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Hannah Steiner (Scenesys ID: 108)
On the House of Steiner's honor, I will not leave your evil unpunished! Blauer Greif, aufwachen!
Name: Hannah Emilia-Lina Araki-Steiner XIV AKA: N/A
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Nanoha
Origin: Device Mage Grade: 10
Clubs: Animal Club, Mock-UN Club Age: 15
Group Information
Groups N/A


Hannah Steiner was born on the Administered World of Tharkad, the only child of its' ruling House Steiner. Descendents of Ancient Belka, they turned their energies into heavy industry and military industrial production for the TSAB while retaining ancient rites and Armed Devices for their descendents. Hannah would grow up in the company of her loving parents, with wealth and a talent for magic, soon trained in the use of Armed Devices and granted the family heirloom, Blauer Greif as well as her guide animal Lyra. Violently outgoing, loving even the 'lower classes' despite her noble arrogance, and a love for dueling as well as the Steiner penchant for industry, money, and math, despite some loneliness she was happy. But a coup would soon dash her dreams, her Uncle killing her parents and fleeing. Bribing a TSAB officer, she took her two companions and headed to Earth after her Uncle, crash landing her ship and becoming stranded. Now, she hopes to gain friends, fight youma, build up her wealth and seek out her Uncle for the burning vengeance in her heart!


Very Busily Scouting Youma, I Am The Mahou Industrial Complex, Can I Be The Hatchetman to Your Atlas?, Richer Than Bezos, Too Bad It's All In Space Germany, Heir-Apparent, Palatine to Pauper, Capitalism Ho!, Market Manipulation: A-rank, Her Doggo Is A Space Lizard, Scouting = Friendship

Vital Trivia

Height: Tall
Blood Type: O-negative
Birthday: October 9
Likes: Money, Animals, Duels, Almost Everyone, Ice Cream, Strudel, Devices, Magic, Athletics, Capitalism, Royalty
Dislikes: Her Uncle, Death, Murder, Taxes
Favorite Food: Vanilla Milkshake with Caramel
Least Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Subject: Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Biology


