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Digital Divide
Date of Scene: 03 September 2023
Location: Juuban Ward
Synopsis: Chunks of the Artha fall out of space time, and everybody fights over them. Also the space police show up. Well. A space police.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera, Nanoha Takamachi, Lana Voselle Miata, Hotaru Tomoe, Hannah Steiner, Koji Silvia, Precia Testarossa, Rashmi Terios, Fate Testarossa, Greta Legend, Setsuna Meiou, Chrono Harlaown

Takashi Agera has posed:
    Takashi had been preparing for this day, but he clearly wasn't the only one. He'd messaged to Fate and Hotaru what was coming - that basically, a chunk of technologically advanced spaceship was about to come falling out of space-time and they needed to be there to secure it - but perhaps it had become more noticable as it had drawn closer. Since his team wasn't the only set there, even from Obsidian. And of course, he was getting notifications of energy signatures from non-Obsidian Devices closing in, too. The distortions in Space-Time were easier and easier to understand as the moment grew closer, and he had no doubt the devices, doing the work for thier owners, could tell them at least something was coming, if not the what.

    Plus, given that Precia was here, he wasn't sure exactly who Fate was collecting for - but he bet it wasn't him. Complicating things further. Maybe Precia would get set upon by some of the sparkleskirts though. One could only hope.

    Lana's device was here too. But maybe them being here would prove useful, since the number of not-Obsidian 'unknown' signatures was only increasing as he could sense the distortions in Time-Space growing closer.

    In this area, you could 'feel' it. Thankfully it was a mostly empty construction lot - probably the home of a future skyscraper but barely finished. He couldn't put up a barrier until the object had ripped its way out of the between-space, though.

    "Alright, I'm sure they're already close by enough they're going to get caught in." Takashi yells, rather than bothering to say it through the device. "Things are about to get choppy. In a lot of ways." he says.

    And at about that moment, there's an awful disruptive 'sound' - but it's a sound that is more in everyone's head than audio. Like metal groaning under strain mixed with paper ripping. And out of a dimensional rip that looks like a red angry scar, what appears to be a massive chunk of metal - a destroyed spaceship, a chunk of it at least - starts to descend, disrupting the ground where it lands, as other smaller flecks also fall out of smaller tears. Then he switches to Device Talk, so that his own team can hear it. Which, right now, is Firefly. >> Ignore the metal hull bits, that's replicatable on Earth. Look for the electronics, for anything crystaline, for anything technological or shiny. Most of this metal we can let other people take. Throw it around to disrupt them. Use it as cover. But the tech stuff - we fight for that. Secure it with your device or find somebody and stop them if they're trying to secure it with thiers." It'd be impossible for pretty much anyone to secure everything, and even Riventon knows that. Doesn't mean he won't fight over every technological speck, each of which could be a treasure trove of power for him. He readies his device.

    <<MANY UNKNOWN DEVICES APPROACHING AT HIGH SPEED.>> Axion warns. "Oh look, they're bringing me more stuff." Riventon begins as he looks around for the first chunk of real tech to drop, rather than Artha Hull plates and chunks - of which there are many, many more. And he has a few surprises planned too - he's known, after all, where the Artha was going to drop for longer than the others, or at least, he didn't sense anyone else poking about for the pre-game.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
"Nanoha..!" says Yuuno, as he looks out of a window. Yuuno knows a Dimensional Storm when he sees one. He hasn't the tech to track anything here on Earth. But something is going to happen.

So Nanoha sets off on flier fin immediately. after the storm, as she can see... something start to rip through before crashing down on the lot, lots of hull fragments, shiny and weird.

Nanoha sends out a signal to folks she's met before, warning of the dimensional storm and the uh. Things falling out of it. Yuuno, on her shoulder, speaks up. "It's... metal and other things. Nanoha. I think. This may be The Artha. Or. a part of it. We have to collect things before those others do!" he flails.

Nanoha looks over at Riventon, the others. That's a lot of people. Hopefully, others more trustful show up. She can't do this alone, it's loud this, so she doesn't scream anything at the others, she just starts scanning for things.

< Wide Area Search! > goes Raising Heart, without asking. Nanoha mutters. "Th..thank you Raising Heart."

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:

    The Fallen Dream Star pings in Lana's head, filling her head with equations and schematics. All of it went past her minds eye. Her Intelligent Device had to translate for her, sorting out the data, and bringing up the relevant bits.

    The Fallen Dream Star was alien tech, and it had been damaged for centuries. It was, in part, why it was stranded on Earth. Compatible tech is predicted to fall from subspace soon. Others were moving towards the zone in question. Some from Obsidian. Others... potential enemies.

    "Are any of them TSAB?" Lana asks out loud, within the safety of the Fallen Dream Star.

    <<Unknown.>> is the old tech's emotionless response.

    "So... you want me to go out and look for spare parts."

    <<It would increase survivability by 20, and odds of mission success by 5.>>

    "Alright then. If that is your wish, I'll go." Lana grabs her ID, Nightmare Chain, and walks out of the FDS and into a shimmering blue portal.


    Starfall Omen flies through the air in a long red streak of mana, making her way towards the predicted crash zone. The loud 'noise' causes her to shiver. Her device pings her fellow Obsidian 'allies'. For the moment, the greatest advantage seems to be in working together. Or at least, not getting in each other's way.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Firefly was excited for this. She'd been looking for a THING to help with the project... and this was perfect. Even better, Takashi had taught her the 'Talk to people telekinetically with the device' trick and it was fuuuuun.

Of course, she took off the moment they arrived. <Remember, Luminous Titan. Almost everything goes to Riventon-senpai. Unless we find something that can go with our little project. Make sure to let Fate-kohai know as well. That way she can direct me to it if she sees it.>

Because Hotaru actually... liked Precia. She seemed nice. Buuuut... She knew, apparently, there was SOMETHING going on in that household and she didn't want to be responsible for Fate getting in 'trouble' for hiding things from her mother. Better to just have her tell Hotaru where to go.

They likely didn't have a lot of time, so she raced towards it, using her glaive to cut THROUGH one of the damaged doors, barely turning in time to sweep the glaive up, cutting a piece of metal that was falling at her head. Riventon would probably be reminded of just how useful she could be... if she could allow herself to be. And, as luck would have it, she found... a thing!

She had no idea what it was. But it had a screen and was dangling halfway out of a small compartment. Hopefully it was useful? She didn't know. But into the device it went.

Then the structure shifted slightly and she was hit by a suddenly moving wall, pinging around the room and only shielded by Luminous Titan's quick shielding. Right. Maybe she should have let it settle first. Just... gonna lay here a second.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
As a piece of the Artha falls? Hannah is rather rudely interrupted from her prodding in RHA's more metallic arts shop by Bleaur Greif blaring a warning in her head.

<Warning mein herrin. Mid-Childan vessel designation 'Artha' incoming planetside. Time Space Administration Bureau pattern dimensional-skip craft. Approximate net worth of salvage...>

"Already departing, Beaur Greif!" She immediately is using her Device to psychically contact both Rashmi and Koji.

<Giant ship coming down! Inferior Mid-Childan work, but best not to let less scrupulous hands salvage it! Coordinates zzz.zz.zzzzz. Battlefield salvage mein freunds~>

She's such a good ally to the TSAB, really.

And then without hesitation, Trager-chan is already out her balcony window, and racing towards the crash site, only to arrive just as that horrible /tearing/ runs through them all. She lands amongst the wreckage, and a Wide Area Search has her rather greedily drooling.

For her deprived state of being? Everything is a cornucopia, compared to what's local.

"GUTEN ABEN, herr Riventon! How fares the skies this evening!?" Comes the young women with a taunting grin in mixed Belkan and Japanese, even as her sword is in one hand, and her Devic'es sheath is already starting to absorb useful parts she's landed near with all the skill of an actual, professional trained Meister with zero shame about doing this! She's focusing on the more universal systems even as she scans for more.

Seems greed is winning over a desire to punch Riventon, she's already Shield up. Also, she is keeping an 'eye' out for any starship fuel canisters, just in case, or coolant. Lyra is right beside her, hiss-growling fiercely as she starts her work, attention waiting for her fellow Device user's move as she tries to claim some wreckage expertly.

Koji Silvia has posed:
Sadly, without the giant corporations and the free time of being a 'mad' genius at Obsidian means that in times like this, the disparate magicals can start kind of behind the 8-Ball. So as Koji is leaving his parents' place there is that sense of unease in the air that he's not entirely sure of what it truly is. It's the kind of feeling that came from the area of the Lost Logia incident over a month ago...

But it's the SOUND that hits Koji first, that unimaginably off-putting 'incorrect' noise coming from the atmosphere above him.

Not even thinking, his hand comes up and he shoots a Guidewire to get him to a taller roof and a cleaner look, and gulps once, "Hanzo?"

    << Yes, Young Master? >>

    "Set up."

    << SET UP. Barrier Jacket Online. Blade System Online. Cartridge Generation... Complete. >>

"Open link to all active and friendly Devices previously registered." Koji says in a grim tone, and then takes a breath of relief as the brief ping comes from others before he can even muster up the 'big brother' voice to rally everyone.

For Rashmi, Greta, Hannah, and Nanoha, his voice carries through on a direct message to their active Devices, <This is Hanzo. I'm on my way to the site now, Nanoha. If there's Obsidian there, no one get into anything you can't get out of. That means you, Hannah. If there are real people in trouble, we get them out of there first, and worry about the technology later.>

Four of the Six Blades fly off his belt, the others settling into his hands as he rushes, leaping from building to building to get to the crash as quickly as possible.

Landing a bit under where Nanoha is flying and scanning, he points and two of his Blades go into the crash, while two more go up higher to get an overview of the area.

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Precia Testarossa was here. Not with a golem goon squad. Not with one of the youmas from Inhuman Resources. Just. Here. She arrived primarily by using flier fin, which to her, manifested as two black angel wings on her back and she sat back near the edge of the storm. for reasons. She looked at her device and merely stood there in the air.

<< Fate. Find things for me. >> She says via device link as she looks down at the storm. She uh. She may not be moving to anything for herself here. She has Fate to do her dirty work. She can let Fate collect things.

She can move in properly if something important shows up. Or maybe make the storm more dangerous for the others if it's required. She coughs a moment into her hand as she 'mphs' under her breath.

Rashmi Terios has posed:

School is back in session, and that means homework needs done! And unlike many students, Rashmi actually *enjoys* doing homework. Rashmi especially enjoys doing homework around a houseguest her own age, where she can talk *and* study, because that is a thing that *can be done!*

And then Nanoha messages her, then Hannah , then Koji, and her head snaps up, eyes wide. With a hurried excuse for Chrono to pass on to her parents, she scrambles up the stairs, onto the roof, and takes off toward the coordinates given.

