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Makoto Kino (Scenesys ID: 45)
"I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and for Courage. I am Sailor Jupiter! I'll make you feel regret, it'll leave you numb!"
Name: Makoto Kino AKA: Sailor Jupiter
Gender: Female Series: (CC) Sailor Moon
Origin: Sailor Senshi Grade: 9
Clubs: Cooking Club
Gardening Club
Age: 14
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Since Makoto Kino transferred to Radiant Heart Academy, there have been a lot of rumors about her: that she used to be in a gang, that she was expelled from her last school, that she'll beat you up at the drop of a hat. But although she's tall and very strong, the truth is that Makoto is a kind and warm-hearted girl who enjoys cooking and flowers and dreams of finding love. Beyond that, she is also the Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter! As Sailor Jupiter, she uses her great strength and the power of thunder and lightning to protect the innocent and punish any who would threaten them.


Aikido, Cooking, Cleaning, Crafting, Gardening, Flower Arrangement, Bargain Shopping, Reading the Weather, Figure Skating, Video Gaming and DDR, Hugs, Unswerving Loyalty, Falling In Love At the Drop of a Hat, Questionable Taste In Men, Getting Her Heart Broken, Boundless Optimism, Charging In Without a Plan, Deadlifting Grown Men Over Her Head (and Other Feats of Strength)

Vital Trivia

Height: Tall
Blood Type: O
Birthday: December 5th
Likes: Cooking, Baking, Gardening, Flower Arrangement, Romance, Bargain Shopping, Horses
Dislikes: Bullies, Airplanes
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Least Favorite Food: None!
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Physics



Title Date Scene Summary
Calling All Heroes December 10th, 2023 The forces of Known Good gather in The Shed to learn about the true threat of the Midnight Tokyo Project. The danger is unveiled, the risks are discussed, and a plan is hatched.
Hikawa Shrine December 5th, 2023 Zoisite attacks the next Shrine on the list... Hikawa Shrine. Unfortunately for him, all the Inner Senshi are in attendance, more magical girls drop in, and there's even a ghost handing out knives in the back room! Total chaos ensues!
In Case Of Snack Emergency, Break Kazuo November 30th, 2023 Kazuo checks in on how Makoto is doing, now that she knows she's also Sailor Jupiter. Makoto is doing just fine. Makoto is doing fine enough to get Kazuo to crack up laughing in public...
Meiji Shrine November 28th, 2023 Nephrite and La Crima assault the Meiji Shrine as part of the Midnight Tokyo Project, and heroes respond to stop them... Just as planned?
Planety Revelations November 14th, 2023 Luna gathers the Inner Senshi to share with them the last of the secrets she's been keeping: their origin, and the true nature of their enemy.
SILVER CRYSTAL DOOM RACE November 11th, 2023 Bass-chan claims to have the Silver Crystal, and offers it up as the prize for a high-stakes rollerblading race through the street of Tokyo!
Lunar Eclipse November 4th, 2023 The Culture Festival takes a twist when Sailor Eclipse attacks Grade 9 Class C's Test of Courage! Usagi Tsukino has been akumatized - and with the power to turn people into toys, she's having a great time! A cohort of heroes steps up to save the day - but they aren't able to prevent her from fleeing the scene with Naru Osaka. How could they? It was Hematite who spirited her away.
Sailor, Meet Horse! October 28th, 2023 Makoto, meet Swiftwind. Swiftwind, meet Makoto.
Radiant Infirmary Episode 665 October 28th, 2023 Makoto gets sent to the Nurse's office to get her records updated. There she finds an ally and the patron facilitating her roomate's cooking adventure.
Roomies To Besties October 26th, 2023 Adora and Makoto meet and establish themselves both as roomies, but as friends!
The Masquerade Ball of Princess Dia October 21st, 2023 The D----- Kingdom is hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate Princess Dia coming of age. It might be an expensive, ticketed event, but that hasn't stopped a variety of RHA cast members from attending! There are dances, conversations, and of course, the stunning revelation that Hannah is Sailor V!
After the Ball October 21st, 2023 The day after Princess Dia's Masquerade Ball, Usagi Tsukino runs straight to Makoto Kino. After all, she's Sailor Jupiter!
Save Princess Dia! October 21st, 2023 The forces of the Dark Kingdom and the Inner Senshi clash at Princess Dia's Masquerade Ball after the young princess is possessed by Nephrite's shadow. All seems lost - until Sailor Jupiter awakens in the nick of time!
Of A Feather, Etc. October 14th, 2023 After coping with emu youma (Birds Are Real), Kazuo and Makoto duck into the Crown for questions, some answers, and tradition, by which we mean Kazuo buying Mako ice cream. Some 'sorry about that's come with more sugar than others.
Birds Are Real October 14th, 2023 An enormous emu with energy-draining feathers and a beak inside its beak and glowing red eyes terrorizes Juuban! But not for long.
Weird, But Not Forgotten October 9th, 2023 Shortly after her encounter with Sunbreaker, Makoto Kino tries to sneak back to her dorm, only to be (mildly) abducted by Naru Osaka and Usagi Tsukino, who have few answers and much sympathy.
Sunbreaker's Embers October 9th, 2023 Sunbreaker decides to attack the culture festival, with a big tarp, her familiar and her tower. Yellow Pearl Voice, Amy Faust and Snow Angel Mou Fubuki are here to take care of her, however! ... At least she doesn't need to worry about Makoto Kino, she's just a civilian, after all.
How To Take A Punch September 30th, 2023 (Backscene to considerably before game start) The first time Makoto Kino met Kazuo Saitou. Let's just say he deserved it.
Roommate Break September 25th, 2023 Adrien decides to finally check out Korma Chameleon! Running into Makoto Kino he invites her to join himself and Naru for dinner which turns into an entire dinner party when Usagi and Darien join in.
Cafeteria Hours -- Makoto September 24th, 2023 New student Makoto Kino catches up with Kyouka in the cafeteria to ask about Self-Defense Class.
I'm Glad You're Here September 23rd, 2023 Makoto Kino meets Darien Shields again for the first time.
Candy Shop Chaos September 14th, 2023 Who is the handsome boy in the candy shop?
Summer Clubs are Still In August 19th, 2023 Garden Club is in session! Brief meetings and greetings.
Two Senshi for Dinner August 4th, 2023 Makoto and Ami meet up in the cafeteria, and make friends with one another. Red bean buns are exchanged, and plans for baking are made.
Friendship Sweeps In July 13th, 2023 A fateful collision ensues! Makoto Kino was minding her own business when Hurricane Usagi swept in... but she doesn't seem to mind, as the two strike up a conversation and fast friendship.
Punches after the Storm July 11th, 2023 A lovely evening in the park, there's only a little bit of punching. It's hard to be a bully amongst this many good guys.
Guan Yu July 9th, 2023 The Deadbeats have tried to erase the history of Guan Yu, turning the noble hero into a villain. However, with the help of other magical girls, and one less magical but still tough girl, she manages to purify the Upbeat and fix one of history's heroes! And get her first sticker!


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