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Radiant Hearts Prom 2024
Date of Scene: 06 April 2024
Location: Sports Pavilion
Synopsis: The first ever prom at Radiant Hearts had it all! Dancing, great food, three singers, hip throws, off-world travelers and fireworks!
Cast of Characters: Bow, Utau Hoshina, Hitomi Kobe, Madoka Kaname, Cho Konishi, Ami Mizuno, Kukai Soma, Yaling Yao, Hinoiri Kirara, Rashmi Terios, Double Trouble, Chrono Harlaown, Katsumi Cora, Takuto Tsunashi, Amanda Faust, Wako Agemaki, Sugata Shindo, Tadase Hotori, Chiyo Sakai, Koji Silvia, Setsuna Meiou, 25, Miya Sakamoto, Coco Kiumi, Yuuto Shiraishi, Zoisite, Hannah Steiner, Takumi Yoru, Kureha Senkenzan, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Makoto Kino, Takashi Agera, Mami Tomoe, Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba, Rubi Hanabusa, 201, Michiru Kaiou, Sayaka Miki, Haruka Tenoh, Iona Hikawa, Hime Shirayuki, Glimmer Brightmoon, Ryoko Gushiken, Minako Aino, Rei Hino, 246, Yuki Hoshino
Tinyplot: Princes and Princesses Prom

Bow has posed:
                      Welcome to Radiant Hearts Academy                      
                                  Prom 2024                                  

The Sports Pavilion has been transformed, as if by magic, into the grounds of an enchanted castle. On the outside, one of the fields and part of the track have been turned into a vivid street fair. Strands of lights hang along the columns and pillars, illuminating the night sky with sparkling and warm lights.

Street stalls have been set up, a photography area for pictures to memorabilize the event, and a large throne for pictures to be taken on, with a banner reading 'Princes and Princesses Prom 2024 - Radiant Heart Academy'. Other street stalls have been set up by relatives of the Kobe family, serving takoyaki, yakitori, and fried squid on a stick. Alongside those is a pair of carts rented for Korma Chameleon, serving curry 'pops', portable curry on a stick, in chicken and vegetarian options. There is also a set of carts by Morimoto Ren, serving two-bite yaki onigiri, beef negimaki, and plenty of furikake with gold leaf food seasoning. A drink station is manned by a pair of students, serving punch, sparkling fruit punches, and ramune drinks.

Once inside the pavilion, it's a step into a realm of wonder and enchantment. The prom venue has been transformed into a scene straight out of a fairy tale, with a captivating Spring Moon theme that infused the air with an ethereal charm.

Inside the 'castle's' opulent ballroom, magnificent temporary chandeliers hung from the girders at the top of the gym, casting a soft, golden glow over the festivities below. The lights shimmered like stars in the night sky, adding to the mystical atmosphere of the evening.

Also inside the ballroom is a smaller set of refreshment tables, serving bottles of water, punch, as well as being the location of the sweets. From Nonamu Sweets, there are presentations of rose-shaped daifuku bites, strawberries, and mandarin orange slices that have been dipped in sugar glass. Makoto Kino has also provided her own snacks, in the form of decorative little petit fours and strawberry spritz cookies.

The walls were adorned with computer monitors turned into 'windows' depicting blooming cherry blossoms and cascading waterfalls, while other 'windows' framed by billowing curtains showcased the breathtaking view of a fantastical moonlit garden that seems to be just outside, if out of reach. The colors of the sunset, with their warm oranges, deep purples, and rich blues, painted the room with a sense of magic and romance.

Sweeping staircases made from the bleachers wrapped around the edges of the 'ballroom', their faux marble steps adorned with delicate floral arrangements and trailing vines. They led to balconies that overlooked the dance floor, providing a perfect spot for pictures.

Sparkling lights were along the edges of the dance floor and along the paths leading in and out, casting a soft, twinkling glow over the scene below. Each light seemed to shimmer with its own magic, adding to the sense of whimsy and wonder that permeated the air.

And the centerpiece of it all is at the back of the gym's 'castle', where a large platform stage has been erected. A pair of staircases lead up it, where marks have been set up for the various singers of the night, while behind them on a large wrap-around monitor, for singers to load in their own backdrops. There is plenty of room for a small band to set up, with a sound system set up backstage for use.

Bow has posed:
As students and guests were arriving, backstage, Bow was preparing his notes. Glancing into the mirror that was set up by the wardrobe department, he took a deep breath and laughs at a sudden thought. "Wonder if Glimmer was ever this nervous before giving a speech." he commented as he took a look over himself.

The tuxedo he wore was white, with blue gems that glittered in a pattern of small bullseyes that trailed along the bottom edge of the jacket. The jacket sleeves were rolled up, and the bottom of the sleeve was folded over the roll to show more of those gem bullseyes. Over his right wrist, he wears a wrist corsage, a blue and white rose trimmed with baby's breath, forget-me-nots, and lace, along with a small brass bass cleft charm. The inside vest is a lighter blue, with a white button-up dress shirt, both cut to expose a couple of inches of his abs and matched with a black bowtie. The trousers have the same bullseyes down the outside seams, with white leather shoes on his feet.

Finally, his cue comes, and with a deep breath taken in and released, Bow steps out onto his mark on the stage, a bright smile presented to the crowd. "Good evening, Radiant Hearts!" he greets brightly, his hands folded in front of him as he starts on his notes. "And welcome to the first ever Prom! My name is Luke Armbruster, but you may know me as Bow..."

A group of students had prepared for this moment, and called out in a playful heckle. "Because you like presents, archery, and violins!"

This gives Bow a pause, and he chuckles and offers a lame little fingergun. "Okay, yeah, that's me. Hey." a grin, and he kind of leans into it. "Anyway, as many of you know, I'm from a place where proms are popular, so I'm glad I was able to bring a little bit of my home to you. But, I couldn't have done it without help, and I want to take a moment to thank those who pitched in. First, thank you, Cho Konishi for helping me navigate the student council gauntlet of paperwork to pull this off, and a special thank you to Coco Kiumi, if it wasn't for her generous funding, we would have never gotten this off the ground! Next, Usagi Tsukino! Look around, everyone, this was her vision - I hope I did it justice by helping bring it to life. It looks great, in my opinion. But even with her vision, we needed help - so Miya Sakamoto, so many thanks to you and the rest of the shop club for your help in assembling all the props and putting it all together, and to the AV Club for their help setting up these amazing views and lights and giving us this wonderful suspension of disbelief for one night!"

A breath, and he continues. "Next, I'm sure you have all noticed the food that's about. There's so much; please feel free to purchase and eat as much as you want! But with that in mind, I want to thank so many people on that front. Makoto Kino, Hitome Kobo, Ren Morimoto, Chiyo Sakai, and Rashmi Terios, thank you for the delicious-looking food and treats, and boy, I had a hard time peeling all the vegetables!" A lame attempt at a joke, the mark of every first time emcee.

"So we have some great entertainment lined up for tonight - we have first hour the talented idol from Sanjou Productions, Utau Hoshina, to be followed by two acts from the South Pacific, the foreign sensation of Coco Kiumi, and then to close the night, from Southern Cross Island, the heartfelt melodies of Wako Agemaki!" 

Bow has posed:
"So, before we start, one last note---one I want to make." Bow takes a moment to gather his thoughts, then continues, "Some people have asked me why it's the Princes and Princesses Prom and not the King and Queens Prom. And I thought about my answer to that, or if we needed Kings or Queens. I realized that answer just now, while I was backstage. A King or a Queen is rooted in their Kingdom. They rarely travel. They don't get to see the world. They don't get to experience new wonders and new adventures. It is better that we are Princes and Princesses in our own hearts. For we will carry that kingdom---the one that is here." His hands cover his heart, just above his exposed abs, before he continues, "...out into the world. To find a place to set your kingdom, perhaps united with another---if not, you can be yourself!---and build upon it where you wish to take root." A small smile at a memory. "As a friend of mine said---to Adventure!"

"Now, before I introduce our first act, a couple of housekeeping notes: first. No fighting. If you feel the need for fisticuffs, take it off campus. We're still following school rules here, everyone! Secondly, if you find yourself in the in-envable position of losing your date, a couple of club rooms are open for those that need a moment to catch their breath, need to talk to someone, or just need to get away. There is also a wardrobe room with small kits for those who need to repair their outfits on the fly! Everyone, this is a night you hopefully remember, even if you may forget everything else." A little subtle wink at the Fade with that one, before he concludes. "Though there are friends and loved ones that I have met here that I could never forget."

"Also, one more group to thank - our chaperones. First is Coach Kyouka Inai! And if you need anything medical or just an adult, the school nurse, Setsuna Meiou, will be making her way around the floors - I'm sure she can treat a lot of things, but not broken hearts, sorry!" A wink.

Finally, it's time to get things started off, so with a breath, Bow grins one more time, his most sincere smile.

Bow has posed:
"So I'm sure you're all anxious to dance and get started, so without further ado... please help me welcome our first songstress of the night -"


And with that, he's leaving the stage to work on all the other things and giving the stage over to the Idol Songstress.

Utau Hoshina has posed:
Utau Hoshina shows up in a gorgeous black gown. It has ruffles. She's escorted up to the stairs by Hinote Kagari (He's here IC, his player is sick and couldn't show tonight!) and then he...goes does whatever he wants. Utau doesn't care, he isn't her real date.

"Hello everyone!" she says. "Are you here to have a good time?" she asks, motioning the microphone she's carrying out to the audience.

"Will no one stop you!?" she asks. Again, Microphone out to the crowd. "WELL No one's ever going to. Stop me." She starts to sing.


I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive
And the world, I'll turn it inside out
I'm floating around
In ecstasy!"

"So don't stop me now, don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time!"

"I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by
Like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go, go, go
There's no stopping me!"

"I'm burning through the sky
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Misses Fahrenheit
I'm traveling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!"

"Don't stop me now
I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball
Don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call!"

"Don't stop me now
'Cause I'm having a good time
Don't stop me now
Yes, I'm having a good time
I don't wanna stop at all, yeah!"

"I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars
On a collision course
I am a satellite
I'm out of control
I'm a fun machine ready to reload
Like an atom bomb about to-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh explode!"

"I'm burning through the sky
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Misses Fahrenheit
I'm traveling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic woman of you!"

"Don't stop me
Don't stop me
Don't stop me
Hey, hey, hey!"

"Don't stop me
Don't stop me
Ooh, ooh, ooh
I like it!"

"Don't stop me
Don't stop me
Have a good time, good time!"

"Don't stop me
Don't stop me!"

"Ooh, let loose, honey, alright"

"Oh, I'm burning through the sky
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Misses Fahrenheit
Traveling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!"

"Don't stop me now
I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball
Don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call."

"Don't stop me now
'Cause I'm having a good time
Don't stop me now
Yes, I'm having a good time
I don't wanna stop at all."

"Ah, da, da, da, da
Da, da, ah, ah
Ah, da, da, ah, ah, ah
Ah, da, da
Ah, da, da, ah, ah
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh!"



During the parts where it says I wanna make a supersonic man/woman of you to sweeps to the side of the stage and winks at a random dancer. They probably go red in the face. She does dance the whole while, and she's really good, even for an American song.

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    Hitomi felt so out of place. So extremely out of place. Her short hair was drawn up into a tiny pair of buns and secured with colorful ribbon. She had make-up on (carefully having followed a youtube video), and she was busy fussing about the various carts her family had brought all the way from Osaka, via motorcycles, because she was more comfortable behind the cart and deep frying things. She has tabi socks and proper sandals on her feet, and feels very awkward in as close as her family could come to a princess dress on short order: her great-grandmother's 1950's era furisode-kimono, with its faded seafoam-green background and carefully painted flowers on its sleeves, and a couple of decades-old discoloration spots on the edges of the silk. Bound back in a bright red obi and set with a bow in the back as she worked, aking sure everything was just so, her motorcycle helmet stashed in one of the carts, trying for all the world to look like she's not a participant in the prom, but just another vendor!

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka Kaname actually isn't here yet. Medo and Brai are here, and so is Gretchen and Lydian, but Sio and Madoka are absent. Those who know might imagine that somewhere out there is an unfortunate youma getting impaled by a giant pink arrow. Until she shows up, the minidoka fairies are here to play.

    Brai and Medo have already started dancing, and by 'dancing' we mean that they are currently holding hands while spinning around in a circle, flying above the crowd and giggling. Lydian is holding up a tiny colored light stick and swaying to the music, not really worrying for the moment about the fact that Utau is probably destined to be her mortal enemy or something. As for Gretchen...

    The dark has found the food and is currently munching on treats with a speed and ferocity that seems like it should be impossible for her teacup tiny size.

    Don't stop them now. They're having a good time.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi was... fine. She had, of course... chickened out of asking anyone out. This time she'd just accepted her fate. She was more the kind of girl who could punch out big monsters. Less the kind of girl who got asked out to dance.

Still, it was nice to have Bow give her a bit of a callout. She'd even given him a wave.

Though, there was a bit more to it... While she hadn't had the courage to ask anyone out, she'd received a letter juuuuuuust a bit before coming.

Someone asking her to meet them. A surprise.

She'd been... shocked to hear it. A surprise, a secret admirer? Of her?

How could she say no?

Now that the dance was in full swing, she was standing nervously by herself, rocking back and forth, wondering if this was all just... a prank. Heck, she'd even been turned down by Hime... And she hadn't even ASKED Hime! She just... didn't know how, but Wuwu was behind that, she was sure.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno was on time for the beginning of the dance of course. Being timely was something she was as well-known for as much as her grades. After Bow's speech she claps politely with a smile as he seems as excited about this evening as a great many others were as well. It's only once the song begins that she peels her attention away from the stage to examine the rest of the ballroom to explore all that it has to offer before her own 'date' showed up.

Curiosity sends her past a few of the dancing fairies to whom she murmers a polite, "Excuse me," in passing even if it might make others look at her oddly for speaking to apparent thin air. For now her path leads her to the area where the food is arranged toward one particular vendor who was wearing a kimono.

"Hello. Your kimono is lovely! Are you planning on enjoying the dance as well as helping with the food?" There's not an ounce of taunting from the blue haired girl who was dressed in a very Princess-ly gown of her own. Faded blues tapering into white with splashes of gold. Even her jewelry was either high-end or very good knock offs. Topaz earrings, and a matching necklace that added to the neckline of her gown.

---> Gown because descriptions. Dress

Kukai Soma has posed:
    No, Hinote isn't her real date. Her REAL date is here...and has no idea Utau has any other date at all. But he does see the other boy escort her up onto the stage, and his brow furrows a bit. Not real jealousy, but mostly curiosity...and okay, it's mingled with a tiny bit of jealousy! He's still human, dangit.

    For now he moves closer to the stage to get a good view of the girl performing, an easy smile on his handsome face. Tonight he's wearing a black tux he rented, and it fits his athletic frame perfectly. It comes together thanks to a dark green bow-tie, and his earrings are the same color, but with a metallic cast to them. It looks dang good, all together. He sips some punch as he watches her, his foot tapping a bit to her music.

Bow has posed:
It's not a song that Bow is familiar with, to be honest. But Utau's singing is infectious, and while he has the chance, he's making his way around the crowd, greeting people, shaking hands - all he needs to do is kiss some babies and he could very well be making a run at Student Council for the new year, truth be told.

Having seen Cho's wave, he offers a grin and a wave back as he continues to mingle, taking out a button to put on his lapel that reads 'Feel Free to Ask for a Dance!' and decides to go see how the food service is going.

Noticing the pair of fairies dancing and another in the midsts of an idol dance, his eyes sparkle with amused warmth as he notices Ami with Hitomi, making his way over to the pair. "Hey!" he greets the pair. "You both look great!" Taking one of the squid on a stick to snack on. "Make sure you get out there and grab a dance or two if you want, Hitomi." he offers to the girl, before a little fistbump offered to Ami.

"I'm going to mingle some more and greet folks, Sayaka said she may be a little late, she has to take care of something." Maybe a youma, she may very well be out there with Madoka, who knows.

With pleasantries exchanged, as he walks by the gluttonous Gretchen, there's a small grin. "Don't gourge on sweets, the savory stuff is good too!" he offers to the little fairy a little gesture to where Ami and Hitomi are, though he makes it look like he's talking to someone that isn't paying attention to him.

And as he moves, he's shuffling to the beat, an easy, active dance, twirling around a couple now and again, clearly someone that is used to being active and being part of a crowd, even while standing out in it. A hand over his head, a little thrust of his hip to the side here, a shuffle and twist on his foot there. All just free and pleased and enjoying himself wholly.

He's a shooting star, leaping through the sky like a tiger.

Yaling Yao has posed:
Waiting patiently with all the attention she has to offer, Yaling is the picture of excitement, a wide smile appearing on her face while she pays attention to Bow's speech, a detailed explanation of the contributions brought forward to make the Prom possible, even though she only really knows three names from there: Utau, due to her popularity, and the news managing to reach even her, Cho for being on the student council and most importantly being her dress, and Coco for being Cho's roommate, after the pinkette had named her.

And the prom really does show the huge effort that went into it from the huge and splendid decorations to the strong proposition the food makes for being eaten. She is glad that she didn't really spare anything for the dress, not when this is her first big school event ever!

The green-haired girl is wearing a floor-length emerald green dress, overlays of white lace on the bodice forming patterns of loti. Zephyrs of sequins whisper across her skirt, shining and catching the light in an azure splendor.

A white gold necklace dangles from her neck, rosy accents across its frame embellishing it, occupying the space where BaiBai would be, since she has chosen to stay at the dorm. Her hair has been gathered to the back, neatly tangled together to form a soft braid, blue wildflowers accompanying as it cascades down. Blue flats fit her feet, a small emerald gem resting on its tip.

Grey mascara has been applied above her eyes, while rosy make-up decorates her cheeks, metallic blue lipstick completing the appearance.

She didn't really expect anyone to ask her out, considering she got to full health just a few weeks before it happened, but here she is, with her very own date! And she lucked out at that, since Cho definitely looked to be fun to spend time with, and coincidence had it they were even both magical girls. It is just a matter of meeting up in this huge crowd.

When Yaling notices her among the crowd, she smiles at her, widely waving her arm shouting out. "Cho-chan, I am here! This all looks awesome, it's gonna be so great! You look very nice!"

Utau Hoshina has posed:
Utau Hoshina fads out her song into the vocals as she bows for a short applause. "Thank you, thank you~" she says. "But what if someone comes to stop me!?" she says with mock conern. "Then I would...need a hero....

She spins forward in her black dress and starts singing.


"Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!
Larger than life!"

"Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
There's someone reaching back for me
Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night!"

"Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
Out where the lightning splits the sea
I could swear there is someone, somewhere
Watching me
Through the wind, and the chill, and the rain
And the storm, and the flood
I can feel his approach like a fire in my blood!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero."

"I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!"

"I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light!"

"He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life
I need a hero."

"I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night....."



She then bpws gracefully after her set and beams wide. "Thank you everyone, I look forward to joining you soon~" she says softly as she hangs up the microphone in her grip into it's stand for the next singer.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was, well, hanging on the arm of a... rather gorgeous girl. Someone definitely not from this school, at least. The piercings and such would be a dead giveaway.

Hinoiri was wearing a rather... fetching dress. A slit up the side, heels that were tall enough that it was likely clear WHY she was hanging on the arm of the other girl. A couple fancy pieces of jewelry... Was that necklace actually gold?

... Okay, that dress HAD to be custom made. Seriously. How did she afford stuff like that? Yes, this was another little event of her kind of... showing off what she could do. And how well she could do it. The resources she had as a member of OBSIDIAN at her disposal.

And, as a member of Obsidian... she was definitely happy to see Utau singing. As the first song died down she pumped a fist in the air. "Wooooo! Hoshina-san! Best singer in the school!"

And yes, she did know that Coco was there. HA! Take that Mermaid EAR WORM!

However, the second song made her snicker and lean against her girlfriend. "This place is packed, huh? Looks like that Bow kid can organize it pretty well..." Pause. "... But seriously. 'Presents, archery and violins'? Such a dork," Hinoiri said with a sigh. He'd so have fit in in Kirakirafantastica.

"... Why did I let you convince me to wear these stilts on shoes? Help me get to the punch bowl, will you? Bad enough I have to walk on two legs for this..."

Rashmi Terios has posed:
This is going to be an *amazing* night. Attending the Princess Ball was mostly cover, but not only is this a dance for *her* crowd -- high school students, that is -- but it's something she had a personal hand in seeing happen.

Which somehow makes it all the more special, when her arm is in Chrono's, and the doors open, to see the fruits of their labors. So stunned is the redhead by the transformative effect of the lowered lights and chandeliers on the decor, that she can't help but freeze in the doorway, overcome by wonder and a feeling of magic and--

Bow naming her in person in his opening speech?!

Chrono shouldn't need to worry. Tonight is already more magical than she could possibly imagine, and it's with a little sniffle that she makes way for the rest of the students going in or out, overcome with sheer emotion.

It *really* doesn't hurt that the boy on her arm is in a *fantastic* suit, to boot, and the music is *amazing.*

How many other schools can say that an *actual idol* headlined their prom?.

Dress -- Dress (Plus sheer black longsleeve undershirt)
'Crown -- Crown (Copper, with yellow 'gem')

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    Hitomi is finally shoo'd away from the food stations by someone who bares more than a little resemblence to her, and told to 'let the men do what they do best -- make sure their little sister has a good time.

    Yes. The carts are being manned by all six of her older brothers. Not stressful *at all*.

    But the music is great, the dance floor is filling up, and Hitomi wanders around the outside of the floor with her tiny buns, her antique kimono, and her long furisode sleeves carefully being lifted and tip-toed around. Her dark eyes were wide, freckles hidden by make up, and she moves around a bit like a ghost from all of the action, checking for her date's arrival.

    She bounces nervously on her footwear before she takes up a place on the wall, away from the foodcarts.

    "It really *was* a good speech, Luke." she states, mostly to herself.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi couldn't help but stare when she saw Yaling. "W-wow. Yaling-chan, you look incredible," she said, her face burning. She... felt underdressed, now. She wasn't. She just... the outfit she'd chosen? It was a COMMON one. The same one she'd worn last time. It wasn't fancy or special or anything like that.

Luckily, her roommate understood makeup and could help with that, but even then... she felt... wow.

"W-wow..." she whispered. "You think I look... nice? I--" Then her eyes went wide. "O-oh... with me? Are..." Did she send the letter? She was at the spot... so... "A-are you here... to... with me?" she asked, pointing at herself. Looking absolutely bewildered. Because, well... Yaling looked INCREDIBLE. And she felt.... so plain. And bland. In comparison. "W-want... want to dance?"

Double Trouble has posed:
Shiori Ishii definitely did not go to Radiant Heart Academy. She had definitely only ever been on campus to visit her girlfriend. She certainly wasn't a new identity for Obsidian's thespian extraordinaire, Double Trouble. She was too pretty for that.

The invite said princess, and so Shiori decided to show up in her ball-gown finest. An ornate black lace dress with an illusion off-the-shoulder neckline and a princess waist, the petticoats swirling around with black feathers stitched into the hem. A black lace choker sets at the center of her long, slender throat, and a silver pentacle dangles from a chain around her neck. Her earlobes have black gauge plugs and several spiky metal studs up along each ear. A little punk to go with all her gothic elegance. Her long black hair tumbles down her back in waves and curls.

If Obsidian were a girlfriend, she'd look like Shiori Ishii. Evil looks good.

She looks aside to Hinoiri and hears her talking about Bow. "You have no idea," she says, about his being dorky. Not that Shiori has ever met him, of course. The comment about the stiletto heels earns a smirk. "Are you telling me you're not up to the challenge, Hinoiri-chan?" She giggles. "Trust me, it's worth it. You look amazing."

She still guides the pair of them over to the refreshments table, though.

Bow has posed:
Dancing his way back up to the stage as Utau finishes her set, Bow heads up the stairs and takes over the microphone. "Let's give it up again for Utau Hoshina! Also, don't go asking her for autographs, I hear she has a date tonight and she's graciously pre-signed some of her CDs and room posters that are available with Prom merchandise at the souvenier stand!"

"But we're just getting started tonight! While our next gets ready, may I present from Shuka High School, KESSUKO BAND!"

And with some applause from himself, Bow makes room for a four-member all girl band with a redhead lead, bluenette bass, blonde drums and a pinkette guitarist. As they take up their instruments, they start with their first song: 'If I Could be a Constellation'.


It's almost 6 o'clock now, yes I see
The first star, shining brightly above me
Blending with the night, shadows released from the light
I'm stepping along on my way back home
There's no need to ever look too far
All I really have is that one star
As it shines so bright, at the speed of light for millions of years
But there's no way I can keep up
It must be... just so nice...
For everyone to love you so...
"I'll tell you... it's not true..."
"Deep down I have always been alone!"

If I could be a constellation with you in the sky
Together, side-by-side, we'll make all of our wishes shine bright!
For now it's shimmering... and ever trembling...
But I'll keep wishing and see this through
If I could be a constellation with you in the sky
I'd happily look upon how far we come to get where we are!
This connection can't fade... don't let the line just break...
No matter what it takes, or how bright I've become!

Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/KessokuPlaylist

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Brai sees her dance with Medo might get in Ami's way and she carefully tugs her dance partner aside. It's a subtle lead, but Medo seems to catch onto it and follow along. Lydian is the only one of them that questions the bluenette noticing them, and the paint-splotched fairy passes by Ami for a moment and says, "I like your dress! Very pretty." before flying away.

    Gretchen pauses in the middle of munching as Bow addresses her, and then politely swallows before saying, "There's savory stuff, too?" The Witch fairy wanders off to find more foods, possibly bringing her closer to Hitomi's brothers. Tiny Witch is ever hungry, but never gets any bigger.

    Medo and Brai continue swirling around each other without the slightest care in the world. No one can call them elegant, but nor would anyone accuse them of not having a good time. "Wheeeee!"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown couldn't believe it. They'd done it. They'd ACTUALLY DONE IT! Darn it, Setsuna! Michiru! HARUKA!

A helicopter. A bloody helicopter. WHO DOES IT?!

Right, those three trolls.

Considering the knowing grins they'd been giving him at times, though...

Welp. Setsuna was family. He should have known better. The trolling was coming from inside the house.

Still, Rashmi was having funs and... he was putting a uhhhh... rather firm, and effective use of S2U's recording software to get so, so many pictures of Rashmi. She looked amazing and he'd NEVER want to forget this night.

Still, he had managed to get his tongue under control once they walked inside...

"May I have your first dance? And most those to follow?" he asked her in what he hoped was a charming tone... and actually managed to keep his tone from trembling! Woo!

Katsumi Cora has posed:
The gentle tak-tak of a guide cane announces Katsumi's arrival. He's late, he knows he's late - but he was working until the last second to help with set-up and had to go home and shower and change, and make sure he... well, he can't tell if he looks nice, but his father said he did!

Having gotten the colors of Hitomi's kimono from her, the smol baker is dressed in a white and seafoam green tuxedo with a dasmsk lining. As he arrives at the edge of the dance floor, he glances about, suddenly realizing without Kobo at his side, he's not really sure which way to go. So, he takes out his phone, flips it open and feels the braille board, texting.

<PHONE> Katsumi Cora texts Hitomi Kobe: I'm late! I'm sorry! ;_; At the entrance, can you come escort me?

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"Chrono," Rashmi says, skirt flaring as she spins to face the shorter boy with a grin... and if her eyes are still watery, well, just pretend that's what shoujo-bubble vision looks like from the outside. "You can have *all* my dances. Just say the word." Reaching out a hand for Chrono to take, she lets the boy lead her out onto the dance floor... passing by the snack table, and noticing a small fairy gamely trying to eat her way through Chiyo's candied fruits... And after a moment, recognizing it as the one that accompanied Madoka. "Try the little fried balls," she murmurs to Gretchen as she passes. "They're curry-pan, but not spicy."

Then to dance, and shed herself of the last vestiges of stress of having to help cook food enough for the hundreds here.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Just remember. They were almost tap shoes," Takuto tells Sugata, eyes sparkling as much as his shoes are-- red on red on white on red, he's as well dressed as the blue-haired boy, matching him in mood except for the shoes. The shoes! Red glittery things with red glittery shoelaces, perfect for dancing, do they have heels. Not very high, not nearly as high as his giant robot's -- but certainly, because they are dancing shoes.

"You two should dance first," he says, and now he's not teasing at all, only warm and affectionate. "I brought the camera."

Yaling Yao has posed:
"Of course it would be with you!", Yaling replies as she finally puts an end to the distance between the two of them. "I didn't actually expect my first prom would have gone like this, but I thought that was actually nice, you know?" she observes, of course still convinced that Cho had been the one to invite her here, even if Yaling's words had accidentally enough plausible deniability for other explanations.

"I can't imagine all the work you must have done to get this to work and helping get everyone to work together. If I were you, I would be really proud of it!", Yaling points out, the Prom just as much a feast for the eyes as the food likely was for the stomach. She is hoping videos are gonna make it onto the internet later, because BaiBai has'" to have seen this one way or the other.

And then Cho is offering her a dance, causing Yaling's eyes to gleam with joy as her hand is offered for the pinkette to take. "With pleasure. This would be my first dance ever, so I may take some wrong steps, but I am still soo excited for it! Please, let's go!" And she actually ends up being the lead towards the dance floor, a bright smile reserved to Cho.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy gets here before Hannah does. Her date is still getting ready. Amy herself takes less time to get ready because... well, she doesn't know how. She and Hannah picked up dresses, but fancy hairstyle? Makeup? Last time Mio took care of everything. This time...

    well, at least Amy brushed thoroughly until her hair no longer looked like Anime Character Bedhead. She's tried to approximate the style from last time without the wavyness or the bun; Sidelocks and what would cover her ears are drawn back over the rest of her hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie.

    As for her dress... It's a pale yellow straw color of silky material, sleeveless but with a short extra layer of fabric of different material draped from the top of the dress, over her shoulders and the below-the-shoulder neckline. A ring of pearls (faux? Maybe not, knowing Hannah) runs around the bottom of the bodice, a little below the waist, and below it a hi-lo skirt flares out, knee-length in front and calf-length in back. She's got matching formal gloves that come partway up her forearm and formal flats she doesn't remember the name of, she'd almost call them slippers. She still doesn't dare try dancing in heels...

    She does have her little money-bag from the festival to keep her phone in; it has a blue and white pattern to match the yukata she wore then. carryign it crossbody kind of spoils the look of the dress a little, which leaves her trying to hang it from her shoulder where it won't really stay or just carrying it in her hand. Frustrating. It eventually occurs to her to look at what all the other girls are doing with purses or little phone bags, maybe she can copy them?

(Dress reference: Dress but pale yellow.)

    Miss clownfish is really out of water here, though. Thinking back, she was last time too, until Hannah swept her off her feet; She was so awkward and nervous she actually forgot and tried to make conversation with Inai-san, although in her defense it had been less than 24 hours since the change then. This time she's again wandered over by the refreshments table out of habit by the time Bow begins his announcement, finding some small hor's deovre to nibble on as she looks around nervously. Nearby there is: Girl in kimono, Gretchen eating improbable amounts of food (where does it go?!), and she also sees Cho away from the others a little further away.

    Cho, at least, is a somewhat familiar presence! They haven't talked much lately, but... they're both magical girls, and Cho explained some stuff about magical girls in those early days and came shopping for yukatas with her, so... Amy heads that way.

    ...but someone she doesn't know, in an incredibly fancy green dress -- how does she not trip over that?! -- walks over to talk to Cho first, and Amy hesitates. Okay yeah it looks like the other girl just asked Cho to dance or something.

    It hits Amy how, outside of a few study sessions and other events, club meetings, and magical girl stuff... has she regularly talked to people? Normally, like a normal teenage girl normally would? She hasn't very much, has she...

    Damn, she's read a story like that, too...

    ...The more she thinks about how nervous and awkward she feels the more nervous and awkward she gets. Why can't Hannah be here already? Hannah makes stuff like formal dances alright. Amy would be okay anywhere with Hannah at her side.

    Oh god Hinoiri is coming this way and she and her date(?) look like Girls Not To Be Messed With. Amy turns and walks quickly back towards the refreshments table and tries not to look especially notable to Hinoiri so she'll get passed by.

    At least there's Gretchen to talk to, Gretchen is alone and a weird fairy so they both are kind of out of place here, right? Right.

    "So, um. What's the... what's the best snack here?"

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Into the fairytale palace that's been made of the Sports Pavilion, Wako and her two escorts make a proper movie star entrance - she's got Takuto on one arm and Sugata on the other, and it's not just Takuto's dancing shoes that sparkle in the myriad lights that decorate the ballroom. Wako glitters with tiny crystals from her sun, moon and star hairpins to the halter-style bodice of her dress to her kitten-heeled shoes.

She grins fondly up at Takuto as the trio stroll in, three abreast and fashionably late. "If you'd gotten the tap shoes," she tells him, "I'd have made you come up on stage and dance with me later."

Her eyes slide from Takuto over to Sugata, half amused and half questioning. Will it dance?

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara looked *offended* at such a comment. "Me? Not up to the challenge?! *NOTHING* could stop me from defeating *any* challenger in my way. Least of all these shoes!" And she would break her ankles if she had to to prove it! "It's just... worrying, is all. The ground is so far. I'm used to be close enough I was literally reaching out and touching it. Now it's like... I'm standing on a roof. But even higher now. On stilts."

Poor confused unicorn girlfriend.

"... And of course I look amazing, I'm me." Pause. "But... it still makes me smile knowing you notice."

What? This ego needed a bit of... reminder, sometimes, that it was amazing. Don't judge.

Once at the table... she paused... and looked at the snacks. Finally, she picked up a petit four, cocking an eye. Well, they looked good enough, might as well--

And her eyes went wide. "Mmmfff?!" she asked. Her eyes almost flimmering. H-how? HOW?

Was it as good as the ones from home? No. Because it didn't have that air of purity that the ingredients at home had. After all, fairy world.

But whoever made them? Well...

Between the pastries, the korma and the stuff from Chiyo's candy shop? There was no doubt in her mind... if they had the ingredients... well...

There would be quite a few people in this school with cutie marks shaped like food preparation.

And then... Eyes still sparkling, she grinned and leaned in to whisper to Shiori's ear. "I know I'm a villain... but come out to the dance floor and I'll be your hero for this one night only. But I'll only be it for you."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"Tap shoes may have been preferable," Sugata mutters, only just loud enough for Takuto to hear, eyeing the sparkling monstrosities Takuto had insisted on. Given the tens of thousands of yen that the rest of the suit represented, hand-tailored and designed to perfectly suit Takuto's figure, the sparkling shoes are, in truth, a perfect touch of personality.

But they're also classless and had come off the rack, and Sugata's Rich Boy sensibilities are offended by their very existence, particularly as everything else about the three of them screams class, screams wealth, screams that Sugata is as unrelenting with his platinum card as he is with an opponent. So, in that sense, Takuto has certainly managed to win a war.

Arm in arm with Wako, entering on her right with all the smug poise of a boy with a more-than-healthy amount of self confidence, he considers the request, and then inclines his head, shifting to stand in front of Wako. "Would you grace me with a dance, Princess Wako?"

Is she a princess? Perhaps not on paper, but she's dressed as beautifully as any princess could hope to, and every sparkling crystal in her dress is real, handcut and shined.

Of course he's being a bit of a troll about it. Anything more authentic would give him hives.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown held tightly onto Rashmi's hand as they walked. Leading her out to the dance floor and... "One advantage of being a device user," he said when he glanced back to her. "Is I can look up any dances I don't know. But... for now? How about I show you a few midchildian simple ones. They're not as different from earth dances as you might expect..."

Well, there were only so many 'simple' movements people could do with two arms and two legs. A little different. Likely more spinning involved... and they were also designed so one could fly while doing them. But, in the end? Close enough.

And taking the lead in such things seemed to have helped him calm down and relieve some of his own stress as well.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Gretchen hears Rashmi's recommendation and then taps her chin. "The fried balls? Well... okay!" She, admittedly, half expected someone to shoo her away from the food which is why she gulped down as fast as she could, but instead people seem to be encouraging her. She might actually run out of room before anyone really tells her to stop.

    After munching down Rashmi's recommendation, she pulls out a tiny handkerchief and dabs some crumbs away. When Amy asks her opinion on the cuisine she responds, "Everything here is really tasty. Much better than Madoka's cooking!" She says that last line all too cheerfully. Yes, she's being mean. She's an X-Chara.

    "I really liked the candied fruits more, but Rashmi recommended these fried balls and I like them, too. I'm still looking for the baked goods. I'm trying not to each too much of just one thing." Just exactly what counts as 'too much' to the dark fairy?!

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno found her way toward the wall near the door. Not to just be a wall flower, really, but to be out of the way while waiting for her date to arrive. At least while the music was going she had a suitable distraction from the slight bit of anxiety that waiting caused and the school band was almost preferable to the unfamiliar American 80's songs of before. They were recognizable so she could properly people watch.

At some point she knew her friends would arrive though from the series of texts many were going to be late for one reason or another. It was to be expected.

Her attention shifts to the colorful, sparkly trio that come in together with a smile at the sight. At least everyone seemed to be having a good time!

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy tries one of the fried ball things. "Mmh. Good. Thank you. Maybe I could stand to eat fried food a little more often, it's been awhile..." She looks over at the other fairies flying over the dance floor, and back down at Gretchen. "Did... did you come here without Madoka, just for the food? ...Although I guess... You don't exactly have a lot to do as a fairy, so why not? No school... What do you do all day? Play videogames? Read?"

Bow has posed:
After the new band is on their way, Bow is back off the stage again - he won't be needed up there again until he's notified that Coco is ready to begin her set - that's why there's a filler band, which is perfectly fine as the Etherian is making his way back around the crowd, noticing Shiori and Hinoiri together - Hinoiri he recognizes, her date, not so much. And then there's the trimunative of Southern Cross, which is just adorable to watch.

Rashmi gets a brief wave as he notices her, a smile towards her and Chrono as he shimmies and jams his way across the floor, a brief look of concern shot towards Ami, he could have sworn she had a date - maybe he's just late. It's totally a theme.

Cho and Yaling are twirled by, a grin towards what seems to be another couple that seems to be using the Prom as a first date venue - it's a bold choice, but kudos to those that pull it off! He's in contact with his own date, knowing she'll arrive when she can, he's not terribly worried - and was about to approach Hitomi when her own date arrives. Excellent. All's going well.

He stops by the refreshment tables to grab a petit four, popping it into his mouth as he notices Gretchen again. "Here." he offers the dark fairy one of the tiny cakes, which may be like... full size for her. "Makoto made these, they're wonderful." he offers to her.

