124/Self Defense 1

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Self Defense 1
Date of Scene: 20 July 2023
Location: Sports Pavilion
Synopsis: At Kyouka's self-defense class, Sailor Moon gets paired up with Trager, aka Hannah Steiner for some Tiara excercises!
Cast of Characters: Kyouka Inai, Usagi Tsukino, Hannah Steiner

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Every Wednesday at 3:30, one end of the Sports Pavilion is given over to Inai-sensei's Self-Defense Class. This is a normal class, considered a PE class, which is on the school schedule and open for any student to take. As such, around that time, a good fifty or so students show up in gym clothes and are paired off on large gym mats which have been laid out over the wooden floor.

    Kyouka herself is there, in a red-striped school jacket and track pants over a white tanktop. She leads the instruction, which varies from week to week but is generally about how to defend yourself if you ever find yourself in a dodgy situation. She covers things like how to break holds, how to restrain people without severe injury, and how to best disable someone who might be attacking you so that you can escape. She focuses on the first priority always being to get away and get help, repeating that you should only resort to fighting when you have no other choice.

    Students are set to practicing holds, breaking holds, and other forms of non-lethal defensive martial arts. The lessons last for about an hour, and are usually fairly active, such that a sweat is worked up and occasional bruises are inflicted, though anything more series than that is very unusual.

    It's when this mundane class ends that the 'special lesson' can begin. Those who have been invited know who they are- or should do, anyway. Kyouka can tell, anyway. Who is magic and who isn't is obvious to her due to her inherent ability to sense magicals. So she waits while all the mundane students head off to change, and hopefully the magical students stick around. Once she's sure that no mundane students remain, she calls out, "Alright! Time for the special lesson. Now look, I know some of you are a bit cagey about your secret identities and such, so here's what we're gonna do. Everybody leave the room. Go find somewhere to henshin. Do it, then come back. You have five minutes, okay?"

    While people are doing that, Kyouka sets up her Barrier device. A neat little thing given to her by the Headmistress for this class. It doesn't look like much- a little cylindrical silver thing with some bleeping lights on it, and little feet that stick out so it can stand upright on the floor. But a few button presses, and suddenly a slightly off-color energy square is expanding outwards. It's perfectly sized to encompass the gym and nothing beyond it. As the students return, now hopefully in henshin, Kyouka addresses the group with a grin.

    "Thanks to this barrier, we can practice all we want and nobody will be the wiser. Nobody outside can see or hear anything, and any damage inflicted will reverse once the field is taken down. Nobody who isn't magical can get in, either. It's great for this sort of thing."

    She glances around. "Now, as this is the first of these classes, let me say a few things. First of all, this is MY house. Alright? Kyouka Inai Rules. You follow instructions or you go home. And don't think you can just leave without my foot up your ass on the way." A glare at several students in particular. "That said, this is about learning. I don't want anybody to feel like they need to restrain themselves. If you're holding back, it's harder for me to assess your abilities and pinpoint areas where you might improve."

    "I'm going to split you up into groups. Since this is the first class, it's gonna be kind of arbitrary, but we'll work on getting you into groups that compliment each other later on. Oh, and one more thing."

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    "I've given a bunch of you kids business cards. Hang onto those. They're magic." She grins. "I mean it. If you get into trouble, you can use the card to call me for help. Just call out "Inai-sensei, I need help!" or something.. The words don't matter. It's the intent. As long as you have the card on you, I can find you. Anyway.. Probably should have said that earlier but this way I only have to say it once."

    "Now, let's get you into groups, and get practicing. Those monsters aren't going to fight themselves."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Attending self defense class wasn't something Usagi wanted to do. Not even a little bit, if she was truthful. PE might have been one of her favorite classes, but only because sometimes it was fun, and because she never got int rouble in there. But self defense? With Inai-sensei? It didn't sound fun at all.

But she came, early even, because she knew it was important - she couldn't cry her way out of every battle, especially since she'd still had to chop that awful monster's head off to win the day. Maybe if she knows a little self-defense, she'll get better, and it won't be nearly as scary... and she's pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar faces there, Darien and Naru among them. The actual class has her working up a sweat, but it's the thought of what comes after that really has her anxious... and as the class dwindles down, there are a number of people left behind. Some she vaguely recognizes, some she definitely doesn't... but she tries not to stare, because these are all the other magical people. The ones stuck fighting monsters, just like her - her future allies, even, like Ikiko-chan, and Rei-chan!

As soon as they're dismissed to run off and henshin, Usagi is off, finding a quiet little empty spot to clutch her broach. Luna didn't come with her, but she probably snuck along after anyway, doing her little spying and secrecy thing. Usagi will probably get an earful about that many people knowing she's connected to all this, but - this is important. It really is.

"Moon Power, Make Up!"

And just before the five minutes are up, Sailor Moon returns to the classroom, equal parts nervous and excited.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah very swiftly decides that Kyouka Inai is one of her favorite faculty at the school. Her prole nature is absolutely charming to a noble such as her! Her wisdom and obvious talent for magic is worthy of her respect. And she's running a self defense class. Meaning: she gets to share in the joy of martial improvement!

Also one or two of the other students make the mistake of either taunting her or openly wondering how good a blind girl could be at fighting.

Both students end up on the higher-end of bruised, since Hannah can't quite work in a way to flip a class into two honor duels. So, she ends the session a bit sweaty but having an extremely pleased grin on her face as she follows the many 'barks' of Lyra and a mental nudge or two from Blauer Greif to roll into, stop, or just use her height - she's pretty imposing compared to even the older japanese students here for the most part - to show off the range of Tharkadian martial arts she has as well as what Kyouka has so kindly entrusted to them.

She's less a brawler and more a heavy hitter or take-down specialist in that regard. Hannah gains a few friends and breaks a heart or two after a bit of practice well done!

Hannah smiles and wordlessly wanders off to henshin.

"Blauer Greif?"

<Bereit meine Herrin>

"For the Glory of House Steiner!" she growles to herself and magic overtakes her.

The massive Razorhound, Lyra, leads Hannah back in, a fuzzy lizard and the pulsing lights along Blauer Greif's side marking her out as that odd Device User back from the beach fight, should Moon remember her.

She pauses, bowing in her idiosyncratic way with one armored heel tapping in front of her other heel's toe, and a bow with her Device floating at her side as her arm tucks at her waist to both Kyoukai and Sailor Moon.

"Mein appelation as of late, is Tragar of Blauer Greif. These are my honored companions. I hope you do not think lesser of me for relying upon them. Consider us one soul in harmony, honored frau Inai und frau...acht. I remember your voice from the beach. But I am afraid we were never properly introduced! May we become allies und fast freuends!" Her initial formality blossoms into a sledgehammer of warmth for Sailor Moon!

Her Device pulses, she grips the cane-sword, and steam lightly floats off of it as it releases the blade portion. Hannah raises her blade, slashes the air twice hard enough to make her hair and parts of her Knight Armor flutter dramatically before pointing the tip of the blade downward in a duelist's formal salute.

"May we make the measure of each other, and most importantly, learn in this contest of martial prowess und the joy of combat!" Proclaims the Tragar proudly and excitedly! Lyra growls, and her claws scratch the dimensionally seperated floor.

She'll have to interrogate her fellow Device User later. She tells Blauer Greif to take a few readings Kyouka's way too.

