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Takashi Agera (Scenesys ID: 40)
"Magic is like a black box program whose API is completely undocumented."
Name: Takashi Agera AKA: Riventon
Gender: Male Series: (OC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Origin: Device Mage Grade: 9
Clubs: SCIENCE! Club Age: 15
Group Information
Groups Obsidian


Takashi Agera is a young high school student from Radiant Heart Academy who interns at Obsidian's headquarters downtown. Or, at least, that's what most people think. But those within Obsidian know him as more than an intern, but as an innately talented Dark Energy user and researcher who is rising through the ranks of the organization fast enough to ruffle more than a few feathers. And, when it's time to roll up his sleeves and get to 'field work', Takashi is also Riventon, the dark-energy wielding Device User that is responsible for a lot of plans that would be smart if they weren't so reckless. Takashi is seeking power and respect, and his innate talent with Dark Energy seems to indicate he's doing more than just channeling it through his device.


Dark Energy Manipulation, White Hair Black Heart, Mana Conversion Affinity: Dark Energy, Making Youma, Getting Into Trouble, Making Poor Decisions, Mahou Xerox Machine, Mad Engineering, Mad Science, Being Mad,

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'11
Blood Type: Dark Energy
Birthday: Doesn't celebrate one.
Likes: Himself, winning, taking your stuff, adorable small evil things.
Dislikes: People who get in his way, things not going his way, lectures, justice speeches
Favorite Food: Most meat, Duskfruit
Least Favorite Food: Most green vegetables
Favorite Subject: Science
Least Favorite Subject: Ethics


