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Mamoru Chiba (Scenesys ID: 38)
"This is my tall thing, get your own."
Name: Mamoru Chiba AKA: Hematite, Darien Shields, Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion
Gender: Masc Series: (CC) Sailor Moon
Origin: Sailor Senshi Grade: 10
Clubs: Internship, Fight Club Age: 16
Group Information
Groups Obsidian


Hematite is the first General that was recruited into the Dark Kingdom, and has a reputation among youma of being actually kind of not bad as a boss, though they think his idea of a youma union is fundamentally flawed because it involves teaming up. Secretly, he is Darien Shields, overachieving high school student with a part-time career-track job. Even more secretly, he started out as Mamoru Chiba, overachieving middle-school orphan with an obsession about his lack of memory and a history of loneliness.


Failing at being villainous, aggravating everyone, flirting with Usagi Tsukino, organization, dodging, parrying, blocking, soaking damage, motorcycle stunts, multilingual, higher maths, honestly high school he is so good at high school you guys

Vital Trivia

Height: Tall Thing
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 3
Likes: certain people a LOT, friends, cats, books, the moon, geology, schedules, trolling, Japanese punk rock, people in general
Dislikes: Queen Beryl, needles, most unsolicited physical contact, personal questions, lateness, disorganization, inefficiency, like 90% of Obsidian
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Physics
Least Favorite Subject: None


Title Date Scene Summary
Inner Conflict: Makeup December 10th, 2023 Mariko Soryuu makes another appearance. She was not destroyed at Nephrite's mansion as she appeared to be, and she is now organizing desperate youkai to do her bidding. Can they be talked down? Or is violence with humanity inevitable?
Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask December 9th, 2023 Professor Izono is set to give a special interview about magic crystal from the Moon... Is this a trap? Or finally a lead on the Silver Crystal? And who is the mysterious Tuxedo Mask!? And also that other hottie, the one with white hair.
Texts: goodnight dirt boy December 9th, 2023 Hematite and Usagi text around a professional disagreement.
One of My Best Customers December 6th, 2023 Chiyo found out Darien is Hematite -- and comes by to give him candy?!
Inner Conflict: Glass Eye December 5th, 2023 CW: Doll Horror, Doll Body Horror, Dark Themes, Doll Death Galatea and Mr. White go on an adventure to see where dolls come from!
Hikawa Shrine December 5th, 2023 Zoisite attacks the next Shrine on the list... Hikawa Shrine. Unfortunately for him, all the Inner Senshi are in attendance, more magical girls drop in, and there's even a ghost handing out knives in the back room! Total chaos ensues!
Texts: still alive December 4th, 2023 Takashi texts Mamoru to ask if Sailor Moon killed him. Mamoru texts Usagi to see if she's okay and whether or not she killed one of the Witches 5. It's a whole thing.
Texts: post-separation fortifications December 4th, 2023 Kazuo and Mamoru text about quitting Obsidian.
Rise of the Tater Tot November 30th, 2023 (CW: Graphic horror descriptions) Sunbreaker decides to youmafy a random kid at a local diner. Unfortunately, she was a ghost and now the world be trippin'. Hematite takes it as well as can be expected. Confusion, dark energy, angry rants and name calling shenanigans occur before they are, finally, able to break the two dark generals apart. Don't do dark energy, kids. Not even once.
Okay November 30th, 2023 A shaken Mamoru gets Kazuo to summon Zoisite. Zoisite brings an immensity of fried chicken, a glory of himselfness, and a terrifying question. (Also: the cat helps.)
Meiji Shrine November 28th, 2023 Nephrite and La Crima assault the Meiji Shrine as part of the Midnight Tokyo Project, and heroes respond to stop them... Just as planned?
Let me explain... November 28th, 2023 A coffee struggle and conversation about secrets and plans and translations.