She nods to Kyouka's voice, as though waiting for someone to declare the duel begun.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Kyouka had been watching.. well, everyone, that's her job, but she was paying particular attention to the people she knew were magical during the mundane part of the class. She doesn't miss Usagi's trepidation but is impressed by the fact that not only did she actually come, she actually puts in effort. She might not be a natural-born martial artist, but she's not afraid to try and that really makes a positive impression.

    Then there's Hannah, who proves herself to barely need the instruction- not at this level anyway. But that doesn't really matter. Her being here, and others like her who may already have martial arts knowledge, is valuable because the other students can learn from them. Especially in a large class, there's as much to be gained from observing your fellow students as the teacher.

    Once the mahous have gone and henshined and returned, Kyouka smiles her lopsided smile. "And hey, that means I get to do this." She holds up her hand, twists it- and suddenly that silver zippo lighter of hers is between her fingers, appearing as if by... well, magic. She rolls it back and forth across her knuckles skillfully, then flicks it open with a musical *ping* that seems to echo through the room far louder than it shoulder. The flame flickers into life, suddenly so bright and mesmerizing that it seems to take up all of the vision of anyone who looks for just a moment, until there's a metallic *snap* and the lighter closes again. And Inai-sensei's outfit has changed.

    She's now wearing a long white coat trimmed in gold, with a faintly militaristic styling, large folded-back lapels and a split tail. Formal-style buttons hold it closed across her chest, and beneath she's wearing black leggings or tight pants, and big thick-soled white boots with gold clasps down the sides. She flicks her fingers and the lighter is gone again, and she performs a small bow of her own. "In this guise you all may call me Stellar. Or, Stellar-sensei, I guess." That lopsided grin again, showing a little fang.

    She then proceeds to divide up the students! Seeing Hannah already speaking to Moon, she arbitrarily decides, "Hey, you two know each other? Cool, you can be partnered up for today." She pauses, glancing Sailor Moon over. "What uh... what do you do?" She asks, in a curious tone. Trager over there is making it pretty obvious, what with the sword-cane and all.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Everyone who comes back to the class is transformed, colorful and fantastical, but surprisingly, more of them are familiar to her now - there's the redhaired girl with the spear who'd fought the ice cream youma with her, and the barrier making girl who'd been there when the two headed bear youma attakced, and even - oh, she's walking towards her! Sailor Moon straightens up as the knightly figure with the fuzzy lizard (a BIG lizard, Sailor Moon notes, her eyes huge with surprise) walks towards her.

"I remember you too," Sailor Moon greets, a little nervous after such a formal and elaborate greeting. "Your ...companion? Is kind of cute, I've never seen anything like them! We didn't get to talk last time, but I'm Sailor Moon!"

Who was going to think less of her for having an enormous lizard, or a sword. Hey, Luna, why doesn't she have a sword?!

Usually she would give the whole soldier of love and justice speech, but honestly? She's feeling more nervous than before, seeing how confident the other is. She was looking forward to the fighting? "I don't know about the joy, but... I really hope we can learn together. But, I probably can't teach you much of anything, just so you know!"

Please, have lower expectations!!

But conversation comes to a halt as Inai-sensei steps up, and transforms - a brilliant eruption of fire that leaves Inai-sensei clad in a fantastic coat and cool boots and honestly, Usagi find of wishes she had super cool heavy looking boots like that instead of her little heel. It's worse, when Inai-sensei - Stellar-sensei - walks over. "Ah, hi Stallar-sensei," she mumbles, pressing two fingers together sheepishly. "I can throw my tiara?" It sounds so bad when she says it out loud. "It's really dangerous!"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah has to crush down the desire to challenge Kyouka to a duel. That would be kind of rude to do to your teacher, especially one that is offering self defense classes. Her curiousity has her using the Belkan equivalent of Area Search to get a good impression, though. Fire? A lighter, maybe? She wonders if Kyouka is Mid-Childan, or at least her Device is. That said, Blauer Greif gives a generalized ping Kyouka's way, this time of course not stealthy at all. It's the equivalent of a polite bow and acheingly formal like many Ancient Belkan devices tend to be. Well, when they're not bloodthirsty.

None of the Tharkad Trio have time to ponder Kyouka too much though.

"Thank you for this, frau Stellar!" Says Hannah simply for once but appreciatively. Her attention is on her partner. Her smile is slowly turning to a grin of anticipation and it's all aimed to the sound and 'presence' of one Sailor Moon!

"The honor is entirely mein, Sailor Moon! You are, then, a 'Sailor Senshi'? Hm. I should like to speak with you privately some time should mein company, and that of Lyra's prove pleasing!" Comes the offer breezily. Perfect. Time to Scout the Moon Scout for a Guardian of Time.

Her smile fades slightly in the face of such seeming lack of belief in herself.

"There are no battles nor sparring sessions nor duels that do not leave lessons, regardless of parity amongst opponents, mein freund. Have no fear. Always an opportunity to pursue perfection! I know very little of your abilities!" Well, except the Tiara.

"I would be very cross were you to decline the use of all of your F?higkeit! I insist und shall do likewise!" Encourages Hannah full throatedly. 'Dangerous' seems to only make Hannah more excited!

Sorry, Moon, Hannah believes in the Sailor Senshi now thanks to Pluto, and so believes in you.

Her legs flex, she points the tip of Blauer Greif towards the sound of her new sparring partner, and her Device speaks.

<Fluss: Aufhellen> Comes the Belkan device.

Her body glows the blue of her House, and she seems to float, hair and body briefly weightless as her strong legs kick off the ground. Her already striking speed in enhanced as she glides across the ground at vicious speed, aiming a trio of skillful, merciless stabs towards Sailor Moon!

"Auf der Hut, mein freuend!" She adds, rather unnecessarily.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Kyouka is facing Sailor Moon, speaking to her. Her has one hand on her hip, the other hanging loosely by her side. It's not that she's ignoring Hannah or anything, she's just turned away from her, addressing the one of the pair who looks like she needs more instruction. Her grin is even more lopsided than usual at the mention of 'throw my tiara', though she doesn't respond with incredulity or question its efficacy. "Yeah? Well, let's-"

    She's about to go on and say more when Hannah suddenly decides that the practice session has begun, despite no indications from the teacher (or her opponent) that this should be the case. Hannah can fly, and she's fast, accelerating towards Moon with a trio of stabs while the poor girl is still standing there pushing her index fingers together sheepishly. There's no way Moon could respond in time, but it's fine. She doesn't have to.

    Although it hardly seems like she moves, suddenly Stellar is between Hannah and Moon, her left arm held up across her in a blocking motion. Bright, nearly neon yellow light suffuses her forearm, extending slightly off of it to either side, giving the vague impression of a shield though one without true physical form. Flickers of reddish-orange lightning run across the surface of the shield, especially where it's in contact with the tip of Hannah's sword, the weapon vibrating against the energy of the shield as that upheld arm seems to hold Hannah mid-stab, arresting her motion though obviously not without effort.

    Grey eyes the color of steel narrow at Hannah over the top of the blocking forearm. "I didn't say we'd started yet, Ms. Trager." She pushes with her forearm, sending Hannah floating back several feet, before the shield winks out of existence and she turns back to Moon, all grinning nonchalance once more.