His foot taps on the floor, hand flushed to his side and tapping out to the rhythm as he notices Amy. Who he doesn't immediately recognize. "Hi." he greets her, realizing that she can totally see Gretchen as well. "She's enjoying herself. You should see if she wants to dance"!

Double Trouble has posed:
What's the point of coming to the fancy academy prom with your girlfriend if you don't eat the free food? She follows along with Hinoiri, reaching out to try a different pastry on the table. Who doesn't like pastry?

"O-h, w..o..w," she says around a mouthful of dessert. She doesn't even wait to swallow. This princess does not have very good manners. "This is good. So good," she looks at the table and then to Hinoiri. "Do you know who made these? I should like to be their friend." It was inconvenient to get to Pastry Patty's after all, and this was the next best thing.

She's eyeing the punchbowl when Hinoiri leans in and whispers and all thoughts of refreshment fall out of her head. A wicked grin spreads across her lips and she turns to meet Hinoiri's eyes, murmuring, "You be my hero, and I'll be the wicked witch who brings you to the dark side."

Then she takes Hinoiri's hand and leads her out on to the dance floor. Time to see just how up to the challenge the unicorn really is.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto's sparkly shoes radiate smugness as well, which is quite a feat. A feet.

He takes out the camera and beams at Sugata, and at Wako, and he starts scoping out the best places to stand to get the best angles on his two favorite people in the world, when they're sure to be moving the entire time. He's a boy with social calculus in his playbook, utterly unused ever, and not about to be used now either.

The galactic prettyboy finds an excellent spot that happens to be right next to the refreshments, and he finds an absurdly delightful plate of petit-fours that Gretchen clearly hasn't discovered yet, and he nods and grants a major thumbs-up when asked if he wants a plate, and--

--and he's going to get the camera sticky. "I'll try after I get some pictures," he tells one of Hitomi's brothers, then turns his attention to the dancefloor and unerringly finds Wako and Sugata--

--but then he hears Bow and Gretchen and Amy, and half-turns, and laughs apologetically, moving a little further out of the way. "Sorry. Oh hey! Can I take a picture of you with the petit-four?" he directly asks Gretchen because oh my god??? Tiny??? with tiny food???

No for real he'll get pics of Wako and Sugata it's fine.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
    Tadase Hotori does not, in fact, have the fanciest suit here. He doesn't radiate splendor or smugness. He isn't trying to be about that, and he figures that his date for the evening might appreciate that. He's in a relatively basic tuxedo, although it is a dark-blue as a nod to who he's there for, and his bow tie is a lighter blue. But he's walking in and looking for her with a confidence that is... probably due to the little Chara on his shoulder. Somehow, Kiseki has either been convinced - or convinced himself - to squeeze into a matching Tuxedo to his bigger self, rather than the cape. He is, however, still wearing a crown.

    Coming in after the fabulous 3, Tadase's entrance probably doesn't merit as much fanfare, though there is some whispering and such from the girls in his grade, since he appears to be alone. But he's looking around trying to find one girl in particular, and once he spots the bluenette, he heads quickly in that direction - not in a rush, but walking fast, barely contained excitement mixed with nerves in his step as he takes in just what Ami Mizuno is wearing.

    Of course it's when he gets over there and takes the whole everything in that... he doesn't actually speak.

    "Sorry, Tadase apparently can't come to the brain right now, but if you leave a message he'll get back to you when he's functional again." Kiseki says, to Ami. "But he does want you to know that you look absolutely beautiful."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"You should take video of them dancing. You know you can add in your own voiceover or soundtrack with an editor program, too," comes an oh-so-helpful voice from behind Takuto. Well not really *behind* so much as angled over by the sweets table where Chiyo was currently working as well.

For now, since she was still setting up, she had donned a mousey pink and white full-coverage apron to keep what attire she was wearing for the actual dance far from any food smudges or sugar dust. She knew her products.

Dusting her hands off on the frock she grins at the colorful Takuto and Gretchen as they sample things, and nods toward Amy as well. "Hope everyone's having fun so far. Remember there's drinks, too," she adds out of habit. Everyone needed a drink now and then.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi turned even redder. Of... of course? With her? She... Yaling... her?

And her heart did a little flutter. She couldn't wait to tell Coco! Not only did she have a date... she had an absolutely GORGEOUS date.

And when those videos surfaced? Wuwu was just sooooo going to be grinning.

Especially when Cho let out a little mousy squeak as she was dragged out onto the dance floor, her face burning red. "T-that's fine! Y-you can step on my feet as much as you want, I'm not really any better."

... Not the... smoothest... line. But she TRIED. She tried SO HARD!

And she wasn't the best dancer. And she didn't know steps. And she was going to get stepped on and step on toes...

And she. Didn't. Care. Because tonight was going to be AMAZING. And she was already having a better time than she'd EVER imagined she was going to. EEEEE!

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    One more round of checking over the carts and being shoo'd away, and the young woman in the seafoam kimono makes her way towards the entrance, where she has to pause a moment. She had thought he might arrive with Kobo, but seeing Katsumi in his tux makes her pause a moment, her shoulders drawing up a moment before she takes a deep breath, and gives a gentle call of "Katsumi-kun!"

    She makes a small sound of appreciation, and then shyly adds:

    "I k now you can't see me, but you look amazing." she replies, reaching out to touch his left hand with her right.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Gretchen's face... doesn't really smile, but she's clearly a bit excited as Bow offers her a tiny cake. "Oh, thanks!" It's about a mouthful for her, which is surprising considering her size. As she munches it down, she considers how to answer Amy's question.

    "Well... Early in the morning I go roaming around the campus looking for Witches. Then I move my search to the Hospital and sometimes chat with Medo. After that I kinda roam around town until I find something. Usually by then I've run across one problem or another. If it's really important I text Madoka and tell her about it. If it's not, then I try to handle it myself. Sometimes I notice someone's pet or a child looking at me and I ask if they want to play. Other times I see someone being mean and I want to tell them off, but I can't because they can't see me."

    Gretchen pauses her feast to say, "I guess that's really my life. Roaming around looking for something to do. Trying to either solve problems or distract myself from them. How about you?"

    A certain Galactic Pretty Boy is asking for a picture and, conveniently enough, Gretchen has found another petite-four. "Um... sure, if you want?"

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno glances over to watch as Tadase and Kiseki approach with a bit of a nervous smile of her own. A step is taken forward, and she moves to meet him halfway. It's only when he doesn't really speak that her head tilts to the side slightly causing the blue curls of her hair to shift slightly in the process.

A deep breath is drawn and held until Kiseki offers the compliment earning a small chuckle from her in turn. "Thank you. You look very dashing yourself," she offers back only to steal a glance around the room. "Um. What would you like to do first?" Even though she asks however her gaze skims back toward Tadase. "There's still plenty of room on the dance floor."

Katsumi Cora has posed:
There's a moment of worry from Katsumi. Is he so late that Hitomi gave up? But then he hears her call out to him, and the boy brightens considerably. "I was worried someone would accidentally step on Kobo, so I left him at home. I hope that's okay?" he asks, before she's complimenting him, and his cheeks darken. "I told my dad what you were wearing and he took me out to find the tux."

He does a little slow turn in place and grins. "I really look good? Great, he didn't put me in a hot dog mascot costume like he threatened to do!" he says with a laugh, feeling Hitomi's hand on his and turns his hand to catch hers.

"Lead me to the floor... and you can tell me what you're in. Because I'm sure you look amazing, you just exude cuteness!" he offers cheerfully.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako is visibly holding back laughter as she looks up at Sugata, amber eyes shining with it. Gosh, her boys are terrible. She loves them so much.

There's only one possible response to his trolling, and it's to fan out her skirt and flourish the sheer evening wrap that's draped over her arms as she dips into a curtsy. "Since the King himself has asked, how can I refuse?"

A quick glance toward Takuto - yeah, he's fine, and she takes a half-second to lift a hand in greeting to Chiyo - and then she extends her hand to Sugata to let him lead her into a dance.

"You look like you're having fun," she observes as they take to the dance floor, no longer teasing, just pleased and affectionate.

Bow has posed:
With pictures being taken and all, Bow is getting out of the way of the pomp and all, instead, working on concentrating on communications and overall... handling. Which is going great. Then he notices Chiyo. "Oh... no no no, this won't do!" he says, a playful chide in his voice as he comes over to her. "You look great, too great to be back behind the scenes!" His smile is warm and contagious.

"Would you be willing to lose the apron for a moment and at least take you on one twirl around the floor as a warm up while we wait on our dates?" he asks the candy maker. "You should enjoy..." Wait for it...

"...the fruits of your labor."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Ooh, good call," Takuto says over his shoulder to Chiyo, then doubletakes. "Hey! Hi! Just a second--"

Because Gretchen said yes! The red-haired boy looks absolutely gleeful, and pulls his camera up -- it's a compact DSLR, very small -- and carefully takes a picture of Gretchen with her tiny cake. Then he looks at it for a second, and turns it around to show Gretchen the portrait. "It came out great!"

Then to Chiyo he adds, "He finally came to Tokyo! Look, see him? With Wako? Look at them. <3 <3"

There are heartbubbles in his speech, it's ridiculous.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
All too happy to be taught Space Dances from Spacelandia, *especially* since they're similar enough to Earth dances, Rashmi is quite clearly having the time of her life. When spun, she actually *laughs,* her own nervousness utterly banished, and of course at one point the dip startles a squeak out of her, and a deep flush.

It's a decent while before she needs a moment to breathe, and suggests the pair of them explore the drinks station -- knowing all too well that it's just punch and fizzy juice, but hey the plastic champagne flutes *do* feel fancy -- and take a bit of a breather.

"Okay so *that* was what I *expected* dancing to be like," she says, still preathless, over fizzy white grape juice. "I never got how people could just do it by instinct, that's a *super power* as far as I'm concerned."

Taking a moment to survey the scene, Rashmi's eyes fall on Chiyo, and the redhead grins. "Hey, roomie!" At Bow's suggestion, she nods sharply, clearly in full agreement with this plan. "That was the worst pun and the best idea, good job Bow!"

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    Katsumi may hear the 'ugh' face that Hitomi's making at the mention of hotdogs. "That wouldn't have been appropriate to this prom thing." she admits quietly, and she gives a small snort at the idea of *her* exuding cuteness.

    "I'm wearing an antique kimono. It's the color of the taste of mint ice cream, and it has cherry-flavor-color flowers on it that match my obi. And my hair's up in a pair of buns. I have the long furisode sleeves on my kimono -- it's old. It was my great-grandmother's." she replies, and then she sounds embarrassed. "I'm wearing mint extract because it's stronger than any of the perfumes I kinda own..." she trails off, and then gives a small laugh. "I smell like a dessert!"

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara always swallowed before talking, at least. It came from growing up amongst nobles who were just LOOKING for you to mess up so they could CRUSH YOU LIKE AN INSIGNIFICANT ANT!

Trauma? What trauma? She's fiiiiiiiine.

"I don't know, but I'm sure I can beat the information out of Bow later." Pause. "Or, I guess, just text him and he'd probably tell me. Less fun, that. But probably less likely to result in well deserved, if fun, violence," Hinoiri muttered.

Double Trouble had a type. That type was her second name.

"Oh? I've always had a weakness for wicked witches..." Pause. "Okay, not really but I likely will after tonight..." she teased.

And she... at least... was a little jerky when she danced. But she had the general ideas down. She'd done dances and the like before. And since coming to earth? Well... music was STILL the sounds of her people. The heels made it harder and she had to put more weight on Shiori than she'd have normally liked.

But... she wasn't falling on her face. So compared to most people who weren't sailor orbital bodies, she was doing pretty good as tall as those heels were.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Dance having been conceded to, of course Takuto flees to document what's about to happen (and feast on the many snacks available). Sugata can't even fault him for it, though he can and will fault him for the shoes, and the puns he is surely making about them in his own mind.

It's on his tongue to say something about how Wako could have refused, easily, or perhaps something more honest but arrogant, that he knew she would never -

But instead, Sugata mere accepts her hand, lacing his own fingers with hers, improper but intimate, and draws her onto the dance floor.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there aren't too many people on the dance floor - it's a school dance in a country where that isn't even a tradition, awkward students line the walls, desperately sucking themselves into place against any bare patch of wall, afraid to be seen, to be asked to dance. Sugata, safely inocculated from strangers (and their ienvitable tears when he dismissed them), is serene in his superiority to those poor wallflowers.

"How could I not? The two of you are enjoying yourselves," he says, and considers his words for a moment. "These aren't exactly slow dance songs, but it's all I want to do with you."

And he pulls, ever so slightly, so she could get away if she pleased, until they can in fact, dance together.

Katsumi Cora has posed:
"Oh!" Katsumi exclaims, taking in the imagry that Hitomi is feeding his brain and forming an image. "So... not only are you cute. But you're vintage... and you smell like my favorite dessert?" he asks with a teasing grin, a squeeze of Hitomi's hand.

"I guess we were mint to be!" he offers suddenly. Bow's contagious. Quick, get Katsumi away from him.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Gretchen turns towards Chiyo with an emphatic nod. "It's fun. You're one of the names that Bow dropped earlier, right?"

    Then Bow asks her for a dance and suddenly she's frowning. "You're lucky you still have good merits from the last time, or I'd PUNish you for that one." I mean, she wouldn't really, but one bad joke deserves another.

    The tiny Chara hovers closer to look at the portrait. "Huh. It almost looks normal sized. Like as if it were Doka, if she was a bit more gothy and had more hair."

    Then she overhears Katsumi's pun and says, "Oh no it's spreading," as if she wasn't doing it too just now.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
    Tadase visibly shakes himself out of whatever hard-freeze-loop he's found himself in. "Sorry. Kiseki's right about that, though. I just... couldn't find the words to express it properly. Beautiful really doesn't do it justice." he says. And, to be fair, Tadase does carry a sort of understated dignity of his own, now that he's not staring at her kind of slackjawed, anyways.

    "Room, on the dance floor?" Tadase repeats, looking around. "Oh, right, there are other people here. I wasn't aware of them anymore, after I saw you." The tone in which he delivers this line is far more direct, and almost sounds like he might be serious, though he's obviously not. "But I think you're right. We shouldn't come to a dance, and not... dance." he says. It's a smile attached to that line, but mostly he's now just trying to power through any awkwardness.

    "If you're ready, anyways." So close. "Then you wouldn't have asked, though so... uh... yes."

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown was... maybe... a bit winded as well. Yes, he did morning PT...

But you know what? He wanted to impress his girlfriend so he overdid it! He was smiling none the less.

"Dancing with you isn't something I would have ever thought I'd experience when I... crashed into your life, Rashmi. But I am certainly glad I did. Admittedly, though, I doubt I could do it by instinct either. I had training."

He downed a LOT of his white grape juice in a single drink. Yup. Winded and a bit overheated. But you know what? Happy.

"Perhaps I should take you out dancing more often. Especially if you wear things like that. I'd ask where you found such a thing, but beauty such as this usually comes with a warning to never reveal, lest the spell be broken and I haven't had nearly enough time with you this evening to take the risk."

He then glanced over at Bow and gave a small grin. Didn't say a word. But oooooof. That one. That was a missile.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai laughs at Takuto's surprise that only devolves into gushing about Sugata being here finally. Amused, she nods toward the Ginga Bishounen with a simple, "I know, I met him. Who do you think supplied all of your Valentine's Candy to him?" She reminds with no small bit of smugness. She was the best candy dealer around after all!

Wako's wave is returned with a little lift of her own hand only for it to fall back down to swipe over her frock apron again out of habit. It's Rashmi, and Bow's insistance that she enjoy herself that causes her to look a bit guilty.

"Well I'm supposed to meet my date here, but I had to set up first. Um." Her gaze flits to the dancefloor, then back with a nod. "Okay just let me get this off."

Reaching back she unties the frock apron to let it unfold around her, and drape over her arm. Beneath is a dark blue short dress with a bit of embroidery of flowrs on the skirt. The apron is set aside in favor of pulling on elbow-length black gloves transforming her from 'candy girl with a good hairstyle' to 'Princess Prom-Goer.'

"It's not much, but this is WAY better than the last dress I wore. I picked this one," she mumbles a bit proudly.


Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    There was so much positivity in the air, so much good energy, and Katsumi's jokes made Hitomi blush, her ears turning pink even though her cheeks and freckles are hidden beneath her make-up and she raises her right hand to hide a slight giggle.

    "Oh no, don't go making those jokes, no one needs that re-enforce-mint." she comments to Katsumi, and she gives his hand a squeeze again.

    "Do you... want to try dancing? Or we can wall flower -- or I can get you food. IF anyone makes fun of you though --" she trails off.

    "I'm not afraid to throw down in my great grandma's kimono." she states firmly!

Koji Silvia has posed:
Stepping into the now-decorated Sports Pavilion, Koji takes a moment to adjust the black silk tie he has on over a blue-grey collared shirt, and a suit that could be called 'boulder' in color. His hair is well-groomed and then drawn back and mostly bound into a rather tightly done braid, save for several errant forelocks and side-bits that refuse to conform to any sense of order.

And of course, like many a young Japanese male, he's moving away and to the side to try and find a space where he can stand unobtrusively with his Device in hand like a smartphone. Some eyes may be met, but by far and large he seems content to watch the crowd for now...

Bow has posed:
When Chiyo removes her apron and shows off her dress, Bow gives her a thumbs-up of approval. "I think she looks fairyly nice, don't you?" he asks Gretchen. Oh no. But she's agreed to the dance, and he tips over in a polite bow. "It'd be my honor to show you all two thousand, six hundred and twenty three steps of the standard Etherian waltz." he comments in formality.

There's nowhere near that many steps, and he's really just messing with the candy maker at the moment, "Though this is totally not waltz music, but fun to dance to!" He hand is offered to Chiyo to lead her out onto the floor so that they can start to swing around in a merry little dance.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno extends her hand toward Tadase in offering. If he doesn't take it outright, she then reaches out take hold of his with a firm nod. "Yes, I'd like to dance. I got this dress quite awhile ago and it's a shame not to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides," she adds with a warm laugh, "I rather like dancing."

Whether he was going to escort her or not, Ami is the one that leads Tadase out to the dance floor. One arm slides up to his shoulder and the other grasps his hand to begin spinning around with quick, deft little steps that send her large skirt spinning around.

Thankfully it's a soft fabric and doesn't involve any hoops so even if it brushes against another dancer it's barely noticable.

Katsumi Cora has posed:
...did he just hear Hitomi giggle? Katsumi's own cheeks are lighting up with a blush now, the pair of them totally awkward and he snorts out a laugh as she returns fire with a pun of her own! "Oh, I don't want to be a wall flower. Lead me out!" he announces, pointing towards the general direction of the music, his arm around Hitomi's, his hand on hers, pressed together pancake style.

"After all, you get to watch me dance, and I promise, it will totally be to your amuse-mint!" he offers to his fellow (if unknown) Guardian, already trying to lead the way - but relying on Hitomi to take over at some point.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As anyone familiar with them can tell you, if there's ever a time for dramatic entrances, arrivals at a grand gala definitely qualify. And the Prom for the Radiant Heart Academy is by no means an exception to this rule.

As the event nears beginning, while most arrive on foot from the nearby rail station, the occasional few get dropped off via car with their dates.

An even smaller few spring for limo rides to arrive in greater style.

Unfortunately, they're all upstaged.

Off to one side of the parking lot, there's an area that's been roped off for reasons that aren't immediately obvious...and there's a young man stationed nearby to chivvy off anyone getting too close. Precisely WHY isn't quite apparent for a while...until the unmistakable sound of an approaching helicopter can be heard. A helicopter that comes in low over the Academy and circles the parking lot once or twice.

It's a large helicopter...identifiable to those aeronautically-minded as a Bell 222 and painted jet black. It's the kind of thing that is used to ferry around corporate executives and the very rich, as it's got a large, comfortable passenger cabin. After the second go around, it moves to hover over the cleared-off section of the parking lot before gently coming in to land. The engines spool down and over the course of about five minutes, the rotors slow to a halt...and once the area is safe from extreme air effects from a spinning helicopter rotor, only then do the passengers depart so they can do so in utmost style.

The first out of the passenger door is none other than Chrono Harlaown...who, once he has aligted, turns to help his date Rashmi Terios down to the pavement. After a few moments fussing between them to straighten out their clothes, the two link arms and walk towards the building under the awed gaze of quite a number of students.

But they're not the only passengers.

A few moments after Chrono and Rashmi depart, Haruka Tenoh easily alights to the tarmac. She does a quick brush down of her outfit, then reaches a hand up to help a radiant Michiru Kaiou down from the helicopter. Another moment or two is taken for the two to straighten out their eveningwear, then the door is closed and the two also proceed to the building under a great many awed stares.

Most would think that was all...and indeed, most students do...but a very few get one last surprise...as a few moments later, the pilot's door opens and out climbs none other than Nurse Meiou, wearing of all things a long dress in a deep, garnet red. She reaches up and pulls off a headseat, settles her hair, then tosses the headset into the pilot's seat, says a few words to whomever is the copilot, then turns and walks inside herself.

Shortly after, the person who had been keeping people back does a quick policing of the area, then makes a 'wind it up' gesture to the helicopter. A few moments later, the engines start up, there's a quick check for clearance, then the rotors start turning...the chopper goes wheels light and the employee hops in the back before the helicopter takes off and heads into the night.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako has absolutely no inclination to get away. Her smile is beaming with delight, though her cheeks have turned rather pink at Sugata's words. Not for nothing is she part of the drama club, though - let other students wallflower if they want, Wako has no qualms about showing off a little as she and Sugata dance.

"I'll have to write you in on my dance card for the next slow song, then," she tells him. Not that she has a dance card, not that she has any plans to dance with anyone but him and Takuto tonight. "As many as you want. You know, the last time the school did one of these, Takuto-kun and I ended up ditching and going to find a youma to fight." She does a quick circle around him, a neat little twirl as the song builds. "I like having all three of us here much better."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy tries one of the petit-four while Gretchen describes her day. They have such good food here...

    "I get up, get breakfast, shower, go to classes, then do my homework or go to club or go out to check someplace out in the city or take a walk, or stay in the dorm studying or reading manga... have dinner and relax for a bit... spend the night patrolling or reading manga or a little of both. Then sleep and do it all over again."

    "...Solving problems or distracting myself from them sounds about right. You'd think manga would be less interesting when life is already like a manga, but..." She scratches her chin as she thinks of how to put it. "Wondering what will happen next in fiction is still an escape; and when it is similar to my life, it makes me feel a little less alone, to know that... someone out there is thinking about similar things, and writing about them." She smiles awkwardly. "Plus it's kinda funny seeing how similar the thoughts are, sometimes. Like I'm in on a secret joke."

    She looks, stunned, between Gretchen and Takuto as he takes a picture. "Wait, that works?" She tries to photograph Gretchen With Tiny Food with her own phone, if allowed. Cute...!

    Did... Bow just suggest asking Gretchen to dance? Amy looks between the two of them in confusion, thinking about it. While her mind is occupied, Chiyo offers drinks, and Amy waves a hand dismissively, "Oh, I'm too young to drink." and then immediately gets a 'wtf' expression on her face as she realizes what she just said and wonders how the hell her brain got to that response.

    Amy looks back to Gretchen. "You know what? Sure. If you've got an idea for how it'd work, and want to, I could give a dance a go." She's smiling awkwardly again, which is... progress, from just being awkward! She's loosening up and socializing a little!

Double Trouble has posed:
Shiori Ishii can dance. She can even lead. She can even lead Hinoiri, and she definitely has to with Hinoiri in those heels.

Once they're out on the dance floor and moving to the music, Shiori's expression relaxes into a pleased smile. She's hot and she knows it, and so is her girlfriend. They had delicious desserts and now they're dancing. This is fun. Right? Right.

Shiori certainly seems to be enjoying herself. One might even get the idea she's having a good time.

And she's not even causing trouble.

Yaling Yao has posed:
There is very little worry in Yaling's voice as Cho confirms the two of them are gonna dance together, even if badly. "I am gonna take care not to hopefully!", Yaling giggles at Cho's absolute lack of worry. "And if the dance doesn't work work out, well, we can always fall back on the food! We have options~" the green-haired girl mentions, beginning a very simple movement to start them off with, circling around with Cho unless she starts doing something else, at which Yaling is quick to copy her.

"I met Bow-san just a few days ago", Yaling says during the dance as the Etherian passes by, keeping up the eye contact with Cho. "He was training for sports! Though archery in his case. He really seems the kind of person that is great to work with, I bet he is thankful to have had your support. What is your absolute favourite part of this prom?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai gives Amy a little puzzled look at talk of alcohol. That was hardly the sort of drink she meant... but it hardly mattered. Bow's already dragging her out to the dance floor earning a warm laugh from her.

Off to dance they go, and she raises an eyebrow. "I thought waltzes only had like, eight steps? I could be wrong though. It's not as if I've ever danced one before," she admits. Thankfully this wasn't a waltz, no, it was something she could grove to easily. And she does as well.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"What an honor," Sugata says, eyes sparkling, amused at the thought of Wako's dance card - "Though, I'll have to keep an eye out, to be sure you aren't swept away when Takuto and I share the floor."

They had promised that she would get to see them dance, after all. It's the price they pay, for making sure Wako sings, and shows up any and all the competition with her voice.

"You went off to fight a youma at the last dance?" He pulls her into sway with him, and then, draws her arm up, coaxes her into a twirl before drawing her back. Years of classical dancing - a rich boy's education - make it easy to enjoy a night with her.

Even if having Wako so close is making a tinge of pink rise in his own cheeks. Not that he'll acknowledge it!

"Don't you go raising my hopes now. Imagine how much fun it would be, to fight while you serenade us?"

Koji Silvia has posed:
Adjusting his glasses a moment, Koji gets a faint little grin as Chiyo is pulled out onto the dance floor, and even tilts his head slightly as she takes a few tenative dance steps before leaning back once more.

With an exhale, he taps a couple things into his phone-Device and then flips it back closed for the time being. One leg goes up to press a polished shoe'd foot against the wall before he places his hands into his pockets and seems to continue lurking.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
    Tadase did, in fact, agree, and was intending to lead the blue lady out. But he gets lead out instead. He's a little bit more okay with this situation than Kiseki is.

    Tadase actually can dance, though, and can move. He's in fact, a far better dancer than he is a talker! Not that this is a hard feat.

    He doesn't have a skirt to watch out for, which is good, because he does have his eyes affixed on the girl as they dance. He's aware of other people, but he has no real eyes for them, except to prevent a scene from bumping into them. He does, however, occasionally try to lead a bit. Which could go well or poorly depending on how determined Ami is to maintain the presence that she flowed out onto the dance floor with. It's not intentional. It just... keeps happening. Though if it doesn't cause any problems, Tadase is generally about as happy as a Tadase can be. "You're a spectacular dancer, too. Smart and pretty and a good dancer... I must be the luckiest guy here."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "You must've already gotten into the candy," says Gretchen to Bow, "Since you're acting so sweet."

    When Amy tells Gretchen about her typical day, the Witch Chara nods along to show that she's listening. "I haven't really looked at too much manga, but I bought some gunpla a while back. I like them because they're my size and I can kinda pose them around. I sometimes use them to discuss strategy, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't play with them when I get bored."

    Naturally, Amy also gets a chance to take a picture. Gretchen doesn't really smile hardly ever, but she still manages to look cute regardless. It doesn't really take that long since she's already in the pose. "Honestly? I'm surprised it works too. It might be the case that if someone non-magical sees it, they just see a random picture of nothing that looks like a misclick. The Veil is pretty weird, huh?"

    At the suggestion of a dance, Gretchen glances at Amy and can't help but notice the size difference, but... "Well... normally when we play hand-games with Doka we kinda grab her finger. If you have something you'd want to try..."

    She extends her tiny hand, and bows slightly, "I'd be honored to have this dance."

    Again, not really smiling, but not exactly glaring either. She waits for Amy to take the lead.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
After having taken some time checking out what's on offer at the various booths, Nurse Meiou arrives at the pavillion. Once she's done so, the ballgown-wearing school representative moves off to the side of the room where she's not in anyone's way but can easily claim she's 'keeping an eye on things' if the official need to do so arises...but otherwise not interfering with the younger men and women about. This night is, after all, primarily about them.

She's there if anyone gets inadvertantly hurt...or just wants to chat while taking a breather from dancing.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"I'm glad you did too," Rashmi says softly. "And I think I'd *love* to do this more! I'm not so sure about the dress though, I'd be afraid to ruin it if I bring it out too much," Rashmi says with a chuckle. "And I'm not *actually* a fairy princess, Chrono... I just found a really good deal on a couple things, and the rest came from my stuff."

Because bargain-hunting is almost as much in the Terios blood, apparently, as food appreciation.

As Setsuna passes the snacks table, Rashmi lifts a hand and grins. "Okay seriously you didn't say on the way over, Setsuchan" she says, "but was that from your gumbo contact? Because I *cannot* figure out how else you'd get your hands on a helicopter!"

When Chiyo doffs her apron and puts on her gloves, Rashmi looses a low whistle. "Okay, *that's* nice! And clever! Lookin' good, Chiyo-chan! Also, Bow? Seriously... I heard what you said at the start. Thanks, *so much.* Now have fun~!"

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    "Careful, too much merry-mint and I might have to find one of the cool-down rooms." Katsumi earns a rare grin that is evident in Hitomi's voice as she leads him to the dance floor, where there's plenty of room to maneuver.

    She is surprisingly good at leading. She draws her unsighted date around with her, carefully keeping him safe from the incoming helicopter landing and disembarkment of Setsuna and company -- though *she* certainly rubber-necks a little bit.

    "I've heard nothing but good things about the desserts tonight. You should be proud of yourself. You worked so hard to make everything just so." she states with a small grin.

    "My family are bakers too, but I've only ever done small projects, nothing so big as this."

Bow has posed:
"Don't worry, the Etherian Waltz is nowhere near that bad, I was mainly pulling your leg." Bow offers as he keeps a small distance from Chiyo, but seems to at least have a grasp on basic dances for this world - well, it was something for him to do while he was learning about things - after cat videoes, dance videos were next.

And boy, is he varied. The chasse seems to be the lead in, but as they get into the groove, he cha-chas and slides, and is just... well, it's as if Bow can't decide on one dance. No. He wants to try them all. Which yeah, it's a mess of dances. But at least he's not just standing there, bobbing his head?

Okay, that might actually be better.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Absolutely not," Wako answers Sugata immediately, trying for scolding and too amused to get anywhere near it. "Look at how much work everyone put in to set this up! There will be plenty more times for fighting." Whether they like it or not, honestly.

In, out, and then in again, in time with the music and light on her feet. "Anyway," she adds cheerfully, "there's no need to worry about me getting swept away. I promise not to go farther than the refreshments tables while you two are taking your turns tearing up the floor."

Katsumi Cora has posed:
Another laugh rises from Katsumi, and he turns to face Hitomi again. "You sound cuter when you laugh~" he says with a bright burst of warmth from him as she leads him out and the pair of them start to dance. "I didn't mean to heat up your burning desire to pun, Kobe-chan!" he teases her lightly.

And then he shakes his head. "I only helped Chiyo and Makoto." he admits, his hand set on Hitomi's side when he was moving around, so he can hold his center and make sure he doesn't trip over his own two feet.

"But I want to try the foods that your family brought. I haven't even eaten yet to make sure I had an appetite!" he admits with a small giggle. "I mean, if that's okay?" He knows some of her family is there, that might be embarassing for her.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Once Tadase starts to lead in the dance, Ami slips into following easily enough. It wasn't the first time she'd danced with someone else leading that had a height difference on her--Though admittedly Makoto was taller than Tadase even. She adapts easily enough as they swing around to the music while he compliments her the whole while.

A bit pink-cheeked more from the exertion than the compliments (for now), she can only duck her head at the constant flow of compliments. "I think many might feel that way if they're with the right person. This dance was a lovely idea. I need to make sure to thank Bow for coming up with it and organizing it." A glance is cast to the decorations as they pass, "And Usagi-chan for decoration help. I know she'll be proud of that."

Her head tilts back at Tadase regarding him a moment. "It's a good thing you missed earlier though. Bow's speech might have triggered Kiseki," she admits with a little whisper.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi was.... well. Was clumsy. Kind of awkward. A bit silly. She danced like a girl who had never been asked to dance before because she was clumsy, awkward and a bit silly.

But she was also having FUN. And she was smiling. She had NEVER been the best at smiling. But she was giving it a good, solid try tonight.

She does almost fall on her butt, though, managing to be saved by a timely grabbing of Yaling's hand. And going bright red. "Y-yeah. I... I like him. He's fun. A real sweety. He got all the paperwork done, really. I just had to... nudge him in the right direction. Totally worth."

As for what, well... what was her favorite part of the night? That had an answer before she could stop herself.


"Sic! The Music! I really like the music!" she said quickly, bailing out, trying not to flail... then gulping and stopped.

Actually stopped, holding onto Yaling's hand. "H-hey... I... I'm... I..." she started, staring at her. "I'm not the most... I'm not the.... best... at this. At... people. At... at really, anything. I mess things up all the time. But... I just want to say... since... I... I mean.... I.... I know I'm...." Staring... starrrrring.

"I know we've only been teammates for a little bit. And.... I've always.... wished I had a teammate. I mean, I know Coco is on my team, but.... like... she's... she's precious to me, too. But it's a little... different, I guess. Because you just... are. A part of my team, I mean. Of the Historic Precures. And I have a lot of people who I'm... I help them. And who help me. But... it's... really nice having someone who's in the same.... who understands and fights the same battle I am. I just... I wanted you to know. T-thank you. For that. For being there. With me. I-I guess..." she said sheepishly. "W-what's your favorite p-part?"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As Setsuna settles in, she looks over at the question from Rashmi and blinks, then giggles a bit, "What? Oh, no dear. Chief Hendricks is a good friend...but even Senior Chiefs like him don't make enough to afford that kind of thing."

She then grins a bit, "No, that one's all mine. If the house wasn't a tip off, I'm what is called in certain financial circles 'comfortable', Rashmi-chan."

She dispenses herself a glass of punch from the bowl and takes a few experimental sniffs before taking a drink, nodding as if to herself.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai looks a bit embarassed at the whistle from Rashmi but... Well she was proud of this dress. The Chiffon Monster would remain forever in the closet. Locked away. Never to see the light of day. This dress was far better and it didn't require Usagi's magic pen to transform into something decent.

"Well I'd hope it wouldn't be that many steps! That would take forever," she shoots back to Bow with amusement, only to spin around a single time playfully. Or maybe it was to put some distance between herself and Mr. Cha-cha-flaminco-Toosie Slide.

"Okay I don't think I can keep up with all that. I should grab a drink and wait for my date. Thank you for the dance, Bow!"

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto definitely got the twirling on film -- he's just doing a little bit of video, enough to make some stunning gifs. Mostly he's taking photos so they can get prints and send them to people who get dead tree letters through snail mail.


Meanwhile, his shoes glitter fabulously with every startlingly graceful step he takes, and he's perfectly willing to let Sugata and Wako keep dancing because watching doesn't hurt anymore, it's only good now.

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    "Don't say that Katsumi, everyone's gonna wanna start hearing it." the Osaka transfer states gently to the blonde baker, and her hand gives a little squeeze against his.

    "Ah... yeah... five of my brothers motorcycled their way from Osaka with our carts... at least the carts that survived. There's... stuff... that happened." she trails off slightly.

    The cheery music is playing, and she gives a small laugh as she bows her head a little, to hide her mouth when she laughs.

    "Look, ah, don't worry about my brothers. I told them that you're a good guy. An' that I can take care of myself if needed." she smiles, and then she blinks.

    "Oh... you can't even see my hair. It was a struggle to do it up this way!" she complains, "It was quite the accomplish-mint!"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Oh my god the mental image of Gretchen posing gunpla as a visual aid for strategy is adorable and so sweet and Amy can't help smiling more at it.

    Aaand well this is happening, but Gretchen doesn't have any particular suggestions. Amy freezes for a moment. This is going to be i n c r e d i b l y  a w k w a r d... but the only option is to plow ahead!

    Amy responds with a curtsey, and then holds out her index finger, and then both index fingers; once Gretchen's taken hold of them she steps back a bit from the refreshments table, trusting Gretchen to float, and sways back and forth, for a start...

    Backing away from the refreshments table brings her to the vicinity of Setsuna. Amy, glancing around to make sure she isn't going to back into anyone or swing Gretchen into anyone, greets her with a smile, "Oh, hi Nurse Meiou!" Okay, now she has to lean into dancing with a fairy like it's a perfectly normal activity. She sways her hands back and forth a little, getting a feel for the weight/momentum/floatiness of the X-Chara.

    After a few moments, she tries to do human-and-fairy versions of moves she sees others doing; A couple nearby pulls away from eachother while holding one hand, then the leader pulls their partner in and just past them and catches their back with their arm; Amy (gently) holds one hand out to the side, turning towards her and bowing slightly before pulling her back with Amy's other hand positioned to 'catch' her if need be; a moment later, some showy couple does the thing where the leader holds their arm out high and their partner twirls under it, and Amy tries to do the same holding out one hand for Gretchen to twirl under...

    As long as she acts like this is totally normal and doesn't remember that to everyone who can't see fairies she's dancing by herself and looks ridiculous, she can have fun with this! If Gretchen gets into it too, anyway.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
    He wasn't not gonna compliment her. Plus, he meant all of it. He -does- however, actually notice some others in the room, catching sight of Cho dancing with Yaling. Good for Cho! And like the guardian of Water that she is, Ami has no problem going with the flow. Ami mentions Bow's speech, and he nods. "Yeah, I actually figured someone would call attention to the name of the dance, and... maybe it'd be good to be fashionably late. Sorry." he says, tilting his head a bit. "But I figured if you're going to end up putting my head in a bucket today it should at least be deserved?" He says, and then pauses, missing a step obviously but getting back into the flow quickly.. "I mean... I... actually don't... know what I meant there." Somewhere Kiseki is either snickering or shaking his head, and Tadase can't see which. In any case he should probably... change the subject.

    "You know, that's one thing that being on Student Council gets me - I can see all of the work that goes into something like this. A lot of people only see their own part, or the end result. But so many people worked so hard to make this happen. And then there were further people on top of that making all of their work mix together! So while it's a dance, it's also a really... impressive show of what people can do when they come together." He says. "It reminds me how we're all stronger together... So do thank your friends, on my behalf as well."

Koji Silvia has posed:
Eventually, wall-flowering is only going to get you so far, and so Koji pushes his way off the wall and makes his way towards where the familiar smells of Korma Chameleon are coming from.