At which point she sends a message to Koji *and* Chrono, her mental voice filled with real fear. << CHRONO-KUN I THINK MORE ARTHRA SHRAPNEL'S HEADED TO EARTH, KOJI AND HANNAH AND NANOHA AND GRETA AND I ARE HEADED THERE NOW. DO I LOOP YOU IN TO EVERYONE?! >>

Privately wishing herself to be a faster flier, she streaks on golden ankle-wings toward the emergence point, trying to figure out how big a Barrier she can make to minimize the damage to the city, if needed.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    Fate Testarossa is here.
    She had received Riventon's message. And she had received orders from her mother. In this moment, there is nowhere else she could possibly be.
    Thusly, she appears, perched on the edge of the roof of the nearest tall building, a dark silhouette against the sky as her cloak whips around her.
    "Geeze, Fate, there's gonna be a lot of people after this wreck." Arf, her faithful Familiar companion stands at her side in human form; that of a redheaded young lady.
    "Mn." Fate replies in a mild tone, scarlet eyes watching half-lidded as the dimensional tear opens and parts of what was once a great TASB capital ship start pouring through.
    "I'm going in. Stay here, Arf."
    "Whaaaaaat?! You can't just leave me behi-!"
    Too late, Fate is already taking off towards the fallen structure, weaving amid falling depris before whispering...
    [YES SIR.] Her faithful device replies, head snapping back as the black axe shifts into a scythe of voltaic, electrical, light.
    It is this very scythe that Fate uses to carve an opening, slashing apart a half-open door and darting inside.
    "Start scanning for anything valuable."
    [ON IT.]
    She's here for two reasons... To help Firefly with her project. And of course to gather as much as she can for Precia.
    "... Yes... Mother." The blonde whispers back in reply.
    After all. Who is she to disappoint her mother.

Greta Legend has posed:
Dreiseelen chirps up. < Little Red, a Space-Time Distorti-*ksh*Anomaly has been detected. Recommend immediate in-in-in-.*ksh*Let's go check it out. >

This was in the middle of Greta's work, so this was quite distracting. "What do you mean a 'Space-time' anomaly?"

< Data not found. >

"Well isn't that just bloody useless---" And THEN she feels it. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL..?!"

< *ksh*Want to check it out, Little Red? >

Yes, that's WAY too big to ignore..."


Greta 'The Sunshine Spark' Legend zips in more or less as directly as possible, arriving in time to pick up the message from Hanzo, to which she cannot help but question, "Wait? Obsidian? What? You know what, that's a question for later..."

She arrives at the crash site, her eyes wide, and asks, "Okay, WHAT is this? Is this a space ship?"

< Readings indicate it is TSAB Vessel Artha, from which I was salvaged. > Dreiseelen relates.

"Why didn't ou tell me SOONER?"

< Much of my memory has been damaged, as I told you when we began our contract. >r
Greta proceeds to land somewhere NOT FAR from Hannah, if only because Hannah is the first figure she sees. She's a fair bit in awe of the entire thing.

To her closer friends... Friends? co-workers, she messages: <<I have -so many questions- right now, but I guess we don't have THAT much time to field them...>>

Setsuna Meiou has posed:

Setsuna was absently sitting in her hope, sipping some tea and getting ready to settle in to watch some of her shows when she suddenly felt a horrendous sense of WRONG as the beginnings of the dimensional tear first began to manifest. Dropping her tea to clutch her head as her unfailing sense of Time started to feel like someone was raking nails across a chalkboard INSIDE HER SKULL.

After a few moments fighting through the pain, she oriented on the direction it was coming from, then henshined into Sailor Pluto and set off at maximum speed. Unlike most of the others racing towards the site, she was unable to fly...but between a fast start and judicious use of truck and train surfing, she found herself at the wreckage...just after most everyone else seems to have arrived, and just as the chaos looks like it's really about to start.

She takes a moment to survey the coming battlefield, then smiles as she realizes something. Humans, as a rule, do not look up for danger. There's therefore a very decent chance that a bunch of fliers, as a rule, are going to be less inclined to look towards the ground for threats.

Not announcing herself just yet, she looks around, and upon spotting Hannah, the only one whom she knows, she watches to take cues as to whom is on the side of her ally, and who is against her.

Takashi Agera has posed:
    Well, Riventon is glad he didn't try the 'teleport it all back to HQ and sort it out' plan because there's a lot of -it-, and it's very spread out, and he probably would have ended up porting a bunch of goody-two-shoes back, if he could have even managed to port them at all. There was a ton of heavy, mostly useless hull here.

    Several wide area searches from several devices go off. The stuff of value is occasionally scattered on the ground, but a lot of it pings from inside hull chunks. Heavy hull that shields potential trinkets or technological marvels, like giant TSAB loot crates. Investing time to cut through each one might reward one with a part for their project or the Midchildan equivalent of a Tiger Electronics game (though likely still advanced enough to be of -some- use.)

    Precia arrives and Riventon does his best to not visibly shudder. It's not just the whole meeting with the table, it's the aura of power the woman brings. He's also quite jealous of it, deep down.

    Firefly shoots off too excitedly, but with Fate under Precia's command today, she's the faster of the Device Mages he directly has control over. He watches her cut through a section and wishes she would brandish that blade against their shared enemies.

    The Belkan Fist Lady is here, and Riventon doesn't so much reply in words as a growling glare. He remembers the attack that broke his hand through his shield. He owes her. But his own greed is winning just a little bit. Not entirely, though.

    <<Fate, that girl is here.>> Riventon notes, directly and exclusively to her. She knows which girl. The one who yelled her name and dramatically called out Fate's nickname. It's a calculated move to distract her from the search. Fate's his kohai and he likes her, but today she's on Team Precia and he knows that, too. Anything she finds, might as well be found by one of the sparkleskirts.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!" Riventon calls, his voice magically amplified by his device. "It's good to see you all here today, in defense of our fine city, but Obsidian has control of this area and staying only increases the chances of injury to other parties. Like yourselves." he states. "Especially because you're outnumbered, outmanouvered, and outflanked!" Riventon adds. There's a reason it seems Riventon 'isn't' looting just yet while most are. Why he's out standing in front of everyone, in the middle of the field.

    Because the actual Riventon pings on scanners thereafter, as he starts using Dark Energy to carve his way through a section of hull about 50 meters to the right of the fake, to get at the goodies inside. He's a little dissapointed the Belkan didn't go for the obvious attack, the yelling him.

    But plans upon plans are good, right? He's keeping track of a mental countdown in his head. Not too much longer, but the heroes are being conservative. Annoyingly so. Maybe that means he'll get at what's inside this chunk of hull without a fight, though. While the fake Riventon remains in the center of the chaos, as smug faced as the real thing ever was.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah, amidst trying to Belkan Hoover up delicious tech, has a brow twitch. She networks in should everyone agree, and the young Countess-Palatine scowls!

<By the Sankt's own blood! Of /course/ we shall seek out any wounded! However given the interstitial interruption of space-time by the sudden emergence...? Acht. Mmm. I cannot explain it, but with luck any mundanes should be spared. Hopefully. This world is worse than any mass weaponry playing fröhliche hölle with local magical science! Area Searches at all times mein freunds!" Pause.

<Und fill your Storage capacity, salvage is legal~! Mostly> She does add thermals and other sensoren just in case they find crew or mundanes, but frankly she knows how starship crashes work at this scale, and isn't very hopeful. She refrains from communicating that to her Lancemates or the other allies on the shared Device comms.

So many signatures. Greta in particular gets a wave! Fate doesn't ring a bell, and certainly not Precia or Firefly or Starfall. Pluto, however, is a known quantity! But she's too busy tracking Riventon and Sheer Delicious Loot to notice her own ally in the background! Sory Setsu. One can almost /feel/ the Space Capitalist aura about her right now!

It seems they /both/ are roughly on the same braincell, as after her taunting? Well she doesn't get a response. Twitch.

"Am I not worth even a Barret spell, herr Riventon!? I am INSULTED! Surely you....acht, kark it, you smell of Mid-Childan cowardice!" With a shake of the head, and cataloguing her own loot, she rockets up on high - through a 'ceiling' of Artha plate - And simply tries to carve the 'Riventon' in half!

"Should have bought Defiance Industries! Best hull!" Preens the young woman as she then brings down a blow upon the faux-Riv-kun!

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:
    Starfall Omen halts her rapid approach as she floats overhead the scattered remains of the Arthra. The Fallen Dream Star was once a part of a space ship, so it only makes sense that pretty much anything here would do, yet there's still a priority list.

    Nightmare Chain pings. < Supply Bay Located, Mutter. >

    "I see... If they have any spare ship parts, it'd be there."

    Starfall starts diving towards a particularly large chunk of debris. It's not so much a supply bay as much as it is... half of one, with scattered boxes torn open and spread across the ground. She takes a moment to look up at the sky, at the various incoming sparkleskirts, and wonders just how much she can get away with.

    A shimmering blue portal opens next to her. She's taking a risk. She lands next to a torn open box and starts throwing bits and pieces through the dimensional gateway. Starfall will have to sort it out later.

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Precia Tetarossa looks over at Riventon. The fake one, She isn't enough of a jerk to relate his actual location and frowns a little. "Good luck, Mister Riventon." she says as she raises her hand and channels energy into the dimensional storm and starts suddenly commanding dimensional lightning to crash down on the heroes. JUST the folks she doesn't know are here to help her, not aiming at any of her so called allies.

The attack is hard and fast, but there's a disturbance in the storm that could be detected before the prelude for those fast enough to detect it before the bolts come down hard and fast.

She's providing a little cover for her her...'allies' via this manner.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Firefly groaned. Ow. "T-thanks, Lumey," Firefly said after a moment. Well, having a device to instinctively shield you when things went bad was nice. And hey, as far as she knew, she was the first one here! <Affirmative, master!>

She groaned and picked herself up, running deeper into the ship. Right. She needed to find more things for Riventon! Ohhhh. She found... well... It was probably junk. But they sparked a little? Though, it was likely some kind of shocky stick or a can opener or... she had no idea. It had a button. That meant it was tech. Everyone knew that buttons=tech. That was the rule! She put it into her device with a hmm. Right. Uhhhhh... A door. Well, that was going to go fast. SLASH! CLANG! BANG! And woo, it seemed to be a lot steadier now! Though, did... did she hear lightning outside? Oh... oh no. She froze up. Her eyes going wide. Just a little--

Then the boom. She let out a shriek, dropping down and covering her head. "No no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" her screams could possibly even be heard outside.

After all... lightning was what killed her mother, maimed her and almost did the same to her father. She had a bit of... discomfort around it. The idea of it. She couldn't help it, she scrunched up inside one of the doorways, hands over her ears, trying to will the lightning away. Not a storm. Please please. Not right now. Not lightning. Please anything but that...

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi's wide area search finds a box and Nanoha Takamachi wonders how to open the strange box, so she boops Raising Heart on top of it and it boops open and out comes... some sort of spare consoles of some sort, which Raising Heart sucks into it's storage as it pings and inventory. Ten x Consoles, 1 x Bag of Marshmallows, 1 x bag of jelly beans... look. Sometimes, you get hungry and you store things in there.