    "Now, Moon-chan. I want you to hit me with your Tiara. C'mon. Lemme see what you got."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Ah - yes? I am a Sailor Senshi!" How does she know that term? Sailor Moon hadn't introduced herself as a Sailor Senshi, because Rei-chan isn't here and doesn't go to this school and might not come to fight classes and so there was no point in calling herself one of a team when she's actually here alone, but - but - the other girl says it like it means something. Like she knows it means something. How does she know that? "How'd you - I mean, talking after would be nice, we could get some snacks maybe! And talk about stuff!" This is the benefit, right? Making friends who would get it, the being a magical girl thing? Only, this fellow magical girl does not seem like someone who would commiserate over the scariness of it all...

And she kind of seems like someone who really likes school and studying and practicing and this might be a very bad match up...

"Sure! Of course! I would love to pursue ah - perfection - good enough - you know, same thing - I'll definitely do my best!"

Here it is, the moment of embarrassment, failure, because she doesn't quite know how to explain what she can do as Sailor Moon, and she isn't excited to fight, because she's here to learn, really! Really, for once, she's come to class to learn, and it seems she's paired up with someone very advanced, and meanwhile well. She's pretty sure she's making herself sound weaker than she actually is, and that's impressive, because she doesn't think she's all that great, compared to some of the others she's seen. Her tiara is, she thinks, genuinely more impressive than she makes it sound but, well, in the end, her abilities are going to amount to the two things so far - her tiara, which admittedly can tear enemies apart on landing, and - well, cry. And she's definitely not going to admit to crying being one of her special powers.

And Inai-sensei is focusing on her. And she's a teacher, never mind anything else, one Usagi had yelled at, and teachers, in her experience, do not like being yelled at. She's prepared for this to be very bad - but not her classmate is already attacking her oh no oh no oh no -

But before Sailor Moon can react beyond flinching, Inai-sensei - Stellar-sensei - is just. There. Holding the sword back effortlessly. Lightning crackling in her grasps. Launching an opponent back like it's nothing. Sailor Moon's jaw drops.

"You - and she - and you - YOU -"

Words who has them? Not her! "You want me to throw my tiara at you?!"

Oh, she found them after all. But if Stellar-sensei could handle that attack - which still has Sailor Moon cautiously staring at her classmate with huge, betrayed eyes - she can probably handle the tiara. Deep breaths now, come on Sailor Moon.

"...alright," she says, cautious. She takes a few steps back, and then a few more. Deep, in drawn breath. She takes her tiara off, fingers gripped tight around the golden metal - "Moon Tiara Action!" - and launches it.

Metal spins, transformed in an instant from metal to glowing white energy, tearing across the distance between them in a blur of speed.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Blade stabs into pulsing shield, that vibration making Hannah's arm /ache/ from the impact. A nice, hard shield with that strange fire-lighting running through it is difficult enough, but the fact the more experienced magical girl catches her right in the middle of launching at her opponent?

The downside of lessening your gravitic attraction to go fast towards a single point? You have to suddenly return your gravity then follow through if you want it all to actually hurt. Also it's /really/ hard to change direction if something decides to get in the way. Instead, she's still light in the air, and despite trying to grind through that shield, Kyouka has the weight advantage and easily sends her skidding back as gravity returns and armored heels grind until she comes to a stop.

"Haaaaaah!" Comes Hannah's breath. Kyouka is not one to be trifled with! Her earlier assessment of Kyouka being Mid-Childan wavers a bit. She has to wave her arm a bit to stop it from being numb. Lyra hiss-groufs in concern, but after a check? She'll only have a bruise. With the look of a kid whose hand was caught in a candy jar, she rubs it slightly with her trademark thousand-watt-smile!

"Mein deepest apologies, eagerness overwhelmed mein manners and senses. By the Sankt Kaiser, I beg your indulgence for a young fool's excitement! Should you find fault in mein honor, I shall gladly pay you recompence for the insult, Sailor Moon" She doesn't sound /too/ sorry despite the formality. Once again, she bows, deeper this time and face actually pointed to the floor before straightening, as protocol demands.

Battle data is a treat for a Device User, Belkan or not, in general. And she loves a good bit of intrigue like frau Stellar!

You're neck and neck with Pluto for her favorite faculty member now, Kyouka!

Once feeling is back to her wrist, she casts another Area Search. She's given away one of her technique's weaknesses. She's both curious if Usagi will catch onto it, /and/ wants to properly study her Tiara.

And more of Kyouka's defenses. Her heart's beating through her chest.

This is so exciting! The joy around her is palpable!

Hannah has a pretty good ability to read people. It's something of a survival skill in a royal court full of pompous people with far too much money and pride and talent levels that range from worthless wastes of skin to utter terrifying brilliance. The Steiner paradox of susing out value in people is, again, what has allowed them to keep on top for so many years and weather a chaotic fall after the War of the Saint Kings.

It's hard for Hannah to try to fathom the sheer depths of fear, lack of confidence, and avoidance of battle that Sailor Moon displays. Granted, she's basing her opinion largely against what little she's been told by Sailor Pluto...and judging anyone by the metric that is Sailor Pluto is completely unfair.

She should feel contempt. There's definitely pity in her heart for Usagi.

But, Sailor Moon tosses the tiara anyway. Despite her fear and lack of skill, she does it anyway. Hannah smiles, warm, and laughs. Not mockingly! But in sheer delight!

"Such speed! Blauer Greif! Range und impact sensors! I wish to lavish in this brave young frau's ability that makes mein face feel the very star's warmth!" That command is spoken aloud, very deliberately to be overheard by Sailor Moon as the confidence-booster she's trying to instill in her classmate!

It's definitely overdoing it, exaggerating, but a Steiner doesn't do things half-way. How she made that youma purify is something far beyond her, and she wants to see more!

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Stellar isn't actually standing that far away from Moon, at the moment- maybe a few yards, although she does back up some more after giving the instruction to throw the tiara. As she does, she addresses Hannah once again. "Forgiven, Ms. Trager. Just remember what I said at the beginning- this is my house, my rules. We're here to learn, and not everyone is an accomplished duelist. However, that doesn't mean there's nothing of value to be gained-"

    She might have continued on, except about that time Sailor Moon obeys the direction and throws her tiara. If Kyouka has anything going for her, it's experience- a decade plus of mahouing ingrains certain instincts in a person, at least if that person actually survives to come out the other side. Add into that her innate ability to sense magic and... well, she reacts just in time to avoid being put through the wall.

    She had easily blocked Hannah's attack with one forearm. This time, though, both her arms snap up in front of her, crossed over each other in front of her face, just in time to intercept the glowing white disc that was the tiara. Again a shield of brilliant yellowish-white energy forms, a much larger and thicker version of what she used before, little jolts of reddish lightning racing across its surface. The impact of the tiara on the shield is... well, let's just say that probably everyone in the room notices. If not the flash of light, probably the shockwave. Stellar actually has to brace herself to as not be pushed backwards, and her shield trembles as the spinning tiara grinds against it like a magical buzzsaw. Finally, after several seconds, she uses a variation on the same trick she used on Hannah- twisting her body and angling the shield so the tiara deflects off to the side, freeing itself from the hold against the shield and spinning to one side where it slams into the floor, no doubt creating cracks and a small crater. Well, that's what the barrier is for after all!