Taking up a plate, he begins to stack himself a small dinner's worth of spicy foods, taking a moment to check over his shoulder where the dancing and small groups are gathered. There's a pause from him though as he considers each in turn... and eventually... the indecision that plays out in the reflection of his glasses causes him to look for a nearby spot to settle himself and eat, being very careful not to get anything on his nice clothes.

However, some politeness wins out as he nods respectfully to Nurse Meiou and says of course, "Miss." And then he distracts himself with the food.

Bow has posed:
"See you later, Chiyo!" Bow has no problem with Chiyo's departure. The Etherian shoots her a grin and gives a little wave, continuing to move along the crowd, coming up next to Setsuna next. "You look nice, Miss Mieou!" he compliments, before having caught her sniffing at the drink. "Noone spiked it." Amusement touches his voice as he was about to ask her if she wanted to dance... before... he realizes that Kessoku Band is finishing up, and he excuses himself.

Making his way back to the stage, he takes the mic and is all grins and cheerfulness. "Alright! Let's hear it for Kessuko Band!" he offers, clapping for them, before he takes up the microphone. "So, let's slow things down a bit, give all these fast dances a moment to breathe, hmm?" he asks, glancing over at the DJ and the engineer.

The lights dim a little, spotlights, small star-shaped couple sized areas coast across the floor as the music goes from the bright, cheerful, upbeat music that was playing a few moments before becomes a slow, sedate, dance. The type that is well... the spotlight dance, everyone.


Katsumi Cora has posed:
"Oh, I'm sure you can judo flip me if I do anything untoward!" Katsumu giggles again, unable to hide her constant barrage of mint puns. It's his fault, and she's making sure that he pays for it. Not that he has complained once about it, his hand reaching up to lightly touch her hair and pat it gently. "Wow, that must have taken a lot of work..." he admits quietly.

He was just about to ask her to lead him off the floor so that they can get someting to eat - when he hears the announcement and the change in the music. A breath taken in, and he lifts his head so that he can 'face' Hitomi. And instead of retreating, he closes the distance, a light press next to her as he sets his hand on the bow on Hitomi's back. "One more dance?" he asks her, a gentle plead that she says yes.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Gretchen wasn't really expecting to dance today unless someone brought a mascot, but here she is. It's a chance to play in a way that she normally doesn't, but this is a prom and who wouldn't dance at prom?

    Lydian has joined Brai and Medo and now the three of them are holding hands making a fairy ring that spins in the air to the upbeat music. Being able to fly well over everyone else's heads means that there's no worries about bumping into anyone. Unless someone especially tall shows up.

    The Witch fairy takes both offered index fingers and starts to sway back and forth. Having a lot of memories from Madoka's past timelines means that she does at least have some clue as to how to dance, but things are different when you float instead of walk.

    As she sways with the rhythm, her too long ribbon dress floats almost in slow motion around her in an almost spectral way. The suddenly slow music kinda adds to this effect. As Amy tries various dance flourishes, Gretchen actually does smirk a little bit. "Clever..."

    Twirling is more or less easy to figure out. Just let go of one finger and twirl underneath the other. The pull-and-hand-catch is a bit unique, but still cute in its own way. She does her best to follow along with Amy's intentions, but she hasn't ever actually danced this way before.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Smiles and nods as Amy's movements bring her over to the taller woman's vicinity, "Hello, Miss Faust. I hope your evening is going well."

She then turns to Bow, "And you as well, Mister Armbruster."

As he comments about the drink, she looks at it, "As the 'Responsible Adult' in the room, I'm obliged to check."

She even does the air quotes.

Then she smirks a bit, "...and frankly, alcohol and I have not had the most...let's just say 'normal' relationship."

Oddly enough, she adds air quotes to THAT statement as well.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"Everyone put in so much work - imagine how hard they'd fight to keep it from being destroyed? Not that Zero Time would allow it," he has supreme confidence in the Zero Time she can summon. "But very well, Wako-chan. For you, the dance will be safe."

The song comes to an end, and Sugata draws Wako close, in a pose that Takuto will absolutely take a dozen photos of, in a moment that will absolutely be sent back to Southern Cross Island, and in that moment he both knows and accepts that fate.

It's worth it, anyway.

"Would you like to keep it up, or do you want to make our way back to Takuto and the little cakes he's standing in front of?"

It's a little bit teasing, but a genuine question, too. Wako loves snacks and sweets, the refreshments table has them, Wako loves Takuto, and the refreshments table has him - and maybe, it's a little bit of that old staple of much of that final year on Southern Cross Island, Sugata pushing and pulling at Wako, asking about Takuto, asking if she liked him. It's easier to do, now that they've both admitted they like him.

If the spotlight falls on them, however? Well, then they'll dance, of course. He always rises to the occasion.

Hitomi Kobe has posed:
    This can't be happening. This can't be happening. Hitomi Kobe, /Culinary Guardian Kushiage/, cannot be *catching the feels* for this guy.

    She feels his hand on her head, patting her scalp, touching the carefully pulled-into-place tresses. Her heart skips a beat. She feels her heart and breath still a moment when he presses closer, his hand set upon the bow of her obi, she fights herself. Her muscles tense, and she tilts her head, her forehead pressing gently at Katsumi's, her lips forming just the slightest pout as if she were going to try and kiss him.

    Her arm slips around his waist, just under his jacket --

    And then she grasps him, turns, her leg coming between his to throw him off -- and then she pulls away.

    "I'm... I'm sorry Katsumi..." she trails off. "I've got to go."

    She raises her hands off him, aware that she's leaving him in the dark. Her face contorts slightly, as if in physical pain.

    "I've got to go." she whispers, and then turns, shoving someone aside in order to make her escape, quickly out the entrance!

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown just grinned to Rashmi. "You know, I've met fairy princesses before. You are far, far more radiant..." Pause. "And also less likely to light me on fire." Another slight pause. "Only less likely, though."

Of course, as the question was asked to Setsuna.... and Setsuna gave the only kind of answer she could, would, give in such a situation? Chrono just gave an innocent smile.

Because it was the outer household. He'd seen weirder.... but he was literally a space alien so, you know. Maybe he wasn't a good judge on such things.

However, when he heard Setsuna mention.... alcohol, his head shot up. Oh no. If someone tried to spike the drink, he'd likely have to arrest them... which would be VERY awkward. However, it WASN'T spiked... so instead, he just smiled and--

... Then the slow dance. His eyes went slightly wide before he grinned up at Rashmi. "Feel up for a round two?"

Ami Mizuno has posed:
"A large event takes a lot of time, and work," Ami has to agree. The song changes and then turns slow. Slow and spot-lighty. Ami comes to an abrupt halt with her eyes widening just a bit at the thought of having a spot light possibly rake over them. The dancefloor was one thing. Having a light on her was another.

"I'm sorry I think I should go get a drink," she blurts, and glances to the side seeking an escape for the moment.

One she takes quite willingly as soon as it's presented and she sweeps to the safety of the sidelines.

Katsumi Cora has posed:
Henshin - you need to henshin RIGHT NOW - Katsumi's brain yells at him - but without Kobo here, that's not happening. Instead, Katsumi is caught off guard when Hitomi grabs him and instead of a dance of one type - instead, he's up and over. And he's thrown.

He lands on the ground when she's leaving him suddenly, and he sits there for several seconds, unsure what he did, or exactly what just happened. Did he do something wrong? He doesn't have an idea.

And he's feeling around, finding his guide cane in his pocket. Flicking it open, he manages to brace himself and push himself back to his feet. And he's sure that every eye on the place is on him. Lowering his head, he does the only thing he can. Feel his way to a place to sit and just... figure it out. Hand set in lap, head lowered, he's got a lot to think about.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
    Tadase actually doesn't want to be spotlit right now either. Not that he would mind generally, but it's obvious his date doesn't and he wouldn't put her through it. He knows how it can feel to have all of the eyes of a room locked on you, for sure.

    "Me, too!" he says, and heads out towards snacks and drinks and away from the harsh glare of the spotlights.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
It all feels a little like a dream, to be honest. Wako finds herself almost afraid to breathe too hard or move too fast, in case the ephemeral bubble bursts and she wakes up back in her grandmother's house on Southern Cross.

She leans into Sugata for a moment, basking in the magic of it, the lights dazzling around the ballroom and the music still echoing in her ears.

The magic isn't complete while it's just two of them, though.

Exhaling a sudden laugh, she nudges Sugata playfully in the ribs. "Cut it out," she tells him, smiling. "I have like an hour and change before I have to start getting ready to go up. I want to get my dancing in with both of you while I can."

Catching his hand in hers, she pulls gently at him, leading the way off the dance floor and towards where Takuto is currently manning his camera. "Ta-ku-to-kun~!"

Koji Silvia has posed:
Seeing what happened to Katsumi, and his approach to where he's seated himself... Koji gets up from his spot and quickly goes over to where the food and drink is, and gets a small bottle of water. With the item in hand, he approaches where the other young man is, and says in a soft enough tone to be quiet, but loud enough to be heard over the music and the other conversations, "I am going to put a bottle of water in your left hand. It's for you to drink, or to soothe a bruise. Is that alright?"

Following his announced movements, he kneels down close, but not so close it crowds poor Katsumi, and then holds the cool bottle over his hand, letting a small water droplet hit the back of it.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"Y'know intellectually I get that, Setsuchan?" Rashmi says, laughing. "But there's some things I just can't bring myself to assume, y'know? The school nurse having a helicopter on call, I mean... That's pretty well up there!"

But then Bow announces the spotlight slow dance, and Rashmi whips her head around as the lights come down. And Chrono barely gets to finish asking the question before getting an "*Absolutely I do,*" in return. "C'mon... Also let's stick close to Amy, just in case."

...Which is about when Kobe body-slams her ostensible date, and her eyes follow Cora as he limps to the wall, and is swiftly attended to by Koji, at which point she breathes a sigh of relief.

Followed by a text message to him, via Hanzo. << Thank you Koji, and could you make sure he gets looked at by Setsuchan? Dance floors are the second worst place to fall like that. >>

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
"Here, I'm here!" Takuto calls back, laughing and waving his free hand. The one holding the camera -- with the strap around his wrist -- is considerably more careful. "Are we snacking, or are we dancer?" he asks when they make it over. "Look there are *tiny cakes*! And so many other things, it's an impossible embarrassment of cakes." He pauses.

He looks back and forth between the two. "Wako-chan, do you want us to dance now while you take pictures and eat snacks, or do you want Sugata on picture duty while we dance?"

And then he looks at Sugata and almost says something smartassed, but-- doesn't. There's just a tiny little head-tilted smile, crooked and utterly transparent (to a very small number of people). Somehow when he does ask, he manages utter sincerity while still teasing mildly. "The timing is all Wako-chan's, but would Sugata-kun like a dance with Takuto?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "It's just getting started." Amy replies to Setsuna with a smile.

    Amy has only danced like this once, and it was all she could do to try and keep up with Hannah, who... made things turn out alright no matter how she did, until she stopped worrying and had fun.

    She can't really do that for Gretchen, exactly, but... this is a silly dance for fun anyway, so! She smiles as Gretchen goes along with the flashy moves perfectly! This goes on for a bit until she finally tries spinning herself, carefully holding Gretchen's hands in her fingers. Hannah can do this with her, but 4'11" Amy can't really do it with anyone but a fairy! This culminates in tossing Gretchen up and catching her!

    "Was that too much?" she asks softly as the music slows down. "It was, uh, really fun when Hannah did it." her cheeks pink a bit at the memory, and she goes back to slow swaying and basic step-and-turn for a bit.

    And then there's the sound of someone hitting the floor and a small commotion as someone runs off and she looks over, "Are they okay? What happened?"

Molly Skyline (25) has posed:
There's at least one person here who looks basically lost.

Molly Skyline has been here for a little bit, and the purple-haired girl is doing what she does best in these situations; wall-flowering. She's come in a black dress with a full length skirt and white trime, with boots instead of heels and, because she is who she is, she's wearing a leather jacket overtop with a Union Jack on the back (albeit purple and pink replaces the usual blue and red) and covered up and down the arms with all sorts of patches. (The X-Com Vigilo Confido patch has an obvious place of honor.)

But she knows like two people here, maybe three, so she's just kind of... hanging around, looking for the people she knows. And while she's at it she's got a skewer of some sort, with chicken of some sort, and it must be good because she's quite happy with eating it.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Together they head to the refreshments table, Sugata tugged along by Wako, smiling to himself, amused, because the dance had been lovely, but unbalanced, missing something, not a fairytale come true.

They really aren't right, unless they're three.

Still, just because he concedes that to himself, doesn't mean Sugata will ever be anything less than a troll. "No, Sugata-kun would not like to dance with Takuto."

A beat, as he reaches for a petit four, examines it carefully, and puts it on a plate for Wako.

"Sugata-kun might love too. Nearly as much as Taktuo-kun would."

As he fills a trio of champagne flutes with punch, not looking at Takuto's face.

Katsumi Cora has posed:
Feeling the bottle of water and hearing the voice, Katsumi glances up. With his glasses off, empty almost white eyes stare up at Koji. "Thank you." he offers quietly, his hand curling around the bottle of water. He thinks about what he wants to say for a moment - using the effort to open the bottle and drink from it, and then he finds the question that he wants to ask the most.

"...was she really mad, or really sad?" he asks, worried. "...I think I'd rather her be mad at me." Because he's totally going to blame himself for this. "Not too many people are staring, I hope? Should I smile and wave, make it look like I'm okay?" Because he's not. At least emotionally. Physically? Couple of bruises he'll have later.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Gretchen more or less follows Amy's lead since this is, after all, a silly dance for fun. Maybe one day with more practice she could manage to be more extravagant, but she's in a crowded room full of teenagers so no one really expects her to be a competitive ballroom dancer.

    The spin sends Gretchen flying upwards, but catching her is a little different because she doesn't exactly fall, so it's more like pulling her out of the air. When asked if it was too much, Gretchen tilts her head then says, "No, not really. It's a bit silly, but it was always going to be."

    She then smiles slightly at the thought of Hannah and Amy dancing like that. "I can imagine. That sounds like a lot of fun. Honestly, Madoka-chan's missed every dance so far. I'm hoping she'll make it to this one." A pause, then she remembers, "Though, she actually got a dance with Homura instead, so maybe she didn't completely miss out."

    Gretchen looks over at the commotion and starts to openly fret a little bit. It looks like someone is helping already, but... something is off. "I think they fell? I didn't see what happened. Is... oh, that's a guide cane."

    Medo, the nurse Chara, is already flying down to look Katsumi over, to see if he dropped anything or if there are any obvious bruises. "Do you need someone to guide you somewhere? Do you need to sit down?" she asks, before realizing that she might not be heard. Then she starts looking at Koji, and then spinning around to find someone she knows who can see magic. "Um... Well..."

    The flossie-wearing fairy cannot help but stick her nose into business like this. Fortunately the school nurse is here.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown was, admittedly... probably more relaxed than he'd ever want to admit. The fact was? In a strange way... out of character for him? He wasn't fully alert. He wasn't measuring, plotting, planning.

He wasn't... doing any of that. He was just reveling in Rashmi's presence. He was enjoying being near her. He barely noticed the slight scuffle. He didn't see many of the others. Heck, he didn't even really notice Amy dancing with a tiny fairy, as adorable as it was. He barely even registered Setsuna, the only reason he truly saw her was because she was family.

Because, right now? all he had to think about... Was Rashmi. And when the lights inevitably fell on the two of them, he didn't even notice... because the lights had been shining on her, in his heart, all night.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako is distracted, for a moment, by what seems to have been some commotion... but it seems to have been managed, Katsumi is being looked after, and it's probably best not to add unnecessary fuss.

So, concerned though she may be, she turns her attention back to her two escorts and smiles brightly at Takuto's enthusiasm. "Did you try the curry-pan pops? Rashmi-chan brought some for me and Chiyo-chan to try, and they were so good."

Her honey-brown eyes dance back and forth between Takuto and Sugata at their byplay. Sugata's comment has her lifting a hand to hide a giggle... poorly. Hee.

"I think," she says expansively, reaching to claim one of those plastic champagne flutes that Sugata has filled, "that means you two should dance, and I should snack. And get pictures." She's the soul of innocence, saying this. Really.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As there's a bit of physical altercation, Nurse Meiou blinks, then sets down her punch and says to Amy, "It appears that Mister Cora just had a very brief and very low orbital flight. I should go check on him."

And with that, she quickly scoots over to where Koji chivvies Katsumi, and with a little twist of her wrist, a penlight is suddenly there as she kneels down a little and uses it to do a quick inspection of the young man for obvious injuries...then she gently reaches out to steady his head before saying, "Mister Cora, this is Nurse Meiou. I'm just going to give you a quick check okay? Please turn to face towards the sound when I snap my fingers."

She then snaps her fingers in several places around his head and watches his response as he faces towards each on. After a few moments, she lets him go and then says, "Well, as best I can tell, you don't seem to have any serious injuries, though I imagine you're going to bruise in a few places after hitting that floor."

There's another twist of her wrist one way and the penlight disappears to be replaced by a one of those little squares with the plastic bubble and foil backing which she presses into his hand, "Here's a few ibuprofin. You'll likely want them in a few moments when the adrenaline fades, and you should be okay to enjoy the rest of the dance. Just take it easy, but if you start feeling lightheaded or otherwise unwell, have someone come find me immediately, okay?"

She then pats him on the shoulder and makes her way back to the refreshment table to retrieve her punch.

As she does, she glances over at Molly...looks at the various patches, then nods and says to her, "...I'm surprised you don't have the 'bellator in machina' and 'mutare ad costodiam' ones as well."

Koji Silvia has posed:
There's a moment when Koji looks down towards his pocket, and his hand brushes it... but then he looks back up as he says to Katsumi, "I don't think I could tell you. I was just sitting down to eat something when your dance partner went past. I'm Kojiro Silvia. Grade 10. But I go by Koji. Nice to meet you."

Reaching out, he touches on Katsumi's sleeve with the flat of his hand, and then adds in a softer voice, almost a whisper, "How about we get you up and to the bathroom. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. And whatever happened with your friend, it can be worked out later."

Rashmi gets a text/thought back after a few moments << You two have fun. This really isn't for me. Tell Chrono I said hi and I'll see him around for practice. >>

As he moves, he keeps his contact with Katsumi, offering to be a guide-hooman while also being an emotional rock at the moment, but looking to and nodding to Setsun-sama for her quick response to the fall. But he adds back in the more 'normal' tone, "If she had to go, she had reasons, and we should help her make sure no one thinks any worse of her for it."

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
Takuto's face is pretty priceless, actually. He's vaguely aware of Things Happening in the background, but he's truly caught up in this little world he discovered in Southern Cross Island, that turned out to also be the whole world--

Priceless, though. He looks like he doesn't know whether to laugh out loud or punch Sugata's arm while he's pouring punch while also laughing anyway. The word 'jerk' has never been so fond.

So, laughing, he gives the camera to Wako, and even if his face is rapidly approaching 'as red as his hair, eyes, suit, and sparkly shoes' he is the ginga bishounen and dancing with his boyfriend is not going to destroy him.

(It's going to destroy him.)

"Then," he finally says to Sugata, hand hesitantly reaching out to touch the blue-haired boy's hand, "I might even let you lead."

Katsumi Cora has posed:
When he's getting attended to, Katsumi takes another drink of water, and he hears a new voice, this one feminine as Setsuna makes her presence know. "Katsumi Cora, grade nine." he offers in way of response - and showing his cognitive is okay.

As he follows the snaps with ease, he shakes his head. "It's okay. She had her reasons. I'll apologize to her later." Again, clearly his fault.

When Setsuna presses the pills in his hands, he nods. "Thank you Meiou-senpai, Silva-senpai." he offers to the pair. "I'll take these, and then, I think I'm going to head home. It's fine. I'm okay." he promises, as he gets back to his feet shakily.

He just wants to leave, and get away from it all. And swear off mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Bow has posed:
As Katsumi takes a fall, Bow is thankful that there are others there to handle it. Asking Setsuna was to come chaperone was totally the right call, and he lets out a sigh of relief as it's taken care of. There's a couple of more hours to go - and if that's the worst that's going to happen?

He's good with that. For now, it's time for a drink as the DJ takes over, mixing up the music, a combonation of music to dance to and music to cuddle to as the stage is made ready for Coco Kiumi's performance.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Sugata's eyes dancde with mischief. He looks, as he has so many times in Tokyo, alive. Present and real, in the moment, hearing, as Takuto would put it, the voice of the world.

When what you want to do is what you have to do, and all that. Sugata spent all his life doing what he felt he had to. It's only recently that he's been doing what he wants. And what's a prom for, but doing what you want? What's loving your boyfriend (who is also your fiance's boyfriend, who is one of the two loves of your life, who is someone you look at and think, ah, I'm so glad to be alive with you) for but doing what you want?

"Something as conventional as all that?"

And yet, there's an equally tentative motion, taking Takuto's hand, and he doesn't lace their fingers, but he does grasp his hand, firm and tight and unwilling to let go, and he does lead him to the dance floor. "Wako-chan, I want to see the pictures when we're done."

There's every chance the spotlight will fall on them. If it does - Sugata isn't ashamed to be seen dancing with the boy he loves. Leading, being lead, hand in hand, nothing so simple and straightforward as it might seem it should be.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    ...but it was always going to be.

    "Yeah..." Amy replies, bittersweetly. She wonders what it must be like to be a fairy or something in this world of humans, unable to interact normally and do things like this, save to ape them in at best a silly way. That's rough. But then...

    She supposes she does get that, a little. With her memories, and lacking any recent childhood that matches this body, there are a lot of things she doesn't experience normally, either. Just minutes ago -- as at the one high school dance she barely remembers, so long ago -- she was on the outside looking in, and she'll never know what it's like to approach these things as someone, well... normal.

    ...But, together with other weirdos, they can make their own fun! She smiles at Gretchen at that thought.

    And. Y'know. Most normies won't ever be swept off their feet by a Belkan Space Princess, so there's that!

    "...Does it ever bother you, that some things are... always gonna be silly, or weird? Do you ever... wish you were a normal human?"

    She nods at Setsuna's explanation, and then perks up at hearing... latin? in the distance. And it's vaguely familiar latin from somewhere. A game, right? She looks over curiously and then stares at Molly. Is that an X-Com patch?! "That's so cool! ...Do you have a British Library one?" It's the first other thing she can think of that would make a cool patch.

Koji Silvia has posed:
Standing up with Katsumi. Koji makes his own exit as he goes to assist the other young man with getting back to his dorm room safely... but he does take a moment to look back at the prom, eyes lingering before the reflection of the lights obscure his eyes from the world...

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako takes the camera from Takuto, looping the strap around her own wrist. "Of course~" she promises Sugata, sing-song, and then she's wiggling her fingers at the two of them as if to shoo them off to the dance floor, beaming like this is the happiest she's ever been in her life.

It might be, at that.

She takes a moment to sip her punch and pop the petit four Sugata picked out for her into her mouth, closing her eyes in brief but blissful enjoyment as the tiny cake all but melts on her tongue. Soon enough, though, she's got the camera poised, watching for good photo opportunities, bouncing just a little on the toes of her glittery shoes as she watches her boys dancing together.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Since last July, Rashmi has fought monsters, been hospitalized, learned of *so many other worlds* and made more friends than she can count without stopping for time.

But it's right here, in Chrono's arms, with the spotlight on the two of them, that this night is well and truly... *magical.*

The boy she's dancing with is a super agent *from space,* but at the moment all he can see is her. And Rashmi has been around him long enough to tell when he's truly, completely relaxed, like he is right now.

And with Katsumi well in hand, she has enough attention to spare to send off the text equivalent of a nod and a thumbs-up to Koji and Setsuna, then rests her cheek on top of Chrono's head, and just dances in place with him, as long as the music will allow.

If he wants this to be her night, then darn it, she will spend as much of it with him as physically possible.

Takuto Tsunashi has posed:
There will be other dances, there will be other proms probably -- they are an international school, and actually interdimensional or something!! -- but there is, right now, only Sugata being so slightly tentative himself, and Wako watching them, and Wako and Sugata spent all those years in the drama club getting good at roles, and even if now they're getting to do what they want, even if...

Takuto's the one who reacts unpredictably to spotlights. He grins, grins wider, and then leans in to murmur next to Sugata's ear, "Then let's confuse everyone and switch on every fourth step. Also--" he ducks his head a very little bit, just enough to brush his lips across the side of Sugata's jaw before pulling back, "I only know how to dance when I'm fighting. Teach me this most gentlemanly of arts, sensei~"

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    When Amy asks if Gretchen is bothered by being a fairy, she crosses her arms and shakes her head. "Technically, I can always vicariously experience things like that when I'm henshined with Madoka. She and I become one in those moments, though mostly she only does that to fight. Or meditate. Even if she hits the Fade and we start to vanish, I'd like to think that we'd live on as part of her. As long as she doesn't forget her dreams."

    Her hands drop to her side, and then clasp behind her back. "Even if that doesn't happen, I don't really covet humanity. I'm fine being a fairy, and as long as I don't actually have to hurt anyone I'm also fine being a pseudo-Witch. I won't lose that no matter how far from the norm I stray."

    Gretchen covers her mouth to mask a tiny yawn before saying, "If I resent anything, it's being an X-Chara. If I could survive without darkness, I would." She pats her tummy and says, "Though, I think all that food I ate is starting to catch up to me. I'm gonna go take a nap. Thanks for the dance, Amy-chan."

    Gretchen waves as she starts to float away. The other three minidoka fairies are still here, having fun in the background now that the Katsumi situation seems mostly resolved. Lydian is going "aww~!" at Sugataku.

Molly Skyline (25) has posed:
Molly blushes, which she hides by... doing absolutely nothing, since she finished eating the chicken and she can't hide behind a skewer. So, she just lobs it into the nearest trash bin. Which, by lobs it 'into' said trash bin we really just mean she missed, and decides to play it cool like she didn't notice, or meant to do that and is intentionally not noticing, or something.


"I've been looking for those ones," she admits to Setsuna. Hey, someone she knows! "If I ever find them online for like... a price I can afford, I'd totally order them up."

And then to Amy, she pauses, and shakes her head, "No, I always meant to get one when I was, y'know, *living in England*, but then we moved here and I didn't think about it. I might get one of my friends back home to send me one, though." She pauses, and shrugs lightly. "I want a couple more like this," she adds, tapping the rainbow flag on the top of her right shoulder.

"So uhm. How's the dance been for... you two?"

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Here's something for Wako's pictures:

Sugata, red as a fresh tomato, smiling brightly despite it, leaning into whisper back -

"Pay attention, apprentice, and I won't steer you wrong."

He draws Takuto close, into a waltz frame, simple, and as the slow song plays, he leads him slow and careful, narrating what he's doing under his breath, until it's time for Takuto to take the lead.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
If anyone from Southern Cross were here to see it, they'd mark it down on their calendar: Wako Agemaki, known bottomless pit, with almost no attention to spare for the spread of absolutely gourmet refreshments on offer because she's too busy taking pictures of her boyfriend and her fiance dancing together framed in fairy lights.

Over the tiny camera, her eyes are huge. There are rose-framed thoughts happening in that head. It's probably best not to ask for details.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Setsuna smiles, finishes off her punch, then throws the empty cup away before turning to address Molly, "Well, aside from the little bit of excitement a few moments ago, fairly calmly. I'm mostly here to be the 'responsible adult' in the room..."

Once more with the airquotes around 'responsible adult'

"...and to be onhand in case someone actually manages to get hurt. Mister Cora there fortunately managed to get away with just a few bruises for his troubles."

Rashmi Terios has posed:
When the dance winds down, and Rashmi and Chrono have made their way off the dance floor, Rashmi excuses herself for a moment, promising to return with snacks. Sequins glitter in the occasional lighting tech she passes under, as she squeals in delight upon approaching Setsuna and Molly. "OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT *EVER.*"

Both chaperone and student get brief, impulsive hugs, and the bookish redhead seems at a loss for what to *do* with all this giddiness she's currently feeling.

Yaling Yao has posed:
Yaling had never been to a dance full stop, so that makes two of them each in their own different ways. Besides, that smile? That smile brightened not just Cho's face, but the whole event by itself. She was goofy, and she was fun, and Yaling had actually liked their dance, odd as it was, of two people who clearly were learning as they went.

And even as Cho almost fell and Yaling had to catch her, even with all the times Yaling risked to stumble onto her and Cho just continued being there, continued their dance together, she could feel the joy of the night as she was allowed to figure things out with her, the green-haired really had a great time at the first event in her life she could take her time with when she could just not worry about anything.

"I got to thank you too", Yaling exclaims. "Because to me this was something big and unknown and charming and very special, because you too were my best in it", Yaling says, fondly letting out every word. Because of course, she had heard, and even if she was going at things with full candor, that did not mean she was going to actually address that she switched her answer.

"I am glad you have been eager to let me know of things, and you may say it's part of your job, but that only makes it better, because nobody honest is not going to appreciate a person that earnest. And you have been that person for me, so we may have just met. And yet!", she asserts vigourously.

"I am glad we did, and I am glad you feel like you want to share the fights of a Historic Precure with me and being part of your team, and I will keep learning more about that duty, about the school, about what it's like to be out here fully too. So, my favourite part? The music too.", she says with a hint of amusement.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy nods to Gretchen. "Thank you, too." She gives another little curtsey. "It was fun! And nice talking to you." She tries to gently pat the fairy on the head, before turning back to Molly and looking her fellow foreigner over, smiling when she recognizes the obscure anime reference. "Ah, I see you are a woman of taste as well."

    She follows Molly's finger to the rainbow patch. Ah, right, that technically applies to Amy now too, doesn't it? Although, there isn't a convenient patch or flag for her exact situation, as she sees it, and she's a little bit concerned about what the internet might come up with.

    Note to self, though: find out how hard it would be to get my nyo-tiger design idea printed on a patch to put on my backpack. It'd be cute. And come to think of it, the rainbow one is generic; she probably falls under that somewhere. And maybe some kind of ace, too.

    "Aren't more like that pretty easy to get these days? Or at least popular... though I guess not in Japan..." Amy blinks. "The dance was... intimidating at first? I've... never been good with big social functions. But I met my girlfriend at the last dance, and she's coming later, so..." Blink. "I mean, it uh, got better once a friend helped me relax a bit. This time. And it'll be even better once Hannah shows up."

    She holds out a hand and switches to English. "[I'm Amanda Faust! Amy for short. It's nice to meet another foreigner who is this geeky.]" She gestures at the patches. "[You'd even heard of Read or Die... I guess that's pretty old and obscure these days, but... my uncle had it on DVD. I have a couple of shirts... Portal, Fullmetal Alchemist... but I never really collected... stuff like this. Sorry, I'm going on... uh, what's your name?]"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Setsuna returns Rashmi's hug, "I'm glad you're having a delightful night, Rashmi-chan. Do let me know if you two need a ride home, I'll be sure to have them bring the helicopter back."

She then turns back to look over at Molly and Amy as the latter absently switches over to English, and covers her mouth to supress a giggle...since it wasn't very long ago that she herself actually went to a bookstore DRESSED as Yomiko Readman herself.

Molly Skyline (25) has posed:
Molly ohs! "I'm Molly Skyline," she replies to Amy and also switching to English. "Geeky, nerdy, take your pick. I play video games, I read sci fi and fantasy, and I love Dungeons and Dragons with an absolute passion." She pauses, and holds up a hand, "I love Portal, and I have a patch for it too I just don't have it sewn on yet."

The purple-haired girl clears her throat, "This was a triumph! I'm making a note here, huge succ--"

It's at that moment that she's hugged by Rashmi, a gesture she returns enthusiastically. "Glad you're having a great night, Rashmi-San!" she answers, switching back to Japanese. (And making it clear which was her first language in the process; definitely English, but she's doing her best with inflections.)

"I love being a nerd, it's the best thing ever," she adds, "But I--" she pauses, looking back at Setsuna, "Wait a tick, you have a *helicopter*?!"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy beams. "There's an RPG club! We play D&D every week, you should totally join!" And she joins in on the singing... until it's interrupted by hugs! She blinks at Rashmi, who looks like an idol or something, wow... "Huh? What happen--" and then turns and stares at Setsuna. "Wait, helicopter?!"

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"[She's one of my best friends,]" Rashmi says of Molly, more than pleased to put her practical use of English to the proof. "[Also Amy-chan you were *adorable* dancing with... um. I don't think I ever heard her name? But she's one of Madoka-chan's, right?]"

Then both foreign girls round on Setsuna regarding the helicopter, and Rashmi just chuckles. "It sounds like you might just have to, Setsuchan. Otherwise I don't think you'll be able to sleep tonight, seeing those sad, disappointed puppy-dog eyes in the back of your mind." It's clear she's teasing, as she switches back to Japanese, and there's a truly *sparkling* grin regarding the Read or Die reference. "I would say Setsuchan's... passingly familiar with that one..."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As Molly starts the Portal song, Setsuna smiles even more...and as she gets to 'note here', the taller woman cannot help but join in...singing in English as well, "...huge success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction..."

As Amy AND Molly question her about her helicopter, the nurse just gets an innocent look on her face...as if having a personal helicopter is something that every third person or so is likely to have, "Well, yes. I have a helicopter. In fact, it even has it's own theme music."

A twist of her wrist produces her phone from...somewhere and a few quick swipes later, she's playing a theme song just loud enough to be heard by the girls in her immediate vicinity.

Granted, it's to a show that, by now, is over forty years old...but given how geeks can be, that's not necessarily a HUGE impediment to recognition.

And at Rashmi's comment, she then rolls her eyes, "We were visiting a bookstore that covers an entire city block and has enough cramps and twisty turns that I'm mildly surprised I didn't see the Librarian from Unseen University swiging by. Of COURSE I'm going to go there dressed as Yomiko Readman."

Molly Skyline (25) has posed:
Molly blushes once again, apparently a recurring theme with this girl. She points a thumb at Rashmi, "Totally my best friend," she pronounces, "First person to ever talk to me when I first showed up here and barely knew like five words in Japanese. Also her family is fantastic and I've no idea where I'd be today if she hadn't looked out for me."

Probably, Molly should give herself more credit, she knew a lot more words than that, but still!

"You can bet I'll be showing up for RPG club," she adds. "I hope it's okay if I roll a Sorcerer. If we're playing D&D." She pauses, and brightens, "But I've always wanted to try RIFTS, too! Totally making a mutant bunny juicer if I ever get the chance to play that game, just..." She trails off for a moment. "Mind you the South America Glitter Boy suit is pretty darn cool too."

The purple-haired girl clasps her hands behind her back, "But very few things are cooler than an actual helicopter. I mean really who has one of those?!" She adopts her finest, geekiest voice. "That is so cool."

'Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy's eyes shine when Setsuna joins in the singing and she grins. MORE GEEKS YES! And then she blushes at being called adorable. "Ah um... mm... Gretchen. That one's Gretchen."

    She looks to Setsuna. "You um. You don't have to. That's
gotta be an expensive waste of fuel and carbon emissions, and stuff..." As cool as helicopter is...

    She doesn't recognize the theme song. "Ooh, I like synthwave!" You have successful found a reference Amy doesn't know!

    And then.

And then.

Bookstore is mentioned. And Amy's eyes go wide with wonder. "There's a bookstore like that around here?! How have I not heard of this?! You gotta tell me where!" No job means she can go there after school one day, or on a weekend, and just spend from afternoon until closing time finding neat books (and maybe reading a little.) Oh, she hasn't gotten to do that in so long!

    A sorcerer? "[Yeah, they're doin' 5E. It's what people know--]" and then her mouth hangs open. "[Oh my god you know RIFTS. D-dang, I've never talked to anybody who would actually want to play a Juicer, and not even a Dragon Juicer. So, Julian Amici meets Jazz Jackrabbit, huh?]" She smiles, then taps her chin. "[Or would it be, meets Usagi Yojimbo?]"

    "[Honestly, I don't remember the South American Glitter Boy, I only remember reading about the German and Japanese ones... and space ones. I don't actually like most of the RIFTS mecha compared to like, anime stuff? But, I looked over the books after I joined the RPG club and I gotta say, I actually like the Delilah. I always skipped it when looking at the book before 'cuz, y'know... it's the 'for
option in a 90's RPG, so...]" She makes air quotes with her fingers as she talks. "[I figured it'd be like the Glitter Girl, you know?]" Amy taps her chin. "[Although I gotta say, lately missiles have grown on me so I might rather go with the Super Max or somethin'...]"

    The geekiness just keeps going. "[Oh, but if we did do a game we gotta do Savage instead of Classic... have you seen it yet? D'you think you could sell the club on a Savage RIFTS game? Although, I dunno if I'd have time to run it myself with all the... uh...]" Amy glances at Rashmi, who openly mentioned her dancing with the Chara in front of Molly, and then back to Molly curiously, "[...magic... stuff... y'know?]"

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Aaaaaand Rashmi's job is complete. Friend, meet friend, be friends. And while she's gotten better in her English, it's still a second language to her, and words flying that fast and dense can't help but make her eyes glaze over, just a little. But the point is, Amy isn't retreating into her shell of nervousness, and between getting to be a nerd at a fellow nerd, and getting to dance with Gretchen, will *proooobably* forget how nervous she'sprobably convinced herself she's supposed to be, by the time Hannah gets here!

If Rashmi were to ever use her true powers for evil, the world would be a hellscape.

"I'd be glad to show you where it is, Amy-chan," Rashmi chuckles. "Both of you, honestly, and you can thank Setsuchan's roommate for showing *me* where it is. It's... I mean I'm *pretty sure* it's not magic, but it'd be hard to tell by how easy it is to get lost."

Fair's fair, if she's gonna pose Setsuna's cosplay, she's gotta own her own bookstore silliness.

"Also Setsuchan is an *insanely* good cosplayer, you should have seen the Halloween costumes she made for Chrono and I. ...Um. Nora and Lie Ren, from RWBY."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Nurse Meiou nods to Rashmi, "Well I dressed as Pyrrha, so I felt it would be nice to share."

She then giggles at Molly and Amy, "Well, then...let me know sometime and I'll take you girls on a flight. I need to put in a certain amount of hours per month to keep my certifications up, anyhow...so it won't be an imposition."

Sadly, much of the RPG discussion goes over her head as well...though the language barrier doesn't bother her as it does Rashmi.

TTRPGs are kind of hard to play when one is stuck by themselves for long periods, after all.

