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Milkshakes and chatter at the Crown
Date of Scene: 26 December 2023
Location: Game Crown Arcade
Synopsis: Apparently youma take the holidays off too. Various mahou (and adjacent) play games and eat fries at the Crown.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka, Rubi Hanabusa, Usagi Tsukino, Haruka Tenoh, Adrien Agreste, Mamoru Chiba

Naru Osaka has posed:
It's a cool and clear evening, and honestly.. second term just ended and pretty much everyone at RHA could use a break. That pause the refreshes, or perhaps that little reset that lets the new calendar year come in strong after a chllenging 2023.

Naru has taken over a table with a lychee milkshake AND a coffee, and some fries and /no school books/. Just her sketchbook that she's currently doodling into.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
Rubi has been excited to check this place out since she heard about it in a conversation at school. She practically sprints into the arcade, her eyes wide as she looks around with a wide, excited grin. She squeals a bit before she covers her mouth and forces at least a hint of composure. The girl is wearing jeans, Sketchers (With white, pink and blue laces!) and a sleevess red shirt over a sports bra. Her shaggy hair is unbound and falls just to her shoulders.

"Awwwwwwwwww yiss. This is totally what I've been needing. OH MAN! They have the new Eternal Deathslayer 4!"

She bounces on her toes a bit to try and look past the group of (Mostly boys) crowding around the machine and then sighs before her tummy rumbles. She glances towards the nearby Naru, with her shake and fries. "Oh! How's the food here?," she asks the unknown girl.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Game Crown Arcade's always been Usagi's favorite haunt, even if she spends way more time at RHA or dealing with magic junk these days. Her whole life's been weird magic junk, lately! (And her past life but they aren't dealing with that today!!!) So now, with school out and Christmas done (and some of her friends have given her Christmas presents which is sweet but panic inducing because should she give the New Year's gifts early?!) and no expectation yet to be home for New Year's Cleaning, she's rejoicing in the chance to just. Be a normal kid.

By getting as far as she can in the Sailor V game, of course!

"Die! Die, die, die monster scum!" Her voice is a laughing cackle as she plays, working her way through the levels. It should probably be weird to play, now that she knows Sailor V, but it's not!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Speaking of boys, video games, and crowds, there is a two-seater driving game near the front of the Crown. There is a boy sitting next to a girl, the two of them having recently competed. Well, technically,there's a boy leaning back in the chair with his hands in front of his face. "I thought I was good at this game!" the boy in the Radiant Heart Academy uniform laments.

    "I told you that you did pretty good." the girl next to him, with the screen flashing 'Winner!' says. She's in an RHA uniform too, the girls' one, with short blonde hair and a kind of smug smile. "Really, most people don't come that close."

    "Close? You lapped me!" the boy explains.

    "I did warn you I was gonna make you look bad." the girl says, getting up from the machine. "Most people here know better already." she says with a wink. "Hey, Motoki-san, didn't you warn him too?" Haruka Tenoh asks the boy tending the counter, and he laughs and shrugs helplessly.

    She waves to Motoki before she heads over to grab a milkshake herself. On the way back though, Usagi exclaims something about 'monster scum' and Haruka has to come over because she knows that voice and she needs to make sure there's no actual monsters that need dealing with. Thankfully, it's just Sailor V. She leans with an arm on the side of the machine. "You had me worried for a second there, you know." she says to Usagi with another wink.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"The food is good." Naru assures Rubi as she lifts one of her fries. "And the milkshakes are /amazing. Can totally recommend." She grins. "Most of the folks here are pretty good about letting you put a proxy in line for a game while you get food."

Naru looks over to where Usagi is delightfully hollering for copious death to monster scum and Naru reaches for her milkshake. All is right in the world for a brief moment.

Naru smiles contently, and settles in to her sketching again. "I'm Naru, by the way." She comments to Rubi and then adds with a nod towards Usagi. "Usagi's roommate."

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
Rubi nods to Naru and considers, tapping her chin a bit. She fishes out her waller and counts through her yen.

"Oh, cool. Wanna go a round on Eternal Deathslayer 4 with me?," she asks, flashing a friendly grin. She walks over to the counter and puts in an order for a chocolate milkshake before she makes her way back over.

