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Kiseru (Scenesys ID: 136)
"You never know how valuable something is until it's gone."
Name: Unknown AKA: The Kiseru Lady
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Radiant Heart MUSH
Origin: Dark Energy Grade: Mentor
Clubs: Necromancer's Book Club Age: 22 (Mentally 36)
Group Information
Groups N/A


The Kiseru Lady is a mysterious shopkeeper who deals in magic items, monster remains, and forbidden Dark Energy artifacts. Her shop is difficult to find even for the magical, but those still blinded by the Veil can only find the bookstore that serves as her shop's front business. When someone needs information, wants to sell what they've looted from their enemies, or are looking for something special that isn't on the shelves at other stores, the Kiseru Lady is who one goes to. At least, as long as one knows she exists... Sometimes she accepts cash, sometimes only currency with worth in the Dusk Zone, and many times she may sell a piece from her collection in exchange for a 'favor'. Most of those in the know will try to resolve any favors as soon as possible. Remaining in-debted to the Kiseru Lady is one of the things that even the wicked know to avoid.


Hellfire Kiseru, Needful Things, What The Storm Took (And What It Left)

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'4"
Blood Type: Black
Birthday: December 10th (Originally August 15th)
Likes: Getting what she wants
Dislikes: Being threatened
Favorite Food: Youma
Least Favorite Food: Human
Favorite Subject: None
Least Favorite Subject: None


Title Date Scene Summary
Secrets, and how not to keep them November 29th, 2023 Kyouka and Fuyuko visit the Kiseru Lady for a little after-dinner discussion of how to cheat time and space.
Halcyon Days November 16th, 2023 The Kiseru Lady has something to show the Arbiter, just down the yellow brick road.
Business Hours - Soryuu 2 November 1st, 2023 Himeko's mother comes crawling to Kiseru's doorstep after the destruction of her youkai body. Takes place after scene 750.
Business Hours - Soryuu October 31st, 2023 A clandestine meeting between unlikely manipulators... And a steep price is set for a precious item.
Hyakki Yagyou: Night Parade of One-Hundred Demons October 30th, 2023 The Night Parade of One-Hundred Demons is about to begin. For the first time in centuries, the youkai will be marching from their Spirit City into the physical realm... Unless the local defenders and also a cat have anything to say about it!
What Is It Worth To You October 18th, 2023 Kyouka is asked to have a meeting with the Kiseru Lady for some troubling information about one of her students, the increase in youkai sightings, and the potential threat of a new God of Death. Also MewTwo.
Inner Conflict: Rough Sketch October 1st, 2023 The renowned mangaka, Shin Hayazaki, has a meet-and-greet handshake event and book signing at the Book Nook in Juuban Ward. However, he seems to be a bit... Off. And so are the people who buy his books.
Adult Beverages September 20th, 2023 Kyouka runs into The Kiseru Lady at a local bar one evening.
Fries and Diet Coke September 5th, 2023 The Dark Kingdom hangs out at the mall.
Business Hours - Natsu August 30th, 2023 A customer wanders into the Kiseru Lady's shop, looking for a story of Evil triumphing over Good.
Business Hours - Work Complete August 23rd, 2023 Coffee and laptops in the totally-not-extra-dimensional-bookstore.
Starlight Rendezvous August 21st, 2023 Some cats will do anything to walk on a keyboard.
Business Hours - Kyouka Inai August 19th, 2023 Tea and cookies in the fairy tale bookstore with a definitely-not-a-witch.


Title Date Scene Summary
2003 (The Kiseru Lady) September 15th, 2023 Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

RP Notes

The Kiseru Lady is intended to be a source of Monster of the Week-type threats via the things she sells to people, an information broker for when people want other players to have IC access to information (such as about their plot, etcetera), and also as a mentor-figure to characters who don't fit neatly into the framework of either Radiant Heart Academy or Obsidian. While she wields Dark Energy, she does not discriminate against customers on the basis of their origin or beliefs. She is just as willing and able to teach a Champion of Light as an Agent of Darkness.

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Little Red Book

2023:08:19 Arbiter, I.R. "Midnight Tokyo Project", D.D. ~1 week. (Complete 2023:08:23)
2023:10:14 Soryuu, S. "Warn Re: Youkai", D.D. ~1 week. (Complete 2023:10:18)
2023:10:31 Soryuu, M. "Exotic Item: *************". No transaction.
2023:11:01 Soryuu, S. "Reconstitute w/ Immortality Blossom.", D.D. Immediate. (Complete same day)