Mention of the bookstore again makes the taller woman put on a mock pouty face for a moment, "Honestly, I'm still a bit put out that Michiru knew about that place and never told me. I had to find out about it from Rashmi-chan here."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy looks between them. "Oh man, RWBY, I haven't thought about that in awhile... How did I miss you on Halloween..." Halloween! At the time, the player thought the cultural fesival, and Sailor Eclipse stuff, was Halloween and so didn't actually plan anything for Halloween despite that it really should have been a big day and a huge deal to Amy! Uhh... plot hole!

    "I love Halloween! I uh, always wanted to do cosplay... I'd love to do it more!" Amy beams and looks up at Setsuna. "If you ever need a cosplay buddy, let me know! As long as it's a character I can get into the head of, y'know? Like, what's the point if you're not also acting the part a little, right?"

    Amy blinks. "Wait did you say I could fly in a helicopter?!" She clasps her hands under her chin and actually squees. Relatively quietly, but still!

    She found out about an awesome bookstore, met a geek probably magic-aware buddy and a cosplay buddy and she'll probably get to ride in a helicopter sometime and she still gets to dance and spend time with Hannah in a little while! This might actually be the best day ever!

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Rashmi looks to Setsuna, chuckling quietly. Well, despite a brief interruption in good vibes, the prom seems to have started off *exceedingly* well, and for her own part Rashmi is looking forward to see what happens with the closing gaps in her friend circles. Also it's barely an hour into the dance so far, but for Rashmi it is a *complete success.*

One can only hope the pattern holds, and that *everyone* in attendance comes away with a grand night to remember.

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
* * * Some time ago * * *

Miya, in her orange overalls, is shown fixing someone's washing machine in their house. It's likely the concerned housewife looking on.

"If I work hard..."

Cut. Miya's leg stick out of a car hood, while muffled noises of metal being operated can be heard coming from the inside.

"...If I work really hard..."

Cut. Miya is holding onto a running chainsaw, with all due safety measures: helmet, plastic visor, hearing protection, the works. She identifies thick branch, and starts going at it.

"...If I don't give up..."

Miya is painting a wall with a long roll, white splotches getting all over her overalls, and the impromptu hat made of a folded newspaper.

"...I can make it!"

Deck scrubber in hand, she dips it into a bucket, and pulls it out covered in suds, and while inside what must be an abandoned building whose walls are covered in disgusting goop and gunk, she scrubs away at the walls, nose dutifully plugged by an industrial-grade clothespin.

"...I too,..."

Knee deep in muddy water inside a long abandoned pool, holding onto a stick, she pulls hard, revealing she was holding a net-on-a-stick, now containing a bunch of weeds that were conceivably clogging the drain, given how, after the sloshing, dripping noise of pulling them out of the water, the dirty liquid starts flowing, its level falling, she takes one step backwards, slips, and falls into the disgusting liquid.

She emerges, clearly displeased. She sputters, but annoyance and disgust quickly give way to determination. She clenches her fist, and declares,

"...I too can..."

* * * Tonight, before the start of the prom * * *

The Miya in the mirror looks like at the original one, as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

Hair professionally done (likely a reasonably priced choice, but still professional), white/silvery rental dress that has some sparkle to it, nice shoes, and something looking like actual jewellery if one doesn't look too closely.

"...okay Miya. You worked hard, you have worked really hard. You haven't given up, you have made it, and you too could rent something nice for the prom. Tonight, everyone gets to be a prince or a princess, even you!" She inhales, and pointing at her reflection, she begins giving her mirror image a pep talk. "You made it so far. Good job! And now, now I'll tell you what you're going to do next: you are going to go out there, and not mess this up." She points at the door that leads out of the quiet area. "Once you'll get part 1 done, part 2 is going to be a piece of cake."

That said, she proceeds towards the door, and navigates towards the main area of the prom, to check who might or might not be there.

The prom started, and Bow even gave her an explicit mention! The acknowledgement made her blush, look down, and fidget with her fingers, as if she wasn't used to this sort of attention. She bowed in gratitude, but otherwise did not say much.

And now, she is on the floor, ready to mingle, where by 'ready to mingle' we, of course, mean standing in a corner awkwardly and mostly watching people.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Even if Utau has already finished singing, itt is still a while until Coco's own turn, the guest band still going strong at it until it will be time, so the mermaid is walking around, tasting the food other students had prepared and chatting here and there with friends, until she spots Miya with her silver dress in the corner and starts approaching her friend.

"Miya!", Coco exclaims once she is close, having to make herself heard over Kessuko Band's music. "How have you been? I am so happy to see you again!"

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Having gone to grab drinks for himself and Coco, Yuuto is making his way back over to the mermaid, the young man dressed in a yellow and black tuxedo that clearly marks him as the matching set for Coco - even without the small ship's wheel on his vest, a little piece of costume jewelry that is a cheeky wink to having been taking in by the princess.

As he arrives, he grins. "I didn't know what you'd want, Coco, but the juice is not carbonated, and the petit fours are ooooh so good, and I got some candied fruit as well!" Offering her her little plate and plastic champagne flute, he has his own as he smiles warmly at Miya! "Hello!" he greets, assuming that Coco will make introductions.

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
"Coco! Hi! It's been a while indeed!", Miya beams at her friend decked in bejeweled (and be...pearled?) gold. One thing is for sure -- our little Miss Sakamoto an expert at yelling at the right volume over noisy backgrounds. See: chainsaws.

"It's been a busy period, but I wouldn't have missed the prom!" She waits for a couple of people to pass by, before continuing, "It's so nice to see you here! How are things?" -- And that is just before Yuuto arrives. She'll look between Coco and Yuuto, waiting, of course, for the introductions, and if they are done, she'll reply with a "Hello" of her own.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Thank you, Yuuto", Coco reaches over to kiss his cheek when significant other brings her both drink and food. "You are always so considerate." She then takes the chalice he brought before eating one of the petit fours. "These are delicious, Bow really did a great job with picking the chefs."

"I am glad things relented enough to let you attend", Coco smiles at her friend, then she puts her arm around Yuuto's and brings him close to her. "This is Yuuto, my fiancé, he goes to this school too, and is not a merman", she clarifies, just in case Miya would think that he came from from Coco's kingdom. She then turns to Yuuto and does the other introduction. "This is Miya, a dear friend of mine I made here, and as you can already tell, she knows of my true identity."

Introductions done, she starts answering Miya's question. "I am doing well, we recently had to do an incursion into Gaito's castle to stop a curse he had inflicted on Sailor Moon and we did it, albeit with unexpected help. I also met with Noel, who said Caren had snuck in there at the same time as us and freed her, so now all of us princesses are out of Gaito's grasp. And unrelated to that, I won't dissolve into seafoam anymore if I tell someone I am a mermaid."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
There's a blush when Coco introduces him as her fiance, and Yuuto grins. "That's the plan at least, for now, I've only promised to be hers." he lightly explains as he accepts the kiss on the cheek as he hears the name. "Miya... Miya? The same one mentioned that helped set all this up? If so, you did an amazing job!" he offers warmly.

"If not... well, you look great in that dress!" That makes for a nice cover as he sips from his punch, taking a moment to stop feeling so lovingly flustered at the idea of being Coco's intended.

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
The extreme surprise of the whole conversation leaves Miya shocked, and it can be easily told by two facts: one, her curled hands are barely loose enough to hold up the flute one normally holds up at these events. And they loosen further, the kind of loss of grip that causes glasses to slip, slide, shatter on the ground in a million pieces, likely in slow motion.

Two, she isn't even holding a glass in the first place. That's some shock, but also some relief. This is no place nor time to be shattering glasses.

It is the last revelation that seems to lift a weight from Miya's chest. "Oh, *phew*! I was... you know, afraid that..." She scratches the back of her head and blushes at Yuuto's compliments. "W-why, t-thanks! But it was a collective work of the shop club and the volunteers, I just happened to, you know, w-work here a lot and...", she stutters. Feeling flustered: it's contagious! Pleased to make your acquaintance, Yuuto! So, you study here as well? And... well... you know about the... not exactly 'natural' things going on, I deduce." After a short pause, she adds, "...pretty much like I do know about Coco's... nature?" She turns to Coco again. "And... wow. Wasn't that... like... -extremely- dangerous?"

"SOOOO, Fiancé, huh?!", Miya asks, to add a lighter note to the conversation. "That's great, Coco and Yuuto! Congratulations! I knew nothing of this! When did the engagement happen?"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"The odds of there ever being another are the same as the odds of the band up there being secretly Youmas", Coco smiles brightly at Yuuto to give him some confidence. "About that, Miya", Coco turns back to the other girl, giving her the attention. "How has been working here? I hope everything was alright", Coco asks, more focused on Miya not having had a stressful experience due to them skimping out on costs. They were her funds, and she would be very crossed about her friends having had a hard time due to their misuse.

But then she turns to more positive aspects of the experience and she asks with a more relaxed smile on her face "Was it fun, working with everyone on making the Prom a reality?" When Miya inquires about the danger of invading Gaito's castle, Coco nods, a tone that would be more aptly called relaxed compared to her cheerful one from earlier. "Yes, it was, but we couldn't just let him send Sailor Moon nightmares over and over. And in the end, we are actually fine", Coco gives Miya a smile, both as appreciation of her concern and a way to reassure her.

She does beam excitedly to Miya when she congratulates the two of them over their engagement. "It happened in two halves: I proposed to him first on Valentine's Day, then on White Day, Yuuto proposed back!"

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"I'm glad we were able to get the other princesses freed." Yuuto comments as he sets his drink on the tray of a passing server so that he may rest his hand at the small of Coco's back, a slight touch to thank her for her sweet words. There's an arch of his brow as Coco worries about the costs and if Miya was treated okay, but that may be a fair thing to ask. He's not sure.

"Anyway, yes, I go to school here. I'm in grade 10 and on the track and field team, I run cross country." he explains. "Coco's been out to cheer for me at a few events and even joined the cheer team. She's really cute in her uniform." Another blush at that, before he chuckles a little nervously at the congratulations.

"We still need to graduate and figure out what we're doing next. I mean, Coco has her whole kingdom to run. I want to make sure I can be a productive member of it - not just sitting around and being a burden to her and her people." he admits. "But thank you."

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
"Oh, things at school have been great, during preparation!", Miya is quick to reply. "Great help, great materials!" She sounds genuinely excited about the work, which should hopefully reassure Coco. "I mean, just look at the result! Couldn't have been done without what the school provided." She shakes her head. "I also had other things to do. Apart from school, and, well, you know, the whole magical life thing..." she says, gesturing vaguely in the general direction of Coco and Yuuto. She doesn't know how much Yuuto knows, or how much he's supposed to know, but he knows about -some- things already, since Coco already spoke onpenly in front of him, so at least saying this much is safe, she assumes.

"...I also had to get, well, -myself- ready for prom." Aka, all those part time jobs she took to afford her rentals. But she doesn't bring those up. "Of course, that meant sacrificing social life a bit, but- hm. I never realized that life would be so busy! Some day or other I'll have to go speak with a consellour and ask for tips on time management... I mean, if I weren't so busy trying to figure out how to princess for the prom, I could have reached out to you and asked tips on how to princess properly. You're a pro in this field!"

Miya goes d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw at the story of how Coco and Yuuto got together. "That's so romantic. Especially the part about the double proposal! I'll have to ask you two for tips when the time for romance comes." She laughs and scratches the back of her head again. "But one thing at a time! Gotta figure out the whole 'friendship' thing first!"

"I'm only in grade 9 so far," she admits. "I'm sure you'll make a great prince! I don't know much about princing, but if Coco asked you out first, I'm sure- well, I'm sure she -knew- what she was doing. There are many words that can be used to describe Coco, and 'naive' is not one of them."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"You won't be a burden Yuuto", Coco moves her hand to squeeze his as reassurance. "Most of it is boring paperwork anyway, and the only thing that really matters is pushing back the occasional water demon assault, and you are a pro at already." He did push Devario back all on his own.

"I had to push for a temporary arrangement", Coco starts explaining to Miya when her cheerleading is brought up, since I haven't been in the club since the start, so I skipped a lot of their training, and even that temporary arrangement required I really showed what I was worth." Good thing that coreographies was already a thing she was used to as a singer.

"I am glad to hear things have been going so well", Coco's eyes glint with relief and satisfaction once she knows what Miya's experience over preparing the prom was like. "I would love helping you with fashion if another occasion arises, so don't hesitate in reaching out to me", the yellow mermaid confirms to her friend. "Though, you did good, you know? You look great", she gives Miya a compliment. "And romance too, of course!", she exclaims after a second. "I will do my best on that front too if you really want it."

One last smile of appreciation to Miya for backing her up with Yuuto, and then Coco says "It's almost my turn with the songs, so I have to go prepare. Next time you see me, I will be up there! It has been awesome talking with you, Miya. Let's meet again soon!", she starts walking away, cheerfully waving to Miya and walking with Yuuto at her side, an arm still around his.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Coco goes through -- well everything, Yuuto is more than happy to be the supportive boyfriend. "Paperwork, my parents will be so pleased." he admits with just a small hint of amused sarcasm - they always wanted him to have an office job, and Prince might be just that! At least that's how he'll sell it.

"Good luck in the love search, be it whatever you find that you want in your heart. Turns out that mine is a mermaid." A wink at Coco before she admits it's about her time to go on stage.

It doesn't help that Bow is nearby pointing at his watch and making gestures towards the stage and a shrug?

Guided away, Yuuto gives a wave. "It was nice meeting you, Miya-chan!" he calls out to his new friend as he falls into step next to Coco.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka Kaname shows up nearly an hour late. She had to get out of henshin, get into her black-with-pink-ribbons prom dress, redo her hair into a single fluffy pink high ponytail tied with a thick black ribbon, and then actually appear. Sio is tired and currently napping on her shoulder, and Madoka's steps are especially gentle so that the tiny fairy can sleep without much disturbance. This gives her a slightly more graceful air than she'd otherwise normally have.

    Brai, Medo and Lydian are giggling while tossing petite-fours and onigiri bites into each other's mouths. Gretchen is still taking a break for the moment, probably hiding in one of the cool off rooms, possibly within her small Labyrinth.

    After deciding that her dream fairies aren't causing too much trouble, Madoka starts looking for a friend. When she finds Coco, she smiles brightly and walks up to the mermaid princess. "Hey, Coco! I hope I didn't miss your song." She glances over to Yuuto with a smile and says, "Oh, hi! I'm not sure we've ever been formally introduced? I'm Madoka Kaname. Coco's been a good friend of mine for a while now."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Hello, Madoka!" Coco cheerfully greets the pinkette, waving at her with the arm that isn't locked with Yuuto's. "That dress is so cute, it fits you so well!", she says, quick to observe Madoka's good taste for the prom. "I have seen Gretchen around here, I am glad she has been feeling much better!"

Then she turns to Yuuto. "This is my fiancé, Yuuto. Yuuto, this is Madoka, another dear friend of mine. She is very reliable, kind and trustworthy."

"You didn't miss my songs at all, I am about to head there, I really hope you are going to like them!", she replies, listening to Madoka replying before having to head towards the stage.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Coco is totally working on getting Yuuto used to the idea of her introduction of him. He'll get there - he's just still back in the promise stage. "Hello, Madoka-sama." he offers in way of his own greetings. "I'm Shirashi Yuuto, about to go into grade 10, and on the track and field team. It is nice to meet more of Coco's friends." he offers politely, a smile offered warmly, in nervously.

"She hasn't started her set yet, but will be soon!" he agrees with Coco, a light squeeze of her arm. And then, the pair of them off again so Yuuto can escort her to the stage before going to find a place in the crowd nearby to watch the show.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "Fiancé?" asks Madoka, looking at Yuuto in a now slightly different light. "Oh wow. I didn't know you were so tightly linked to someone already. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You've always been so kind and pretty." She says this without the slightest guile or anything. It's just a simple and honest truth that Coco's always been nice to her, and of course a musical performer would know how to dress.

    When she's referred to as 'Madoka-sama' she gets a little bit nervous because it reminds her of 'Kami-sama', and then she feels guilty because Gretchen would get upset by that thought. Instead of voicing either she simply says, "Madoka-chan or, if you prefer, Madoka-san is fine." Yes, she is the kind of person who uses '-chan' really quickly.

    As the two of them head off, Madoka smiles and waves, "I'll be listening! Good luck! Break a leg!"

Bow has posed:
As Utau has finished her performance and Kessoku Band has done their set along with a couple of slow dances, the DJ has been handling things, playing a mix of slow and upbeat songs to keep the flow of the evening going. Finally, though, Bow gets his cue that the next performer is ready and comes up the stairs, and that the second hour of the prom is officially ready to kick off!

His tuxedo jacket is unbuttoned, and now that it's opened, one can easily see the well-formed abs between his sternum and hips. Taking up the microphone, there'a grin to the crowd. "I hope everyone is having fun!" he calls out, waiting a few moments, before he continues. "And for future refrence, judo club is taking applications, if you want to show off your skills there! Signups will be available of the first day of the new semester!"

"So our next act had some issues... so for the next hour, I will be treating you all to an EPIC ELECTRIC VIOLIN Concerto! Taking up his violin, he draws back his bow... and for those from Etheria, they may recognize the first notes (with horror) of Friends with Friends!

"Oh, when the seas are rough and dire...
We turn to friends and we conspire,
To relight the sacred fire of rebellion."

Then Bow stops and waves his bow at the group. "Aaaah, I gotcha!" He probably got noone, really, but a little self-conscious laugh before he continues. "Alright, for our real next act!"

"She looks like a little ray of sunshine on the surface of the ocean, her melodies I'm told are treasures, may I present the delights of the South Pacific's own Princess! The one and only..."


Coco Kiumi has posed:
Now that it's her turn, Coco starts walking up the stairs, wearing an off-shoulder sleeveless dress with an asymmetrical V-neckline, her usual shell locket dangling from her neck. The dress held up by spaghetti straps and featuring two layers of fabric, one orange below and one yellow and transparent above, ornaments of brown pearls and white stars resting atop the latter, a slit on the dress showing her left leg as she walks, pale yellow pumps at her feets. On top of her head a golden crown rests, gores filled by golden spheres resting atop a circular frame decorated with a similar treatment, a golden frame resting atop the gores. Two beaded yellow bracelets are on her right wrist, while her left upper arm presents a single orange bracelet connected by a yellow pearl.

"Good evening, everyone, I hope your night has been Radiant so far, and thanks to Bow for the warm introduction. It's truly a joy to be here tonight, and to have seen this Prom blossom so greatly with everyone's help. Without further delay, I'd love to share a piece of my heart with you through song."

If a rainbow-colored morning were to come, then we would open a map made of lights
You can hear it too, right?
You know...this planet's melody

The rhythm of the clock is sometimes faster
Than my heartbeat, rushing and taking deep breaths.
When I get lost in the future,
I want to believe in my calm, honest self...

Say "good morning!" and reset yourself, listening closely to your heart
I'm sure that you'll remember what you forgot.

Seven lights reacted to the rainbow prism
If you live then, surely, you know of love.
Whether it's that coral reef of one summer, or all the birds on the cape...
I love them!!
Everyone surely knows this planet's...
You know, this soundless melody.

In a moment of goodbye, wave your hand in a dream-like state
Because they're someone you love, you can't stand to part with them.
Just unravel that skirt and chase after them.
That way, you won't forget the bond that connects the two of you.
The first time we parted, my tears would not stop,
And I was always searching for...the sky's rainbow.

Those who become happy will always believe in happiness.
Through tears, and surely smiles, you will still have your friends.

I always love your voice, it's not just a special yell.
Isn't that right?!
Surely this kindness is, too...
You know, this planet's melody.

After I change my clothes, I'll come and meet you.
This world, overflowing with hope and love, is a wonderland.

Seven lights reacted to the rainbow prism
If you live then, surely, you know of love.
Whether it's that coral reef of one summer, or all the birds on the cape...
I love them!!
Everyone surely is this planet's...you know, the gifts of this planet.
If a rainbow-colored morning were to come, then we would open a map made of lights
Always keep the feelings that are born and vanish everyday important to you.

After I change my clothes, I'll come and meet you.
This world, overflowing with hope and love, is a wonderland.


Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
After escorting Coco to the stage, and clad in his yellow and black suit tux, Yuuto makes his way to where he can focus on center stage and hopeully catch his promised girl's eye! How does he plan to do that? Reaching into his jacket pockets to pull out a pair of items - he illuminates a pair of yellow light sticks...

And he starts to bounce to the music, waving the light sticks in an idol motion, up and down as he's supportive of his girlfriend! And occassionally cheering, when appropriate!

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka looks up at the stage with concern as Bow suddenly says that there's an issue with the next act. Did something happen to Coco?! She was just right here!

    Oh. Oh it was a joke. Nevermind. She laughs a little politely as her anxiety fades. Sio is slightly disturbed in her slumber, but she flips over and continues her shoulder nap.

    As Coco starts singing, Madoka slow steps from side to side, swinging her arms back and forth moving more to the rhythm rather than doing anything particularly fancy. She's dancing alone at the moment, but she is dancing and having a good time with it.

    Eventually; Brai, Medo and Lydian fly over to Madoka and start doing their hand-holding spin above her head. Almost as if the three of them made a halo for her.

    Sio eventually wakes up and sits on Madoka's shoulder, slowly taking in the fact that they are now at the Princes and Princesses Prom.

Zoisite has posed:
Having arrived sometime before the performance began, Zoisite did not make any particular show of his fashionably late appearance at the prom. He's not here as a prince (or a princess), though the brocade of his tuxedo jacket is quite distinguished, the gold embossed thread shining against the black silk. His shoes are shined, his slim-fit trousers are pressed, and his hair is, of course, perfect as always.

For now he's drinking some sort of sparkling juice out of a champagne flute as he unashamedly people-watches from the outskirts. As of right now he has no one to accompany him, which means no one to subject his opinions on of the venue, the decorations, the food, or the many outfits that pass him by.

Which is probably for the best. Because Zoisite has Opinions, and that discussion would last the whole night.

He looks up as the emcee Bow takes the stage again, and welcomes on the next performer. A polite amount of clapping happens, his drink carefully clutched still between two fingers, and then Zoisite returns to sipping from it leisurely as his green gaze passes across the crowd.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Just as Coco's song starts, Hannah Steiner arrives fashionably (and nobly) late! The Countess-Palatine has glamoured herself up, in a single sleeved dress with gloves, her dress a sea of reds with a ruffle or two for added effect, and a waist-ribbon tied off where she's kept her Device for whenever it's needed. The color of red might be familiar to anyone who's seen one Amy Faust, and the young woman has her blonde hair put up in a bun, with a symbol of a Blue Fist tucked into it. She walks on her similarly red heels with ease, as one arm is occupied with a girl at her arms! Well, technically two. Certified Good Girl, Lyra is here, and in her other arm? Her dear teuful, Takumi Yoru!

"Ahhhh, the smell of socialization und...acht, is that Frau Coco singing? Lovely!" Comes the young woman with a grin!

"Lyra! I shan't live down the night without engel und teuful on mein shoulders before unleashing their twin beauties upon this ball! BRINGEN!" Comes Hannah firmly, with a laugh, as she leeeans on Takumi affectionately as Lyra goes to snag Amy!

Hanno Dress: Dress

Takumi Yoru has posed:
Takumi normally would never go to something like this. She has a reputation as a total delinquent to keep, afterall. A skater girl with eager fists and the well-known 'secret' of a Yakuza family, this is far from her normal vibe. But, then there's Hannah. Amy, too, but in a different way. The white-haired troublemaker is dressed for the event, in a sleek, slender black tuxedo with a white bow-tie that matches her short hair. No attempt is made to cover up the tattoo between her thumb and forefinger, which is the kanji for Love and Death intertwined. Her usual beret is nowhere to be seen, and she's even made an attempt to brush her usually stylishly unkempt hair.

Normally Takumi is quite a bit shorter then her girlfriend, Hannah, but Hannah sporting those heels makes the height difference even more absurd. She glances up at her and smirks a bit. "...You had to go with the heels."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai has retreated back to the food tables for the time being while occasionally glancing down to the time on her phone. It's not that she's in a hurry but she was waiting for someone. Someone(s) really, as she was also expecting the late arrival of her cousin and the entourage that would no doubt accompany her.

Though she lingers near where she's most comfortable in sight of the sweets, she's no longer wearing the frock apron that she'd put on over her dress before. The 'work' portion of her evening was done, the treats she'd helped supply set out, and she was just wearing the short dark blue dress while toying with a little tiara she hadn't quite had the courage to put on. It felt a little silly somehow.

When Coco starts u p singing her head lifts from the screen of her phone, and the tiara twirled between her fingers, to smile at the music coming forth. She'd heard this voice numerous times on the battlefield after all.

Kureha Senkenzan has posed:
    Anyone present who has met Kureha Senkenzan outside of school has probably seen her clad in some manner of kimono... but no one has seen her quite like this. Off to one side, a familiar head of black hair, a familiar pair of crimson eyes, is currently resting atop a multi-layered kimono far more formal, far mor expensive than anything the young heiress would ever wear in public normally. But this is not a normal occasion; this is a big school function, an opportunity for Hozan Chikafuji to show off his wealth and power vicariously in a social situation. And so, his daughter must have the best of the best.


    And so, Kureha Senkenzan stands, trying her level best not to stand out, which is probably a futile task. So mostly, she just grips the ornate folding fan she's brought with her, and just hopes that her overwrought, expensive kimono doesn't make her a laughingstock.

    At least Coco's singing is nice. And at least she was able to convince Yozakura that having her attendant follow her around in a school prom would be intensely awkward. That one was not an easy debate, but it was worth it.

Amanda Faust has posed:
(Minor retcon: Amy must have passed her phone bag to Setsuna or something before dancing with Gretchen really got started.)

    After talking with Molly and Setsuna and Rashmi, Lyra rushes up to Amy, and she excuses herself with a smile and hurries to Hannah's side, "Hannah!" hugging her and then slipping her arm into Hannah's opposite Takumi with a smile. She looks over Takumi and nods to her too, continuing to smile, "Good to see you, too!"

Prom desc:
    Amy brushed her hair thoroughly until it no longer looks like Anime Character Bedhead. She's tried to approximate the style from last time without the wavyness or the bun; Sidelocks and what would cover her ears are drawn back over the rest of her hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie.
As for her dress... It's a pale yellow straw color of silky material, and now that she's at Hannah's side it's obvious that she and Hannah picked their dress colors to match eachother's hair.
The dress is sleeveless but with a short extra layer of fabric of different material draped from the top of the dress, over her shoulders and the below-the-shoulder neckline. A ring of pearls (faux? Maybe not, knowing Hannah) runs around the bottom of the bodice, a little below the waist, and below it a hi-lo skirt flares out, knee-length in front and calf-length in back. She's got matching formal gloves that come partway up her forearm and formal flats she doesn't remember the name of, she'd almost call them slippers. No way is she ready to try dancing in heels...is she?
(Dress reference: Dress but pale yellow.)

    Takumi calls attention to Hannah's footwear and Amy glances down. "How... hard are they to walk in?" she asks, quietly. She certainly doesn't mind Hannah being taller, though!

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi had just a moment of panic and was already heading towards the door to check on Coco when Bow's joke was revealed...

Only to go red and return to her date soon after, giving a sheepish, apologetic grin to her.

But when Coco started to sing, she lifted her hands into the air. "Woo!" she called out. "Best singer ever!" she yelled, cheering her best friend on! Even jumping up and own, pumping a fist into the air.

Okay, obnoxiously loud. But you know what? Fangirl gonna fangirl, yo. She even sang along for it a little bit...

... She... she was not a good singer. So, fortunately, she didn't do it for long.

Bow has posed:
And once Coco is singing, Bow is exiting the stage again, off to mingle, assist, help with whatever he needs to help with. His shirt and jacket sleeves are both rolled up as he wanders the crowd, snagging a petit four and a grin at Chiyo as he passe by. "Gotta keep my energy up!" he offers cheerfully, before making his way about.

"Zoisite!" he greets the shittenou as he spies him and makes his way over. "I'm glad you could make it! I saw Ami around earlier, but I think she bolted when there was a spotlight dance, and I haven't seen her since." he admits with a hint of worry. "I hope she's okay." Once he's done sharing that information, "I need to mingle some more, but catch me if you need anything!"

With that, having spied a certain pinkette that he has made it a mission to meet her tonight if he had the chance, and now, that chance has arrived. Winding his way around some dancers with a few dance moves of his own, he buttons a couple of buttons on his jacket - there's still always going to be some ab showing.

Finally, he makes his way to Madoka. "Hi." he greets. "I don't know if you remember me, but Sayaka described you to me. I'm her boyfriend, Bow. Or Luke. It's nice to meet you." A hand is offered to her. He's still wearing that 'Feel Free to Ask Me to Dance' button.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
While she is singing, Coco's eyes do pass over Yuuto's, and she briefly winks in his direction, before going back to focus on the larger environment. That is, until Cho does her own encouragement and Coco smiles widely at the best roommate she could have ever asked for. But then her first song ends and she has to introduce the second one.

"This one slightly plays off a story from my country. I hope it's something you will enjoy whether you know of it or not!" she exclaims, leading into it without a second's hesitation.

underneath dawn's veil.
The lovers' candle goes out,
and then they share their first kiss.

At the hidden cape,
the two of them
lay down together.
Just a couple words,
bring their happiness.
They'll always be together.
"You are what I
am living for now.
I've never said this before.
Thank you, for everything
that we share.
I've never felt this way before."

This world is filled with the
miracle known as love.
Though we can't see it,
We know that it,
fills our hearts.

Their hidden cape,
is where they lay
down together.
Listening to the wind,
they'll always be together.

"You know...I've never said it...
but thank you for everything.
You know...I've decided to
continue forward with you."

"You know...half of this world
is filled with an
miracle called 'love'."

"You are what I
am living for now.
I've never said this before.
Thank you, for everything
that we share.
I've never felt this way before."

This world is filled with the
miracle known as love.
Though we can't see it,
we know that it,
fills our hearts.


Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Cho starts to cry out, Yuuto looks over at Cho and gives a wave over to Coco's roomie! He was just about to wave her over to join him, but seeing as she has a date, he won't be doing that. Instead, his attention is back to the stage.

Just in time to catch Coco winking at him. He feels the heat in his cheeks again, realizing this is the first time he's actually seen her in concert, and getting the feels both as her boyfriend and as her fan. More vigorous bouncing and waving of light sticks occur as the teenager is just enjoying the ambiance - and the delivery of her world, via song, through his ears and into his heart and leaving him wanton to learn more.

And eventually be a part of it.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
There's this laugh that, well, she'd never let out an ojou-laugh. It's not very Belkan after all! But she is smirking right back, lifting her chin, and makes sure to have those heels /clack/ just for emphasis.

"Mein great great great great grandfather is quoted as saying, 'if you have it, claim it, und make it all the better!'. Besides, so much harder to be looked down upon when people are looking up at you!" Comes Hannah, before suddenly!!!!

Incoming Amy! That hug is met with a sigh of pure bliss! For a moment, the world is three, and that world is /perfect/! A squeeeeze full of affection!

"There we are! Now this is a prom! Surrounded by the two most beautiful girls in all of Radiant Heart Academy, engels of the depths und the endless expanse of the Cradle beyond! I should faint, but it is a little too early in the night for anyone to have to resort to cpr!" Smiiiile!

"Enjoying the night, Amy-chan? I had to..." Her sightless gaze is burning lovingly towards Takumi for the moment, with mischief!

Then, she's chuckling this time, ears actually briefly blushing.

"...Let us just say mein parents made me take /lessons/. Once you have fenced in them against someone far better at fencing than you are, walking in heels is a breeze. The sprained ankles were worth it." Comes the young woman to the pair.

Lyra, meanwhile, has decided to find some Good Girl space to let her owner and her girlfriends to enjoy themselves. All the while sitting soooo good. A couple feet away from the table with food and refreshments. Just. Lazer focused!!!! Except where Lyra's tail has started to sway to Coco's song, much like a very fluffy and bap'y metronome!

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka is happily dancing around her Chara (minus Gretchen) when Bow shows up. With a smile, she says, "I know you, Bow. Though you might not recognize me since we rarely meet casually. My magical career has kinda put a damper on my social life."

    As she side steps to the music, she shifts to taking Bow's offered hand. Silent offer silently accepted. She sways back and forth slowly to Coco's song, but her exact movement will probably shift to follow Bow's lead. That is, if he actually takes it.

    "This is a pretty nice setup. I'm kind of impressed that everything came out this nice. I know Usagi was really excited about the decorations."

    Lydian chimes in and says, "The food's been really nice, too! Gretchen ate until she was full."

    Madoka's eyes go wide. "Gretchen can get full?"

Bow has posed:
"I can imagine!" Bow responds when Madoka mentions that her magical career has put the kibash on her social life. "Hopefully, you'll find the time for yourself as often as you give yourself for others." he suggests lightly, perhaps knowing a little about that himself.

It takes him exactly five seconds for him to realize that when Madoka didn't actually shake but just took his hand that she was accepting the offer he's made all night. Adjusting to face Madoka directly, the slow sweetness of Coco's song allows him to slow his pace as his opposite hand moves to rest on Madoka's waist, keeping a polite distance between the pair.

At this dance? Bow is well versed, with years of court etiquette and practice with his best friend to fall back on.

Taking the first steps in a basic box waltz to feel out Madoka's skills, he responds to her comment as he does indeed, take initative and lead. "Everyone did a really great job. I'm not surprised Gretchen is full. She was trying to stuff herself on tiny cakes, but I finally got her to try some of the savory -- and more filling -- foods. Have you had a chance to try any of it yet?" comes his inquiry as he releases her side to give Madoka a small twirl and then pull her back to him as they continue to dance in their little area of the dance floor.

"If not, I can gladly take you over there after this dance - I need to prepare a to-go box to send to Adora anyway since she's not going to show from the looks of it." he admits with a soft frown. "Anyway, hopefully Sayaka will be here sooner or later. Not sure what's holding her up."

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto was hoping he wasn't -too- late to the prom. It had taken a bit of doing to get his suit ready. The catboy had actually had to go back to the shop he'd bought it from to ask for some assistance figuring out what the proper way to button it was. Nothing online had been of any help since the suit was apparently so old of a style that it pre-dated the internet, even. The shopkeep had helpfully reminded him that he needed a shirt to wear under the suit jacket, and had provided one. It was a pretty expensive shirt, but it looked -really- rad. Now Ikuto was racing to the academy as fast as he could, hopping across rooftops and hoping he wasn't drawing too many eyes in the process.

On arrival he dropped into an alley, straightened out his suit, and made his way towards the entrance to the academy grounds. These white shoes he'd picked up to match the suit were going to take some getting used to. Right away he could see some of the younger students staring. How could they not? It isn't every day that someone like Ikuto walks into prom wearing a suit like that.

And what a suit it was. White with pinstripes, double-breasted and tailored with a flair befitting the late 1980's. The shirt worn under the jacket was similarly dated, but clearly an expensive one with a design of gold chains over bright orange. In the spot where a certain kind of badge would normally be on a suit this flashy, Ikuto had put a pin adorned with a grinning cat face. No crime here, just mischief. This was a suit only for someone who had a lot of confidence in their looks, and surprisingly enough Ikuto looked pretty comfortable walking in looking like a man out of time. He'd taken care to make his hair look decent, and the white dress shoes he'd bought to match the suit clicked against stone as he headed towards the food tables.

When he saw Chiyo, his confident stride briefly faltered, but he approached despite his throat now feeling a bit more dry than usual. "You look amazing, Chiyo-chan. I'm sorry I couldn't make it here sooner." Yoru poked up from the suit's pocket, grinning. "Ikuto couldn't figure out how to button his suit properly, nya."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    The two most beautiful?! Amy's face makes an attempt at matching Hannah's dress as she looks away awkwardly, but she can't stop smiling. Enjoying the night, Hannah asks? Amy smiles up at her and nods! "Oh yeah! I was, uh... I was... a-anyway I danced with Gretchen and it was silly and fun and then Nurse Meiou told me about this incredible bookstore I gotta see sometime and it turns out she likes to cosplay and she and Rashmi and this new girl, Molly, are all into geeky stuff and games and anime and Setsuna has access to a helicopter she takes people up in rides in and I might get to go sometime and I think Molly might join the gaming club, she knows about RIFTS, nobody ever knows about RIFTS and um yeah... and then Lyra came and got me and now I'm here, with you!" She hugs Hannah again. "And Takumi!" She leans to peer around Hannah. "We really gotta get to know eachother better sometime."

    She looks between them, considering. "Are there any Belkan dances for three people?"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco does a small jump as her voice stops singing for the second time and she regards the audience once more. "My next song is about the perseverance of reaching out and overcoming hesitation, because we may all have had those moments when we needed to give ourselves a push."

Gliding on the waves like a white origami yacht,
leaving everything to the calming wind, where will I go? As I become closer from place to place...

Even though you're so close to me,
I can't touch your feelings for me.
I want to make you believe in the truth
between the two of us and confirm it for me.

I can open my treasure box for you with my key,
if you can become more tender.
Your impatient feelings will change into courage
and then I can tell you I'll love you forever.

With my cheek dyed with the morning glow,
I gave you both of my hands, just like that day.
No matter what bad rumors may be out there,
don't worry about them and you can be yourself.

Just take a deep breath and melt into the blue sky.
You'll be fine. If the two of us are together,
I'm sure you should be able to do it.

I'll give you a single key to my treasure box.
Even in the times we can't see each other,
my pearl-tinged magic will reach your heart
and glow strongly. Never forget that.
Lining up and counting
The five letters of "S-O-R-R-Y"
After crying, I won't hesitate anymore.

I can open my treasure box for you with my key,
if you can become more tender.
Your impatient feelings will change into courage
and then I can tell you I'll love you more and more.


Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Coco enters her third song, Yuuto's enthusiastic light boxing in slowing. Why? Because this song is much softer, sweeter, and meant to touch the heart. And it does, because he feels that with every word that she sings feels like she's telling him her feelings for him, and that it's her heart she's offering.

A little brush at his eyes, overcome with the emotion as he tries to get himself back into check. She's singing it for everyone, not just for him! Get it to together, Sentinel! A draw in of his breath, and to get him back in order. After all, her set will end soon, and that will be when he will get to tell her how he feels as they cross the dance floor!

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai was letting her gaze linger on the dancefloor between sweeping glances to see if anyone else she knew had shown up yet. Which was all well and good but she somehow manages to compeletly miss Ikuto until he is right. In front. Of her.

