1110/Breakfast at RHA

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Breakfast at RHA
Date of Scene: 12 February 2024
Location: Cafeteria Plaza
Synopsis: There's a little bit of everything in the morning rush to get fed and caffinated before class, conversation and teasing, some couples being cute and oh yes.. food.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka, Yuuto Shiraishi, Adrien Agreste, Haruka Tenoh, Ren Morimoto, Nanoha Takamachi, Hinoiri Kirara, Coco Kiumi

Naru Osaka has posed:
It is early enough that people are hurrying through getting breakfast and coffee, and snacks before first class. The cafeteria is full of hustle and bustle and people.

Naru has found herself a table, and a coffee, and her sketchook and a pastry that she seems to have cut off a single bite's worth from and is ignoring the rest, at least for the moment.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
First bells are still a bit off, so there's time. Glancing at the analog watch he wears on a cuff on his left arm, Yuuto checks the time again as he makes his way into the cafeteria. Dropping off his backpack at the check in, he takes out a leather-bound journal before heading off to gather food. A couple of pieces of fresh fruit, some breakfast breads and a milk later, he's set.

It takes him a few moment to spy an area that seems to be relatively not crowded and makes his way over to Naru's table. Setting down his tray on the opposite side of the table, but not exactly across from her, he settles in, working on setting up his plate of jostled and hastily placed items into something more sensible. "Good morning." comes his comment to Naru, a small bow of his head in greetings.

There are no bananas on his tray.

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru glances up from her sketchbook at the greeting and smiles to Yuuto. "Hi." She considers him. "I don't think we've met yet. I'm Naru.. Usagi's roommate." Because that usually covers off how most people know one or the other of them. "Grade nine." She looks at his tray. "Ooh, I didn't see the pineapple, where was that hiding?"

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"Nice to meet you, Naru." Yuuto offers with warm politeness. "I'm Yuuto Shiraishi. I should be grade nine, but my parents made me home school, so grade eight." A sigh at that, but there's a small blink of confusion. "Usagi?" comes the confused little question. "I'm sorry, I don't think I've met them."

Oh! The pineapple. "It was at the very end of the station. I think the bananas were hiding them." He puses his plate over a little, offering her a couple of rings if she wants to snag them, but notices the sketchbook. "You draw?" he asks. "I'm in the art club. But more for scuplting."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"You can have some of mine, Naru. So long as you eat it. Am I finishing your pastry again?" Adrien pipes up teasingly as he comes up behind Naru with his tray in hand loaded up with a coffee, a plate of fruit (including the pineapple) and a croissant. The blonde flashes a friendly grin toward Yuuto as he moves to place his tray beside Naru before sitting down beside her. "Hi! I'm Adrien Agreste, also grade nine."

Settling in his seat he unslings his messenger bag from his shoulder to sit beside him with the flap just slightly opened. Maybe from grabbing his wallet. "I think most everyone knows Usagi-chan, either directly or through reputation. Though you're pretty popular too," he remarks with a playful nudge of his elbow to Naru's side.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Wearing the Radiant Heart Academy boy's uniform, a terribly handsome (well, maybe just normal handsome given Adrien's there) tall, short blonde haired person walks over and rather than sitting down, leans back against a concrete pillar and crosses one leg over the other. She's got a bit of toast in one hand (but not in her mouth at least, so it's an improvement over a lot of people heading to RHA on any given morning).

    "Osaka-san, right?" Haruka asks, looking at the girl she kind-of-recognizes from the Crown. "Usagi-san's friend, right?" she says. Well, that's a fair guess. It seems like most people are Usagi's friends... but she does specifically remember Naru being there. And with that boy. And then Adrien basically says what Haruka is thinking.

    "Aren't you pretty popular too, or was that someone else I saw ducking into a stairwell to dodge fangirls?" she asks Adrien, grinning.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    A walking tower of food on a tray passes by the table in a slow shuffle. It's actually Ren, behind all of that food, lots of fruit and bread and breakfast meats, having apparently gone for more of a Western-influenced breakfast today. And that slow shuffle is his attempt to disguise a limp as an uncaffeinated zombie-walk, because yes, there's a can of energy drink on his tray as well (and perhaps one more, poking out from the pocket of his sports jacket).

    He moves back and forth for a while, maybe too tired to make any kind of decision about where to eat, before finding himself at the sort of middle point of his aimless journey. Which just so happens to coincide with the general area of the table where a group of people have decided to sit, including one potential English Club recruit that Ren recognizes.