    Straightening herself up, the shield vanishing, Stellar takes a few moments to adjust her coat-sleeves, clearing her throat. "Well," She says after a moment, "It's obvious that raw power is not going to be a problem for you, Sailor Moon." She says, with a small laugh. "I think, for you, we work on technique.. and how to apply that raw power in a variety of situations wherein throwing your tiara may not always be a viable option."

    She turns to Hannah, inclining her head. "What do you think, Ms. Trager? You are obviously an experienced fighter. Do you think you can help Sailor Moon expand her repertoire of tiara-based combat techniques?"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"It's okay," Sailor Moon says weakly, overwhelmed by those formal apologetic words that don't actually feel all that apologetic at all. She's not exactly eager to fight with Ms. Trager, but she's not... mad either. They are in a fighting class. She should have maybe expected that someoen would want to fight her.

Even if she thought they'd at least agree on it first!

The Area Search isn't noticed at all, Sailor Moon entirely thrown off (and honestly, not the most aware cookie in the cookie jar to begin with) and unprepared for that kind of information gathering. As such, Hannah is welcome to gather what data she can - only, well, as she'll see...

Sailor Moon is nothing like a Device Mage (not that she even knows what those are), and her power isn't anything like technology. Her Tiara, when scanned will be revealed as simple metal, exactly what it seems - a decorative, golden piece with a jewel inset at the point above her forehead. Beautiful to be sure, but nothing especially dangerous.

But once she launches it? Once it's been flung through the air, transformed in an instant from metal to energy? There's still nothing technological, no calculation, no mathematical formula to decode. There's just power, all the concentrated power (and yet, without the heat) of a star itself, flying with speed not quite comparable to a bullet, but certainly bringing one to mind. There's the impression that had there been a greater distance between launch and target, the speed would have been even greater.

When that power collides with Stellar's shield, there's a flash of light, white-gold and red-orange breaking apart, and then there's the shockwave, as all that concentrated power, an unstoppable force, meets the immovable object that is Kyouka Inai. Sailor Moon's hands fly to her face, not to hide but to practically gnaw at her fingertips as it registers that maybe she should have waited a moment longer, maybe she shouldn't have done that, what if she hurts her teacher -

And then the tiara is thrown back, slams into the floor, leaves a skidding path and a crater where it collided, energy finally expended, simple gold shape and red jewel all that remains. "Ah -"

Nope, her words are gone again. At least, until Stellar continues, and she can relax a little. Stellar-sensei is not mad at her!

"I usually, ah, take the monster out with that," she says weakly. "Or parts of them off." What kind of situations would arise where she can't throw the Tiara? She would... hate to see that, because she'd probably, ah, be pretty badly off,,, well. Maybe not, if she could cry.

But she is NOT admitting to the crying power!

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"I thank you for your lenience, as your studentin, frau Stellar." Returns Hannah, and simply nods with agreement. Something that very swiftly plays out as true, when Sailor Moon has Kyouka putting in proper effort to deflect the simple yet brutally effective attack!

It is elegant. Powerful. And with a purpose. A thrown thing, meant to batter something into submission with the strange purifying effect on evil? She's a flipping Steiner. Blauer Greif's inload of opposing forces, math, and calculations of relative shield strength versus oncoming force?

It's not like she needs to respect Kyouka any more. But her big heart swells, that is some masterful defensive work! She has so much to learn, and in that instance before a true veteran? Humble is not a word a Steiner will apply to herself, but certainly knows who to go to when trying to increase her defensive prowess!

Blaur Greif tries to record and calculate that Tiara. This is a very, very old relic of a by-gone era, where Saint Kings warred and finally fell, all thanks to a single noble soul's sacrifice to stop utter destruction. The Steiner family has added their innumerable knowledge to the orderly world of a Device's magic.

Hannah recalls Pluto's words about their magic being developed along different lines entirely, and now if she wasn't already convinced this isn't a Princess that Pluto is looking for?

Well, she's about to. Hammering power and Stellar-sensei's defenses are one thing, but chalked up to experience and Sailor Moon not giving herself enough credit.

When the requested inload of data returns a gigantic mass of errors, mathematical paradoxes, the opposition of star-shine without actual heat?

Blauer Greif has words.

Blauer Greif has been angry before. When she was a young Device on the horrific fields of battle that once existed. Nostalgia floods her even as she actually has inflection.


Hannah's jaw drops.

<Cease such violations of the natural order, you Saint Kaiserless heathen before I show you the meaning of warcri>

Hannah, then, pulls her jaw off the floor, aside from the rest of herself. She has to stumble to her feet in fact, thanks to all that inload into her head that has scrambled her skullcase a bit. Ow. She'll have to set up some filters for the like of Sailor Moon very, very soon.

And then she whacks Blauer Greif to the ground in order to shut her up.

"Forgive Blauer Greif! Senile old Device, you see! Forget anything you just heard!" Smiiiile!

Hannah sounds pissed. Can a Device blush? Blauer Greif is trying.

Recovered, she smiles at Sensei and Moon alike.

"Despite mein companion's protests, I have a certain amount of trajectory to play with. Admittedly! I prefer getting close in. Und yet..." A raised brow.

"Yes. I believe so. Frau Moon! It seems your tiara possesses both great striking power as well as uncanny forces behind it that lack mathematical explaination. Und I assure you, I am acting under the highest levels." A mid-childan might debate that, but Hannah is proud.

She ponders. "Care to strike me? You clearly have impeccable skill in the air. But can you control it's arc? Defy the very power of gravity, und strike true besides? Or draw the very tiara and its' power into your hand?" Considers Hannah openly to her new sparring partner!

She returns her sword to its' sheath, and suddenly she is floating in the air, crossing her legs and grinning in an open taunt!

"For I am the center of gravity! Do your best to overcome that attractive force, mein freund!" Encourages Hannah, so many ideas on the wind.

"You have the first blow, valiant warrior!"

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Kyouka eyes Blauer Greif as if perhaps wondering if she's going to have to give the Device a timeout, but it seems like Hannah has the situation in hand. When the young woman agrees to the prospect of working with Moon on improving her repertoire, Kyouka nods her head. "Alright then. I'm going to go check on some of the other groups." She says, her grin returned, lopsided and fanged. "You two keep at it, and I'll be back in a little while to see how you're doin'."

    She turns to go, then turns back just to wag a finger at them both. "Don't blow up the gym." Sure they have a barrier, but the thing has a limited battery! Then she's turning away again in a swirl of white and gold coattails and heading to the next pairing along the mats, leaving Trager and Sailor Moon to do what they will.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon is expecting a number of reactions to how much damage her attack caused - everything from another attack from the battle enthusiast to being scolded for being so reckless. She's not expecting for her teacher to ask her classmate for tips and tricks. She's also not expecting her classmates - sword? - to be so upset. Her eyes go wiiiiide as it speaks - scolds - and is in return scolded.

That's one way to describe it, anyway.

"Did I - do something wrong?" She asks a little nervously, eyeing the device, and the other girl, with caution. "Wait, why would math explain how my tiara works? It's magic, not math." She has no idea of the can of worms she's just opened up with that single, simple statement. She has no idea what she may have just unleashed on herself, if Ms. Trager is as eager to share her mathematician's opinions as she is to share her combat enthusiasm.

