1589/Mer-Visit to the Outers' Space

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Mer-Visit to the Outers' Space
Date of Scene: 26 May 2024
Location: Pikarigaoka Ward
Synopsis: Wanting to check in on Coco, Amy and Yuuto head to the Casa del Outers. Letting everyone in there is Haruka, who also lays down some ground rules for everyone's safety. Their visit is definitely a well of joy for the recovering mermaid.
Thanks to: Haruka Tenou
Cast of Characters: Haruka Tenoh, Yuuto Shiraishi, Amanda Faust, Coco Kiumi, Setsuna Meiou
Tinyplot: Sunset of Sora

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    There are several high-class areas of Tokyo - comes with being the biggest metropolis on the planet - and the upper-scale end of Pikarigaoka is one of those places. Accessible easily by Japan's excellent public transport, the home of Setsuna Meioh is one such residence. Large and spacious, the three mahou who called the place home have since added a couple of additional residents on a hopefully temporary basis. One of those residents its a secret, and necessitates a level of secrecy - and that one isn't even the mermaid.

    So though Amy and Yuuto are more than welcome to meet their friend, there's a bit of a check needed beforehand. And that will be delivered by what appears to be a terrifically handsome short haired blonde boy, who is -quite- tall especially for the area, with dishwater-blonde hair and wearing a designer shirt messily, but managing to pull it off in a way that might be called 'distressed' rather than just 'unkempt'.

    Haruka looks between Amy and Yuuto. "Kiumi-san's friends, right?" she asks, leaning against the doorframe. "You can come in, but first, I have to say somethin', or Meiou-san will be more upset tthan she is before coffee." she begins.

    "If you see anything or anybody or the like here, you're expected to keep quiet. We're keeping your friend safe while she recovers and she's not the only guest here. And I don't know if my roommates left anything out foilks shouldn't see - so don't go talkin' about anything here, or anybody here, or I'm going to end up having a problem with you, and nobody wants that - alright?" she says. "I... alright I do totally mean to be threatening." she admits. "Just not a mean way - in a way that says that keeping your lips zipped is important, and not an option. If you two can agree, we can go see Kiumi-san then."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Yuuto had been out of town when the attack happened. A school track meet in Kyoto, it was an overnight excursion that he had cut short as soon as the message arrived. Having caught the red-eye home, he had to remind himself that she was safe. Maybe not fine, but with friends that could protect her since they at least knew her secret. It also helped that once he arrived back at his dorm, there was an otter there to relay both that fact and the location of where she is.

As soon as a meeting time was agreed to, he went to the store and picked up some almond biscuits and a healing boquet of flowers with a small plushie bear holding a 'Get Well Soon' heart filled with chocolates. As the trip is made to the upper-echelon neighborhood and the arrival at the house - being greeting by a tall blonde was not on the Bingo card today. "Hello, I'm Yuuto Shiraiashi, and in grade 10 at Radiant Hearts. Coco is my girlfriend. It is nice to meet you." A slight bow of his head and shoulders in a bob.

Though as Haruka ran down the list of demands, it takes a moment, his brain still tired from worry and travel to make the connection as he frowns slightly. "I won't say anything... more concerned with Coco over anything that may be going on here."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy happens to arrive just after Yuuto, and stares when she gets to the front gate. Like, she already knew Setsuna was rich, but *damn*. It's weird to know someone who lives in a place like this. As she approaches and they're stopped by the guardian, she's trying to recall where she's seen that guy before... "Oh! You were one of the people at sword club! Yeah, obviously we shouldn't mess with somebody who knows how to use a sword." She smiles.

    As for secrets... "Ummm... yeah. I'm not-- I don't like keeping secrets, but, it's kinda part of life now. I'll try not to see anything." She holds a finger to her chin, thoughtfully. "Idea! If I'm curious about something I see, I'll ask Setsuna-san later rather than investigating, so she can filter whether I should know or not." She cocks her head to one side. "Does that work?"