    Overloaded tray sat on the table, Ren gives a little wave over to Adrien down that-a-way, but rather than joining the conversation just yet, he all but inhales some sort of filled, flaky pastry, his eyes half-closed as he chews.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Hey, I ate some of it." Naru protests to Adrien with a laugh as he calls her on the single bite out of her pastry, and she nudges it towards him as he joins them. "Trade ya for a piece of pineapple?" She looks hopeful at him.

"Usually most people have met either her or I..it's rare not to have met either of us.. but now Yuuto has met me, so all is right in the world." Naru grins over to the other boy. "Although too bad that homeschooling knocked you back a grade, that sucks. Are you new to the school then?"

Naru leans over to nudge Adrien right back, glancing briefly at the messenger bag with a little smile and then back to the conversation at hand. She giggles at Haruka's comment and nods to Adrien. "She's got a point.. you literally have a fan group."

Naru grins at Ren's pile of food. "Morning."

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi was walking in today, in the school's girl uniform and feeding bits of toast to her ferret, Yuuno. Yuuno was here of course. why wouldn't a girl go anywhere without her ferret friend!? That's when she walks behind the leaning tower of food that is Morimoto-san.

She eyes the food, and wonders 'can he really eat that all?' as she obtains her breakfast this morning from the school cafeteria.

It's bacon, eggs, toast. Nothing special, with a lil scoop of white rice.

She then finally asks Ren. "Are you suuuure you can eat all that?" she asks, eyes narrowing.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Yuuto offers a small chuckle of amusement. "Clearly, I need to meet Usagi to up my cred." With Adrien sharing his pineapple, it means that he gets to claim his back, which is just fine with him. "Hello, Agreste-san. It's nice to meet you." More introductions done, he tucks into a couple of bites of his own breakfast bun as another comes to join the group.

Haruka also gets a nod of greeting, and Yuuto was about to offer a hello to him, when there is a large tray of food that is passing by and he gives pause to make sure that Ren is able to find his way to a table without falling over and losing the precious cargo. Nanoha's quetion echoes his own, so he keeps it to himself.

"Yes." that to Naru, "Just recently, in fact. They figured if I stayed home I would focus more on academics than being social, I really showed them." There's a small roll of his eyes before the ferret gets his attention. "Oh, look at you!" he exclaims, a little excited at the idea and then a glance to Nanoha. "Mind if I take a picture?" he asks. "Or if you have the time, I could do a quick sketch?" he pats his journal.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was a girl known for having great self control and restraint... BAH HA HA HA! Okay, not really. What she was likely known for was her spiked leather jacket and how she had, somehow, managed to find a school uniform somewhere in japan that allowed it. Was the rest of the uniform good? GOSH NO! But it fit within the rules!

Today, she wasn't wearing it. Today, she had shorter sleeves and some... stitches on her arms and a bandage on her cheek.

And when she'd grabbed her lunch (vegetarian option, as always), she suddenly came and put it down on the counter, before placing it down a bit further down the table, and... "Tenoh-san!" she said, pointing a finger at her accusingly. "I've been looking for you!" Not very hard, mind. She was... busy. Very busy. Often. For some reason.

"I've been practicing and this time, I won't lose! I challenge you this... weekend... to..." And her fire faded when she saw that massive tower of food with an attached boy accessory. "Holy... is... are you a friend of Usagi-chan's?" she asked. Then blinked. "Of course you are, who isn't? Wait, where was I? RIGHT! Tenoh-san! I challenge you! This weekend, Cat's Tail Bend! I've been preparing for this day for weeks!"


"... the bandages aren't from the practice. A disaster lesbian threw a cinder block at me because she got in a scuffles with her girlfriend. Entirely unrelated."

Then... she glanced over and... "Oh, hey Naru-chan, Adrien. Morning."

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste glances over at Haruka's remark with a little laugh at the accusation. He has to duck his head in a little nod of agreement however as he flashes a sheepish, if guilty, smile. "I also had to block off the vents in my locker to avoid it being filled with letters," he attests with a shrug. Just usual things, right? Maybe not. He does grin though having recognized her a bit. "Haruka-san, right?" Or chan? He wasn't sure which she'd prefer but goes with it for now as he pauses only to dutifully respond to Naru's nudging by swapping some of the rings of pineapple to her plate with a quick pluck of chopsticks.

"Nice to meet you as well, Yuuto-san." He may say more but the towering food tray earns a raising of his eyebrows as he regards the movement. It only takes a moment to recognize Ren, and he lifts a hand to wave down the table in his direction. "Ren-kun, hi! Good to see you again." Aside to Naru he quickly explains, "I went to the English club meeting last night. Ren's running it I believe?"