She moves to the next box before...Oh. Oh is that. Fate-chan.

"Fate-chan!" she says as she waves, but then frowns as she moves to say something dramatic when a bolt of dimensional lighting aimed at her comes crashing down into her and sends her flying into the dirt, causing her to grunt and crawl herself upwards as she looks at the source.

"Oh no." says Yuuno. "That's.... Precia Testarossa."

Nanoha grips Raising Heart tighter as she looks down over to Fate. "Fate-chan...is...is that your mother?" she asks. "What are you doing here, then? I can't.. I can't let you take anything back...!" she says, raising Raising Heart upwards.

Koji Silvia has posed:
On the rooftop, Koji has four screens up in front of him as he remains outside the fight for the moment. Two of them show his Blades zipping around inside and scan-tagging things and cataloging to try and locate anything useful. Sensor running hard as the Blades are not in full combat mode. They look more like triangles with a retracted grip on one hand, and their V-lights sweeping over this and that, coming back with mostly broken subsystem components too ruined for use. But then one of the comes around a corner and comes right upon Firefly and Luminous Titan in their chamber as the storm kicks off in the air over them.

Outside, Koji sends to everyone else, <Found someone. Either it's crew or one of the raiders. I'm going into the hull.>

    << POINT WARP. BLADE 5. >>

For Firefly, all she sees is the strange floating thing glow for a moment, and suddenly there is a young man with long black hair and a mask up over his nose dressed in midnight blue and a small chest-plate. It extends the grip and ignites a blue white blade, showing that there are at least 3 others in sheathes on his belt.

His lone and unattended Blade being run by Hanzo starts passing a beam over a bunch of data storage components for Devices and picking up a few of the ones still in goos condition.

In the meantime, looking down at the young-seeming girl, Koji says in his usual 'Hanzo' tone, "Wel... this is awkward?"

Looking around, and all 4 of the Blades he has available are now floating around him as he slowly approaches Firefly as she cowers there, "Uhhh... hi... are you... are you okay..?"

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta might have many questions, but she does have just enough curiosity to start wandering on her own, after giving Hannah the wave in return. Many questions indeed. The girl in red with the blonde ringlets wanders just far enough that she has lost sight of Hannah. That's when the noise starts kicking into gear.

"Oh, so is this a magic person fight?" Greta asks herself largely, at least until she wanders into the general line of sight of Precia Testarossa by chance, in time to see her calling down the thunder, at which point her own device chimes up.

<Blitzbarriere!> Dreiseelen incants creating a flash barrier around Greta just in time to absorb the lightning that crashes into her, and EVEN THEN though it absorbs it all, the barrier flickers away. <Enemy detected... Reccomend immediate withdrawal.>

Greta grits her teeth, and shakes her head, "Bugger that! We just got here, and I'm not going to let someone just cause damage! Let's go, Dreiseelen!"

<*ksh*Ill advised but acknowledged! Let's Go little Red!>

Her device then shifts into an axe form and Greta raises it and points it at the woman, "OI! No more of that!" Before flying to close the distance rapidly, as the axe-head has energy emitters forming the blades, with which she makes for an overhead swing!

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    'That girl is here'.
    All it takes is that simple message from Riventon to give Fate a beat of pause. Briefly, the blonde frowns.
    How that girl from such a primitive, backwater, planet could have so much potential is vexing. Especially considering the times she has gotten in Fate's way.
    Briefly, Fate regrets leaving Arf behind as she paces down the corridors of the wrecked ship.
    The crash of lightning outside- followed by the sound of a familiar voice voice echoing, screaming, through the ship gives her another moment of pause as she's in the middle of using Bardiche to hack apart another door and step into the chamber beyond.
    <<... Firefly...?>> Fate's mental voice will ping. <<Are you alright? Do you need help?>> She asks, in a tone that might come off with a surprising amount of gentleness and concern, not realizing that her mother's very storm outside the ship is causing her senpai such duress.
    But then. She pauses.
    Nanoha will find her with a single, particular, gem clutched in Fate's hand. And Fate wheels around to face the girl, cape flowing dramatically with her movement as she stares down those bright blue eyes with her own vivid scarlet.
    And those scarlet eyes narrow.
    "Yes." She replies. Precia Testarossa is her mother. And in the same heartbeat, she raises Bardiche, brandishing the glowing electrical sycthe one-handed.
    "I could say the same. I can't let you leave here with anything important." But then she pauses, considering for a moment.
    "If I didn't see you. And you didn't see me..." She considers.
    "We can avoid an unnecessary battle."
    It's a quiet, pleading, offer to Nanoha to let her walk away with what's in her hand, without having to gut the pigtailed girl for what she's taken as well.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
<< Got it, >> Rashmi replies to Chrono. << Looping everyone in. >>

TO: S2U, Raising Heart, Dreiseelen, Hanzo, Blauer Grief

    <<Hello this is Rashmi, and Pat of this message is to inform everyone else that I have on this channel TSAB Enforcer Chrono Harlaown, who was serving on... well... this ship, when it was whole. He says there won't be any people in the wreckage, but he *is* going to want to know what was here, what was salvaged... Y'know, important stuff. Anyway WAIT A MINUTE GRETA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

--Message Ends--

As Rashmi swoops into the battlefield, message-composing mind runs head-on into thinking mind, as Greta hurls herself toward the Mage *pulling lightning from the dimensional tear,* and the fear of reprisal for her new friend runs *deep.*

Her own sensor, a little ball of golden light, swoops into the nearest handy opening in the wreckage and begins to search -- largely directed by Nicomachea -- while Rashmi bends all her concentration on trying to save Greta's life. By tanking her target's ire.

    << *BONG!* >> << BIND BARRET >>

A trio of Barrets materialize around the red-headed Mage, and dart toward Precia, each carrying a Bind for a payload. Maybe it'll sting, maybe it'll inconvenience Precia for the briefest of moments, but, hopefully, it'll take the terrifying woman's attention off the axe for a moment.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
When Precia starts charging the dimensional anomoly to cause it to attack, Sailor Pluto flinches as she feels that 'nails on chalkboard' sensation in her BRAIN once more, and she jumps in reflex, meaning she's able to dodge the initial blasts from on high. Realizing someone's playing 'area denial', she keeps moving to make herself a harder target to hit.. Frowning, she looks up in the general direction of where she felt the surge of 'wrong' coming from...though it's not an easy prospect.

Being this close to the dimensional shear is, by itself a constant sense of 'wrong'.

She's going to need SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Excedrin after this is over, she just knows it.

Still, it makes finding the cause of said surge a bit hard to pin down.

Well, right until someone goes charging towards melee range with that one, as well.

Pluto sighs and shakes her head. Nope, not gonna fling an attack there, either...which means her best bet is going to be trying to get into the wreck and see if she can render aid...besides, being inside the hull remains mean she won't have to worry about dodging lightning bolts.

Looking at the wreckage nearby, she spots what looks to have been a point of forced entry and leaps for it...meaning she's unknowingly on Riventon's trail.

Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon notes Precia doesn't call to anything other than his clone, and his estimation of her goes from -99 to -97. She's got a lot of rep to grind on his track though. And, honestly has to change his opinion of the Belkan's honor for throwing the challenge out before punching. He doesn't know much -about- Belka except for Hannah herself, but she seemed the 'punch first shout duel instructions while punching' type. But it also means that she managed to delay enough that the fake she impacts with is less volatile. It's less of a dramatic explosion of negative energy and more she just punches it so hard it discorporates into Dark Energy, some of which clings to her but it's more annoying and stingy than dangerous. That's one of his ideas down the drain. But part of being a genius is having more than one.

    His small but concentrated beam of Dark Energy extending from two fingers finally cuts through the last bit of hull, and Riventon reaches in and rips some large, foreign circuit-board looking contraption free. The look on his face-behind-his-face indicates it's not quite what he wanted, but his device secures it like a Bag of Holding anyways.

    He'd worry about Hotaru - and for a moment he did - but Firefly's being aided by one of the heroes now. Good, that's a safe kohai AND someone not trying to loot with him. He'd have been annoyed if he had to go over there himself, but the do-gooder is saving the day.

    Nanoha and Fate are engaging each other, that's another two on both sides out of the chase. Keeping track. Lana is looting, the less-known girl is fighting Precia, of which Riventon both sarcastically and seriously wishes the axe-wielder luck, the Belkan was going to need a response before she recovered from that anemic trap, and that covered most of the energy pings. Rashmi is also helping with Precia and another set of dueling luck is wished as he grabs a couple bits of wiring just to make sure he doesn't miss anything.

    He turns around - and sees a very pretty and very tall lady with a very large staff walking down the hallway holding her head. The last energy signature he was trying to track and she's here. So much chaos with all of the energy. He looks down the hall to one of the few females in Tokyo who he can nearly see eye-to-eye with. "Who're you supposed to be?" he asks, looking at her. "Actually, I don't care. You're in a really bad spot, right now. Between me and my way out, which also puts you between me and..."

    Poor Setsuna, on the one place on the battlefield where ONE MORE Dimensional Disturbance will happen, as a hole opens up in the ground behind her. And out of the hole jumps about a dozen... robots? Okay, technically they're not robots, they're dark energy golems that happen to look like robots and have a little bit of machinery worked in. But they -look- like robots. "... my unwitting reinforcements." Riventon finishes. He might have told a little lie about what might be found in this wreckage to someone...

    "Secure the area of the dimensional breach for possible anomalous!" one of them calls in a voice that sounds like the owner is a toaster speaking through a metal tube.

    A dozen more jump out of the hole and pour out and start pointing bulky fat rifle-looking weapons at anybody who is -not- currently involved in a fight, which is... mostly Hannah after the aftermath of punching Riventon's clone to scattered energy. So it's pretty much Hannah who has a dozen robot-looking troops who are moving like they escaped out of a Call of Duty game, pointing rifles at her from behind whatever counts as cover.

    Back inside the hallway Riventon made, he's got an orb of dark energy in his open palm and Setsuna has the six youma-bots training weapons on her, too. "If you drop the stick and run I won't have to hurt you." he says, since in his mind, it's already his and merely in temporary possession of someone else.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Firefly sniffled, slowly looking up at Koji. "Is... is the storm done?" she asked softly. "T-there's... there's not going to be more lightning... i-is there?" she asked.

Meanwhile, her Kohai sent her a message. She just... had to... <I'm fine, Fate-kohai. Some stuff fell, but I am okay and do not require assistance. Thank you.>

But, well... "D-do we have to fight? I-I don't want to fight. I-if there's going to be m-more lightning, I don't even want to... I..." and now she looked up at him, little tears in her eyes. "W-wait, you... you can scan for things? T-that's not fair! I-I don't know how to do that yet! W-we have to... fight..." But she didn't get up. Instead... she just slumped. "I-I just... I just have t-to get some stuff s-so I can make sure my s-senpai c-can h-help make my device a-and his device function better a-and n-not be useless a-all over again a-and I barely even k-know how it works a-and I don't even k-know what any of this s-stuff is I-I c-can barely even text I-I don't know about s-space magic ships a-and their stuff," she said and now... now she was lightly crying.