    "Oh right I'm Amanda Faust, Grade 9 at Radiant Heart Academy, and a friend of Coco's. Nice to meet you again." She smiles and holds out a hand to shake.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka nods at Yuuto - she's satisfied with him. "Since you're her friends I assume you know why she's being kept in a bathtub - so you can understand that some things kinda like that might be going on. Don't worry. It's just I would be in trouble if you told anybody stuff, too..." she says, scratching the back of her neck. "I can't imagine you're not magical too." she offers.

    Haruka turns to nod at Amy. "Yeah, Setsuna probably knows better than I do what's secret and supersecret and not secret, and who knows what." she admits, motioning the two of them in. She leads them through the house to where Coco is being currently kept.

    On the way she stops to continue answering Amy, and to shake her hand. "Haruka Tenou, grade 10, RHA too. I figure the fact that you've come all the way out to see an injured friend says good things about you. And that Setsuna told you stuff at all enough to get here..." she says.

    "I just have to do the act and the opening discussion. Everybody in our after-school hobby keeps secrets, right." she says as she opens the door to the particular secret of Coco's current location.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
When Haruka says that Coco is in the bathtub, he understands completely. "I'm one too." he says, leaving it at that. Haruka should easily put together the pieces of the pair. "And I appreciate all that you and Nurse Meiou have done and will do for Coco."

A more formal bow this time. "Thank you very much!"

When he straightens back up, he holds up the bag he brought with him. "I brought her some almond biscuits and a pint of mango ice cream. They're some of her favorites."

Amanda Faust has posed:
> I would be in trouble if I told anybody stuff, too--
    "Yeah we know." Amy reassures her. "I'm magical. And I would certainly hope her boyfriend knows she's a mermaid. ...Yeah. It's quite a hobby."

    She looks over at Yuuto as they walk in. "Ohh shoot, I should have brought some stuff! I'm a terrible friend. I don't know what she'd like, though... ...have you got a music player set up in her room?"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
When everyone comes in, Coco is laying still in the bathtub, watching a comedy movie about snowboarding, projected in front of her by the system connected to and regulated by the bathtub. The yellow mermaid is covered by medical tape that isolates and protects the bandages covering the medication from the water. They are mostly on her torso, though a few are present on her tail too, thankfully none on the fin.

She has been mostly doing well ever since she came in, thanks to Setsuna's excellent care, both in terms of the medication the wounds had required and the attention that she is being given. Besides the high-tech bathtub itself, the proof also lies in the fact the school nurse had taken extra care in making sure at least some of the food Coco had been receiving was her favourite.

The bathtub even has more than enough space for her to lay comfortably with her tail, totally unlike the bathtubs at school that she barely fits in, having those not been made with mermaids in mind. Her right hand is casually petting Cora, who is sleeping with the front paws crossed, not at all annoyed by the noises of the movie.

When she hears the door opening, the yellow mermaid turns her head to the side and her face shines with joy when she sees her friends behind Haruka. "Yuuto! Amy! I am glad to see you here!", she calls out to the two, causing Cora to grunt lightly, the sea otter's irritation being made plenty clear even to those that aren't merfolk.

Then smiling at Haruka, she says "Thank you so much for letting them, Haruka-san. It's nice to meet you again".

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka smiles. "I am glad to see that you're doing well, Kiumi-san. It's not every day we get to take care of a mermaid anyways." she says, and steps out of the way. "And when you're hurt, good friends are a huge benefit to helping you feel better faster." She adds.

    "I'll let you all catch up. Yell if you need anything, though." she says, walking away.

    And then suddenly coming back to poke her head around the corner. "And no snoopin' around~!" she says with a smile, though it's also a serious instruction. "Seriously - Let me know if you need anything, don't go looking yourself. This place is easier to get lost in than it looks, too."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"It's not your fault, Amy." Yuuto offers in response. "I caught the red-eye back from Kyoto and couldn't sleep so I did some shopping instead." he admits quietly, hopefully softly enough that Coco does not hear. Once that's done, he hears Coco's voice, and his heart leaps into his throat as he turns to glance over Haruka's shoulder - settling on peeking over the corner of said shoulder as he sees Coco in the tub. "Coco!" he says, spirits raised at the fact that she seems okay, shown by the fact that she's watching a snowboarding movie, and at the same time - trepdacious for just a moment before he moves into the bathroom to give her an affectionate kiss.