He almost misses Nanoha and the cute ferret if only for Hinoiri's greeting. "Hi Hinoiri. Hope you're feeling better today. Sorry for running off when that happened, by the way. Did the police get there in time?" He knew they hadn't, he'd been there, but he didn't exactly look the same so he has to play it off. "Is that a ferret? Cool."

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    For his part, Ren doesn't see anything unusual with the massive amount of food he's brought to the table. So when people look, he doesn't really make note of it, not until Nanoha points it out to him. "Good morning," he says first to Naru though, as he blinks down at his tray, trying to see it with fresh eyes.

    Nope. That looks perfectly reasonable to him! Maybe it's a Culinary Guardian thing? Actually, now that he thinks about it, that makes sense... anyway! "I'm just," healing is not the word he uses, because nobody needs to know about how he fell off a building last night on patrol, so embarrassing!, "Hungry, that's all."

    And then he starts a concentrated effort to move bacon and sausage to his mouth. Post-bite, he tilts his head over at Hinoiri. "Sorry, I don't think I know them," he answers, at mention of Usagi. And then he's eating again, so when Adrien mentions the English club he can only nod eagerly and flash a V-sign, pleased at the call-out.

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru watches Hinoiri with a quirk of a brow as she spots the bandages. And then there's challenging. "Why are you challenigng people, Hinoiri? Are.. you.. y'now.. I am not going to ask about disaster lesbians with cinder blocks." She reaches for her coffee, cause sometimes.. you really want to know.. but you don't want to know.

Naru snags a chunk of pineapple from Adrien and noms. Omnomnom. "Ooh, it's good pineapple today." She assures everyone who got fruit with their meal. "Wait.. there's an english club? Cool. There's not enough time in the day for all of the cool clubs around here." She grins over to Yuuto. "You will get more than enough social around here. Most of us manage to sneak in enough academics not to let our grades slip."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka finishes her toast, brushes any crumbs off her blazer and tie, and crosses her arms as Hinoiri approaches. "Kirara-san." she says, in the tone of someone who is meeting a rival - not hostile, but a little guarded perhaps. Because, of course, she's expecting to be asked to ra- and there it is. Her eyebrow quirks up at the term 'disaster lesbian' and 'threw a cinder block'. "Are you -sure- it wasn't because of something you said? You have a way with words. An often incorrect way." she says to the fire-haired girl.

    She turns to respond to Adrien. "Oh come on, what's the point of a locker if it doesn't avalanche you with letters from both genders when you open it." she says, smirking. Oh, she's a mess. "Otherwise how do you know you're even opening up your own locker? Might be somebody else's at that point..." And she grins slyly. "Or maybe that's just me."

    "Haruka-san is fine." she adds after a moment, turning to look at Nanoha and her ferret. "Well, I guess this is like the one school in Tokyo where they're not going to try and chase your fuzzy friend off. They're cute." she says, because really, it's hard not to talk about a fuzzy ferret appearing on girl's shoulder at breakfast. He's probably not a mascot at least, since everybody here can see him. Unless everybody here is magic. Which seems unlikely.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi deals with all the flub-bub about her 'pet' first and she gives a smile. "Of course you can take pictures. His name is Yuuno. He's a ferret, yes!~" she says, as she feeds him a little bit of rice before letting him pose for pictures. Yuuno sure loves the attention, to a point.

Just as long as everyone keeps thinking he's a ferret.

She blinks at Ren and sideeyes him a little, because she's hungry too, but not...that hungry.

Maybe one time she was that hungry, she thinks. After she tanked an entire tree.

"Yuuno's a good boy." she says to Haruka.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
Yuuto starts to say more, but when Hinoiri arrives and issues her challenge, but it was more the injuries -- but more the how she got them. "Uh. I'm glad you're okay, at least?" he asks her, before nodding to Naru. "I hope so." That's about the social and academics part. "Coco-chan has been helping show me around and introduce me to both the school and the area."

Then he recognizes Ren. "Ah, Morimoto-san! From the cinema club, right? You are in a lot of clubs." comes the playful little comment to the Culinary Guardian before Yuuno sets up.

Opening his sketchbook of leather with little gears on it, he flips through a few of the pages, mostly of various flowers and fauna, a few items, and a detail of a few figures, before finding a blank sheet and getting out a pencil to start a rough outline sketch of the little ferret.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    Somehow, Ren is managing to eat a lot of the food on his tray. He's not so unmannerly that he's scarfing, but it all does seem to disappear at a very rapid rate! Hungry, indeed.