Her own face turns a particular shade of red at the sight of him that may have less to do about finding him handsome, and more about wondering how she got herself into this mess. "Ikuto! I was... it's okay," she assures quickly trying to gather her wits about her at the greeting. A little duck of her head comes with a murmer of, "Thank you," at his compliment. Her eyes lift again to look him over, catching sight of the tattle-tale Yoru with a chuckle. "Some clothes can be tricky. Especially... fancy... clothes." Swallowing hard she continues. "You look..." What was the word she wanted? "Striking."

A little glance down to the phone in hand comes as she quickly jots off a message, and then slips the phone away by just tucking it into the length of her long glove. It was hidden well that way and no one would be the wiser. "Just letting my cousin know I'm here," she explains. "What would you like to do first?"

TXT to Usagi: My date looks like Yakuza.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka actually didn't realize that it was a handshake. Her mind is in dance mode already and she's just happy that a friend is dancing with her. New friends are still friends! The hesitation is barely even noticed because she figures he's just taking a moment to find the beat before dancing.

    The basic box waltz was something that Madoka had actually learned how to do. It's only a few simple steps once you really get it. She's only a little bit unpracticed, because her originally intended dance partner isn't here and probably isn't coming at all, but she understands the idea enough to pick up on it.

    Nevermind the fact that the habit of jumping on top of lamp posts every night has a certain way of making one sure in her footing.

    "I actually just got here, really. Just in time to talk to Coco-chan before she went up stage. I hope Gretchen didn't eat too many of the sweets. She can get pretty hungry sometimes."

    As for Sayaka, Madoka shrugs. "I'm sure she's fine. She's been doing a lot better lately. If it was really bad, she'd probably be texting me for help or something."

    The fashion crimes of the Yacatza have gone unnoticed by the pinkette, for now, focused as she is on the music and a new friend.

Kureha Senkenzan has posed:
    Even if Kureha weren't dressed in an ostentatious kimono entirely out of sync with the kind of fashion everyone else is wearing, she'd be extremely hesitant to step out onto the dance floor. The fact she's there alone plays a significant part of that, of course, but there's also the fact she spent the first over-a-decade of her life pretty much incapable of dancing. So she's content to just continue holding her fan and hoping no one pays her much mind. But she might be slowly, cautiously, scooting her way towards the sweets.

Bow has posed:
Bow nods his head firmly. "She'd probably blow up your phone before mine." he admits to Madoka. "That's not a complaint, if it's something that the two of you are used to dealing with, I assume you'd be the first she called. You have the experience. She's been showing me bits and pieces of her world, when she can. I still don't understand it all, but I have no want to step away from it. Or her." he admits.

Though the elephant in the room is that he may have to some day. But that's a future Bow problem. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about how much that Gretchen has had, there's so much here, we're probably going to have to have a leftovers day for the student body on campus to finish it off!" he admits with a chuckle. "But I'm glad you could make it out tonight and I got the chance to meet you. At least when we're not just coming off a mission or in the middle of something."

Makoto Kino has posed:
The evening goes on in music and lights. Students mingle, chatting with their friends, dancing, enjoying the refreshments, or just playing wallflower. In the midst of the festivities, Makoto peeks out from a rear door, surveying the crowd for a moment. Then she ducks back into the hall, the door closing behind her.

A few minutes later, she emerges again, this time nudging the door fully open with one shoulder as she maneuvers her way in sideways.

Like most everyone else here, she's done up to the nines. Her long leaf-green gown with its column silhouette is perfectly tailored to lend an air of elegance to her tall frame; the bodice, with its high open neck showing a demure amount of collarbone, is intricately embroidered with leafy vines and wine-red roses, trimmed with a line of delicate stars picked out in pale gold thread that shimmers faintly in the ballroom lights. Matching stars edge the green shawl draped over her elbows. Even her hair has been tamed for the occasion, the brown curls caught up in an artful spill that looks effortless and probably took someone hours to achieve.

The fineness of her outfit may be somewhat incongruous, considering she's presently occupied with toting a large tray of petits fours toward the refreshments table to re-fill the offerings there.

"Pardon me," she says politely to Kureha as she moves past, careful not to knock the tray against the other girl's gorgeous kimono.

(Artwork by our own Mamoru!)

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto nods. "Thanks. I usually try to blend in, you know? Figured that tonight would be a good chance to let loose a bit for once."

He's clueless. Completely and utterly clueless to his suit making him look like a gangster in addition to looking more like something Chiyo's grandfather would have seen in his youth. To Ikuto it was simply a "cool" suit and any connection to organized crime was ignored in favor of feeling like ten billion yen while wearing it.

"Hm...I've never been to one of these events. I suppose there's dancing, or pictures. Or simply mingling with friends. I'd rather know what -you- want to do though, Chiyo-chan. This is a princess prom after all, and you having a good time is my priority tonight above all else. So...what does this princess desire?" he asks with a smile. Yoru didn't even have any witty remarks to make. He just looks up at Ikuto from the pocket, smiling a bit.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"You might have noticed that my songs have an obvious theme to them" Coco points out the obvious as her third song comes to an end, "and while my last song follows that pattern, it's also a song about the determination to stay true to yourself and your dreams, something that that definitely rings true in my heart, and I hope it's the same for everyone."

With a deeper feeling than love
I was born in the seven seas.
No matter how big the last wish is
I won't lose.

I cry a baby's first cry
And I notice a small star
The moment that's darkest
Is before dawn... You know that, right?
If we send
Stardust to the
Journey that goes far off
It will change into a shining guide.

A feeling stronger than love
Is making me move.
The blue of this sky and sea
Become one... It's a novel of the stars.
I want to believe in the strength
Of me staying as me.
It's all right. You're not mistaken.
The feelings aimed towards you are real.
Bless this starry night.

Because I love you the most,
You will become my greatest courage.
The stillness of the morning of setting out on a journey
Is the promise you made with yourself.

You remember, don't you?
In the ocean of memories
Even now, our warmth...
And smiles are sleeping.

I fight for the sake of my dream.
All the lives shine.
This sky and the sea are playing
A blue sound... The aria of the stars.
If I stay as myself,
Then nothing will break.
Even on the nights when I can't see the constellations,
I'm getting closer to you. The time is coming.
Just a moment in love.

By a feeling stronger than love
I was born in the seven seas.
No matter how big the "last wish" is
I won't give up.

I want to believe in the strength
Of me staying as me.
It's all right. You're not mistaken.
The feelings aimed towards you are real.
Just a moment in love.
Bless this starry night.
Bless, it's starting tonight.


Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "Well, we've been at this for a while, and we've gone on patrol together a lot in the past," admits Madoka. "Though, I'm sure she wouldn't mind having two archers on her side instead of one. It's a rough world to be in, but I guess you already have experience in that kind of danger."

    Madoka doesn't worry too much about the fact that Bow will likely go home some day. As long as he's nice to Sayaka, she doesn't really have much to complain about. If Sayaka's happy, then Madoka's happy for her, because that's the kind of friendship that they have.

    With a relieved smile, Madoka says, "Well, I'm glad to hear it. People keep telling me that she's well behaved, but she always feels like a handful for me. Maybe it's just because I'm her Bearer. I know she's a sweetheart deep down, so I guess I don't really mind it if she's sassy."

    She cants her head slightly to the side as she waltzes with Bow, feeling perfectly at home in this setting. "I'm glad we could meet, too. It always seems like we catch each other on business. Maybe it's because we're both so productive."

Takashi Agera has posed:
    Takashi Agera and Mami Tomoe eventually make their appearance, too. Together, arm in arm, Takashi is wearing a navy blue-and-black tuxedo that seems to have some sort of purple thread that occasionally glimmers woven into it. Because if you're going to wear a tuxedo why not wear a really fancy one. Even if you were doomed to be out-fancied by your date for the evening. But what could one expect from the elegant blonde?

    It's a far cry from the last dance he came to at the school. He wasn't there alone then, but he was with Zoisite, and when they arrived as a group with Mamoru - then Darien Shields - they were all part of Obsidian. And now of the five boys, only Takashi remained in Obsidian. But he had added Mami to Obsidian, at least. And when he arrived with Zoisite they didn't really so much come as a couple, other than to outward appearances, but Mami and Takashi were. And more than that, they were aligned in other ways.

    But for now, in a grand way, this was somewhat making a big show of their relationship - the two workaholics didn't get seen around much, much less directly with each other, and with Takashi's silver hair hitting the light right, it made Mami's blonde seem almost gold too. The tall, scholastically minded boy looks over at Mami and just grins.

Zoisite has posed:
Having greeted Bow when he came over (some time ago, now) Zoisite had only said something to the effect that he was here alone, rather than here with Ami, before the emcee had gone to do his hosting duties, leaving Zoisite himself to his lonesome.

Which suits just fine. He's found some kind of structural support-slash-decoration to lean up against to continue his people-watching, and it's only now that he's decided to hit up the refreshments properly for something more than just a drink. Well... maybe he'll just get another drink. It is fun drinking out of champagne flutes, even if it's just sparkling juice.

Which is where he (not literally) runs into Makoto, refilling the little cakes. "Ah, I'm not surprised you had a hand in this," he says as he watches Makoto laying out food. "Now I suppose I have to try something rather than drinking my calories for the evening."

Kureha Senkenzan has posed:
    Someone brushes past Kureha, and she's careful to shift out of the way. No words in response, just a simple, faint nod... which stops for a good half a second when her eyes fall on the tray Makoto is carrying. Sweets. Delicious-looking sweets.

    The tiny Chikafuji heiress might, in fact, be following after Makoto with a quiet sort of interest in the tray being carried. She does at least pause when Makoto and Zoisite meet up, however, and absently unfolds her fan to fan herself while she waits.

Bow has posed:
"Wouldn't mind practicing with you sometime. I've never been... you know... magical. So I'm used to knowing what I know. It'd be nice to figure out how to open up and do some of the things that you're capable of." Bow admits to Madoka as their waltz becomes complicated for a moment, the pair of them showing off their familiarity to the dance and they don't trip over themselves.

"They all seem pretty well-behaved, despite some of their misgivings and mischeviousness." A little sparkle of his eyes. "...they're really cool, actually." Assuming that he's never going to come across one himself as he turns Madoka one more time as the song dies down and Coco prepares to srart a new song, he notices Makoto out of the corner of his eye and ohs suddenly.

"Speaking of being productive..." he admits with a small chuckle. "I should go conspire with Makoto-san to send a goodie box to my best friend and her roommate, who apparently decided not to show. Have you two met?" he asks, slowing and finally stopping the dance to see if Madoka wants to tag along or not to meet Makoto and Zoisite.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Coco goes into her last song, Yuuto is enthusiastically cheering again, waving his light sticks about, happy to be cheering her on, before finally the song starts to die down, and he calls out, "Encore!" Not that Coco has to do an encore, he's just enthusiastic.

But also with the song coming to an end, he's leaving his spot so that he can go to the refreshment table and gather a pair of water bottles so that he can be waiting when she comes off-stage.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah listens, and can feel the joy in Amy! A brow does rise at 'dancing with Gretchen', tossing up quite a few questions, but honestly the thought of it is so adorable she shoves aside them to just enjoy Amy's gushing!

Familiar names meet her ears, and then she's suddenly very, very happy she's shown up late.

"By the Sankt! Frau Meiou is a font of knowledge und ja, has faaaar too much obscure knowledges of things very, very obscure. Acht, the particular brand of theoretical, ah, 'spacial physics' is enough to make me blush!" Despite her words, she doesn't sound too terribly put out by that. She likes her dear advisor, ally, and nurse far too much! Plus, Amy's made a freund!

"Acht, hmm, perhaps then you shall teach us all this 'RIFTS', ja? A 'girlfriends bonding measure'? We should share as much as our hearts dare, I think, including our hobbies!" Suggests Hannah, before giving an obvious firm nod to Amy's words to Takumi!

Amy's next question though, strikes her off guard. Oh Sankt. She should have considered this. She considers the balls she's been dragged to. But...it's always single partners or doubles, but three? Hm. One can see her brow twitch as she scratches her mind for an answer.

She can't let Coco's beautiful music go to nothing, and so she pushes towards a slightly more spacious part of the dance floor, with keen ears and a few borks from Lyra to help out!

"Follow me, beloved teuful, engel!" She starts, and...leads the pair into a somewhat aggressive /swing/! Despite her earlier words, this dance tests her ankles, mostly as it's a game of spinning, swinging one partner, passing their hands off to each other...and then tap-tap-tapping her heels to the beat of Coco's song! The rigorously athletic young woman is actually sweating.

And is very, very glad she hasn't heard Chrono about, because it's a dance two of her maids taught her. It might explain the smile of nostalgia on her face, despite the fact it's a scandalous /commoner's/ dance on Tharkad!

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    The song ends, which is a natural time to end the dance. Madoka twirls and then curtsies as the song ends, then releasing Bow's hand before directing her attention towards Makoto at his mentioning. "Oh? Um... I mean we've seen each other once or twice around campus maybe. I don't think we've ever had a chance to really talk, though?"

    Madoka follows Bow along to the snack bar where Makoto and Zoisite are, looking somewhat curious. Her Guardian Chara are trailing after her, doing slow corkscrews through the air while staying close to their Chara Bearer.

Mami Tomoe has posed:
Mami Tomoe hadn't even come to the last dance. She was too busy working that night. But tonight? Tonight she got to wear a pretty dress and show everybody at Radiant Heart that she had a boyfriend.

She clearly read the brief, and dressed as a princess, arriving in a strapless dress in ornate yellow brocade with big skirts, a black sash at the empire waist, and black trim along the sweetheart neckline. Laces ran up the back of the dress, as low as it was. Her hair was not styled in her trademark hairdrills, but instead pulled back to cascade down her back in so many ringlets with a strip of french braid across the back of her head ending in a braided flower just behind her ear.

Her arm hooked through Takashi's as they enter, she looks around at all the faces and up to the stage, then looks back to her boyfriend and says, "Let's go check out the food!"

She heard there were pastries.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai glances at the stage where Coco was still singing, then to the dancefloor. The 'spotlight dance' from the prior hour is momentarily recalled which makes her take a quick gander around for Bow. Who was thankfully aiming for the food tables... near where they were... where Makoto was refilling.

"The way the treats are going, maybe we should snag a few ourselves, first," she reasons with a small awkward chuckle. "Then I guess we could dance?" Well. She did come here for a reason. At the very least a dance wouldn't hurt at all, right? Right.

Zoisite was there too. She hesitates. Reaching for Ikuto's hand she shakes her head. "Actually let's dance first." Zoi would tear his attire to shreds. While she could see why he would, she didn't really want to lead him into that potential sharks den JUST yet.

Plus Makoto's snacks were always a great distraction.

Makoto Kino has posed:
Makoto glances up from her task as Zoisite moves up alongside her, and smiles at his comment. "You certainly do," she agrees. "Chiyo-chan made the candied fruits, and the daifuku bites of course. I can promise, you won't find anything to complain about."

Bold words, considering who she's speaking to.

Another of the students who's been minding the refreshments table takes the tray Mako brought the fresh snacks out on once she's unloaded it, leaving her free to socialize. She picks up one of the small paper plates and, using a napkin, carefully picks out two of the petit fours - one decorated with a sugared rose petal, another with a twist of candied mandarin peel and a faint dusting of gold sparkle. "I've been in the kitchen the whole time so far - how have things been going?" Regarding her own work critically for a moment, she adds one of Chiyo's rose-shaped daifuku bites, and then one each of the candied strawberry and mandarin skewers. Almost casually, she adjusts the plating, leaving it looking less like a random assortment of snacks and more like a display piece for a photo shoot.

She's about to say something else to Zoisite, but at some point in there she's become aware of Kureha standing nearby, patiently fanning herself, and she turns slightly to offer her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, were we in your way?" Offering the plate that she was clearly just preparing for Zoisite, she adds, "Would you like to try some refreshments?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Teach them RIFTS. God. "I-it's fine, but you know, maybe you two coming to RPG club would be pretty neat!" Share as much as their hearts dare... Oh dear. What would they think of her taste in manga. Especially Takumi? That is a question for another time.

    Amy has no clue that dances for more people aren't a thing. Hannah's from an alien world, after all! Their culture is probably different!

    And as far as she knows, Hannah proves her suspicion right with something that manages to involve all three of them! She follows along as best she can, similarly spinning or tapping her heels for the parts of it that have Hannah swinging Takumi and such.

    She's been so focused on Hannah, she didn't really focus on Coco's song but now, she lets the music fill her, uses the rhythym to help her try to keep pace with Hannah, at least timing right even when she guesses steps wrong.

    She has no idea, nor does she care, that it's technically a commoner's dance.

Takashi Agera has posed:
    "Oh, food sounds good." Takashi says to Mami. "But I'm sure they won't hold a candle to yours." he says, luckily before the path of the two of them takes them to within earshot of Makoto or Chiyo.

    Upon arriving - and giving Zoisite a sort of look that's equal parts how dare you exist in this space and you're in my way he reaches past the other long-haired boy to grab something off the table. He doesn't strictly need to, but this is his way of regarding Zoisite's existence. Such as it is. He the little bit of food into his mouth, and turns to Mami. "Okay these are way better than I thought they'd be." he admits, out loud.

    "We should probably actually grab a plate full." he notes. "I wonder who made these. Probably run a shop or something, it's somebody who has a lot of free time to cook and prepare things..." he muses.

Kureha Senkenzan has posed:
    It's not clear if Kureha was expecting Makoto to address her or not - that fan stops right in front of the shorter girl's face, and all that can be easily seen is the way her eyes dart down to the plate, over to Zoisite, and then back to Makoto. "...that is quite alright, but thank you. I don't mind waiting a moment or two more." She chooses to use this time to distract herself, and her distraction ends up being Madoka... or rather, the tiny little Chara fluttering behind her. She does not recognize Madoka out of henshin, but she recognizes those little gremlins, for sure!

    Wait oh god somoene's talking to her. Kureha points those crimson eyes down at Bow's hand, keeping her fan up in front of her face the entire time - and noticeably failing to reach out and return the handshake. "Senkenzan Kureha, daughter of Chikafuji Hozan. A pleasure."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
With her songs done, Coco steps back from her spot onto the stage and goes back down the stairs, looking for either Yuuto or Cho. With either one (or both) of them that approaches her/the mermaid finds, Coco starts bringing them into a hug, unless they are in a situation that would require her not to do that, in which case she doesn't.

"Thanks for the cheering, I am glad you liked them!", she exclaims either way, before adding a kiss to Yuuto's cheeks (yes, both) in his case. "How have you been enjoying the Prom so far?"

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto takes Chiyo's hand, following her lead towards the dance floor. He'd followed her gaze to Bow, then Makoto, and finally Zoisite, none of whom he'd actually met thus far. He also notices a girl dressed in an even older style of fashion than himself, finding some relief in that. "Embarrassed to potentially run into your friends?"

In the meantime, Yoru had smelled something nice and wandered off to see a rather stunning girl with a tray of sweets. As soon as they were on the table, Yoru was as well, not particularly paying attention to the humans as he went around grabbing samples of the snacks. When Takashi grabs one of the treats he was heading towards, the little Chara shakes his fist at the boy. "Treat ninja, nya!"

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka doesn't know who Adora is, but if Bow speaks highly of her then she's probably alright. It's kindof amazing that there are still people here whom Madoka hasn't met yet. When she's introduced to Makoto and Zoisite, she curtsies to both of them and says, with a bit of extra-politeness to fit the setting, "It's a pleasure to meet you." To Makoto, she adds, "Are you the one who made the petite-fours? I should thank you. My... friends really enjoyed them."

    Madoka isn't quite ready to name her Chara since she doesn't know Makoto's mahou status yet.

    To Zoi, she says, "You're a friend of Ami-san's? She's always seemed like a sweet person to me."

    Madoka also notices Kureha nearby, and offers her a curtsy as well. "Madoka Kaname, it's a pleasure."

    Lydian and Brai noticed the staring for a moment, but they just offer a good-natured wave before scattering off to do their fae antics. Tiny fairies who eat too much sugar have a lot of energy to burn off.

    Takashi gets stared at more than greeted, though Mami Tomoe is quickly noticed. "Ah, Mami-senpai! It's been a while."

Zoisite has posed:
Zoisite certainly wasn't intending to convince Makoto to make him a plate, not in the slightest (believe it or not) but he's also not going to turn it down if she's going to go ahead and do so. At least that's what Zoisite is assuming, and he looks down at the careful, exacting way she plates everything just so.

Clearly she has an eye for aesthetics, which is something he can appreciate too.

He remembers his manners enough to side-step out of the way for Kureha, giving her a quick nod to signal she's good to step in and get her own food too, and then he has less manners for Takashi, though in this moment all that means is an archly raised brow at the look and the, in his opinion, uncouth reaching.

Well, that and a perfectly pleasant, "Oh, let me get out of your way," that only reads as Dripping With Sass if you know him. Which, well, Taka will probably get. Casually, Zoisite flicks a lock of hair over his shoulder and then pointedly doesn't move, but then they're being introduced. "A pleasure," he says serenely to Madoka. "And yes, Ami-chan is a dear friend of mine. I hear she made an appearance, though I suspect at this time of the evening we may not see her again." He thinks he knows why, too.

The mention of a camping trip has his head tilting to the side. "I think you may be confusing me with the other Saitou that runs in our mutual circles of influence," he points out with a half-smile. "Of course Kazuo will be thrilled to hear that you think as highly of him as you do me." If he hadn't already hair-flipped at Takashi, he'd hair flip now, to make a point.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
All evening, couples have entered the prom - some, arm in arm, others, solo, hoping for love, fashion, and helpful fairylights to guide their partner to them.

None have entered like this, accompanied by their own brilliant light, glowing not just in metaphor but truth.

Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba will not be joining their peers for the prom - not tonight, not with the theme such an open invitation for royalty to descend upon the school. The chandeliers hung in the gym, the fairylights, the soft colors and atmospheric decorations, all of it contributes to the entrance Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion make as they enter, arm in arm.

A dainty figure with hair of silver and eyes of deep, endless blue, Princess Serenity's white dress nearly blends with the long lengths of her hair, the multiple skirts layering together like clouds of moonlight. The gold stitching at her bodice breaks up her figure, and aligns with the detailing of Prince Endymion's own attire, his dark colors contrasting brilliantly with her pale ones.

She glows, too, a genuine, non-metaphorical glow, that fills the air around her with a sense of peace, of genuine serenity. The Silver Crystal at her neck, a large gem with a tear-drop tip hanging from a delicate silver chain, is practically a challenge to anyone who dares: try and take it, if you want.

Her smile is besotted, as she looks up at Endymion, leaning ever closer to him as they enter.

She doesn't have to look at her phone to text.

     TXT to Chiyo: Do you want us to get rid of him? No one will be able to tie it to you or us.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Coco comes down the stairs, Yuuto is more than willing to look for Cho as well, even as he's getting cheek kisses and he's moving to return the same ones to Coco's cheeks. "You were amazing!" he offers cheerfully, eager to let her know how awesome she was, even with all the applause that she gathered.

After the kisses are done, he falls in next to her, his hand falling into Coco's and twining their fingers together. "The Prom's been going well so far. I mean, heard the most excellent singer, got to try some really good food - and now, I get to ask my girlfriend if she'd like to dance." he offers to her.

"It seems like Cho has he own dance partner. Maybe she can visit with us later?" comes the suggestion to her, as he waits for Coco's answer on the dance. "I'd hate to let that beautiful dress not get at least one twirl around the dance floor."

Bow has posed:
A polite bow and after releasing Madoka's hand, Bow grins. "I look forward to being your friend, Madoka-chan." he offers to her warmly, before leading the way through the crowd over to the refreshment table, just missing Chiyo and Ikuto as they part off towards the dance floor. That's okay, other people are there to talk to!

"Hey, Makoto!" he greets the tol baker. "You look amazing!" he offers with a cheerful and encouraging smile. "I've been texting Adora, I get the distinct impression she's going to sit this one out." He can't fault her, but he can't happy about it as well.

"Also, Madoka, this is Makoto, the roommate of one of my best friends and responsible for the little cakes here. And this is Zoisite, I met him a while back and he's a friend of Ami's and we went on the camping trip a while back. Zoisite, Makoto, this is Madoka, she's one of Sayaka's friends and a fellow archer."

Kureha earns a smile as well as he offers his hand to her. "Hi, I'm Bow!" he greets warmly. "It's nice to meet you!"

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi would come to Coco, just for a minute. She had a dance with Yaling to continue! Buuuut... she did want to give her friend some ncouragement. And was happy to give her a hug as well.

"I'm having a lot of fun. I can't hang out for long, but it has been amazing and I'll tell you ALL about it later, okay?" Before dashing off!

... Suffice to say, it seems the letter had been QUITE successful. Considering how quickly she ran off again. And how much she was smiling.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"Nein arr-vee-gee shall defeat a member of the House of Steiner! Particularly when one may bask in the presence of two lights in mein soul!" Declares Hannah upon the mention of the rpg club! She...doesn't quite yet know what that /is/ but is pretty sure she can sword it if it gets too eager to keep her from her girlfriends!

It's a lovely dance, and finally when the song ends? She fishes into her dress, and pulls out a handkerchief (Great House Steiner themed, of course), and firmly cleans up her brow. It's only pure stubborness that she's not 'dancing' on her throbbing ankles.

But then, that handkerchief is stowed, and suddenly?

A quick duo of ending dips to her beloved, alongside a sweet smoocha as desired! And she even seems to suggest a counter-dip, if Takumi so wants!

And then that cane very suddenly keeps her on her feet as she reluctantly pulls away.

"Mein loves, I should see about refreshment! Und Lyra! Dance, be marry, und enjoy everyone und everything!" Comes the young woman happily, before stalking over to collect Lyra, both ready with eyes all +.+ and a tail /waggin'/ for food and drink before they go to harass various folks with abandon!

A beautiful night!

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Coco comes down the stairs, Yuuto is more than willing to look for Cho as well, even as he's getting cheek kisses and he's moving to return the same ones to Coco's cheeks. "You were amazing!" he offers cheerfully, eager to let her know how awesome she was, even with all the applause that she gathered.

After the kisses are done, he falls in next to her, his hand falling into Coco's and twining their fingers together. "The Prom's been going well so far. I mean, heard the most excellent singer, got to try some really good food - and now, I get to ask my girlfriend if she'd like to dance." he offers to her.

"It seems like Cho has he own dance partner. Maybe she can visit with us later?" comes the suggestion to her, as he waits for Coco's answer on the dance. "I'd hate to let that beautiful dress not get at least one twirl around the dance floor."

And then the new couple arrive, practically glowing in their beauty and feelings, and just... it's their own light, and it's beautiful and he glances aside to Coco. "...I hope we shine as bright as they do someday."

Mami Tomoe has posed:
Mami Tomoe does not notice Takashi's power play because as soon as they reach the refreshment table she's ignoring him in favor of inspecting the petit fours and spritz cookies and daifuku bites and and and then Takashi suggests getting a plate. "Yes! A plate sounds like an excellent idea," she says eagerly.

And then there's a familiar face right there greeting her. She turns and smiles. "Madoka-chan! It's so good to see you," she says. She leans back and looks at her kohai and smiles. "You look lovely tonight."

She's again about to reach for a plate when Princess Serenity walks into the room, and well, Mami forgets what she was about to do and lets her mouth fall open. Her hand reaches up to find Takashi's arm so she can hold onto it while she stares.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Oh, no, he'd caught on to her plan. Chiyo looks a bit sheepish at the accusation of avoiding her friends. "Sort of. Zoi can be a bit ... Opinionated." Makoto could too though she usually at least had a verbal filter. Still, Makoto also knew who she was taking so... There might be *questions* as to his appearance.

Though perhaps Utau being related to the Yakuza would make sense in a manner.

She steps up closer to Ikuto to grasp his hand preparing to dance, just in time to hear her phone buzz. It's ignored for now because she was occupied, but the mental note to check it as soon as she could. For now... Maybe it wouldn't hurt to dance and enjoy herself. The evening was going far better than anticipated, Ikuto's choice of 'tuxedo' aside.

The glowing entrance of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion draws her attention away to stare with eyes gone wide with surprise. "Oh. *OH.* I knew they were... but..." Usagi. Her friend, and recently reunited cousin. And Mamoru. Once Hematite, now Endymion, the troll who had left purifying lollipops at Obsidian when he departed. She *knew* they were Prince and Princess but she'd never *seen* them before in that light.

Momentarily she forgets about dancing to simply stare as her brain works to reboot the new reality.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    There's a little bit of awkwardness in Madoka's smile as she looks up at Mami. On the one hand, she knows that her senpai is with Obsidian now. On the other, as long as they both hunt Witches they will, on some level, be allies. "As do you. You've always had a certain elegance, Mami."

    On the subject of elegance, Princess Serenity just walked in, and she's not alone. Madoka gives the pair of Actual Prince and Princess her undivided attention long enough to forget whatever else she was doing at the moment. The pinkette recognizes neither of them, nor does she connect Usagi's comment about being a Moon Princess to the image she sees in front of her, but that doesn't mean she'll be forgetting this moment any time soon.

    "W-wow... what an entrance."

    Lydian takes a snapshot on her tiny smartphone.

Takashi Agera has posed:
    "Yes, do that." Takashi says to Zoisite, in a way that is less sassful and more of a stubborn... not quite threat. It's not that he has any problem with Zoisite specifically, even. It's that he's on the Other Team and he can't just let that go un-insulted. "How's the life of an unemployed itenerant treating you?" he asks him, but he's not really looking for an answer. He does, however, note Yoru. "Huh. I guess that means the stray cat is around somewhere? The bigger one." He says to Yoru, lowly. "I thought this was the Prince and Princess ball, not the traitor's ball. Don't you all belong in the dungeons in this sort of environment, or something?" He also goes as far as to flick Yoru, assuming the finger connects, but not so much to chase the small agile catchara across the table.

    Then he's moving over to stand next to Mami, and he also recognizes Madoka, being one of the girls he had to avoid hurting because she was involved without a henshin, which to his knowledge, she still doesn't have. But she doesn't know Riventon as Takashi so there's no real reason to give her any hell, so instead he just nods when Mami says Madoka looks lovely, and holds their plates for them.

    He does turn when Endymion and Serenity arrive, though. "Gaudy." he says. "I wonder who they paid to get all of those effects." he notes. "It's like they're trying to be the uncool version of us by going too far. Even nearly your hairstyle, just with less effort put in."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
After having helped a student who'd been thrown earlier and a small conversation with some other young women a bit later, Nurse Meiou decided to go quickly doublecheck that the moderately injured student made it back safely, so absented herself briefly from the proceedings.

She manages to arrive back and take her place not far from the refreshment table just shortly before Serenity arrives...and as she does, if any are able to look away from the glowing couple, one might notice Nurse Meiou openly staring at the two...and then she's turning to look away and dab briefly at her face before tears from memories she thought she'd lost LONG ago come flooding back at the sight...cone so very much like ones she'd seen oh, so very long ago.

After a few moments taken to regain her composure, Nurse Meiou turns back and has the biggest, goofiest grin anyone's probably ever seen on her face as she quickly covers by easing up and securing herself a glass of punch.

She takes a long sip and makes sure she's got proper control of her voice before she sidles over a little and greets Makoto, "Good evening, Miss Kino. I hope you're having a good time...and also thank you for the delightful refreshments."

A pause, as the closer range allows her to spot Chiyo, "...and thanks to you as well, Miss Sakai."

Makoto Kino has posed:
"Of course," Makoto says, inclining her head politely to Kureha, and she follows Zoisite's example in clearing space for her (and others) to peruse the refreshments. The plate, with its pretty presentation, is summarily handed off to Zoisite (as was the intention to begin with).

Bow's approach is met with a bright smile and a cheery, "Hey, Bow-kun! You're looking pretty great yourself." If she's a little flushed at the praise, it's soon muted by the softening of her expression at the mention of Adora. "Yeah..." Her mouth twists briefly, regretful. "I'm not really surprised, but it's a shame she's not feeling up to it."

She looks toward Madoka at the introduction, brows lifting a little, and she offers a smile and a nod. "I think I've seen you around a couple of times," she says; "it's nice to meet you properly..."

It's hard to tell if it's the chara antics or Takashi's remarks that have her suddenly distracted. She definitely looks a bit bemused, though she doesn't say anything about either - instead, she nods in answer to Madoka's question, seeming faintly flustered. "The cookies, too," she admits, indicating a platter of small cookies in flower shapes, glittering with colored sugars. "Although--"

Her voice breaks off there, as the glowing princess and her prince make their entrance, seizing Makoto's full attention. For a moment the ballroom spins around her, blurring into color and light, a rainbow circle of whirling silks. Vertigo. Deja vu? The air, the gravity, the music feel suddenly - wrong.

She blinks a few times, trying to regain her balance. "Sorry," she says, "what were we talking about...?"

Bow has posed:
Bow, turning when everyone does as the apparent couple of the evening arrives is momentarily confused. While he's seen Usagi as Sailor Moon, he's never been introduced to the royal couple. But he recognizes it for what it is, the Etherian's head running through all two-hundred and sixty three Princess Prom rules that he has memorized because if Glimmer ever wanted to hold her own ball, he would BE PREPARED. (all regards to Jeremy Irons)

Rule forty five - the floors are cleared. Check.
Rule twenty-six - refreshments replinished? Makoto just did that. Check.
Rule three hundred twenty-two - Is the music appropriate?

That's the one that Bow's head stcks on, and his brain reels. He turns to the others, and asks. "...do they have a theme song?" he asks suddenly. "I feel like they should have a theme song and the DJ should be playing it right now." Panic rising.

Kureha Senkenzan has posed:
    Even if Kureha doesn't recognize Madoka herself, the presence of the chara tells her the pink-haired girl is someone magical. She gives all three a faint nod of acknowledgment, and then...

    ...wow that sure is a royal-looking pair.

    It takes a second or two before the tiny girl can tear her attention away, and instead start scooting towards the food. Though there is, at least briefly, a curious sort of look at Makoto, as if trying to decide whether to ask something. But whatever it is, it's set aside.

    Snack time is now.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
And Endymion, with rich dark colors in contrast to Serenity's ethereal glowing brightness, just grins down at his Princess as they walk in and she looks up at him like that. With her own glow magnified by the chandelier's crystal-clear prisms and dancing with the fairy lights, Endymion's dazzled-- his own regality is a careless thing, cheerful and confident and gracefully magnanimous. He looks more himself than he ever has, to anyone who knows him as both Mamoru and Endymion, and he's a solid and grounding presence.

Bending down, eyes twinkling, the tall Prince of Earth half turns and kisses what he can currently reach: the top of Serenity's head. "This was such a great idea," he murmurs. "Should we dance, or wait for a slow song and mingle? Mako and Chiyo both made refreshments, we can even start with tiny cakes~"

Are they in their own little world? No, but they can certainly look like it. And look, Bow is even arranging reality to suit their romantic dramatic lack of tension as they meander into the room.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Yuuto, here you are!" Coco smiles affectionately as she finds her love, and after she undoes, she looks at him in those emerald eyes of his, as precious as the actual gem, and tells him "I am glad you think so, I really gave it my all, and you being there to cheer me on was very important to me", the eagerness he showed there endearingly committed to memory.

"You are so sweet, lead the way then", Coco smiles at his proposal, fully ready and excited to get onto a dance with him, Kessoku Band having presumably resumed playing now that Coco isn't singing anymore.

"Let's give her space then", Coco nods as Yuuto informs her of what Cho is doing. "We have all the time in the world to meet her." When Yuuto brings up the new arrivals, Coco playfully boops his nose. "There is no need to, we already do, Yuuto", she softly exclaims full of her love.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto tilts his head. "Opinionated? Oh, maybe he knows about my previous employer. I could just explain exactly why I'm not part of Easter Company anymore, if that would help? As it is they've sent people to attack me twice now. But we shouldn't think too much about that stuff regardless. Tonight is for having a good time; not focusing on our problems right?" Just as he's preparing to dance with Chiyo, her sudden pause causes him to nearly trip over himself as he turns to look at what she's looking at. "Huh. That's an entrance for sure. Who are they? Seems like you know the girl, at least."

Yoru knows what's coming when Takashi's hand approaches, and he's ready. *CHOMP* Right as Takashi flicks at him, the little catboy Chara sinks his little teeth into the boy's finger, hanging on and glaring up at him with a fury only someone who'd been on the bad side of a cat could understand. "MPPR MPHH MRRRARRRR" Yoru's taunts and insults aren't understandable in his current state, though that may for the best considering the rather rude things he was trying to tell Takashi.

Zoisite has posed:
Zoisite very much continues to not move out of Takashi's way, though it's less pointed than before. Now it's because all he has eyes for are Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity, his breath momentarily caught in his throat.

His eyes do not fill with tears as Setsuna's do, nor does the room spin as it does for Makoto. No, he simply is filled with a great wash of emotions; guilt and regret war with hope and happiness, a tangle of deep feeling that Zoisite fights down only with a great deal of practice. He takes in a lungful of air as his body reminds him it very much needs such, and then noting how Makoto is stricken, he carefully lays a hand on her arm to steady her until she no longer has need of it.

Unsurprisingly Takashi is not graced with an answer to his question, and frankly Zoisite barely registers it. Though he does hear some of his later comments, which only earns a bright bubble of laughter from Zoisite, loud enough to carry briefly over the sound of the music. "Really, jealousy is very unbecoming of you," is all he says to that, before turning to address the plate that had been pressed into his hand and then summarily forgotten.

A delicate petit-four is selected and enjoyed, and yes, Zoisite has Opinions, but tonight they shall all be positive ones going forward. For some particular reason he finds himself with a bouyant mood, and he settles on a perfectly benign topic by saying to Makoto, "My compliments to the chef."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka, out of the corner of her eye, notices Yoru getting flicked. The sweet little pink girl doesn't have that many rage buttons, but roughly handling small fairies is one of them. She gives him a cold, shocked glare for a few seconds before the thought occurs to her that she doesn't really want to start a fight here for Bow's sake. Instead, she wears a bemused smile as Yoru retaliates, and then she turns back to Mami with a raised eyebrow.

    This is who she's dating? Madoka doesn't say it but she's pretty sure that Mami could do better.

    Back to Makoto, who is coming out of a daze, Madoka says, "I think we've met once or twice before, though mostly in passing." Now that she thinks about it, Madoka remembers Makoto from the time she decked someone for being a jerk, but that was a long time ago. "So... you made these cookies?" she asks, before taking one to nibble on. "Huh. Kinda like my dad's cooking. You really go the extra mile, don't you?"

Bow has posed:
This is where Bow is supposed to shine, and it starts to show. Initial shock dispersed, he's back on task. Gesturing to a couple of the workers, he asks. "Can I get you two to go around and gather a little of each food and put it in a to-go box." He takes out a pen to write a quick message.