Crystalline Witch November 28th, 2023 True Facets Jewelry Boutique claims to have found the Silver Crystal, but before the truth of that claim can be tested, a bizarre familiar steals the gem for itself! It's up to Hope Blossom, Sharp Song, Red, Hematite, Sailor Uranus, Onihime, and Sailor Moon to venture into the labyrinth.
A Book in the Origin November 23rd, 2023 More Midnight Tokyo data changes hands, this time in the rooftop greenhouse of Korma Chameleon.
Electric Cockatoo November 21st, 2023 Hematite's bird youma's informed of the pecking order around here. Coco and Rashmi and a whole lot of heckling from various Shitennou and Kyouka and Naru and Himeko's bakeneko versus Mamoru's desire to find the Silver Crystal (and a giant bird).
Texts: do you really believe in fate? November 17th, 2023 Naru and Mamoru discuss the TSAB, business deals, and fate.
Texts: dont ugh me November 17th, 2023 Mamoru texts Kyouka to tell him an important thing and then they bicker like children. Also, Fuyuko.
Nezu You Mind November 17th, 2023 Naru and Kazuo go to investigate Nezu Shrine in light of the ghost battle there in September.
Texts: magical rules lawyers November 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about the Silver Crystal video, he asks her about contract magic.
Texts: The Aliens Are Coming From Inside The Dorm November 14th, 2023 Following Planetary Revelations, Usagi has some news to share with Naru and Mamoru. Mamoru has some news too, and Naru and Usagi make a (perhaps disastrous) plan to test if becoming a magical girl lets you breathe underwater.
Encoded November 13th, 2023 Mamoru and Kazuo do some communication work, also ft. Neph's journal.
Mistaken Identities Righted and Pacts Made by Odango-light! November 13th, 2023 Usagi brings along one Mamoru Chiba to introduce the boyfriend otherwise known as Hematite to the wounded Hannah Steiner. She is not, in fact, Sailor V. Pacts are made for the future!
Secret of The Phantom Silver Crystal Candies! November 12th, 2023 Working off the popularity of the viral video from Hematite asking for the Phantom Silver Crystal, Chiyo has used the opportunity to market a jewel shaped candy! The lollipop release party is complete with decorations and a cardboard cutout of a screenshot of Hematite for photo ops. Darien, Hinoiri, Sayaka arrive for the event! When Usagi arrives so does the real Hematite!
Texts: It better be worth it November 9th, 2023 Naru and Darien text about contracts, meetings, youmas, Shitennou, and the silver crystal.
Show me the paperwork November 8th, 2023 Hematite, Kazuo, Naru and Chrono all meet up to discuss very important matters of a contractual nature... Can they find the loophole? Perhaps.
Hangin' at the Cafeteria November 7th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino's got an empty table in the cafeteria plaza, but not for long. Over the course of a long lunch, Veronica guesses Miya may be a Pre Cure, Jason Dite meets Rashmi, Veronica, and Usagi, news about ~boyfriends~ is shared, and the Princess of Sarek allows a recovered relic to be examined.
It's Always Wishes November 6th, 2023 Kyouka accosts Adrien to find out more about evil butterflies. Darien provides helpful commentary.
Lost & Found: King And Lionheart (First Take) November 6th, 2023 Zoisite watches a lot of movies, okay. Also, heartfelt discussions, worries about the future, and a promotion is floated by the least likely person.
Squabbles and Other Sticky Matters November 5th, 2023 Now that Hematite has revealed himself as Darien, Coco meets up with him, seeking to have some questions answered. It ends with the two promising each other their assistance.
Texts: siiigh i know youre right November 4th, 2023 Kyouka texts with both Sailor Eclipse and her boyfriend
Lunar Eclipse November 4th, 2023 The Culture Festival takes a twist when Sailor Eclipse attacks Grade 9 Class C's Test of Courage! Usagi Tsukino has been akumatized - and with the power to turn people into toys, she's having a great time! A cohort of heroes steps up to save the day - but they aren't able to prevent her from fleeing the scene with Naru Osaka. How could they? It was Hematite who spirited her away.
