421/Candy Shop Chaos

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Candy Shop Chaos
Date of Scene: 14 September 2023
Location: Nounamu Sweets
Synopsis: Who is the handsome boy in the candy shop?
Cast of Characters: Chiyo Sakai, Makoto Kino, Hinata Muramasa, Haruka Tenoh, Veronica Perenna, Michiru Kaiou

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Nounamu Sweets was a nice, old shop that nestled between a few others. While it was small it was popular enough among those that attended Radiant Heart Academy. Why? Because it sold sweets.

From the beautiful, traditional sort that are on ready display behind the glass fronted counters, to more modern favorites that everyone could enjoy. Mochi, daifuku, dango. Strawberries glazed in sugar on sticks making it seem as if they were encased in glass. Little pressed 'cookies' of maple leaves and chestnut flavored treats.

As if that weren't enough of a lure there's a chalk board leaning up out front that declares a discount for RHA students, and a list of events coming up for the festivals just around the corner. There were also pictures from the last festival showcasing the flower shaped daifuku that many had signed up to learn how to make.

Currently with the air growing a bit chill the scents that wafted from within were of a very traditional Japanese sweet treat---Coal baked sweet potatoes.

Makoto Kino has posed:
Makoto Kino is out doing one of her favorite things, shopping! (Okay, it's actually trying to do shopping for some of the things that she'd use to do baking, but it's still shopping.

At least, that was the plan. And THEN she saw the windows. And then the candy. And then the chalkboard. Really, it's like watching something be drawn into the event horizon of a black hole, except this is candy. Candy hole?

The tall girl starts to approach the shop, her shopping bag in hand. Her eyes look over the windows one more time, and then there's almost...almost the sense she might resist. Except then she smells the sweet potatoes, and all hope is lost. So she starts on her way inside.

Hinata Muramasa has posed:
    One of the newer arrivals at Radiant Heart is a 7th grader who joined in the recently begun semester. She's largely kept to herself and the bawdy blonde who fancies herself a pirate. They make an odd pairing, but still.

    Hinata Muramasa enters the little sweet shop, keeping her gaze cast floorward so as not to catch anyones eye by accident, that's until she gets to the counter to get her order. She places an ecclectic order of mochi, dango and other sweets, far more than she herself could possibly eat alone.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    And today, Haruka Tenoh was craving sugar. Sweets. She did have a bit of a sweet tooth - it likely wasn't the first time she was in Chiyo's shop. It just might have been the first time Chiyo was working - or it might simply have been in a very different style.

    Today, Haruka is wearing the masculine variant of the Radiant Heart Uniform in the standard blue-and-orange, hair parted neatly. There's a pause when she stops nearby to look at her reflection and adjust the bowtie typical of the uniform.

    Handsome Haruka swoops in, moving though the doorway and walking with no small degree of elegant purpose. If there's no line she'll walk up to the counter and ask in a maybe-too-bold voice "What's the best Mochi here?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Behind the counter is not Chiyo, but an older man with wisened lines on his face and what appears to be a permanent half-scowl on his face. If one were to see him at work they would realize these were just the wrinkles from someone who tended to focus and concentrate on their work. His task was set to the side for now to tend to the customers as Chiyo was out of the shop for awhile.

There was another helper in the back as well who would occasionally trade off with the old man, but the part-timer just looked as if he was constantly out of his depth. The old man would step in more often than not having skillfully bagged what was requested.

It's about this time when orders are being placed and others are wandering in that the old mans' grand daughter returns.

Chiyo steps into the shop bringing iwth it the little chiming ding of the bells attached to the door as she leads the newly met Veronica inside. She's still in the school uniform herself with her long sleeves almost covering the backs of her hands. Almost. The white of bandages wrapped snug around her hands is obvious enough to any who catch sight of it.

Hearing the question of 'the best mochi' she's quick to pipe up, "All the mochi is delicious, but try the seasonal chestnut mochi. Or..." A deep breath is drawn and she smiles. "Ojiisan, are the potatoes almost finished?"