The gifts are set aside for now, a quick and warm kiss and then he moves out of the way so that Amy may say hello. He can always get more time with her once she's healed and then he smirks as he sees how full the tub is. "Don't worry, I'm not jumping in with you."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy feared worse, so she's pleasantly surprised to see Coco active with an otter and a movie. "Coco! Thank goodness you're alright!" She crouches by the bathtub and leans over to offer a hug. As for the comment about snooping around: "Noted. Where's the bathroom, for reference?" Beat. "...Another bathroom, I mean."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Moving to turn off the movie when her visitors step into the bathroom, it is pretty clear by her demeanor that she is glad they actually got there to pay her a visit.

Lightly kissing Yuuto back, Coco watches appreciatively at the gift Yuuto had set aside. "Those look great, thanks Yuuto", she says to her boyfriend before he steps away from the bathtub.

Hugging Amy back, she replies to her friend "All thanks to Cora here and Nurse Meiou. It could have been much worse if Nurse Meiou hadn't acted as quick as she did. She has been great, I owe her a lot."

A pause, and then she adds to Amy "Sorry for getting water on you", even if she understood that the redhead likely didn't mind, since she had approached her first. "How are things at school?"

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"I withdrew from the meet I was in... before you protest, I had already done one of the events, I just removed myself from the cross-country one because I'd been away for at least another day." Yuuto points out as he moves to sit on the edge of the tub and rests a hand on her fin.

"I've been getting up to speed on what's going on with everything and wish I had known sooner, I wouldn't have left for the event in the first place." And probably jeopardized his place on the team, but this was more important. "I can see what happened to you, but I don't want to ask too much. How're you feeling? Do I need to get anything from your room for you, besides dragging Cho to visit?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy is wearing a red T-shirt and her uniform skirt, but lifts the hem of her shirt to show school swimsuit underneath. "It's fine! I wasn't sure if they'd be keeping you in a pool or something, so I figured best to be prepared. "School is uh... I mean, it's the same I guess? It's hard to think of it as the focus of my life rather than the magic stuff..." She pouts/frowns slightly at the reminder of how Coco probably got hurt among that 'magic stuff'. "Man... why'd she go after you, anyway...?"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"I see. I hope the event was fun at least", Coco remarks when Yuuto tells her what he did to get back here. "I am glad that you paid a visit, though. Haruna-san is right, I feel much better with friends here." And she definitely looks much more lively despite the various bandages than when they first peered at her through the door.

"I am all good, I don't feel the burns unless I move abruptly and the water feels very nice. I can even regulate its temperature depending on my current needs", she explains, lightly moving her tail for emphasis.

"Having had a whole pool to myself would definitely have been too much to ask, though. This place may be big, but they clearly didn't make it to have a whole internal pool. And it's better for my recovery if I don't get the temptation anyway", she talks lightly.

A small frown is followed by a shrug when Amy asks her about Sunbreaker. "I can't really say why me, I think she is going after anybody within her reach. I think I just was in the wrong place. She appeared after I had just defeated a noxious youma, and then she just shrugs off anything I do to defend myself, and absorbs all my power, leaving me stuck like this", she sighs.

"At least I was able to get the youma's victims out of the way before they found themselves in the range of Sunbreaker's fire too", she smiles again at the thought.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"Stuck like this. So you can't change back? Or access your abilities?" Yuuto asks in concern. He knows how important those are to her. "How'd she get that powerful?" There's a little breath. He knows what her words mean - even if he had been there with her, he wouldn't have been much use and they would have both been stuck.

He's not sure what else he can offer at the moment, except to be with her and be supportive. Amy is doing well in carrying the conversation though and he gives her a grateful smile for the assistance.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "I mean... I thought maybe like an outdoor aboveground pool, I dunno." Amy shrugs. She listens to the comment about the encounter with Sunbreaker. "Huh. I *guess* that's better than if she's intelligently collecting specific powers to become more effective or stop us... But still..."