"Oh! I...don't know Usagi! I'm Rubi. Yukiko's roommate. But we're both pretty new here," she explains.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Row of monsters go down in the level simulator, and Usagi whoops as she chips away at the last of the horde, only to jump as Haruka appears at the side of the machine. "Wah! Haruka-san! Where'd you come from?!"

Her heart races a mile a minute, but she starts laughing too, at her own fright.

"There's no way anything bad would happen here. This is Game Crown Arcade." A haven from terrible things!

Still, she leans back against the machine too, taking her eyes from the battle for a second. "What were you playing? Are you here by yourself? I've been overe here the last little, but while I came with Naru-chan; she's at our table with her snacks."

Her snacks, because Usagi's had been devoured within minutes of arrival, and she's waiting to blow her allowance on more.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
A bit late to the game is another blonde boy that darts into the arcade. Adrien pauses to adjust his messenger bag over his shoulder with a little tug to the strap while his eyes sweep the room until he spots a familiar curly head of hair.

There were a few familiar heads of hair here, honestly. It was hard to miss the double-odango tails that was currently smashing through Sailor V so vociforously.

Adrien steps over toward Naru's spot flashing Rubi a grin in greeting as he just... Sinks down beside Naru leaning in against her shoulder. "Sorry I'm late. Had to finish off a shoot across the city." His gaze drops down to the table to remark, with admiration, "Icecream and coffee? Not a bad idea."

Toward Rubi he offers as well, "Hey, good to see you again."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"No thank you." Naru is shaking her head at Rubi's offer to go play Eternal Deathslayer 4. "I might try it another time, but I haven't had a chance to just sit and draw in /forever/."

It's like there's been a lot going on or something.

And then there's an Adrien sitting next to her and she leans right back against him, nudging the fries that there is no possibly way she will finish towards him. "How'd the shoot go?" She asks of him, although she doens't seem to be offering him any of her milkshake.. some things are sacred.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I think I've seen you here a couple times before now." Haruka says. "But that was before I knew all of the other stuff. I haven't been here in a while, 'cause of it. I figured it'd be good to get away from it all but then you go talking about monsters and scaring me half to death." Haruka says, clear from her voice and a tone she's teasing. "Thought maybe I'd have to go all crazy bodyguard mode." she says with a chuckle, referencing the obvious.

    "So how are things with you and the dude? Not like... in the glowy flowy way, but in the normal regular way. You holdin' up okay?" she asks. Well, it's not every day a girl discovers she's a princess, saves her love, and gets a free brilliant white dress out of it. "I come here to race - it's a lot less likely to get me pulled over, racing games versus the real thing." She says, though maybe nobody directly here knows she -does- do the real thing from time to time. "Haven't been here in a little bit so I had to defend my record."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"It's good! He's good, too, I mean. We kinda spent the weak cleaning up a few things," people are things, right? Right! "We've gotta figure out what, next, probably, but... big problems for future us. Present me is here to clown around."

Hence the video games, and the playing. Her smile dims a little to think about the week-long rush of purifications, but it rebounds quick and she nudges Haruka with an elbow, smiling.

"I used to be here all the time, but school and everything's been crazy, y'know. But the term is over! If we don't hit arcades now, when will we?! I don't have any titles to defend though." Pause. "Well, there's the Call of Duty one, but I promised Motoki I'd wait 'til at least day two."

When it came to the first person shooter games, Usagi could spend practically the whole day playing for just a handful of coins. It was great fun for her - less so for everyone else.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
It took some convincing to get certain of his guardians to let him go to the arcade by himself, but victory is Mamoru's: he comes in wearing Usagi's dad's coat over jeans and one of his band t-shirts -- this one green with a yellow screen print of a jackalope on it -- and with his hair cut and his glasses polished.

He also looks a little amusedly aggrieved and somewhat scratched up, like he lost a fight with a large cat.

Once he's just inside the door, he sees Naru and Adrien and someone he doesn't know over there, and Usagi and some other girl over there, and he hesitates.

After a second of looking at the two of them, he heads towards the table and immediately taxes Naru's fries.

