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Fries and Diet Coke
Date of Scene: 05 September 2023
Location: Four Clover Mall
Synopsis: The Dark Kingdom hangs out at the mall.
Cast of Characters: Mamoru Chiba, Naru Osaka, Adrien Agreste, Zoisite, Jadeite, Pyrite, Kiseru, Hannah Steiner, Nephrite

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"I don't like those shoes with that shirt," says the Dark General with the shaggy 'grown out short-back-and-sides' hair and the cape. That's Hematite, of course. He pulls his really big soda closer and leans to drink from the straw, but there's plenty of soda still in there so it doesn't make The Sound. Then he stuffs some fries in his mouth.

The food court at the mall is getting busier since school let out for the day and not everyone has clubs, and coming back from summer break is always rough.

Naru Osaka has posed:
There are so many things that Naru should be doing after school. Homework. Prep-work for club stuff. Prep-work for other stuff. More homework. Training and working out and...

Instead, Naru has her satchel slung across her body and she's checking her phone as she heads towards the foot court, clearly looking for someone. Naru did take the time to change out of her school uniform into a t-shirt that has a kitty in a witches hat surrounded by stars and vaguely ominous green smoke that reads 'Science is Magic' paired with a short green skirt. She waves in Hematite's direction, clearly having been looking for him in specific and heads over towards his table.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste surprisingly had no clubs today. He could go train on his own, but the alure of getting to explore a bit more and enjoy some downtime was not one he was about to pass up. The school uniform had been removed and folded neatly into his bag to be replaced by his usual casual attire. Making his way through the mall he pauses to regard stores they didn't have in Paris only breifly while making his way to the Most Important Area: The food court.

When he breaks away from the line of stores into the food court area he spots Naru by accident causing a sudden hop to his step. At least he can say hello to a friend while here! Though she seemed busy. "Hi, Naru!" He greets with hand raised to wave cheerfully at her.

Only to pause as his eyes slide past her to another storefront with a sudden striken look. "Ah. It begins," he mutters wearily. The storefront had a larger banner bearing his face and the 'Gabriel' brand name declaring they were carrying the Paris line now.

Adrien opens up the front of the satchel he carries to pull out a white baseball cap that he tugs on quietly. Just in case.

Zoisite has posed:
    "Sweetie, they're the same exact shoes and shirt that you're wearing. If you don't like it, file for a change of uniform." Zoisite replies as he carefully lines up the paper straw wrapper leftovers of Hematite's brutal sacking of a plastic sucky tube (aka a straw), and irons it out flat with his fingertips, working out the wrinkles.

    Zoisite is hanging out at the same table as Hematite, in his full Shitennou attire (along with his high-heeled boots). It was his idea to be here. It's a brilliant strategy, really. By just hanging out in the open they will be a blatant distraction for any Enemies in the area, and since they aren't actually doing anything wrong nobody among the Mundanians will have anything to complain about, and also it will annoy any good guys who try to do something about it so it will be funny too. A perfect plan.

Jadeite has posed:
    Trying studiously to ignore the company at the table with him, a toussle-haired man is reading a book while Hematite and Zoisite make utter fools of themselves.

    It's a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip compilation book. Serious business, all told.

Pyrite has posed:
    There is a young girl with long black hair and a slightly differently styled black version of the Shitennou uniform also at the table. She has red eyes with white pupils and is sitting quietly with her hands folded in her lap and one leg crossed over the other. She does chime in about the uniforms. "What if we make the uniforms black?" she asks with extreme subtlety as to her motivations. Pause. "Wait, are the uniforms not part of your bodies like mine is?"
    Noticing someone waving, Pyrite raises a gloved hand and waves back excitedly! Almost nobody waves at her! How fun! If nobody else is getting anything out of this gathering, Pyrite is at least.

Kiseru has posed:
    A short-haired goth-looking woman mostly in black, and matching makeup, has shoved together several tables and the associated chairs to produce a mega-table. She is also smoking while she sits there at the mega-table, alone, with a single black coffee in front of her. She blows out a stream of smoke while the owner of the mall's nearby Subway booth tries to politely insist that she can't smoke here, and that she is taking up tables that could be used by other patrons. She just responds, "I'm having a coffee." And makes a distracted shooing motion.