Title Date Scene Summary
Radiant Hearts Prom 2024 April 6th, 2024 The first ever prom at Radiant Hearts had it all! Dancing, great food, three singers, hip throws, off-world travelers and fireworks!
Crack The Sky March 13th, 2024 After creating a spectacle, Bow, Hannah Steiner, and Cure Suzhen respond to Aloisia Stauss' 'greeting'.
Dropship Inbound 2 February 21st, 2024 A fragment of a ship appears in Japanese Airspace, intercepted by (and its pilot saved) through the efforts of Hannah Steiner, Chrono Harlaown, Zephyr Windstar, Nanoha Takamachi, and Amy Faust.
Legacy February 9th, 2024 An unwelcome visitor makes Kyouka and Fuyuko's night out much more fraught than anyone expected.
Rainbow Crystals: Crane Game Joe on the Loose February 6th, 2024 Crane Game Joe shows up the rock the crane games at Game Center Crown, ends up rocked instead when finding the Red Rainbow Crystal transforms him into Gesen, one of the Seven Great Youma! Except unfortunately for him, this arcade is full of mahou... welp, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
Convenient Meetings February 3rd, 2024 Various people are buying dinner at the convenience store.
Arrows Fall, Missiles Strike, Crushing Gravity, A Hero Punches January 25th, 2024 A Witch is dealt with by a group of magical girls as they save Ula from the famelic creature known as... Gyuuki. Also, Kyubey is terrible, but good thing they have the Shinju-sama and the Taisha to look up to.
Space German is Good Enough! January 25th, 2024 Ami and Hannah discuss ways for Hannah to break into new business - tutoring in (Space) German, anyone?
A lazy encounter in a painted sea January 14th, 2024 Cure Fortune and Trager des Blauer Greif investigate some worrying rumours, but their good intentions are quickly put to a stop when Namakelder shows up with a Terribad out of one of the abductees. Despite being able to stop the General of the Phantom Empire, their attacks upset the magic enough to get them kicked out. Better have a plan for a second tentative.
TSABgotchi and Murderous Paperwork December 16th, 2023 In which Chrono comes asking a seasonal favor...and wields paperwork at a Belkan!
Soryuu Shrine: Silver Crystal December 15th, 2023 The final shrine is assaulted. Secrets and hearts are laid bare. Does Midnight Tokyo end here? Does the door to Yomi open? Will the Moon Princess emerge? Who will live and who will die? The culmination of many intertwined fates, connect together to form a Bridge of Many Dreams.
Stabbing 101: Belkan Edition December 2nd, 2023 In which Hannah Steiner shares the joy of SWORD with others.
Threats and Blades November 18th, 2023 Norie arrives to try to get Hannah's story. She leaves unconvinced of the Steiner's sincerity.
Hunting the Blue Griffin: Humiliating the Count November 18th, 2023 Takashi and Hannah conspire to humiliate the Count. It works, and the Count gains a new 'friend'.
Royal Polycule! November 15th, 2023 In which Hannah officially introduces her girlfriends to each other!
Mistaken Identities Righted and Pacts Made by Odango-light! November 13th, 2023 Usagi brings along one Mamoru Chiba to introduce the boyfriend otherwise known as Hematite to the wounded Hannah Steiner. She is not, in fact, Sailor V. Pacts are made for the future!
The Aftermath November 11th, 2023 Hannah awakens after the attempt on her life, and reaffirms her love for one Amy Faust.
Hunting the Blue Griffen: The Murderpire November 10th, 2023 Otto's newest recruit proves the most competent of the lot, very nearly ending one Hannah Steiner.
Hunting the Blue Griffin - Recruiting a Vampire November 7th, 2023 In which Otto recruits a vampire, and a vampire becomes a blade.
Khaos Kormelean! November 5th, 2023 In which Hannah Steiner invades the Korma Chameleon, and learns of /relationships/!
Takudatening! November 4th, 2023 In which Hannah and Takumi become A Thing!
Lunar Eclipse 2: The Hamster Ball-ening November 4th, 2023 It's the grand end to Sailor Eclipse's reign of ...terror? toyrror? and everyone's here! Hannah, Amy, Ginga Otome, Cure Spanner, Yellow Pearl Voice, Cat Noir, Himeko & Bakeneko, and even Sunbreaker join forces against Sailor Eclipse and her loyal boyfriend Darien in an epic standoff in Kobayashi Toy Shop!
A Simple Matter of Alliances November 2nd, 2023 Riventon approaches Hannah with an offer that she's too involved in to refuse. An alliance is made, all for the downfall of one Count Otto!
A Princess Moves In! November 1st, 2023 Princess Hime meets some other students! Tears are shed and there are blushes! Plans are made. Also, Hime totally pushed those beds together.
A Date Between a Countess and a Yakuza October 27th, 2023 Takumi and Hannah meet, and a certain Belkan snags a date!
It's a gun! October 25th, 2023 Naru brings the v1 Heartstealer gun pieces to show Hannah. They both are pretty confident its a gun, yep.
Advice of the Belkan Kind October 22nd, 2023 Hannah seeks advice of Koji, and Koji seeks advice on the state of his Device.
The Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia October 21st, 2023 The D----- Kingdom is hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate Princess Dia coming of age. It might be an expensive, ticketed event, but that hasn't stopped a variety of RHA cast members from attending! There are dances, conversations, and of course, the stunning revelation that Hannah is Sailor V!
Honor Duel for HONOR! October 18th, 2023 Hannah and Chrono have a duel... but... not all is as it seems and the concept of honor might... not... be as present as was originally believed. Chrono tries to put her on ice, while Hannah tries to drag him back to earth.
Pajama-Rama Party: The Pajama-ing October 17th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino is throwing a slumber party, and everyone at RHA is invited!
One Device Fixy Please, Miss Belkan October 5th, 2023 A certain TSAB officer comes to Hannah with a very specific request. Hannah, somehow, manages to do so to the letter.
In the end, you will know, won't you? October 1st, 2023 As Hannah is getting discharged she meets with Sayaka, Kyubey and Kyousuke, getting to know both of them. Her rousing speech also leaves a distinct impression on the young violinist, leaving him to consider new roads. Meanwhile, Sayaka is left pondering what she should actually do going forward.
Hunting the Blue Griffin Part 2 September 29th, 2023 Riventon takes up a job to ostensibly murder Hannah! ...Or at the very least scan her stuff. Luckily, Riventon has /some/ morals as it turns out and Hannah has friends!
Being Alive'd To Death Hurts September 28th, 2023 Hannah recovers in the hospital after her ill fated attack on Hematite, and gets greeted by many a friend.
Texts: A Motorcycle-Gravity-Sword?! September 26th, 2023 Hematite and Hannah text Usagi about the fact that Hannah's ended up in the hospital. Usagi is not amused. Featuring: fire, carrots, final fantasy 7, and news of a boyfriend.