"Half my room got flooded," he tells Adrien, "it didn't leak through to yours, did it? It didn't come from yours, did it?"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste is more than willing to take one of the offered fries. The milkshake does get some puppy dog eyes from him, but he doesn't press the issue. Fries were still good. One is pilfered from the offered tray (not really pilfering in that case) to pop into his mouth and chew on it thoughtfully before responding.

"It was a little uncomfortable, actually. I had to work with another model for a women's perfume and it..." He pauses, shifting in the seat a bit while he twists to drop the strap of the messenger bag on the back of his seat. It also allowed him to turn away slightly to hide his face and the fact that he was turning a bit red. "It uh, had a romance angle where I had to dip her for a few poses. It would have been easier with someone I know."

Rather than get into more detail on that, he announces, "I think I'm going to grab a snack too. Do you want anything else? New coffee?" he teases lightly with a nudge to her shoulder.

The thought of food is momentarily forgotten when Mamoru joins them mentioning the flooding. THIS causes him to pause with widened eyes. "What? I've been out on site most of the day, I haven't been by." Now he just looks a bit apologetic. "I can text Chrono to ask? Do you need help cleaning it up?"

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Do you know how your room got flooded?" Naru blinks at Mamoru as her fries get taxed AND pilfered. "We can help you clean up after your best beloved finishes destroying Sailor V." Which .. sounds odd, its true.

Naru watches Adrien blush and duck his head a little and she starts to giggle. Because she's such a supportive friend. "Ahhh.. oh my goodness, that had to be /so weird/." She gives him a gentle nudge with her shoulder. "Hopefully she was nice about it at least." Naru reaches to see what the state of her current coffee is as Adrien offers. "I'm good for coffee levels and milkshake levels, but thank you."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"No, I got most of it, but thanks," says Mamoru, and bafflement creeps into his voice. He shakes his head at Naru. "It was really precise. Only my half of the room got dunked, Koji's was dry as a bone. It's like... there's a neat dividing line of damp carpet down the center of the room, somehow. Right now I'm drying out my laptop and hoping it works when I turn it on in a few days..."

Mamoru nods to Adrien, finally. "Probably worth checking with Chrono to see if it came through the wall or anything, though, yeah."

He grimaces around another fry, then glances over toward the stairs to the cafe before looking back at Naru and Adrien. "I might just get some cheese fries. I was going to bother Usagi but I know better than to interrupt Sailor V."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka laughs. "That's where I remember you from. You're almost a different person when you're playing those games, though, so you can't fault me for not connecting the dots before now." she says. "Well, I'll probably stop bothering you so you can focus on the machine." she says, patting it a bit. "Sailor V doesn't pull punches." She means that in both meanings - the game and the girl. Watching her fight that truck youma her first henshin made an impression on Haruka.

    "Is that your friend over there? Looks like she's popular." she says. "I'm gonna grab some fries and crash near there. If you want to talk about less-sparkly-stuff - or sparkly stuff is fine too." she says.

    Then Haruka does just that, stopping off to get some fries before she thuds down and rather lazily pops her head up from the booth behind them. "The cheese fries here are pretty freakin' good." she says, smiling. "You know Usagi?" she asks. She... maybe she recognizes Mamoru? She peers at him for a moment.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Ahaha, yeahhhhh," she grins, not at all ashamed, "I get into the zone on those. Sailor V is for fun - Call of Duty is for victory. And yeah - Naru's table is back that way, but hey, wait, who's all with her?"

There are people at their table? Since when! Usagi turns her head to look, waves at Mamoru, Adrien, the girl she doesn't recognize, and Naru - and absolutely gets clobbered.

Well, Sailor V gets clobbred. Woe is her! Alas, distraction is fatal in life and in game... who could have foreseen such a tragic fate?!

"Hey, I'll come with!"

What else is there to do, right? The games are great, but there are friends and now boyfriend at the table. So Usagi sighs loudly (and pitifully) just once, for show, and prowls over to join everyone after a quick pass to make sure no one's stomping her scores on the Call of Duty cabinets.