Title Date Scene Summary
You daughter of a pony, I'm in! December 9th, 2023 Hinoiri has one final job before she's ready to get to work. She combines the tactician, the chameleon and with her insider knowledge, they form the perfect crew. The time has now come... for grand heist Kirakirafantastica. There's just one question to ask... Are you in?
Texts: still alive December 4th, 2023 Takashi texts Mamoru to ask if Sailor Moon killed him. Mamoru texts Usagi to see if she's okay and whether or not she killed one of the Witches 5. It's a whole thing.
Of Souls and Love December 2nd, 2023 After returning from the witch fight that broke out into a chaotic fight of its own, Takashi returns to his lab to find Mami there, and some important facts are shared.
Which Witch is Which! 2 December 1st, 2023 La Crima, Riventon and Mami go Witch Hunting and get... more than they bargained for!
Which Witch is Which! 1 November 27th, 2023 La Crima, Mami and Riventon hunt witches for SCIENCE! Hope Blossom and Sunbreaker also help. For s-science? Bring your spoons!
Business Is On Fire November 20th, 2023 Today's plan is to have Eudial draw attention while Riventon takes a heart crystal. And Eudial's still kind of upset about her car. Chaos ensues.
Duskpuppy Time November 18th, 2023 Norie Okana invites some Obsidian Employees, but mostly Takashi and friends over to pet Zarcillos. But face it, they're duskpuppys.
Faust Things First November 14th, 2023 Mami's been thinking a lot about Obsidian lately, and so she jumps on an opportunity to visit Takashi in his lab. They have a heart to heart about what it means for her to join Obsidian, and she still decides to do it.
Digital Business November 11th, 2023 Riventon and Viluy attempt to steal some equipment - and Takuto Tsunashi's heart crystal when he stumbles upon them. What's victory worth, though?
Business Is Blooming November 5th, 2023 Riventon and Tellun seek a pure heart. Madoka, Veronica, Rashmi, and Chrono seek to stop this.
Back To Business November 2nd, 2023 Riventon attempts to steal (most of) the pure heart of a pet shop worker. Sayaka, Rashmi, and Cho have other ideas, as does Ula.
Ramen And Couches October 30th, 2023 The smell of Ramen brings some of RHA's boys together. While Mamoru has to leave, Takashi, Koji, and Adrien remain to talk about ramen, and love lives.
Texting with Takashi and Mami: On Magic and Death October 29th, 2023 Mami lets Takashi know that Norie knows about them dating, and the conversation veers into Puella 101. Dating as magical boys and girls is rough.
Wanting It To Be A Good Idea October 27th, 2023 Mami and Takashi go on a date. There is tiny food and teas and walks home. And a continued lack of reasonable decision making skills.
Don't Give Up! October 27th, 2023 Fate is a little bit down after her last battle with Nanoha. Takashi gives the right advice to the wrong person at the wrong time.
Texting with Takashi and Mami: Are You Busy Tonight? October 26th, 2023 Takashi asks Mami out on a date.
Rigorous Testing October 22nd, 2023 Riventon's got an upgraded device, and a bone to pick with Chrono. Chrono has some very good points to make. Will Riventon listen? (no)
Once Upon a Time in Flavortown October 22nd, 2023 Puella Magi Mami and Riventon both dive into a Labyrinth tucked away in an alleyway to defeat a witch. One thing leads to another and Mami Tomoe and Takashi Agera end up leaving the alley with each other's personal numbers and a budding romantic-professional relationship?
Cold Coffee October 20th, 2023 Riventon owes Naru Who Knows a coffee meetup, and could use some good publicity.
Texts: presumably it still shoots souls out October 18th, 2023 Takashi has information he wants seeded amongst the sparkle side. Mamoru is happy to give that info to Naru. (And also relieved Taka's gonna get some sleep.)
Pajama-Rama Party: The Pajama-ing October 17th, 2023 Usagi Tsukino is throwing a slumber party, and everyone at RHA is invited!
The Cat and the Crystal October 14th, 2023 Catra plans an attack in Shibuya Crossing, with Riventon ready to back her up -- or maybe just to get the Pureheart Crystal. She'd let slip her plans to Adora, and so She-Ra, Chrono, and Sailor V all arrived to intervene. A life was saved; but at what cost?
Magic Guns, Magic Swords October 7th, 2023 Takashi finds Catra, looking for an update on the testing of the Heartstealer Rifle. Is he satisfied with her answer? Feels like not so much.
Prototype Testing September 25th, 2023 Heartstealer rifles are generally explained, practiced with, and handed out.
What's A Pure Heart September 25th, 2023 Eugeal (with Riventon in tow) comes out to test the Heartstealer rifle and the new Daimon. It's up to Coco, Amy, Naru, and Cho to stop them from stealing the heart crystal of this kind older gentleman.
A First Birthday September 23rd, 2023 Since Takashi has never had a birthday party - and doesn't know when his actually is - Hotaru, with the help of Norie, Mamoru, and Fate - has decided he gets one. Today. Whether He Likes It Or Not.
Honestly This Was To Be Expected September 20th, 2023 Darien and Takashi, brothers in all but name, have a fight after 'Subsidaries'.
Subsidiaries September 20th, 2023 CW: Horror, potat. Some of the scariest people on the planet visit someone who has chosen to cheat Obsidian. He has chosen... Poorly.
All the wrong choices September 18th, 2023 Riventon finds some of that magical tech he's always on the look out for. Unfortunately, one small problem stands between him and his new property. Rude.
Dusk Scene September 17th, 2023 Takashi and Norie go to play with some adorable mutant youma(?) dogs(?). And find something shiny. And make plans.
Strawberry Blender Sneak Attack September 14th, 2023 Michiru goes out to find trouble, and she finds way more than she expected. Firefly has a new glaive, and it sure does look terrifyingly familiar!
Texts: The Prince of High School, Vol. 13 September 14th, 2023 Mamoru's phone is a little busy today. What with Naru wanting him to relay messages. And Takashi having a quibble with a senshi. And Usagi fussing. And ... Luna? And a DATE?
Upgrades and Preparations September 11th, 2023 Takashi's got new parts, which means new upgrades for Luminous Titan! And a discussion about Firefly's Future.
Sharing is Caring September 8th, 2023 Naru is missing, and Takashi/Riventon said he'd try to sort out what's up and help. And he finds Naru, and they chat. But he can't rescue her himself.
Texts: Kidnapping O'Clock September 6th, 2023 Following Scene 376 and between scenes 380 and 382, Hematite texts Riventon for help. Riventon texts Sunbreaker for answers.
Texts: dumpster fire September 5th, 2023 Mamoru texts Takashi about fries and wasps and relationships.
Digital Divide September 3rd, 2023 Chunks of the Artha fall out of space time, and everybody fights over them. Also the space police show up. Well. A space police.
The Black Griffin and Riventon September 2nd, 2023 Count Otto recruits Takashi in gathering data on and slaying his Niece! Friendships are /not/ made. Nobles are jerks.
Adorning the Dorm August 27th, 2023 Adrien and Takashi meet near Adrien's dorm and discover they're coworkers, of a distant sort.
Landmines August 25th, 2023 Kyouka figures that giving weapons to the enemy is fine, if they plan to shoot their own.
Texts: Should I be worried? August 23rd, 2023 After Scene 300 and the Backlash cutscenes, Mamoru texts Koji and Takashi.
Interview With The Vampire August 21st, 2023 Takashi welcomes Norie to Obsidian.
Texts: the why of 'fire ants in your soul' August 21st, 2023 Takashi and Darien talk about Pyrite and Darien's issues with dark energy
Windy Worries August 19th, 2023 Takashi finally gets Darien to stay in one place long enough to be anxious at him.
Large Brain Collider August 10th, 2023 Takashi runs into a brilliant bluenette in the upper levels of Radiant Heart's library.
Mitakihara Nights August 7th, 2023 Riventon is out looking for a little bit of a late night snack, but so is La Crima, and it leads to a short conversation.
(Not) A Good Plan July 30th, 2023 Desperate for energy after hearing about the Midnight Tokyo plan, Riventon decides to attack the mall without backup. Several magical warriors stand up to oppose him, while many civilian characters get drained.
Threading The Needle July 24th, 2023 Following We Three Kings, Hotaru and Takashi talk.
We Three Kings July 23rd, 2023 What if we villains just all work together for once. And we were school mates.
This Really Sucks July 22nd, 2023 Riventon summons a youma that is more dangerous that it looks, which is good because it looks ridiculous, and Cure Daybreak, Yellow Pearl Voice, Snow Agel Mou Foubiki, Amy Faust, and Ginga Otome all respond, fending off Osouji, Riventon, and Firefly; purifying the youma, preventing further damage, and sending the two home largely empty-handed.
Office Hours 9 -- Takashi July 21st, 2023 Takashi's in trouble. Only Inai-sensei has a different lesson than he expected.
The Cabin for Gifted Individuals July 19th, 2023 Riventon comes across a strange, abandoned cabin outside the city. Inside, he meets someone who might finally be his equal... at least, in terms of arrogance. Who is this strange girl by the name of Hinoiri and can she really be everything she says? ... Probably not.
Fizzy Lifting Drinks July 18th, 2023 Caffeinated sugar water is good for lifting spirits. Tori, Takashi, and Soda Girl share a friendly interaction before going their separate ways.
Disappointed for the First Time. July 17th, 2023 Takashi Agera and Precia Testarossa meet. The discussion becomes tabled.
A Shoulder To Lean On July 17th, 2023 Takashi calls Darien to come peel him off the table after Precia makes her displeasure known.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
I Know What You Did In The Dark July 14th, 2023 (Content Warning!) Takashi and Hotaru move to end an unsanctioned and unsanctionable experiment on their own initiative.
Birds Of A Feather July 14th, 2023 Lana, Takashi, and Michiru attempt to enjoy a quiet lunch. Too bad the birds have something to say about that.
Lost Logia: Digital Chaos July 14th, 2023 A Jewel Seed crashes into an important data center and causes severe chaos before Precia Testarossa sends Fate, Riventon, Firefly and Starfall Omen after it. They encounter Nanoha, Guardian Sukiyaki and The Red Princess as opponents! Riventon seals the Jewel Seed (Number IX - 9!) and gets some alone time with it before it gets into Precia's clutches.
You're Here to Study July 13th, 2023 The study group comes together! Then ditches Usagi and Darien.
Friday afternoon library time July 7th, 2023 Gentle chatter in the library and promise of future parties and tutoring. But not too many people, five is too much.
Back Alley Brawling July 5th, 2023 Riventon wants Kyouko's stuff. Mami wants Kyouko to not lose her soul gem, no real reason. Mamoru thinks the 2v1 is dishonorable, really.
Stuck With A Bad Rap July 2nd, 2023 A witch awakens in Mitakihara ward... and a lot of people have made it THEIR problem.
Firefly's Rebirth July 2nd, 2023 Hotaru needs some help if she's going to be out with magical girls and like... not destroying the city. That means she needs help from a certain Agera-sempai...
Rough Afternoon July 1st, 2023 Takashi and Zoisite lecture Hematite for putting himself in a position to get injured after the events of 'Green With Envy'.