Even though she asks the question she's already stepping beyond the line of students to duck behind the counter where she grasps for an apron hanging on a hook. "Pardon me," she offers those here. "I can help too, let me just get ready."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Your shop looks awesome, Sakai-san", Veronica comments as she follows Chiyo inside. Having come here straight from the school, she is still wearing the school uniform.

She takes a moment to appreciate the smell of baked sweet potatoes in the air. "You really know how to attract people, I already want some of those potatoes. And I see this place is quite popular among Radiant Heart students", she comments with a smile, waving at those wearing the school uniform.

Veronica bows at the wizened man behind the counter, as proper, adding a bit of a flourish with her arm to the gesture. "Hi, sir. I hope the intrusion isn't unwelcome. I just meet your kind granddaughter who offered me some directions and then to pay a visit to your nice establishment."

Makoto Kino has posed:
Makoto looks around inside. "Everything smells so good..." She smiles as she hears Chiyo asking about the potatoes. "That's a really good question, and I'd love to know the answer."

She approaches the counter. "I would like to get two of them, if they are." A pause, and she looks about. "Do you do crepes by any chance?" A long shot, but at least they are sweet-adjacent. And then she notices Haruka, and...okay, there's some swooning there. Such a handsome guy! She realizes she's staring, and blushes a bit.

Hinata Muramasa has posed:
    Hinata waits patiently for her order to be bagged up, keeping a step to the side so she's not in the way. She's a small thing compared to some of the others here, but she's looking at them curiously. Some might recognize the youngest scion of the Muramasa clan, but many may not.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka's eyebrow raised. "Chestnut Mochi? That sounds pretty good... but I don't think we can decide what tastes the best off just your opinion. Or even just mine." She adds. She draws a wallet from her back pockets and pulls her credit card out, between two fingers, flicking it so that it lands on the counter and slides next to the register - even if she's not the next up.

    "I'll pay for anybody from who wants to try the Chestnut Mochi until I leave." She proclaims.
    Haruka is being extremely extra and she knows it. But spending all day with Setsuna and Michiru - both of them rich and talented - sometimes makes her want to go out and be dramatic too. And when she is, she so very is. She likes attention and she'd probably admit it if asked.

    And when it's her turn, she will ask for some Mochi for herself... and if there's any way she could get two nicely wrapped boxes to take home for two other someones.

    Veronica's wave gets a wave and a wink back. Makoto's blush gets a more playful grin. Her staring isn't considered impolite to Haruka but rather than attention she was seeking. It was nice to not feel like the awkwardly only normal girl in a room of Magical Girls, but instead the focus of eyes. When she notices Hinata looking at her curiously, she looks back, mirroring that sort of quizzical curiosity on her own face. Just having fun with life.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai struggles to tie the laces of the apron behind her back with fumbling fingers even as orders start to pile up. As soon as she was there, the part timer helping her apparent grandfather does his best to step back and let them take charge. Poor guy was new to this. "Thank you, Veronica. I'm sorry I didn't realize it'd be so busy today." Finally getting the apron situated she pulls on some gloves over her hands to ensure she doesn't get anything dirty. Like the food. Oh heavens no.

"Oh, and Makoto-san! Good to see you again. No crepes I'm afraid," she greets to the girl she'd met breifly at gardening club when helping out not long ago. A glance to her grandfather earns a nod, and she smiles warmly. "They're ready. I'll get some--"

"No. *I* will get the potatoes," her grandfather determines chiding. "You already burnt yourself the other day." He glances toward Veronica's greeting then giving a curt nod, and a mumble of, "Welcome, of course." Then with a grunt he heads to the back to do just that, muttering about being careful.

Then Haruka's credit card is flicked over along with that generous declaration. "O-oh! Okay. Ahm... Yes, of course, right away! Just let me..." The bag for Hinata is taken up to finish bagging, one of those chestnut mochi deposited inside as well. It's placed on a tray, and offered across the counter toward Hinata with a smile that was more genuine than 'customer service' oriented. "There's free hot tea in the carafe on the counter if anyone would like to enjoy some of your treats here, too." At least there's a few cafe tables to sit should anyone decide to.