    Uncertain of what else to do, the manager turns around and slinks away, defeated for all time. Kiseru is surely basking in the ashes of his humiliation right now while she nurses her single black coffee.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
It is literally already funny; it was a most excellent plan. "They might make me give up my cape. I am never giving up my cape," he says firmly to Zoisite-- and then Hematite waves toward Naru and slides a greasy paper bag across the table in her direction with a grin. "They should still be hot!" he calls out, and then quiets when someone else waves and calls out Naru's name.

'Someone else'?

He leans closer to Zoisite and whispers, "That's my next door neighbor."

Since Jadeite is ignoring them, and Calvin and Hobbes is more interesting than fries to him, Hematite absolutely ignores him in return. It's pOiNtEd. He slides the draw up and down in the lid once, at him.

"No," he says to Pyrite cheerfully, "the uniforms are clothes. I mean, magic, they show up when I transform, but mine aren't made of what you're made of, so I literally don't know how that works, but it's not my job so I don't worry about it."

Hannah Steiner has posed:
There is, as it happens, entertainment at the mall today! On a small stage not too far away from the Shitennou and compatriots, is one Hannah Steiner dressed in an appropriately period-accurate toga. Ruined a touch by the fact she still has her hat and glasses and heels on!

"Freunds! Romans, landsleute! Lend me your ears!" Comes the young woman dramatically, hands spread as if to embrace the whole mall! Her voice carries, Hannah quite the orator!

"I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him! The evil that men do lives after them, but the good is often buried with their bones!" Lyra happily barks in agreement, before hopping up on her paws, which Hannah then grasps, picking up the massive 'dog' into her arms, only to kneel as if burying the space lizard.

Lyra makes an appropriate 'dying' hiss-bork, and flops on the ground, rolled over, tongue sticking out! Blep!

Naru Osaka has posed:
On her way towards the table, Naru hears her name and turns. Her smile is warm as she spots Adrien. "Hey Adrien." She follows his gaze to the store that causes him to look striken.

She considers the billboard and then looks back to him now wearing a baseball cap. "Ahh, your Dad's stuff, hmm? Maybe it won't be so bad?" She doesn't sound super optimistic on that front, but she's trying at least.

The happy waving from Pyrite at the table full of 'ites causes Naru to look over there again and now add a smile to her wave back. "I've got fries waiting for me, are you headed for food as well?" She asks Adrien, having spotted Hematite's slide of the bag in her direction.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste grins back at Naru almost sheepishly when she returns the greeting along with the attempt at reassuring him. "It's okay, I'm kind of used to it. It was nice for awhile not being recognized while going around though," he has to admit.

As she was headed to a table and had people waving to her he looks toward the oddly garbed group--Were those the uniforms of another school? They looked a bit more stuffy if so. "Yes, I was just about to grab something to snack on. Do you mind if I join you and your friends? I can get you something too," he offers while tossing a smile in the direction of the table. More specifically toward that cute little girl, clearly someone's sister, who had waved so enthusiastically. Another finger-waggled wave is given before gripping hold of the strap to his bag.

There's no recognition on his face at the sight of Hematite. Plus there's the distraction of someone reciting Ceasar which pulls his glance away breifly. "Drama club?" he wonders.

Zoisite has posed:
    "Perhaps I can persuade them to let you keep the cape." Zoisite says as he lays himself across the entire table to purloin some fries. There's no way he didn't sanitize it before he even sat down, don't worry, it's fine. "I have my ways, you know." he says meaningfully while looking up at Hematite with bedroomy eyes and a murderous smile that stretches from ear to ear. When Pyrite asks about the uniforms, Zoisite sits up enough to prop himself up on one elbow and hold his cheek in his hand. "Weren't you supposed to be more competent now or something?" he asks archly. "What has our fearless leader been teaching you if you don't already have an entire warehouse full of outfits?"

    The incoming Naru goes unnoticed or unaddressed.

Jadeite has posed:
    Jadeite expresses his displeasure at being denied fries by ignoring Hematite even harder. He does mutter something about Susie Derkins being kind of a bitch though. Like, god, just loosen up already. Says the most uptight person in the entire Shitennou, who keeps trying to involve people in his hobbies or attach himself to other people's plans, and--Okay wait maybe Susie Derkins is an alright kid after all.

Kiseru has posed:
    There's some sort of commotion that has the goth woman looking up briefly. A giant lizard? It's been a while since has seen one of those. "There goes the neighborhood." she sighs under her breath about the presence of Belkans in Tokyo. Siiiiip.

