Texts: Hospitals suck

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Texts: Hospitals suck
Date of Scene: 26 September 2023
Location: Text messages
Synopsis: Hannah texts Naru, bored from the hospital
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka, Hannah Steiner

(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: By the Sankt I hate hospitals frau Osaka. Also kark Dark Energy. You are recovered?
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Hospitals do, indeed, suck. Can I bring anything by to make them suck a little less? I'm glad you're recovered enough to complain at least! I'm recovered, back to normal.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: One of those milkshakes from the Game Crown would be /amazing/. Und jerky for Lyra. the Sankt bless you. ...Acht. Does Usagi know? Is she going to murder me?
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Does Lyra have a flavour preference? Do you, for that matter? Why would Usagi want to murder you? Because you got in a fight with her boyfriend?
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: Were I in her heels, I would have tracked the curr down, pull out the gauntlet, und challenge them to a duel pending their recovery, und leave them get well flowers.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: Spicy Teriyaki for Lyra, vanilla with caramel for me. Danke.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I don't think Usagi is really much the dueling type of girl. Flowers, maybe. Other than landing yourself in the hospital, was it a good fight?
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: As far as 'utterly humiliating' tends to go? ....Surprisingly entertaining. However, I maintain, without that karking dark energy I would have had him!!! The motorcycle-gravity-blade was genius. ....I know because that was likely what actually gave me the concussion.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: Can confirm, dark energy is a bit of a cheat code. I did stupid stuff with it when I was hopped up on it. Concussions /do/ suck though.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: All the more reason to never rest on one's laurels. Once mein head shan't explode, I shall redouble mein training that when next we meet, I shall prove far less of a roadbump to the Sankt Kaiserless heathen! /Dating usagi/! What is she thinking!? Dating the enemy!? This is how the Tharkadian Twenty-Seventh Civil War started!
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I perhaps wasn't supposed to acknowledge that Usagi's dating him. Whoops. I swear, I usually do better at keeping track of who is who to whom.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: ....Luckily that particular coin has already fallen into mein coffer. It /is/ difficult.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: He said I make her happy. Ugh. I wish to hate him, but...
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: My contact list is probably twice as long as the actual number of people in it. He makes her happy too. They are bloody /adorable/ together.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: I hate how that makes me like him more.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: He's hard not to like. I'm fond.
(PHONE) Hannah Steiner texts: He hardly seemed to enjoy his 'job' as it were. ...Admittedly his slacking was what at first irritated me so much. Amongst other acts of abject cowardice und dishonor.
(PHONE) Naru Osaka texts: I wouldnt go too hard on him. He's got a lot going on.