And then, she's stepping back, one hand going to her hip, face scrunched in displeasure - she waves to their teacher, but most of her attention is on Hannah, because - "You - you saw what just happened, didn't you? Why do you want me to throw it at you now? I kill youma with that attack, you know?!"

Hasn't anyone in this room considered that the tiara could kill them? Is this what being experienced with magic does to you?

But the other questions - "I've... never really tried," she contemplates this, calming down a little at questions that aren't about hitting Ms. Trager with her tiara. Questions like - can she draw the force of the tiara into her hand... "You mean, hit them with it without throwing it?" Why do smart people always have to speak so formally! So much complication! "Wait, no, you do want me to throw it at you?!"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah shrugs a bit at Moon's nervous worry over Blauer Greif's complaints.

"Just let it be...how do they say it? 'A wash', frau Moon. Just because someone is older than some civ..." Blauer Greif floats, and then bonks Hannah straight on the noggin.


Hannah, and Blauer Greif both seem to nod at the question, however.

"What is the difference, mein freund? Suffiently applied forces of mathematical oomph und technology versus the wholesale inverse borne by...mm. Well I frankly don't know. Opposing forces not unlike matter und anti-matter. But I hope ones less unstable, for I intend to delve to the very depths!" Attempts at calming Sailor Moon melt into excitement! She wants, /needs/ to figure out this oddity, that she might grow stronger and deal with the threat that's brought her to this world while fulfilling her new ties to a certain Pluto!

Sailor Moon's attempts at caution hit deaf ears!

Or perhaps not quite. Her head tilts.

"Should I be so weak as to die in a training session? Then perhaps I should deserve it for my utter failure to..!" Suddenly Hannah can't speak. She gasps. Blauer Greif gently restricts her from such, and Hannah openly deflates.

Rather than anger, she nods to the Device in thanks for the emotional slip she was about to give.

Still, she's agitated.

Her cane hammers hard enough to crack the ground in sheer annoyance at her Device, and then she peeks Sailor Moon in kind.

"What I am saying..." Deep breath!

"Is use your uncanny powers to launch that tiara in a way that is physically impossible. I shall use mein own powers of Gravity to evade in equal measure. Do not hold back. I have no intention of dying yet. Und if you find ways to use that shiney crown of yours in your fist? I should be delighted!" Griiiin!

Then? She just does a 'come at me' finger waggle for Moon with a massive grin on her face!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Ms. Trager is... like no one Sailor Moon has ever met, that's for sure. Not necessarily because of the passion, but from the sheer confidence. Partially for the way she's so eager to be hit with an attack that just destroyed part of the flooring.

Sailor Moon is here because she has to fight monsters. Even if it was called a fight club, she didn't think it would be about fighting girls like herself. And yet.

"You wouldn't deserve it! It would be all my fault, and I... I don't want that. But if you're sure you won't die -" and here she considers for a moment. "And considering Inai-sensei would definitely not let you die... I'll try."

She's never tried to do anything with the tiara besides throw it, and even then, her throws are not always great. It's too be expected, but still, in this moment? She has a feeling that that best way to get through this is to try. Throw it in a way that was totally impossible... "I'll try to throw it from behind?"

That was pretty impossible, right?

She runs over to where her tiara lies in a crater before Hannah can comment, scooping it up and turning her back on her classmate. "Here goes! Moon Tiara Action!"

Maybe it's her nerves. Maybe it's her concern for Hannah. Maybe it's just her lack of athleticism, and the fact that she's never tried to throw it this way - but she just - chucks the tiara, awkwardly throw it up over her head and backwards - and it flies with force alright, but right past Hannah and directly into the ground.

Sailor Moon sweatdrops.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah pauses, and Sailor Moon's words seem to soften her visage for a moment! The other girl is all empathy and concern, and without any single inward motivation. Honestly the Steiner scion looks first shocked, then she has to pull back her tears. Which fails utterly.

Her laugh is a mask of pride that crumbles half way through.

"Sailor Moon." Her heart shudders.


"Pray, be mein eyes! Do I actually seem to be as made of glass upon you!?" That's an utter taunt. It feels better than considering the coup that lead her to this world!

Hannah...doesn't need to dodge. Or move. Or even /try/. The crater is noted, but there's a deep breath from the young Steiner.

She walks over, and then, hilts Blauer Greif into her belt. A flex of fingers, and she picks up the fallen Tiara! And then spins it about her finger. Again and again with mahou force! Suddenly there's a minor tornado despite how her finger wants to vaguely break in half.

Hannah grits her teeth.

Then her finger clenches, and drawing upon Sailor Moon's trajectory data? She lashes out and even adds extra gravitic force to the toss! Not unlike tosinger her Device's sheath, it's a clear, calculated arc! And a shudder in her socket as she overdoes it!

Throwing is a skill she's only vaguely above Sailor Moon's own! And the Belkan puts all of her self into it!


"I hope this is anywhere near your own skill, frau Moon!" She's doing all she can, but even guided by both Device and Razorhound, she's not a master of thrown attacks!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Ms. Trager looks - softer, for a moment, maybe. Not as fierce and confident, but instead almost like a regular girl, and then - a more shocked, version of a regular girl. And then - sad? Usagi doesn't understand. She thinks, somehow, she's managed to upset Hannah, but she doesn't know how.

And then -

"No, you're not made of glass! But - I didn't come here to fight other girls like me! Maybe? Maybe I'm a little dumb, but I didn't think this was going to be a fighting club, I thought we'd - I don't know, practice! Throw things at walls. Not..."

There's no internal motivation to fight at all. Sailor Moon is a soldier of love and justice, who fights to save people when they're in danger. Who accepted her broach to save her best friend. Who would happily hang up her fuku if it meant she could avoid all of this, because she hates the violence and the danger and wishes life could be normal again.

"I just don't understand."
en her tiara crashes down, she's embarrassed, flustered, but also - concerned. She watches Ms. Trager pick up her tiara and hurl it with all her might and it wobbles in the air, true, but what thing wouldn't on the first day? More importantly, it flies true, even with those wobbles, and comes right at -


Right at her.


Sailor Moon drops straight to the floor and the tiara flies over where her head would have been, directly into a wall. It buries itself there in a neat impact zone, half sticking out. It didn't hit with nearly as much force as Sailor Moon herself could summon, but the trajectory was neater, more directly aligned.

On the ground, Sailor Moon's eyes may as well be spinning spirals.

"Why... Ms. Trager... So scary... such a good throw."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"It is a touch cruel that Fate has chosen such a kind girl as you for the duty of a Magical Girl. But mein sweet Senshi of Earth's dance partner, you have Power. You can destroy monsters far better than the strongest Device I have ever fought beside. If you'll forgive mein speculations, I would call it your Duty." Councels Hannah as gently as she can.

"Und thus, I fear you shall have the strife you hate so whether you like it or not! Do not waste your worry over me, Sailor Moon. I chose to remain when I could have walked away. By fighting me, you're helping me learn. Und that learning may well one day save /both/ our lives." She added.

Then Hannah observed her work after another Area Search. Frown.

"Acht. I am nowhere near your talent. You're pulling your punches because you're a good person. You need to put a bit of heart into it. Here. Let us start with your form, hm?" She tapps over, and offeres a hand to lift her up.