"I-I just w-want to be useful f-for once... I-I'm... I'm sorry... I-I'm... o-one of the bad guys... y-you're supposed to... f-f-fight me... r-right? Y-you c-can't h-help me anyway... c-can we just... pretend... w-we didn't see each other? I-I... I don't w-want to fight you... I-I just need to get a-a few more i-i-important things for s-s-senpai and then I can g-go..." Very slowly she climbed to her feet, using her glaive to support herself.

Oh she was fighting him alright... But listen. There was LIGHT! NING! And she didn't want to BE! HERE! And this guy had a SCANNER!

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Greta manages to block her lightning. Impressive. But then Greta flies out into the fray and comes for her. Ah...

She raises her hand and a round shield appears up in her palm, meant to tank the axe, which it doe. The shield doesn't shimmer or shake.

She then gets bound, as she tsks and her device casts a bind break quickly on it's own. Her device. Never speaks. Is it intelligent. Or a Storage device? It's so hard to tell, as she raises her device back, it shifts to the form of a whip, before she slashes out at Greta with extreme force, aiming to whip the girl that's gotten close to her.

She is now minorly annoyed. "Worthless girl. What is it you hope to accomplish?" she asks as she starta coughing into her sleeve, looking at the girl above it.

"I give you one chance to leave. Or we can continue this fight. And I will kill you." she says cooly, with the threat real.

Koji Silvia has posed:
So yes... someone sent someone with no training, a mis-functioning Device, and a fear of lightning into an enclosed space on her own...

Koji just looks... defeated. He slumps his shoulders a little, and then while the Blades remaining floating in a defensive position, he looks towards the dark hallway and the rift... and suddenly his eyes close as if a decision had been made. When they open, he speaks

"Okay," Hanzo says in a slightly hesitant tone, "Here is what you do. Hold your Device out. Then close your eyes and ask your partner to put together a list of things you need to repair it."

Holding out his hand, a small cube slowly appears into it, and one of the blades floats over it and begins beaming light into it until it glows warmly blue.

Holding it out towards Firefly, "This is a Spell. It's called Investigation."

Which in this case is the baseline version of his own Sensor spell...

"Have your friend read the data in here, and then hold it out and says 'Wide Area Investigation.' While you are doing this, picture the things that your friend has told you you need to fix it."

He waits... with all the patience of someone trying to calm a stray. Even though his lone hunting Blade has found a pair of autonomous action figures someone kept in their cabin. One is a Shutran Snow Leopard, the other is a Hawk Owl. You infuse them with magic and they move. *ZZZZZZZZP* They are snatched up.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Twitch. Hannah's response as 'TSAB Officer' comes into her feed is immediate, and with zero shame as Rashmi so helpfully patches them in!

<May you walk in the Sankt's Footsteps mein /dear ally/! Und by Time Space Administration Bureau treaty und regulation number Seven-Eight-Three-Eighty-One subsection Three amendment number Five-Two-One I assure you any und all appropriate und legal catalogues of salvaged Administered Technology claimed as Rightful Battlefield Salvage shall be...>

That cheery message in Belkan to the poor, beleaguered Enforcer alongside the rest of those in the sparkleskirt tacnet is cut off by the sudden lack of grinding of blade against much of Riventon's energy! Slice! The dark energy is away, and she doesn't even get the enjoyment of a backblast from a fake!?

She falls back to the hull of the Artha, and rips her way back into it!

Only for those many, many 'robots' to swarm her!

"RIVENTON I SWEAR I SHALL FIND YOU, HONORLESS HUND!" Howls Hannah in sheer rage, all of a sudden, deception revealed! There's no need for a Device ping, this is all House Steiner oratory and wroth, the insult to her honor openly stung in her voice! The many robots fire upon her, and a vast majority of them meet either a Belkan shield that warps away the blasts, or simply sizzle off of her Knight Armor. One or two singe her glasses or especially her cape, but she floats in the air, and suddenly is slashing, ducking fire, and then carving off head after head after head in pure skillful bladework!

At least until the Dimension Storm Lighting pierces through the hull, and Hannah raises a hand, a shield defending her and wielding her Knight Armor to take the blow as she's been so well trained.

It doesn't matter. The pure /power/ of Precia's lighting slams into her, pinning her into the ground, then bouncing her away and /through/ first one, then another bulkhead as she screams in pain.

She lands in a heap, smoking vaguely even as Lyra races after her, jaws tearing out the throats of the last two youma bots that threaten her. Just /where/ has Hannah ended up as she tries to push herself back up!?

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:
    Starfall Omen keeps one eye over her shoulder as she keeps throwing things into a portal. She is, thus far, being left alone. It's not that she isn't noticed per say, she just isn't drawing a lot of direct aggro. Which makes her all the more nervous. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have an enemy. It only means she doesn't know where they are.

    She takes a look at her blue portal and decides that the longer it stays open, the more at risk she is.

    At some point, a fallen Riv-bot lands right next to her, exploding loudly. She yelps, and looks in the direction it came from, and frowns at Hannah.

    Oh dear. Even without aggro, it's not like she doesn't have to worry.

    Omen pauses to watch the battle for a moment, and then decides to throw up a wall of shields between herself and the rest of the fighting. She moves with a bit more haste, leaning against a large crate and trying to use her full body weight to shove it through the portal.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi looks down and frowns and shakes her head. Nrg. She could let Fate go... she looks at Yuuno. She looks at Fate as she lowers Raising Heart. "Fate-chan. Why are you helping your mother. She's....she isn't..." she frowns a little. "Look. If I don't see you, right now. Then what?" she asks. "Look let's...let's look together. And share what we find." she says softly. "Like I found ten consoles already. What if I give you five now as a show of faith?" she asks quietly.

"Nanoha!" says Yuuno with a frown. "She'll take them all if we do that..."

Nanoha shakes her head. "Not if. She promises. Right Fate-chan?" she asks, hopeful.

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta goes wide eyed as her Axe-form device doesn't so much as budge the barrier that it crashes into, slowly realizing that she might have bitten off more than she could chew, especially once the woman's whip-form device *CRACKS* into her, and the force of it sends Greta FLYING into the wall and wreckage.

"Sheisse... What..." Greta groans out, as she pries herself from the rubble. Barrier Jackets are great, but she felt that last one, as she shakes her head and starts walking back, "What do I want!? For starters... I want you cutting it out with the lightning!"

<Little Red, the enemy is exhibiting overwhelming force. Recommend Disengaging.>

Greta growls as she looks to Rashmi who had come to reinforce, and calls out, "I HAVE THIS!"

<*KSH*She does NOT have this.>


Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Pluto growls to herself as a moment of distraction due to the ongoing tear leads to her being caught by surprise by the badguy who Hannah had gone so obviously after...and then he makes the splitting pain in her head WORSE as he summons in reinforcements.

On the one hand, her tactical situation is rather much more poor than the Senshi of Time likes it to be.

On the other hand, all confusion about who to target is now quite thoroughly GONE. She's got a clear opponent, and even one who seems inclined to pontificate a little.

The comment to her advising her to run just gets her to blink at him momentarily in confusion...and then she lets out an honest to God LAUGH...though due to the pain in her head, there's a decided EDGE to it, "Oh, you precious, precious CHILD."

A moment is taken to glance at the six youmabots surrounding her...a moment that she manages to only barely stretch in her perception as the ongoing pain keeps her from maintaining the focus she normally needs to do so.

Thus it is that, when a moment later she bursts into motion and begins swinging her nigh-indestructible Garnet Rod like someone who's had lots and lots of time to practice forms, but not nearly as much time to practice against moving targets, she manages to avoid ALMOST all of the resulting blasts before shattering all six.

ALMOST. She still ends up taking a glancing blow to the abdomen and one to the upper thigh...but neither is enough to put her down.

(Ugh...I'm gonna feel THOSE tomorrow.)

The minions taken care of, she looks to see if their summoner has stuck around, or if he's run off.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"Greta!!" Rashmi says, voice half worry and half frustration as the Axe Mage charges *back* into impossible odds.

<< Remember that spell, Rashmi. You might need it when you're on your last legs. >>

The advice bubbles up unbidden, as she watches 'last legs' approaching with much more swiftness than she'd ever be comfortable with. Shaking her head, she thinks furiously. Problem: Greta might get herself killed. Solution?1: Put a heavy enough thumb on the scale that the risk/reward equation needs revising. Maybe she'll go away if we're nuisance enough?

    << *BONG!* >> << STRIKE -- BOOST UP >>

A wisp of golden energy darts far past Precia, settling into Dreiseelen and tinging the energy axe-blade with golden light.

And just in case...

    << *BONG!* >> << SOLAR SHIELD >>

Holding out one hand, she keeps a Shield between herself and Precia, just in case her help is taken personally. Because she seems like the person who would take enemy support *personally.*

<< If anyone still has an Investigation active, >> she sends out on her tac-net, << could you do a quick scan of the nearest enemy to you? We'll need to know who these people are! >>

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    For a beat Fate seems distracted. It's her concern for Firefly, really. Even when she's told that everything is alright. Everything does not seem alright.
    But she has her own issue to deal with. She's staring down that girl once again...
    And when Nanoha lowers Raising Heart... Fate hesitates. But...
TSlowly, she lowers Bardiche.
    [SIR?] Bardiche pings quizzically but doesn't question the motion any further.
    She takes a slow breath.
    "Wouldn't you help your own mother?" She asks very pointedly of Nanoha, still staring her down.
    Because after all... Mother is God, in the eyes of a child.
    That's when she holds up the fist-sized gem in her hand to Bardiche.
    [INTERNALIZE.] The device buzzes as it takes it inside itself.
    "There should be a room with device parts not far from here. We'll split it down the middle."

Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon actually doesn't engage the fight or run. He watches. He watches the way she moves. Not entranced, but not entertained, either. It's familiar in a way. Something about the way she does all of this reminds him of someone. Someone who picked up a polearm and knew how to use it instinctually. Diffeerent, because the circumstances are different... but similar, because they're also similar.

    Meanwhile the youmabots, acting on Riventon's orders about where the 'amorphous' might be, lead Hannah's rampage towards Starfall Omen. Because, Starfall Omen also suffers from Not-Riventon Disorder, and she's had too much time alone, and she can dance with Fist-Belkan. He's got Tall Staff to deal with anyways. It'd be unfair if he had to fight both tall women while she got free range to loot, anyways.