Then while the sweet potatoes are being fetched she sees to the chestnut mochi. A piece for everyone is withdrawn to be offered out on a tray while smiling at Haruka. "Ah, please enjoy! I'm sure you'll like it!"

Oh damn he was cute.

Hinata Muramasa has posed:
    Hinata bows in thanks to Chiyo, "Thank you very much." she replies, then looks at the chestnut mochi curiously. She then bows to Haruka as well. "You are very generous. Thank you." she offers, then makes a move to sit at one of the tables. She did get some things for herself after all.

    Hinata starts to fade into the background, watching the people pass by quietly in her own little corner.

Makoto Kino has posed:
"This place smells delicious, Chiyo-san!" Makoto smiles at her fellow gardener. And then Haruka makes her offer. Her eyes widen as she hears that. "Um, yes, I would like to try one of the Chestnut Mochi as well!"

She looks to Haruka. "Thank you so much, senpai!" After all, he's clearly older, and she doesn't know his name. "Would you like a cup of tea?" she offers to Haruka. Sure, it's free, but she'll bring the hot guy a cup of tea!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka just grins. She's not entirely used enough to this to be under unflappably cool about it all, but she's at least able to maintain a facade of mostly cool about it.,

    She nods at the girl serving the mochi and takes a bite. "Well my verdict is that it's the best Mochi I've had." She says, rather simply, like this was the expected outcome.

     She notices she's still getting the looks, and then there's Makoto asking about tea. "WELL... I'm perfectly fine getting my own and there's not any need... but I suppose when a pretty girl offers to get me tea it's only a fool who would say no." She notes, and sits down at a table. Looking at Makoto first and then the other students from the school, she gestures with a swooping hand to the other chairs.

    "If you're from the Academy you're welcome to join me. I've not been here terribly long, so I'd welcome the chance to get to know you?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica looks over the selection of good the shop has on offer, and takes a few seconds to make her decision, taking in the quite frankly amazing production by matters of both look and smell. "I think I will take some of your baked sweet potatoes and I will also that advantage of that handsome fellow's offer over there and try some of your chestnut mochi, if you would", Veronica orders, winking back at Haruka.

She takes out the money needed to pay for the potatoes and she goes chatting up Haruka, noting how the fellow student wears the uniform quite well.

"So, I have to say that was quite generous of you. Is that an habit, or were you in a good mood this morning?" she comments with a bit of small laugh. "I'm Veronica Perenna, by the way, and I am a student at Radiant Heart too, as I am sure you picked up."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai watches as Haruka takes a bite of the mochi only to declare it was indeed the best. The smile that breaks over her has her looking a bit giddy at the praise. "Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy it. We take great pride in our work here!" It takes her a moment to realize she's perhaps gushing just a bit much and she quickly glances away.

Thankfully there's the distraction of gathering money to ring out all the assorted orders. While she does this the steaming potatoes, carefully wrapped and bagged in tinfoil and tucked into paper bags, are brought out by her grandfather.

"Here you go, hot and fresh! They'll last awhile but you can reheat them at home later if you need." Makoto gets her two, Veronica as well. With the hot stuff handed out she personally hand delivers the chestnut mochi to the two girls as well.

It's about then she realizes the credit card was still there and Haruka was way over there.

Coming out from behind the counter she holds it out to the student again with a bowing dip of her head. "Thank you so much!" And... and maybe another chestnut mochi was slid out on the table in front of Haruka, too.

Makoto Kino has posed:
He. Said. She's. CUTE. Makoto is over the moon at that. Maybe he doesn't have a girlfriend! SHE could be a girlfriend. Makoto hurries over, pouring two cups of tea. She brings one back to Haruka, and sets it down there, before...tentatively setting the other on the other side of Haruka's table?

"I got two potatoes..." Thank goodness for having been hungry! "Would you like one?" she offers, clearly trying to set herself up as the other person there. "You're the best, Chiyo-san!"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka looks to Veronica."I was just making a scene." Haruka answers surprisingly frankly. "And now you've all come to talk to me, and a pretty girl is bringing me tea." She notes with an impish grin. Her voice is androgynous too, serving her well when she's in this mood.

