Hinata Muramasa

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Hinata Muramasa (Scenesys ID: 160)
I know the weight of my family name. You need not concern yourself with it.
Name: Hinata Muramasa AKA: The Shadow Shogun
Gender: Female Series: (OC) Curse Hunters
Origin: Accursed Grade: 7
Clubs: Go Home Club Age: 13
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Hinata Muramasa is the youngest daughter of the current Muramasa family and is currently in seventh grade at Radiant Heart Academy. She was largely left to her own devices, which eventually lead to her wandering somewhere she shouldn't have gone. An old tomb in the family lands that was sealed for years stood open when she passed it for the thousandth time in her short life. Curiosity piqued, she peered inside and two things happened. She found out that the rumors spreading in the older generations of a bloodline curse were true, and so too the rumours of a shard of the infamous Murasame being kept in the family tomb. These two things combined together to create the magical girl Shadow Shogun. Hinata is a sweet girl with a fiery temper, though she is also rather shy around new people. The bloodline curse draws her to other fragments of the Murasame, seeking them out to reunite them all together.


Tea Ceremony Expert, Bokken? I hardly know'em, Sweet and Spicy, Fades into the background, Wallflower, Caligraphic Enterprise

Vital Trivia

Height: 4'4"
Blood Type: B+
Birthday: 18 Jan
Likes: Reading, Flute-playing, Calligraphy, Alone Time.
Dislikes: Large crowds, Biology, Gym class.
Favorite Food: Takiyaki
Least Favorite Food: Persimmons
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: Geography


Title Date Scene Summary
Sea Shanties and Ice Cream March 8th, 2024 Bow and Erika tackle the Davy Jones Challenge at the Ice Cream Parlor! Erika has the BEST shanties - when compared to an ice cream shop ditty. Hinata observes. Information is exchanged and TRAGIC ROMANCE must be addressed.
Portal of Hope: First Step to Adventure! February 20th, 2024 Bow takes a desperate chance and arrives on Earth from Etheria, chased by Horde Robots. A plethora of heroes show up to assist, but then more villains arrived to help, and it got messy and there were pirates vs. sharks vs. ninjas vs. robots and it all got weird. Long story short, Bow's now a magical boy and stuck on Earth. But Adora's here too. And Catra. But he doesn't know that yet.
A Princess Moves In! November 1st, 2023 Princess Hime meets some other students! Tears are shed and there are blushes! Plans are made. Also, Hime totally pushed those beds together.
Kitsubaka: The Aftermath October 29th, 2023 Blending back into the crowd after the market wakes back up, discussions are had, sweets and purchased.
Kitsubaka: The Wreckening October 22nd, 2023 A Fragment of the Murasame Blade attacks a harvest market somewhere in Tokyo.

Four mahou stop it.

By the Book September 27th, 2023 Kureha finally learns how to reach out to other people, and all it took was panic. Rashmi guides the team, by the book. Hinata tickets a youkai for eating in a shrine zone. Erika learns that youkai hunting kinda bites. Amy shows an ancient fox the wonders of the modern world... and starts believin' in ghost stories.
Men, Kote, Do, Tsuki. September 25th, 2023 In the wake of something emotionally destabilizing, Amy Faust finds herself cornered in one of the sports club storage rooms. Hilarity ensues.
Unbearable September 20th, 2023 Kureha can't bear to stand on the sidelines. Hinata bears witness. Rashmi can bearly contain herself. Erika unearths bearied friends. Veronica exercises her right to bear arms.
A pirate, a samurai and a thief walk into a hotel... September 17th, 2023 Jolly Roger and the Shadow Shogun follow this weird noise surrounding the Hotel Augusta. There, the two of them end up teaming up with the Princess of Sarek to defeat the youma responsible for all the chaos.
Candy Shop Chaos September 14th, 2023 Who is the handsome boy in the candy shop?
A Fresh Kappa September 13th, 2023 A Mysterious Figure(tm) sends a youkai after Kureha. Passersby just happen to be magical girls. Erika gets smashed off a nice Kyoto Punch.
Kappa Chameleon! August 29th, 2023 A simple visit to the beach before school starts up again turns hostile, when a monster steps out of the sea. Fortunately for the people there, an Oni, a Pirate, a Pretty Cure and a Samurai are there to deal with it.


Title Date Scene Summary
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