee. At just 24 years old, she must be fresh out of college. But she has certain qualifications which make her ideally suited to the position of Guidance Counselor at Radiant Heart Academy. A 'retired' Magical Girl, Kyouka has seen it all and been through most of it, both the good and the bad. She's witnessed more despair than most, but managed to rise above it, giving her a unique perspective that allows her to advise the most troubled and wayward students. Secretly, she's also an Arbiter, a rare type of post-Magical Girl, given access to limited but powerful defensive and informational magic to help in her role of setting the younger generation on a solid footing. She's jaded and cynical, but her experiences have given her an unwavering sense that 'it'll be alright in the end' which make her seem more a loveable curmudgeon than a true pessimist.


"Retired" at 24, Master of the Eye Roll, Bulwark Against Teenage Drama, Bad-ish Influence, Dispenser of "Good" Advice

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'2"
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: May 8th
Likes: Guiding, Food, Lightning Storms, Students who appreciate her advice
Dislikes: Restrictions, Rules, Irresponsible, Reckless people like she used to be
Favorite Food: Apples
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Favorite Subject: Guidance
Least Favorite Subject: Anything else
Online Tag(s): Unknown


Title Date Scene Summary
Can't Catch a Break July 9th, 2024 Kyouka finds Usagi for a chat after Mamoru's capture.
Due Rewards July 3rd, 2024 Young Stellar and Kyouko slay monsters and eat burgers.
Who 'Trains' Anyway June 28th, 2024 Taro approaches Young Lacuna and Young Stellar with a bribe in the hopes of getting advice - and training - since the Lacuna of his time is so busy. The two terrors are not particularly interested in helping. Still, some advice is shared.
Texts: we can avoid an apocalypse for a long weekend June 27th, 2024 Usagi texts Kyuoka about the Senshi's plans to visit the Moon.
Texts: need you lead with mocking laughter June 18th, 2024 Mamoru texts Kyouka to find out how she's dealing with the Younger Selves Fiasco.
The Path to Hell (Door) is Paved With Really Bad Ideas June 11th, 2024 Kyouka had a good idea that was actually really bad.
A Hell-door of a Plan June 6th, 2024 Kyouka enlists Kyouko's aid for the trip to the hell-door.
Lunch Rush June 4th, 2024 A series of students run across a new kid, and also each other, on the way to lunch at RHA.
One Last Call for Hospital June 2nd, 2024 Backdated. Mamoru checks in on Fuyuko after the healspam at the hospital.
Physician Heal Thyself May 30th, 2024 Chiyo and Kyouka come by Mamoru's hospital room and catch him up on the hot goss.
Starbreaker May 28th, 2024 Stellar confronts Sunset of Sora. But she actually has a plan?
Social Filters May 23rd, 2024 Kyouka comes to check in on Mamoru, and gives a belief/pep talk, and gets Ideas. Mamoru's just like, oh man, Kyouka's ideas are terrifying.
Appreciate the Art May 23rd, 2024 Kyouka Inai is Fyuko Yuuhi's emergency contact, a fact which comes in handy when the hospital comes calling. Information is exchanged, and the beginnings of a plan are formed.
Texts: bitch the fuck May 21st, 2024 Fuyuko found out that Mamoru is in the hospital. She asks Kyouka about it.
A Responsible Adult May 18th, 2024 Kazuo lets Kyouka know about Mamoru's injuries. And gives her something productive to do. Miraculously, she does not strangle him on the spot.
What's The Worst That Could Happen May 16th, 2024 Kyouka calls Fuyuko over to her apartment to talk about some stuff. Mamoru is also there.
Plotting On Her Downfall (2) May 12th, 2024 Sailor Moon has invited those impacted by Beryl's time portal - either directly or indirectly - to enjoy a meal of ramen and cupcakes, as well as plot on Beryl's downfall.
The World is Full of Devils May 8th, 2024 Kyouka treats Kyouko to some ramen and asks for her help.
Tired of Organic, Free Range Beef May 2nd, 2024 In the aftermath of disagreements with Setsuna and Michiru, Usagi sees advice from Kyouka. After all, what else is a guidance counselor for? Some realizations are made, and passions cool.
Same Old Mess April 24th, 2024 Kyouka apologizes to Bow for the events of scene 1422
ON A QUEST April 23rd, 2024 Taro Yamada decides to take advantage of the spooky glitter doom portal in the middle of town by selling supplies to any fools willing to traipse in. Meanwhile, Stellar and the Sailor Senshi who weren't trapped by Beryl begin to contemplate how to rescue their allies from the portal. Cue an unlikely alliance bridged by a mutual dislike of Queen Beryl.