"He definitely knows me!" Usagi chirps cheerfully, sliding into the seat nearest Mamoru. "What are we talking about? Did you celebrate Christmas, Adrien-kun? How's it feel to be back in your dorm, Mamochan?"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste stands from his seat with the intention of getting the snacks. "Ah... That is odd. I know Chrono likes taking baths, maybe some of the water leaked? Though that woudn't flood." How very, very odd. "Let me at least buy your fries for you then, Darien-san. It sounds like you've had a rough day. I'll be back in a moment."

The model steps away heading for the counter to place his order just as Usagi starts back. He pauses a moment to lean back, glancing at Mamoru, and lifts a hand to raise fingers in a questioning 'two?' because. Well. It's Usagi. Just in case he doubles the order of cheese fries.

It's quick enough, and he carries the tray back with the fries and a coffee for himself to help chase off the cold a bit. "Oh, Christmas, yes. I didn't really celebrate much. Father sent a gift and was busy with ... Something." It's his turn to sigh heavily, wearily, and for a moment he just looks tired.

His spot by Naru is reclaimed. "But, I have some plans for New Years so I'm looking forward to that!"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Yeah, they're good-- yeah, I--"

Mamoru laughs as Usagi answers for him, and he obligingly scoots in further before stopping, then nudging at Usagi as he starts to take his (damp) wallet out. And then Adrien solves the problem by getting Mamoru cheese fries, and Mamoru looks very grateful indeed.

He makes more room for Usagi, and definitely leaves his fries open to get thieved, even if Adrien got her her own. He knows his taste better.

He tells Haruka, "I'm her boyfriend, Mamoru Chiba," he says, then tells Adrien cheerfully, "Not evil anymore! I can use my real name," before looking back to Haruka and grinning. "Do you sparkle?"

He tells Usagi very solemnly, "Very wet. And claw-y. It turns out the bakeneko doesn't like getting flooded."

Naru Osaka has posed:
As more and more people come and join the table, Naru scoots over to ensure that there's room for everyone. And she wrinkles up her nose at Adrien as he comments about his father's absence on Christmas. "That sucks. We'll make New Year's much more awesome to make up for it." She assures him.

As Mamoru offers up his real name, Naru smiles brightly, because it's a good thing. Literally and everything.

It's only a couple more fries before Naru's fries are abandoned to the table as a whole and she curls up with her coffee and milkshake.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi happily snuggles up to Mamoru as he makes room for her, though she looks concerned at his damp wallet, and the tone of the conversation she's parked herself into. "Naru-chan, you're like the life of a party, you know? Every time I leave you, you've found more of our friends!"

Considering how many times she's done the same thing, this is a purely affectionate thing for Usagi to notice. She is stealing fries - from Naru, once they're abandoned, and also from Mamoru, the second they've both got their own.

"Thank you, Adri-kun! I'm sorry your Christmas was a bit of a bust... I got a few Christmas presents, so now I think I'll give New Years presents early? To those friends, at least, I'll never remember to give everyone their presents early. It's good to have plans for New Years - it's a really important day!"

The single most important holiday, as far as most people were concerned.

Stolen fries do taste better. She steals a few more, just to confirm, and this fact is still true.

"Why'd the bakeneko get flooded?! Did it manage to turn on the sink or something?" hey hey what?

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"No... my whole half of the room is soggy," Mamoru says, sighing. "I opened the door and the bakeneko was really sullenly sitting on Koji's half of the floor, glaring at me and looking really spiky? And I stepped in and it squished. Stepping did. Stuff is out to dry now but I think I'm going to be sleeping over elsewhere tonight." He steals a couple of Usagi's fries, just because, then starts to ask Naru something-- then laughs. "I was going to inquire as to the state of your couch, but I should probably figure out which of my guys still has a single."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste raises his eyebrows slightly when Mamoru gives the *other* name to Haruka instead of 'Darien Shields.' "Is that what I should call you now, too?" He could easily change it of course, but there's a hint of amusement there, too. He hadn't been there for the 'rescue' as it were. Clearly. Yet he ... kind of knew. The question posed to Haruka about sparkling earns a look in her direction along with a polite nod as if to say 'it's okay'.

A fry is brought up to munch just as Usagi touches on Christmas again. He can only shake his head a little bit with a sad smile. "It's all right. Father's been this way since my mother went missing. A bit distant, and over-protective of me," he explains while he settles in once more comfortably.

