Tadase Hotori

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Tadase Hotori (Scenesys ID: 66)
"Don't call me Prince!"
Name: Tadase Hotori AKA: King, Platinum Royale
Gender: Male Series: (CC) Shugo Chara!
Origin: Chara Bearer Grade: 8
Clubs: Student Council Age: 13
Group Information
Groups Radiant Heart Academy


Tadase Hotori is a member of Radiant Heart Academy's Student Council, the King's Chair. Handsome and kind, he acts confident around others and is the target of many a confession. His Guardian Character is Kiseki, born from his desire to become stronger (and king of his own small world). More than anything, deep down, Tadase wants to protect the ones he loves. Should someone say the word Prince in his presence, however, he will undergo a Chara Change with Kiseki and temporarily turn into an egotistical king, seeking to dominate the world!


Weak To Buckets, Such a Handsome Boy, Consistent Confession Recipient, Volunteller, Sparkle Eyes to Maximum, Kind Heart Big Dreams

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6
Blood Type: B
Birthday: MAR 29
Likes: Being in charge, helping others, protecting others
Dislikes: Public speaking, catboys
Favorite Food: ???
Least Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Subject: Politics
Least Favorite Subject: Math


Title Date Scene Summary
Calling All Heroes December 10th, 2023 The forces of Known Good gather in The Shed to learn about the true threat of the Midnight Tokyo Project. The danger is unveiled, the risks are discussed, and a plan is hatched.
Unlock My Heart November 13th, 2023 Tadase, Ikuto, and Madoka hunt a particularly elusive Witch. During their search, Ikuto breaks a chandelier and the Witch gets angry. When the three of them are dragged into a Labyrinth, they're in a fight for their very lives as even their best magic can't quite cut it. Their determination to fight to the bitter end unlocks two henshins: Platinum Royale and Hope Blossom.
Paint the Town Pink November 4th, 2023 Following Lunar Eclipse, Sailor Eclipse hosts a tea party at Clover Tower! Too bad it doesn't end so well.
Tourist Destination: Deer Forest October 27th, 2023 Adrien, Usagi, Naru, and Ikiko are offer to feed the deer who bow! They encounter Tadase along the way, and have a good time.
Chara-Bearers October 24th, 2023 After a bit of a delay, Tadase and Madoka run into each other and information - as well as the possibility of a brewing dire situation - is discussed.
A Wish By Any Other Name September 19th, 2023 Madoka Kaname thinks that she's lost her potential, but is that really what happened? Two Chara Eggs are born from her heart, and they both quickly turn into X-Chara. One flees the scene before Amu and Tadase can show up, while the other stays to fight and gets purified. Before everything can be fully explained, they all have to go to class.
Bringing Down The House September 10th, 2023 The media (both social and traditional) are all over Makuga Finn, the latest musical sensation; the idol's first song can be heard everywhere, and she is going to start a live tour soon! As a promotional stunt, many students at Radiant Heart Academy can easily get a discounted ticket for her inaugural concert, or even win them at some game.

Makuga is about to make her debut, and as everyone knows, it's a debut only if it comes from the Debutante region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling first day on the job; unable to afford such a fancy imported introduction, Miya Sakamoto, your friendly neighborhood unpowered human, has to settle for the latter: today will be her first day on the job as staff for the concert.

What Miya doesn't know yet is that 'first day on the job' is going to take on a very unexpected meaning for her.

Caffeinated Chaos! July 17th, 2023 Scorn entraps Naru Oksaka in a mirror, and Tadase Hotori, Cho Konishi and Amy Faust stop her and free Naru. Coffees may had been involved at some point.
Punches after the Storm July 11th, 2023 A lovely evening in the park, there's only a little bit of punching. It's hard to be a bully amongst this many good guys.
Something about a Lock July 9th, 2023 Amu gets lost in a haunted part of the Club building. She encounters Ikuto and Tadase. Also something about a Lock?
The Assembly July 8th, 2023 Amu Chara Changes at the worst time! Her first Chara appears! Tadase gives some info on being a Chara bearer.
A Girl Scorn'ed! July 4th, 2023 The newbie Phantom Empire General Scorn attacks penguin park! Magical Girls (and boys) stop her from ruining a hot summer day's ice cream!
EGGS! In My Bed July 2nd, 2023 Amu Hinamori wakes up to find... you guessed it. Eggs! She tries to find out what is going on.


Title Date Scene Summary
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