    Now it's just him and... whoever this is. "So given that you called me child, is that your way of introducing yourself? Do you expect me to call you Mother? Because I'm not going to." He's not Fate and This Ain't Precia. "My name, though, is Riventon. Emissary of the Dusk Zone, super genius, blah blah." he adds, cutting himself off of his own long-winded speech. "We don't have time for me to go over how much better I am than you. Just get out of my way, I can take your stuff anyday." Riventon says, before raising his hand and shooting out those small, thin blasts of Dark Energy that seem to stick in the air like tendrils of goopy ink, dissapating a few seconds after they blast forward - like blasts that leave behind sticky trails of spiderweb.

    As if to accent the situation, for dramatic purposes, a chunk of hull that luckily nobody is in suddenly detonates, a purple cloud with yellow lightning running through it as some dimensional magitech device goes up in smoke for no real reason except to startle possibly everyone with the low, thudding boom.

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Greta doesn't engage, but Rashmi is boosting Greta. She looks down at Rashmi and then back to Greta as she casts a Thunder Rage, binds appearing, or trying to appear around both Greta and Rashmi as she casts off lighting down on the both, raising her device as she closes her eyes.

"Worthless Girl. Attacking me over a sleight. If you won't back down. I'm keeping good on my promise!" she says as she whips her whip downwards, unleashing a wave of magical energy in a cutting motion towards Greta and Rashmi, sending the crescent shaped waves towards them quickly.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
The whole hull is spinning /way/ outside of its' actual parameters, and right about then, Hannah realizes she's hauling herself out of a bunch of boxes containing ration packs and a ton of frankly useless Storage Devices. Okay mostly, she 'pockets' a few just in case, and that really nice utility knife that came out of someone's desk.

And then, as her Focus Search and the help of her big 'Guide Lizard' has her on her feet, she...well, the fact that a Riv-bot lands down near Starfall /and/ she's not on Hannah's list of cleared allies?

Half a concussion does not lead to rational thought. And so, both previously insulted and very much wanting vengeance, the Belkan does what a Belkan is best out!

"By Sank Olivie, herr Riventon-kun, I hereby challenge you to a Duel of honor for your lack of propriety in assaulting mein person after such a noble greeting upon a battlefield!" Comes Hannah...almost sound just a bit /hurt/!

Unfortunately, head swimming, she's pointing her blade directly at Starfall Omen. Even Lyra doesn't get a chance to correct her as she's already launching herself /straight/ at the Dark Energy Fueled mahou angrily, and that wall of shields. Even precious salvage is briefly forgotten, as she gets straight into melee.

Blauer Greif is torn, between chastizing her charge or approving of this action. It's a wash in such a situation!

<Fluss: Erhöhen> Comes the Device, and suddenly that array of shields is getting a cane-sledgehammer full of magically-overweighted blows trying to smash through them, and straight into Starfall as this weird sparkleskirt is howling about nobility peppered with space german and Riventon's name with the slight slurr of a light head injury.

She vaguely hears Rashmi through her Device, and so...does a Focus Scan on Starfall Omen, even if she's too busy trying to do a Belkan Brand Violence on her to actually process that this isn't her intended target!

At least, until she finally /does/, smashing another Rivbot as her head swims slightly less!

"Who are..." Starts Hannah, only to save most of her rancor for the duplicitous Riventon!

"Mein apologies! Trager des Blauer Greif! Und mein companions Lyra und the Device of the same! Now then, kindly yield upon me thein Device Parts!" Offers Hannah in the tone of voice that she expects the opposite, briefly giving Starfall a duelist's salute, and then returning to trying to hammer her into the hull plating so she can find the center of all of this, and obtain any loot she can, be it Device parts or particularly shiny upholstry!

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Firefly nodded slowly, moving a little closer. "Y-you'll h-help me?" she asked. Wiping her eyes... and then full on HUGGING him. "Thank you, Senpai! I'm Firefly, and this is my device, Luminous Titan," she said, before pulling back and giving him that *smile.* The slayer of worlds, that smile.

With the spell, it even helped! Her device lacked it and... "Wide... area... investigation..." she said. Well, the list was like... SO MUCH DIFFERENT STUFF! But... "I-I only need like... enough stuff for him to be satisfied. He... he mostly just... I don't t-think he knows what we need either. B-but if I get enough I'll be useful."

Of course, the good thing about that? Now that she had this spell... And the fact what she needed was 'vague'? It really... wouldn't... actually be *hard* to fill her device to where she needed. A bunch of bits and pieces of devices, and with random electronics they find, she was out in record time!

<I've gathered a bunch of electronics and stuff, I'm following your advice, senpai, and extracting with things before it turns bad,> she'd tell Precia, Fate and Riventon... And would even send a report to Riventon about WHAT she gathered. Including a spell program? How in the WORLD did she get so much, so quickly?!

"T-thank you so much, senpai! I'm going to head home and away from the storm, good luck! Riventon-senpai is going to be so proud of me, I didn't mess up a mission for once!" she said before running out the way she came. After dropping THAT on Koji's head. "I hope you find a lot of cool things!" Yup. she was just gonna... go.

And she made it outside... just... just in time for lightning. She let out a startled shriek... before closing her eyes and just *taking off* as fast as she could. <OkayI'mGonnaGoRetreatNowBeforeTheStormHitsBYEI'llLeaveEverythingInYourLabRiventon-Senpai!>

Yeah... she just... yeah. She yelled that to *everyone.*

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamchi smiles. Yuuno frowns. Yuuno doesn't want to help a criminal right now. But Nanoha is.. being Nanoha. Sigh sighs a little. "Alright." she says as she frowns. "I'll follow then." she says as she smiles a little. She takes a deep breath and lets it out as she frowns. "I help my mother all the time. In a bakery. Making people happy with cakes and donuts and pastries." she frowns.

"W..what does your mom do..?" she asks as she follows along, gripping Raising Heart, but keeping it down, just in case she asks a hard question. She takes another deep breath.

"You should come to Midiori-ya Bakery sometimes. My mom bakes the best cakes..." she says. Another smile.

Erm. What's that message. From. W..Whoo?

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Sailor Pluto snorts, "No. I am most definitely NOT your mother. I called you 'child' because you're like a screaming toddler. And if we're doing introductions, I am the Protector of the planet of Space-Time, Pluto. Guardian of Revolution." Then she just smiles as she hears him say he 'can take her stuff anyday'. Apparently, he thinks he can just tank her attacks? "Let's test that, shall we?"

It's been noted before that the vast majority of Mahou attacks are generally screamed at the top of one's lungs. Pluto's isn't like that. As she spins around, the tip of the Garnet Rod glowing a concerning purple color, the Senshi of Time WHISPERS her attack, "...dead scream.'

Her voice is so low and quiet that between the all the ambient noise of the wreck, the fight, and the spin obscuring her lips, one might be forgiven for thinking she's not performing an incantation at ALL.

Which may lead to one underestimating it's power...right until it simply brushes aside the light attacks apparently meant to probe and inconvenience as it screams downrange towards Riventon.

Koji Silvia has posed:

Called Senpai by a happy girl...

And before the Devices can even -PING- she's off and pocketing everything that she can get her happy little hands on, "Okay... good luck... Firefly. Don't... just be safe out there. Your friends can be dangerous sometimes."

    << Young Master. Subject: Firefly scanned. >>

And he actually feels a little guilty about it, but his Blades managed to film everything they could around him while this was going on. Another blast of lightning outside causes him to rest in shadows as he looks after the retreating form for a moment.

With a breath, a sniff, and a wipe over his eyes... Koji clears his mind, and opens his telepathic channel once more to team Slapdash, <Okay, I think I'm in some kind of field deployment room. There's stuff that looks like... spacesuits... some kits. They're designated Field Diagnostic & Repair Mk-01. There's two in any sort of good shape. Grabbing them now.>

Unbeknownst to him, Hanzo shoots a *PING* at Luminous Titan and lets the poor Device know that there will be a truce for now... and even though is signature is marked, Hanzo remains hidden.

The Blade that was searching in a separate space reappears at Koji's belt as it's destroyed by a youmaBot who gives a robotic and toneless cheer with it's comrades. They got one.

But for his part... the field kits, more spare parts, some cool space clothes... whatever he can grab, he tries to sweep into his ever-diminishing storage space.

"Riventon. Another name for the list. And now I can go hunting for you... Heh."

Rashmi Terios has posed:
Bindings lock Rashmi and Greta in place. Oh, this isn't good.

Bindings that cannot simply be broken, because Precia is mighty and Rashmi is noodly, magically speaking. This is very not good.

Precia charging up to lay down what Rashmi has *good reason* to believe is a killing-stroke to the both of them.


Panic begins to seep in around the edges of Rashmi's thoughts, and all she can do is exhort Nicomachea to help them. Which prompts the book to spawn a Shield of hard yellow light over the girls. Then another. Then another. Just enough space between shields, to keep force from transmitting directly from one to the next.

And then a *more* panicked voice talks about Riventon and his lab?

This is enough to break through Rashmi's terror, and crane her head instinctively in the direction of the retreating Firefly.

<< FRIEND REQUEST -- NICOMACHEA >> is sent to Firefly's Device. Anyone who sounds like that, must be a cinnamon roll. And cinnamon rolls are for hugging.

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:
    Starfall is looking in the exact wrong direction when Hannah comes up, smashing her hammer into her wall of shields, cracking and then shattering them. Some of the circular shields move to get in Hannah's way, only to get further destroyed. When Starfall sees Hannah coming her way, she grits her teeth, gives the crate one final kick into the portal, and then closes it in a hurry.

    < Claw Mode >

    Omen's Nightmare Chain shifts forms, going from long staff into a pair of claws. As Hannah's hammer barrage comes at her, she parries each blow one after the other. The sheer fury of Hannah's attacks leaves Omen little room to do anything but defend. Eventually she sees what she thinks is an opening, and tries to jab Hanna with her Armed Device, only to get smacked aside and fall to the ground.

    It's a really, really good thing that Starfall is wearing a Barrier Jacket right now.

    Starfall stands up slowly, listening to Hannah's words and mentally wondering what the heck this strange mahou is going on about.

    < Duel Requested, Mutter. >

    "Thank you," she mumbles to her device.

    "Device parts? Honestly, I couldn't care less about those. I care more about the ship itself." Starfall drops into a defensive stance, one arm crossed in front of her with the other arm hanging behind. "You, however, are in my way. I don't think that's where you want to be."

    Starfall hears the call of Dark Energy, and is tempted by its power, but for the moment she holds off. It would be interesting to test her baseline skill against a real opponent. At least for a time.

    Suddenly, with a magical burst of speed, Starfall launches herself at Hannah, claws raised as she soars through the air. Once the distance is closed, she lashes out at her Steiner opponent with a series of quick swipes, putting her full attention on this one enemy. Starfall has a feeling she's already gotten all that she's going to get.