    She turns to Yuuto and shrugs. "I don't know what made her like this. But I am told that it's like... the powers she steals are being sent to her, through some sort of connection? So, it seems that if we stop whatever's doing that, they'll hopefully return."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Yes", she confirms to Yuuto. "It... wasn't a pleasant situation, with those burns and unable to go anywhere, wondering who would have been the first to find to find me in that alley, which is why I am all the more glad Nurse Meiou didn't waste any second."

"Nurse Meiou is regularly checking and cleaning my wounds, I don't think the outdoors would have been a good place for that", she explains to Amy before addressing the fact that defeating Sunbreaker might let everyone's powers return.

"I really hope so, but please, be on your guard and don't do anything reckless, I don't want the same thing to happen to you two. Especially you, Amy. I don't know what effect it would have on your Soul Gem", she remarks, worry breaking into her voice.

"And anyway, I have it good here", she changes the subject to an happier one. "They let me watch any movie I want, or use the water as I much as I like. I even have regular servings of all the food I enjoy. They don't even mind that I enjoy singing even if by myself", she smiles to the other two.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
There's a slow nod from Yuuto as he reaches for Coco's hand, his own resting over hers, brushing over the ring on her finger. "You deserve to be pampered - you're a princess after all." he tries to offer in a light tease as he tucks his worry down and puts it away for later. "I remembered you said you liked almond biscuits, so I got you some of those, and I'll visit every chance I get."

At least he's not making plans to stay here with her. But he is going to be concerned and visit as much as he can until she's better. But he does ask, "Would it be better when you're feeling a little better if you were moved to your home pool?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy nods. "If I see her, I'm running. Hopefully rockets can go faster than she can. But like, if something does happen... I keep saying..." Her voice chokes up a bit. "Like, I mean it. There's always still stuff to do, but, no regrets. This whole thing has just been... an amazing bonus. More than I was ever gonna get otherwise. So... Just know that."

    She has to take a few deep calming breaths to steady her voice again, and wipes her eyes before they can tear up.

    She smiles, "It's great they can do that for you here." Smiling a little more at Yuuto saying she deserves more. "I guess once your wounds recover you can be moved? And if you wanna hang out and watch a movie together or play videogames, I'm down! Just give me a call. Or a text, anyway. Nobody really uses voice calls anymore."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco shakes the head at Yuuto's question. She definitely prefers to be here than in a place with no living soul other than herself. The house here is much more lively, and it definitely helps her mood. "Being here is better. Until a day in which my powers return, I am unable to look after myself, so I would have to keep relying on them. I will find a way to pay them back after all is said and done."

Holding his hand too, she adds "I am sure those biscuits are almost as sweet as you", she winks at Yuuto. "I will be sure to find things to do while you are here."

The yellow mermaid frowns deeply when Amy makes a speech that sounds almost like she is already saying her last goodbye. "Hey now, that won't happen, Amy. You definitely need to stop thinking of this as an amazing bonus, ok? This life is not a bonus, it is what you needed to actually start living, and it is yours to have and defend. Don't say that you will do your best, promise me you will stay alive no matter what."

She takes a deep breath to calm down. "Anyhow!", she exclaims in a much cheerier tone. "I would love to have you come over and play games or watch movies with you! This movie is a fun watch, and there is such a variation here that I could be here for the next year and still haven't even come close to seeing them all. What do you prefer usually?"

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"That's fair." In the end, Yuuto wants Coco where she feels most comfortable, and at the moment, that's here. And he's good with that. His hand tangles with hers as she goes on about games and movies and he chuckles as he notices the movie that was one when they arrived. "Is it the comedy or the fact that it's the snow?" he asks. "Maybe we should go skiing sometime. That'd be fun." he offers to Coco.