    "I'm mostly just there to coordinate things and help practice English," he explains, when he finds the time to actually speak between bites. "The club sort of teaches itself! It's pretty great."

    He watches the ferret from a distance, head tilted in obvious curiosity but holding himself back, for whatever reason. Instead he just laughs when Yuuto mentions all his clubs. "It's just three, and I'm not as involved in the baseball club any more." The admission comes with a guilty little frown, but then he seems to shake it off, managing a smile in Yuuto's direction. "And please, call me Ren!"

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara glanced to Adrien and... "Wait, really? Your locker gives you that much trouble? Here I thought those weird girls were the end of it. And no, the police didn't get there at all. Adora ran off, yelling obnoxious things as she does, honestly, kind of annoyed by the whole thing. We were just trying to help." ... Hinoiri. Helping. That often... went well. So well.

She then glanced to Naru. "What's life without challenges?" she asked. What was life without proving you were good enough, errr, better than everyone else around you?

She then turned back to Haruka. "Something *I* said? Well. No. Possibly. It wasn't just me, there were two other girls there she almost hit with it. I just caught the brunt of it since I was in the center and... it was definitely *not* my fault this time." ... Okay, so she was slightly aware in that she said 'this time'.

And then... then.... Yuuto started doing poses for cameras and... "O-oh my gawd that's adorable. H-how did you train your ferret to do that? That's incred-- wait! NO! Distractions! Tenoh-san, you will find I am nowhere near the pushover I once was! This will be the race to end all races! And if that's not enough to incentiize you... I will even race you for pink eye if you demand it!"

... That... that wasn't... the... right.... phrase...

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Two clubs is enough for me." Naru comments into the mix with apparently not even a blink for the speed at which Ren can inhale a plate of food. She has been friends with Usagi for most of her life, this seems normal.

"There's an Art Club, Yuuto, if you're looking for more clubs." She nods to his sketchbook, and waggles her own sketchbook in his direction. Although hers has been closed for the moment, with all the conversation going on.

Naru blinks at Hinoiri. "Adora threw the cinder block at you? That seems.. out of character." She puses at the further challenge and then reaches for her coffee to manage not to giggle. Too badly. Much. Coffee!

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"Pink slips, Hinoiri," Adrien offers helpfully in a not-quite whisper her way so it can be heard. He knew she got phrases wrong sometimes. He did too! Though usually when trying to reference the Japanese phrases versus the well known ones from elsewhere. He got that one though. "Sorry you got hurt, then. She was a mess."

Haruka's remarks about his locker earn a little shrug and chuckle. "I mean it's nice, but I feel bad having to turn everyone down so much. ... That sounded like bragging. I just meant I don't like having to hurt anyone." Another pause and he just ... gives up with a sigh. "At least my fan club usually just sticks to following me for photoshoots."

"It's just, I'm taken." He leans in to kiss Naru's cheek instead lightly before sitting back again. Oops. He did that PDA thing again. Darnit. Blame being French. His own cup of coffee is raised to sip at the same time she does hers, accidentally mirroring her action. "Mm. I'll stick with fencing club and maybe English. I don't get to practice it as often as I'd like."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka doesn't find Ren's giant meal that off putting. The girl can certainly inhale her own food. The toast she came over with was only the survivor of a breakfast eaten while in motion.

    She listens to Hinoiri and sighs. "I am somehow not very surprised you were involved in a situation involving flying cinderblocks, angry lesbians, and possible police." she says, bluntly. And then Hinoiri levels her challenge and Haruka is very glad she has finished eating since she just loses it and starts laughing. Thankfully Adrien's there to correct here while she pulls herself together.

    "Yeah if anything we'd be racing to -not- get pink eye, that's an illness." she says. "Of the eye."

    "My English is terrible. Unless we're talking about like, car names. Or car parts. Or... look, everybody's got hobbies."

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi has expert ferret wrangling skills. Okay actually it helps when the ferret is actually an intelligent boy. Just. Shifted in a ferret. Somehow this elicits less questions. Still, Yuuno poses for a picture, not being perfectly still, but still enough. Nanoha is eating her eggs and bacon and still side eyeing Ren a little, as if she's trying to make sure he eats all the food on his plate.

Look, Nanoha just hates waste.

Then Adrien kisses Naru on the cheek and she sighs dreamily. So romanticccc.

Then she blinks. "Racing for...pink eye..?" she asks.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
After a late entry to the cafeteria for events that involved an otter, a vase and a generous amount of foam, Coco is finally ready to eat something. She makes a quick grab of a pair of prawn sandwiches and an orange teas and slips to the table, noticing one is particularly abuzz with conversation.

