61/Roomies! Mahou Edition!

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Roomies! Mahou Edition!
Date of Scene: 11 July 2023
Location: Dorms
Synopsis: Hannah's new room mate arrives! Ami and Hannah hit it off pretty well despite, or perhaps because of, their polar-aspected personalities. At least they're both a little weird!
Cast of Characters: Hannah Steiner, Ami Mizuno

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Classes have let out for the day roughly two hours ago, and the dorms are pretty lively overall. It's the perfect time for homework, ignoring your homework, video games, and so many other typical teenage shenanigans. And with the rise in so many transfer students? More than one person is moving in.

Hannah had her dorm spotless about two days ago after hearing her ad had borne fruit. A bit of research to get the vague shape of her new roomie - the rumor of absurdly good grades and a relative lack of friends gives her a good idea - but there's no substitute for face time. The dorm side that's going to be Ami's is pristine, both due to lack of use and Hannah's festidiousness. Not even any Razorhound hair! Hannah's is...well, orderly as all heck. Almost everything has a label in japanese and braille, clearly has a Spot, and just looks like a miniature kingdom of Stuff from how she's placed it. Strangely, for someone with such expensive looking clothes, Hannah doesn't have many trinkets aside from a square-shaped object the size of a picture frame...a Storage Device, but few would know that. Most of it seems like school stuff. Of course with the massive beast of a guide dog she has? It might be a room thing. He's practically a couch. Also hats. So many bowlers. She might have a problem. The couch is a bit more ornate than most and there's a proper punching bag in one corner connected to the ceiling.

Which is exactly where Hannah's at as she awaits her new roomie and hopefully friend. Knuckles wrapped up, some upbeat jazz flowing in the room, dressed in track shorts and a sleeveless athletics shirt, fists, elbows, legs, and knees hammer into the bag as Lyra occasionally barks her opinion. Blauer Greif is leaning on a chair nearby, sending her physical data and critiques of her form.

Hannah's one of habit. Exercise time is important.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami hesitates outside the door to the room, before knocking. Her luggage, what little of it there is, splays artlessly but neatly at her feet. She holds her breath for a moment before forcing herself to breathe, while she waits for her new roommate to answer the door.

    She, too, has done her research on her new roommate. Before she answered the ad, even. The bluenette feels confident--well, as confident as she ever does with interpersonal interactions--about this. Well, maybe. Right now she wants to turn tail and run, back to her mother's apartment, back to Juuban High, back to comfort and--if not safety, then at least the familiar.

    She shakes her head and, when her soft knock isn't answered, tries the door.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
The door comes open easily, Ami being expected of course! And so poor nervous Ami is immediately hammered in the face by a few things. First, a very, very large wall of fluff and muscle is barking at her over the jazz music and exercise. Thankfully it's friendly, and Lyra is wandering over to nip at her bags, and with a muffled 'ark', is pulling them in. The dog moves...just slightly /weird/.

Then there's Hannah, who upon a ping from her Device, turns around with a thousand watt grin towards the door as she punches down the music. Not off, but down.

"Someone there? Guten aben, mein freund! Frau Mizuno, I'm assuming? Welcome, welcome! Don't mind Lyra, she only eats idiots! No standing at the door like a cat caught in the rain, come come in with you!" Came Hannah forceful and friendly and a bit imperious all at once.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami freezes for a moment, but her hand moves to pet the dog without thinking. She prefers cats, but--well, dogs are friends, as well. "Yes, and I assume you are Frau Steiner?" Ami says to Hannah in heavily-accented German. She speaks it fairly well, but is nowhere near a native speaker. She smiles shyly, before something pings in her memory. The dog moving strangely doesn't bother her too much, but she looks down at Lyra anyway, switching to Japanese for a moment. "Is this a service dog? May I pet her?" she asks, her hand already in the good girl's fur. She doesn't stop unless instructed, though. Soft fur, warm fur, comfy and a friend...

    After a moment's hesitation, she says, "Hello, do you prefer Japanese or German?" she asks, with the tiniest of smiles. She begins hauling her stuff in. She's not particularly strong, but she is agile, so this process only takes a trip or two. Plus, she's traveled light.


Hannah Steiner has posed:
To hear her own language - or at least, one that's only a cultural drift away from home - coming out of the mouth of one of the locals and her roomie at that? Well she's glad for her glasses as it helps hide the embarrassment of just how home sick she is. Her expression softens for a second, and when she speaks again she hopes she hides how touched she is.

"None other! Two of me would probably kill each other!" She says with the verbal equivalent of a wink before she towels off her sweating forehead, grabs her Device and hat, and then taps over to help throw a suitcase over one shoulder.

"You may! So polite. That means a lot, most people mean well, but most people also don't think." A shrug. And then she considers. "As much as I'm impressed, Japanese for now. Still learning, you see, hard to not slip into Tha...into the home tongue as it is."

Ponder. "Right! So, shower that way - I promise not to look." She teases, trying to hammer down any potential ice with her new roomie.

"Don't be shy about the couch, free-bag is all yours when I'm not using it, und feel free to grab anything you need. Just try not to mess with anything labeled too much, or tell me if you do, hm?" Comes Hannah, getting the ground rules out of the way.

"What about you? You seem sweet, Frau Mizuno. I want you to be comfortable mein freund."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami catches that emotion, and it endears Hannah to her. She smiles, nods, catches the slip of the tongue, but says nothing and doesn't acknowledge it whatsoever. Interesting. The mystery grows.