Hey Give Me A Barrier April 23rd, 2024 Kyouka needs a portable barrier to stop anymore civilians from wandering into the portal Beryl's inconveniently left open. Taro Yamada recommended she got to Fuyuko. Fuyuko... might as well go along with this.
Magical Police Tape April 23rd, 2024 Stellar returns to the portal with the Barrier device, and she, Mamoru, Chrono, Zoisite and Adrien speak briefly while setting it up.
Dimension Past: Back to the Past April 22nd, 2024 When a youma fight interrupts Queen Beryl's latest plans, she faces the mahou themselves, putting on a terrifying show of power - particularly when she takes note of Tuxedo Kamen. The taunts and insults of our heroes don't go over well, and the Queen of the Dark Kingdom decides to send the group on a trip down memory - transporting them to an echo of the past! Trapped first in the center of the Fall of the Moon Kingdom, our heroes eventually find themselves somewhere less awful... but still trapped. CW: war, death. You came for back to the future but eneded up in Saving Private Ryan
Texts: i'm a prince i do diplomacy April 17th, 2024 Kyouka and Mamoru text about Bow.
The Wrong Way to File a Complaint With HR April 17th, 2024 Bow seeks out Fuyuko to bring her to justice for killing the mascot Aurora, and finds that while she did indeed kill him, things are far more complicated than thought and in more shades of black and white and it ... is probably just better to eat ramen and not sweat it.
Polished pebbles April 11th, 2024 A conversation about magic, and potential with Naru and Kyouka while playing with pretty rocks.
Truth or Versions of It April 10th, 2024 Corona talks to Bow about past crimes and what might be done about them.
Sharing Hell March 27th, 2024 Kyouka and Kyouko have a chat while walking in the park.
Looking for Worthy in All the Wrong Places March 26th, 2024 While practicing early morning archery, Bow is visited by a talking animal and Yaling (who also has a talking animal). Corona tells her tale of her search of the worthy. Bow is so not it.
Scouting vs. Recruitment March 25th, 2024 Naru and Hinote run into Corona near the Shed. She is very adamant about not being engaged in 'recruiting'.
Passing Acquaintance March 19th, 2024 While restocking her special healing candies in nurse Meiou's office, Chiyo runs into counselor Kyouka who inquires about her grandfather's near death experience.
Disrespect March 18th, 2024 Kyouka owes Fuyuko a beer. Fuyuko calls it in after Beryl thrashes her in Scene 1307.
Scraping Her Off the Pavement March 18th, 2024 After Disrespect, Usagi and Mamoru come to rescue Kyouka from the parkbench where Fuyuko left her after getting slapped into a bus by Beryl.
All My Homies Hate Roy G Biv March 14th, 2024 In the midst of Zoisite fetching something from Kyouka in her office, they are interrupted by a battering ram of Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, and Makoto. Crystal talk happens!
The Rock Room March 12th, 2024 Mamoru and Zoisite go to the Science and Natural History Museum and first run into Kyouka in the gift shop, then Jadeite and Kunzite in the gems and geology exhibits.
Shed Under Lock and Key March 11th, 2024 Kyouka calls Coco to place a ward over the Shed.
Light Conversation March 10th, 2024 Directly following scene 1218 'Glorious Misunderstandings', Stellar and Glorious Beacon have a chat.
The Call, Answered March 7th, 2024 Kyouko gets in over her head in a Witch's Labyrinth, and calls out to Kyouka Inai for assistance. Kyouka brings the force of the Senshi and Shitennou to bear for her mini-me apprentice.
Texts: cut the shit March 5th, 2024 Kyouka has to apologize. Fuyuko can't wait to see how that turns out.
Keys to the Shed March 5th, 2024 Coco runs into Kyouka at the Shed, and has something to show her that might be quite useful.
What ARE you March 1st, 2024 Mamoru's long day ends with a vampire attack. No, really.
Oh No, Cornsequences! March 1st, 2024 LaCrima makes good decisions and finally gets her just just reward in the form of a whole bunch of heroes to save Naru and Hinoiri from her clutches and bet up her corn.
Glorious Misunderstandings March 1st, 2024 After seeing a flash of elemental light magic in the sky Lacuna arrives to interrogate Glorious Beacon, fresh from defeating a Vilekin, thinking she's a newly minted Lux Tenebrus. The two speak past each other long enough to infuriate Lacuna enough to use force, at which point Stellar arrives and things start to go downhill even faster.
The Gold Brick and the Window March 1st, 2024 Kyouka calls Mamoru for some healing after her dustup with Fuyuko.
A Stellar day in the life February 29th, 2024 Hotaru and Kyouka hang out in the latter's home while she's in hiding. They discuss breakfast, the past, the future... and mouse trap. It is the BEST game.