Mormally, she would have probably gone past it and not get herself to disrupt the flow of the conversation, but she notices Yuuto is there, so maybe just a quick stop to greet him? She can do that much.

Approaching the table, she waves with a smile to the group, most of whom she knows some people a bit more, some a bit less, and then she sneaks a kiss to Yuuto's cheek. "Hi, Yuuto, I was passing by, how are you?"

Then she address the table at large "Hello, everyone. I was just here to greet Yuuto real quick. Don't want to be a nuisance." Though, she sneaks a curious look at Haruka over flying cinderblocks, angry lesbians and police. That was certainly a sentence.

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
And Pink Eye. Don't forget the pink eye. Just as he was finishing his rough sketch of Yuuno, Yuuto nods to Naru. "I joined it actually! I'm the one working on the statues." he offers to her, and was about to say more when he feels a warm presence and Coco's there. When she kisses his cheek, he leans into it, a blush touching his skin.

"You're never a nuisance, Coco-chan." he offers with a smirk. He scoots over in his seat to make room for her to join him if she wants. "I think we're still working on introductions, but you probably know more people here than I do."

Though he does offer a pause. "But apparently there is someone names Usagi, and it seems that you are not really a student here until you know who she is?" he asks, looking for a bit of clarification on that. He might just be teasing on the popularity of the girl.

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru leans in to the kiss on her cheek with a smile. Clearly PDAs aren't /such/ a bad thing, perhaps a lovely side effect of a French boyfriend. "I mean.. we can practice English together, if you want Adrien. Mine's okay.. better than my French, that's for sure."

"Hiya Coco." Naru greets with a smile and then a bigger smile as she watches another kiss on the cheek going on at the table. She and Adrien aren't alone in their PDAs!

"Oooh.. those sculptures are coming along well." Naru comments to Yuuto and then laughs. "That's it.. can't /really/ be considered properly social until you've met Usagi."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara gave a shrug to Naru. "I don't know. Girl was like... on drugs or something. She was just so angry and not really herself. Someone should like... try to calm her down before she hurts someone else." ... Maybe someone who didn't deserve it.

"Pink... slips? Oh..." Hinoiri said, slightly deflated. "Right. So... um, what exactly were those? Some weird guys challenged me for them, but then they ran off so quick after I won they left their bike behind. I dropped it off at the station, but... never did find out what pink slips were supposed to be." Well, she couldn't just admit to the person challengfing her she didn't know what they were!

"... I... know what pink eye was. I just assumed it was like... a racing challenge where you're not supposed to blink or something."

Her cheeks were, systematically, getting redder the more she talked. She finally sat down and poked at her food. What? She was new to racing! She took a bite out of her own pineapple and... "Huh, you're right. The pineapple is pretty good. Hey Coco-san," Hinoiri said. Well, the girl wasn't in a fish bowl yet, that was good.

"Usagi-chan. Long blond hair, double tennis balls on her head, absolutely precious and nicest girl you'll ever meet. Oh, I'm Hinoiri-Kirara," Hinoiri said, waving to Yuuto...

... Before glancing to Yuuno. "It's like a furry little noodle... are you a ferret trainer?" she asked Nanoha.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
PDAs certainly don't have a bad reputation under the sea, though she is not about to explain herself with that line. Instead she answers to Naru's and Hinoiri's greeting. "Hello, Naru, Hinoiri, how have you been doing?" Coco is a bit surprised over seeing Naru and Adrien together, mostly because she knows what that means for Marinette and there is a saddened expression for a moment at the thought of what the french girl is most likely going through at the moment. She is plenty familiar with the effects of heartbreak.

Coco nods at Yuuto's comment. "Yes, Usagi is particularly popular", she confirms with a smile. Whether that be as herself or as Sailor Moon, it didn't really made a difference. Though Hinoiri has her beaten to the punch over describing who Usagi is, and more importantly, she is talking about someone with anger management issues.

Well, now that is a reason to invite herself into the conversation, if anything to know more about the circumstances. After all, she might know a way to induce calm in someone, even if it's not the conventional way of talking to them. So at that point, she accepts Yuuto's offer and slips into the same seat as Yuuto, offering him a thankful smile.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste just looks a little surprised as he glances over at Hinoiri perplexed. And amused a bit, but he was trying his hardest not to start laughing as Haruka was doing. Instead he carefully makes his expression as neutral as possible. "Ah, pink slips means ownership of the vehicle. The title is usually on a pink peice of paper," he explains. "At least that's how it is in the movies. I can't say I've seen one myself. That's probably why he left his bike for you there, Hinoiri. You won it."