Dorm Mates Dorming Mightily! September 26th, 2023 Roommates getting to know one another.
Texts: Hospitals suck September 26th, 2023 Hannah texts Naru, bored from the hospital
We Threw Gasoline on the Fire September 22nd, 2023 Steel Barrier Match, no holds barred! Hannah and Hematite, FITE! And then Koji and Coco, HEAL! Yikes.
Totally All Business September 20th, 2023 Hannah Steiner calls on Greta Legend for a Totally All Business meeting. No attempts at friendship at all. Soon a new would-be Belkan sister is ready to be born!
Royal Affairs September 20th, 2023 Hannah opens up about her home, and Court matters are discussed!
What is a Puella Magi September 19th, 2023 Chrono asks about the nature and origins of Amy's external linker core. He... got more than he bargained for.
Glory for the Hard Headed September 17th, 2023 Chrono and Hannah meet to discuss the matter of the Space Desk. A duel is formulated, and Hannah uses her skull for once!
Stealing from the Celestial Fairy Realm September 15th, 2023 The attack on heaven begins! Facing off against the guardians of the fairy heavens, can the heroes gain the immortality peaches for Yellow Pearl Voice? Perhaps!
Moonlight to Ease the Darkness September 7th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino tracks down Hannah to try to convince her to spare her Uncle's life. Usagi learns more of Hannah's inner turmoil, love is shared, and Hannah decides to at least consider mercy to be an option
Fries and Diet Coke September 5th, 2023 The Dark Kingdom hangs out at the mall.
The Blue Griffin's War Room (Slot Two) September 4th, 2023 Hannah gathers yet more of those closer to her at the Hotel Augusta in order to explain why she almost ended up dead, and Tharkadian Politics come to Earth.
The Blue Griffin's War Room September 4th, 2023 Hannah Steiner reveals herself and her plight to her compatriots, even as she asks for their help against their Uncle. Failing to push anyone away, she finds true friends and allies.
Digital Divide September 3rd, 2023 Chunks of the Artha fall out of space time, and everybody fights over them. Also the space police show up. Well. A space police.
A Thorough Belkan Education September 3rd, 2023 After interrupting Device Maintenance-slash-Religiousity, the misunderstanding is cleared and a friend made! Trager-chan gives Naru a very thorough Belkan education!
The Black Griffin and Riventon September 2nd, 2023 Count Otto recruits Takashi in gathering data on and slaying his Niece! Friendships are /not/ made. Nobles are jerks.
An Unfortunate Presentation August 27th, 2023 Kyouka shares what she has found out about Midnight Tokyo with her trusted allies.
The Ruler and The Mermaid August 25th, 2023 Yellow Pearl Voice returns a battered Hannah to her dorm after the attempt on her life. Coco learns of Hannah's circumstances, and the two form a bond of friendship, magical and mundane.
A Privateering We Will Go August 22nd, 2023 The Dread Pirate Jolly Roger catches up with Hannah after the attempt on her life, while the latter fruitlessly searches for her Uncle. A bargain is struck, and Jolly gets a friend and a letter of Marque.
Hunting the Blue Griffin Part 1 August 19th, 2023 Count Otto Bismark von Karstein-Steiner decides the time is ripe to end his pesky niece's life and claim what is his. It almost works, if not for the bravery and selflessness of the mahou at RHA.
Formalities and Hearts August 14th, 2023 Hannah and Amy have their second date! Secrets are unveiled, as are hearts, and a bond is cemented in Tharkadian formality.
Homework and Worries August 12th, 2023 Hannah and Ami get some quality studying time in, and catch up with each other's lives!
Two girls, two wheels, all danger August 11th, 2023 Hinoiri is trying to learn to drive with the tools she can currently access without dying... a scooter. Hannah 'helps'.
Le Cirque qui Brule August 10th, 2023 A witch's labyrinth lurks in Juuban, inviting the unwary to a circus where the shows flametacular ending never stops. Officer Usagi is on the case - and before she knows (or agrees to it) is joined by The Red Princess, Puella Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, and Trager des Blauer Greif. The civilians Madoka and Hinote are drawn into the drama as well, and meanwhile Haruko gets a Witch's Kiss - can all this really be wrapped up in one thirty-minute episode of Radiant Heart Academy?
No Youma, No Problem! August 4th, 2023 What Riventon and Sunbreaker hope will be a successful experiment, some of Radiant Heart Academy's magical girls are focused and working together to stop.
You Can, In Fact, Make Friends without Breaking A Few Legs. August 1st, 2023 Today is a big day for Hannah. Today is a day she reveals her reasons for being on Earth, of the pain in her heart, and her need to reach out to others. And there is lunch.
It's Totally A Date July 29th, 2023 A simple date night ends with feelings, the oddities of magic turning someone into a girl, and a first for Amy. SLEEPOVER!
Hannah Meets A Miko July 28th, 2023 Hannah visits the Hikawa Shrine.
Mistaken Circumstances Sure Do Hurt July 25th, 2023 Two old Devices meet in the most unlikely of planets, and Hannah suspects a plot. One case of violent mistaken identities later, and Koji has a new ally.
Self Defense 1 July 20th, 2023 At Kyouka's self-defense class, Sailor Moon gets paired up with Trager, aka Hannah Steiner for some Tiara excercises!
The Dreaded Paperwork July 17th, 2023 A routine physical to have Hannah's government records check out results in her very dubious background crumble in the face of one very mysterious nurse! Hannah and Setsuna reveal their true selves to one another, and true allies are gained!
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Mahou Training - the First! July 13th, 2023 Hannah's magical training session invites curious interlopers, and one very worried Runealy.
Roomies! Mahou Edition! July 11th, 2023 Hannah's new room mate arrives! Ami and Hannah hit it off pretty well despite, or perhaps because of, their polar-aspected personalities. At least they're both a little weird!
Night Parade July 11th, 2023 Chaos erupts at a museum when someone lets the cat out of the vase.
Of Barks and Friendship! July 6th, 2023 Hannah hosts an informal meet-n-greet-n-bark for the Animal Club! The Hero Club, and one delivery Mahou, joins in on the Friendship!
Mysterious Transfer Student July 3rd, 2023 A reluctant Hannah, yet another Mysterious Transfer Student, is called into Kyouka Inai's office. Things don't go as expected, Mahou Fight Club gains a new member!
Green With Envy July 1st, 2023 The chaos that comes from the first fight on a warm Saturday morning.
A Evening in the Park July 1st, 2023 Mio is selling some baked goods for the homeless and Encounters Hannah and her pet.