Comfortably enough that he stretches an arm out over the back of the seat that just happens to drape up behind Naru's head.

"It's also Naru's birthday I'm told." The sadder topic of his father is brushed aside as he starts to explain, with a bit of growing excitement, "It turns out the Hida Folk Village is open on New Years and I suggested we go there and we can even make some folk crafts at the Experience Center." Because of COURSE the boy who wanted to go feed deer wants to do something touristy.

"If you really need, we could set you up in our room for awhile. I promise Chrono doesn't snore."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I sparkle." Haruka affirms. "If you're Usagi's dude we've met before." she says. Which is good, as the conversation rapidly starts to include a bakeneko. She mostly spends time putting french fries in her face for a little bit, she's way more hungry than she would have thought. When was the last time she ate... breakfast. Yeah, breakfast. Good job, Haruka.

    She finally finishes most of her fries and smirks, seeing the way Adrien chooses to spread out near Naru. "So how much of this crew was at the shrine? I don't mean to point everything to... our night jobs... but it's probably easier to introduce myself that way." she says. "Usagi knows me, I know Usagi, but the rest of you - some of you feel familiar, but with the sparkles that could be real or fake, really." she admits. "I guess nobody has to but since we're all talking about a bakeneko like it's a real thing, this is either a very active improv group or I've stumbled into a group of mahou. Again."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Usually its you, Usagi." Naru points out about the 'life of the party' comment and then laughs softly. "But I have fries to steal, so there's incentive." Because clearly that's the only reason folks come to sit with her. Or something.

Naru leans back, into that arm that's draped across the back of her chair, settled close and perhaps just a little snuggled close with Adrien as he double checks on Mamoru's name preference.

"I'm hoping that they do baskets.. I haven't looked up what workshops they have." Naru sounds legit excited about being a tourist with Adrien for New Year's.

"I'm always Naru." She points out to Haruka with a smile. "But I'm also terrible at improv." Which is a lie, but y'know.. she gave two options, and Naru isn't really either.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Definitely Mamoru," says Mamoru to Adrien with an emphatic nod, and he watches Adrien's and Naru's changing configuration with interest. Then he gives Haruka a sheepish look while he holds a few more of Usagi's fries. "Sorry if I hurt you at all, if you were at the last shrine. And I figure if anyone asked who didn't know, I could just say it's my cat's name."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Ah, here comes the odd question. Adrien grins a bit at Naru saying she's always Naru which earns a chuckle from him. "The one and only Naru," he interjects, like some kind of hype announcer for a show. He'd at least had time to think of how to respond to such questions if they ever came up so he has a response preplanned!

"I don't sparkle," a hand lifts raking back through his blonde hair, "I shine!"

Note to self: Do not come up with witty remarks when Cat Noir in the future. As soon as it's out of his mouth he reddens a bit, and ducks his chin down sheepishly grinning. "Okay that was pretty cheesey. I'm Adrien Agreste. I'm in-the-know, but can't really explain further. I was not at the shrine though."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka just nods. She doesn't know everyone here, and they haven't volunteered the names, so she doesn't likewise. She's still figuring out how to interact with... people, really. Magical people. People in the know. She lucked into her little family-friend group, being magic around them is easier and she was the one they hid secrets from for a while. She does at least pick up on Naru's meanings.

    She gives Adrien a -look- that is a silent 'I expected better' or something. Then she returns to her fries for a moment. "The winds seem to have gotten quiet for a little bit though. It's a needed break." she says.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"We seem to be in a lull." Naru agrees with a sympathetic look over to Mamoru at his hope that he didn't actually hurt anyone. She flickers a little smile. "Apparently even youma take the holidays off."

There's a little roll of Naru's eyes at Adrien's comment, but it's mixed with a soft giggle and a reach over to give him a gentle poke in the ribs. "That was as cheesey as your fries." She comments to him before looking back to Haruka and explaining a little further. "As I don't shift or change, but remember everything, I usually assume that if people want me to connect both their selves, they can tell me. I am just always me."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Usako," says Mamoru after Usagi gets up for a minute and leaves him in charge of her fries, "sparkles, shines, and glows."

He sounds so smug.