Paint the Town Pink November 4th, 2023 Following Lunar Eclipse, Sailor Eclipse hosts a tea party at Clover Tower! Too bad it doesn't end so well.
Lunar Eclipse 2: The Hamster Ball-ening November 4th, 2023 It's the grand end to Sailor Eclipse's reign of ...terror? toyrror? and everyone's here! Hannah, Amy, Ginga Otome, Cure Spanner, Yellow Pearl Voice, Cat Noir, Himeko & Bakeneko, and even Sunbreaker join forces against Sailor Eclipse and her loyal boyfriend Darien in an epic standoff in Kobayashi Toy Shop!
Texts: naruplush.png November 4th, 2023 Sailor Eclipse kidnapped Darien and Naru and honestly doesn't care that they can text.
A Word Among Letters November 2nd, 2023 Usagi and Setsuna get read (hahaha) in on the cipher Naru and Mamoru have been working on from Nephrite's journal. Secrets are desperately kept, then shared anyway.
Welcome Home (Third Take) October 31st, 2023 Welcome home, Himeko.
So I Found This Book October 30th, 2023 Mamoru finds Nephrite's journal and brings it to Naru for help deciphering.
Hyakki Yagyou: Night Parade of One-Hundred Demons October 30th, 2023 The Night Parade of One-Hundred Demons is about to begin. For the first time in centuries, the youkai will be marching from their Spirit City into the physical realm... Unless the local defenders and also a cat have anything to say about it!
A Learning Process October 30th, 2023 After 'Ramen and Couches', after a meeting with Queen Beryl, Mamoru hides on the roof and Kazuo finds him.
Texts: luna showed me the video October 30th, 2023 Usagi and Mamoru text about the Silver Crystal clock app video, princes, youkai, and the culture festival.
Ramen And Couches October 30th, 2023 The smell of Ramen brings some of RHA's boys together. While Mamoru has to leave, Takashi, Koji, and Adrien remain to talk about ramen, and love lives.
Silver Crystal: Beryl Helps October 29th, 2023 Hematite gets called to report to Queen Beryl, and part of the progress he reports involves a video made for Clock App...
Inner Conflict: Body Paint October 24th, 2023 Youkai Watch gets a live-action adaptation! Wait, no! Paranormal activity is on the rise, and lives are starting to be endangered by the fear-stoking antics of the spirits. A clue to their motives and the cause of their sudden appearance in Tokyo is found!
Texts: how dare she take your phone October 24th, 2023 Hematite and Usagi text after Inner Conflict: Body Paint. The Princess of Sarek stole Hematite's burner phone. Usagi is not amused.
The Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia October 21st, 2023 The D----- Kingdom is hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate Princess Dia coming of age. It might be an expensive, ticketed event, but that hasn't stopped a variety of RHA cast members from attending! There are dances, conversations, and of course, the stunning revelation that Hannah is Sailor V!
Save Princess Dia! October 21st, 2023 The forces of the Dark Kingdom and the Inner Senshi clash at Princess Dia's Masquerade Ball after the young princess is possessed by Nephrite's shadow. All seems lost - until Sailor Jupiter awakens in the nick of time!
Inner Conflict: Hair Stand October 20th, 2023 They just don't make lamp oil like they used to.
Texts: i thought you dyed your hair already October 20th, 2023 Kyouka tells Darien about Kiseru's ghost info.
Texts: can you 'embezzle' from your job October 20th, 2023 Usagi and Mamoru texting.
Inner Conflict: Sphere Joint October 18th, 2023 An end to one chapter. The beginning of another.
Texts: presumably it still shoots souls out October 18th, 2023 Takashi has information he wants seeded amongst the sparkle side. Mamoru is happy to give that info to Naru. (And also relieved Taka's gonna get some sleep.)