Reaching down he snags the partially eaten pastry from Naru because he knew by now she wasn't going to finish it. Better that he does! He was still a growing boy and liked his carbs along with other things. A bit is carefully torn off to pop into his mouth before it's washed down with another swig of coffee.

"We got to play with some ferrets at a cafe once. Also hedgehogs, and there was a pairie dog." His voice grows a bit more excited as he explains. By the time he gets to prairie dog he's smiling so big it was unmistakeable that he had a good time while there. "She would yip! It was so cute."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka gestures at Adrien's explanation. "There, he's got it. Pink slips are like titles. So he's probably not coming back for the bike. But it's probably awkward to explain to the cops that you won it in an illegal street race, so I'd probably just drop it entirely." She says.

    Then, still to Hinoiri, "Anyways, since I don't want you hunting me down the rest of the week over it, I can't do anything saturday, I have a date, but we can meet up on Sunday if your arm has healed up enough by then. You race dangerously enough when you're all in one peice, I don't wanna see you try while you're still busted up, alright?"

    "She's at least this ferret's trainer. Little dude isn't running all over the place or trying to steal food, so that's really impressive." she says regarding Yuuno. "That's impressive, you must have a way with animals."

Yuuto Shiraishi has posed:
"Nice to meet you, Kirara-san." Yuuto offers, perfectly unaware that this was the same girl that was trying to give a Culinary Guardian relationship advice. That was an odd time and best forgotten about. Especially for Chiyo's sake.

But when Hinoiri lays out Usagi's desrciption, he glances aside to Coco. "You're not wearing tennis balls in your hair when I'm not around, are you?" Because the princess could totally match that as well.

Naru's comment about his art makes him blush again and he laughs. "I'm sure I can do better!" he offers to her, "But I look forward to seeing your art." With a bite of his own food, just to prove that he's having breakfast, his questioning eyes turn to Haurka and Hinoiri. "You two are old enough to drive? That's so cool. I've never seen a car race ... I mean in person. But I watched the Fast and the Furious. Same thing?"

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I thought that was just an American thing." Naru comments on the topic of pink slips. "It seems really irresponsible to give away a whole vehicle for a race." She is clearly not a gambling type.

She is also clearly some sort of air plant, or something, as apparently coffee, a single bite of pastry and one slice of pineapple is more than enough food for her. Fortunately others pick up her slack. "The critter cafe really WAS adorable." She agrees with Adrien, her smile warm for him at his delight.

Naru ahhs to Yuuto. "I'm the one who drags out the sewing machine .. most of my art is textile based.. or sketching these days, because dragging out the sewing machine isn't always practical. I can show you some if we're there working at the same time at some point."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara blinked a few times. Just... blinked. "Wait, what? Why would I want his shitty bike? I have my own. Ugh. Hopefully the cops can just get it back to the idiot. He wasn't even that good. Where's the fun in taking someone else's bike? It'd be like taking someone else's legs or something."

She then nodded to Haruka and smirked. "Sure. Sunday it is. Uhhhh... I'll say not for pink slips, though. I don't want your bike. It's a good bike. But like... it's *your* bike. It wouldn't have the same feel for me."

She then glanced to Adrien and Naru. "That's... a thing? A cafe of little animals? Huh... maybe I should take Sayaka-chan to something like that. I bet she'd like it..."

And then Yuuto asked *the* question. She urked. "I have a license. So does Tenoh-san."

... she didn't answer the actual question, though.

"So! Coco, have you and him been dating long? I mean, I assume you don't just go around kissing boys randomly. I mean, Adrien does it sometimes, but I think it's more of a french thing than a... whereever-you're-from-thing." Atlantis, maybe?

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    The crack of a can opening signals the end to Ren's meal, and believe it or not, he's done it. He's cleared his tray. Nothing but crumbs and a few drops of fruit juice left, as well as the energy drink that he is now... sipping daintily from. Not quite pinkie out, but that is certainly the vibe.

    "I like going to cat cafes. Or, well, I did, before I got a cat. Now U--uhh, my cat will be very jealous if I were to go around petting cats that aren't him," he says, and then looks away, focusing on some distant point in the plaza. Someone at another table is waving at him, and he waves back, but doesn't move to get up.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste clears his throat a little as he looks admittedly a bit embarassed at being called out about 'kissing boys sometimes'. Though he's not hiding it, or anything. Just a little embarassed as he chuckles. "It's pretty common in France to kiss the cheeks of good friends in greeting or when parting. We don't *always* do it," he admits with an open handed shrug. "I also try to keep in mind it's not common here. Sometimes I slip though. It's an old habit. Besides, there's no harm in showing your friends you care about them."