"May I guide you?" She asked, and were Usagi to allow it, she let Blauer Greif float in the air and stood behind her. Firmly, and well she had to stoop a bit given their height difference, but she helps Usagi on her throwing form. Legs more apart. Stand /straight/ Miss Odangos. Then she guides Usagi's arm slowly through a practice throw.

"Flick the wrist. Follow through when you let go. Twist your hips. Whole body into it und it shall have even /more/ power!" Grin. Then she leaps away to land. She holds up her Device, and a blue glowing Shield of see-through magic, etched with her personal seal.

"Again! Come, see if you can get through the Armor of a Knight!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
It's more than a touch cruel, in Usagi's humble opinion, but it's also not something she can take back, as much as she's tried (and oh, she tried, that first week, once Naru-chan was safe, but every time Luna brought the broach right back, and also, bit her, so eventually she'd cut it out). As Sailor Moon lays there on the ground, she feels the hollow swish of shame in the pit of her gut, because she doesn't want it! She doesn't want to be powerful, she doesn't want to be the one who can destroy monsters, she just wants to be a normal girl, with a normal life, and normal friends!

But Ms. Trager, who is so powerful, and loves fighting a little (lot) too much, and who obviously is so used to this, had managed with all her care and effort, to stick her tiara in the wall.

Sailor Moon's throw, after being deflected, had made a crater.

It's unfortunately obvious even to Usagi that she's strong. And maybe Ms. Trager is right, because she's echoing Luna - maybe this is her duty.

"I don't want it to be," she mumbles as she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and mopes a little. "Do you... is it really helping? I mean, you're a lot better than me already. Can I really help you?" Or is she just saying that, to make Sailor Moon feel better?

egardless of whatever the answer is, her tiara is collected, and - "Um, sure?"

She's not sure how Ms. Trager plans to guide her, and she jumps a little, flustered, when it's corrections - but she follows her instructions, back straighter, legs further apart, arm - not just flung out, but propelled forward by the strength of her whole body moving as one, shoulders, hips, arm, all shifting in one motion. It's different, but she can already feel that she's steadier, that even her practice swing feels more stable. She really, really isn't sure what Ms. Trager is getting out of this, but suddenly she thinks she'll actually get plenty out of it herself.

The shield makes her feel a little better about the idea of throwing her tiara right at someone, on purpose. "Okay, I'll try it again!"

Legs more apart. Knees slightly bent. Back straight, follow through, whole body moving with the force - "Moon Tiara Action!" - tiara, flying from her fingers, wrist flicked at the end as advised, soaring directly for that see-through shield of magic at speed - striking the target, this time. Lower on the shield, it would have hit the leg region if not for the shield, rather than center of mass, but actually striking the target with - well.

With the usual amount of ridiculous cosmic force.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah considered their various craters with a quick Area Search, then Usagi, and then her very obviously moping at neither wanting power or how this is even helping her. By Olivie. This girl is just too kind and a little too soft for this whole thing. Hannah decides that she hates whoever decided that poor girl has to go through with this.

"Some might say those that do not desire power are most deserving. Such personages are fools, but heart in the right place und all." Shrug.

"Yes." Comes Hannah, for once not using a dozen words when one would do. She sound serious. "I have more experience than you, true enough. Mein freund, I have been given the finest training..." pause. "That wealth und circumstance can afford me. You are clearly working on such a derth of knowledge, it is terrifying. You're unprepared for this. Hence this whole training. Und as one so very close to me once said, you learn more often by teaching. I'll probably come out of this knowing far better how to utilize..." She flicked her cane's sheath, and it spins in the air.


"Now stop stalling, und passt auf!!!!"

Luckily it seems Usagi can actually pay attention, and Hannah grins at her as she focuses her shield tighter. This will hurt. She doubts the shield will hold together, and acts accordingly.

CRUNCH! Cosmic force meets a shield composed of another force, that of gravity. They war, and Blaur Greif gives a warning ping as the thing begins to warp /around/ the sheer might of the improved Moon Tiara Action's blow! Hannah barks out a laugh of joy as the thing breaks like glass.

<Fluss: Anlocken>

With a wave of her cane at the ground, a minor gravity well pops into existance, the blue-and-black swirling energy ball tearing into the curve of the Tiara to exaggerate all that power, even has Hannah skips in the opposite direction. Even so, the thing still clips her leg armor grazingly, and that powerful defensive Belkan armor breaks apart before the Tiara slams down at the gravity well, annihilating it and sending the Tragar skidding back from the barely-warded off force.

She lets out a breath. And cackles again in sheer joy and combat-high.

"Yes! YES! Und that is what I am expecting out of you! Such power! You improved your stability, striking power, und attack range by....twenty-seven point eight-nine percent! I'm proud of you, Sailor Moon!" Comes the young woman's enthusiastic, earnest, excited priase! Her lightless eyes shine with newfound respect. Usagi /did it/!

Her cane reaches down, and then she gently rolls it over to Sailor Moon.

"Now then. Would you like to practice defense since you clearly have no troubles with offense?" A small grin!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Those people are fools," Sailor Moon agrees glumly, and then - "Well, maybe not," hurriedly thinking of everything Naru ever helped her learn from history class. Maybe, just maybe, some people who don't desire power are better suited than some of the people who desire power. But not her! There is definitely someone out there more suited to be Sailor Moon, and she probably stole their spot by being the one to find Luna and get attention.

Maybe she could find them and give it back. Something to think about.

The finest training money and privilege could provide - that probably meant Ms. Tragar had been trained for this the way that some people were raised for music or gymnastics or sports - from practically the day she was born. No wonder she was so good!

And Sailor Moon, well -

Her throw is powerful. More powerful than she planned, or wanted, or hoped for, as the shield breaks with a crunch like a trash compactor getting a piece of extra solid plastic. Sailor Moon cringes, especially because the Tiara doesn't stop there - she sees it hit Ms. Tragar on the leg, her armor crumble, her whole self thrown skyward -

And she laughs?!

Be it as Usagi or Sailor Moon, she's never going to understand jocks.

"You - are?" Wait, hey, what was that? She's? Proud? Of Usagi? Of Sailor Moon?

That's a thing?

"I did! I did - do it. And it was a good throw! It didn't wobble at all!" The excitement is infectious. Sailor Moon smiles, feeling pretty good about this, for once, and then - ah. "I probably should, shouldn't I?" Sheepish and a little nervous. "Usually I just kinda run around and hope for the best."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah places the griffin-head of her Device to her chest, and bows formally in front of Sailor Moon in her odd way. Heel to toe, bent in the middle, but she doesn't remove the cane from her chest. For such an outgoing young woman, she so easily slips into formality that may come across as stuffy.

The lingering sparkle in her eyes is a good counterpoint as she straightens.

"I am many, many things, mein freund. Some no doubt vile in the eyes of many, und good in others. But one thing I do not wish to be is a liar. Mmm. So much as we can avoid it in the world of magic." She sounds sad, and a little...angry? At that last part. Dishonesty ruffles a Steiner's feathers.

"You are making progress, applying yourself, und all despite not wanting any of this. I shudder to think how much this costs you. I am so sorry to burden you. Und yet I am glad to, because I should like to see you both live und bring warmth to this world!" Comes Hannah, perhaps a bit more softly than usual. Sailor Moon feels like the sun on her skin, so much empathy and all that awkward nervousness at the mahou world.