Extracurricular Chopstick Practice February 28th, 2024 Kyouka and Kyouko run into Luke while getting some food in Mitakihara.
Girl Talk February 26th, 2024 Kyouka and Kyouko talk about attack, defense, and recent events while sparring at Fite Club
Texts: single week in this world where we are not PLAGUED by CHAOS February 24th, 2024 Usagi Tsukino texts Kyouka, Mamoru, Wako, Naru, and Kazuo after Scene 1178, Project Eclipse Begins. She's totally not mad, though. Meanwhile, Wako and Mamoru have their own updates to share, following Scene 1172 and Scene 1177.
Rainbow Crystals 3: Indi-Cho Gone Wild! February 22nd, 2024 The third Rainbow Crystal shows up, this time at Radiant Heart Academy's library, and it's bad news for Cho that Wuwu handed her the crystal. Luckily, Bow of Etheria, Magical Rocket Girl Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki, Sailor Moon, and the one and only Stellar-sensei are on the scene! Unluckily... so is Riventon. Who's going to get the crystal this time?
Facets of Our Situation February 20th, 2024 It's time to get updated! Usagi, Naru, Kyouka, Ami, and Mamoru swap information about the rainbow crystals - and Usagi's on-going nightmare problem.
Fuyuko's new friend February 16th, 2024 Sunbreaker meets Corona, a new 'friend/rival/soon-to-be-taxidermy-paperweight' of Fuyuko's. It doesn't go well. Fuyuko is DEFINITELY going to get some annoyed texts later.
Convenient Dinner Conversation February 14th, 2024 Kyouka and Kyouko meet at the convenience store and Kyouko gets a run-down of the situation with Corona.
Texts: are we good February 12th, 2024 Kyouka texts Fuyuko to find out if 'we're good'.
Texts: ill add it to the list February 9th, 2024 Kyouka and Mamo text about Fuyuko, Corona, and rainbow crystals.
Legacy February 9th, 2024 An unwelcome visitor makes Kyouka and Fuyuko's night out much more fraught than anyone expected.
Convenient Meetings February 3rd, 2024 Various people are buying dinner at the convenience store.
Learning things.. February 1st, 2024 Learning things like Kyouko enjoys singing, and Kyouka enjoys teaching (mostly) and both of them seem to need to learn things the hard way. At least there's snacks for this (entirely unsurprising) revelation.
The (Redacted) Happened To You January 27th, 2024 Following 1041, Kyouka goes to her counterpart, Fuyuko, about Hotaru's dangerous state. Considering Kyouka is bleeding from the face, Fuyuko has some questions.
The Unflinching Truth January 26th, 2024 Following scenes 1031 and 1032, Usagi Tsukino and Kyouka Inai catch up on the nature of Firefly, the hero's burden, and the existence (and lack thereof) of the villain's burden. CW: Discussion of past suicide.
Help me, Inai-senpai! January 25th, 2024 After running away from home, Hotaru and Yochu reach out to the first person who they think can put an end to the threat she is. Kyouka, however, isn't quite so quick to accept such a solution. (TW: Suicidal discussion.)
Thanks for the Match January 17th, 2024 It's Radiant Heart's Mahou Fight Club time! Chat Noir, Yellow Pearl Voice, Kyouko Sakura and Hope Blossom show up for weekly practice. Kyouka is there to supervise, and Tuxedo Kamen takes the chance to introduce friends to his new henshin.
This Doesn't Suck January 16th, 2024 Kyouka offers Kyouko some free ramen. Kazuo happens to be there.
Advice over Mirror Lives January 15th, 2024 Following Sailor Moon's suggestion, Sayaka and Klarissa head to Kyouka. The counselor manages to stop a quarrel as it was forming and gives out life advice to the two bluenettes.
Putting 'Inai' In Perspective January 9th, 2024 Kyouka invites a few of her trusted students to her apartment for a bit of storytime regarding her past.
No food fights! January 8th, 2024 Some casual chatter in the cafteria amonst Naru, Kazuo, Amy, Takashi, Madoka and Kyouka.
Texts: i dont intend to start lying January 3rd, 2024 Kyouka and Mamoru text about philosophy until Sunbreaker kidnaps Setsuna.
Happy New Year January 1st, 2024 Monsters dont' take holidays, and neither does Kyouko. She runs into Kyouka while patrolling and conversation (and snacks!) ensure.
Texts: we were trouble January 1st, 2024 Kyouka texts Fuyuko on New Year's Day. It goes about how you'd expect. (CW: Swearing)
Holiday Bribery January 1st, 2024 Hotaru got some KFC and, oh no, she can't eat it all! So instead she decides to visit Kyouka for christmas and spend a bit of time hanging out with her favorite counselor... and ask who her favorite sparkle skirt is.