Pyrite has posed:
    Pyrite looks alarmed at the possibility she might have her cape taken away, reaching over to pull it into her lap for safety. She is immediately distracted by the admonishment about her wardrobe. "Oh, I bought some clothes recently. They are only for when I am you-know-what though." It's crazy how that girl approaching looks like her brother's friend. What was her name again? The one with the face? No, not the blonde. It'll come back to her eventually. She puts her hand through her face and pulls out her phone as she remembers she was going to send her Hematite-senpai a meme she saw recently.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I'm rather invading, I only know two of them, so it'll rather be up to them on if they mind." Naru replies easily to Adrien as she moves towards the offered fries waiting for her at the table full of shitennou. The uniforms don't seem to cause her even a moment of blink.

"Hi Hematite. Hi Pyrite." Naru greets both of the pair that she knows and then looks over to the others at the table and she smiles her greeting. "Hi."

She leaves it wholly up to Adrien on if he's feeling crazy enough to join this motley crew or not.

Naru reaches for the fries that Hematite got for her. "Thanks for the fries, mind if I settle in and join you?"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Bedroom eyes. Hematite leans just a little closer in to Zoisite, on the table. He curls a wrist under his chin as Zoisite steals his fries. "You never use your ways on me," he says in exaggerated disappointment, and then he sits up again. "I mean except sometimes."

He glances over at the 'entertainment' and scrunches his nose. "Is that Shakespeare? The translation is weird--"

Hematite leans toward Jadeite and holds out a single solitary fry, and then his phone buzzes, so if Jadeite isn't fast about taking it it's vanished into Hema's mouth so he can brush his hand off on his trousers and check his messages.

He looks up and slow-blinks at Pyrite--

--and then Naru is there! :D and he slides a chair out by pushing it with his foot, from under the table. "Go for it! This is Zoisite," he gestures, "and ignoring us is Jadeite."

Nephrite has posed:
    "Assuming there are enough chairs," comes the baritone voice of a broad-shouldered man in the same uniform as the others (sans Pyrite) from behind Naru. He just sort of appeared there. Or maybe he was there the whole time, who knows? The Veil knows! He also looks meaningfully across the way at the mega-table with all of its hijacked seats. Someone is very greedy. "Sorry, I'm late. I got held up." Nephrite says as he maneuvers around to steal a chair from the mega-table and bring it over to the Awesome Table.

    He is doing an excellent job of not freaking out over knowing anyone here, especially not Naru, but he's already internally wondering what absolute petri dish of a human being thought this was a good idea.

    He also makes sure to seat himself so that he can read over Jadeite's shoulder.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste ahs quietly in understanding at Naru's quick explanation. None the less he follows just a half-step behind Naru over to the table giving a nod toward all there. "Hello," he greets super politely. No seriously he's using the most formal Japanese he can and trying very hard not to let his accent through. Usually he only had issues when there were a lot of vowels. French was very... Loose on vowels. "I'm Adrien, a friend of Naru-chan. Would you mind if I joined as well? I was just about to grab a snack if anyone would like anything," he offers gesturing toward the various shops around.

Of course there was suddenly a very tall man behind Naru speaking up which causes poor Adrien to half-jump as he looks toward him. "Ah--I can grab more chairs too." He realizes.

Kiseru has posed:
    The goth woman scowls at Nephrite as he takes away one of her carefully collected chairs. She scowls even more darkly at Adrien when he mentions further robbery. Thieves! Thieves the lot of them! She sluuuuurps her coffee loudly and pointedly as a warning, much in the same way that a rattlesnake slurps its own coffee loudly and pointedly as a warning.

Jadeite has posed:
    Jadeite snatches up the fry and defends it with his life as some big tall vulture perches right behind him. "Get your own," he hisses at Nephrite, ignoring the fact that single french fry wasn't his to begin with either. Maybe he was also talking about the book, as he jealously hunches over it and brings the covers closer together to make it harder to read by anyone other than him.

    He does look up at Naru with a sour expression, and then across at Pyrite and Zoisite. "This was a mistake." he mutters as he stuffs the fry in his mouth.

Zoisite has posed:
    "You were a mistake," Zoisite snaps back in an extremely predictable manner. Then he gestures at Naru. "Yes, fine, if you can get the Bridge Master over there to surrender one of her precious thrones. I think it's going to become increasingly difficult the more of them that are absconded with though." He next focuses on Hematite, as he says in a remarkably accurate rendition of a woman in her mid-twenties, "Oh? Then I shall have to give you some remedial classes to make up for it after school. Private lessons." Eyelash flutter.