Greta Legend has posed:
< Boost received. Strongly advise-*ksh*-getting out of dodge. > Dreiseelen advises once more. < Probability of survival against this enemy is drastically decreasing. >

Greta grits her teeth, "I'm not... Running... Away." Just in time to be bound up by Precia's magics, and then ZAPPED with lightning, earning a right proper pained scream from the electrocution.

< Your continued survival is a condition that is NOT negotiable, Little Red! BLITZBARRIERE >

The device diverts to shields in time for the cresent wave from PRecia to crash into Greta, and it sends the girl once more crashing into the rubble, depleting all of the shields in the process...

Greta, for her part, is for the moment out of it. "Ow...."

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    Nanoha is... Being Nanoha. It's vexing actually. Fate had thought she would, once again, be forced to fight this girl, but no. Now they're working together.
    Though Firefly's wide broadcast message gives her a brief pause, but Fate maintains a perfect poker face while in Nanoha's presence as Bardiche de-activates Scythe Mode after Fate slashes down another door.
    The room beyond seems to be a small repair and maintenance bay. It's pretty slim pickings; better than nothing, but Fate really wishes something like an armory had dropped out of orbit instead as she rifles through various parts and bits and bobs.
    "Mother is... She's a researcher." That's partially true. It's not a lie. But she's definitely not going to tell Nanoha that Precia is on the board, at Obsidian though.
    "Cake...?" She does consider.
    Maybe... Maybe she can bring her mother a cake at her next report.
    True to her word, she only takes half the good stuff in the room.

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Precia throws crescent wave, after wave towards the girls until she stops and frowns. "Foolish children. Playing a game. Look where all you're getting at?" she asks as she settles down. "Maybe you're not worth washing your blood off my hands after all?" she asks as she looks at the two now. Rashmi is in her view now. Her device turning back into it's staff form as she raising it again and calls down more terrible lighting from the dimensional storm, it's starting to ebb, probably, but there's still enough juice left for her to pull down two powerful strokes into the the two girls, and two girls alone this time.

"Last chances to leave, miscreants." she says cooly, before devolving into another coughing fit, this time covering her mouth with her hand as she mhrrrrrs into her hand after, resting her hand away finally after it.

Rashmi Terios has posed:

Shields are strong, but can only ever take so much without further magical might reinforcing them. And when it comes to power balance, the weight is allllll on Precia's side of the scale.

Rashmi *shrieks* as the lightning punches through her shields in short order, and lances through her, her thoughts briefly interrupted completely by extradimensional un-electrons.

The *only* upside is, the Binds holding her in place are just as ravaged by the magic, allowing Rashmi to honor Precia's generosity... once she can pull herself together. And the moment she can understand her surroundings again, she launches into a body-tackle.

Not at Precia, though; at Greta, with the sole intention of keeping *Greta* alive as well and fleeing from a vastly superior foe. If the price of keeping a new friend alive is to flee the battle like a coward, then a coward she will be without hesitation.

Takashi Agera has posed:
On the bright side, Takashi thinks, he's only got to deal with one now. And it's just one -tall- girl with a staff. The diversion from Ascelpius is resolved, now, but everyone's paired off - well, Firefly ducked out, much to his chagrin. He'd have to have a talk with that girl later. But right now, he had to have a talk with the girl in front of him. Mostly, he does genuinely want her out of his way so he can proceed with what he came here to do. Which was secure loot, not get bogged down in a small space in a fight.

    And yet... here he was. The harassment shots are more closer to the strongest direct shots Riventon is really ready to spend energy on - which means he has a lot more energy when Dead Scream is whispered.

    He would love to make a comment about whipsering an attack with Scream in the title, but he can't really. Becauise it doesn't merely push aside those light attacks, in some cases it carves right through them. It's probably a good thing none of the Device Users are around to witness some serious blasphemy that is used to hold off the deadly purple sphere as Axion instinctively creates a Round Shield, and Riventon creates a Tank Shield behind that. A lot of mana that wasn't spent blasting is spent not dying, considering the Dead Scream rips through the first shield like it's not even there and puts considerable pressure on the second shield, requiring Riventon to channel Dark Energy into it as it starts to crack under the pressure of the attack. In the end, it -still- manages to detonate and nearly take Riventon with it, resulting in him skidding back a few feet and shielding himself from magical shrapnel by putting his hands in front of his face.

    Riventon stands straight up and acts like he didn't just nearly get obliterated or at least crammed back-first a few feet into the hull. "How many more of those you got, sparkles?" he asks, trying not to betray how exhausting resisting that attack was. The moment he catches his breath, though, he launches himself at her - maybe he'll just get too close for her to do that again, grab ahold of her or the staff and prevent it - or maybe she'll dodge and he can just keep moving past her, out of this space that was so very rapidly seeming highly confining.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
The clash between the two has Hannah's head quickly clearing, and frankly, she finds herself /smiling/ as the other mahou seems to accept the state of affairs! And even then clarify things slightly! Not going for salvage!?

The Trager laughs, but it's not exactly at Starfall's expense. Just the kind of thing from someone who /knows better/, mostly.

"Und what exactly, mein freund, are you after hmmmm? Admittedly a most craft person could perhaps carve quite the wunderbar bits out...but are you up to the task?" Again, it's more curiosity rather than downplaying this unknown magical girl's skill!

Claws go for her, and despite her wounds? First her sheath lashes out to parry those claw slashes, only for the last two to dig into her side, the young woman ducking away as she lets her armor flake off and take the blow like a proper Belkan!

She whistles!

"I should have your nomen mein freund! For you are not unskilled!" Comes the young woman with a grin, especially as she notes she doesn't need the parts!

Part of her wants to say something but Blauer Greif stops her from doing something stupid.

And then she's lashing out at the claw-user, crushing blows with her sheath being mixed in with swordswomanship that can only be described as expert and inspired despite her young age! She's clearly well trained, and knows her blade arm uncannily well, applying a flurry of blunt blows towards joins and shields, followed by blade-strikes in overlapping, furious style. Her offense simply doesn't /stop/ weaving into itself as she truly begins to test Starfall's melee skill, guided by Device and the hisses of her giant lizard-friend!

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown finally. FINALLY! It took a while, but he'd had to separate himself from Rashmi's parents, get upstairs, examine the condition of his device, ensure it was *ready* for this.

Then check his condition. He was wounded, yes. But STUFF was going down out there. And he had, unfortunately, been silent. He didn't have what it took to be out there--

But the situation was rapidly getting worse. Damaged tech, fine. That was acceptable. He knew what the ship had, nothing in it was comparable to what they could lose if the civilians were hurt. Yes, it was important stuff, but nothing was THAT important.

But he was wounded. And--

Then his Query came back. Precia. Testarossa. There weren't even words in midchilda to express how he felt the moment he read that name.

He was in no state to fight... But this? This was a threat he could NOT ignore.

Every device would suddenly go off, an alert? <Standby for TSAB announcement.> Well. Except possibly Riventon's. His was weird.

A teleportation circle appeared in the sky. And in it, a small figure, who lifted their rod to the sky. At the end of the day... he was the soldier. They were the civilians. At his PEAK he could MAYBE take Precia. Assuming she hadn't gotten any other BS from this STUPID planet. But well, she was an adult, right? That meant her core HAD to not be functioning, right? It wasn't like she could possibly be stronger or anything, right? Ah... ha ha ha... ah? Besides, her SS rank was conditional entirely on her having access to some massive external power supply. So... so it would be fine. Maybe. At least, if she wasn't throwing around massive thunderbolts, he'd believe that.

"Precia Testarossa, fugitive of the TSAB. You and your henchmen are to surrender and await the arrival and detainment from TSAB agents. Surrender peacefully and you will be permitted to speak on your own behalf. If you accept these conditions, throw down your weapon. Do not attempt to flee."

He held up his device. <Stinger Blade Execution Shift>

"As an enforcer of the time space administration bureau, I, Chrono Harlaown, will not hesitate to strike you down if you do not surrender."

Dozens of blue, magical swords fill the sky. Spreading out wildly in all directions. All poised and aimed at her. Admittedly, he'd... normally hesitate to use such a display of force. Especially against such a force as her. Hell. Especially not as an opener. But... well...

There were a lot of civilians. A LOT of them. And he, unlike most of them, knew how dangerous Precia was.

He sent a message to Rashmi and Koji. <Both of you, make as much distance as you can if she doesn't retreat.>

He held his rod pointed at Precia, trying to keep his gaze solid, to not shake. He was solid...

But he knew the score. He was already wounded. Even if he could put on such a show, that spell alone blew through so much of his reserves and he doubted it'd be enough to stop her. As much as it pained him, his most effective tactic... was likely the bluff that more TSAB agents were on the way. He didn't have enough magic reserves for a prolonged artillery fight and he couldn't move much without re-opening his wounds.

For all the good it did, Hannah would momentarily later get a ping that her salvaging rights/request/bullshit had been approved. Chrono had no cope to care about that right now.

Greta Legend has posed:
Greta groans slowly and picks herself back up ever so slowly, gritting her teeth and glaring at Precia through her now shattered mask that only covers part of her face. "Can't just... Give up..." She mutters as she picks her axe back up.

< *ksh*Do NOT engage the enemy.*ksh*Directing reserve energy to barrier jacket. >

With that, her device shifts from an axe to a simple Rod, whilst trying to reinforce the barrier jacket allow continued survival, and Greta is a little loopy and having none of that. "I didn't tell you to shut off! Get back into combat mode and---OOF!"

Her train of thought is abruptly ended by Rashmi's tackle to get her to safety. Greta is miffed. "get off of me!"

And then suddenly there's a Chrono. "Who the bloody hell---? I had this under control..."

And then she passes out when the last of her adrenaline fades out.

Koji Silvia has posed:
'Hanzo' comes out of the wreckage with his haul in time for Chrono arrives, and then he looks at the situation as it stands. With a deep breath taken, he closes his eyes a moment, and then immediately...

    << OBSCURE. >>

Vanishing almost entirely from view, Koji moves himself on the wreckage to put himself in a defensive posture for Chrono, knowing his condition, and then decides to help up the young Enforcer's Bluff Check with a +2 Bonus.

"Hanzo, do you have any TSAB Agents in your database we can... spoof?"

    << Affirmative. Linker Core reserves will allow us to generate 4 Obscure forms. >>

Grinning in his cloaked form, Koji sends to Chrono only, <I'll get out if it gets too bad, but I'm not leaving you alone in this fight.>

Four of his Five Blades float up and away, invisible, and then emit a brief burst of Dimensional energy along with creating simulacrums of standard TSAB teleportation circles in the air. Two to Chrono's left, two to Chrono's right. Four ABSOLUTELY GENERIC and face-cloaked TSAB Agents appear on them, all of them wielding Combat-Form Devices. One has a rifle-like one, Two has a double-bladed axe with a glowing tip. Three and Four are both using staves that any one of a hundred agents could be using.

They all point at Precia, and say simultaneously "SIR!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Sailor Pluto waches her attack do quite the number on her opponent's defenses...and truth be told, she'll need a moment or two before she can throw another Dead Scream.