He doesn't understand what Coco means when she addresses Amy and tells her about this life being a bonus. He doesn't know her story, admittedly, and instead he just offers her a smile. "I mean, if you told me at the beginning of the year that I'd not only be engaged to a mermaid princess, but a merfolk myself, I'd probably laughed out loud and wondered what comic book you were reading."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy blinks and looks away awkwardly when told not to see this as a bonus. It's still... It doesn't fit. It doesn't fit! How can life have been like that if she didn't deserve it? "...You know I can't promise that unconditionally. If I had to hurt someone else to... I just didn't want to..." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."

    She smiles back at Yuuto. "Yeah. Life is wild! If someone told me my life was gonna be this now-- well, I know which manga they've been reading, I've read most of them, but uhh... yeah. It really rocks though!"

    She turns back to Coco. "Movies? Lately, umm... hmm. I mean I loved A Whisker Away but I'm drawing a blank even though I know I've watched movies more recently than that. My favorite used to be the Back to the Future trilogy, because it's accessible movies about time travel. I'll check what movies I've watched lately, I mostly read manga these days."

    She starts to look at her phone, and then looks back up. "Wait, you're engaged?! .....Congratulations!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Having been held back after school a bit while she fudges up the records to cover for Coco's off-campus absence, Setsuna doesn't arrive home until well after Coco's well-wishers have arrived, and truth told, she wasn't aware at first they were even here, as shortly after she arrived she began cooking up something for her guest's dinner.

Partway through, however, Haruka poked her head in the kitchen and gave Setsuna the down low.

After a moment, she thanked the blonde and just went back to what she was doing. Given that the things she's doing are ones that need to be done, it's not like the presence of visitors changes her plans overmuch.

Thus it is that a short while later, the occupants of the room can hear the sound of someone humming a tune approaching.

A well informed ear will be able to identify it as 'Just A Gigolo'...specifically the David Lee Roth arrangement from several decades ago...though that might be less noticable, depending on how much a music buff one is for mid-eighties American music.

And soon Nurse Meiou herself steps into the spacious bathroom, a large tray in her hands with a pair of covered dishes on it and some silverware.

Looking around, she smiles a bit, "The Back to the Future movies were, while an amusing tale, a HORRIBLE example of time travel. Oh, and congratulations, as well."

Once Coco is looking over at her, "Miss Kiumi, it's time to change your dressings, after which I have dinner for you and Cora."

A glance is given at Yuuto and Amy, "...sadly, as I wasn't made aware that Miss Faust and Mister Shiraishi were visiting, I didn't make anything for them, but I can make arrangements if necessary."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"It is a really fun movie for several reasons, actually", Coco starts to explain to Yuuto. "You get to root for the protagonist striving with her goal to win the snowboard contest for her late mother, and then there are also funny moments with a friend she has just made, and there is also a love triangle, even if it's in place due to an arranged marriage."

,"I guess it's something we could do, at a later point", she replies hesitatingly to Yuuto's offer. If it's something that can actually be done.

Staring right at Amy, Coco declares "Amy, just remember that your life is important, and having had to deal with something that was out of your control doesn't make it any less so." But she starts dropping the subject for now when Amy indicates to prefer that. "Thank you! It's not something my kingdom knows yet, but when there will be the time for a proper ceremony, I will starts making the preparations. And your movie options sound good, I have definitely heard of interesting things about the first one, but you could introduce me to that trilogy."

It is then Nurse Meiou arrives and the yellow mermaid waves at her, watching the tray she is bringing along. "Thank you lots, Nurse Meiou, Cora appreciates it too", Coco remarks, barely holding back a smile as the otter "woke up" at the mention of food. Good thing she actually runs about just as much as she eats. "I am ready for the dressing change, please", she confirms to Setsuna.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
As the nurse arrives, Yuuto straightens up and again bows in respect to the nurse. "Thank you for taking care of Coco-chan!" he offers to her plainly before he relaxes again as he hears the discussion of movies - and the changing of her dressings. It's one thing for Amy to show off her swimsuit. And he's used to seeing Coco in her mermaid form. But.