"Anyway-- I'm glad you weren't at the shrine," he tells Adrien after finishing eating the fries he shoved in his mouth. "It was a cluster." Then he tells both Naru and Haruka, "I was-- really, really confused and upset. I'm happy it turned out the way it did, though, everyone ended up okay. Including my small band of jerks. They're still jerks, but they're not evil jerks anymore, for what it's worth. We went and collected them like pokemon, and purified the hell out of them."

He offers a little more quietly, "It's a lull to enjoy, yes."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste oofs at the little elbow to his side. The look from Haruka earns a chuckle as he just shrugs in response. The shrug of course ends up with his arm draping down around Naru's shoulders completely at this point because he kind of forgets they're *in the arcade* *in public* and not just hanging out on the couch in his dorm as they often do.

"Sorry, it was pretty bad," he has to admit of the remark. Though when Mamoru pipes up with Usagi doing all of the above he cracks another broad grin. See, HE gets it.

"Yeah, I heard. I was worried sick about Naru for awhile. I mean, I know she was probably safe with you all, but still. Being out of touch made me worry. I mean even when shew as doll-i-fied she could text me," he points out with a grin at that memory. She HAD made a cute plushie.

More seriously he nods over at Mamoru. "If you and they need help with anything, I'd be happy to do what I can. It sounds like they've been through a lot." A pause, before he corrects, "You all have."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Oh, so the four jerks there are your jerks. Right." She says. "That tracks. And from my perspective, making friends is better than just removing enemies. Like... puts us farther up on the scoreboard. We didn't just take out threats, we turned them into our threats." she says with a grin.

    "I'm not super great at that, but I'm glad someone is. Me... just point me at the monster and that's what I'm good at." she says. She knows her skillset. "Or if you need to be somewhere fast. Though I'm starting to get the idea mobility is usually part of the kit, so most people won't need to wait around for me to pull up." Then she pauses. "Though maybe Naru Just Naru might." she smiles.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Are they back now?" Naru asks of Mamoru. "I'm assuming so, because you are.. but they might want more time to recover." She smiles fondly. "They aren't entirely jerks." She protests.. "Well.. I mean.. we probably barely know them anymore, so we'll see what level of jerk they are now."

Not having a demon in your head probably really changes the jerk level.

Naru doens't seem to mind, or protest that Adrien has his arm around her, and she and her coffee settle in there comfortably. It's the Crown, it's kinda like a dorm room, except with better food. Right? Right.

"I was really impressed that I could text.. badly.. as a plushie." Naru comments. "But out of conneciton is out of connection, no matter how you slice it."

Naru nods to Haruka. "Yeah.. becuase I dont have actual /powers/, pointing me at a monster isn't nearly as effective as say pointing.. any of the rest of you. And yes.. I usually need a lift if I need to get places quickly."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Yeah, jumping around like I'm in a platformer is new and different," says Mamoru, "but not unwelcome. Having a henshin item and a thing to yell out is... also new and different. If you've got nice wheels, though, I wouldn't say no to transport." He laughs, and it's an easy thing. Haruka's princess's prince should have an easy laugh. "But yeah, they're my..." he glances at Naru. "...maybe not that jerky? jerks. Come on, that's too many words!"

He points at fry at Naru. "You do pretty great with a sword, but you held that one you had like it was a hand-and-a-halfer and it looked more like a saber." He points the same fry at Adrien. "You need to show your girlfriend how to fight with a saber. And I will absolutely take you up on that help if there turns out to be anything I can dump in your lap and call your problem."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka smiles. "Well, Usagi can contact me pretty easily. And I like driving, so it's nice to be helpful. If it really comes down to it I can get a helicopter, but that's a little bit more disruptive." She is one-hundred-percent serious. "Just make sure you buckle up, whatever ride you're in with me."

    "There's a fencing club at school too, Naru-san." she says. Well, she doesn't know the girl's last name, everyone called her Naru, so she opted for the -san. "You should consider it. If you didn't roll out of bed one day and know how to use a blade. I only can when I'm a Sailor." she says. Well, there's only one Sailor Senshi with a sword, right now.