    "And... I really do love this place's sweets. But more importantly, now I've got company. I'm not big on sitting at tables alone, you know? Then people just stare while poorly trying to hide it." She added, leaning back and interlacing her fingers behind her head.
        "Veronica." She says, the name unfamiliar to her. "Pretty name though obviously not very Japanese. One of our foreign students, then. Where do you hail from?"

    "I'm Haruka Tenoh." She says, maybe slightly scooting the plastic bag with the two gift boxes further under the table. "I'd love one..."she says. She says, looking right at Makoto. She's clearly talking about the sweet potato. Honest.

    "You should take pride in your work, though." She says, turning to Chiyo. "It's exceptional. The taste is just delightfully... radiant?" Is that too much? She looks at the card. "I mean, I was expecting to get anybody else, but I suppose this is most of them. Certainly all of the prettiest ones." That's for all of them. And she leans back, closing her eyes as she savors the recently added mochi, and the attention, and there's no way closing her eyes is going to go poorly in a moment.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou does not frequent many shops or stores because she doesn't go out much. She has people who go out for her. But, ever since she enrolled at RHA, she's taken to exploring the streets and shops right around the campus. She will often just pick a random direction and just meander, letting the currents and eddies in the sea of possibilities guide her to just the right spot. And so it is that she ventured out from campus to arrive at the sweet shop now, with a sudden appetite for mochi.

She steps inside--the bell on the door jingling if there is one--and who should she see but the singular Haruka Tenoh, at a table, with adoring girls. No surprises there. So this is why she was drawn here. There's even a mochi _right there_. A delighted smile spreads across her face and she just walks directly over to where the dashing blonde is leaning back with her eyes closed.

Michiru's eyes are filled with _mischief_. She just walks right around and bends over to place a kiss on Haruka's cheek. Then she stands up and says delightedly, "Did you save that for me, my prince?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Oh, you are quite the attention-seeker then", Veronica smiles, looking up at the tall student. "Do you always like this bit of showmanship?", placing her food on the counter next to Haruka.

The brunette takes a bit of the mochi offered by Haruka. "This is so delicious", she comments in appreciation, beaming at Chiyo, before going back to her conversation. "I can see why you love this place's sweets."

Veronica cleans her mouth from bits of the mochi before replying to Haruka's question. "I am English, just catched a plane to here earlier this week."

Veronica promptly presents one of her sweet potatoes to Haruka, the gesture being carried out fluidly. "You can take one of mine. Consider it appreciation for the mochi" she offers, before a laugh escaping her mouth. "I can see you aren't lacking in wit. You are quite amusing."

She waves at the girl who kisses Haruka's cheek. "Hi, I am Veronica. Are you Haruka's girlfriend?" She keeps calm, smiling perfectly, but she wonders which of them should give their relationship a thought if they are actually together.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Just to get attention? That was rather bold. Very bold, really, but then this individual was blonde. Maybe it was a blonde thing, Chiyo reasons as she goes over the blondes she knows in her mind and can easily agree 'bold' or at least 'loud and energetic' were what sprung to mind.

As the others begin to offer sharing sweet potatoes, and indulge in the mochi alike, she steps back from the table so as to not crowd them. It wasn't that she wasn't intending to join in on the conversation--It was just habit being 'at work' to not crowd customers.

"I'm glad everyone is enjoying themselves," she remarks again with a grin flashed back to Veronica. Oh, and Makoto was flirting quite so clearly trying to ease into a nice tea time with this generous fellow!

It all goes out the window when Michiru shows up planting that kiss on Haruka's cheek along with the phrase 'my prince.' An instant pang of sympathy flits over her face with a quick glance to Makoto. Maybe if she quickly changes the topic?

"Would anyone like anything else?"

Makoto Kino has posed:
Annnnnd....womp womp. Makoto was just about to sit down opposite Haruka, annnnndddd....then there's a gorgeous girl kissing the guy she's crushing on. And calling him "my prince".

That sound? The one that's only audible in Makoto's head? That's the sound of a crushing teenage girl having her hopes...well, crushed. She looks over from Michiru to Haruka, and her expression is awkward...crestfallen...and then covered with a fake smile. "Oh. Um...hereyougo." She hands over the potato to Haruka, and then sets the other one on the other side, presumably for Michiru. She looks over to Michiru. "Please, enjoy!"