Perfectly Balanced as all things should be December 31st, 2023 Sunbreaker and Loyalty run into a small hitch, each summoning their backup dancers... who quickly become the main event. It turns out, magic is pretty important for the whole magical girl thing. Starring Stellar and Lacuma as overworked, grouchy workers!
May it be a year December 30th, 2023 Kyouka and Fuyuko meet up at Hikawa Shrine to exchange New Year's gifts.
Affirmations of Attitude December 29th, 2023 Kyouka gets together with Mamoru post-Soryuu Shrine to catchup and exchange New Year's gifts.
Crisis Averted December 28th, 2023 Takinig the initiative for once Homura contacts Kyouka two weeks after the attack on the Soryuu Shrine to stop the Midnight Tokyo project to discuss what happened and exchange hints about what might be coming up next in the near future. Homura also learns an important fact: if she asks Kyouka to meet her somewhere, it should probably have coffee available.
Meeting 'The Counselor' December 21st, 2023 Chrono Harlaown, TSAB Enforcer, finally meets with Kyouka Inai, RHA Counselor. Can these two professionals manage to keep their emotions in line long enough to not murder each other?! ... Yes. Obviously. Why... why would anyone even ask that? Who WRITES these things?!
Eyes Like Open Doors December 20th, 2023 Himeko contacts Kyouka to discuss the aftermath of Soryuu Shrine, current events, and possible concerns for the future.
Pushing the Envelope December 19th, 2023 After Soryuu Shrine, Kyouka and Fuyuko meet for coffee to discuss the events and also how to better annoy their boss.
Soryuu Shrine: Silver Crystal December 15th, 2023 The final shrine is assaulted. Secrets and hearts are laid bare. Does Midnight Tokyo end here? Does the door to Yomi open? Will the Moon Princess emerge? Who will live and who will die? The culmination of many intertwined fates, connect together to form a Bridge of Many Dreams.
Texts: im sorry December 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Fuyuko immediately before Soryuu Shrine in order to apologize for causing her trouble in advance.
What's One More Apocalypse December 12th, 2023 After the big meeting, Homura stays to disclose some additional concerning information about Soryuu Shrine to Kyouka, Naru, and Sailor Moon. Warnings are received, but the plan doesn't change. After all, what's one more apocalypse?
Texts: p sure my employment with the school does not extend beyond death December 12th, 2023 Kazuo grudgingly checks in with Kyouka to see if his judgment of how they'll handle Soryuu Shrine (namely, "???") is correct or if he's missing anything. Kyouka thinks Kazuo is looking for much more general reassurance. At least this time the misunderstandings spiral into jokes instead of a pair of hissing cats?
Texts: Sooner is better than later December 12th, 2023 Naru and Kyouka texting Mamoru before Soryuu Shrine.
Texts: it definitely wasn't usa December 11th, 2023 Mamoru is investigating Cyprine's death.
Twin Housing with Kyouka December 11th, 2023 Sayaka and Klarissa come to Kyouka for help with clearing matters over enrolling Klarissa in RHA. No special revelations are made?
Calling All Heroes December 10th, 2023 The forces of Known Good gather in The Shed to learn about the true threat of the Midnight Tokyo Project. The danger is unveiled, the risks are discussed, and a plan is hatched.
An Ace and a Shed December 5th, 2023 Kyouka shows Homura the Shed and catches her up on events. Homura shares a secret in return.
I'm Definitely Not A Murderer December 5th, 2023 The day after Cyprine's shocking death, Usagi Tsukino comes to Kyouka Inai's office.
Budget Cuts December 5th, 2023 Cyprine, the most powerful of the witches five decides to take matters into her own hands, facing down Sailor Moon, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and special guest Stellar. Unfortunately, welllll... It turns out there were time for some budget cuts and as she brings in two salaries it just made good financial sense. (CW: Death)
Levels of Reassurance December 1st, 2023 Surely Kazuo does not appear before Kyouka bearing gifts purely out of altruistic benevolence. At least these two are starting to be slightly less incompatibly feral at each other.
Texts: Know Any Lawyers? November 30th, 2023 Kyouka needs a lawyer, for someone. Fuyuko'd like details. A secret is kept, mostly.
Secrets, and how not to keep them November 29th, 2023 Kyouka and Fuyuko visit the Kiseru Lady for a little after-dinner discussion of how to cheat time and space.
Let me explain... November 28th, 2023 A coffee struggle and conversation about secrets and plans and translations.