Tarots at the Festival October 18th, 2023 Coco does some Tarots readings in preparation for the Cultural Festival. Takumi, Darien and Madoka join in. Her trial run goes well, and the other people have enjoyed the food she prepared too. At the end, even Brai came out for a Tarot reading, and that brough forth its own discussion about Chara and X-Chara, as well as Kyubey's involvement with Madoka.
Pajama-Rama Party: The Pajama-ing October 17th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino is throwing a slumber party, and everyone at RHA is invited!
Inner Conflict: Face to Face October 16th, 2023 The being behind the Dark Energy Impacts is confronted at the Soryuu Shrine...
Questions October 15th, 2023 Amy Faust has questions for Hematite and Sailor Moon.
The Haunting of Starlight Manor October 15th, 2023 The exorcist squad of a guy with evil magic and some lady from an island?? investigates Nephrite's house!
Birds Are Real October 14th, 2023 An enormous emu with energy-draining feathers and a beak inside its beak and glowing red eyes terrorizes Juuban! But not for long.
Inner Conflict: Build Limbs October 14th, 2023 CW: Horror, Body Horror, Monster Guts. A doctor from afar comes to show off some medical advancements in prosthetics at Mitakihara Hospital. Another Dark Energy Impact site is the result.
And There Was a Bone Monster October 13th, 2023 Mamoru has some hauntings to relay to Naru and Kyouka, and then Himeko haunts them some more.
Inner Conflict: Put Flesh October 13th, 2023 CW: Gore, Doll Horror, Too Many Dolls The increasingly creepy encounters become more dangerous, as chasing the theory that Himeko is trying to build herself a body leads to a confrontation in a doll shop...
Inner Conflict: Bone Work October 11th, 2023 CW: Body horror. The mystery of the sourceless Dark Energy impact sites continues, with a sad tale of a butcher and his collection of bones...
Texts: The nihilism is strong. October 9th, 2023 Naru and Hematite text about Jadeite mostly.
Inner Conflict: Blueprint October 8th, 2023 Strange happenings are occurring at Masato Sanjouin's mansion... And Darien and Usagi are just the ghostvestigators to solve it!
Youma'd, Bro? October 7th, 2023 In which a small child's birthday party is attacked by a Dark Kingdom General for reasons.
I Know Who I Wanna Take Me Home October 3rd, 2023 After Sunbreaker burns Sailor Moon a lot, she calls Mamoru, and then Naru and Mamoru help her with first aid. Featuring jkgdlajdfl and surprises.
Culminating Plans October 2nd, 2023 Sunbreaker has it out with Sailor Moon... but when the outers get involved, suddenly Sunbreaker finds out the consequences of her actions. Something that shakes her to the core.
Spicy Bananas September 27th, 2023 Mamoru screen shares himself with Naru to give her an illustration on dark energy.
The Midnight Crew September 26th, 2023 CW: Horror. The humble foundations of Midnight Tokyo are finally being built. Everything has to start somewhere, but not everyone is onboard with paving over the Dusk Zone...
Texts: A Motorcycle-Gravity-Sword?! September 26th, 2023 Hematite and Hannah text Usagi about the fact that Hannah's ended up in the hospital. Usagi is not amused. Featuring: fire, carrots, final fantasy 7, and news of a boyfriend.
Light Conversation September 26th, 2023 Naru, Hematite, texting, and the roof of the Hotel Augusta. PRO TIP: Conversation is not light at all.
Roommate Break September 25th, 2023 Adrien decides to finally check out Korma Chameleon! Running into Makoto Kino he invites her to join himself and Naru for dinner which turns into an entire dinner party when Usagi and Darien join in.
Texts: hey do you have more than one ghost September 25th, 2023 Kyouka has some questions for Darien after talking getting info on Nezu Shrine.
I'm Glad You're Here September 23rd, 2023 Makoto Kino meets Darien Shields again for the first time.