And with that, with those hormonal teenage tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, she turns and not-quite-runs for the door. She won't actually run until she's outside. After all, what does she need with potatoes. Or mochi. Or boys. Or dignity.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "...My prince..." Haruka hears as she's kind of basking in everything. Actually, yeah, that is what would make this purpose, Michiru as well. Good job, brain! Wait she kissed me that means...

    Haruka's eyes open and yep. Yep. There's Michiru. The noise that Haruka makes is terribly undignified as the chair is brought back to sitting with all four legs on the ground and the blonde-haired androgyne watches everything kind of fall apart. Slightly. One of the girls leaves with that kind of hurried dash that makes Haruka feel a little bad. Or, would, if she was not suddenly trying to make the bit of Mochi she was savoring go down the food pipe instead of the air pipe. A couple coughs do it.

    "Erm. Hi Michiru!" she says, with the sort of tone that indicates that she's been caught and now just has to roll with it. "Just getting to know some of the underclassmen. I haven't really had time to get around and meet them. Getting settled in the place and doing the uh. Court. Things." she says. She reaches down to the wrapped plastic bag. "Didn't save the one on the plate for you, admittedly... cause' I got you somethinnnnn' instead" she says in a singsong voice before revealing the gift-box of Mochi. "See? Not just one!" she adds.

    Chiyo asks a question and eventually Haruka's brain catches up with translating words into ideas. "I don't know, uh, Michiru, since you're here, can I get you anything?" she asks, almost fluttering her eyelashes despite being in kind of boymode at Michiru. "Oh, and this is Michiru Kaiou, the famous violinist." Oh look, a distraction! "And these are my new friends Perenna-san and Sakai-san. It's Sakai-san's restraunt."

    She didn't know which was about to be worse, talking about it or ignoring it. She decides after a moment on taking the last Mochi off the tray since it's decidedly not Michiru's and pops it into her mouth, since she's too cool to literally stick her foot in her mouth.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru just stands there and silently watches as Makoto's hopes are crushed and she flees. She stands there and smiles, as Veronica addresses her, and then she stands there and grins as Haruka freaks out. Oh she's absolutely delighted. She sits down in the seat next to the blonde, and shakes her head. "No need, Haru-chan. You've already gotten plenty," she says, and giggles. Then she picks up the sweet potatoes that Makoto set down for her, and takes a bite. The poor girl.

She glances about the shop then, as she savors the potato and sees who all else is here before turning to look at Chiyo, "The potato is delicious! I'm so glad I wandered in here." She turns, to Veronica, then, and smiles. "Something like that, yes," she glances toward Haruka, "Wouldn't you agree, my prince?"

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica looks puzzled at the scene playing out before her. Clearly this is not the kind of attention Haruka was seeking, nevermind the fact that her question went unanswered with the shock of Michiru's appearance. 'They probably aren't in a relationship' she concludes internally with a wince.

"I am sorry I actually think I was mistaken", Veronica comments to Michiru. "Tenou-senpai seems quite conflicted about you; even if you are in a relationship like you say, you should probably check again", she comments, pushing herself a bit away from them not enough to interrupt the conversation, but enough to send a message.

She has enough of navigating her parents' politics back home, she doesn't want to have to manage what business is going on between these two. "So, you are a famous violinist", she comments looking back at Michiru. "Have you been playing for long?"

She focuses back on the sweet potato she offered, pushing it towards Haruka once more. She offered it after all, it would be bad manners to take it back. "By the way, Tenou-senpai, you forgot the sweet sweet potato I was giving you."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai smiles pleasantly at Michiru's compliment of the food offered by the shop. Ducking her head a bit in a half bow she accepts the compliment. "Thank you. Welcome to Nounamu Sweets," she offers with hands clasped in front of her over her apron. At least for a moment--She had gloves on but also bandages beneath that, and shifts her hands away out of feeling a bit self-concious over it.