"Should I step out?" he asks of Setsuna. He looks to Coco for confirmation on that question. "I do not know the extent of her injuries and would not want to be improper."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy doesn't appear to recognize the song until it approaches the 'I ain't got nobody' part, and then she looks like she's trying to place it before Setsuna speaks.

    "You know, I don't actually know if I need to eat... but somehow I suspect your fridge and pantry must be stocked with something, I'm sure I'll be fine."

    She looks curiously to Coco. "You've heard of A Whisker Away? Oooh, from who?"


    She turns back to Setsuna, "Wait, so what's an accurate time travel movie then?"

    She also looks expectant to be told if she should go or stay. If not because of gender, then because this is a doctor-patient moment. Or maybe Setsuna wants an extra pair of hands as an assistant, who knows? Either way, doctor knows best.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Nurse Meiou sets the tray down on the sink, then grabs the burn kit from where it's stashed underneath and walks over to the tub.

Someone paying attention will note a folded-up towel on the floor right against the tub, "Oh, nobody needs to leave unless Miss Kiumi wants them to. None of her burns were in any scandalous areas."

She pauses and blinks before looking at Coco, "...well, I don't THINK so...*I* wouldn't say they were, but things might be different for mermaids?"

Once Coco solves those questions, Nurse Meiou reaches into the tub and flips the drain open, then dries her hand and pulls on a pair of gloves while she waits for the water to drain away so that she can get at all the places she needs to, "Frankly, Amy-chan, I couldn't really tell you an 'accurate' time travel movie. They're all wrong in various little different ways...but that might be because most mortal minds have difficulty grasping the intracacies of causality."

She shrugs, "...frankly, a good chunk of it has to do with language...none of our languages are really designed to cope with the concept of time travel as a possibility, so all discussion of it is by requirement rather awkward."

Once the water has drained, she says, "Now let's check these, get them changed, then you can get to eating.

With that said, she starts working her way from burn to burn, peeling the tape away in a manner that is, while slow and a bit unncomfortable, is not as painful as if she just yanked it free, suddenly.

Once each burn site is revealed, she uses a soft cloth to clean away the old burn cream so she can inspect how each is doing, making slight hrmms as she does so.

After all are inspected, she nods, "...at the rate you're healing, I think these will probably only need to be dressed once or twice more at the outside before we can do away with the extra covering. You're doing well, but your skin hasn't fully healed back yet."

And with that, she begins replacing each dressing...slathering some burn cream on, then placing a piece of waterproof plastic cling wrap over it and sealing the edges with waterproof medical tape.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Half random school chatter, half me browsing through movies", Coco replies to Amy. It is definitely the kind of thing that would have been showing up on her lists, unlike Back to the Future, though the subject of accurate time travel movies interests her. As much as she knows nothing about time travel magic. Best she knows is Sara being able to stretch time, which is still nowhere near time travel. "Are you a complete expert on time travel then?", Coco asks, reminiscing the library next room and wondering if she is a scholar, a time user or both.

With the question about what merfolk consider appropriate or not, Coco doesn't waste any seconds in clarifying things are in fact appropriate. "No, you are right, none of my burns require asking people to get out. This is my casual outing fit, since it keeps the water drag at a minimum. So Yuuto and Amy can both stay."

Would she still have access to her phone from wherever it went when she changed form, she could have shown them some of her other clothes options.

Ignoring the discomfort that comes from the bathtub having been drained completely and her tail resting clumsily on the tiles, Coco just waits for Setsuna to complete the procedure once more.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy does give Coco a questioning look at the question of whether mermaid culture is different about that. Then she considers Setsuna's discussion of time travel. "Okay, while it may get confusing to talk about what I will have done in the event that the timeline changes, it doesn't seem that bad... I mean, if I can sort of visualize moving ana or kata, is it really' that difficult?"

    People at school have seen Whisker Away and liked it? That's heartening to
some part of her. Although she wonders how most people see it....

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
It doesn't take terribly long for Setsuna to manage to get through all of the burns, as they are very much at this point a matter of 'maintenance' rather than having to be actively worked on.