A First Birthday September 23rd, 2023 Since Takashi has never had a birthday party - and doesn't know when his actually is - Hotaru, with the help of Norie, Mamoru, and Fate - has decided he gets one. Today. Whether He Likes It Or Not.
We Threw Gasoline on the Fire September 22nd, 2023 Steel Barrier Match, no holds barred! Hannah and Hematite, FITE! And then Koji and Coco, HEAL! Yikes.
Texts: Mood Swings September 21st, 2023 Usagi, Mamoru, Naru: A rose throw, arm day, and dark energy. First convo happens the night after Subsidaries, second convo happens the day after Subsidaries but before Feat of Clay.
Feat of Clay September 21st, 2023 Sentai assemble! It's time to fight CyberBeast Linxus, as he tries to prove himself before the wicked and powerful Lord Hematite!
Kind of Unfair September 21st, 2023 In which Wako purifies Hematite. A little.
Subsidiaries September 20th, 2023 CW: Horror, potat. Some of the scariest people on the planet visit someone who has chosen to cheat Obsidian. He has chosen... Poorly.
Honestly This Was To Be Expected September 20th, 2023 Darien and Takashi, brothers in all but name, have a fight after 'Subsidaries'.
Thriving, Surviving, Struggling, In Crisis September 19th, 2023 Mental health crisis. Jadeite is helped by Mamoru in whichever ways Mamoru's able.
Pablum Music September 19th, 2023 Hematite, Naru, philosophy, and a youma with a guitar. Go.
I Come to Parley September 17th, 2023 Princess Runealy spots Hematite and Pyrite in the park and they discuss miracles, the Dark Kingdom, and the fact that cats can't possibly talk.
Silver Crystal: Clock App September 16th, 2023 Hematite needs help making a video, and Madoka kindly obliges. Yikes.
Coffee Beans September 16th, 2023 Darien goes next door to borrow coffee from Adrien, but meets Chrono instead. There is espresso and frank discussion of the dangers of dark energy.
Texts: The Prince of High School, Vol. 13 September 14th, 2023 Mamoru's phone is a little busy today. What with Naru wanting him to relay messages. And Takashi having a quibble with a senshi. And Usagi fussing. And ... Luna? And a DATE?
Coffee, pastries and heavy conversation September 13th, 2023 Morning after coffee and conversation between Naru and Kyouka and Darien.
Goodbye, Elephant-san September 12th, 2023 Koji and Mamoru clear the air. A lot.
Helping (and asking for same) September 12th, 2023 Kyouka and Hematite watch Naru's rescue from afar and offer advice via comms. Jadeite arrives later and has a heart-to-heart with Hematite after Kyouka departs.
Texts: I understand. September 11th, 2023 Hook me up with the Moon, bro. Prelude to scene 406.
So We Go Forward September 11th, 2023 After Double Trouble impersonates Naru and before Pyrite asks to meet Sailor Moon, there is comfort and reassurance in the middle of the night.
Sailorphone September 11th, 2023 Pyrite needs to meet with Sailor Moon because she has an IDEA.
Bringing Down The House September 10th, 2023 The media (both social and traditional) are all over Makuga Finn, the latest musical sensation; the idol's first song can be heard everywhere, and she is going to start a live tour soon! As a promotional stunt, many students at Radiant Heart Academy can easily get a discounted ticket for her inaugural concert, or even win them at some game.

Makuga is about to make her debut, and as everyone knows, it's a debut only if it comes from the Debutante region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling first day on the job; unable to afford such a fancy imported introduction, Miya Sakamoto, your friendly neighborhood unpowered human, has to settle for the latter: today will be her first day on the job as staff for the concert.

What Miya doesn't know yet is that 'first day on the job' is going to take on a very unexpected meaning for her.

Texts: i dont need you to validate my morality September 10th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien about Nephrite being an alright dude
The Witch That Ate Tokyo September 9th, 2023 A foot chase across the neighborhood results when a Witch is on the run.