    Zoisite's mood shifts when Nephrite finally sits down. "Oh my gods, can you not even sit at the table itself like a civilized person? You have to sit behind someone else? You are dragging our names through the mud by association with your mannerless behavior, you crass ass!"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Fine with me!" says Hematite to Nephrite and Adrien, and then he gestures expansively for Adrien to take a chair from wherever and have a seat wherever.

Then he has mercy on Jadeite and pushes the fries slowly across Zoisite's field of vision in Jadeite's direction. And Nephrite's. "Nah," he then tells Adrien, "I mean unless you want to get enough fries to feed an army."

Since he's stopped ignoring Jadeite, he firmly ignores the pointed coffee-slurping from the goth girl, and he waggles his eyebrows at Zoisite. "Private lessons, ehhhh?" And this is why Hematite's hopeless.

The tone shift comes at the unfortunate moment that the black-haired General is taking another sip of his soda, and he has to grab frantically for a napkin to cough into.

Pyrite has posed:
    Happy to meet new people, after greeting Naru, Pyrite takes the lead in inviting Adrien to sit with them. "Hello! I am Pyrite, Apprentice to Lord Hematite-senpai of the Dark Kingdom! If you are to sit with us, you must first pass a test!" She then takes her hand out of her lap and puts an entire sword on the table in front of her. Just... A sword. Sitting there.
    She waits expectantly with a bright smile on her face.

Naru Osaka has posed:
Before Naru can sit down, there's a baritone voice from well over her head /right/ behind her. She tips her head back to look up at Nephrite. "Clearly you are part ninja." She gives her head a little shake and then chuckles easily as she slides into the seat offered to her by Hematite.

Naru considers Zoisite's snappy comments and then looks at the seat that Hematite offered. "Done!" She smiles brightly, apparently not willing to rise to the cranky bait.

Naru opens up her bag of fries, and removes the paper cup from within, shaking about half of them onto the bag. She nudges the rest of the cup closer to the middle of the table. "Fair game. I was going to offer them to Jadeite, but looks like he's been well covered."

Naru glances over to Pyrite's introduction and the sword that she's now got in front of her. "Nice sword, Pyrite."

Kiseru has posed:
    "Answer me these questions three, e're another chair you see." the goth lady begins theatrically when Adrien is warned he may need to challenge her for a seat.

    "WHY... Do you need so many chairs over there?" she asks as her first question, while sitting at four tables pushed together and most of the chairs sitting unoccupied around it.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
A glance to the chair hostage causes Adrien to pause with an apologetic look cast her way. He had just been intending to ask politely, or even go so far as to walk a bit further away to obtain a chair. At least until Pyrite speaks greeting him in that manner before pulling out a sword.

A toy sword! How cute!

More than willing to play along for a cute little girl, Adrien responds with a properly theatrical performance! The sword is taken by the center of the hilt and drawn in close to his hip. A quick two-step back is taken to gain proper room before it's unsheathed and snapped up in a quick, proper salute.

"Why of course, My little Lady, what would you have me do?"

It takes a moment to sink in. Just a moment. The weight was wrong for a toy. It was wrong for a practice sword. He stands there, drawn sword raised in salute as he often did at fencing practice, only for a long, slow realization to dawn.

"...This isn't a toy sword..." He utters quietly in French while his smile turns suddenly rather ... stiff and awkward. Not to mention it felt *WEIRD*.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Hematite lifts a finger and holds it in front of his mouth, at Adrien, and goes 'shhhhhhh.'

Pyrite has posed:
    Pyrite's eyes go wide as Adrien picks up the sword and unsheathes it. That definitely isn't what she expected him to do! Well, it passes her test. She holds out her hand for the sword's return. "Hm! Impressive! So you know what a sword is. In that case, you may sit with us." Yes, it was really that simple. She just wanted to make sure that Adrien was a fellow sword expert.

Nephrite has posed:
    Nephrite expresses mock offense at Jadeite's assumption that he would want a used french fry. "Fine, be the way then." he says huffily as he turns his attention back on the new people joining them. Should he know Adrien? Is this another person who was added to the group when he wasn't looking? Stone-faced, as Adrien passes Pyrite's test, Nephrite says very seriously, "And there you have it." Then he gestures at a chair. Wait, was that chair there before? Doesn't matter, because it's there now. Psychoplasm generation is such a useful power to have.