Now, it's just a matter of letting Coco's body heal from where it's been damaged.

Nodding to herself, she reaches down, sets the drain plug to retain again, then shifts over and sets the water to flowing once more fill the bathtub, "Just go ahead and turn that off when it reaches a spot you're comfortable at, Coco-chan."

As the tub is filling, Nurse Meiou walks over to the sink, makes sure the tray is out of the way, then pulls off her gloves, tosses them in the trash, then scrubs down her hands, "As far as time travel? Frankly, if there's anyone who can be called an 'expert', it's probably me...for all that I've never personally moved against it's flow myself. As for why and how?"

Setsuna hrms, drying off her hands before tapping her chin, "Well...let's just say it's something that runs in my family and leave it at that, shall we?"

Then she picks up the tray with one hand...reaches under it and swivels out two small adjustable arms...then walks over to the tub, hooks the arms over the edge, and adjusts them so they hold the tray firmly against the side where Coco can easily get to it like a table.

A slightly dramatic pulling away the cloche covering Coco's food to reveal a pair of grilled tilapia fillets over a bed of broccoli cheese rice, "Here's your dinner, Coco-chan...let me know if it's not something you like and I can easily make you something else."

She then picks up the other smaller dish with a cloche and pulls it away to reveal a singular large, raw piece of tilapia fillet that she sets down on the floor a little out of the way for Coco, "And for you, Miss Cora...as I recall, fish make up a reasonable chunk of the average otter's diet."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Thank you, Nurse Meiou", Coco says as Setsuna takes care of her burns once again with the utmost precision, the news that her wounds are doing very well being accepted with relief. "That's great to know, it won't be much longer that I won't have to be so careful about how I move in here", she smiles before receiving permission to stop the water level as she likes it once she starts it.

Now that she is back in her element (and literally so), she can focus on the dinner that Setsuna has prepared her, moving closer to it. "It's not necessary, it smells great", she compliments Setsuna as she picks up the first bite of the food she prepared. "I really like it, I am amazed", Coco exclaims after swallowing.

The mention of time being something that runs in her family motivates the yellow mermaid to bring up Sara somewhat. "If I can ask, do you say being able to make time count for more like it's stretched wider is something you are familiar with? How do you consider this type of time magic compared to travelling through time?", she asks between a bite and another.

At the same time as all this, a happy squeak is heard from Cora when she receives her own portion of fish nibbling and biting through the food with much enthusiasm.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Reaching down, Yuuto gives Cora a little pet. "You did a great job helping Coco. Thank you." he offers to her before he sits on the edge of the tub, not bothering Coco while she eats as he runs his hand through the water to remember the temperature.

"Thank you for the congratulation as well." As the talk turns to Setsuna and time stuff, he looks momentarily confused. Clearly he's not been read in on something and for the moment, he's staying quiet, because he promised Haruka he wouldn't go sharing anything and he plans to stick to that.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    'Family?' Amy mouths. Of course, Setsuna's parents would have lived 14,000 years ago, so... who can say what that family business was like.

    But, that's probably something she doesn't want to talk about. So she observes the treatment of burns carefully, and then... dinner! "Dang, that looks 'good. Okay, I wish I'd told you we were coming over..."

    She gives the mermaid a curious look at Coco's question. "Like how we spent like two weeks in the past but only two days passed here?"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Setsuna leans up against the sink counter as Coco starts eating, and when the blonde mermaid asks about time, she tilts her head a bit, "'Stretching time wider'? Unless I miss my guess, what you're talking about is called time dilation. It's the act of making the relative rate of time flow different for you than it does for the surrounding universe."

She waves, "More than a few people I'm aware of have powers that do something of the kind. Guardian Daifuku, for example, can do so in the occasional burst, if I recall."

She waves a hand in an absent circle, "It's a simple enough trick, though there are a variety of ways to accomplish it...so much so that even normal, nonmagical humans are aware of a way to do so, even if doing so in all but the tiniest degree is rather beyond their current abilities."

She glances over at Amy and nods, knowing the redhead is enough of a geek to get the reference to some famous thought experiments about space travel.