Title Date Scene Summary
Witches Four? (Takashi Agera) December 4th, 2023 After the events of Budget Cuts, Professor Tomoe brings his management together for a meeting.
Sparkleskirt Solving Sword (Takashi Agera) November 13th, 2023 Takashi has a new toy, and Catra gets to test it. Oh boy.
Pure Recognition (Takashi Agera) November 12th, 2023 Kaolinite comes to question Hotaru's claim that Takashi Agera successfully returned with a Pure Heart Crystal.
Nightmares and Duskscapes (Takashi Agera) October 24th, 2023 Takashi wakes up in the distant lands of the Dusk Zone.
I'm Gonna Fight Em' All (Takashi Agera) October 19th, 2023 A seven nation army couldn't hold me back.
The Damage Is Done (Takashi Agera) October 9th, 2023 Takashi Agera has some improvements to the Heartstealer Rifles to show Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite... but will everyone see all of them as true improvements?
Breaking the Chains of Command (Takashi Agera) September 18th, 2023 Takashi Agera answers some pointed questions from Mimete. And they talk about Open Door Policies.
Digital Divide Aftermath (Takashi Agera) September 3rd, 2023 Takashi goes over what was gained and what was missed during the Digital Divide scene.
Context (Takashi Agera) August 28th, 2023 Takashi tries to prioritize all of the projects he has in front of him. Axion helps. Kind of.
Choices and Plans (Takashi Agera) July 29th, 2023 Takashi has a quiet discussion about his next moves.
Texting - Study Group Setup (Mamoru Chiba) July 11th, 2023 Darien texts Chiyo, Usagi, and Koji to work out study group details, and Takashi to invite him to it, and everyone's got tangled side conversations going on.