Kiseru has posed:
    A quiet but loud enough to be heard because it was probably meant to be heard, 'Tch!' comes from the Kiseru Lady's table as she is denied the chance to question a stranger about their motives in wanting a chair. The manager of the Subway comes back over with another staffer to insist she put out her cigarette at least, so she busies herself with denying and emasculating him further.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Hush. Quiet. Don't make a big deal out of it. The gesture from Hematite is duly noted by the currently sword-weilding Adrien. Adrien who carefully and calmly slides the sword back in it's sheath trying to ignore that itchy, prickly feeling that reminded him somehow of an Akuma--but not? Hopefully the Subway employees currently grilling the goth woman wouldn't realize he'd had a drawn, fully real weapon a half second ago.

The sword is offered back to Pyrite held in both hands and placed down on the table gently. "Always a pleasure to meet another swordswoman. I'm helping Naru-chan practice as well," he remarks conversationally TRYING to make this exchange a bit more normal. Hopefully. Please.

When Nephrite gestures to the chair that was suddenly there--You know what. He's going to roll with it. It seemed safest, and Naru wasn't worried, so he would follow her lead for now.

"Thank you. Pleasure to meet you all."

Jadeite has posed:
    Looking up from his story about a boy and his stuffed tiger making clones in order to do homework and clean his room, as any sensible young boy should, Jadeite eyeballs Adrien. Well, he has a chair, and he passed the test, so it's probably okay. "I'm fine, yes. I can always order my own food if I need it." Then he goes back to his book. Tick. Tick. Tick. His head comes back up as he looks at Naru hard. This is supposed to be a social gathering, but it just clicked for him where he has seen her before. No, not the library. Before that.

    The girl he promised to hurt to get back at Sailor Moon.

    An unpleasant smile appears on his lips before he directs his attention back to his book again. "So, Osaka, you were here at the mall during that incident, yes? Did you ever get your shoes back?"

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru watched the sword demo while nibbling on her fries and nods easily at the mention of her own sword training, such as it is. There's a barely there glance to the commotion over at the mega table. "It /is/ a nice sword, Pyrite." She notes to the younger girl.

Naru quirks a brow at Jadeite's question, taking a moment to swallow before she shrugs. "Alas, but no. Cute flats that clearly were never to be." She considers him a moment, and that smile. "I don't remember seeing you there."

Zoisite has posed:
    Puffing himself up over being ignored by Nephrite, Zoisite is about to get catty when Jadeite starts with his Jadeite nonsense. "Please, can't you get along with people for one day? Just one day. That's all I ask. It's not difficult to just not pick fights with people over their taste in shoes." He then turns to give a meaningful look at Hematite over his earlier complaint over Zoisite's boots. "Some of us put so much effort into our selections. It takes long, hard hours of laboring in the dressing room, finding just the right accessories for one's outfit, and then some mule of a man comes along and starts asking invasive questions about your foot size."

    He leans towards Pyrite. "If nothing else, learn this from me. If someone starts asking after your shoe size unsolicitied, run the opposite direction." He grabs several french fries while he provides this lesson, thanks to Naru moving them within range. She's an okay kid after all!

    He also picks up his diet coke and tries to take a drink before realizing he's empty. Rotating half-way in his seat, Zoisite holds up his cup towards the McDonald's kiosk and calls out, "Barkeep! Another round!"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste ponders his life choices while sitting there for a few moments, and the tension at the table seems to shift from amusement, to wariness to outright sass between Jadeite and Zoisite. At last he has a brilliant idea! Drinks. "Oh, I should get a drink too. Naru?" he asks glancing at her please please tell him a drink.

Either way he rises from his seat flashing a smile befitting any model. "I'll be right back!" Yes, Adrien, go stare at the soda machine for fifteen minutes and debate the wisdom of this entire situation.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Oh, you know my friend Naru?" Hematite asks Jadeite cheerfully, then looks at his fries in front of the fluffy-haired blond General, and reaches very pointedly to start sliding them back. He glances between Jadeite and Nephrite. "She was a great help that day. Have you met Naru, Nephr--" he starts, and then Zoisite, and Hematite cough-laughs, and he finishes, "Nephrite. She's cool."

And Zoisite is still going, and the leader of the Shitennou slides down in his chair. Adrien has the right idea. Maybe he'll even come back with diet coke. He might cry in the restroom though. Unlikely but possible. Hematite certainly feels like crying in the restroom, but possibly crying laughing.