The constrasts between her own desire for rulership, power, and making things better with Usagi's own disdain for such things aside from the latter has her quickly deciding she wants to protect the girl.

Hannah lets out a pleased sigh openly, and nods to Sailor Moon as she lets out her enjoyment of success! Even Lyra lets out a hiss-growf of approval!

Hannah suppresses a chuckle. "A fight is indeed part utter chaos. Mein first suggestion is, find a friend or take extra lessons from Frau Kyouka. I'm largely unfamiliar with your country's martial arts, und as you may have vermutet, mein specialty is in fencing und blunt weaponry. However, I've some skill in grappling and can land a blow or two rightly enough unarmed." Comes Hannah a bit apologetically.

"But the basics of defense are the same regardless of what is wielded. Watch your opponent's movements. Not so much their actual weapons, fists or otherwise. The movements of where they intend to strike. Think in lines, sweeps, and follow them to the conclusion. A stab goes forward. Move out of the way, then retaliate. A slash is a curved line. Go above, below, or lock weapons if you need."

She demonstrates first a strike, then corresponding movement to get away or counter, slowly for Usagi's benefit.

Then she pauses.

"Understanden? Defend yourself!"

Then, not bothering with any gravity magic, she leaps forward quickly and tries to cut up her new Mahou friend.

First a stab, a pivot, and then a series of rapid slashes followed a sweeping kick aimed at Usagi's legs! She's devilishly fast, and worst of all? When one blow hits a nearby bleacher as she rushes Usa? The thing gets torn apart like so much paper mache. This girl is /strong/ when it comes to melee!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon bows too, an awkward thing, mostly because she isn't sure how low to bow to an opponent - she's never done that! So she aims for just a little lower than is normal for casual acquaintaince, but not so low as to be groveling. Ms. Tragar is long-winded and formal and definitely a jock, but she's sweet too.

"I mean, if you're not lying - then you're being true to yourself, right? I don't always get complicated things, but as long as you're being yourself, it will work out right?" She's a trusting sort, and Ms. Tragar seems trustworthy to her. And for all her crazy enthusiasm, she's not bad. It's hard for Usagi to really think she'd do anything that bad - especially when lying is what she's most worried about.

"Extra lessons it will be then. My friend Naru-chan and I went to the regular class, and, well, it's going to take some lessons if I want to use that," yep. She hadn't been hopeless, but she is definitely a complete beginner. Still, she doesn't quite realize where all this is leading, even as she listens to Ms. Tragar's advice and tries her best to heed it, watching her demonstrations carefully. "Understo-AH!"

She did not understand. But she is learning, because she jumps back, trying to get away from the stab, and then, it's a mad dash of hop-skip-jump, flinging herself left right and center to try and avoid those devilishly fast blades, a squeak of fear erupting when the bleachers go down in ribbons. Eventually (that makes it sound like it takes a while - it's really a good six, seven blows in) she doesn't quite dodge, and a blow manages to strike, sending Sailor Moon tumbling, arms pinwheeling as she tries and fails to regain her balance. She does down again! TIMBER!


Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah's laugh is...both amused and also very, very sad. "May the Sankt Kaiser bless us both with a world" She manages to not say 'worlds', "where your beautiful und kind words are Her truth und reality." Offers Hannah perhaps a bit unhelpfully.

Jotting down Naru's name in her head, she gives a firm nod! "Acht, is that enthusiasm? GOOD!"

Really Hannah can't find fault in Sailor Moon's instincts, if nothing else! Her blows are -well not merciless so much as enthusiastic and clearly trying to push Sailor Moon to the edge! She is not at all subtle with her attacks, she wields her blade with every bit of skill and strength she's worked for, and only pulls as much so that she doesn't risk actually inflicting real injury to her new mahou friend.

Which, is partially due to the constant adjustments and advice of Blauer Greif. Hannah's love for fighting almost overtakes her sense at some points, only for her to pause her motions slightly or send the attack slightly wide.

"Such a horrid form! Mein tutors would have laughed you out of the th.." Teeth grit. It's so hard to keep up secrets when you're fighting, even if it's just sparring. Sightless eyes are wide, she radiates enjoyment, that of two honorable companions facing off.

Winning or losing doesn't matter. As long as they both grow stronger, that's all she wants right now.

"Perhaps more skill than sense, the lot of them, for seven blows have I yet to account for your throat, mein freund in defiance of it all!" Roars Hannah, proud of herself and Usagi openly.

And wanting more even as Moon goes kettle over spout as she lands a blow.

She pulls her blade under her armpit, walks over, and then helps tug poor Moon up to her feet.

"You must be tired. Indulge me once more." Wink!

She isn't so cruel as to pull out the full power of her ace. But she isn't going to just end this so simply, now that Moon has had a taste of her blade. She crouches into a stance, part horse, part runner's. She pulls back her sword by the grip, elbow behind her as if she were holding a lance.

"Blauer Greif. Reduce maximum mana output by twelve-point-eight...mmm. Nein. Ten percent. Increase gravitic dampeners by twenty-six percent und layer an extra Barrier upon calculated impact zone. I do not wish Frau Inai's wrath overmuch. ...Just a little!" She finally barks ominously, as her Device runs through the calculations, adjustments, and clicks to her desires in nanoseconds.

Swaths of magic suddenly coat her blade, just enough to render the cutting edge largely inert.

"Sailor Moon? You need practice, but your instincts for avoid attack is impeccable. This, however? Do not bother wasting your energy. Counter me. Endure it! Or overpower me. That gut feeling of yours is a powerful tool. /Use it/! On mein honor upon those...I love. You shall not perish by this blow. Some things must be simply outsmarted or overcome directly!" By her laugh, it's clear which one she prefers.

Her knuckles grow white. And the sheer powers of gravitics form in opposing blue-black lines all around her cane. It grows longer, the energies swirl harder, both drawing in and then blowing away random bits of debris from their sparring session. Hannah's hand first trembles, then a line of gravitic chains forms to bind her hand and arm to her Device and the magical lance she's forming painstakingly.

Emphasis on pain, as it's taking all her skill to not just break her own digits to control the sheer gravitic wrath she is aiming for Moon. Her shoulder and muscles clench, and with a suck of breath, she stills herself enough to not pop out of her arm's socket.

"For the Honor and Glory of both of our Houses!"

<Alpha-Streik> Comes the dour voice of Blauer Greif audibly, with a certain finality to it, and Hannah launches for Moon!

Hit or miss, there's the sound of elemental forces ripping apart as the young woman thrusts the great lance of chaotically swirling, dancing gravity straight towards Moon with a will, the thing blasting apart violently!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
It doesn't even occur to her that she may have helped give herself away by giving out Naru's name, because well - this is a good place to be, right?

Besides - she has much more to worry about than her secret identity. Like avoiding Ms. Tragar's weaponry!

There's - nothing soothing at all about the fighting, but there's a certain element of fear that's missing when she knows no one will be allowed to really hurt her. This isn't like the monsters. This isn't the thunk of Naru's head as it collided with the ground, the wheeze of her breath when her throat was freed. This is throwing herself left and right and back and flinging herself yes, with no grace, yes, with the luck of not outright turning her ankle as she goes. She's scared, sure, but not in that pit of her stomach twisting, verge of tears way. Just the usual - I don't want to get hurt, ah, ah, ahhhh run go go -

"They would, I bet, I don't really know what I'm doing - " she's pretty sure Ms. Tragar can't actually see her. But you know, someone better than her would have to think that was a weakness. For Sailor Moon, the idea of thinking anyone else is weak would be arrogance beyond belief.