Snapping One, Two, Where Are You September 7th, 2023 Following Scenes 376 and 380, Hematite, Sailor Moon, and Nephrite put their heads together to try and find Naru. Well, they try to, anyway. Hematite's the only one getting useful information so far. Also including: booster seats, tears, and Nephrite's surprisingly masterful craftsmenship.
Texts: technically i only agreed not to get set on fire September 7th, 2023 In which Kazuo checking in with Naru's roommate after Naru misses their morning run prompts an entire cascade of Things, ranging from Usagiflail to Bad Ideas to everything basically hating everything to discussion of Murder Missions (and yet Hannah does not actually appear in this log!) to Kazuo getting handed almost all of the things he was carefully trying to duck having stored in his head. (Strong language, mostly between Kazuo and Kyouka.)
Fights We Didn't Start September 7th, 2023 Usagi and Darien arrive at Kyouka's office to learn the details of Naru's kidnapping by Sunbreaker.
Texts: Kidnapping O'Clock September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Hematite texts Riventon for help. Riventon texts Sunbreaker for answers.
Fries and Diet Coke September 5th, 2023 The Dark Kingdom hangs out at the mall.
Texts: Likeable Liability September 5th, 2023 Naru and Hematite/Darien text surrounding scene 371 (Fries and Diet Coke).
Texts: dumpster fire September 5th, 2023 Mamoru texts Takashi about fries and wasps and relationships.
So Much Locked Away September 2nd, 2023 Darien and Masato have a secret conversation about Naru, mutiny, destiny, and construction work.
Texts: your eviltude is vastly overrated September 1st, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien to make sure he's okay.
Texts: the tutor thing sounded fake August 31st, 2023 Naru was visited by Maxwell Stanton and has questions for Darien.
Sincerity and Respect: Black Roses August 27th, 2023 Hematite goes to menace Kyouka Inai. It works as well as can be expected.
Churro Misunderstanding August 24th, 2023 Kyouka calls Homura out to ask a favor. Darien delivers a warning.
A Ruinous Pair They Make August 23rd, 2023 Hematite has some questions.
Texts: do you need a hotel room August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and Kazuo's Backlash cutscene.
Texts: Do you need a cover story August 23rd, 2023 After scene 300 and the August 23rd cutscenes, Mamoru texts Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite.
Texts: Should I be worried? August 23rd, 2023 After Scene 300 and the Backlash cutscenes, Mamoru texts Koji and Takashi.
Welcome Home (Second Take) August 23rd, 2023 Nephrite returns home to find his mansion destroyed. He calls Hematite, and asks for an explanation. Neither of them like the answer, and it only spawns more questions.
It's Just Ghosts August 23rd, 2023 Usagi calls Darien immediately after Scene 300, A Ruinous Pair They Make, and he is at a haunted shrine so there's some disturbing background noise.
Texts: i lied there is anxiety August 23rd, 2023 Hematite texts Usagi Tsukino, ninth grader and definitely not a magical girl, about warning Kyouka and also about relationship advice, because he is a coward
The Cosmological Constant August 22nd, 2023 Darien just wanted to talk to Kazuo. Half texts and half scene.
Is There Anyone Else August 22nd, 2023 Koji has some friendship questions for Darien. Also, a beach trip to propose.
Texts: omg don't leave me on read August 21st, 2023 Naru and Darien talk about Pyrite and aliens and dark energy.
Texts: the why of 'fire ants in your soul' August 21st, 2023 Takashi and Darien talk about Pyrite and Darien's issues with dark energy
Perfect August 21st, 2023 It's not a date. Usagi and Darien go to the arcade.
You Don't Question the Cow August 20th, 2023 Naru and Darien try to define 'mythological beings' for Himeko.
Ice Cream in the park August 20th, 2023 Naru, Hinoiri, Adrien, Kyouka and Darien enjoy ice cream and conversations in the park.