The Greatest Girl

  • Mami Tomoe - She shot me but it turns out she's hot and I'm hot so that's okay and now we're making all sorts of bad decisions together, it's great.

Found Family

  • Darien Shields (Adopted Sorta-Brother)
  • Hotaru Tomoe - (Adopted Kinda-Little Sister)
  • Pyrite - (What is it when your brother's sister isn't your sister but IS your brother's sister - ah whatever)

Faithful Friends

  • Yochu - (Adopted Kinda-Little Sister's Best Friend)
  • Feito - The most effective member of any sortie team I've left with. Also her mother is kinda mean.
  • Norie Okana - Newest member of my team. Adorable. Kind of a mess. Dusk Zone Conservator.

Fabulous Frenemies

  • Zoisite - No matter what, we killed it at that dance.
  • Nephrite - Thinks big, hair's big.
  • Jadeite - I appreciate his mind for business.
  • Sunbreaker - We could accomplish so much more, if she'd just do everything I said.

Acceptable Acquaintances

Fuzzy Feelings

  • Ami Mizuno - Do you know how many people can hold a conversation with me without asking me what the words I just used meant?!

Sparkle Skirts (we do not like them)

  • Ginga Otome - I decided her small magic robot was mine but she still maintains control of it. Rude.
  • Kyouko Sakura - She stabbed me and I didn't even do anything wrong.
  • Homura Akemi - She gave me a pipe bomb. It was armed.
  • Cure Peace - She electrocuted me.
  • Nanoha Takamachi - One half of the Shock Rifle Combo that broke my hand and made me fix my device. See if I'm nice to ten year olds ever again.
  • Hannah Steiner - The other half. See if I'm nice to Space Germans ever again.


Lyrical Soundtrack

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