Title Date Scene Summary
Royal Troubles (Hannah Steiner) August 8th, 2023 In the wake of the attempt on her life, Hannah worries over the trouble she's brought upon those she cares for.
Text Dance Revolution! (Ami Mizuno) July 15th, 2023 Ami has a roller coaster of a night, studying instead of going to the dance and texting her new roommate.

Church of the Sankt Kaiser and Tharkad

Attendant Lore Here!:

-Though the planet is wholly under the control of the Steiner family in perpetuity, by religion and ancient treaties with the TSAB after the fall of the Belkan Empire, the Steiner family takes the official royal title as 'Count(ess)-Palatine' to reflect their belief in Olivie Sägebrecht also being a rightful ruler despite being dead for centuries. Were she to be cloned or resurrected, a crisis of government may well erupt, and House Steiner and the TSAB have protocols in place for just such an eventuality.

-House Steiner's patronage of the Church is one of the reasons that Belkan traditions and Magic Techniques have been so well preserved on the planet, their combined resources and sheer industrial output of the Merchant-Royals saving them quite successfully from post-Fall loss of magitek and knowledge.

-The more ancient Belkan Devices kept by the Steiner family are just as often left in the care of the Church, and those that aren't routinely are visited by Church Device Meisters to ensure their functioning and preservation. Some are considered holy relics.

-Blauer Greif in particular is both the symbol of office for a young Steiner royal who has been given Ruler-Apparent status and both advisor of the House as well as a holy relic. Destruction of or great harm to the Device is considered a failure of honor personal, on one's House, and a religious sin.

-So much a sin, that some would-be Steiner successors have gotten killed rather than risking harm to Blauer Greif. This has given the dour device a bit of a Complex.

Hannah's Daily Routine

A Mahou's Time in Sun and Moonlight:

Hannah General Routine

-Early riser. Breakfast usually minimal or just coffee/tea. -Exercise time, usually morning run or free-weight bag depending on weather and mood. -Shower and general cleanery -Prayer to the Sankt Kaiser -Classes -After-class training or self-improvement -Dinner -Homework/Studying -Post-Homework Relaxing Things -Possible Youma Patrol and Other Mahou Things -Night prayer to the Sankt Kaiser -Crash out

People She Knows

Persons of Interest:

Ami Mizuno - Hannah's first friend on Earth, her room mate, and a contrasting soul she treasures deep in her heart. She appreciates both that genius mind as well as Ami's myriad, lesser appreciated aspects such as her kindness, mousey adorable nature, how much work she puts into things bordering on the unhealthy - a trait they both share - and willingness to listen as well as indulge Hannah's eccentricities. The fact Ami's a secret romantic further endears her to the girl, and Hannah wants to see her dear compatriot find love. Struggling to help without scaring her off, being mindful of Japan's - to her - reserved culture. Doesn't know Ami's magic. Believes Ami is a soul that will change the world, and wants to protect her from the world's cruelties. Also wants to teach Ami to mix learning and pleasure, because she thinks the girl needs to let her bluenette locks down a little.