If you're not coming to prom, I'm sending it to you.

Wish you were here.

- Bow.

Message handed over, he adds, "Make sure this gets to this dorm room." And that's when he gives the directions to Adora and Makoto's dorm room.

"Oh right, sorry, Zoisite!" he offers to the settinou apologetically, but as everyone had turned their focus from the couple and to Mami's date, the young man's lips pull together. "Hi, I'm Bow!" he offers to Mami and Takashi. "We haven't met. But welcome to the Prom. I hope you have a great time, and enjoy the food and the dancing, and that there's no problems or concerns that anyone needs to worry about!" A bright, warm tone. A hint of a commanding tone at that and a little voice break.

"Anyway, I'm going to go find some proper slow dance music to put on, and maybe if everyone is dancing together, this will continue to be a magical night!" Sparkle, sparkle. And with that, he's heading off to find said music!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Serenity giggles at the gentle press of lips to the crown of her head, smiling at Endymion as though he were the one who hung the moon in the sky for her.

"We had to do it to them," she laughs, and smoothes her dress a moment, glancing around the room - she sees the surprised looks on peoples faces, and fully fails to realize they're for her, and her prince charming.

As far as she's concerned, they're just two more students, having the time of their lives.

"I think we should get snacks. I want to waltz with you, or something, not rip this dress if someone steps on it dancing faster than I can keep up with." It definitely has nothing to do with wanting to taste her cousin and Makochan's snacks. Of course not! She's an elegant princess, who would never prioritize her stomach over a royal dance.

"Everyone looks so surprised - I wonder if something happened before we got here?"

Mami Tomoe has posed:
Mami Tomoe just looks at the royal couple for several moments. She doesn't notice the antics with the chara. She doesn't even notice Madoka's judgemental raised eyebrow. It's probably for the best. She'd dwell on that if she'd seen it.

But she can't miss Bow. How could anybody miss Bow? He pops into her awareness with that energetic greeting and obvious managing of her, or well, her date. Let's be real, she's much nicer than Takashi, even when she's being mean.

She smiles to Bow and says, "Of course. There aren't any problems or concerns anyone needs to worry about. Thank you so much for organizing all of this."

Then she turns up to look at Takashi and says, "Let's go dance? I've suddenly lost my appetite."

With a glance to Madoka, she reaches out to tap the girl's shoulder. "We should really catch up sometime soon, Madoka-chan. When it's not so busy."

Makoto Kino has posed:
Zoisite's hand on her arm, unobtrusive but real, helps to ground Makoto back in the here and now. She takes a deep breath, before giving him a slightly wan smile and a nod of thanks, looking at him a little bit like it's the first time she's actually properly seen him all evening. "Thank you," she says.

Madoka's complimenting her cookies, and the color starts returning to Makoto's face with the sudden rush of self-consciousness. "--both of you," she amends, including Madoka in the thanks as well. "Really, I just wanted to live up to the effort everyone else was putting in--"

Her train of thought derails again at the sight of Yoru biting Takashi's finger. Both hands fly up to cover her mouth, a desperate and only moderately successful attempt at smothering a fit of giggles. "Sorry--!" she manages, muffled. "Sorry, I think... maybe I should..."

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Well," Chiyo responds slowly. The word is drawn out as if she were sighing more than thinking of how to answer Ikuto about 'do you know them.' A quick shake of her head to help rid herself of that off-balance feeling of seeing two people she thought she knew rather well in an entirely different light.

"That's my cousin and her boyfriend." Fiance? ... Lover? NO NO NO NO. NO. NOOOO. They were way too young for that! They better not be!

"They, uh, they're legitimate royalty. I mean. Magically? Kind of? In their past lives and I think that's who they're here as and I have never *seen* it but I heard it and..." Chiyo was prattling a bit as she has to pause and suck in a quick breath to keep herself from rambling more.

"Oh about Obsidian? Easter? Yes, yes I'm sure you could both talk about that," she reasons of Zoisite's opinions. "They don't like them either." Lightly clearing her throat she murmers, "Sorry for the distraction."

And her attention shifts back over to the food table to check on it slightly, grinning when she hears Setsuna's thanks as well.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka tries to let the moment pass without much incident. There's no reason to escalate. Instead, she just takes another cookie and offers it to the small Yoru. "I think maybe you'll find this to be a lot tastier than that boy's finger."

    She gives Mami a glance and says, "We should, though at the rate we're going we're more likely to meet at work than school."

    She leaves unstated what she means by that. Mami can probably figure it out on her own. As could Takashi or anyone else magical, probably. Her focus is mostly on trying to deescalate before Sayaka's new boyfriend gets overwrought.

    As for Madoka's Chara, they're all covering their mouths with their tiny hands and making sure that Doka stays between them and Takashi.

Takashi Agera has posed:
    Takashi bites down on his cry of more surprise than pain, trying not to make too much of a scene while he wrings his hand out to detach the biting cat-fairy from it, rubbing his finger after Yoru goes tumbling through the air but otherwise unharmed, and returns to standing next to Mami.

    But he pauses. "Wait. Jealous?" he asks, turning around. "Who the hell is there to be jealous of here?" He asks, and then seems to consider it. "Well, I suppose Mami-san, since she gets to come to the dance with me. But I get to come to the dance with her so it pretty much evens out." he notes. He's at least smart enough not to say 'almost evens out'.

    "Mmm?" He says to Bow's appearance. "Nothing's the matter here at all." he notes, shrugging. "I've got delicious food - of which my compliments to the refreshments committee, I wasn't expecting such quality - I've got the prettiest girl at the ball who doesn't need weird artifical spotlights to draw attention, and now, I'm about to go have a great dance 'with' that girl." he says, all smiles and happiness like a switch was flipped - it's not even 'overkind' it just sounds honest. "So everything's wonderful for me, but I can't speak for anyone else." he says, taking Mami's hand in his and leading her to the dance floor.

    And despite the pain in his finger he does manage to at least look like he doesn't have a care in the world to most people. Except perhaps Mami who can tell when he's faking it a bit. Mami, and perhaps Endymion if he passes Takashi as the other couple make their way to the dance floor.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
Rubi was running late, but there was nothing new about this. Honestly, it came down to her changing in and out of her singular dress a dozen times as she struggled with the embarassing idea of wearing it. Why can't you wear jeans and a t-shirt to something like this? Ugh! ...Still, the wanted to look cute for her girlfriend. Girlfriend? Is Yukiko her girlfriend? The question boggled her, and she wasn't sure about the answer. But they'd gone on that date, and then she accepted Rubi's invite to prom so...mabye? She'd need to ask her.

Her dress was a mix of a yukata and a cute prom dress, short and frilled, and somewhat resembling her Henshin costume. Except, this one was layered with styled rose designs and had a LOT more pink. She'd brushed her hair, which was a rarity in itself, even!

She shows up and chews her lip, glancing about before she spots Yukiko. She can't help but let her jaw drop for a moment before she takes a deep breath and makes her way over. "Hey! Hi! Hello! You...you look really good!," she almost yelled, unable to control her volume in her immediate nervousness.

Zoisite has posed:
"So you say," is the magnanimous reply Zoisite gives to Takashi, apparently unwilling to continue engaging in the argument. He turns away, dismissing, to look at the others gathered near the refreshment table.

Releasing Makoto's arm, Zoisite clears his throat to say, "Pardon me," and decamps with his prepared plate. He does not make a swift exit, as that would be uncouth, but before long he has seemingly disappeared from the prom completely.

Somewhere he can find fresh air, Zoisite sips from his champagne flute of sparkling juice and stares up at the darkened sky, and the sliver of the moon barely visible. He tries his best not to think about anything in particular.

Mostly, though, he's failing.

Bow has posed:
Once he has Mami and Madoka's reassurance all will be well, Bow stands down - focusing his attention back on...

"Music, right!" he offers suddenly. "That's great, glad to have you here!" And with that, he's off. Where to? Up to the stage. As he talks to the DJ, there's some words exchanged, and he gives a nod, before asking. "Give me John Legend's All of Me, slowed down to a 3/4 waltz, instrumental." Orders given, he goes over and takes out that violin that was going to be used for a sea shanty earlier, and instead... as the music starts, the Etherian decides to give a brief synopsis of music that he's learned to play by ear in his short time here - including a song that was originally going to be played for Sayaka, but it seems to be the perfect song for the moment to help de-escalate.

And he's good with the violin - after all, it's one of the three reasons he's called Bow. The fingers are deft, the movements are fluid, there's no stiffness, no woodness. He seems natural and relaxed, eyes closed as he works with the flow of the music, right foot gently tapping the stage in a gentle metronome.


Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"You're literally glowing," Endymion laughs, flipping his cape back with a careless gesture -- and then winking at Zoisite and Makoto, and honestly probably everyone over there. "TThey're probably surprised about that. That, or completely flustered by your ethereal loveliness... not even I'm immune, I'm just better at hiding it."

They're definitely headed for the cluster of people at the refreshments table, and the refreshments in general, and Endymion admits, "I really just-- that dress always makes me want to sweep you off your feet and spin around. It's so big and, and fluffy? Is fluffy the right word for it? But don't worry, we won't waltz too fast. We can ask Bow for a slow one, even!"

He laughs again because he's just so happy, it's like-- "Oh, where did Zoi go?" he asks as they get there. "Hi you guys!"

...and then somehow Bow gets a waltz going, but Takashi's stressed for some reason and faking being fine as he leaves the table for the dancefloor with Mami, and Endymion decides, "You must be right and something happened."

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto grins. "Your cousin is royalty...from a past life? Interesting. I don't think I've seen her before." Usagi's henshin was obscuring his recognition of her, though the mention of relation was causing his mind to think very hard about who Chiyo could be related to.

Hearing the violin, Ikuto's attention snaps to Bow, and he carefully watches the other boy's hands and posture. "He's pretty good. Wonder if they have another violin around here somewhere...I think we may be intruding on the dance floor, and...I wouldn't mind playing a song for you, if you'd like."

At the refreshments table, Yoru gladly accepts Madoka's offer of a snack. "He tasted icky anyway. Like he washes his hands too often, bleh nya." With a cookie in his hands he wanders back to Ikuto, grinning. "I bit some creepy guy!" he proclaims.

Yukiko Fuyuhime (201) has posed:
Such discussions would probably have to wait, definitions would have to be considered and...overthinking was almost certainly something Yukiko was intending to escape tonight. When Rubi arrives, she looks up, frustration that had creased her brow and had her tapping the shoes that added to her height against the ground melting away to the sight of the taller redhead.

"You made it," she began, an unrecognized sigh of relief that she hadn't been made a fool over escaping her glossed lips before she cleared her throat. "Rubi, I'm right here. You don't need to yell!"

Their own little corner of 'adroawkard', she does at least offer her hand out to the other girl.

"Well...are we going to dance or...?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Oops. The realization of what she said hits Chiyo as soon as he says it causing her to flush with embarassment at that slip. That was ONE heck of a slip. "Ah, nevermind," she murmers far too late really.

At least she's saved a bit by Ikuto's remark on violins. That earns a tip of her head curiously. "You play violin?" He'd play a song for her? The blush turns a bit more genuine as she finds herself momentarily fiddling with a curl of her hair around her finger. "That... I guess you could ask? That would be cool." That at least she had to admit WOULD be cool, even if she has to remind herself this wasn't a *real* date.

A deep breath is taken to steel her nerves a bit. "I should go say hello, if that's okay?" A smile is flashed to Ikuto before she does step away fully. "I don't think we could keep up with them on the dancefloor anyway," she points out with a chuckle.

Then, with a look of complete, stoic determination, she strides toward the glowing royal couple. Her gaze flits between them both as her serious expression suddenly breaks into a grin.

"Once you two finish a dance, I'm going to have to steal your date for one myself," she states rather imperiously with just a hint of teasing. Right before holding a hand out toward Serenity with a grin. "If he hasn't stepped on your toes too much by then." Because of course she means she'd dance with USAGI, duh.

"But you two should grab some snacks first. I know you're probably dying to."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As Bow kicks off a slow dance with a DJ and his violin, Yuuto turns his attention back to Coco and gives the Princess a warm smile even as he blushes at Coco. "You're sweet, but they look like they've been together forever." he admits with a shake of his head. "Maybe someday. For now..."

With that, he's leading Coco out onto the floor. "I'm going to get at least one dance with you tonight." comes his confession with a small smile. "I'll try not to step on your feet." he promises as he finds a spot for them on the floor and sets his hands on Coco's shoulder and side and steps in close to her so that they can move together.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
She blushes a bit at the admonishment, and her volume lowers. "Heh. Sorry. Just...nervous." Rubi's gaze drops to the extended hand, and she takes a deep breath before she takes it with her own. Her own is rough from a life gardening, working on engines and generally just being an utter tomboy. "Absolutely. But, uh...you lead? I have a pretty good feeling you know how to dance a heck of a lot better then I do. Do I look alright?," she asks, her cheeks coloring in a fit of nervousness.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto grins to Chiyo. "Oh, I don't just 'play' violin. You'll see." He heads over to Bow, waiting for his song to finish and then asking, "Hey uh...you're Bow, right? I think that's what Chiyo-chan said, anyway. Don't suppose there's another violin laying around here? I can assure you that I know what I'm doing with a string instrument; I won't embarrass you if I get a chance to play." Yoru helpfully chimes in, "His dad is a world-famous musician!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

So she is, literally glowing. Serenity laughs again, a bell-like chime, and hops - yes, literally hops - to kiss Endymion's cheek before they reach the refreshment table, and she eagerly takes a plate to fill with sweets, popping a daifuku into her mouth. Once be-treated, she leans over to hug Makoto tightly, and then Chiyo-chan, and then she looks Ikuto up and down, and says cheerfully, "Did you know you look like a yakuza?"

And then, before he can react to that, grabs another tiny cake and pops it in her mouth, humming with satisfaction before she pouts at Chiyo-chan, "Alriiiiiight, I guess it's only fair you get to dance with him too, since he's the handsomest man in the world, and also so tall he can totally let me just stand on his feet, if he wanted."

Not that she plans for that! She can dance! She can dance very well, actually!

"I'm a good dancer! At least, like this, you know?"

Makoto Kino has posed:
Deep breath. Deep green forests. By the time Serenity and Endymion reach the general area of the refreshments table, Makoto is steady enough that she can return the princess's hug with a smile. "You two look incredible," she tells the pair of them. "You made quite an entrance."

She pauses a beat, biting her lip when Serenity says the quiet part out loud, and she can't help but laugh as she looks from Serenity to Chiyo and back. "...I think she actually meant you, Usagi-chan," she says.

Yukiko Fuyuhime (201) has posed:
"You look fine," Yukiko offers, already taking that hand and drawing the other girl out towards the floor only to pause, to let herself soften and try. "You look wonderful," she tries again before drawing her hands together, turning to face the other girl as they moved together. They'd keep things simple, slow swaying, helping Rubi find her way...

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"How about we make today that day?", Coco encourages Yuuto further lightly kissing him as soon as he stops shaking his head. She really is not worried about themselves or others, and if Yuuto really wants to shine, she is ready to with him, showing him they can really start doing that as soon as they are 100% sure in each other.

"I was really looking forward to dancing with you", she tells him, her worry about him stepping onto her feet actually nonexistent. She starts moving in harmony with Yuuto, mirroring any movement of his with hers.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Nurse Meiou stands quietly nearby, not intruding for the moment.

In other circumstances, she might speak up...but at the moment, she's busy trying to look like she isn't staring while the soft light Serenity puts out brings back memories she'd long since thought lost...and she doesn't fully trust her voice right now.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"There are probably guys more handsome than I am," Endymion says with... something like modesty, anyway-- it doesn't occur to him that it doesn't actually help if he's supposed to be humble or something. "But yeah, what Mako-chan said. Why would anyone want to dance with me when you're right there?" he teases, then crumples her dress a little as he enfolds her in a chin-on-head hug from behind. "And you're always a good dancer. You've just had more practice like this, is all." He lets go. "I kind of wanted to bother Takashi-kun, but he's very busy with his date, I don't really want to interrupt them. You two should dance though! Unless you really are waiting for us to."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"Every day with you is that day, Coco. I just need to realize it." Yuuto responds as he leads, taking careful steps, his hands set on Coco so that they are proper - just a little closer than two friends dancing. "You must be looking forward to disappointment." he teases lightly when she mentions that she was waiting for him to dance with her.

"You're a much better singer than I am a dancer." A wink as he twirls her about as they follow each other to the sounds of the violin, and finally returns the light kiss she offered him with one of his own.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
She looks diesappointed, but only until Yukiko corrects herself with a better compliment. That makes her smile. She follows the blonde along to the dance floor, and begins to follow her step. "...All these people are really making me notice I...don't really know a lot of other kids, yet," she says softly. "I've been a bit focused on trying to break through your shell, I guess. Not that I'm complaining -one- bit. But...mabye we should try and make some friends sometime soon? Or...do you have some, already?"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"I asked Endy-chan too," Serenity says cheerfully, "We didn't go to share many public events, you know?"

Or, any, really, as a couple, not when Serenity literally glowed wherever she went, and all of the Earth would know her for exactly what she was, and not when bringing Endymion up to the Moon in public would have ended poorly.

"And nope, you're wrong! You're the most handsome boy in the world. Tall and good-looking, strong and sweet, and you can pick me up and twirl me around, like you will later -" yes, yes he will, because this dress is fluffy and she wants him to put his hands on it as much as she wants to dance with him.

And then she frowns, a little, "Well, I think you could ask for a dance, you know? It's going to be a long night, and you might as well dance with other people! Like Chiyo-chan, and Mako-chan! And I'll get dances too," she giggles, "Like with you, right Suna-san?"

And she raises her voice a little for that, looking towards Setsuna, inviting her to join the rest of them.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai watches Ikuto go off to try and purloin a violin with mild curiosity. Was he as good as Bow? Better? She wasn't sure but she was admittedly curious at this point to say the least.

Her attention is pulled back toward the royal pair when Makoto speaks up about who she meant. Chuckling warmly she nods in agreement. "I'd meant you, yeah. No offense to Our Prince here," she adds with a playful wink. "But I don't want to let anyone get jealous for no reason too. Besides that I figured..." She pauses now turning her gaze around trying to catch sight of a particular head of pale hair. For a moment she thought she'd seen him. Maybe it was someone else...

"Isn't Kazuo here? I thought you would want to dance with him too."

Leaning in toward Serenity's side, once Endy lets her go at least, she murmers, "You know other than looking like a Yakuza he's actually been pretty nice of a date tonight. I'm surprised." Then again she hadn't run into any of the other people that might have made things all the more awkward too. Glancing to the stage she adds, "He said he's going to play me a song, even."

When more are suggested to join she looks over to Setsuna herself to offer the older woman a smile. She didn't know the entire history of them, but she knew Setsuna a bit, and nods in agreement. "We can all dance, I'm sure. But you two *should* get to dance together too. It'll put the rest of us to shame, I'm sure."

Yukiko Fuyuhime (201) has posed:
"I've been focused on my studies," Yukiko admits, which is a really polite way of saying she'd been significantly anti-social. After all, before she'd been spending time with Rubi, outside of her magical girl duties the 'Ice Queen' had spent every moment not in a class with her nose in a book working on her studies to a degree perhaps even a certain blue-haired Senshi might find concerning.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Disappointment is a funny name for what we are doing right now", Coco quips back, her eyes eyes shining with joy as they keep to that slow dance together, the mermaid radiating surety in their closeness, letting Yuuto know that the pace he is setting works great with her own equally measured movements. "Because I really couldn't be happier than here, like this", she confides in him."

"It's a good thing I know I am a superb singer, then", she remarks when Yuuto starts using her voice to bring himself down. "There is plenty of space for you to be a great dancer then", the mermaid points out to him. "Honestly, though, I don't need you to be a world class dancer", her golden eyes follow his with all of her love and care. "I just need you to be you, and be here with me. That's when I am at my happiest."

Makoto Kino has posed:
'Suna-san'? A puzzled expression crosses Makoto's face for a moment, before she follows the direction that Serenity is looking and comprehension clicks into place at the sight of Setsuna. She bows politely in acknowledgement, partly to hide a moment of sudden and awkward self-doubt: had the nurse spoken to her earlier? In all the overwhelm, she wasn't sure. Perhaps she'll need to apologize later...

"I was just thinking I'd head back to the kitchen," she admits. "Or at least get some air... but I wouldn't mind sticking around for a dance or two, I suppose." She did get all dressed up for this, after all. It'd be a waste of Luna's efforts on her behalf to spend the entire prom hiding behind the scenes.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
"Right, your studies," Rubi replies, clearing her throat. She moves across the dance floor with the girl, stepping in a bit closer for a more intimate dance as they do so. "Well, we should. Make friends, I mean. Also, you're warmer then I expected you to be." The girl blushes at her own comment. "I...I just mean...your skin is warmer. I...I...um. I guess I kinda assumed you'd feel colder because...ugh, nevermind."

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
When she's addressed by Serenity, Setsuna visibly whips to the here-and-now and blinks once, then smiles softly and steps back towards the group as she gives the literally radiant woman a bow, "I would be happy to dance with you..."

She then looks around, "...but I fear that your card might be just a little full... I'll let your contemporaries have precedent, but I will certainly be available should any of them need some respite from your boundless energy..."

For some reason, she tends to trail off slightly at the end of sentences when she's talking to Serenity...because the memories that are being brought forth VERY MUCH want to add 'My Princess' when she addresses Serenity.

She smiles once more, "Please, enjoy your night. I shall, as ever, be here for you at need."

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
This was a LONG song. Ikuto waited patiently for...all of two minutes before Yoru nodded to him and he suddenly dashed off to the band room in the school. Everything would be locked up by this point, but locks were no hindrance to the determined. Before long he was back, violin and bow(not -the- Bow, but a bow.) in hand.

He'd nod to Chiyo, giving her a smile before starting on a song he knew. Full of sorrow, yet with a distinct hint of hope attached. Why he picked this one, he wasn't sure. He didn't even remember the name; it was something he'd heard his father play for his mother. Eyes closed, he put his heart into this, his first time playing a violin since he'd had his father's taken from him by Easter.

Sure, it wasn't a proper date, but...he still wanted to do this right for Chiyo. So he played, for her. He played for minutes, finally stopping with a quiet sigh.


Yukiko Fuyuhime (201) has posed:
Yukiko actually flushed a little at that, but she shook her head lightly before giving a mock-roll of her eyes. "I'm not -actually- made of ice," she offers softly, a little bump of her hip as they twirled, danced and kept it simple for the less experienced tomboy.

Rubi Hanabusa has posed:
Rubi grins at that. "I'm learning that," she says with a good bit of flirtation to her tone. But then the song comes to an end, and the twirling pair slow to a stop. Rubi, however, doesn't let go of Yukiko's hand. "So...how about some food and drinks?," she asks, glancing over at the refreshment tables. "I was so nervous all day I didn't really eat anything," the tomboy admits with a chuckle.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai turns her attention toward the stage once the violin starts up again. This time it wasn't Bow playing, and true to her suspicions, she finds that it is indeed Ikuto. Teasing her cousin and friend aside her attention is stolen by the performance. At least it was a slow song for those who were dancing still.

It really was extremely well done. An unexpected performance for the dance.

When he finishes she finds herself clapping in response. Only to taper off when she gets a few looks cast her way by random party goers. It was a dance after all and not a concert hall.


Sheepishly she glances over to Makoto. "Do you still have some of those petit fors, Mako-chan? I feel like I should make sure he gets at least a bit of the treats here for that."

Makoto Kino has posed:
The impromptu violin performance catches Makoto by surprise. She'd been gently urging Serenity and Endymion off onto the dance floor - at least as much as the pair may allow themselves to be urged - but as the sound of the violin fills the ballroom she stills, distracted by listening to the music.

Such a lamenting sound. Lamenting, and yet hopeful. It's become a rather overwhelming evening, and now Mako finds herself off-balance once again.

In the wake of the performance, she finds herself grateful for Chiyo's presence to focus on. "...Oh, yes," she answers with a lopsided smile. "I brought out a fresh tray not that long ago, so there should be plenty. Here--" She picks up one of the handy plates and passes it over to Chiyo to fill.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"You're superb in more ways than being a great singer. You put up with me." Yuuto winks at Coco as they continue their gentle sway through the rest of the two violin performances - an unexpected twist amongst all the singers. "You sure you didn't set this up to sweep me off my feet?" he asks teasingly. "Between your concert and now this, I think you have me fully in your heart, Coco."

Then a small chuckle rises from him, "I hope you have a ton of patience for the world class dancer part." There's a playful little smirk as he twirls Coco around in a flourish and brings her into a hug for the end of the song. "Thanks." he manages, a peck to her cheek. "You always seem to know exactly what to say when I need it."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Put up with you?" Coco repeats confused, trying to ascertain what Yuuto may mean. "I don't recall anything I might have had to put up with you about", she starts pointing out to Yuuto, as they keep dancing to that kind motif with their own leisurely pace. "You have done just as much as me when it comes to our relationship, Yuuto", she says while the violins keep playing in the distance, her focus just on the two of them.

"I very much did not set up any of this", Coco slights laughs as she clarifies her intent, "but hey, since it impressed you so much, I got a lot more to offer, a little private treat just for you", Coco winks back to Yuuto just before she is twirled, her dress fluttering around as he had wished earlier, before she is brought into that hug and kissed on the cheek. "I will always be there whenever you need me, Yuuto", the mermaid whispers to him.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Coco's whisper causes Yuuto a pause and he just smiles warmly at her. His hand finds hers, slipping into it and a brush over the promise ring she wears. "Come on, lets get some food and drinks and we can discuss the whole private treat thing later." he manages, his cheeks flaring with warmth as he moves to guide Coco from the dance floor.

There is plenty of food to get, and after they pick out some things to try, Yuuto and Coco will head away from the dance to spend some time walking and talking and just being stupidly romantic at each other for a bit.

Bow has posed:
Coming back out onto the stage from the back, Bow waves to the crowd. "Once again, let's give a big round of applause for Coco Kiumi! And for Ikuto Tsukiyomi and his impromptu violin concert, I really appreciate it!" he calls out to the pair of performers.

With that out of the way, he's turning his attention to the last bit of things he needs to do. "Alright, everyone. We're in the last hour, and everything has gone really well. We're finally starting to run low on some things - most notably, Makoto Kino's delicious petit fours are nearly gone, so you may want to grab those while you can!"

His attention turns to his cue cards, and he looks over his notes and then grins. "So, for our third hour - we have an up and coming idol making her first ever appearance! Though you may already know her for her Valentine's Viral surprise, Fly Me to the Moon! Her voice is as sweet as her attitude, and I'm sure you'll all enjoy her music. So lets have a warm welcome for the Girl Next Door Idol of Southern Cross Island..."


Wako Agemaki has posed:
As Bow's performing his last introduction of the night, probably only Takuto - and perhaps Sugata - are close enough to Wako's position on the stairs up to the stage to hear her quiet, muffled cry of "...Wawna...!" through the hands she's brought up to cover her face.

But there's no time for embarrassment or panic, because that's her name, and that's her cue. Letting her hands drop, she takes a deep breath, squares her shoulders, and steps up.

As she walks up the stairs onto the stage, the lights catch and glitter off of her. Her dress is a simple halter style, with a champagne-colored A-line chiffon skirt that ends a little above the knee, but the bodice is covered in crystal beadwork, and so are her kitten-heeled shoes. Her sandy blonde bob is, for once, carefully styled, pinned on one side with crystal-adorned crescent moon and star hairpins and on the other by a matching sunburst, twinkling almost as brightly as the heavenly bodies they represent.

"Thank you, Bow-kun." If she's blushing a bit, well, her smile is as bright as the stage lights. "Really, though - I do want to thank you, and everyone on the prom committees. You all put in a lot of work to make this night special." Saying this, she bows in Bow's direction, allowing a few moments for the acknowledgement to hang in the air, and for the prom-goers to applaud or cheer if they feel moved to.

Then, once quiet has settled as much as it can in a space so full of people, a piano begins to play. With images of blooming sakura glowing on the wraparound screen behind her, Wako begins to sing, her voice sweet and clear.

    "In the gentle sunshine, the budding blossoms spill out.
    In a half-dreaming state, they take in happiness.
    Everyone is smiling, I'm sure,
    And seeing themselves from some other time."

She stands still as she sings, her hands clasped loosely together and her eyes half-closed, a small smile touching her lips.

    "The flowers that color the landscape
    are like lights reaching toward the sky,
    like tens of millions and millions of breaths.
    Now the world is born anew..."

She holds the final note as the piano brings the short song to its close.


Sugata Shindo has posed:
Sugata stands near the refreshments table, he and Takuto having separated to take optimal pictures and recordings of Wako's performance; Takuto will at least have Tauburn's support (probably) - Samekh absolutely can't be trusted with anything as important as recording Wako's singing. In fact, the only thing Sugata is 'trusting' the miniature mech with is balancing a plate of petit fours for Wako - the miniature bubble, about a foot and a half in diameter and floating - is perfectly sized for balancing a plate of snacks.

No, Sugata really doesn't intend to make any effort to hide his magical identity.

Anyone near the end of the refreshments table (who can see magic, anyway) will see the small black and blue mech in his bubble, and the tall, CLAMP noodle of a boy in a midnight blue three-piece suit beside him, recordinging the performance with a faint smile.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka, followed by her Guardian Chara, wandered off to go find Gretchen. Now she's back, with no less than five fairies following her around, though Gretchen is staying further back than usual. As they quietly await Wako's song, Madoka looks up to the stage with a smile. It's been a fun night for her so far, aside from one flick the cat moment, and all of her minidokas have had fun too.

    When Wako's singing starts, Madoka's eyes sparkle because the song is so soft and pretty. Lydian, Sio, Brai and Medo all close their eyes pull out tiny lightstick and sway them back and forth to the slow rhythm of the music. Gretchen just pulls down her ghastly mask so no one can see her grumpy face.

    The tiny X-Chara spots the dwindling number of petite-fours and decides to grab one more for the night, downing it in a single bite. That might not seem like much of a feat until you consider her relative size.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Flying in helicopters was perfectly normal to Michiru Kaiou. As the heiress of an international shipping magnate, she'd traveled the world in all manner of vehicle. She even had her own helicopter parked in a Kaiou International hanagar near the airport. The last time she'd ridden in it had been the day her parents left for their doomed flight. She'd insisted on seeing them off at the tarmac.

This flight, though, it promised to end on a much more positive note. Assisted by the stunning Haruka Tenoh, her Princess for the night, Michiru Kaiou stepped down out of the helicopter dressed in a striking royal blue tuxedo. Her aqua hair tumbled down over the padded shoulders, most of it falling down her back, but a few strands falling across the wide satin lapels of the double-breasted jacket and it's columns of gold buttons. Creases down the front of each pantleg made her legs look even longer than they were, an effect made even more dramatic by her black stiletto heels. She looked like she belongs in a boardroom, not a ballroom. The way she walked into the pavilion did nothing to shatter the illusion she was some kind of executive. Her head held high she walked with confidence. That tux really did something for her. Even if it was pants.

Once they got inside the pavilion, she looked aside to Haruka and said, "I suppose the first thing to do is to try out the refreshments? Makoto-chan made pastries!"

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka is coming in, completely untouched despite the experience she just had. She has to thank the magic of her henshin for that. And she was very grateful for that, because getting something ruined today would have been a complete catastrophe. Still, she has nothing to worry about, and so she walks in, a serene smile on her face, even as her heart beats slightly faster now that she is minutes away from letting Bow see her in this.

Sayaka is wearing a hairband whose top layer is composed of small white sequins, an addition of fooled me daylies decorating it at regular intervals, for a total of 3 flowers. An azure chocker necklace circles around her neck, 7 teardrop gems dangling from its front side.

The top hem of the off-shoulder bodice is adorned by a line of small pearly sequins with lace drooping down from it in a pattern of curvy triangles, each of them presenting small holes, one in the shape of a rhombus at the bottom, then 6 more above it like small crescent moons.

The bodice has an external azure zone and an internal dark blue one accented by white lines forming complex geometrical patterns. Sayaka's dark blue sleeves balloon out from under the lace as one long layer of fabric that is divided by channels amidst the rising teardrop section, then a second wavy layer below it.

Only a small segment of the arm is left uncovered, white gloves garnished by two ribbons descending from the top.

The skirt of the dress is a long dark blue one, stopping just above the ankles and ornamented by long stripes of wavy white fabric sewn over it, flowing over her waist, then cascading down to the back.

There she sees him, giving a presentation to the last singer of the day, the bluenette already giving an applause as soon as the speech comes to a close, only stopping once Wako starts talking, and then she starts singing, a captivating melody that is really good, making Sayaka think it would be lovely to have someone to dance with while she is singing. But it's ok, there is still a lot of time, and Bow will walk down soon.

"Madoka-chan", Sayaka exclaims with joy once she sees her childhood friend. "Having fun so far? Have your Charas left me a bit of the food?", she asks teasingly, happy to see the pinkette here.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
It had been a long evening for Chiyo already: She'd set up her refreshments near the other sweet varieties provided by Makoto, and Katsumi. She'd had *two* dances although one *was* with the Emcee. She'd seen Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion in the flesh for once, danced with her date with the fashion sense of a Yakuza who then played her a violin piece between the planned performances. And now Wako was up on stage.

Chiyo had returned to her table area to rummage for something she'd stowed earlier, and once she has it she turns to scan the crowd for a certain face or two.

Much to her luck Sugata is right by the tables nearby doing something with that weird mini-bubbled mecha thing of his. Perfect.

"Sugata-san, hold this," she request-demands of him while thrusting one end of a long fold of fabric out to him. The end is reinforced and stiffened with a bamboo pole with enough remaining of the bamboo to give something to hold onto. There's a second one at the other end of the neatly folded fabric which she holds on to as she side-steps one, two, three steps away. Just enough to let the fabric unfurl fully. With a mischevious grin she orders Sugata, "Lift and hold!"

The bamboo rod is raised up on her end and should he listen to her to do the same, it's revealed to be a fabric banner painted in bright gold glitter lettering (yay puffy fabric paint):


Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka was still the first one out of the helicopter, even if they were swapping a little bit on their usual outfits; she still had a Princess to ease out of the chopper herself. Haruka, herself, was wearing a long in the back dress with frills and lace, blue with lighter blue flowers and golden accents. It was designed precisely to fit the slender runner's frame.

    But the clothes didn't matter to her (though she wanted to look good and was damn well pulling it off) quite as much as the person she was with. Still taller than Michiru by default, she walked a little bit taller in her heels, occasionally stopping to once again admire how well Michiru handled wearing that suit. You could really tell she was the heiress of a fortune.

    Moving through the crowd with Michiru, she turns to her. "Well, if Kino-san has pastries, if there are any left by the time we get there, we simply must." she says, grinning.

Bow has posed:
As Wako comes up on the stage, Bow pauses as she bows to him, and he returns the gesture. "You look great." he encourages. "Break a leg, I think is what they say here?" he asks her with a grin and a wink, before he is making his way down the stairs, to once again, mingle with the crowd, wearing that same 'Feel Free to ask me to Dance' button.

It's the same rotation he made the last couple of hours, mixing and chatting with people as he comes across them that want to talk. Sharing a little information as needed, a longer pause with a group waiting to head outside and he nods, giving some last minute instructions before he turns his attention from them as they head out into the darkness... for reasons.

Noticing Sugata and the robot, Bow's eyes sparkle brightly. Oh. That's just TOO COOL. Making his way over to the table and grins. "I saw you dancing with Wako a couple of hours ago. She is really good. Thank you for sharing her with us." he offers with a warm smile, before he's heading off again, a grin at Gretchen as she downs another petit-four, that smile shared with Madoka as well.

And as he turns away, he just misses seeing Sayaka as he was stopped to be asked by yet another issue, being informed that they are on the last batch of the curry pops (vegeterian) and gets asked to what to adjust it to. Vegetable kabobs are suggested, before he is moving along again handling all the small issues. He and Sayaka may cross paths, eventually.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"How is everyone tonight?" Wako asks, conversationally, from up on the stage. "I hope your evening has been even half as magical as mine has... and that you're not all too worn out just yet."

Her smile slightly impish, she takes a moment to look out from her elevated vantage point and survey as much as she can see of the ballroom. It's pretty obvious when she spots the banner that Chiyo and Sugata are holding: she goes, briefly, completely still, eyes widening, and laughter bubbles up involuntarily out of her before she gets it together and shakes her head.

"So many people just standing still! That won't do. Let's see if we can get the energy up just a little bit, all right? I want to see some dancing!"

With that, a single extended piano chord and a high-pitched note from an electric bass ring through the sound system, launching quickly into an energetic, almost ragtime-esque melody.

"One two, one two three--!"

No standing still this time; Wako's glittery shoes kick up sparks as she sings, dance steps following the fast-paced, rollicking tempo.

    "No matter when I phone you
    You'd better pick up within three calls.
    Hey, this is basic stuff.
    Don't you understand even that?
    If you don't, then I'll teach you right away.
    Here, take a seat--"

Her dancing pauses for a moment as she gestures with one hand, as though in invitation to sit in a nonexistent chair nearby.

    "You know, I'm feeling a bit hungry...
    Aren't you feeling a bit hungry?
    You, too?
    All life's a learning experience, isn't it?"

She leans forward a bit, stilling again, almost like she's really asking for a response, though the music doesn't pause for one. As she launches into the chorus, she looks as though she's having the time of her life.

    "Go, go! Faito!
    It's that sort of thing
    Don't you get it?
    If you're a man, then try to look cooler
    I'll show you - yeah!"


Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka's face brightens as she hears Sayaka's voice. She turns towards the bluenette with her hands clasped together and held up. "Sayaka-chan! Eheh, well, Gretchen may have eaten a lot of the sweets, but there's still some left if you're quick about it. The petite-fours have been especially popular tonight." When her eyes go back to the stage, she asks, "Bow-san was looking for you earlier. I think he wanted to share a dance."

    Wako's song changes, and the Chara's behavior change too. Now four of them are floating in the air, doing an impromptu dance routine with Lydian in the front leading them. Gretchen is just staring at them wondering when the heck they managed to learn their moves. Did she sleep through it?

    On closer inspection they've borrowed a lot of their moves from idol music videos, which Gretchen is pretty sure she saw the other Chara dancing along to more than once, so that explains that.

    The Witch Chara ignores her minidoka kin floats closer to Sayaka, saying, "If you want my advice, you should also try the spritz cookies and the candied orange slices. They've also got curry on a stick. I didn't even know that was a thing before today." Because of course Gretchen focused on the sugar and sugar accessories.