Electric Cockatoo November 21st, 2023 Hematite's bird youma's informed of the pecking order around here. Coco and Rashmi and a whole lot of heckling from various Shitennou and Kyouka and Naru and Himeko's bakeneko versus Mamoru's desire to find the Silver Crystal (and a giant bird).
Texts: dont ugh me November 17th, 2023 Mamoru texts Kyouka to tell him an important thing and then they bicker like children. Also, Fuyuko.
Halcyon Days November 16th, 2023 The Kiseru Lady has something to show the Arbiter, just down the yellow brick road.
Texts: magical rules lawyers November 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about the Silver Crystal video, he asks her about contract magic.
The Same Game November 12th, 2023 Kyouka Inai and Fuyuko Yuuhi have a talk about work. As arbiters, they might be on opposite sides of the game, but they still share a mutual interest in keeping the league afloat.
A Crystal in a Haystack November 8th, 2023 Usagi calls for a meeting at the Shed, and reads Naru and Kyouka in on the hunt for the Silver Crystal, as well as some of the on-going danger of the youkai invading Juuban.
Late for Fite Nite November 8th, 2023 Kyouko stops by to magical fite nite, late and clawed up. She spends her time there chatting with Kyouka rather than participating.
It's Always Wishes November 6th, 2023 Kyouka accosts Adrien to find out more about evil butterflies. Darien provides helpful commentary.
Texts: siiigh i know youre right November 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts with both Sailor Eclipse and her boyfriend
The (Magic) Shed October 30th, 2023 Kyouka calls on a few trusted students to show them a handy secret.
Melonpan olive branches. October 26th, 2023 A conversation on the street between Kyouko, Wako, Takuto, Chiyo with a Kyouka cameo. Kyouko is bad at friends and classes and tact. No one is surprised.
I Punched a Boy October 23rd, 2023 And Norie didn't like it, but got sent to the guidance counselor anyways because she actually energy drained him actually. Kyouka and Norie have a chat about what to do about it in the future.
A Walk in the Park October 21st, 2023 Kyouka invites Hotaru to the amusement park and the two have a day of fun, adventure and junk food!
The Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia October 21st, 2023 The D----- Kingdom is hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate Princess Dia coming of age. It might be an expensive, ticketed event, but that hasn't stopped a variety of RHA cast members from attending! There are dances, conversations, and of course, the stunning revelation that Hannah is Sailor V!
Texts: i thought you dyed your hair already October 20th, 2023 Kyouka tells Darien about Kiseru's ghost info.
What Is It Worth To You October 18th, 2023 Kyouka is asked to have a meeting with the Kiseru Lady for some troubling information about one of her students, the increase in youkai sightings, and the potential threat of a new God of Death. Also MewTwo.
Pajama-Rama Party: The Pajama-ing October 17th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino is throwing a slumber party, and everyone at RHA is invited!
It's Pronounced Rifle 3 October 15th, 2023 Norie Okana shoots Naru with a heartstealer rifle. Oops.
Luck is Needed October 13th, 2023 Kyouka and Naru have a chat in the infirmary after Naru is shot in scene 600.
And There Was a Bone Monster October 13th, 2023 Mamoru has some hauntings to relay to Naru and Kyouka, and then Himeko haunts them some more.
Coffee, tactics and burnout. October 3rd, 2023 Naru and Kyouka discuss Midnight Tokyo, and support systems and the value of tactical training over coffee and cake.
Philosophical Questions October 3rd, 2023 Following scene 545 (in which Sailor Moon rescued Sunbreaker from the Outer Senshi after getting thoroughly burned), Usagi Tsukino seeks Kyouka Inai for advice.
Guns, apples and orphan girls. October 2nd, 2023 Adora, Naru and Kyouka chat about the soul stealer gun, then Yayaka joins to prod Adora's buttons.
It's Pronounced Rifle 1 October 2nd, 2023 La Crima shoots Wako Agemaki with a heartstealer rifle, hoping to produce one of a few items. No one lets her have it- and she gets more than she bargained for from the Galactic Pretty Boy!?
One Big Cliche October 1st, 2023 Natsu is probably not cut-out for movie trailer voiceovers. Kano is not cut-out for getting along with authority figures. Kyouka is probably not cut-out for getting respect.
Questions and souls September 26th, 2023 Naru has some questions for Kyouka about souls and witches and the stealing of them.
Texts: The prehensile-hair ghost September 25th, 2023 Takuto sort of fills Kyouka in on Nezu Shrine.
Texts: hey do you have more than one ghost September 25th, 2023 Kyouka has some questions for Darien after talking getting info on Nezu Shrine.
Cafeteria Hours -- Makoto September 24th, 2023 New student Makoto Kino catches up with Kyouka in the cafeteria to ask about Self-Defense Class.