Amy Faust - First met at the RHA school dance, her voice and shyness at being appreciated has endeared the young woman to Hannah and has sparked a romantic interest. Does not know she's magic, but certainly thinks her voice is. Her 'Faustian Angel', and despite the ominous name Hannah wishes to learn more about her first heart-throb upon Earth.

Ikiko Hisakata - Met at the Animal Club, she's an odd sort with an affinity for animals that is uncanny. The fact Lyra and her can't seem to communicate is amusing, at least in animal speak. Wants to meet her again, she seems a good hearted girl with an odd talent, and Hannah finds her fascinating! Doesn't know she's magic.

Koji Silvia - Met him and Hanzo quite by accident as she was training near RHA. Hanzo - the Device - knew of her Great House and after some false assumptions and a fight? Things were cleared up. Taking the endearing young man on as an ally, and hating how she has to drag him in all thanks to Blauer Greif and Hanzo being aware of one another. Feels somewhat older-sisterly towards him despite being a year younger. Part of Scout Lance Terra alongside Rashmi. An ally who knows everything.

Kyouka Inai - Guidance counselor, a clear former troublemaker and self defense class teacher! Also aged-out Mahou mentor that cares. One of the few that knows of why Hannah's on Earth, and far too sharp for anyone's good. She respects Kyouka's blunt nature, and frankly considers her one of her unofficial advisory counsel while she's on planet. Would kidnap to Tharkad if she could, Kyouka is just too smart to not have on her team. Really wants to break those shields though and learn about her Device. Friend, teacher, and would-be living test dummy for every stupid spell she's dreaming up if Kyouka even remotely hints she'd allow it.

Mio Morita - An adorable and bright baked goods saleswoman, Hannah always makes a b-line for her friend whenever she smells that cart. Known for helping those less fortunate, she finds Mio to be a selfless sort. Perhaps a bit too much. She wants to teach Mio how to have fun and think about herself some time, and eagerly awaits a chance to do so!

Rashmi Terios - A local Mage with a very smart Device, Nichomachea. A greenhorn, but Hannah finds the young woman charming and attractive, and despite her touting of Belkan superiority she appreciates both support, indirect fire and more mystical assistance all the same. Part of Scout Lance Terra. An ally who knows everything. Still wants to teach her how to Get Punched Less in Glorious Magitek Melee Combat.

Rei Hino - Local Miko, potential friend, and a lovely voice to listen to! Willing to put up with her curiousity about Shintoism and even graciously allowed her to pray to the Sankt Kaiser after a few reassurances. Also apparently rather sassy when she wants to be! Given her number and offered lunch-slash-dinner. Doesn't know Rei's magic. Definitely wants to get to know her!

Setsuna Meiou - School nurse. Ally. Friend. Hannah and the older senshi have formed a magically-bonded formal alliance after the latter helped her fake enough documents to make her presence less suspicious and full of holes. Also has utterly broken down in the presence of the woman, and has zero regrets about doing so. Both know each other's story, and Hannah keeps the Outer Senshi's affairs close to her chest while seeking out anyone related to the old story of Queen Serenity. Considers Setsuna a mentor and confidant, something precious to a royal so far from home. She treats Setsuna's words as wisdom second only to the Sankt Herself, and vaguely attempts to follow it when enthusiasm doesn't overwhelm her braincase.

Usagi Tsukino - Hannah hasn't formally met Usagi, though has passed her by several times and her civilian form is in the same self defense class. She does, however, know her as Sailor Moon - the greenhorn magical girl with a title that her ally Sailor Pluto might be interested in. After a magical duel slash training session that went a little too far, she respects Usagi's innate power and despite initial impressions, her willingness to actually learn even if it requires being pushed hard. Luckily, Hannah likes pushing things. Considers Sailor Moon a would-be training partner and friend, and wants nothing more than to help her navigate the complicated cruelties of magical life as one more used to danger.