Yuuto Shiraishi

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Yuuto Shiraishi (Scenesys ID: 215)
"Steam Sentinel Propel!, Evil's Time IS UP!"
Name: Yuuto Shiraishi AKA: Steam Sentinel Propel
Gender: Male Series: (OC) Steam Sentinels
Origin: Steam Sentinel Grade: 8
Clubs: Track and Field Club, Art Club Age: 15
Group Information
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Yuuto Shiraishi's parents are both successful in business and expect that Yuuto will want to follow in their footsteps. That is not Yuuto's plans, however! Ever since he made his first mud-pie when he was young, Yuuto has worked with his fingers in the dirt. He has found that he has a fondness for modeling clay and chipping into stone, and while his finished projects are well-made, he is sometimes too shy to show them off, keeping them to the Art Club room. Attending Radiant Heart Academy, Yuuto participates in Track and Field as a member of the cross-country team. Despite being book smart and more than capable of following in the business aspect of his family, he is fiercely loyal and dedicated to the idea to becoming an accomplish sculptor. It is this strong passion that drew the attention of the refugee clockwork fairy 'Tinker' and led to him becoming the agile and speedy 'Steam Sentinel Propel'! The other clockwork fairies worry for Yuuto, because Tinker is always trying to improve his loco-motion skates, in an attempt to increase his range or make him faster.


Gotta Go Fast, Art Room Wallflower, Do the Locomotion, Nose in the Dirt - Not in a Book, Sculpting and Moulding His Future, Always Getting Tinkered On, Cross-Country Runner, Would Be Great at Delivery, Math Tutor, Survivor of Koharu's Cooking, Business Acumen, Always Strive Your Passions, Step Out of the Shadow - Shine Your Own Light!, Talent SHAPES Skill, Cast Iron Stomach

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'9" (176.5 cm)
Blood Type: A+
Birthday: 22 April
Likes: Sculpting, Running
Dislikes: Math
Favorite Food: Taiyaki
Least Favorite Food: Umeboshi
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math