"You might have had enough, Zoi," he tells the prettiest blond at the table.

Pyrite has posed:
    Pyrite accepts the sword back happily, and starts to take it off the table to put back wherever she got it from, but then it's mentioned that Naru is also learning how to use a sword. She hesitates, wondering if she needs to administer the test to Naru as well... But Naru is already seated, and having some sort of reunion with Jadeite, so she decides it's a bit late for that now. "Yes. Everyone I know uses a sword. It's an important trait." she replies gravely, unaware of the darker undertones of some of these interactions. She leans towards Zoisite, mirroring his actions, in order to listen to this lesson.
    "Hm! Yes! I understand completely!" The next time she visits a shoe store, she will truly show the employees what-for by running away from them!

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Alright.. now I have to." Naru leans back a little in her chair to be able to peer under the table and consider Zoisite's footwear choice today. There's a low whistle and Naru nods. "Zoisite, you picked good. I like 'em. Good choice." She nods, as if her approval is in any way shape or form relevant.

"I'm good, thank you Adrien." Naru offers after the other boy who has, probably wisely, fled. Because there's good choices, and then there's hanging out here.

Naru reaches for another fry, because she is clearly not making good life choices at the moment.

"I have used a sword, Pyrite, so apparently I still fit. I don't often, but I have." Naru gives a little shrug and then offers a smile to the ninja Nephrite. "Hi Nephrite. Apparently I'm cool. I think that's a questionable assessment, but I'm hardly one to argue with Hematite about my cool level. That would be even /less/ cool."

Nephrite has posed:
    "Hm. Perhaps I have seen her. Jadeite appears to have some prior knowledge as well." Nephrite says evasively. He cranes his neck to see the precious comic strips now that Jadeite has sat up a bit. "Bladework is a life skill. I'm not sure I could respect anyone who can't even handle a sword. Unless they were able to handle something else, like mathematics, art, computer programming, dancing, or the like." So, basically he respects anyone with a hobby or interest. What a way of saying it though. Classic Nephrite. Walk a mile to take a step.

    "Either way, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, young miss." he replies with a smile.

Jadeite has posed:
    "Oh, I have a way of escaping notice it seems. People never appear to realize I'm there until I make my presence known." he replies cordially, prompted by Zoisite's haranguing. If only for the sake of not causing a scene. He does take all of the remaining french fries in a single handful though, right after Naru reaches for them.

    "Oh. It looks like we're out. I'll go order some more." he says innocently while rising with a mass of fries still in his hand to be eaten at his leisure.

    He also darts back to his chair after a few moment to grab his book and tuck it under his arm, so that Nephrite can't read it while he's away.

Pyrite has posed:
    Utterly oblivious, Pyrite just smiles as Jadeite storms off. "I am so glad that all of us are getting along! That is the expression, correct? 'Getting along'? I was never certain, because it does not specify what it is a long of, but I would assume a sword." She focused on Naru. "Perhaps we shall fight together one day. Those who would interfere in the goals of Lord Hematite-senpai shall be crushed beneath our..." She leans over to look at Zoisite's shoes too, to make sure she matches. "...Boots! And then we will challenge them to pokemon!" Sitting up straight again, Pyrite says conspiratorily, "It is a little known fact, but it seems that the pronunciation is not 'pokemans' as one would assume, but in fact 'pokemon'. There is an accented character in there somewhere, but I can't make it appear in my phone, and I have trouble saying it too, so I just--"

Zoisite has posed:
    Rolling his eyes at the drama, Zoisite proudly shows off his boots to the questing eyes of Naru and Pyrite. He is the shortest of the Shitennou, with the slightest build, so he needs that added boost. "No, no. You make the underlings crush things with their boots. You just keep your own boots nice and clean." he says as he pat-pats Pyrite's leg. Turning immediately to Naru, Zoisite says, just as sweet as pie, "Don't fight her. You'll die."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Hematite sighs, dragging his hand down his face as Jadeite eats the rest of the fries, definitely not un-slouching yet. And then he glances up and sidelong at Pyrite and Naru. "I installed Pokemon Go on your phone, right?" And he legit takes... no... ... no he takes Darien's phone out of his pocket ... and fires up Pokemon Go, and says very seriously, "And I set you up in Team Instinct right? Because we need to be able to take down gyms together--"

Without missing a beat or looking up, he tells Zoisite, "In a real fight, sure. But not sparring."