"Ahaha, I made it! For a while! You - you got me, but I'm okay."

It's not that she thought Ms. Tragar would get her. But she wasn't ready for - how much of a relief it might be to be hit and then get back up, and be okay. It stings, but not badly. No worse than hitting the ground too hard after tripping. She's breathing hard after all the exertion, hands on her knees when she's gotten back to her feet, and she raises a hand in a thumbs up.

"One more thing? Okay. Why not?"

She's not sure what's about to happen, but she's pretty sure - pretty sure - she's going to see Ms. Tragar's equivalent of Moon Tiara Action, and she's - nervous.

But it's going to be fine right?

"No perishing on this blow," she exhales, even more nervous. And then.

There just isn't time to be nervous.

There's the weapon, and the call, and the force of it, something Sailor Moon can feel, a force unto itself -

"Oh fuck," Sailor Moon whimpers, too alarmed to regret the curse, staring at the lance barreling right for her. "Moon Tiara Action!"

She doesn't have time to throw it. Doesn't have space. Was told not to dodge. So.

She doesn't throw it.

Energy in her hand, not-hot but burning bright, light that does and doesn't have weight, metal transformed into energy that wants to be released, but she doesn't have time as she swings it out like a hammer instead of a boomerang - catches the lance with the tip with enough force to have her whole body vibrating with the aftershock.

It's not her own strength. It's just the jar of all that energy, catching on something else.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Stellar-sensei had, for the past several minutes at least, been elsewhere in the enormous pavilion. There were plenty of pairs or trios of students practicing and only one of her, so there is plenty for her to do and no one pair of students is getting all too much of her time. So it's not weird that she hasn't returned to Trager and Sailor Moon yet. She's busy.

    But clearly something has alerted her. Perhaps it's the near apocalyptic levels of magic being thrown into the clashing attacks. It's not really Hannah's fault- she clearly doesn't know Moon's strength. And it clearly isn't Moon's fault either, because she doesn't know her own strength. But Kyouka has the ability to sense magic- and she is sensing far too much magic about to be unleashed in an uncontrolled fashion in the midst of her students. Yes, there's a barrier which will (probably) hold and protect the surrounding buildings and mundane world. But there's also a bunch of other students happily practicing nearby!

    As Trager's lance, churning with gravitic force, stabs towards Sailor Moon who in response swings her star-energy-infused tiara to meet it, very suddenly and with no apparent actual trajectory, Stellar is between them. At the very last possible second. She has both arms outstretched, one towards either student, and she catches both attacks with sudden half-dome shields of bright, crackling golden light which spring into existence from her hands.

    The dual impacts are impressive, to say the least. Bright flashes, a 'boom' you can feel through the floor, a wash of dust and debris outwards. Bright, continuous crackles of reddish energy surge over the golden shields, sparks flying off of the impacts. And it's not as if holding back both of these powerful attacks is done without effort. Stellar-sensei can be seen gritting her teeth, her arms pushed backwards, elbows bending, as the two weapons do their best to push past her interference and make contact anyway. The moment seems to hang for near-infinity, though its only a split second, until again she does something, a slight twist, the faintest shift, and both weapons slide off of her shields with just the slightest change to their trajectory. Moon's tiara misses the tip of Hannah's lance by fractions of an inch as both girls essentially glance off of Stellar's shields and probably stumble to the sides opposite of each other.

    Stellar is left looking just a little ruffled, breathing a little hard. "The hell are you two doing?" She snarls, in obvious annoyance. "I specifically said don't blow up the gym! If you create that level of magical impact in here somebody's going to get hurt! Or my barrier generator is going to overload!" That would get her in all sorts of trouble. "This is training ladies. I know I said not to hold back, but let's try thinking this through just a little, yeah? There's other students all around you who probably wouldn't appreciate being hurled into the walls by the impact shockwave of this level of magic."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
If nothing else a Steiner is very much into commitment. Okay, well, when it comes to things like economics, strife, and most importantly, actions! The absolutely, well, Stellar defenses of Stellar-sensei prove more than worthy of the name!

Hannah doesn't back off, of course, because her own particular attack is not something one can particularly stop using. Plus it feels /good/ to contest with such brilliant flashing energy alongside Moon's own efforts!

She barks out a laugh, even as she feels herself deflected masterfully, that golden light suffusing her briefly only for her own absurd gravitic lance to strike off in far less damage than she's expected.

Blauer Greif pings Kyouka's odd Device perhaps uselessly, in a sign of respect. And a sigh of a very old thing beside a hot-blooded charge.

She stumbles, and nearly pitches to her ass, only to recover at the last second. Her precious hat floats down, finally, right between a pair of signature odangos!

"Wh...what?" She comes fight-drunkenly, but finally the woman's words hit her.

Sheath met blade, and Hannah leans upon it tiredly. Her brow was bleed sweat after that. And she has the pure audacity to smile and laugh /before/ she bows respectfully to their Tutor.

"The mistake was entirely mein own, Frau Stellar! I shall endeavor to wield mein noggin moreso than mein..." She hunts for the word.

"Enjoyment und desire to push mutual boundaries. Mein apologies." At least there she finally seemed actually sorry, suddenly worried about hurting others accidentally.

Another stagger.

"Call this one a draw, mein freund of Moonlight?" She turns, wobbles towards Moon, and smiles.

Whisper. "Just a /little/, as planned." Comes Hannah with a sparkle to her voice for Moon alone!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
There's nothing but sweeping motion, the energy and strength of her Tiara pulling Sailor Moon's body almost as much as her own intentional efforts. She's at the mercy of her own attack -

And the mercy of her teacher. "S-sorry!!"

Tiara strikes shield and the ricochet rocks up her arm, shaking her shoulder until it feels like it might pop. There's no grace - she just goes fumbling back, her Tiara flying out of her hands and slamming into the ground where it carves a crater. Again. oops.

She rubs the back of her neck. "We wanted to try and get - defensive?"

Stellar-sensei is not to be talked down though. Unlike Ms. Tragar, she does back off, feeling bad for their teacher's worry, especially with the spectacle of their attacks clashing creating so much noise, light, energy.

But Stellar-sensei doesn't stick with them for long, and then - "It was fun! Scary, but fun. I hope we get to do it again, Ms. Tragar-chan."

The -chan is cheeky and affectionate, because terrified as she had been - it had been good too. It just might come in handy.

Kyouka Inai has posed:
    Stellar shakes out both of her arms as the two girls apologize after recovering from the deflected blows. It's clear that both attacks strained her ability to block them, and again it was her knack for redirecting force rather than trying to absorb it that prevented either from going through her shields.

    "It's fine." She tells them, with a bit of a sigh "I like the enthusiasm. And the creativity." She nods towards Sailor Moon, and then gives a bit of a grin to Trager as well. "I was right to pair you two together. Just don't get so into the practice you forget where you are, hmmm?"

    She turns, and begins to meander off again. "Good work today. I have a feeling we're just getting started."