Title Date Scene Summary
Radiant Hearts Prom 2024 April 6th, 2024 The first ever prom at Radiant Hearts had it all! Dancing, great food, three singers, hip throws, off-world travelers and fireworks!
Voice in the Dark April 1st, 2024 While approaching Gaito's throne room, the Black Beauty Sisters block their path. Will they be able to get past the fearsome duo?
Hurdles at the Assault on Gaito - Devario April 1st, 2024 Steam Sentinel Propel fights and defeats one of Gaito's water demons during the assault on the palace of the King of the Deep Seas. Happens at the same time as Scene 1374: A Dark Lover... Trio!?
A soak for your bruises March 27th, 2024 Following the bruises Coco has gotten in the fight against Red Tree's Chambers, Yuuto approaches Coco to show her his love and care.
A (Whale)Bone to Pick March 26th, 2024 Chambers, a member of the Red Tree Board, shows up at the Aquarium to attempt to steal a baby beluga whale with her Tourist Cogs! Coco and Cho team up with Yuuto to stop Chambers' dastardly plan to make the whale into a whalebone corset and makeup!
Young Encounters of the Orange Kind March 24th, 2024 On an early morning walk, Coco and Yuuto surprisingly stumble upon Sara. An unexpected interaction gives them a first person view into Coco's and Sara's shared past.
A Light into the Abyss March 22nd, 2024 A strategy session is organised, trying to determine how to best assault Gaito's castle.
Awami Shrine Peril March 21st, 2024 White Bone Demon attacks Awami Shrine, but her evil plans are fought back by several heroes, including a last second save by Cure Wukong.
Gardens Picnic March 19th, 2024 Coco and Yuuto have a picnic and discuss his parents.
The Trackster March 18th, 2024 Hawk Moth turns a Track Star into the Trackster! Can heroes stop him!? Of course they can, bur they better be quick...!
Cinema Club: Second Meeting March 16th, 2024 The second meeting of Radiant Heart's new cinema club! This month's film is The Moonlit Cat Cafe, a romantic comedy about a college student who discovers a cat cafe, whose magical residents help her find love!
Lunchbreak Meetings March 15th, 2024 Coco and Yuuto break it to Cho that Coco has a promise ring. It takes a couple of tries for it to click.
An Underwater Freaky Tuesday March 12th, 2024 After a spell of Maria gone wrong, Yuuto and Hanon find themselves in each other's bodies. While the latter works on securing their means to go back, the former and Coco swim together, both of them now merfolk.
An Underwater Fire March 7th, 2024 When Yuuto finds Coco feeling under the weather, he helps reignite her passion.
Rainbow Crystals 5: Mermadness of the Blue Crystal! March 7th, 2024 The blue rainbow crystal shows up at the island shrine in Penguin Park, just in time for Hanon of the South Atlantic Ocean to become transformed into the youma Rikoukeidar! Luckily, Coco, Yuuto, Hinote, Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, and Makoto are all on hand to help her out!
Lunch Sentinels March 2nd, 2024 Finally! Two of the Steam Sentinels meet. They discuss things. Yuuto tries to eat the cupcake of doom. Koharu gets a confession of love?! And is it Fours or Force?
Morning Run February 28th, 2024 Coco and Yuuto go for a morning jog. They have a misunderstanding, but their relationship is only made stronger from it.
Lunch with Coco February 21st, 2024 Coco invites Yuuto to share a mermaid's meal with her boyfriend along with conversation on the upcoming track season.
Texts: Statue Completion February 17th, 2024 Yuuto shows Coco the fruit of his work and they discuss how to have Yuuto circumvent the Fade.
Visiting Awami Shrine February 17th, 2024 Coco gets Yuuto to come to a nearby shrine for the next date, and shares with him the origin of this goddess of marriage. The two then make an offering to ensure their love is protected forevermore.
Valentine's Day Shopping and Dinner February 14th, 2024 Coco takes Yuuto out for Valentine's Day and their date takes a deep emotional turn.
Breakfast at RHA February 12th, 2024 There's a little bit of everything in the morning rush to get fed and caffinated before class, conversation and teasing, some couples being cute and oh yes.. food.
A Pool of Plants and Love February 9th, 2024 Yuuto and Coco have a lovely date exploring the mermaid's underwater garden. How to best conciliate teamwork between the Steam Sentinels is discussed too.
Pulled Under February 7th, 2024 Coco checks in on Yuuto's progress with the statue and learns of his nightmare, before the pair speak further on it.
Texts: New Sentinels and Bruises February 6th, 2024 Talks about new sentinels occurs, and Yuuto reveals he got hurt in that battle.
Texts: Recounting of a Nightmare February 6th, 2024 Yuuto has snitched on himself about staying up late working on Coco's statue. When inquiring as to why, a nightmare comes up.
Healing Song February 6th, 2024 Coco finds out that Yuuto is injured and comes over to treat him and scold him a little before getting into talking about what happened.
A Crafted Situation! February 5th, 2024 Craft turns a public library into a noodle factory. Steam Sentinels (and friends!) stop him!
Under the... Aquarium February 3rd, 2024 Coco and Yuuto visit the Aquarium, and Yuuto gets Coco to start to slowly open up about her past.
Texts: Prelude to the Aquarium February 3rd, 2024 Yuuto invites Coco to the Yumegahama Aquarium and Marine Center.
Cinema Club: First Meeting February 2nd, 2024 The inaugural meeting of Radiant Heart's new cinema club! This month's film:
Breaking in the New Boyfriend February 2nd, 2024 Coco brings Cho with her to meet Yuuto. Cho gets in an early ambush and drinks all the tea on her roommate's new relationship.
How How Do You Like Your Curry January 29th, 2024 A date between Coco and Yuuto is interrupted by Amy's inability to pay for her meal - but she is invited into the conversation and food, even if Yuuto had to excuse himself for a moment to deal with an attack!
Texts: A Very Green Date January 28th, 2024 Coco and Yuuto decide on their first day. It's time to visit the Botanical Garden!
A Stroll Around the Garden January 28th, 2024 Coco invites Yuuto to the botanical gardens for a stroll and her flirting pays off.
Hungry for Action January 27th, 2024 Sunbreaker decides to take one of the DG girls out on a mentorship energy gather... running into Daifuku, Propel and Sukiyaki. Unfortunately for Daifuku... it turns out the girl is going through a few, ahem... boy troubles. Sunbreaker offers some totally helpful advice.
Friends... Maybe January 27th, 2024 After a fight against a Dark Lover, Coco and Yuuto decide to stop for a friendly chat. Maybe things won't just stop at friends.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Mermaid's Tail-Tale (Yuuto Shiraishi) February 6th, 2024 Yuuto completes part of the statue he is creating for Art Club and Coco Kiumi. He has a disturbing dream in the aftermath.