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Kyouko Sakura (Scenesys ID: 83)
"You know what the food chain is, right? I'm sure you learned about it in school. Witches prey on weak humans and we prey on the witches. That's the way how the world works, isn't it?"
Name: Kyouko Sakura AKA: Puella Magi Kyouko
Gender: Female Series: (CC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Origin: Puella Magi Grade: 9
Clubs: clubs are for nerds Age: 14
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


For some reason, this obnoxious delinquent who skips half her classes and is never seen without a half-eaten pack of junk food in one hand...

...wears the ring that the enlightened know marks her as a puella magi. She doesn't act like one, though: she acts like a selfish bully. At least, until the chips are down. Then somehow she always finds an excuse to do the right thing, even if she denies it later.

In truth, Kyouko is a fairly typical puella magi: a troubled but sensitive teenage girl whose innocent but misguided wish led to tragedy, turning her jaded and angry. Beneath that bitterly cynical exterior, though, she still has a good heart. Just don't try to make her admit it.


Trashtalking Rival Magical Girls, Avoiding Introspection, Limitless Junk Food Carrying Capacity, Pretending To Be A Villain, Actually Just Being A Jerk, Burnt Cinnamon Roll (Very Crispy), Petty Larceny

Vital Trivia

Height: 157cm
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: Food
Dislikes: Wasting food
Favorite Food: Sweets
Least Favorite Food: What??
Favorite Subject: Ewww
Least Favorite Subject: All of them


Title Date Scene Summary
The Return of the Cherry December 1st, 2023 Cho runs into Kyouko when checking out one of the dorm rooms. she attempts bribery and subterfuge to get the girl to stay in from the rain. One day at a time...
The Secret of the Soul Gem November 21st, 2023 One of the secrets hidden within the Soul Gem is finally revealed in a terrible way.
Pachyderm Panic November 20th, 2023 Pink elephant on parade.
SILVER CRYSTAL DOOM RACE November 11th, 2023 Bass-chan claims to have the Silver Crystal, and offers it up as the prize for a high-stakes rollerblading race through the street of Tokyo!
Late for Fite Nite November 8th, 2023 Kyouko stops by to magical fite nite, late and clawed up. She spends her time there chatting with Kyouka rather than participating.
Rooftop meetings November 6th, 2023 Kyouko and Mami have a conversation that does not devolve into name calling, fighting or bloodshed. Progress!
Melonpan olive branches. October 26th, 2023 A conversation on the street between Kyouko, Wako, Takuto, Chiyo with a Kyouka cameo. Kyouko is bad at friends and classes and tact. No one is surprised.
Self Defense 3 July 24th, 2023 Kyouko, Wako and Takuto attend self-defense class.
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Guan Yu July 9th, 2023 The Deadbeats have tried to erase the history of Guan Yu, turning the noble hero into a villain. However, with the help of other magical girls, and one less magical but still tough girl, she manages to purify the Upbeat and fix one of history's heroes! And get her first sticker!
Bad Wisdom July 7th, 2023 Kyouko's tracking a familiar that she's hoping will become a witch soon. Unfortunately for her, other magical girls don't have a habit of just letting monsters wander free.
Back Alley Brawling July 5th, 2023 Riventon wants Kyouko's stuff. Mami wants Kyouko to not lose her soul gem, no real reason. Mamoru thinks the 2v1 is dishonorable, really.
A Girl Scorn'ed! July 4th, 2023 The newbie Phantom Empire General Scorn attacks penguin park! Magical Girls (and boys) stop her from ruining a hot summer day's ice cream!
Stuck With A Bad Rap July 2nd, 2023 A witch awakens in Mitakihara ward... and a lot of people have made it THEIR problem.
Office Hours 2 -- Kyouko July 2nd, 2023 Not actually in an office, but sometimes field work is necessary.
You Were Not Refreshing July 1st, 2023 All Hematite wanted to do was steal some energy for Beryl via horrible fake fake ice cream, but then a bunch of magical girls decided they wanted horrible fake ice cream, not knowing it was fake fake instead of just fake. Featuring Sayaka, Madoka, Sailor Moon, Guardian Daifuku, Kyouko, Hanako, Misery Melon, Kyubey, and Hematite. And also not Gritty.
Gangsta turf July 1st, 2023 Cho ends up running into Kyouko and wants to talk with her about missing school... unfortunately, it looks like they went into the wrong neighborhood. Oh dear.


Title Date Scene Summary
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