Momentarily he pauses, then clears his throat again. "Though I should probably be careful doing that with guys around here. I understand that's a whole other 'fandom' in this country."

Hinoiri's remark on the critter cafe earns a quick nod. "It was really fun! The staff take care of the animals really well, too. So they're not always available if they feel they've had too much interaction time and need to rest. You can always watch them in their habitats though."

The little can opening sound draws his attention back to Ren only to give him a thumbs up. "I'm kind of impressed you pulled that off in such quick time!"

Naru Osaka has posed:
Naru settles back with her coffee and her sketchbook. "I dont think French cheek kissy is going to make anyone at school swoon, Adrien." Naru points out as she reaches over to brush his arm lightly with her fingers before she digs out a pencil. "School is, by and large, pretty chill to other quirks of culture."

Probably because about half the magical student body are aliens, but that's besides the point.

"I also like cat cafes." Naru replies to Ren with a nod. "Luna.. that's Usagi's cat.. doesn't get /mad/ if we have been visiting other felines, she just is curious and we've found that treats go a long way in getting past the jealousy. But she's a very independant kitty."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Who is the angry student that has been tossing things and, I assume... Stealing illegally owned bikes?" Coco asks to Haruka, though everyone seems to be in the loop, so it's not just her that can answer it. "By the way, I am Coco Kiumi, nice to meet you, Tenoh-san", she introduces herself, repeating the name she has heard Hinoiri say.

"We are about two weeks in", Coco replies with an extremely fond smile of her time with Yuuto, confirming Hinoiri's theory. Why, she is practically beaming joy all over the table. She is particularly bad at hiding what she feels.

"I am from South America", the mermaid repeats the fake location she has been giving out for these occasions. "But, well, I have been inviting him to a few dates, and it has been going quite well. Yuuto is totally the sweetest boyfriend one could possibly have. And he says my home's decorations are of great inspiration to him, so I totally plan to take him there again sometimes. Maybe we could even make the whole thing permanent", she says, reaching for Yuuto's hand and squeezing it.

"We have been going to lots of dates all over the city, and I don't think either of us want them to stop anytime soon." The opposite rather, even with how fast things between them have been going. "Though, we have never been to cat cafes. Maybe we can make that our next date. What do you think, Yuuto?"

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara glanced to Ren and chuckled. "Yeah, I think a lot of people here have cats. Never really a cat person myself. Like, I like other people's animals, but I just... never really liked furry animals for myself. It just gets everywhere."

She then glanced back to Adrien. "Nah, I'm just teasing. No need to get too self conscious about it. Different cultures have all kinds of different things about them. I certainly don't have any room to judge how other people do things."

Next glancing to Naru, she snorted. "I really do need to meet this Luna one day. I think Usagi-chan has mentioned her, but I don't think she's ever been around when I'm there. Maybe she doesn't like me," Hinoiri said in a playful tone before glancing to Coco. "What? No, nobodies bike is... illegal? I think? But it was Adora. Her and her ex had another tizzy or something. She was in a really foul mood over it, though. Luckily there were a few other people there and she finally just ran off."

Her eyes did go a little wide when she looked to Yuuto. "Really? You two have been going all over the city, huh? Heh. You totally should. Cats would probably love you." After all, she was part fish! Not that Hinoiri would say that. She wondered if she should admit to knowing that one... nah. Best to not push it. She popped a piece of broccoli into her mouth before giving a light sigh. "So, who else has big plans for the upcoming holiday? Got all your stuff sorted? I imagine you must be pretty nervous, eh, Adrien?" she asked in a teasing tone.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    To be perfectly honest, Ren was so invested in his meal that he hadn't really been following the conversation very well. So when he surfaces for air only to realize people are talking about kissing boys he goes a bit pink in the cheeks and stares down at his empty tray, suddenly finding it very fascinating all of a sudden.

    But he looks up sharply when Adrien speaks to him, and he blinks a couple of times, confused, before nodding nice and slow. No, really, he's catching up. "Yeah, like I said I was just, uh... hungry," he says, one shoulder bouncing up and down in a nervous shrug. Then they're moving on to a much safer topic with cat cafes, and he manages a smile. Even if he blushes harder at Coco's suggestion of turning a cat cafe trip into a date. His mouth shuts on his almost-voiced suggestion of a group outing, rather than make it awkward.

