Texts: The prehensile-hair ghost

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Texts: The prehensile-hair ghost
Date of Scene: 25 September 2023
Location: Texts
Synopsis: Takuto sort of fills Kyouka in on Nezu Shrine.
Cast of Characters: Takuto Tsunashi, Kyouka Inai

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Inai-sensei? This is Tsunashi, Agemaki's friend. We went to Nezu yesterday and got distracted! There were ghosts.

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: oh yeah, boyfriend-kun. how's it going? bad ghosts?

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: sheesh.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: Bad ghosts! But
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: I think they were a distraction. We kept the ghosts from eating anyone. The main one had a fan that some girl was there looking for, and when she took the fan away, the ghost didn't have much power.

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: what kind of girl was looking for the fan? did you get a name, or why she wanted it?

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: The problem is we didn't find anything else. And the ghost just left when we were done fighting.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: I didn't, Wako-chan talked to her though.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: wako-chan isn't afraid of ghosts _

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: hmmm. i'll need to ask if she found anything out.
(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: she doesn't seem the type to be, no!

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: so brave _
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: There were skeletons too, and the main ghost had prehensile hair.
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: OH!!!
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: i just remembered

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: sounds like a nightmare in the morning. prehensile hair. or maybe not, i guess, if it can brush itself

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: the ghost was also talking about the glory of lord hematite

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: the prehensile-hair ghost, who just left after some girl took her fan?

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: yes the prehensile hair ghost
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: yes! and she is the one who just left, correct

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: and just to make sure Im understanding, this prehensile hair ghost who was attacking and fighting got her fan took by some kid and then she just left afterwards with no more fuss

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: right! which is why i asked her if she was a distraction. and then she said i'm just a ghost, and she sank into the ground.

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: rude. but you dont know who the fan-taking girl was? I'll have to ask Agemaki-san, I feel like that's an important detail

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: yeah
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: she had a rock name too because i made a comment about it but i don't remember hers.

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: hmm. alright. thanks for letting me know about this, i appreciate it. not sure how important it is but its definitely worth looking into.
(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts:the fan-taker had a rock name?

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: 👍
(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: no the ghost!

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts:the prehensile-hair ghost

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: yeah. she was the only one left after that girl took the fan.

(PHONE) Kyouka Inai texts: and she had a rock name. Ok. Thanks, that might also be important

(PHONE) Takuto Tsunashi texts: 👍