The Definition of Subtle September 22nd, 2023 Homura and Kyouka meet up to exchange information, and continue their track record of being very bad at being subtle. Madoka co-stars as the (very sweet) interruption.
Princess, Princess September 22nd, 2023 Usagi and Kyouka meet to share info and dish. Europe has more than one country, right?
Office Hours -- Momo September 21st, 2023 New student Momo Sasaki stops by Kyouka's office to get some advice, Naru assists.
Adult Beverages September 20th, 2023 Kyouka runs into The Kiseru Lady at a local bar one evening.
Knifin' Around September 18th, 2023 Wako and Naru ask Kyouka for some advice about knives during self-defense class.
Limitations September 14th, 2023 Kazuo has a favor to ask of Kyouka. Kyouka has an answer and advice. For once, Kazuo is willing to admit it's *good* advice.
Coffee, pastries and heavy conversation September 13th, 2023 Morning after coffee and conversation between Naru and Kyouka and Darien.
Texts: I Will Just Call You 'Coach' September 13th, 2023 Checking up and checking out.
Helping (and asking for same) September 12th, 2023 Kyouka and Hematite watch Naru's rescue from afar and offer advice via comms. Jadeite arrives later and has a heart-to-heart with Hematite after Kyouka departs.
Office Hours -- Greta September 12th, 2023 Greta gets called in to speak to Kyouka.
Texts: i dont need you to validate my morality September 10th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about Nephrite being an alright dude
Written In The Stars (First Take) September 8th, 2023 Nephrite and Kyouka team up to search for Naru Osaka and her captor. Takes place a couple hours after Scene 382.
Written In The Stars (Second Take) September 8th, 2023 Takes place following scenes 382 and 389. Special Agent Nephrite and Lady Wears Sunglasses At Night continue their search for the missing Naru Osaka, narrowing down the possibilities...
Texts: technically i only agreed not to get set on fire September 7th, 2023 In which Kazuo checking in with Naru's roommate after Naru misses their morning run prompts an entire cascade of Things, ranging from Usagiflail to Bad Ideas to everything basically hating everything to discussion of Murder Missions (and yet Hannah does not actually appear in this log!) to Kazuo getting handed almost all of the things he was carefully trying to duck having stored in his head. (Strong language, mostly between Kazuo and Kyouka.)
Fights We Didn't Start September 7th, 2023 Usagi and Darien arrive at Kyouka's office to learn the details of Naru's kidnapping by Sunbreaker.
Narubreaker September 6th, 2023 Sunbreaker decides to have a little talk with Naru. Totally friendly. Not at all dangerous. But things might get a teensy bit out of control... Luckily, Kyouka can help, right?
Counselor September 5th, 2023 Rashmi shows up for her appointment with Kyouka with a different agenda than the one she's initially had; right now, she just needs to know how Kyouka handled the sudden, severe presence of mortality that comes with putting on the skirt. And Kyouka has her leaving, feeling *much* better than when she came in.
Puella in the Park September 4th, 2023 Kyouka meets up with Homura to share some info, then leaves while Naru, Madoka, and Magda appear.
Just Cats Talking September 4th, 2023 Kyouka goes to talk to Luna about some stuff.
Texts: just text me next time plz September 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts Himeko following their dream conversation.
The Time Is Out Of Joint September 3rd, 2023 The time is out of joint -- O cursèd spite, that ever I was born to set it right!
Texts: your eviltude is vastly overrated September 1st, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien to make sure he's okay.
An Unfortunate Presentation August 27th, 2023 Kyouka shares what she has found out about Midnight Tokyo with her trusted allies.
Sincerity and Respect: Black Roses August 27th, 2023 Hematite goes to menace Kyouka Inai. It works as well as can be expected.
End of the world vs boyfriends. August 27th, 2023 Meeting day was a very very busy day. Information shared, people dropping in. Very busy.
Office Hours -- Nanoha August 26th, 2023 Nanoha comes by to see Kyouka after her friends are worried about her.
Landmines August 25th, 2023 Kyouka figures that giving weapons to the enemy is fine, if they plan to shoot their own.
Churro Misunderstanding August 24th, 2023 Kyouka calls Homura out to ask a favor. Darien delivers a warning.
Donuts August 23rd, 2023 Kyouka happens upon Hotaru by the donut cart, and buys her one.
Business Hours - Work Complete August 23rd, 2023 Coffee and laptops in the totally-not-extra-dimensional-bookstore.
Finally, Someone Who Knows About Magic! August 22nd, 2023 Amanda finally gets the chance to follow up on Hannah's advice to talk to Kyouka Inai.