    Madoka asks Sayaka, somewhat curious and maybe with a touch of concern, "So what kept you? Nothing too serious I hope."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
It's easy to record Wako for the first song, her gentle swaying, her sweet voice, the hush that falls over much of the crowd as they enjoy her performance. Sugata is proud, of course - Wako might have been worried, fretting over how she'd compare to an idol and a literal mermaid, but Sugata had never harbored a moment of doubt that she'd blow them all away.

When Bow heads over, he dips his head in acknowledgement, radiating pride without actually looking it. "She's the best here. Sharing her talent is what she wanted to do, so of course it's what we encouraged."

As the emcee heads off, Chiyo replaces him, and Sugata takes the cloth-and-stick bundle as it's shoved at him, quirking a brow, lifting and raising as instructed, and - laughing, as he realizes what's happened. Yes, of course.

"Excellent thinking," he praises Chiyo, giving Samekh a little boost so the transparent blue-white bubble floats up with the cake, partially to attract Wako's attention, partially to make sure no little fairies steal cake from the defenseless plate.

"It's a good thing I already danced with Takuto," he says, just loud enough for Chiyo to hear. "Otherwise, he might have asked to dance to this, and poor Wako-chan wouldn't be able to enjoy it."

The teasing never stops.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
It would truly be a tragedy if they'd missed out on Makoto's petit fours, but there are still plenty on the table when Michiru steps up to it with an empty plate. She inspects the menu cards set out on the table and smiles, first picking up a petit fours and spritz cookie before getting one of everything else. With her newfound love of cooking, it's so exciting to try these dishes made by her peers.

Once she's filled her plate she finds her place by Haruka and looks up to her with a smile. "It almost feels like it's been a lifetime since we met just like this," she says quietly, just loud enough to be heard by her princess. Then she turns to look up at the stage where Wako is singing and grins. She leans her shoulder against Haruka's as she picks up the tiny piece of cake to take her first bite.

"Mmm, these are much better than the last time. Wow. I have got to get Makoto-chan to show me how she made these," she says.

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Iona wasn't the greatest at fashion. Sure, she knew enough to look decently good, but that wasn't really fashion, was it? She is not sure what would have been suitable for a Princes and Princesses Prom. Luckily for her, she wasn't alone. No, she did not ask Hime, of course not. She wanted this to be a surprise for her too.

Luckily, she has another ally, a card up her sleeve, if you will. Even if her current dress has no sleeves. She used the power of the Princess PreCard to acquire an outfit that would suit such an event. And here she is, wearing a two-piece dress made of regency satin.

Glittering rhinestones embellish the high scoop-neck beaded crop top, the piece presenting no sleeves and stopping just above the midriff. The back of the crop top is drawing attention to Iona's back, an empty circle just 8 cm away from the hem, where the satin would normally be.

The violet banded waist tops the glimmering A-line satin orchid skirt that flares out from the hips and cascading to a formal floor-length, barely concealing the lilac wedges she is wearing and the amethyst beads that delineate its rim.

Complementing the purple shades of the outfit, silver earrings dangle from Iona's ears, a green gem set at the end of the chain, while emerald eyeshadow has been tastefully applied above her eyelids, and Iona's hair flows down to her mid back, apparently scrunched to make the tips wavy. White star hairpins with a purple hue ornament her hair.

Now she is just standing around, waiting for Hime to show up, or for herself to see the bluenette first. She is prepared though, two chalices of juice in her hands to offer her when she arrives.

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
Hime is a Princess, and she has attended numerous balls in her short life. Sure, this one isn't in some fantasy palace in her faraway homeland, but it's nice. She is in her element for once.

She's a bit late to the party, having spent forever getting everything PERFECT for the event. Back home she had handmaidens who would help her dress and get her make-up and hair perfect. She's gotten used to doing that for herself in her everyday outfits, but this isn't everyday. And it isn't like she could ask her roommate, Ryoko, for help. Absolutely not. She'd sooner DIE. Thankfully, her fairy helped a good bit, but was sad she needed to stay behind for the event, itself. Hime assured her that there would be no violence or trouble, so there was nothing she needed to worry about.

Her dress sweeps about her ankles as she enters the Prom, a dazzling smile on her pretty, young face. A swooping dress weith dangling shoulders and a black top with see-through blue fabric draped over a sweeping, shimmering grey skirt. Her long, blue hair is up and back in a complicated bun, with little, faux blue gems shining just off the color of her hair. Back home they would have been real gems, but here they were bought from the children's toy section at the store. They looked cute, though! Her bright eyes widened as she took it all in, glancing this way and that as her lightly painted lips pull into a nervous pout as she looks for her date. For her girlfriend. Girlfriend? Girlfriend...at least in Hime's mind.

( A picture of her dress, because I suck at describing clothes: Dress )

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai smilese rather brightly at the praise, though the laugh from Wako on stage was proof enough that she had most definitely seen it. Perfect. Mission accomplished. When Sugata mentions having danced with Takuto already she laughs herself. "I think she would have had an excellent view from the stage, but it might have been a bit distracting, too. I'm glad you're all enjoying yourselves though."

For just a moment she has to pause in quiet consideration. "Honestly, tonight hasn't been that bad for me, either. I was a bit worried it might given my date is Utau's brother. ... And apparently has very little fashion sense. I guess I can't complain though. He's been nice enough for a pity-date."

The banner is held up just long enough for the song to come to an end before she lowers it again. No sense in keeping their arms raised up the entire time. Just at the RIGHT time.

"I'm glad I got this finished in time with all the preparations and cooking I needed to do."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka nods to Michiru. She nods to just... so much when it comes to her. "Yeah. It really feels like I've become a new person since then. I had just barely made it to the Academy and it was just me... and ever since that moment, when I saw you, I knew... somehow, that it wasn't going to be 'just me' anymore." the blonde says to the siren, stopping only to fill her own plate and try some of her distant teammate's hard work.

    "At the time it felt so weird, but... now I don't see how my life could have ended up any other way." she notes. "Of course, I guess that's before we figured out who we are - who we were, what that makes us - but..."

Shehe pauses, sighing. "When I met Setsuna first, I knew things were going to be okay. But when I met you first, I knew things were going to be more than okay - they were going to be wonderful."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"A deal is a deal," Sugata says, not planning to elaborate on what exactly the deal was. He lowers the banner when Chiyo does, though he could have held it longer. When the next song starts, perhaps the banner will go up again.

"Utau as in the idol at the start? We missed her performance," he says it blandly, like most people wouldn't have crushed in just to see an idol at their school dance. "And a bad fashion sense too? Well, at least he didn't spill anything on you."

Nice enough is, well, enough, he supposes. And it may have been better in some regards than coming alone.

"The tangulu and daifuku were your contributes?" He's fairly confident of it, but they had been fairly exceptionaly, so it's worth confirming. After all, half of these students seem to be in alignment with one business or another, an easy way to get more treats.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako's still dancing up a storm up on stage, her frothy chiffon skirt flaring and swirling around her with the energy of her movements, stage lights dazzling off her dress and hairpins. At one point amidst the staccato chords, she brings the microphone in close for a stage-murmured, "My good boys!" with a grin and a wink at someone up front near the stage - then she's off again as piano and bass count out the lead-in to the next verse.

    "Dinner at a fashionable little cafe, good atmosphere.
    See, you can do it if you try!
    Hey, open your mouth.
    Okay, say aah~"

Much as a moment ago, she leans in, pretending to hold out an imaginary fork - only to yank it back and turn away in a flurry of chiffon, tossing a teasing look back over her shoulder.

    "Yeah right, like I'd feed you!
    More importantly, that you've got there, can I eat it?
    First move wins, after all--"

Her eyes skim to the area of the refreshments table and she actually points toward Sugata's bucket-shaped miniature mecha, still suffering the indignity of holding a plate of petit fours on its head.

    "Don't get the wrong idea--
    Even if I'm full, I've got room for more sweets
    Gosh, life is such a pain!
    Go, go! Faito!
    It's that sort of thing
    Don't you get it?
    If you're a lady, then look cooler
    That wouldn't be too bad, right?"

Say this for the girl - having (mock-)demanded to see some dancing, Wako is more than willing to set an example. Or maybe just show off. When the piano line breaks she follows the bass down, twisting in place on the balls of her feet, knees bending until her skirt nearly brushes the stage before she springs back up again. As those staccato chords pick up again, she faux-whispers a count into the microphone: "(One two three four!)"

    "Aah, the more I think about you,
    The more I just want to tease you.
    It makes you happy, right?
    Just say so already!
    Go, go! Faito!
    It's that sort of thing
    Don't you get it?
    Now, now, you mustn't make little complaints
    Just accept it all--"

She punctuates the line with a playful wag of her finger.

    "Go For It! Faito!
    Hey now that won't do
    Not taking things seriously
    If you're a man, then act cooler now
    It's fine if you just try~

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Sugata's little robot doesn't have to worry about the minidokas. They are Union Chara who would never take food off another mascot's plate! Gretchen stealing food from Madoka's bento doesn't count. Nor does her attempt upon the life of a malfunctioning vending machine. She was just taking what belonged to her!

    That said if it's still at the refreshment table then it's anybody's game.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai purses her lips when Sugata correctly figures out who she meant. Then again 'Utau' was a bit of an uncommon name. "Yeah. I was... Kind of starting to date a guy and she butt in on our date, threw a fit, and called me a hussy. I figured I'd distance myself after that but her brother came and asked me to prom." A pause, and she murmers, "Might have thought it'd be nice to rub into her face a bit."

Petty? Just a bit. Thankfully the talk turns to the food.

"Good guess," Chiyo reaonds with a grin at Sugata does indeed guess which treats she'd brought. "They're simple enough, though I had to opt for mold-pressed Daifuku instead of hand-decorated. ... It's still an old family tool though for the mold," she admits with a fond grin. There was no way something wasn't going to be made by her or her ojiisan that wasn't somehow tied into their history. Other than the 'new' treats, they really did try to make the sweets with care and skill.

Wako's next song earns the banner raising again with a laugh. "My friend Mako-chan made the petit-fours and the cookies with the help of one of my ..." A pause as she considers how to refer to Katsumi. "Co-workers." Good enough. She almost said 'boys' but that would just give connotations that were NOT accurate in this case.

"Wako really *is* good at this," she admits watching the continued performance.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"I am glad you have been enjoying yourself", Sayaka smiles at Madoka, her friend's face brightening reflecting on her own face. "I'd better be quick then, I can't wait to taste all the things here. It has been tough getting here, but I am actually happy to have made it. I had asked Fairy Drop Fashion to hold my dress so it wouldn't be ruined, but guess what spawns on the way back from there? A Labyrinth. And then familiars are onto me so fast I have barely had the time to get transformed", the bluenette raises her hand as if to say 'What can you do?'

"The witch seemed to have given priority to numbers over strength, though. Those things fell to a breeze, it was more the time wasted than the effort I actually had to put into things, especially when there were four of us", Sayaka comments, the last part whispered to Madoka. "Hey, Gretchen!" she exclaims, a bright smile to the X-Chara. "How has your Prom been? Thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to head to them straight away, trying to see if I can get some for me and Bow."

And that's just what she does after listening to her reply and excusing herself, before heading right to Bow. "Sorry for being late, have some", Sayaka says, giving him the candied orange slices and the petit-fours.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"You should probably just hit her with your hammer," Sugata says after a moment, absorbing that story. "Going on a date with her brother is a good psychological move, I have to applaud you, but you can never underestimate the power of physical violence."

As Wako would say: Sugata No!

"Still, I respect your restraint. And your talent; as expected, these are quite nice. It's likely we'll be making another order soon."

The savory items are near them at the refreshment stand - he takes a few pieces of beef negimaki and yaki onigiri, then it's time to raise the banner again, which he does without hesitation. The second the banner is down, he continues filming, zooming the camera to center Wako as she dances.

"She's brilliant. She's going to be a star."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
"Our lives could not have ended up any other way, not this time," Michiru says after finishing the last of her petit four. It was so good. She looks up to Haruka with that soft smile she reserves for the blonde. "We were always meant to find each other. Our orbits have always been intertwined."

She turns to look back out over the dance floor and up to the stage, her eyes crinkling with amusement as she eats the rest of what's arrayed on her plate and enjoys Wako's performance. The girl really knows how to do crowdwork.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka shakes her head, making the golden earrings she's wearing catch the light and glint a little. "No, not in any lifetime. We'll always be together." she notes. And then she plucks one of the treats - not the petit fours but something slightly less - off Michiru's plate and eats it, despite having a perfect good sample on her own plate of the same food.

    She walks with Michiru out to the dance floor, and then slips in closer to her. "Do you think you can still dance in that suit of yours?" she asks with a cheeky grrid. "It is, after all, a dance. Once she's done working the crowd and the tempo gets up there, at least."

Bow has posed:
Continuing to work his way through the party goes, Bow continues to give instructions - Glimmer would be proud, he really has blossomed since he arrived, and is just so eager to made sure that everyone else gets to enjoy even just a momentary glimpse into something so important to his home.

Grabbing one of the bottles of water to get some hydration in, a momentary breather before he's back into the thick of it again. It's been a marathon for everyone else, and he's been sprinting everywhere. So much so, that for a moment as Sayaka speaks up behind him, he doesn't realize it for a moment. "Oh, I'm good on snacks..." he starts to say, "...I don't want anyone to get shorted a petit-four..." There's a turn, and for the first time, he gets to see his date for the evening.

And the bluenette is absolutely rivetingly adorable. As he drinks in the fact that Sayaka looks every bit of an actual Princess, it's clear it's the first time he's seen her in the dress. His eyes widen, and the sparkles that pop in his eyes are probably showing up on either side of his head as well. There's a little squeak of absolute joy as he clutches his hands in hers, holding them between them against his chest. "You look... you look..."

She's late, and he knows she's late, so he's immediately releasing her hands, spinning Sayaka around on the spot, a critical eye, checking her for any sign of injury - anything that'd indicate that she wasn't capable for the evening, because he'd totally be willing to just sit down on the sideline with her instead of dancing...

Even if Wako's song is totally encouraging him to just sweet Sayaka off her feet and onto the floor, as he finally brings the bluenette around to face him and he lifts her into a hug, squeezing her tightly to him. "I'm glad you made it." he admits to her quietly. "You look amazing and beuatiful and like a real Princess and and... I'll think of more words when I get a chance and maybe a thesaurus..."

Setting her back down on her feet, he looks around. "Sooo... what do you think?" he asks, trying to sound all cool and cavalier. "It was a lot of work, but everyone did a great job, right? Have you eaten? Do you want to? Or we can dance? Or Or...."

The Bow descision tree has hit an infinite loop error, he has no idea what to do with the absolutely adorable girl in front of him.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako takes a moment to catch her breath, flushed from the exertion of all that energetic dancing and beaming with genuine delight. "Was that a little too much?" she wonders aloud, laughing softly. "Sorry. I'll go a little easier on you all."

The next song begins with a jazzy rhythm, upbeat and easy for awkward teens to dance to or not-so-awkward ones to show off their moves. Wako moves with it, not with any practiced dance steps now but just grooving in place in time to the melody, just for the simple joy of it.

    "This feeling is new-born
    An invisible ring connects us
    Our eyes met and babe, it's you
    Even the color of the sky is being reborn
    The lamp of my heart lit up, and its door opened."

(As she sings 'babe, it's you,' her eyes catch on the tall red-headed boy currently manning his tiny camera near the stage, and then her gaze drops away as she smiles to herself.)

    "Ebbing and flowing on a whimsical journey.
    I'm really tired of going around in circles.
    A melody's begun to play
    that makes me think of spring, ooh la-la.
    You've given me a clear answer.

    "This feeling is new-born
    Face it with your arms outstretched
    Don't be afraid, call a name!
    Even the meanings of words are being reborn
    Falling, crying, I've come to feel everything has a reason...

    "'It's better to show your true colors
    than to put on an act,' you said
    There's a code to misgivings
    I'll figure it out someday.

    "This feeling is new-born
    An invisible ring connects us
    Our eyes met and babe, it's you
    Even the color of the sky is being reborn
    The lamp of my heart lit up, and its door opened.

    "I Keep It In My Mind
    I want to be strong now
    Even if partings come again and again...!"

Wako tips her head back, holding the note long and clear, her eyes half-lidded with the sheer joy of singing like this.

    "It's no a coincidence, we're being reborn
    Face it with your arms outstretched
    Don't be afraid, call a name!
    Even I can be reborn, I'm sure of it
    Falling, crying, I've come to feel everything has a reason..."


Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto was a bit tired after his performance earlier, but it was a good kind of tired. He'd done well, and had given Chiyo a nod before scanning the crowd for his sister. He'd missed her performance earlier in the evening, but still wanted to speak with her. Utau was nowhere to be found though, and the catboy would make his way back to the snack table.

Glancing at the stage on the way back in, Ikuto shouted an enthusiastic "Woo!" Yoru grinned, and Ikuto responded "What? It's a fun song." He saw Chiyo and someone he didn't recognize holding up a banner. "Wako is...our idol? Oh, I'm guessing that's Wako up on the stage," he commented. "Need help holding this banner up, Chiyo-chan and...?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai cracks a bit of a grin at mention of using her hammer. "It was pretty tempting, but I try to keep from transforming when I don't need to. She has no idea who I am otherwise." Which was just fine for her at the time.

"Though I'm not against punching if necessary. I'm fairly strong." Tempting though it was she *did* have more restraint than that to punch someone over a boy. So far.

She falls silent as the song shifts again to a slower one grinning as she watches Wako simply perform, and enjoy her performance at that. Right until she's startled out of her thoughts by Ikuto returning.

"Oh, Ikuto-kun! This is my friend, Sugata-san. Wako-chan's fiance and Takuto's boyfriend." Takuto gets no honorific, he was just Takuto.

"If you want to grab the other end I think Sugata is also trying to record Wako-chan. It might help?"

Glimmer Brightmoon has posed:
Soraia shoved open the doors with both hands, lifting her fists to the air like she had just conquered a grand enemy! "WOO! The queen has ARRIVED!" she said...

... And she looked like the HAD! Her dress was... lovely... if singed. As was she. Her hair a little... wait, was the tip of it on fire? She paused a second to reach up and wave it out. "Sorry we're late," she yelled sheepishly, before grabbing Ryoko's hand and just... dragging her along for the ride.

... And nobody likely had any idea who she was. Sure, the girl was... well. While a lot of the girls in the school had legs for days... she had a stockier frame. Looking more like the kind of girl who'd try to punch you out and would likely succeed.

Her dress was pink and black, covered in little symbols of flowers of all kinds. And, of course, the singed ends. That.... that would get almost anyone's attention.

She also seemed to... sparkle. Like... a lot. Everywhere she went it was like there was some kind of sparkle following behind... or glitter? Except that faded quickly and after a few moments she didn't seem to be leaving a trail at all. Imagination, perhaps?

... But she DEFINITELY didn't go to this school. And was loud. And excited. And apparently RYOKO had brought her here. And yet she was dragging RYOKO around.

"Ohhhhh, they have the little cakes, it--" And she took a bite of a petit four and... and her eyes literally sparkled... Before she stuffed the rest of it into poor Ryoko's mouth. "Oh my gosh, taste this, ohhh! The music here is ama-zing! Come on, let's dance!" Before, once again, dragging the poor girl off.

... Was this a date or a kidnapping?

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko Gushiken looked absolutely furious, especially with wisps of smoke curling up from her body. Though oddly, she didn't actually seem burnt anywhere, not like her date. Her date who was wearing the dress Ryoko had only finished sewing this morning. Her date whom she had picked up early. Her date who then went and got them lost so bad they literally had to go through fire just to get to the dance. Her date who had just grabbed ahold of her hand and started to drag her across the dance floor before she could even get her bearings.

She didn't even want to be here. At least. She hadn't. But here she was, and she was, for some reason she did not completely understand, letting this broad-shouldered girl take her wherever. She only had to survive the night. She could last an hour or two longer.

She was wearing a black sequined bodycon maxi dress with an asymmetric neckline and single sleeve. There was a slit cut up to the middle of her thigh to show off her perfect, pink pedicure in a pair of open-toed black stilettos. The same shade of pink as Soraia's dress. Large silver teardrops hung from her earlobes and her black hair tumbled down over her shoulders and back. As always, she wore her onyx pendant on its titanium chain, falling just above the neckline of her dress.

One moment they're bursting in the door and just a few moments later she has half a petit four shoved in her mouth. Why does she let this girl bully her like that? She's the bully. Not that anyone could prove it.

As she eats the admittedly delicious morsel, Ryoko looks out across the room and sees her dreadfully annoying roommate and her equally annoying date. Of course they came to the dance together. Of course they did.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    As much as Madoka would love to chat with Sayaka and take up her time, she knows that her childhood best friend has a date to get to and the pinkette isn't about to get in the way. Her eyes widen a bit when Sayaka describes the Labyrinth, but clearly from the fact that she arrived it couldn't have been that bad. "Eheh. Well, I'm glad you took care of it. I actually also had some trouble on the way here. Someone released a snake youma at the zoo and well... I couldn't just ignore it. Sio and I took care of it just fine, though."

    Gretchen responds to Sayaka's question with, "Delicious. A lot of people are really excited to be here, and I'm pretty sure at least one of the attendees was an actual princess." Probably a lot more than one, not that Gretchen would really know.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou pretends not to notice Haruka stealing food off her plate. She just keeps on eating, and snags a morsel of the blonde's plate a few moments later. Ah, soulmates.

She sets her plate aside and lets Haruka lead her out onto the dancefloor, laughing. "I'll dance just fine," she says, her mouth forming into a mischievous grin as she starts to move her hips to the jazzy beat of Wako's song. "But do you think you'll be able to keep up?"

Sugata Shindo has posed:
"Ah, Wako and Takuto did mention that a number of you like to keep your identity a secret. It's an oddity, but I suppose that's Tokyo."

Is it really an oddity, if more people are into secrecy than not? But then again, this is a boy who thinks other people can just get good if they aren't able to cope with things as he does.

"Sugata Shindo," is the name offered to the boy coming up to Chiyo - the pity date, he assumes, but has enough tact not to name. "I'd appreciate your assistance. It is getting more difficult to record."

The other end of the banner is promptly given to Ikuto, and Sugata shifts into a better recording position... though the loud entrance of an absurdly loud girl with flames at the end of her hair makes his eye twitch. No Sugata, you can't King's Pillar someone for interrupting Wako's performance, you'll destroy the prom.

The things we do for love.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
She didn't expect the first thing Bow would do is spin her around. Good thing she didn't actually brink any drink with her, and good thing she is actually able to place the food onto a nearby table after starts moving. "Already that eager to dance?", Sayaka quips in reaction to it, smirking slightly at him, not actually getting his intention.

"It looks great, Bow", Sayaka smiles as she reaches over to squeeze his hand, looking over just how handsome he is, and especially tonight. It's as if the waves came over to give him their own seafoam to use as ornament, making him a prince of the sea just for her. "Not as great as you, though, you look so handsome, Bow, I would love to dance with you", Sayaka says, a very happy and adoring blush onto her cheeks.

"You look as if you got crowned by a marine deity, Bow, as if the jewels of the sea had given themselves over to you because they couldn't stand you not having any less. Let's go dance", Sayaka says smiling, leading him by hand onto the dance floor.

Bow has posed:
Dance. Food. Talk. Bow is stuck in that mode for several moments, before Sayaka is turning the tables, showering him with compliments and the usually confident Etherian suddenly blushes, and clears his throat, and when he speaks, his voice completely breaks, "S-sure, I'd l-love to dance!" he says, that momentary high pitched squeakiness there as Sayaka takes his hand to lead him out onto the floor.

Though as he is leaving the table, led by Sayaka, Soraia and Ryoko passed by, and his nose curls for a moment, sniffing the air. "Weird... I smell burning, sparkles... and adventure." he admits thoughtfully. It is terribly familiar, but for the moment, Sayaka has his complete attention as the Puella convinces and coaxes him onto the dance floor. Settling in as he listens to the music, Bow's arms settle around Sayaka, resting his hands on the small of her back as she waits for Sayaka to figure out where her arms want to go. And once they are settled?

He starts to sway gently in place with her. No frantic movements - no practiced waltz. Just holding Sayaka in his arms as the pair of them start to step together, his eyes locked on hers as there is just enough distance between them to keep Setsuna or Kyouka to come 'ruler' check them.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
"Yoru, give Sugata-san a hand with the camera if he needs one, but -don't- get in his way. And try not to bite anyone else affiliated with Obsidian tonight. I'd prefer not to give that -entire- organization a reason to want me gone."

He takes the end of the banner, flashing Sugata a grin. "Ikuto. Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Pleasure to meet you, Sugata-san. I'm pretty lucky that a girl as pretty as Chiyo-chan was willing to go to prom with me, huh? If you need help with anything just call for Yoru. He'd just get bored of sitting in my pocket anyway. Er...say, do I...look like a yakuza in this suit? Usagi-chan said so, but...I dunno, I thought it looked cool more than anything."

Minako Aino has posed:
A mystical, magical evening, full of wonder, joy and romance...well, how could the senshi of 'Love and Beauty' not make an appearance? Of course Minako would never admit it, but she'd been more than a little nervous. She'd checked her dress several times, she'd checked her hair over and over before she'd gone to meet up with her date...and that was exactly why. Sure she and Rei had done things together since they'd officially became a pair, but magical girl duties were a whole other thing compared to going to a -prom-!

When they arrived? The blonde Senshi was excitedly tugging her partner by the hand, a bright smile not quite hiding the flush of her cheeks as she took in the sights. "Wow Rei-chan...look at this place."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
Sugata considers both the tiny fairy and the question, giving both equal serious contemplation. "I'm informed yakuza generally have tattoos."

This is not actually answering the question, but he has enough tact to know that his real opinion would be rude, probably.

"If he does want to bite someone, he could always bite anyone who keeps making noise through Wako's performance."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka smirks. "Look, if Uranus can fight in heels, I can absolutely dance in them." she replies to her love.

    Haruka also is not shy about dancing in general, and especially not dancing with Michiru, their path moving steadily around the dance floor, weaving in and out with a sort of grace and chaos mixed together that is truly reserved for the harmony of wind and sea.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai blanches a little bit as the Yakuza question comes up. Oh so he had heard that. Oops. Then again Usagi hadn't really been very QUIET when she said he was dressed like Yakuza, and... And he kind of was. Actually he really reminded her of this outfit she saw on a videogame poster at the hobby shop where she got her manga a lot but it had been ages since she'd seen it up.

"Ah, it's... a look, but I think it's one that might have some connotations behind it?" She suggests trying to smooth things over a bit with an awkward chuckle. Quickly she tries to change the topic.

"The violin piece you played was really beautiful, by the way! Thank you for doing that." She almost added 'for me' but she was feeling a little sheepish at all the comments of being nice enough to go with him. Eh heh.

A quick glance toward the snack table finds that there's a severe shortage of Tanghulu which causes her to frown. Somehow, somewhere, a fairy had gorged on a lot of the fare and she'd missed it. "I think I may need to go refill my sweets soon. But I don't want to leave just yet," she points out with a glance to the stage. "Wako-chan's one of my roommates and I want to support her."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Her suit may be all sharp lines and stiff edges, but Michiru Kaiou's dancing is anything but. Every move is fluid, elegant, and just a little bit chaotic. The sea is unpredictable, after all.

Just like their first dance, Michiru's attention narrows in until she only sees her Princess. As they move around the dance floor, she just doesn't notice anyone else. It's a good thing Haruka can lead, and pays attention.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As the designated 'Responsible Adult', Nurse Meiou has, barring facilitating a rather dramatic entrance via helicopter for a pair of couples and checking over one student who got mildly hurt, generally stayed at the edges of things. Which at the moment is near the refreshment table, but not next to it while she 'nurses' a glass of punch.

This is a night for the students, after all.

Still, she's managed to find quite a bit of enjoyment at watching the various couples interact...not the least being Haruka and Michiru.

Truth told, she has a soft spot for the pair...and watching their relationship be a rock upon the ages helps her to feel right in the world.

At the mild commotion, she turns to look over at the ever-bubbly Minako and see her dragging in none other than Rei.

THAT pair gets a bink of surprise...right before a huge grin blooms across her face.

Rei Hino has posed:
    Rei is being tugged in. She's wearing a red ballgown, her hair styled and pinned up as she's guided in by the senshi of love and romance, the senshi of Flame and Passion being drawn behind the more personable blonde.

    She is looking all over at the finery, glittering crystals sparkling from her ears.

    "It definitely looks like they've put a lot of work into it --" she trails off with a slight smile, gloved hand giving a squeeze at Minako's.

    "Looks like there's a lot of people here --" she trails off, seeing more than a few familiar faces -- "Oh! There's Bow --" she murmurs, giving a slight grin as she picks up her pace to match Minako's.

Glimmer Brightmoon has posed:
Soraia didn't seem to notice her partner's... well... suffering. Or didn't care. Possibly just didn't notice, though. She was not always the most... attentive sovereign.

What she was, however, was an appreciater of AMAZING music. "That singer is amazing," she said to Ryoko with a massive grin.

Of course, then they were on the dance floor and going WILD! Well, Glimmer was. "So, are you used to like... leading, or following?" she asked. "I can do both, though admittedly I usually follow. I guess it's your planet, so I should probably let you lead, huh?" she asked. At least she whispered that bit... And then... there was DANCING! She put her hands on the other girl's shoulder's, humming a bit, before shrugging and instead taking her hands, snickering. "I guess we shouldn't try doing etherian dances here, should we?" she whispered. "So, show me the dances of your people."

At the very least, she was positively shimmering with delight.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
After the last notes of the jazzy number have faded away, the lights slowly dim. The sunlit floral scenes on the wraparound monitor up on stage are replaced with a view of a clear night sky strewn with stars. In the lowered lighting, the dazzle of Wako's sparkling dress is muted to moonglow and stardust, faintly shimmering. As the first sound of strings fills the air with a slow, gentle waltz tempo, spotlights shine down, gliding across the dance floor to illuminate this or that dancing couple.

    "It's easy to
    Push me away from you
    Easy to say
    You want to be left on your own
    Yet somehow I can't help but see
    How your eyes shy away..."

In place of her earlier showmanship, Wako stands still, one of her hands curled against her chest. Her head is slightly lowered, her eyes fixed on some intangible point in the middle distance.

    "Your hands seal the entrance and path to your heart
    Anger kept fear and the sadness you feel
    Under the surface for so long
    Locked that room, you keep it inside...

    Lend me your voice
    Words you try so hard to forget
    They'll break through the silence
    Bring me close...
    Let me see the past you regret
    Deep down below
    Show it all...
    La, la la, la la, la la, la la..."

There's a different quality to Wako's voice, compared to the previous songs. It's still just as sweet, no less on-key, but suffused with emotion that rings in every note.

    "It's not so hard
    Living all by yourself
    It isn't hard
    Yes, I know that's what you say
    It's what you have told yourself
    Over and over again in darkness
    You try to hold back all the thoughts,"

Her gaze drifts over the ballroom, settling at a certain spot near the refreshments. For a moment, her eyes meet Sugata's, and her voice drops almost to a speaking register, with a tiny hitch like a helpless little laugh:

    "But you know--
    I just want you as you are
    Just the you that I see right before me
    It's all that has been on my mind..."

Her eyes lid again, and she tips her head back, voice soaring as the music swells.

    "Lend me your voice
    Let me see your face, let me start
    To show you what I see
    Bring me close
    Let me feel the beat of your heart
    The secret you bury
    Lend me your voice
    Anything you want to say I'll be right here
    I'll listen, so tell me
    Open the door
    Let me some and sit by the fire
    Just let me come close
    To your heart...!"


Sayaka Miki has posed:
With no hand to take anymore, Sayaka mirrors Bow, placing his hands on Bow's sides and letting him know that she is ready to pace herself alongside him as they start their slow dance together. She is not really paying any attention to the crowd around them, because in this special moment, everything else vanishes in a blur, only the music of Wako's voice staying as a guide for the charm between the two of them.

As she gazes affectionately into Bow's adorably sweet eyes, she feels herself pulled towards him, towards those distant stars that she hopes would fall down and grant her this one wish that her heart aches for, wanting his warmth here with here. "Bow, come down here", Sayaka says, her hand briefly getting away from his said to pass over her lips, telling him what she is going to do. And when his face does approach hers, Sayaka cusps it with her hands her lips meeting his with a warm touch, letting him know how much she wants to be here with him.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto can't help but smile. "I'll make sure to wear something a little less 'loud' for our next date." He knows exactly what he said, and really just can't help but tease Chiyo a bit after seeing her hesitate like that. "It was really hard not to laugh when you started clapping, you know. I appreciate the sentiment though. I could play for you again sometime, if you'd like."

Yoru goes along with Sugata, nodding to the boy. "Ikuto doesn't have any tattoos, nya."

Bow has posed:
Noticing Rei and Minako as he settles into the song with Sayaka - Bow lifts his hand for a moment to offer a wave to the pair. The current song is dying down and Wako is launching into something slower, sweeter, completely compeling and different. Something that will change the angle of several things.

As the song comes from Wako, it touches Bow, as he listens to her, and then down to the girl that he's dancing with. It would be easy to push her away, to concentrate on the mission. Easier to say that he should be on his own - that his timeline is doomed to die, and she'd be better off without him.

Yet, here he was, with her - unable to want to be alone. Despite Hope's words, his eyes dart down between them for a moment as he continues to dance with Sayaka.

His heart, something he had kept guarded, secured against the idea of falling for anyone - afraid to be hurt after losing his two best friends - and now, here he is again, being asked to come closer to Sayaka, to give. To trust. To be with her. Does he unlock his heart as easily as some of the mahou he's heard do it.

Wako's song continues to guide him to Sayaka, as she lends him her voice, bringing him closer to her. His heart pounds in his chest, a song for Sayaka that she cannot hear. His eyes brim with warmth and affection as he accepts her proposal, the brush of her gloved fingers over his lips silencing any protest that he would have made. If there were any.

And he opens the door to her. Sayaka is invited to come within, to sit with him. To take his face in her hands, and then that soft, affectionate kiss that feels all too short and all too long all at once, and when it breaks, his forehead rests gently against the Sayaka's forehead, pulling her into a closer embrace as they continue to dance together in a gentle sway.

Minako Aino has posed:
Red and orange, like the sunlight dancing together and no less radient and joyful. At the very least from Minako, but Rei seems to match that brightness herself at the moment!

Minako's gaze does meet Setsuna's a lift of her free hand given to a wave before she takes in the sight of the two outer senshi in each other's arms. So glamourous!

Bow too gets a lift of her hand, a light wave of her fingers...but the kiss suggest he's otherwise occupied, so she instead turns to look back at Rei. "Do you...would you like to dance?"

Sugata Shindo has posed:
It's a good thing that Chiyo and Ikuto are handling the banner, because as the next song plays, Sugata is frozen, staring transfixed at Wako as she sweetly, earnestly, cores him like an apple from her place on the stage above him.

Despite the crowded gym, the many voices, the dancing feet that pound the floors, none of it matters as much as Wako's sweet voice, her eyes meeting his through the crowd. Reading him, knowing him, as only one who grew alongside him could.

He can't look away. It's a good thing he's an actor. He may not be able to hide how Wako stirs his heart, but he can at least keep from flushing openly.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
"Our next date?!" Squeaks Chiyo in surprise as her eyes jerk back toward Ikuto only to realize he's clearly teasing her. Especially when he brings up her short-lived clapping at the end of his violin performance which had been more than a little out of place. "I just didn't know what to do otherwise," she mumbles, ducking her head. "Yeah, that might be nice. The violin I mean."

ANOTHER date? That was going to take some thinking on, clearly he was joking. Right? Right. Yes.

More might be said but Wako's song was a bit interesting. Slooowly she glances from Wako to Sugata, then back to Wako, as a grin emerges. Oh ho ho. That explained a lot about them, perhaps. What she'd learned of Sugata so far was that he was a bit more orderly and stoic than Wako or Takuto. A bit more stab happy too she was realizing.

With amusement she asides, "I think maybe you should go closer to the stage. So you can be there when she finishes her set."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko Gushiken didn't even have time to grab another bite of food before Soraia dragged her off to dance. Here she was, The Grim Queen's trusted second-in-command, and she was scrambling to follow behind this girl she'd just met a week before. She was a queen. There was no question in Ryoko's mind, even if it seemed so utterly implausible. There was no other explanation.

They got out onto the dance floor just as the jazzy up-tempo song was ending, and Ryoko looked just a little bit disappointed. But just for a heartbeat. Samba could happen later. This kind of song was for something a little more sensual.

She stepped in close taking Soraia into a rumba hold and placing her hands where they should go. "I'm used to leading," she says. "This dance is called the rumba, it's a rather romantic dance," she says, her voice only just loud enough for Soraia to hear right there next to her.

She then goes on to show her the basic step, saying, "And just do that and follow my lead. We'll wow them in no time."

She may have never been able to go to the ball before, but she certainly learned how to dance. She's Brazilian. It's in her blood.

Sarah Point (246) has posed:
Scorpia was so excited for the ball. Perfuma looked exquisite in her flower and lace gown; a complete contrast to her own gown of dark red, black, and silver tulle and lace. They both shimmered in their own ways. As they walked up the main staircase towards the ballroom, Perfuma kissed her cheek and headed off to socialize with others that had waved her over. She watched her partner walk away, a happy grin stretching across her face.

Turning, she completed the walk to the ballroom. She walked through the wide archway... and into the Prom. She did not recognize where she was. This wasn't the ball. Was this even Etheria? Spinning around in circles, the skirts of her gown swirling around her long legs and panic climbing up her throat, she called out, in a language only Etherians would recognize, "Perfuma! PERFUMA! Where are you, my love?"

Rei Hino has posed:
    Rei was admiring the music, the fancy clothing, everyone looking so glamorous, her hand in Minako's that she almost misses her question. She pauses, and turns towards the blonde senshi, and she gives a small smile.

    "I would love to dance with you." she states softly, drawing up close so that no one could hear the whisper -- and she takes Minako's hand a little tighter.

    She does look up as someone starts calling out in a strange tongue, her lips pursing a moment before she holds Minako's hand a little tighter, her shoulders tensing slightly.

    "Another transfer student missing their date?" she questions softly. . "Anyone you recognize?

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka hears someone calling out. She doesn't know the language, nor has she ever heard Bow speak Etherian, but she knows it's neither Japanese or Witchtongue. Since she's not doing anything else at the moment, she runs up to Scorpia to see if she can help.