Her attention turns toward the counter where her grandfather works behind the glass tidying up now that the 'rush' has died down. "Ojiisan, is there anything else you need me to do?" She had come with a friend after all. She'd only jumped in because they were busy. The old man waves her off with a shake of his head.

Oh thank goodness. She wouldn't appear too rude then, she hoped, as she turns back toward Veronicaaaaa---

Who just went there about the pair's unnamed relationship.

Chiyo bites down on her lower lip with eyes wide. Deciding to err on the side of caution she swivels on the ball of her foot to head for the side table where the tea cups and teapot were located. "I'lljustgetadrink."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Well, if Haruka thought she was in trouble before, there was Veronica to start talking and making her feel worse. She wanted to defend herself, but... what could she say? Michiru had to know what the real situations and feelings were, and if Michiru knew, she didn't need to explain. And if Michiru didn't know, she was going to end up swimming with the fishes, hopefully only literally. "I didn't forget. I'm full." she says, almost petulantly, almost snappy, after Veronica's comments, pushing the plate back across the table like the spoiled 15-year-old she could be.

    Haruka looked up to Michiru an really, really hoped she could count on their unspoken link. It had brought them together, it had been there since they first caught fleeting glances in the auditorium of the dance. It had to tell Michiru that Haruka was, basically, only playing around and attention seeking. Right? She looked into Michiru's eyes. Right now hers were saying "please understand" or maybe just "please don't make me say things out loud it's awkward" or maybe "I'm lost send help".

    "Oh... I uh..." she was about to ask Chiyo to get her a drink, but then she remebered she'd tainted even that with her comment from before about Makoto. "Nevermind. I'm good." she said.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou just sits there and looks at Veronica for a long moment, a small smile on her face the whole time. Michiru knows where she stands with Haruka. She's secure in her attachment. "Oh yes, I've been playing for about twelve years now," she says. "I played my first national concert eight years ago, and I was on television in America just last year." That's all just like causally said, as if that's totally normal.

She glances toward Haruka and smiles, gently, reassuringly. She reaches out to rest her hand on Haruka's knee under the table, and then turns to look back at Veronica. "We've been quiet about us because I'm a private person," she says, and then glances at Haruka again, and smirks. "But Haru-chan, here, really does like attention. Don't you, my prince?"

"You should be more careful, Haruka. Breaking hearts like that," she says and shakes her head before giggling and eating more sweet potato. Broken hearts are delicious.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"Oh, you have had quite the long career. I am sure you must have many interesting stories", Veronica comments before seeing a way to detach herself completely from the two of them with at least a bit of manners when Chiyo comments about getting a drink, and she is quick to grasp it.

"Wait, Sakai-san, I will lend you a hand, your hands are still burned after all." She makes a quick departure from the two of them, going after Chiyo. "It was a pleasure knowing you two, see you at school." The sweet potato she had offered is still there.

"Sakai-san, do you mind if I actually pour them with you?" the brunette asks. "I know you don't actually need the help for this, but still I would like to do it." If Chiyo agrees, Veronica starts pouring in the drink.

As she watches the cup being filled, she asks a question to the girl. "There was something I forgot while we were walking here: do you mind if we exchange our phone numbers? Our chat back in the club building was really enjoyable, and I would like meeting more."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai pauses as she's near the table and called out for her apparent inability to use her handsd properly. Turning a bit red she glances down to her hands flexing her fingers a time or two against the wrappings covering her palms, and the back of her hands. "Yes, please. Thank you Perenna-san." Though after she contemplates she adds, "Ah, I should bring them cups as well, since they're eating here." It was only polite.

Looking back to Veronica she offers her a smile. "Of course, I don't mind at all. It's always good to have a new friend." That is what it was, right? Right.

"The burns aren't that bad, really, Ojiisan just worries. I'm sure I'll be fine in a day or so. Just some cream to soothe it," she assures with a nervous chuckle. Dark fire burns were probably going to be a bit harder than that to heal. She's more trying to convince herself.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka feels... steadily better. Michiru isn't throwing things. She isn't mad. She's self-assured - more than Haruka, and her external attention seeking mode - and calm. She finally exhales - how long has she been holding her breath, she wonders - and puts her hand behind her head. "Well, that, and I meant what I said about the food here." she admits, rubbing her neck. "And not liking eating alone." And making a scene. "But you're right, I should be... more careful." Nothing in Haruka's body language or tone gave creedence to the idea that she would. Just that, maybe, she should.