While Senshi generally don't fatigue from their attacks, by the same token, they're not really able to spam them endlessly, either.

Thus it is that Pluto is not able to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL opportunity to give Riventon a facefull of magical Death as he charges her down the constrained length of a hallway...and must instead resort to staff attacks with the Garnet Rod.

At which point she decides to be a teensy bit more lenient towards Hannah for charging into melee later...because there's no way she'll be able to avoid close quarters.

Then, when Riventon grapples with her, it becomes a bit of a test...his strength against hers.

While she's unsure how strong he might be, she's strong enough to leap multiple stories from a standing leap...and she knows instinctively where one can easily grip the very oddly-shaped Garnet rod with it's seemingly random flanges sticking out of the sides...so she'll try her best to introduce his noggin to the nearest bulkhead.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Fate takes half the score, and she starts transferring things into her device's storage and it goes from '5 consoles, 1 marshamallow and 1 jelly beans' to a vast list of parts she doesn't understand. Yuuno does to some degree, but she'll be happy with that score.

She looks at Fate and smiles. "See. We both got things, Right?" she asks.

She then gets that transmission and 'uhs'

"The TSAB is here, good!" says Yuuno, happily.

She looks towards Fate and then back to Yunno.

"TASB?" she asks curiously. "Oh, who you. worked with, Yuuno?" she asks the ferret. "They're here?" she asks. "Huh.."

'Precia Testarossa has posed:
Rashmi moves to retreat with Greta. Good. Precia doesn't want to wipe blood off her hands today, though she was quite ready for that showever. She takes a deep breath and gets back to watching Fate though her device and---what is she doing talking to that
. She's about to make a request about this when there's a TSAB announcement, and Chrono arrives, blotting out the sky with numerous swords. She narrows her eyes.

<< Fate. I need you. >> she says.

<< Riventon. If that's true, we should ponder a retreat soon. If you got the same announcement.>>

<< Did everyone get that? >> she asks into the friendly 'band' of devices.

She looks up at Chrono. "Another child. What do you want of me now?" she asks, getting ready to throw barrier spells if she must, but not moving. Even when more agents 'arrive' she sends a band. << Ah. There are more arriving. Yes. >> she says.

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:
    "Starfall Omen," is the name that she offers Hannah, during a brief break in the melee. "It's nothing that special. I live in what used to be a chunk of a larger ship, not too unlike this one. I suppose you could say that I'm trying to fix my house." She, notably, leaves out the part where she lives inside of an apocalypse machine.

    It's hard for Starfall to gauge just how much her opponent is impressed and how much she's just being polite. She's been training for combat since the day she awoke, but normally its her minions who do most of the fighting.

    The melee resumes, and Hannah is pressing Starfall hard. It's all that she can do to parry those powerful attacks. When one of her claws starts to crack, Omen decides that it's time for a bit of enhancement.

    < Grosserstein > calls out her device, as her claws are suddenly covered in magical rock, shielding the damaged parts of her device as it endures clash after clash. Eventually even fully focusing on defense isn't enough, and the gap between her own experience and Hannah's becomes clear as Starfall takes a direct blow to the gut, sending her flying into a nearby debris wall.

    It's about then that she hears Chrono's voice.

    "Damn. It's the cops!"

    Starfall doesn't have a lot of direct experience with the TSAB, but she knows what the Fallen Dream Star's databanks said. They were a pretty powerful interdimensional force, and they were exactly the kind of people who'd be bothering her if they knew what she was hiding.

    Starfall grits her teeth, and turns her glare back towards Hannah. She gives into her anger and fear, and the dark spirit within her fills her magic with an evil power that exudes emptiness. "Time to step things up."

    If more TSAB are truly on the way, then Starfall will have to either act quickly or leave quickly. Or both.

    <Dichtungsketten >

    A long magical chain drops from each of her claws, seething with darkness. Starfall stands at a distance from Hannah and lashes out at her, using the chains as a pair of whips. Each crack sounds like thunder, and they come out with such rapidity that it'd be hard for a normie to even keep an eye on them.

Rashmi Terios has posed:
"I'LL PUT YOU DOWN WHE-- oh," Rashmi says, her protest robbed of its momentum by the fact that Greta has, in fact, passed out. At Chrono's message, she turns to look back, nodding once... then staring in awe at the sheer amount of firepower the young Enforcer is able to summon. < ...Chrono-kun, > she says hesitantly, on a private message to him. < I'm *going* to meet you back at home, okay? Papi's making hotpot for dinner, you'd *better* be able to have some. >

While aching and scorched, Rashmi *does* still have a good chunk of her reserves left...

    << *BONG!* >> << BARRET -- BOOST UP >>

Almost as a last insult to Precia, Rashmi whips a ball of wispy golden light to Chrono, to lend yet more strength to his readied attack, should it need to be used.

Three blocks away, she lands in an alleyway, making use of her battlefield-healing first aid magic to help herself and Greta hurt a bit less.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    Between Nanoha and Fate the room is picked clean. Fate is about to reply when... Things take a turn for the worst.
    The TSAB announcement halts her dead, a stricken look crossing her face as her eyes widen, pupils narrowing to tiny focused dots as she hears...
    The threat to her mother.
    "... I'm sorry." She says at first, to Nanoha. "Mother is... She's in trouble. I need to be there for her."
    With that minimal explanation given she's already moving before Precia calls for her.
    <<Yes, mother...>> She replies, ever the dutiful daughter as she blazes through the corridors of the wrecked ship until she cleaves out another doorway.
    And she only puts on more speed.
    A blur of black, red, and gold comes blazing through the sky, coming at the TSAB enforcer from a blind angle.
    If Chrono's reaction isn't fast enough...
    Fate looms behind him for just a beat; a dark shadow shrouding her face as she raises Bardiche high.
    [SCYTHE FORM...]
    It's the only warning given before her scythe comes down in a single, merciless, stroke intent on cutting the TSAB agent down as efficiently as possible.

Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon gets where he wants to be. Ish. Okay, where Riventon wants to be is in his lab surrounded by new tech to disassemble and play with, but instead he's trapped in some stupid hunk of a ship with a too-tall lady and her thwacky stick of also ranged ow. He's not trying to get into a shoving match with her though - he is just trying to grab onto some part of her the henshin outfit doesn't cover. A direct connection. Which means she's able to actually thwack him pretty good a couple of times. He'll have bruises for sure. But he finally wraps his left arm around her upper arm. No henshin defense. Just that direct connection.

    And Riventon holds on for dear life and starts sapping her energy, even as he takes a few more staff thwacks and resultant bruises. He's getting energy, he'll be able to get back into the fight... something about the cops? What?

    It's that moment of confusion that gives Sailor Pluto a firmer upper hand - or stick - and she slams Riventon back of the head first into the very heavy steel of the wreckage. The worst headache of Riventon's life ensues and he has to let her go, though he's gotten a fair amount of energy from her. He staggers past her exhausted form and out into the open.

    "What's a TSAB?!" he yells, stumbling out of the wreckage, holding his head much like Pluto was when she entered. "I'll fight them t..." he pauses and looks up. That is a lot of swords. And Precia is calling a retreat. And Riventon knows Precia could kick his ass, so he's able to do the math even through the headache.

    "Fine, you know what?! Fine. Screw you all." Riventon says. "Every last one of you. Especially sticky there." he adds, pointing back to the hull. "Hope this concussion was worth it for you."

    Everyone who has a device will get a different warning. Something about multiple incredibly high density energy signatures underground. Growing in strength and density. <<Since we aren't securing the site, there's not going to be a site left to secure in a few moments. It'll make the cover story easy, at least.>> Well, if Riventon's retreating, everyone's retreating. Or, really really should be. Very, Very Soon.

    Riventon looks almost forlornly at the chunks of hull and equipment before taking a backstep to Duskport away.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
<May you walk in the Sankt's Footsteps> Comes Hannah's device immediately after that ping from Chrono's Device, and quickly offers an equal amount of return pins, filled with pure acceptance, and vague amounts of Linker-Core covering that comes with this kind of operation involving Belkan-TSAB types, especially the more /noble/ ones.

Thankfully despite all the overly-long pings? It seems 'settle this later' is the agreement. Especially as one party is dealing with Claws trying to cut her into pieces!

And yet, she also decided to move out of that range of Chrono's lancing strikes should any reach towards her, as she has a good melee opponent to clash against, and frankly she doesn't need additional political considerations right now! Another ping? Straight towards Enforcer Chrono, and one can almost /feel/ a Belkan style encouragement for hammering down an opponent despite the bluff!

As expected of a Mid-Childan!

Hannah's jaw opens, then clenches.

"A pleasure, frau Omen. Were it...under better circumstances." Comes the young woman, and then simply decides to nod. A person stranded on a chunk of a TSAB space ship? Socially she feels a bit at odds, and then begins to focus on pure melee and survival!

Even as she sends her opponent into a wall? That rock-like excretion has her pointing both Blade and Sheath at her opponent! Starfall Omen has Hannah's attention, and she's all about to launch towards SO when suddenly....it's the fuzz!!!!

Her brow grits, but before she can say anything else? Dark Energy floods the magical girl, and suddenly it's not longer a simple duel! She whistles! Lyra is at her side, and she /hisses/ as those dark chain-claws are lashing out towards her!

It may be a boost to Starfall's ego that Hannah doesn't bother even trying to track them! Not individually. At first, the various slashes meet upon gravitic Belkan shields one after another! Her defenses are tough, but by how she dodges and occasionally kicks random objects towards her attacks? Hannah knows it's not enough. And when they don't see to stop?

A blow across her shoulder has her howling, then hissing, and her sheath floats up in the air as gravity magic makes up for the loss.

And then she grips her cane.

Suddenly, the world decides to fisheye towards Hannah's Device for just a second, so close up to her. First one, then the next, and then another competing layers of alternating gravity layers wrap around one another, creating an increasingly /long/ pillar of gravity that one might consider a spear emerging first from her cane, and then past her elbow and arm as one single unit! Her arm trembles. Chains of pure gravitic magic reinforces both her arm and her legs as she bends into the center of gravity she's created!

Grinning towards her opponent?

Trager-chan launches forward with a Belkan war cry, and tries to stab that absurd gravitic lance straight towards Starfall with sheer martial joy!


And then, just as the clash happens? One Riventon-kun actually warns them all about the explosion about to take the Artha-hull to high heaven and beyond. Her spell lashes out just a /bit/ too much as suddenly Lyra is grabbing her collar, her Device is pushing her back, and then she's flying towards something solid, beautiful, and with...a nameplate?

Hannah quickly pings her allies just to spread the energy signature. Nobody left behind, even if it's someone like Riventon.

Or Starfall, Hannah will offer a gravitic thrust after her attack, even if she first gravity-loops, then sucks in that immaculate desk and all its' contents into her Device's Storage!

Shields up, she's a missile /out/ of the disaster zone!