Swords or.. staves! August 21st, 2023 Naru learns about the wonders of fighting with polearms from Kyouka. And a bit of magical philosphy for good measure.
Ice Cream in the park August 20th, 2023 Naru, Hinoiri, Adrien, Kyouka and Darien enjoy ice cream and conversations in the park.
Business Hours - Kyouka Inai August 19th, 2023 Tea and cookies in the fairy tale bookstore with a definitely-not-a-witch.
Office Hours -- Miho August 16th, 2023 Miho meets Kyouka, which turns out to be to talk about the events of The Dangers Of Falling In Love.
Duck Emojis August 15th, 2023 PrincessBrideAsYouWish.gif
Texts: Midnight Tokyo Ice Cream August 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien for information, Darien is annoyed. Film at 11.
New Perspectives August 15th, 2023 Usagi has something to say to Kyouka, and hopes donuts will ease the conversation. A discussion on the nature of evil, Dark Energy, and how to deal with Darien Shields begins.
Office Hours -- Coco August 7th, 2023 Coco stops by Kyouka's office to discuss missing a previous class.
Ghosts of Summer Break August 2nd, 2023 Himeko visits Kyouka's office during what it supposed to be summer break.
The Best Interests Of Everyone Involved August 2nd, 2023 Kyouka wants to warn Kazuo about Darien. Kazuo is still not convinced Kyouka isn't a cultist. This is going to go well for everyone! Well, maybe for Vice President.
Never boring at RHA July 28th, 2023 Naru comes to Kyouka with a few questions after the mall 'explosion'.
Office Visit -- Hotaru July 27th, 2023 Hotaru and Kyouka have a pow-wow. Hotaru is... a little defensive.
Elephant-san July 26th, 2023 Before fight club: What starts out as guidance-counseloring turns into a bickering match turns into Kyouka stalking off and Usagi dealing with heartfelt confessions of trouble from Darien.
Self Defense 3 July 24th, 2023 Kyouko, Wako and Takuto attend self-defense class.
Self-Defense Class 2 July 24th, 2023 Ami, Madoka, and Cho attend self-defense class.
Real Friends Help You Move July 21st, 2023 Wako called Kyouka in as Takuto got to the mulchy remains of the plant youma, examinations of unconscious students and theorizing about the attack and the eyes claiming credit followed.
Are The Answers Out There July 21st, 2023 In the aftermath of When Succulents Attack, Usagi Tsukino finally braves the Guidance Counselor's office. Her conversation with Kyouka Inai is not comforting, but it is clarifying.
Office Hours 9 -- Takashi July 21st, 2023 Takashi's in trouble. Only Inai-sensei has a different lesson than he expected.
Self Defense 1 July 20th, 2023 At Kyouka's self-defense class, Sailor Moon gets paired up with Trager, aka Hannah Steiner for some Tiara excercises!
Perilously Close to Heresy July 20th, 2023 Kyouka checks out a rumor about a problem student, and manages to link two of her *personal* problems together. Kazuo ... is not entirely sure if the guidance counselor is secretly a cultist or something.
Coffee Doesn't Help (For Once) July 19th, 2023 Kyouka runs into Naru post-mirroring.
Normal Luchtime Conversations July 18th, 2023 Kyouka and Setsuna sit down and have lunch together.
Escaping to Responsibility July 16th, 2023 Outside the Summer Dance, Wako finds Kyouka lurking benevolently.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Meddling (with) Kids July 15th, 2023 Kyouka calls Usagi with a warning she doesn't want to hear.
Text Me Next Time Plz July 15th, 2023 Kyouka returns a call to Darien after he left a voicemail for her.
Office Hours 8 -- Runealy July 12th, 2023 Runealy stops by Kyouka's office with some questions.
Hand to Heart July 12th, 2023 Homura requests a private lesson in close-quarters combat.
Probably Not A Youma July 11th, 2023 Kyouka Inai goes looking into trouble, to find Kazuo Saitou already in it. These two have way too much in common for anyone's comfort. Possibly especially theirs.
Interview with a monkey July 10th, 2023 Cho visits Kyouka for advice. Actual advice. Non-magical advice. This may or may turn out poorly for everyone involved.
Office Hours 7 -- Wako July 9th, 2023 Kyouka runs into Wako Agemaki on the way out of the grounds after school.
Office Hours 6 -- Usagi July 8th, 2023 Kyouka goes wabbit huntin', utilizing a strategy laid out by Naru.
Office Hours 5 -- Naru July 5th, 2023 Naru stops by and joins in a plot to capture Usagi for a meeting.
Office Hours 4 -- Darien Shields July 4th, 2023 Darien was out late and gets a lecture.