Setsuna then folds her arms, "Technically, that wasn't ACTUALLY the past. That was merely an echo of it. A memory given shape and form and set to endlessly repeat itself over and over."

She heaves a sigh, "ACTUAL travel against the flow of time is POSSIBLE...but the energy requirements to do so..."

She shakes her head, "Sol would need to house a Type Two civilization for that to even be a thing to worry about...and that's not going to be happening anywhere near soon, since we're not even Type One yet."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Kind of?" Coco ponders Amy's unusual example. Should it count if there are two differents measurements of time? "The power I am talking about here is definitely not that strong, a few minutes at most. And it doesn't open some other place for it, it does that here", she specifies, the clinking of the fork against the plate being heard occasionally.

"The way it works is like you have a countdown of 30 seconds to do something, and then someone messes with the settings and then everyone can see there are 3 minutes left instead. Everything is going along as normal for everyone, but it's like things go by new rules and that's it."

She muses how to explain herself better because by Setsuna's reply her comment definitely didn't come across as she intended. "Have you considered a bucket of water is about to evaporate due to a fire that you don't want to extinguish? Say it's five seconds from evaporation, then after the use of this power, despite the fire being exactly as hot as before and nothing changing how the heat reaches the water, you can have the water last for three minutes more."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"You can also slow down time if you go fast enough." Yuuto points out. "It's been proven that some military flights travelled fast enough that their clocks were out of synch by several seconds when they landed." A pause. "At least that's what I read."

But this is really out of his wheelhouse, and instead, he's listening to what the others said. After all, his ideas are all from some articles he read once upon a time to go along with a healthy dose of Flash comics.

It helps that his powers used to be speed based as well.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy nods. Yes, she read A Brief History of Time when she was in high school. And yes, an echo. "Right, yeah, I realized the way I said it was potentially misleading as soon as it was out of my mouth."

    She quirks an eyebrow at the comment that time travel is possible, but the requirements... "Huh. I have to wonder, at that point, if going back in time would get you more time than using the same energy to run uploaded minds as fast as possible on a matryoshka brain. ...How much energy do you need to make a tipler oracle again? Gods, it's been years since I was reading about that stuff..."

    She looks at Coco. "...If the bucket is going to evaporate in five seconds I would be extremely concerned about being anywhere near something that hot, and obviously if the bucket is going to evaporate it won't be much help with the water... sorry, I do get what you mean though, I think. Although... how do we go on thinking and using muscles, then...?"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Setsuna looks over at Amy, blinks, "A Tipler Oracle? You'd need a Type Three civilization to even THINK about making one of those."

Glancing about at the other two, the taller woman gets the feeling that she and Amy have rather run afield of the conversation, "Sorry, Coco-chan, Mister Shiraishi...what Amy-chan and I were talking about are some things that are rather far distant into the esoterica of speculative science fiction...which, as one might imagine, DOES have a LOT of material speculating about time travel and other things related to it, how they might be achieved, etcetera."

She then nods to Yuuto, "And yes...that's a perfect example of time dilation. They were travelling very fast, and due to the way the universe is structured, that meant that time was flowing just that tiny bit slower for THEM than the rest of the surrounding universe."

She turns back to Coco, "Which is what I think you were wondering about. It's possible to create an area where, those within can move and act as normal...but to those outside the area, time within seems to be flowing much much faster. Or slower. The effect can work either way."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco can't do any better than try to explain herself through practical examples. Maybe if Noel were here, she would be able to know the exact terms for everything: the knowledge of anything mystical was her strength, but she is busy getting her own kingdom rebuilt, so coming here is likely harder for her at the moment.

"It might have been that then", she murmurs to Setsuna. "I don't think anybody noticed anything when Sara used it, and I don't remember noticing people moving differently either, but it could also be that it didn't last long enough for us to notice. There were no differences as big as two weeks for two days."

And since Amy and Setsuna are busy discussing speculative fiction, Coco will have to leave it to them, as honestly she wouldn't be able to follow on that.