~Some Time Later~

Hannah has cleared away her old desk, passed out on her bunk. The new one? Is oddly high tech, distinctive, and in one drawer?

A nameplate resides.

'Admiral Lindy Harlaown'

The exhausted Steiner sleeps without a single hint of shame, her Device already cataloguing all of her nicked salvage.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown didn't look surprised at the reinforcements. Of course not. He knew they were coming. No he didn't. Oh. Oh no. Wait. WHAT? High energy signatures... well. FINE. He didn't care. So long as--

A ping alerted him something burst out of the ship.

He turned. There was Fate.

Higher processing power was incredibly useful. Years of training were useful. Most of all, Rashmi's boosting spell was HELLA useful to give him that extra power he needed to cast the spell ever quicker. As Fate came at him, he cast the spell in a split second, binds of mana wrapping around her and stopping her cold. The blade inches from him.

0.3 seconds later his swords began to descend and he moved back.

0.2 seconds later his binds broke, shattered by the small, determined child. He was moving back, likely the *only* reason he wasn't cleaved in half by the attack. But even with his barrier jacket, a hastily made barrier and Rashmi's protections, the most he managed to do was stop himself from being knocked out by the assault. A massive serration across his chest spilt out, his blood splashing onto the small girl, letting her live up to the moniker she had once been called. 'Death scythe' indeed.

Then the swords struck. Beginning to rain down like a hailstorm of blades, aimed primarily at Precia, but the nearest ones striking Fate and partially exploding/launching the daughter towards her caring mother.

Chrono, meanwhile, was only barely managing to keep it together, tumbling through the air for a few moments, a piece of his device crumbling to the ground (thankfully not the core). A hand moved over the serration, soaked with blood.

As alerts popped up. Explosion. Imminent. He couldn't move. He could barely hold himself here. Worst, he had to direct the blades. Starting slow, but gradually making more and more of them fall to keep a steady flurry of them on Precia and, hopefully, direct her assault.

<Silvia-san. There are... three more in the ship. Get them out of here. H-have the illusions direct their own a-assaults, intersparce t-there attacks with my blades. W-when they're... they're out, g-g-get me out of... of here...>

He just had to keep conscious for a few more moments. He struggled to keep the darkness at bay. Just a few more seconds. Just. A few. More. Please. But he was sinking, slowly... Mentally praying for Precia to *run away*.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Pluto grins as she gets a couple of hits in...and then she feels the fingers close around her arm and her world explodes in PAIN as Dark Energy starts draining her strength and sending her already tortured nervous system into spasms.

After a few moments, however, she manages to acclimate enough to fight back somewhat...and during the process, she manages to get a lucky hit in that causes Riventon to let her go after having his head bounced at least once.

She drops momentarily to one knee as the badguy makes good his escape...and as she's pushing herself back to her feet, various explosions start to rock the wreckage...one of which flings an old, unopened shipping box about the size of a small shoebox through the air to bounce off her already-abused noggin.

She catches the box out of the air before it goes far.

That's it. She's done. She's totally done for this day.

She prepares to throw the box aside when another explosion rocks the corridor she's in. Without even noticing, it disappears into the small spatial pocket she keeps transformation pens, the garnet rod, and other accessories into as she fights for her footing, "...oh crap. Yeah, I've seen how this movie ends. Time to make myself scarce."

Putting word to deed, she bolts out of the hole in a full powered leap...leaving just ahead of the blast that obliterates the area, and ends up riding the shockwave (she does NOT go flying skirt over teakettle and anyone who says otherwise is a damn, dirty liar!) to come to a landing in the nearby lightly wooded area.

Lana Voselle Miata has posed:
    Starfall gets the warning from Riventon, and her eyes go wide. "You're kidding. He's really going that far?!" she yells out loud.

    She doesn't give Hannah any indication of what she means by that, or what's about to happen, but she's not exactly hiding her surprise or worry either. Omen already didn't want to be left alone with the TSAB, and she certainly doesn't want to stay and be a part of what Riventon intends.

    Her attention is drawn sharply back to her opponent. With a name like Alpha Strike, even a dark-infused Starfall can't ignore what's about to happen. Suddenly shield after shield after shield is raised, and the gravity spear goes through each one in turn. At the last, Starfall is struck in the chest, and it's only thanks to the strength of her Barrier Jacket and the darkness coursing through her that she's able to stand after the fact.

    For a moment, Starfall considers retaliation, but there really isn't enough time.

    "I'm afraid our duel will have to be called off, dear friend. Until we meet again."

    A blue portal opens in the ground, letting a loose bulkhead fall through into Starfall's personal subspace. Without hesitation, she jumps in after it, and lets the portal close behind her. Whatever she managed to grab will just have to be enough for now. She's gone, not trusting in anyone else's help, and not helping anybody but herself. Chances are they'll get out on their own, and even if they don't it's not her problem.

    If whatever she got ends up being useless to her, well, she at figures she'll be able to trade it for something better later.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi grabs the rest of anything she was making off with and now has some consoles, device parts and other things. Maybe Yuuno can make a tiny mid-childan computer for himself with this. Regardless. She escapes through the way Fate had cut, since it's the most fastest way to escape as she makes off with flier fin into the sky with Yuuno riding on her shoulder still just in time to see various swords come in on Fate and Precia as she gasps and yells...

"Watch out, Fate-chan...!" she yells out, trying to move to make any action but... that blade storm. It's too dangerous for her to fly into it and not get hurt herself.

She puts up a round shield and tries to fly into it, only to get smacked out of the sky and onto the ground as she 'nrgs!' and her and Yuuno crash a moment away from the wreck of the Artha piece, but still down for the moment. She won't be able to save or help Fate-chan like this.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    A lot happens in the span of a single heartbeat.
    Fate is bound.
    The binds break.
    Her blade strikes.
    Chrono's blades come down and--
    When they impact and explode, Fate is launched away, sent spiraling through the air, barely conscious and uncontrolled.
    At least she's falling in the direction of her mother.
    It's somewhat consoling, to know that Precia will be there to catch her as Fate goes tumbling through the air. To know that mother will praise her for her haul tonight and tend to her wounds.
    Yes. Indeed. Comforting thoughts, indeed.

Precia Testarossa has posed:
Precia Testarossa frowns when various swords start raining down and she does as she was preparing, raising round shields to block the swords with impressive might as she closes her eyes to concentrate more and one eventually gets through as it crashes thought, into her shoulder as her eyes open wide and she lurches. Okay, that blade hurt.

She's okay though as she resettles up right...

Then Fate falls through the air and she catches her, firmly. She frowns hard and looks down at Fate....

'Worthless' she mouths, but doesn't say it out loud, before activating a teleport spell to get away from the sword storm, and take Fate away to 'safety'.

Koji Silvia has posed:
The four 'Agents' aim their weapons, and Hanzo channels Barrets through their weapons, which reality is just his Blades remote-casting for him in a barrage in between the interspersed and more powerful SWORDS that are falling from the sky. The 'Rifle' Agent relents on his attack and flies down towards the now-detonating wreckage to allow for a quick Sensor sweep that shows that pretty much everyone but Nanoha was clear of the fight. This leaves the two 'Staff' agents and the 'Axe' Agent raining smaller blows down not just at Precia, but at Fate as well.


Where Sailor Pluto makes her landing, her foot accidentally bumps Koji's 6th Blade, causing it to wobble and then drop it's Obscure cloaking, flashing it's V-symbol in almost an indignation at being 'found' like that... which is to say... sheer luck and Senshi heels.


Koji raises both his hands and one has his last summonable Blades, while the other creates a small circle on it, sending a string shoots out like it was fired from an air gun. It hits Chrono, wrapping around him and over the wound, then yanking him down and safely into the arms of Koji Silvia, appearing as the last thing Fate might see before her mother takes her and more importantly... her haul... and departs.

    << POINT WARP. BLADE 2. >>

Agent 'Rifle' approaches Nanoha as Koji vanishes with the wounded Chrono, while 'Axe' Agent moves back and starts strafing more shots as if covering the 'Staff' Agents so they can move away from the impending explosions and vanish... the projections mostly used up at this point, but just enough left to pretend-teleport off as the Blades discorporate. 'Axe' does the same a few moments later.

As 'Rifle' drops the projection, Nanoha and Yuuno can see the Blade, and then as it touches the tip to Nanoha's chest, they both hear:

    << POINT WARP. BLADE 2. >>

For Setsuna, suddenly there are two magical boys close by her, and clear of the fight, followed a few seconds later by a stunned Nanoha.

Laying Chrono down on the ground, Koji withdraws the Guidewire, and holds his only active Blade left over him, sending what little Regeneration he can to the small teen.

"C'mon... C'mon..."

Takashi Agera has posed:
Immediately after everyone is clear of the blast zone, several four-pointed sparkles of energy appear and twirl, right before an utterly unncessarily large series of explosions erupts upwards from their locations buried underground. A giant column of mostly kinetic and partly Dark Energy erupts from the site, and when it's over, only a crater remains - not a trace of any bit of the Artha's wreckage not already secured by someone on the way out remains.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown would be very, very yayyyy right now. If he could. All presences gone. Threats gone.

Then he went limp. His device hung loosely in his grip...

Then he was gone.And his chest now bore a big, red X. The bandages that were over the OTHER wound (which was now bleeding as well), had been slashed open. Both wounds were deep and... he... he didn't look so good. The fact he was even still awake was... well. A miracle in and of itself. His vision was almost entirely black now. "W-wo... won... t.... die..." he said.

He might not have a choice. Oh. And look. There was a tall tree next to them, named Setsuna. Yeah... he... uhhhh... he was going to need some actual... more than that. He needed medical care. And likely a blood transfusion.

His device shifted from a magical rod to its card form, his henshin dropping.

Oh that wasn't a good sign.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
The revelation of Koji's blade causes Sailor Pluto to straighten up from where she'd been visibly leaning on the Garnet Rod, and she casts a dark look at it.

Still, that means that she's not caught looking exhausted when the teleports resolve, as she has that moment to get herself together...and then all other thoughts were gone from her mind as she sees a young man in what is OBVIOUSLY critical condition.

All pain fades away as she slows her perception of time, giving herself the ability to THINK.

Forget the magical, that can be dealt with later. This boy is obviously heavily injured and looks to be rather low on blood.

Some quick maths are done in her head...as the crow flies, it's only a few miles to the school where she KNOWS she has medical facilities to deal with this.

As her perceptions return to normal, another huge spike of pain washes through her head...she KNOWS she's going to be laid up all day tomorrow at the very least...but that's for FUTURE Pluto to worry about.

PRESENT Pluto has a child to save.

Thus it is that the Garnet Rod disappears...and Pluto instead scoops Chrono up, holds him like a running back protecting the ball, then turns and BOLTS away.

Anyone whose reaction times are dulled by fatigue and/or battle damage of some stripe or other will likely just hear, "Getting him to medical attention."