Mysterious Transfer Student July 3rd, 2023 A reluctant Hannah, yet another Mysterious Transfer Student, is called into Kyouka Inai's office. Things don't go as expected, Mahou Fight Club gains a new member!
Office Hours 3 -- Madoka July 3rd, 2023 Madoka gets called to the Guidance Office because she had a rat on her shoulder.
Office Hours 2 -- Kyouko July 2nd, 2023 Not actually in an office, but sometimes field work is necessary.
Office Hours 1 -- Homura July 1st, 2023 Homura visits Kyouka's office and has a request.
1500 Feet And Falling Fast April 16th, 2016 In April 2016, there was a story of a boy that survived a fall from a plane flying at 3000 feet. The boy claimed he was caught by a flying girl and he too would fly someday - the true story was far more dark.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Heroes We Deserve (Stellar, Lacuna) June 12th, 2024 Fifteen-year-old Stellar and Lacuna, newly arrived due to a magical mishap, debate how to approach their circumstances.
240 Seconds (Kyouka Inai) May 26th, 2024 Kyouka speaks to Balance after Fuyuko is drained by Sunset of Sora.
Reap what you Sow (Kyouka Inai) March 18th, 2024 Kyouka Inai makes an unwise decision.
Game Ender (Kyouka Inai) November 12th, 2023 Balance has been listening in on Kyouka and Fuyuko's conversation, and has a warning for Kyouka.
Regret (Kyouka Inai) September 6th, 2023 Kyouka is angry she couldn't help Naru. Balance doesn't help.
Texting - Duck Emojis (Himeko Soryuu) August 15th, 2023 Text conversation between Himeko and Kyouka (on a purloined big brother's phone).
Performance Review (Kyouka Inai) July 6th, 2023 Kyouka is visited by Balance, who congratulates her on her early progress.
In 2016 (Part 4) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) May 8th, 2016 On a dark and stormy night...
In 2016 (Part 6) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) May 8th, 2016 Nothing really ends.
In 2016 (Part 2) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) May 8th, 2016 Terrible things have been done. Terrible things yet need doing.
In 2016 (Part 5) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) April 24th, 2016 Sacrifices are sometimes required. Ironically, sometimes those making the sacrifice fail to consider the cost for those who don't.
In 2016 (Part 3) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) April 15th, 2016 Apocalypses are not solely a modern phenomenon.
In 2016 (Part 1) (Kyouka Inai, Fuyuko Yuuhi) April 6th, 2016 It was a different time. There are few now who remember it.



  • Fuyuko Yuuhi - Kyouka's oldest friend/worst enemy, the two are so tangled up in each other that trying to define their relationship is a headache for anyone but especially for them. Nobody makes Kyouka angrier, but at the same time, she can't envision her life without Fuyuko in it.
  • Usagi Tsukino - For a number of reasons Usagi is probably Kyouka's favorite student. She's seeing her rise to her destiny as a leader, and doing her best to help her along that path.
  • Naru Osaka - Naru is smart, capable, and has a knack for organization that Kyouka is beginning to rely on- heck, even take for granted. That can be dangerous, but the girl so far seems up to the task.
  • Hannah Steiner - Space royals aren't easy to come by, especially ones so skilled and willing to fight. Half student and half ally, Kyouka counts Ms. Trager as someone she can count on if the carrot needs to be replaced with the stick.
  • Homura Akemi - A startlingly competent and prosaic veteran Magical Girl, Kyouka finds herself talking to Homura more like an equal than a student. She is one Kyouka will not hesitate to call upon when the chips are down.
  • Wako Akegami - She's got a good head on her shoulders, and is confident in her power. That makes her good to have around, and Kyouka trusts her farther than a lot of other students to help deal with magical mischief.
  • Mamoru Chiba - There's been a connection between Mamoru and Kyouka from the beginning, even if both are loathe to admit it. She trusts him , and now that he's back where he should be, will rely on him more openly.
  • Kazuo Saito - Sure he's a punk, but he throws a mean punch and his heart seems to be in the right place, by Kyouka's standards. She's keeping an eye on him- he reminds her of herself at that age, just with better hair.
  • Takashi Agera - Dangerously overconfident and uncooperative, not to mention all Dark Energied-up, but he could be a useful 'friend' if she plays her cards right.
  • Hotaru Tomoe - Poor girl. Kyouka feels for her, and can't help but feel like she doesn't belong where she is. Doesn't mean she won't take advantage when she needs to, but if she can help Hotaru, she will.


  • Setsuna Meiou - As the school nurse, she's a colleague. As Sailor Pluto, she's an ally. She has a lot of knowledge, and seems willing to help when needed.