Windy Worries August 19th, 2023 Takashi finally gets Darien to stay in one place long enough to be anxious at him.
Elephant in the room August 19th, 2023 Firefly pet an elephant. Is there any reason to say more?
Texts: She spilled marinade on me. August 18th, 2023 Zoisite texts Hematite about Pyrite and danger and SAN checks.
Texting - Usagi Would Cry August 15th, 2023 Naru texts Darien about his magic-teaching comments in Everything at Steak.
Texts: Midnight Tokyo Ice Cream August 15th, 2023 Kyouka texts Darien for information, Darien is annoyed. Film at 11.
Everything at Steak August 7th, 2023 The long-awaited wagyu beef cookout!
With Me August 7th, 2023 Darien finally has a moment to recruit Kazuo.
Welcome Home (First Take) August 3rd, 2023 Bombshells and shots in the Starlight View Mansion.
Countdown To Midnight August 3rd, 2023 Preparations are made to advance the Midnight Tokyo Project ahead of schedule, and a new Dark General is recruited.
Texts: I'm Erasing This Convo August 2nd, 2023 Darien is worried, and makes Koji worried too.
Birthday Conspiracy August 1st, 2023 Hotaru and Darien discuss both when Takashi's birthday might be and what to do about it. Absolutely zero hijinks will ensue.
(Not) A Good Plan July 30th, 2023 Desperate for energy after hearing about the Midnight Tokyo plan, Riventon decides to attack the mall without backup. Several magical warriors stand up to oppose him, while many civilian characters get drained.
Day Drinking July 28th, 2023 Listen, sixteen is the legal drinking age in some countries. It's fine.
I Committed Teamwork! July 27th, 2023 CW: Horror, blood, self-harm, past animal death. Hematite and Pyrite have a cheery post-battle check-in! They talk about friends, killing, monsters, and ducky swimsuits.
Take a Step Back July 27th, 2023 Hematite comes to ask Jadeite about the youma that exploded the mall, and unexpected vulnerability happens.
Elephant-san July 26th, 2023 Before fight club: What starts out as guidance-counseloring turns into a bickering match turns into Kyouka stalking off and Usagi dealing with heartfelt confessions of trouble from Darien.
Survey Says July 26th, 2023 A give-away of an Obsidian-brand product in exchange for a survey! Surely there is nothing suspicious or untoward ab--OH MY GOD A YOUMA, GET IN THE CAR.
Casual luncheon meeting! July 26th, 2023 Cho, Koji, Darien, Ikiko, Chiyo and Niji all end up meeting at the karma chameleon in one of those strange, random encounters that certainly don't mean anything... until they do.
The Steak is Not a Lie July 23rd, 2023 In the aftermath of Kokytos, Usagi is feeling more than a little beat up. Luckily for her, Darien and Koji are determined to help. Also featuring boundary crossing dads, wagyu steaks, texts from Naru, and the mysteries of boys.
We Three Kings July 23rd, 2023 What if we villains just all work together for once. And we were school mates.
When Succulents Attack! July 21st, 2023 A sunny afternoon of painting and fun with learning (ew learning) about succulents at Radiant Heart Academy becomes a battle when ait's revealed as a youma plot! Can Snow Angel Mou Fubuki, Cute Wolf Tsukiko, Ginga Otome, and Puella Magi Red save their fellow students? Can Darien believe his ears when he finds out what the youma's plan was? and can anyone be prepared for the threat that rears it's head when the youma is defeated?
A Shoulder To Lean On July 17th, 2023 Takashi calls Darien to come peel him off the table after Precia makes her displeasure known.
Free Range Student Sunday July 16th, 2023 Just after the dance, some students converge on a local hangout to just... hang out. Guest Starring: MR. VICE PRESIDENT!
