Haruka Tenoh

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Haruka Tenoh (Scenesys ID: 49)
"Guardian of Wind, Sailor Uranus, Acts With Grace!"
Name: Haruka Tenoh AKA: Sailor Uranus
Gender: Very Series: (CC) Sailor Moon
Origin: Sailor Senshi Grade: 10
Clubs: Radiant Heart Academy Age: N/A
Group Information
Groups N/A


Haruka Tenoh, no matter which gender of clothes she is wearing today, is carrying them with style. Maybe you'll remember the story from a few years back about the girl that jumped into an amateur race and won it despite being 13? That's her. Maybe you're hearing about that handsome guy in 10th grade? There's a chance it's her. Or the pretty girl with the short hair? Also could be her.

Sailor Uranus? There's no way that could be her, right?

She's certainly not the reincarnation of the Princess of Uranus and one of the outer Sailor Guardians. She can't be that *and* a track star and a racing genius, right? That'd be crazy, like if she also flew helicopters or something.


Driving Without A License, Flying a Helicopter Without a License, Looking Good, Wearing It Best, Ashura Senku, Stunt Driving, Track+Field, Speed Kills

Vital Trivia

Height: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Least Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Subject: Unknown
Least Favorite Subject: Unknown


Title Date Scene Summary
Budget Cuts December 5th, 2023 Cyprine, the most powerful of the witches five decides to take matters into her own hands, facing down Sailor Moon, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and special guest Stellar. Unfortunately, welllll... It turns out there were time for some budget cuts and as she brings in two salaries it just made good financial sense. (CW: Death)
Glitter, Gleam, Glow December 3rd, 2023 A Phantom Silver Crystal lollipop has been possessed by the spirit of everyone's greed! Good thing Guardian Daifuku, Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mars, Cure Fortune, and Puella Red are on the scene! One monster later, the mahou take a moment to exchange information and their origins. Cure Fortune even tells Sailor Moon's fortune! Y-yay...?
Seeking: One Princess, Freshly Found, Please November 30th, 2023 Five kids walk the path to Soryuu Shrine. Eventually, four will go home. See you next time, Himeko.
Crystalline Witch November 28th, 2023 True Facets Jewelry Boutique claims to have found the Silver Crystal, but before the truth of that claim can be tested, a bizarre familiar steals the gem for itself! It's up to Hope Blossom, Sharp Song, Red, Hematite, Sailor Uranus, Onihime, and Sailor Moon to venture into the labyrinth.
Yes It's A Planet! October 26th, 2023 Chasing down a punk of a youma leads to a meeting between Sailor Eris and Sailor Uranus. Thankfully, Sailor Neptune shows up before Sailor Uranus can eat her entire shoe.
Tower Talk October 25th, 2023 Haruka and Michiru have some alone time to try and process all that has happened, and all that seems prepared to happen.
Hopes October 10th, 2023 Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon talk about the worlds they hope to be able to see come about... and what they're willing to do for it.
Youma'd, Bro? October 7th, 2023 In which a small child's birthday party is attacked by a Dark Kingdom General for reasons.
Culminating Plans October 2nd, 2023 Sunbreaker has it out with Sailor Moon... but when the outers get involved, suddenly Sunbreaker finds out the consequences of her actions. Something that shakes her to the core.
Days of Our Outers Episode 523: Haruka Did What September 29th, 2023 Following the events of Haulin' Pt 2, Haruka returns to Casa Del Outers and relays what has transpired. Hugs are had and much Khorma Chameleon is gotten.
Days of Our Outers Episode 489: Setsuna Has a Boyfriend September 21st, 2023 Following the events of 'Laugh it up, Space Boy', Michiru and Haruka come back home that evening to find Chrono and smol Setsuna passed out on the couch together. The teasing will be remembered for ages.
Haulin' September 18th, 2023 What is that noise outside the Outer Senshi's shared domicile?
Candy Shop Chaos September 14th, 2023 Who is the handsome boy in the candy shop?
They Were Roommates! September 2nd, 2023 Michiru has moved into Setsuna's mansion. She's got her own little wing. She leaves the door to her music studio open when she sits down to practice, and thus summons Haruka to her. They are so incredibly in love.
Seaing the Future August 21st, 2023 Haruka and Michiru finally get that date, but of course it's full of tears as they discuss their past lives and their destiny.
Revenge Is Cold. Coffee Is Not August 11th, 2023 Haruka asks Michiru over for a date, but Setsuna crashes, and the two Senshi reveal themselves to one another _and_ Haruka! It's tough being a teenager with a destiny.
Why's it called a Supercar August 10th, 2023 Haruka takes Setsuna out to Fuji raceway to show her what a supercar can do...our poor nurse has NO idea what she's in for.
Sound of Sea And Sky August 8th, 2023 Haruka finally tracks down the girl with the ocean for hair that she met at the dance, and remembers that names and cellphones and flirting all exist.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Time and Space July 10th, 2023 An uncharacteristically distraught Haruka finds her way to Setsuna's office, and a strange connection is formed. Also, Haruka finds 3 things to fall in love with! (they're cars.)


Title Date Scene Summary
Mysterious Racer X (Haruka Tenoh) August 27th, 2023 Haruka has been offered a way to race despite her age. It'll never work, though. Right?