    Haruka can tell that Veronica is... maybe annoyed? Or at least, distancing herself. So she doesn't push anything on her. Though she does look at the sweet potato and wonder if Setsuna would eat it.

    She nods appreciatively when the cups are put down, but she can kind of tell when her fun is over. "I think after the tea we should go and bring Setsuna her box." she said, motioning to the gift box still in the bag. Some people had developed some bad opinions of her quickly. Not that she, perhaps, did not deserve them. But it didn't mean she was happy about it either.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou continues to eat her sweet potato with a smug grin as she listens to Haruka. It's almost gone. She definitely likes it, and after a decade of time spent traveling and constantly _doing_, she mastered the art of eating quickly, even if she does prefer to take her time with a meal.

She, too, gives an appreciative nod when the cups are set down. And then looks over toward Haruka, and smiles, "That sounds perfect." She just followed her whimsy and walked right into a free snack, dessert, and more plans. How could that be more perfect?

She finishes the potato, then, because she's just been chowing down, and brushes off her lips. "That was delicious. Wow." She smiles and reaches for her tea taking a sip, and then looking back at Haruka with such a delighted look in her eyes. Quietly, mostly just for Haruka, she says, "You looked _terrified_ there for a second when you first saw me." Then she giggles.

Veronica Perenna has posed:
"That's probably good thinking", Veronica nods with a smile as Chiyo mentions she should bring them cups. She follows after her bringing what she filled with her.

"Awesome, thank you!" Veronica exclaims in response to Chiyo accepting her request. "I look forward to that."

She takes a few seconds to look at the bandages pensively. "That's good news, even with the medication they must be quite irksome."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai serves the tea and allows Veronica to set the cups she filled down too so that both could enjoy. Satisfied that she'd done her best at this point she steps back again. "Please, take your time and enjoy yourselves. We always have discounts for students as well--" she says, being in a RHA uniform still beneath her apron. "So feel free to stop by in the future, too."

The cup of tea she had retreived for herself is raised to take a sip enjoying the feel of the green tea warming her. Maybe it helped her hands a bit too, somehow. A bit awkwardly she broaches the topic, "I'm... I'm sorry if anyone got upset earlier too." She'd have to find Makoto later to give her a treat or two for the teenage trauma she'd gone through.

The look Veronica gives her bandages earns a faint embarassed flush that causes her to clear her throat. "Yes, well. It's something that happens sometimes when working in kitchens. I was careless. At least hands heal quickly," she reasons. "I should tend to some duties behind the counter for awhile. Please excuse me, Perenna-san. It was nice meeting you." Looking back to the couple she adds, "And you as well."

Veronica Perenna has posed:
Veronica smiles towards everyone. "I think I should take my leave, it was nice being here, see you at school." She waves at the other students and bows towards Chiyo's grandfather before leaving Nounamu sweets. The experience with Haruka and Michiru was quite weird, but she was delighted in having met Chiyo, and that's what matters.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka sighs. It's been a rollercoaster of emotion. She looks over at Michiru. "For a moment, I was. Until I was sure you weren't mad." she admits. "Or at least, not the wrong kind of mad?" she asks, shrugging her shoulders. "But yeah, all of that aside, I'll keep coming here. I feel like it's least I can do after I sent one of their customers uh... dashing out like that." she admits. "Let's go back to the house. That's all of my energy for right now." she says, as she leans down and grabs the bag with the extra gift left.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou just looks at Haruka with utter delight in her eyes. How could she have been mad? She could not. She takes a couple sips from her cup, and then nods her agreement. "Yes, let's. Setsuna will love her box of mochi, I'm sure."

She got a snack, a dessert, and a ride home with Haruka. This is why she let the currents guide her. Michiru Kaiou felt blessed.

If only there weren't all that other stuff in the back of her mind. But, that was a problem for another time.