    "If you need more... fuzzy help, problem solving that isn't beating something up, I know people, but that's not where my powers seem to be focused."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"You used a sword? I thought you were training with a staff?" Adrien inquires glancing to the Naru currently tucked in against his side. The talk of how she handled it does earn a thoughtful purse of his lips as he considers how to handle this new information.

"Right, sabers are very useful--" he begins to agree only for what *else* Mamoru said to click in his mind. It's a good thing he hadn't been taking a sip of his drink or eating anything at the moment it does because he pauses to stare at Mamoru with a look. Just. A look. A blank 'mind is rebooting' kind of expression.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Okay.. it totally doesn't roll off the tongue." Naru mmms to Mamoru at his protests that 'maybe not that jerky jerks' is a mouthful. "You can call them jerks, but I'm going to reserve judgement." She grins to him, "Besides, it sounds affectionate coming from you and less so coming from me."

"Helocopters are distracting right in the city, yeah." Naru nods to Haruka and considers the girl. Two and two are certainly being put together. "Problem solving is usually my job, but sometimes I wade in.. or the fight comes to me."

Naru twists a little to look up at Adrien as he bluescreens and requires a reboot. "Yes, I used a sword. I use whatever weapon I can borrow, and Takuto was kind enough to loan me one. I only have mundane staves and that probably wasn't going to really cut it."

Naru glances to Mamoru and her expression is faintly apologetic. "You guys weren't exactly pushovers." She points out and then pffts softly at him, holding up one of her free hands. "My hands are tiny.. of course I had to use it as a hand and a halfer!"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Mamoru looks from Adrien's face to Adrien's arm, then back to Adrien's face, and then at Naru, and he looks so sympathetic. Then he very pointedly turns back to Haruka and looks very interested. "A Sailor with a sword. You were bodyguarding! When Pluto did the thing with her keyblade and made announcements and stuff--! I'm sorry, I was really out of it. Pleased to meet you! And if I find out who flooded my room I might need the beating-somebody-up kind of help."

Finally, Mamoru grins at Naru and starts to slide out of the booth. "We were not pushovers, and I'm glad you didn't need to sword us. I'm glad you don't have to sword me now, because now... I'm probably a pushover, honestly, I'm no good at fighting, haha," he says, definitely laughing at the end, ha ha no serious. And he stands up and picks up his fries and Usagi's. "I'm gonna go find Usa and tell her I'll eat her fries for her before they congeal. If she doesn't. I'll see you all later!"

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste swallows hard a single time as he realises that Naru and he had yet again been called out as a couple. A bit less wordily than Chrono had done at least, but still. Naru hadn't argued, either. A deep breath is drawn as he decides to focus momentarily on the one thing he could.

"Fencing club, yes. I missed signup last time but I was told I could join this next period so I'll be there. I use sabers," he explains perhaps unnecessarily. Mamoru's departure earns a quick nod as well.

"I should... Maybe go make sure that my dorm isn't flooded, too, come to think of it." Reluctantly he withdraws his arm from Naru even though he was suddenly realizing he was probably going to have to make a decision soon. "Are you going to be okay getting home on your own, Naru?" Of *course* he was going to ask.

"It was nice meeting you as well," he adds to Haruka with a grin.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Yeah, I should probably get moving too, before my girlfriend wonders where I've gone off to. She worries a lot." Haruka says, as though she's not exactly the same way about Michiru. "If you find out a youma flooded your room you can call me. If you find out it was a bad dorm mate, that's your RA or whatever." she says. She doesn't live in the dorms, she doesn't know!

    "I'll catch you if you come to fencing club, Agreste-san, so that nobody tries to pick on you as the newbie." she says. Is she joking? Maybe.

    "Talk to Usagi about how to get in contact with me." Haruka says to Naru as she gets up and eats the last of her fries. "I trust her to do it more smartly." This may be a mistake. Maybe not, though. Either way Usagi is the Princess and so if she wants Haruka to talk to Naru, Haruka will. "I've gotta run." Quite literally, in a few moments.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I'll walk back to the dorms with you." Naru comments to Adrien as they clearly are packing up and heading back. Snacks have been consumed, milkshakes and coffees demolished.

"I will." Naru nods to Haruka with a little smile. "Good to meet you. Take care. I'm sure we'll chat again sometime." Because these things seem to happen on the regular.