    Ami blushes at the mention of the shower but nods, looking in that direction. "I am pleasantly surprised we have bathrooms in the dorm rooms proper," she says. "It's a small room, but we'll manage, yes?" She smiles shyly, tilting her head a bit. Then, the blush returns, her eyes going wide. "What about me?" she asks, startled. "I appreciate that, but--" She shrugs, sitting on the bottom bed bunk carefully. Especially so if it's obviously Hannah's! "I don't know," she says, shyness intensifying. "I don't think I'm terribly interesting." A shrug, and she tucks a lock of her blue hair behind her left ear.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"Well of course! As long as you can put up with a gigantic fuzz-tail and mein mouth, it'll be fine! Still." She rubs her chin, and flops down beside Ami with all the ease as if she's known the other girl her whole life. Clearly she's one of those that just likes people. And from the warmth in her voice, she's already quite fond of the bluenette.

"Oh COME now! You might be a bit...how shall we say...mousey? In mein. But that just makes me want to know more. Come, come, tell me about yourself. There is more to you than too much cram school and the grades to match." Grin! Sorry Ami, she's been looking too and is shameless enough to dangle it over your head.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami blushes harder. "I, um. I like to read? I enjoy chess. I also love to swim," she offers to Hannah with shy pleasure at someone taking an interest in her beyond her grades. She doesn't even flinch or seem offended at being called mousey! She acknowledged that a while ago.

    Looking around Hannah's half of the room, Ami says thoughtfully, hand once again in Lyra's fur, "You know how to fight? I signed up for the self-defense classes being taught, but... I've never thrown a punch in my life," she admits. She's not a magical girl, then? But something may not add up for Hannah, depending on how well she reads that kind of thing.

    She starts to relax, finally, feeling welcomed in Hannah's kindness, warmth, and curiosity about her. Ami considers the room. "You may be more organized than me, Hannah-san," she says, with the first hint of levity in her voice. "I am impressed."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Ami has activated Lyra's trap card! Soon the big dog is climbing up into the bed, carefully maneuvering around to turn the bunk into a very comfy couch. Hannah's clearly used to this, as she crosses her legs and lays back on the massive Razorhound. Lyra's head is riiiight in petting range for Ami now!

"Oh mein Sankt Kaiser, if you added, what was it, 'manga' to that list I would be shaking you until the nerd fell out of you!" Teased Hannah good naturedly. A brow went up. "You know, I've never actually learned to swim. Hah, I see we've both failed to avoid Frau Inai's long grasp!" That put a thought in her head.

"Mmm! Consider it a...ah, /tradition/ that one is honor-bound to take. Though not a burden. Und to teach you would be an /honor/, Ami. When it comes to this, I think my duty seriously. If you wish to study under me, it will be difficult, painful, und I will push you past what you think you can accomplish. But. You will succeed because you strike me as the sort of person whom enjoys bettering herself. We are in agreement, gna Frau Mizuno?" Her voice was suddenly formal and speech measured, as if what this outgoing girl is proposing is rather important somehow. She actually stands up, cane in one hand as she awaits an answer in a...militaristic? Noble even? straight-backed stance.

The warm pulls back into her voice though. "A bit of a necessity! Even with help, well, life's difficulties and all that! We all find our ways. Oh, right, and the mini-vac is in the closet." Lyra growf's at that dig at her shedding!

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami is snuggling into the dog-couch and petting Lyra when they talk about manga. She blushes but says good-naturedly, "Romance manga. I like romance," she admits. "I don't think I've mentioned that to anyone before..."

    Then Hannah gets weirdly formal, and Ami tilts her head. "I am very interested in bettering myself," she says thoughtfully, looking at Hannah with shrewd eyes. "I will study under you." She says, nodding, after a bit more thought. "I think it would be good!" A small smile, warm, is directed at Hannah.

    Then, she laughs, even as she files that whiplash-y moment in the back of her head. Lyra's objection is noted, and Ami gives her a scritch.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah doesn't have her shoes on, so the effect of heel-to-toe tapping is...less than the usual effect. But the rest of her pulls it off, one hand folded at her waist while she gives a half-bow and then a dip of the knees. Straightening, she takes her cane in both hands and gives a firm /whap/ of the ground as she leans on it. "Und so it is done, and agreed."

Whatever /that/ was dove tails into Hannah crashing, almost literally, back down into bed and doggo as if she's glad to get the stifling formalities out of the way. Whatever cultural chains this girl is in, they run deep.

"Never hurts for a girl to know how to defend herself. Things are getting bad out there! Strange accidents, gas leaks. I aught to go shake a local beamter or engineer out of their complacency." She grumbles even though she knows well that magic is happening in the city.

Hannah laughs. "Oh, a /romantic/!? Ami Mizuno! Worry not, I'll keep your secret safe and promise to only rib you a little bit. At least until the boy or girl of your dreams wanders into your orbit." Griiiiin!

Ami Mizuno has posed:
    Ami watches this formal weirdness with a polite expression. But she giggles softly when Hannah returns to her seat in silly fashion. Still, Ami's going to have to do some research...

    "That's absolutely true," Ami says. It's so... weird. Yes." She grins despite the heavy topic at hand. Then, she blushes and rolls her eyes at Hannah in good-natured amusement. "I don't know if I feel threatened or amused," she admits to her roommate and new friend.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah's brows flick upward in mischief! "Well that entirely depends on whether you share or not!" The ancient tradition of manga-based blackmail has begun! Clearly they were meant to be roomies. Ami's being threatened with a knuckle to the top of her noggin. She ponders for a second.

"Ah, right, dinner and the like. I, erm, let us just say I am learning to cook. Not exactly a chef for every student here." Comes Hannah, perhaps slightly awkwardly for someone so good at talking.

"Und, so, I might need to lean on you while I learn. Besides. I would love to learn more about local food from a local." Smile! She sounds eager, at least.