Text Dance Revolution! (Ami Mizuno)

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Text Dance Revolution! (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 15 July 2023
Location: The Girls' Dorms
Synopsis: Ami has a roller coaster of a night, studying instead of going to the dance and texting her new roommate.
Cast of Characters: Hannah Steiner, Ami Mizuno

Ami is halfheartedly studying in her dorm room while the Summer Dance happens in the sports pavilion elsewhere on campus. The music drifts on the breeze through her open window, and she closes her eyes. She leans back in her desk chair and lets herself do something she doesn't do often: Feel.

After her parents divorced when she was young, Ami learned to fend for herself. Her mother worked long, grueling hours at Juuban General Hospital as a doctor in the emergency department. It kept the two of them fed, clothed, and with shelter, but it was a hard adjustment.

It was still better than hearing her mother and father fight when they thought she was asleep, but it definitely wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Thankfully, or not, Ami's phone chirps to let her know she has a message before she can go too far down that particular rabbit hole. She picks up the mobile device and checks to see who's messaging her at this hour. Maybe her mother? Her hours are always weird.

Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, " - During the initial part of the Dance, from the Food Table- To RoomieMaus: How fares the studying, mein dear warrior of the library? For such a rural city as this, well, the effort is certainly appreciated. Don't overdo it. I'll be stealing you a go-bag selection. This punch isn't awful und not spiked for once. Or poisoned."

Ami blinks, but cannot help smiling at the first part of her roommate's cheerful message. The bit about spiked punch makes her scrunch up her face, because she's tried alcohol with her mother's permission and supervision. The stuff tastes awful to her. That last bit about poisoned punch, though, gives her a moment's pause before she begins to tap out a reply.

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "Return text to Hannah, put down as "HannoRoomie" in her phone: "Hi. I'm doing okay. Studying is going well! Warrior of the library? That's cute. <3 ...Tokyo is a rural city? Uh, okay. ^.^;; And thanks for the goodie bag! ...Poisoned punch? Who would--you know what, I don't want to know, I think...""

Setting the phone down, Ami closes the window a bit, muffling the music coming from the dance on campus. Turning back to her desk, she plugs her laptop in and opens a music player. Soon, new music fills the near-silence, overwhelming and deadening even the throbbing beat from elsewhere.

She is unsurprised when her phone chirps again. Hannah is a lovely roommate, truly, but the girl can talk! With a bit of a smile, Ami picks the phone back up.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RomieMaus - No field of study is beyond your most keen of minds, mein freund. I simply know it's very easy to let one's passions rule them. It's something of a...trait."

Tilting her head to one side as she ponders Hannah's words, Ami is about to reply when another text bubble comes up.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RoomieMaus = Smart girl. Hm. I hear the voice of an angel. Time to investigate~ Wish the Sankt's favor!"

She grins, then, and taps out her replies to both messages.

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: Ah. I see what you're saying now. I appreciate the concern."

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: Ooh, good luck!"

Her smile fades as she leans back in her chair again, and she listlessly taps at her homework. It's a multiple-choice thing. She could do it in her sleep, if she were honest, but. Good grades are necessary for her goals in life.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "-A couple minutes later - To RoomieMaus: Her name is Amy Faust. She is. So. So /adorable/! Reminds me a bit of you, in fact. I think you'll like her. Hm. Thought for later. Her reactions are precious. A delicate flower!"

Ami blinks, and a small, but genuine, smile crosses her lips. That's a way to find out your roommate is into girls, but it doesn't bug her. Girls are pretty, and Hanno liking them doesn't affect Ami at all. And if Hanno expresses interest in her sometime, well. It would be flattering!

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: Oh goodness! That sounds wonderful! I'm glad you're having a good time!"

She doesn't bother putting her phone down this time, as Hanno starts to reply almost immediately.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RoomieMaus: Fate's fickle blade has pierced the Frau's heart! To the dance floor, she agreed! Feet and heels do not fail me! Break time for you. Hydrate. You will forget else."

Blinking, Ami looks at the clock. She blanches, and reaches for a bottle of water from the mini-fridge she'd smuggled in. Twisting it open carefully, she sets the cap down beside her laptop. She takes a long drink before setting the bottle down and writing her reply.

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: Thank you for the reminder. Yes! I will have a small snack too. Have fun with your dance partner!"

Her phone chirps again while she's rummaging for the snack she promised to have. Are songs that short, or is she wandering around their room too long? She snags a small bag of beef jerky and heads back to her desk to read and reply.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RoomieMaus, after the Amy Dance: I did not expect that to be as wonderful as it was, Ami. She was so nervous, like a skittering. What the creature? Small warm thing. Ah, 'squirrel', yes! So terrified. But. She opened up. I think she needed that. It has been so long since I have felt someone melt into mein arms so completely. Well. I'll not speculate. You will like this one Ami! Milkshakes some time and new faces mein roomie? Und sankt willing, friends? Not pressuring you. Just an offer."

Hesitating, Ami is considering how to reply when Hannah sends another burst of text.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "How are /you/? I will send a picture of the foodstuffs."*

Breathing a sigh of relief, she answers both questions, but doesn't push. That's a lot. People are terrifying. She's still not comfortable with Hanno, to be honest, but the foreign girl is slowly working her way past Ami's self-defense.

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: That's so sweet! I'm so happy for you, Hanno! <3 Awww. That would be nice. I don't want to be a third wheel, but maybe. :)"

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: I'm doing okay. I have the window open, and some of the music is floating this way."

The window is still *technically* open, Ami thinks guiltily as she glances in that direction. And I'm only lying a little! She sighs and turns her choice in tunes up a bit with a couple of button taps before shaking her head.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RoomieMaus: If I understand that expression, I must most vigorously state NEIN! You have welcomed a foreigner far out of her depth with open arms, mein freund. Such a thing is a boon to mein House and does your own much honor und is a credit to your impeccable character. 'Freund' does you little justice. I. There is a word for it in mein language that is, without the formality of a noble title, amount to a civilian's equivalent of 'Knight' to another person as I understand is the term here. Or. Samurai I think? Acht, do not think too hard, this is already a wash!"

Ami stares at Hannah's words, swallowing around the lump that's grown in her throat. She's never taken compliments well, and... that was a lot. She swallows again and swipes at her eyes with the palm of her hand.

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "To HannoRoomie: ...I don't know what to say, but I'm in tears. Good ones! That was something I needed to hear, my friend. <3"

Ami sends the message before she finishes proofreading it, and she hesitates after seeing what she's called Hannah. But, what's said is said, and it would be rude to take it back.

And it's not like she can argue that Hannah's been anything but delightful to her. Truly, the other girl has essentially swept her up. Hannah Steiner, Force of Nature! A tornado, truly.

PHONE: Phoning Ami Mizuno, Hannah Steiner says, "To RoomieMaus=Also I do not believe being a politician, regretfully, shall ever be your calling Ami. Terrible at dissembling, I hate to inform you. I won't be much longer, I think I have milked this event for all its' due. Hah! Good, this rambling fool of a Steiner is still of worth it seems! Second drawer on mein nightstand has a handkerchief! Heart-Emoji!"

Staring at the phone in her hand, Ami blushes and wipes her eyes again. Maybe Hannah is a roller coaster inspired by a tornado.

Whatever she is, Ami is growing to be proud to call her "friend."

PHONE: Ami Mizuno says, "I... yeah. Thank you. <3"