The Wall of Angry Wasps July 15th, 2023 What happened when Darien took Himeko over to Kazuo's stretch of wall at the dance. Nobody died! Not even when those who are Not Mahou heard a certain mermaid's song, and reacted ... less than ideally ...
Text Me Next Time Plz July 15th, 2023 Kyouka returns a call to Darien after he left a voicemail for her.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Don't Do That To Me Again July 14th, 2023 Darien is big mad at Koji and says so.
You're Here to Study July 13th, 2023 The study group comes together! Then ditches Usagi and Darien.
Odango Tango July 6th, 2023 Chiyo meets Usagi and Darien while working at her grandfather's shop, Nounamu Sweets. A friendship forms between her and Usagi, while Darien gets busted on his crush.
Back Alley Brawling July 5th, 2023 Riventon wants Kyouko's stuff. Mami wants Kyouko to not lose her soul gem, no real reason. Mamoru thinks the 2v1 is dishonorable, really.
Office Hours 4 -- Darien Shields July 4th, 2023 Darien was out late and gets a lecture.
Good At Lying July 4th, 2023 Koji comes in late this time, and Darien is still the one who gets lectured! >:O
What IS she July 3rd, 2023 No one dies, but Pyrite is going to attend RHA and Hematite and Nephrite are giving her a tour.
Eating Curry and Spilling Tea July 3rd, 2023 Hoovering up food and studying after a long day, Rashmi gets a front row seat to the one-act dramedy that is Koji, Ikiko, Darien, and Chiyo. Being an inveterate people-watcher, she immediately starts speculating on their inner monologues, not realizing that in at least three cases, that monologue is WACKY WAVING FLAILING INFLATABLE TUBE MAN!
What. Did. You. Do. July 2nd, 2023 Koji confronts Darien over certain nefarious acts he's been guilty of perpetrating recently. Follows 5/You Were Not Refreshing and 11/Loose Ends on Weekends.
Green With Envy July 1st, 2023 The chaos that comes from the first fight on a warm Saturday morning.
Rough Afternoon July 1st, 2023 Takashi and Zoisite lecture Hematite for putting himself in a position to get injured after the events of 'Green With Envy'.
You Were Not Refreshing July 1st, 2023 All Hematite wanted to do was steal some energy for Beryl via horrible fake fake ice cream, but then a bunch of magical girls decided they wanted horrible fake ice cream, not knowing it was fake fake instead of just fake. Featuring Sayaka, Madoka, Sailor Moon, Guardian Daifuku, Kyouko, Hanako, Misery Melon, Kyubey, and Hematite. And also not Gritty.
Act 1 June 30th, 2023 (Backscene set pre-Game Opening) A normal trip to Osa-P Jewelry takes a turn when Naru and Usagi discover Osa-P is having their first ever sale. At the same time, Usagi has a fateful encounter with a Mysterious(ly Uncool) Guy in Radiant Heart Academy's uniform - or at least, her failed test has a fateful encounter with his head, leading the two to butt heads for the first of many times to come. And later that night: the Moon Shines Bright, when Sailor Moon takes to the stage to rescue the Osaka family! It's a terrifying night to be a new magical girl, but good thing Hematite's there to encourage her!


Title Date Scene Summary
The Edge, Redoubled (Himeko Soryuu) December 12th, 2023 Another dream of great import for Darien Shields.
The Edge, Reversed (Himeko Soryuu) November 26th, 2023 The Princess took the sword and mirror, and together with the holy jewel, she stepped into the chamber.
I Need a Miracle (Hematite) November 4th, 2023 Hematite's Silver Crystal video goes viral for no good reason.
I'm With You (Himeko Soryuu) October 3rd, 2023 The Vague and the Elusive. Face it, and you will not see its head. Follow it, and you will not see its back.
Texting - Study Group Setup (Mamoru Chiba) July 11th, 2023 Darien texts Chiyo, Usagi, and Koji to work out study group details, and Takashi to invite him to it, and everyone's got tangled side conversations going on.