Naru Osaka has posed:
And Naru's fries are stolen. She pauses a moment as she evaluates that reality.

Clearly the 'ites really are evil.

Naru reaches for a napkin to wipe her fingers off. "I have no plans to fight Pyrite in anything that isn't sparring." Naru notes to Zoisite. It might /happen/, but Naru is clearly not planning on it.

Naru does watch the phones emerge and has to laugh, leaning back in her chair. "I don't play Pokemon. This might affect my level of 'cool'."

Naru smiles at Nephrite. "So swords /and/ art, do I get two checkboxes in the respect column?" Her tone is lightly teasing, even with all of the oddness and tension, she's mostly still got a sense of humour. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Nephrite."

Naru digs out her own phone, quickly tapping out a message before setting it down on the table.

TXT Naru to Darien: Subtle.

Pyrite has posed:
    Pyrite's rant is interrupted by Zoisite, so she nods seriously, having already forgotten what she was saying. She shakes her head and picks up her phone to see what is up with this Pokemon Go thing. "I do not remember this. Team Instinct? I shall lend them my support, and we will defeat all of the gyms! Oh, I have a 'meme' to send you." After a few button taps, she looks up again. "What is sparring?"

Zoisite has posed:
    Zoisite stares flatly at Pyrite, like a cat, as the ghost expresses an unfamiliarity with not fighting full force, and then looks back to Hematite. "She will definitely die."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Hematite, whose face went from 'determined sensei teaching the young padawan to pokego' to draining of color at Pyrite's question, looks back at Zoisite, eyes wide. "I will fix this," he says, slowly and a little desperately. And then his phone buzzes, and he looks at it, and then his phone buzzes again and interrupts the dubstep that started playing from the first buzz, and he...

...holds down the 'turn off' button and slides the 'turn off' slider and hurriedly jams the phone in his pocket. He sighs. "Don't spar with Pyrite until after I've taught her what sparring is," he tells Naru.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"The likelyhood that any of you are going to spar with me is basically zero." Naru points out with utter pragmatism as she loiters at the table, 100% the odd one out here.

"And in short, Pyrite, sparring is fighting just for practice, without actually trying to kill each other." Naru explains briefly.

Jadeite has posed:
    Jadeite comes back, bookless, and drops off a fresh jumbo-size basket of fries. "Had a work call. Good hang-out." He is tempted to say, 'Say hi to Sailor Moon for me.' but he feels like Hematite would drop kick him for ruining the fluffy mood. Also, he's tired. He's very, very, very tired. He just wants to be normal. Next time he talks to Naru, he'll pretend Jadeite doesn't exist. If he doesn't get a break soon...

    The mental image of his muscles wound so tight that they snap appears again. Snapping, like a bowstring. Hurling a sharp object towards one last enemy before he is fully expended. Maybe not an arrow. Maybe a sword.

    Either way, he teleports away in plain view. Only those who matter will remember it.

Pyrite has posed:
    "Hm. Interesting." Pyrite says, and starts googling 'Not Killing People'. She's been trying to do less of that anyway. The killing, not the not-killing. Being back in this form makes things hazy, but she is trying very hard to do her best and remember things. Her left hand goes to her cheek, making sure the scar is still there. It isn't. Bugs Bunny, she needs to reapply it before she forgets. "I will refrain from fighting until I know how to fight on Naru-san's level." She pulls up a video from an anime of two dragon girls lurching around, wobbling and complaining about their back pain like old ladies.
    She understands completely! Hm!

Zoisite has posed:
    Jadeite's departure is all fine and well. He did leave more fries before he left. Zoisite gets up from his seat though, and looks around sharp-eyed. Is something amiss!? "I saw one of those inflatable tube men with the flailing arms around here somewhere." he explains, unprompted. "I'm not leaving here today until I fight him."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
With a wince, Hematite starts to stand up-- but Jadeite has already vanished into thin air. So instead he sighs and takes his seat, then runs his hands through his hair. "At least he replaced the fries." He glances at Zoisite. "Do you think I should go help him out or would that make it worse?"

Then he blinks at Naru. "Well, you can spar with me anytime," he says uncertainly. And then he looks relieved(ish) at Pyrite. "Yes, good. We can practice--" he starts to tell her, and then. Then. Zoisite gets up.

Hematite's eyes widen again, this time for a very different reason. "I think it's time to go now actually!"