    "Are you okay? Are you lost?" she asks in Japanese. Then, in after a moment she says in terribly broken Engrish, "Do. Yoo. Speek. Inglish?"

    She's trying. Gretchen holds up a card that says, '3/10'.

Sugata Shindo has posed:
It's good advice from Chiyo, and a good thing Yoru is hovering around, because he's able to dive for Sugata's phone and keep it recording as he advances towards the stage with a distant nod.

Honestly, he's not really worried about his phone - he could buy a dozen of them and only vaguely notice the dent in his quarterly allowance - and he's trusting that Takuto is still recording. The suggestion of being near Wako, as she sings this song in particular, is - entrancing.

Above, floating a couple of feet over even the tallest heads, Samekh floats after him in his bubble, arms crossed and irritable.

It's the sound of a shouting voice that draws Sugata out of his state of worshipful captivation, and he levels an irritable look across the dance floor. Should he...

Ugh, if he can't use a King's Pillar, he might as well, right?

And thus, instead of going up to the stage's edge, he goes over the the strange girl shouting, in time to hear the ... poor and unpracticed attempt at English.

"<There's a performance going on,>" He says in English, "<You're interrupting. If you've lost your date, try the outside portion of the event.>"

Yuki Hoshino has posed:
Yuki Hoshino has arrived Fashionably Late. She was not in her dorm working on a new gadget. no, she definitely was not. Really. I mean it. She wasn't. You believe me, don't you?

At least she remembered a nice dress. She almost headed out in her school uniform. That would have been moderately embarassing. Instead, she's acquired something nice and fancy. A classic, formal Chinese ensemble in midnight blue, with lots of flowing panels and shiny gold embroidery. It looks great, even if it's more like something you'd expect of the Cosplay Club than a formal ball. Complete with heeled boots that add a few inches to her height.

Unfortunately, she's alone. The one thing she completely forgot to arrange - a date. So she stands there looking around, taking in the sight of her classmates and looking for someone to approach. She considers Madoka for a moment, the pink hair quite eye-catching, but then she spots another familiar face in a white suit and decides to be a bit more... conventional... for her opener. Completely ignoring the girl shouting in a foreign language, she makes as much of a beeline as the crowd will allow towards Ikuto.

Minako Aino has posed:
"A couple, Bow too," Minako offers, bringing a little smile as they move out to the dance floor. That strange shouting? It brings a little frown from the blonde before she blinks at the strange girl yelling a strange.. was it a name? Was she some transfer student? Radiant heart was very much a place for the strange people, but still.

"She...she's new though."

Rei Hino has posed:
    "/How/ new." Rei asks dryly as she looks over to Minako. She was familiar with Bow's origin. This seemed to be a bit -- well. People are crowding the new person, and Rei holds Minakos hand in a moderately protective manner, straightening up slightly.
    "That is a measure of panic on her face though --"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Nurse Meiou smiles and waves back to Minako as she and Rei proceed to the dance floor, and she goes back to a pleasant evening of people watching.

The sound of someone calling out in an unfamiliar language, however, grabs the Nurse's attention.

So noting, she carefully moves over towards where the new arrival is...in time to hear Madoka's...let's go with 'valiant' effort to try English.

A chagrined look is given in response, and she shakes her head.

Sugata's effort is far more intelligible...but she's looking towards the young lady being addressed to see if perhaps English might BE a common language for them...because she's quite certain that what the tall young woman called out in was NOT English.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
That kiss is theirs to share, theirs to hold as a connection between the two of them, a bond that Sayaka can feel, incredibly real and incredibly special, her heart beating so fast that it's very loud to her ears, and maybe e en to those of Bow, any unfinished shade of that communication over her love for him taken care of with that contact between their foreheads.

And now that his heart has opened to her, it is free to communicate with Sayaka's as much as it wants, because the bluenette's heart has always been open to him, wanting to give all of her love over to Bow, no obstacle coming between the two of them, that melodious symphony being all the more powerful with all barriers torn down.

While they gently sway to the rhythm of that slow music, Sayaka feels all the more sure in his hold, a hopefully mutual feelings that leaves herself wanting more, and wanting to give him more, and wanting even more, these single instants already an eternity with precious little able to get in between them.

When someone erupts in a panic inside the Prom building, that's said little able to reluctantly bring her back to Earth, even as the language is very much not of it. "Isn't that your language?" Sayaka asks Bow. "Is she an Etherian?"

Bow has posed:
As a loud, confused voice sounds out, Bow suddenly rises up, his expression stiffening. 'Perfuma, my love?' There's several rapid blinks as Bow recognizes the words, if not the burly girl that they are attached to. Suddenly, the whole demeanor of the Etherian changes as he takes on a new role.

"Hey!" he calls out back in Etherian, as he seperates from Sayaka, taking her hand in his to lead him over. "<It's okay... well... it's not all okay...>" Bow is offering in Etherian, flipping to his native tongue with relative ease.

"<I'm Bow. You know, the one that shoots the arrows.>" he mimes drawing an arrow and firing.

"<Good news, bad news. Bad news first. This isn't Etheria. This is Earth. That's a very long story and I will gladly tell you, but the short, what you need to know right now? There's no Horde or Rebellion here, but there is a whole lot of magic and for some reason, Etherians are being pulled at random here. I don't know if it's a runestone thing or what, I'm trying to figure that out!>"

"<Good news. I'm here. So is Adora. As is Catra and Double Trouble. That is where it gets more complicated, and I'll be happy to bring you to speed.>"

"<Finally, you're at a prom, just not the prom you're used to. Well. Sorta. I organized it. So... take a few moments, lets get you some tiny cakes, snacks, and a drink... and well, we'll figure it out, okay??>"

And to prove his point, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little figurine. Tiny Bow.

Glancing over to Setsuna as she catches his eye, he offers quickly. "She's from the same part of America that Adora and I are from!" comes his call, both offering an explanation to the other language, and to clue Setsuna in on what she is.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto quietly laughs as Yoru chases after Sugata, the little fairy barely able to stay in the air while carrying the phone.

The shouting in a strange language gets his attention for a moment, but he doesn't recognize any malice in the voice. Then he looks over and sees Madoka, hearing her...attempt, at English. Wow. "Wow."

What he does feel is a pair of eyes on him, though. Perhaps it's instinct, or Chara Change making him sensitive to such things. He turns, his eyes meeting with those of a girl he recognizes, just...in a very different outfit than when he last saw her, back at the museum. "Yuki. That's an impressive dress. Who's the lucky guy who brought you?" the catboy asks with a smile.

Glimmer Brightmoon has posed:
Soraia gave a smile to Ryoko, one filled with life. And she didn't give in resistance, her hands giving only the slightest squeeze. "Of course, don't worry. I'm a quick learner." Was she? Ehhhhh. It was debatable. But she'd been doing fancy dances for years. This one, at least, was... somewhat quicker than others. And she had no trouble learning these steps, soon moving quickly with Ryoko's steps.

That is, until she did miss a step. And looked past Ryoko's shoulder. The light had been on... a couple. One with... exposed abs. And she'd seen... she THOUGHT she saw something on his neck.... for the first time since arriving, the smile had disappeared.

And Ryoko, once again, was able to see the queen beneath the childish smile. The serious look in her eyes, the determination. The awareness that she would BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND to protect her kingdom.

But it was hidden quickly before Glimmer shook her head. Surely she just mistook it. Looking back to Ryoko.

"Sorry, I flubbed there for a second. It--"

And then someone was calling for PERFUMA?! She then glanced up at Ryoko and hissed in her ear. "That person is yelling in Etherian. For one of the princesses. Come on. I need to get closer," she whispered.

Poor Ryoko, being handled like... well...

The dance, however, was put on hold as she made her way closer...

And it was Bow. IT WAS BOW! He was talking to the girl. Oh. Good. WAIT BOW WAS HERE! And then she tried to inch around, to get a good view of his neck...

And Ryoko would feel that hand *clenching* on her arm. And oh. Ohhhh the queen had *quite* the grip on her. Funny, she seemed so pudgy and soft but she managed to give a very, very strong impression, right then, that if she wasn't constraining herself slightly, she might break Ryoko's arm. Good to know she had control, at least.

She then turned to Ryoko and motioned to the girl with blue hair and the boy she was with, talking to the girl.

"Do you know who those two are?" she whispered. "And if not, *can you find out*?" And there it was. The queen. The look of a woman who now had a job, a duty... and heaven have mercy on *anyone* who got in her way.

If Ryoko played her cards right, maybe she'd even get to see the queen break something! Or someone.

Bow has posed:
With the momentary confusion on the dance floor, Bow quickly turns and flashes a thumbs up to Wako for her to continue her concert! This was not going to ruin her moment and, in his mind, he assumes that the music and returning to normalcy will help cover Sarah's arrival - and soothe a lot of people's mind to return to the dance and not worry so much!

Sarah Point (246) has posed:
    Scorpia looked around, her eyes wide and unseeing. She did not know any of these faces, nor did she know what they were trying to say to her. Raising her pincers... wait a minute! Her mouth dropped open in shock. She had *hands*, human hands.

Before she could attempt to process that new information, she heard a familiar voice, followed by a very familiar face. Bow rambled and rambled, all of his words falling on deaf ears as she ran towards him and lifted him up in a huge hug, "BOW! Oh, I'm so happy to see you here. That's so much information all at once. But I heard snacks. I like to eat when I'm stressed. And boy, am I *stressed* right now."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "You should leave the English to that guy," suggests Gretchen regarding Sugata, making Madoka quietly whimper.

    "It wasn't that bad, was it?"

    "It was a disaster." The tiny X-Chara gives her Chara Bearer no quarter. Once it becomes clear that the new girl doesn't know English either, the Witch Fairy adds, "Look at the bright side. The only one who knows how bad it was is him."

    "... I think Meiou-sensei noticed, too... and a few others..." mutters Madoka, with a tiny amount of shame. When Bow comes along, the pinkette starts to put a few puzzle pieces together. "O-oh. Well, then." Madoka's face brightens up a bit more, now that the Etherian boy has come to the rescue. "I guess she's going to be here for a while, and--" Then, Madoka notices the obvious. "Oh, she's a hugger."

    Game knows game. Or in this case, cuddle knows cuddle.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
The lights come back up a bit from the spotlight dance, the glow of the big stage monitor shifting to a blue skyscape drifting with a few wispy white clouds. Aware of a bit of a commotion out on the floor, she searches for Bow in the crowd, a wordless question visible on her face.

At his thumbs-up, she nods - then looks off to the side, probably to one of the students managing the sound system, and nods again. The first notes from a single guitar begin to play, and Wako's voice joins them, light as the first brush of a spring breeze.

    "On an empty highway, I walked with my arms outstretched
    After I closed my eyes, quietly, in my heart
    I made a small bet."

She sways a little in place in time with the music as she sings, the song slowly building.

    "If I stumble from the white line, I'll lose
    I used to do such things in the past.
    Ahh... This is kind of nostalgic, isn't it...?"

With a drumbeat flourish, other instruments join the guitar, the melody opening up like a clear horizon. Wako's pure voice grows in strength, buoyed by the music.

    "It's a perfect day
    I chased after the contrails in the sky
    One day, they'll reach my hand
    Even though that is what I believed
    The sky is really far away
    That's what my insignificant self sadly thought--
    Ahh, that's what I thought.

    "Even if, right now, a meteorite were to fall down
    I won't be able to realize the path to heaven
    Oh well, I wonder if that could even happen."

Wako smiles a little as she sings that 'oh, well,' a rueful little twist of her mouth like the line reflects something of her own inner feelings.

    "Through that day's adventures
    I felt like I was able to become a little stronger.
    Ahh... What a precious memory...

    "It's a perfect day
    I chased after the contrails in the sky
    Surely they'll reach my hand.
    Even if no one believes it, I know it.
    Just you see, I'll definitely reach them!"

As the song builds into a crescendo, Wako leans into it, stretching an arm out beside her with her hand spread emphatically.

    "I'll run and overcome any dead ends,
    No matter how far...!"

The drums announce the final chorus, and the rest of the accompaniment briefly falls away, letting Wako's voice take flight:

    "Such a perfect day!
    When I stop and look up at the sky
    on a blue, blue canvas
    I'll soar through the clouds back to the same sky from that day
    So now, just once more, I'll reach out my hand
    Ahh, I'll reach out my hand..."


Bow has posed:
As Wako is going into her finale, Bow may not be present, but he had left his instructions with others - he knew (well, more hoped) that he would actually get a chance to spend some time with Sayaka, so as he is dancing with her, work still had still continued. Inside the confines of the dance, the windows had changed from their imagniary magical views and glimpses into other worlds to a view of the clear and starry outside night sky.

For those that are already outside, they will get the full experience of the upcoming event, those within will see it unfold on the screens and be accompanied by Wako's music.

As she hits the crescendo of her song, the first sparks fly skywards, arcing and rocketing upwards gracefully. As they come back down, they explode into a pyrotechnic display of colors and shapes, illuminating the night sky as momentary flashes, bangs, and showers of sparks give the prom a since of a culminating finale that the Southern Cross Idol has brought to the night.

The fireworks display lasts for the rest of Wako's song, and for several moments afterwards. There is still plenty of music from the DJ that takes over in Wako's place, picking up where she left off. There is still plenty of food to be enjoyed. There is still more than enough conversation to be had between friends and loved ones, old and new. And there is still more than enough time to make memories that will last a lifetime (and for some, into their next life as well).


Yuki Hoshino has posed:
If Yuki were in a western dress, she'd curtsey to Ikuto, because why not? But she isn't. So she goes with something more appropriate to her outfit, clasping her left hand into a fist and covering it with the right as she bows.

"Ah," she says, smiling slightly. A rare sight when she can keep up the 'ice queen' (or in this case, 'Jade Beauty') facade. "I believe you know the gentleman in question. He goes by 'Tsukuyomi'."

Her little joke.

She listens to the foreigners' conversation with perhaps half an ear, if that. "Would you share the honor of a dance?" she asks of the white-suited boy.

She's reaching for Ikuto's hand when the fireworks start, and she's halfway into ducking for cover before she catches herself and straightens. She most certainly did not panic and assume there was a battle breaking out. Clearly not.

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Iona smiles when she finally notices Hime, and the absolute perfection of her apparel. No wonder she had a talent for fashion. She could always be trusted to know what to wear and especially what would accentuate the bluenette's own beauty. "Hello, Hime", Iona makes herself heard as she approaches the bluenette, offering her one of the chalices of juice she had brought.

"You look absolutely charming", Iona says, giving Hime a kiss on the forehead. She isn't hugging her only because she doesn't want to risk making a mess with her drink, which would be a grave sin with the clear effort Hime has put into her clothing. "I hope the juice is something you like", Iona's head a mess of cotton right now. "What have you been doing so far?"

Minako Aino has posed:
"My guess is -very-," Minako murmers as she leaned close to Rei, hands held as they swayed and moved in an 'almost' dancing, moment. Still she comes to watch curiously, her own English was pretty good, thanks to her time as Sailor V in Europe, but it was pretty clear that it wasn't needed. INstead she moves to observe, a silent nod of agreement to talk of panic...only to jump with a squeek at the sudden explosion of fireworks.

How the heck had they managed to set that up...no, she hadn't had a momentary thought that her date was about to be ruined by explosions, why do you ask?

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
Hime's heart skips a beat when she spots the approaching Iona, and her bright eyes dip and lift to take in every inch of the taller girl. "Oh! Oh, wow! Iona-chan, you...you look amazing!" Her cheeks are beet red as she reaches out to take the chalice, but she uses it as a chance to seize the other girl's hand with her own. No escape!

She transfers the chalice to her other hand and steps in closer. "Thank you! For the compliment, I mean. The jewels in my hair look a bit purple when the light hits them just right, so I figured they'd go well wirth your hair." She clears her throat and takes a long sip of her juice in an attempt to cool her cheeks, but it is a pointless attempt. It's then that she spots Ryoko out of the corner of her eye, and she glowers for a moment before she catches herself. She grins back up at her date. "Looks like she found a date on her own. Good. And I just got here, so nothing yet. But I figured we could fill the rest of the night with dancing and...I don't know. Whatever. Just...I just want to make sure I'm with you for this. Whatever we end up doing will be perfect if you are, no matter what it is."

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
This was actually almost enjoyable. Ryoko could actually maybe get used to this. Glimmer was really something else, but Ryoko had to admit that despite every effort she made to hate this Prom, she was having a good time.

So of course it didn't last. The misstep was nothing. She expected Glimmer to misstep. But then she was getting dragged off yet again, scrambling just to keep up in her stilettos. Whether or not her date was sparkling still, she certainly was as the light kept catching all her sequins.

She stopped and focused her eyes on the point where Glimmer held onto her arm, staring at it as the young queen gripped harder and harder. That was going to leave a bruise. And it's not even the arm with the sleeve.

With everything going on, Ryoko did not expect to be able to answer a question, but Glimmer asked the only question she could answer in that moment. "Oh, that's Bow and his girlfriend Sayaka Miki."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
So the girl is not speaking English. Unfortunate, but also, it means that this is officially not Sugata's problem, particularly with the emcee formally handling it. Rather than involve himself further, Sugata shrugs at Madoka and says, "It wasn't the best. You might want to consider practicing further."


He doesn't stay to see how she takes that, though, instead, briskly making his way through the crowd, to reach the stage as Wako plunges into the last live performance of the night. He doesn't want to miss any of it, and thanks to Yoru, it's still being filmed from a good angle.

And then there are fireworks, and Sugata is smugly pleased that there are fireworks for Wako, as there always should be.

If she dives from the stage, she will most certainly be caught.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto raises an eyebrow at the suggestion that -he- was Yuki's date, but...she does look quite stunning in that dress, and Chiyo has..where'd she go, anyway? And he didn't get a chance to dance yet, so...why not? "I can think of far worse suggestions than a dance with you," he replies.

At Yuki's seemingly instinctive ducking from the fireworks, he gives the younger girl's hand a gentle squeeze and offers a reassuring smile. "Fireworks. Relax, there's no danger here." There's something further in his words, a deeper meaning in the way he said it. As if to say 'and if there was, I'd stand between you and it just like when we met.'

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
As Bow gets lifted and hugged and enthusiastically greeted by the newcomer, Nurse Meiou sidles quickly in that direction.

As she does, however, she overhears the interaction between Madoka and Gretchen...which causes her to pause for a moment and lean down slightly so that only Madoka and Gretchen can overhear, "...don't be so harsh on Miss Kaname. English is a VERY hard language to learn for many people. That said, if you need help with it sometime, I'd be glad to help. Come see me in the Infirmary some afternoon and I'll see if I can help you out."

A glance is given, "In the meantime, however, I feel this situation might require my assistance. Enjoy the rest of your evening, Miss Kaname and friends."

That done, she continues on over towards Bow and the new tall girl that seems to know him.

Coming to a halt next to them, she looks over at Bow and quietly says, "Well, Mister Armbruster...while I can't say as I speak the language you two share, by context I gather she's glad to see you...but I rather suspect she's going to need the same kind of help that I gave you on your arrival to our little Academy?"

Rei Hino has posed:
    Because something always happens.

    Rei's hand on Minako's squeezes a little harder, and her arm drops down protectively around Minako's waist.

    "Hey, hey, it's all okay -- just fireworks -- look!" Rei points up -- though she's not going to admit she jumped a little too. She takes a deep breath to settle and center, and then gives a smile to her companion in orange. The ray of sunlight to Rei's sometimes cloudy day attitude.

    And she gives a smile, hugging Minako close to her in the meantime.

    "They're almost as beautiful as you are."

Glimmer Brightmoon has posed:



And his girlfriend? THAT was Sayaka?! Well, she seemed nice. But was that a...

No. It couldn't be. Could it? Horde Prime was gone. Horde Prime was--

Okay, screw this, she was going to just break it and damn the consequences!

Her hand reached up to her necklace and Ryoko could see, almost, in slow motion as bad choices were made. As--

And then, as quick and explosive as it started, it stopped. Slow, deep breath. Fireworks were going off. The musical number was INCREDIBLE.

And Bow was being himself. Slowly, very slowly, she lowered her hand. And control was regained. Regal. Precise. Standing up straight and... wait, she looked suddenly taller. Determined...

Then, slowly, she smiled. Relaxed, turned back to Ryoko. "Right. That's tomorrow's problem. Tonight? I promised you dancing. And there's explosions, fireworks, snacks and plenty of dancing to be had. I'm a part of Obsidian for now, right? We can just like... kidnap the blue haired girl later to find out if that's actually what I think it was. Catra used to kidnap people all the time when she was throwing her fits, she can give me some pointers. How about we return to the dance floor, my princess?"

Whoever that girl was... she was being helped by Bow. And so that chip couldn't be one of Horde Prime's. It had to be something else. For now? "Here, how about we see how well I can lead, just in case you thought I wasn't paying attention," Soraia gave a wink that actually sparkled, before leading her back to the dance floor, swaying her hips as she went.

... She... she was *not* actually that good here. At leading it. She'd seen the dance *once*. But you know what? She could sway a lot better than her stockier approach would imply, she had a good sense of balance and she was filled with boundless energy.

... And after a few flubs she was more than happy to let Ryoko take the lead again.

Bow has posed:
The minute that he's hugged, Bow realizes exactly who he is being hefted up by! After all, Bow has often said that he is the second best hugger on all of Etheria. Why? Because the best hugger has just pulled him in for a squeeze, his arms captured at his sides.

This also pulls down the back of his jacket, giving Glimmer a better view of the small, round disk with six 'legs' on the base of Bow's neck, a small sliver of green light in the middle of it.

"S-Scorpia?" he manages to squeak out as he's lifted off the ground, but he remains to speaking in Etherian, to Sarah first. "<Hi! Yes, perfectly aware! And these are better than the cakes Entrapta's chef makes!>" he admits to her. "<This is Nurse Meiou. She helped me adjust to this world when I arrived. If you put me down, we can go to the side and talk about it.>"

For now, he's finally getting his arm free, and activates the earring. "Crystal Hope." he announces, and the small figurine unfolds onto his shoulder. "Yes, Bow?" she asks.

"I need you to translate until we figure out how to teach Scorpia here the language." He says this in both Japanese and Etherian so that all parties understand.

"Of course, Bow." Crystal Hope responds, ready to help Sarah out.

"Yes, she's going to need that... and some way to learn the local language - she doesn't have the same tech I used to quickly learn it." he admits to Setsuna.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka winces slightly as Sugata gives his fair, accurate and honest criticism of her attempt at English. Madoka might not have the same grade problems that other mahou do, but no one has ever accused her of being a scholar. "Eheh... I'll do better next time," she promises.

    Gretchen gets called out on being too harsh to Madoka and is about to say something back, but talking back to a teacher that Madoka actually respects, and who is also the School Nurse, is something that she's pretty sure will get her ice cream supply diminished, if not cut off.

    Madoka politely says, "Ah, well I'll leave it to you and Bow, Meiou-sensei." Then she smiles and waves at the new girl, since smiles seem to transcend language barriers, and then turns and walks away.

    "I mean, I'm your inner voice, Madoka," says Gretchen. "If you don't like what I say, you should build more confidence."

    "No normal person could have the kind of confidence you'd want me to have," retorts Madoka in a low whisper. Gretchen lifts up her mask to stick her tongue out at Madoka before flying away. Madoka watches her for a moment, but doesn't pursue the X-Chara, opting instead to mingle with the rest of her fairies.

Iona Hikawa has posed:
"Thank you, Hime-chan", Iona replies back, her face blushing with appreciation for being liked by the bluenette just as much as the bluenette is liking her. She doesn't even mind that her hands are suddenly held. Of course she wouldn't. Hime's hands are perfect where they currently are, that soft touch of hers, squeezing Iona's heart in a vice and sending her stomach on a rebellion that closes it down like an impenetrable fortress.

"Is that so?" Iona's smile gets wider when Hime reveals the thoughtfulness of her choice. She is so good at it, and by it, the purple-haired girl doesn't mean fashion, even if that's just as true, she means saying and doing just the thing to pull Iona down into the pool of those blue eyes all the more.

"Gushiken-san is an inflexible as iron", Iona tells Hime when she catches her glowering. "But iff she tries doing anything against you, I can share an enlightening conversation I had with her, and also, Hime-chan, if it continues, I am still without a roommate, and I would love if you came over with me."

Hime Shirayuki has posed:
She beams up at her, and takes another sip of her chalice 'o juice. Tasty. She sways a little to the music as it plays, and the girl briefly eyes the dance floor. "Do you know how to dance?," she asks curiously, before glancing back up at the other girl. "I do. Lots of experience. If you don't, I'm happy to lead. If you do, we can switch off..."

She pauses at the mention of her roommate, and that glower briefly returns...until Iona mentions her coming to be her roommate. She blinks, and her gaze returns to the girl. "I...oh! W-well, yes. That...that would be...be a much b-better situation..."

Minako Aino has posed:
With her companion pressed against her, the blonde Senshi gives a little laugh, a grin before she actually processes what was saying...and turns about as redd as Rei's own dress. Okay. Get it together Minako!

A little bite of her lip and she leans in, a press of her lips to Rei's cheek intended to be the perfect counter.

Totally not because she'd been a loss for words. Not her!

Sarah Point (246) has posed:
    Setting Bow down again, Scorpia scoffed, "As if anyone could beat those delicious, tiny delights! Best I try some and see for myself!" Her face darkened as she stepped away from her friend, "I need to know what's happening. And where Perfuma is. So, let's go talk, while I eat some of those snacks."

    She couldn't let anyone see how much she was panicking. It would do her no good to show weakness. There were a lot of people here, and while it was overwhelming, she was excited at the chance to make more friends. Her heart panged, she was already missing her beloved. Although it was normal for them to spend some time apart, Princess duties and rising star travels, this time felt different. And Scorpia did not like it.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
The song ends, and for a moment Wako just - stands there. Basking in the moment. The brilliant fireworks, the view from the stage. It takes her a couple of breaths before she collects herself enough to take a bow. There's more music to come, of course, courtesy of their guest band and DJ, but Wako's performance is complete.

She takes another moment or two after that, fingers only barely jittery, to make sure she's disengaged from any potentially tangling wires or sound equipment. Then she looks for her boys, lighting up in a dazzling smile when she spots Sugata right up by the stage.

Without a shred of hesitation, she darts the few steps to the edge of the stage and leaps off, launching herself bodily at Sugata. "Sugata-kun! Takuto-kun!"

Rei Hino has posed:
    Rei woudl deny that she is capable of blushing, but in the light of the fireworks, Bow getting manhandled by a very tall lady, Wako's launching herself off -- but the world was mostly taken up by Minako at right this moment, a kiss on the cheek. And Rei gives a small smile, brushing a few strands of Minako's hair back behind an ear, and Rei takes a few moments to bask in the glow.

Ryoko Gushiken has posed:
Ryoko Gushiken stood there and watched, her attention focused mostly on Glimmer rather than Bow, Sayaka, or the newcomer. They weren't the girl who'd captured her attention. She was more interested in Glimmer's reaction than anything else. What was it that could set such a fire under the young queen?

Ryoko was very curious. She would have to ask questions. Later, though. Because they came here to dance, and that's what Glimmer wanted to do, so that's what they did.

"I'd like to see you try," she said, of Glimmer leading. After just a few measures of music she couldn't help but start to laugh, and when she took back over, she said, "A good queen knows when to delegate." Delegate the leading. Yeah, that's how delegation works.

The music switches to a faster tempo, though, something more lively and that's when Ryoko's smile gets even better. "Now, if you thought that dance was fun, just wait until you learn the samba." She breaks away and does a couple of dance moves on her own, and then grabs hold of Glimmer's hands again to teach her the true dance of her people.

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Well, it's not like she didn't know how to dance. That was one of the many things she worked to ace in, and that meant, while it was technically a perfect dance, it was also very academical, so it's not exactly the kind of thing you would call a carefree dance. "It is something I would know how to, but you showing me and leading me is the better deal, so please", Iona takes Hime up on her offer.

"I am glad you think so, you know", Iona tells Hime over transfering to her. "With you there, my day would already start out amazing and special, and I would do my best to make you feel at home", a bright smile looks at Hime as Iona gives the stuttering bluenette a smile of encouragement.

Yuki Hoshino has posed:
Yuki nods. "Just fireworks," she agrees. Leaning close, she adds in a softer voice, "Since the museum, things have been ... interesting." She doesn't specify what *kind* of interesting, though. She turns to take his arm and lean a little closer.

"If I'm stealing you away from someone," she whispers, "Don't worry. I'm not greedy." Her smile widens and she chuckles lightly. At least someone seems to be communicating with the shouty lady. "Though I'd love the chance to get to know folks properly."

Glimmer Brightmoon has posed:
Soraia gave a light snicker and nodded. "Yeah, that tracks. It's why I only cook for special occasions and can't be trusted with a thread and needle."

Letting Ryoko lead in the dance was muuuuuuch easier.

And then... the samba. Ohhhh. This one was FUN! It was like, wiggling your WHOLE BODY! Swaying wildly, making the dress flow through the air. Ohhhhh, she loved it. It was so much fun! She was working up a bit of a sweat, but there was something about working up a sweat in a fun activity like this that just felt... nice.

She felt happy. In a way she hadn't felt in ages. Light.

Sure, she was going to have to deal with some things... maybe see if she could get Ryoko to track that girl who'd been hugging Bow. She'd need to talk with Catra about kidnapping some blue haired girl. Maybe get Double Trouble in on it. Oh, Takashi. He was like... useful, too. A shame Entrapta wasn't here. She might have to be...

Subtle. Ugh. She was SO bad at that.

For now, though, all she had to do was the samba. And that, at least, she could do with Ryoko. The two were going to dance the night away. Because if there was one thing that Etherians were good at, at least from Brightmoon?

It was throwing a party.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto is at first surprised by the closeness, though he finds himself relaxing. He doesn't get a chance to ever relax. It's always a fight, or an argument, or planning for something bigger. So he lets himself relax and hold Yuki just as close. "And here I was thinking I'm the bold one. You aren't stealing me from anyone, as far as I'm aware. Chiyo and I aren't...like that. She seems a bit shy, not that I blame her after what my sister put her through before. I wouldn't mind getting to know you, either."

Yuki Hoshino has posed:
Yuki nods. "I'll still have to do something nice for her. You'll introduce us when you have the chance?" she asks. Then, letting the music guide her feet, she starts to dance, swaying to and fro in rhythm.

After a few moments' consideration, she asks, "The blonde one at the museum, the singer. That was your sister? I overheard some of what you said to her then."

Sugata Shindo has posed:
As Wako leaps from the stage, Sugata reaches out, catching her. They spin a little, from the momentum of her leap, but she's held close in strong arms.

"Congratulations, Wako-chan. You did a great job."

A pause.

And then he flicks her on the forehead, gesturing for Samekh to come down. "I didn't miss what you did."

Cored! Like an apple! In front of an audience!

"I still brought you snacks, though. I suppose it's the stockholm syndrome, keeping me tied to you no matter what." Samekh grumbles under his breath, but the plate piled with petit fours is still on his bubble, each cake still in perfect condition. Plenty of snacks for a hungry performer to fill herself up on.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi has posed:
Ikuto nods in return, moving with Yuki and matching her steps with his own. "Of course, we can meet up with her sometime. We can just drop by the shop her family runs. Chiyo is a nice person. I asked her to prom the very same day we met, and she actually accepted even though she knows who my sister is, and how much trouble that could have been. Utau is my sister, yeah. She's...complicated. She doesn't seem to understand why I don't want her to be involved in this fight. It's dangerous. The things Easter is playing with...ah. This isn't the time for talk like that."

He looks around a bit, noticing the prom taking on a more relaxed air. "I bet the moon looks great right now. Why don't we find a high spot to get a good view of it outside?"

Yoru had for his part done a -great- job of getting the moment Wako leaped from the stage and landed in Sugata's arms captured in a short video clip. Just for good measure, he'd also taken a few pictures of Ikuto and Yuki dancing. If nothing else, he'd make sure Ikuto didn't ever forget about that suit...

Yuki Hoshino has posed:
Yuki nods, enjoying the chance to dance with someone, even if she barely knows him. "I'll admit, I don't know much about what they're up to, but, well." She shrugs casually. "Perhaps we should try for a visit with Chiyo-san... oh, after classes on monday?"

Things do seem to be quieting down for the moment. It's pleasant enough dancing music, certainly, but a little more privacy would not go amiss. She looks up, meeting his gaze. "I do believe that sounds like a marvellous idea, kind sir. Do, lead on."

Bow has posed:
After Bow had gone to assist Sarah, and made sure she was in good hands with Setsuna with a promise to speak with her later, he finally returned to where Sayaka has been patiently waiting for him. And as soon as he sees her face, he realizes what happened. "I did it again, didn't I?" he asks her, a rub at the back of his head in embarassment.

He jumped into the fray, eager to help. Not bothering to ask for the help or explain the situation. All the hallmarks of the self-sacrifical lamb. There's a brief sigh, "I'm sorry." he says to her quietly, before opening his arms back up to Sayaka if she wants to settle back into them to continue their dance, even if the music has changed. Once they're moving - or not - he'll explain things to her.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka had been waiting to the side after Bow had run off, not quite sure if it was better for her to approach or let Bow have space with the reunion with the woman that is somehow even taller than the already tall Bow that suddenly barged into the room in a panicked state. She wasn't quite sure if she ought to help, or even if she could. Given her clearly confused face, maybe all she needed was a familiar face being there to talk with her, supposing she actually is an Etherian. What do they feed them on Etheria to provide such giants, she wonders. Probably not those slaw buns Bow mentioned, since they can apparently be made here.

Either way, she just stands watch until either something that could require her help happens, or until Bow comes back to her, with or without the newcomer. "It's ok", Sayaka tells him when Bow comes back, her tone of voice too reassuring him that everything is fine. "She was a friend from your home, right?" Sayaka asks while slipping into Bow's arms and slowly continuing that dance as if no interruption actually happened, because Bow did what was right in the situation. "If she was, she probably appreciated having a familiar face at her side to reassure her. How is she now?"

Bow has posed:
As Sayaka slips back into his arms, Bow's arms settle around her again, pulling her back close so they can resume their gentle sway to the music as they move in time together. "She is. My best guess?" he asks himself as he tries to puzzle it out. "Is that she's Scorpia. She is a bit like Adora in that they were both members of the Horde as a Force Captain, but apparently she's in the Rebellion now?" He gets a momentary look of confusion, as if trying to parse that, his hands tightening in the fabric of Sayaka's dress. "I guess it's Adora's timeline." Cause it's not his.

"She's resting, confused, and probably going to be heartbroken. Her and Perfuma were an item, and Perfuma... well." Not here. "I'm going to try to help explain it all later, if you want to come with. Right now, she just needs some sleep and a friendly face when she awakens. I plan to provide that." He continues to move with her, a simple box step that gives them a little floor space and he smiles a little crookedly. "I missed the fireworks with you." he admits with a sigh. "Sorry."

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka bites her lips slightly when Bow mentions the potential identity of the woman and the fact she just lost contact her significant other. As if the fact that she has suddenly found herself on a completely unknown planet wasn't enough already. And then Bow has to deal with the fact that not only was she an ex-enemy, she is also someone who feels even more extraneous to him due to this being Adora's timeline. Just complicated feelings all around, she imagines. "Of course I would come with you, Bow. If there is anything I can do, then consider it done", the bluenette confidently tells him, despite the fact she doesn't really know what she would be able to do. Still, she is not just going to leave Bow alone, even if just to be moral support.

And then he worries about the missed fireworks, despite the fact he was busy providing aid to someone that was in clear distress. "Who cares about some random fireworks when I have you, whose fireworks are even more awesome?", Sayaka replies with a smile as they still keep up that calm, confidential, cherished dance. "I am just as happy about enjoying this moment with you. And if you really want to make it up to me, then let's take another night to ourselves, and make me more of yours, how does that sound? Besides, you couldn't have known this would happen, just like I couldn't have expected being ambushed on the way here." And if anything, she is the one who would have to make up for that, not him. "So, we can either call it even, or you can ask me anything you want. I suggest the latter." Not at all as an excuse to do more things with Bow. No, no, it's totally that.

Bow has posed:
To be fair, Bow's probably relieved that Scorpia's from the Adora timeline - it means if he sacrifices himself, she'll be okay. Not that he'll give that voice in front of Sayaka, because that would set off well... you just thought there was fireworks outside. "Thanks. It'll help with me teaching you Etherian if you hear it between a couple of native speakers." he offers to her as he hears the changing of the song, but there's no changing of his dance step with her, stepping in a bit closer to feel her next to him. Even if she may not feel the beat of his heart.

Then she starts to compliment and flatter him, and Bow's cheeks darken with a small chuckle. "I thought I was the one that was supposed to do that." he comments to her teasingly. A press of a kiss to her forehead, even as she speaks of being ambushed. "You're here. And you're okay, that's the important part. Madoka said it herself, if you were in real danger, you'd blown up both of our phones." he admits to her.

Then she's asking what she can do to make it up or what he can ask of her, and he raises a brow. "Well, after this dance, you can walk with me, and we can spend a little more time together?" he suggests to her. "I have like... two hours to make up with you. We can get some extra food and find a place to talk and share it or just spend some more time holding each other." he offers up in suggestion. But after the whole week of set up and the whole day of prepping for prom, plus his running around during prom, she can probably bank on the fact that as soon as he's sitting, he'll fall asleep on her shoulder. Or in her lap. One of the two.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Yeah, if Sayaka knew he considered sacrificing himself a viable option, the worry she has about his mind control chip would be nothing when compared to that. It's one thing to have to accept that one day they might have to go their separate ways, it's another to know he might one day give up on himself. If she knew, she would try to make him vow that he is absolutely not going to ever try that, that he is going to consider that there always is another method that would accomplish what he wants without putting himself at risk.

But he is offering that to her as an opportunity to expand her incredibly limited vocabulary (though, even under those constraints, calling it a vocabulary is still an insult to vocabularies everywhere). "That sounds good, but remember we are to help your friend first. Though, you do know that we can both compliment each other, right?" Sayaka reminds him with a smirk. She doesn't mention that there were so many familiars out, that she barely had the time to transform, let alone use the phone. She is there, she isn't hurt, and there really is no need to needlessly worry him.

"I would that", Sayaka replies affectionately to his proposal, spurred to cling to him under an impulse of her heart dictating she wants to feel his warmth, letting her hear the beat of Bow's own, her head lightly pressed against his chest to catch that wondrous relaxation. One of the benefits that come from her tall boyfriend. And she will accept giving him her shoulder or lap later on, whichever he prefers, even if she would like the lap best, just to be able to see that peaceful sleeping face while he rests.