    "Sounds like I really need to meet her," he says, of this sociable Usagi. "Maybe our cats can be friends!"

    And then he discretly checks his jacket for cat hair, after Hinoiri mentioned it, pulling at his sleeves and brushing the front panels down with his palms.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste lifts a hand to press fingertips to his chest with mock drama as he leans away from Naru to better look at her. "What? My cheek kisses don't make you swoon? Say it isn't so!" Of course he's teasing, and he leans in again to slide his arm around her in a hug while chuckling. "I know. I'm just trying to fit in with the culture here some. This school is great though."

The talk of Coco and Yuuto going to a cat cafe, and Hinoiri being interested, and Ren as well in cats? Well that just earns a broader smile from the friendly blonde. "Maybe we can all go to one? I can't bring my roommate to a cat cafe, he's got a phobia or allergies or something. That's why I found the critter cafe so that we could all go at the time. Besides," he adds looking to Naru again. "I think we're overdue for going out again."

His eyes snap over to Hinoiri's question with an utterly innocent expression. "Hm? Holiday? Yeah I guess that is coming up."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"Luna is a very social kitty." Naru points out to Hinoiri. "So I dont think it's you, I think she just tends to wander off and often times we aren't wholly sure where she's visiting until she wanders back and someone mentions it."

Naru ooohs softly. "Cat cafe is an excellent outing.. date or for a group of friends. A coffee, pet some kitties.. it's nothing but win."

Naru's attention settles over on Ren. "Are you freshly transfered in to RHA as well?" She pffts softly to Adrien. "I said the boys.. besides, if I swooned at a cheek kiss, you'd assume I'd been possessed or something."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Thank you", Coco smiles towards Hinoiri, even if she doesn't know why the other girl would think that. They definitely haven't met that much, and she doesn't recall ever discussing pets with her. Maybe Hinoiri just likes cats and she likes recommending them to people she gets along with. There would be far more unusual habits to have.

But then Hinoiri says she is not a cat person, completely sinking Coco's theory. "Hey, Hinoiri, can I ask why you think cats would get along with me?"

Coco is visibly troubled when Hinoiri mentions it's Adora who has been acting angry and it's even worse when she addresses girlfriend problems. "Oh, yeah, Adora's girlfriend is a piece of work, sadly. I am trying to help them, but I guess I will have to try and see if I can help Adora herself this time."

And when Hinoiri asks if they have plans, Coco takes the chance to smirk at Yuuto. "That's a secret", the mermaid states, obviously proud of herself for what she has in store for her boyfriend.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
"Definitely meet her," Hinoiri confirmed to Ren. "She's awesome. She actually helped me and my roommate pick up a new game setup after our apartment got... exploded. School still isn't sure what caused it, though. But hey, that's what insurance is for, I guess. Just lucky we weren't hurt during it."

Considering it was her, she was a bit happy the school didn't know.

She popped a carrot into her mouth before picking up her tray. "Speaking of, well, food, I think I'm done. I've got some work to take care of so I should get going." She glanced to Haruka. "I'm looking forward to Sunday. Bring your A-game."

Then back to Adrien. "And yeah, sounds fun. Maybe later this week. I'm sure Sayaka would like something like that. Maybe after Valentines, though. There's already a lot of pieces to keep moving properly for that." Good thing she didn't plan for Project Eclipse until NEXT week. Otherwise, whew, it'd be hard to manage all of those!

"And I don't know, Naru-chan. Adrien's got such a delicate ego, if you don't swoon from his kisses, he might not think you're interested," she said in a teasing tone before starting to head to the drop off... but hesitating. Why did she... uhhhh...

"I don't know," Hinoiri said with a shrug. "I guess you just kind of remind me of Usagi-chan. It's the long blond hair, really. Cats probably love batting at it. See yah. I gotta yeet this tray and head out."

HALLELUJAH! She used Yeet correctly!

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    Ren falls quiet about the cat cafe, because he's not sure Umeboshi would allow it at all. He's not just a cat, after all, so he's even more dangerous and crafty than your regular feline. Instead he finishes off his energy drink and sets the can on his empty tray, to be recycled later. "Oh, no," he says to Naru. "I spent a semester abroad, in America. But I attended Radiant Heart before that."

    As Hinoiri stands to go, so too does Ren. "It was nice talking to you all. Thanks for letting me hang out. Uh, if you do end up going to the cat cafe together... let me know! Maybe I can sneak away from my cat for a little bit!"

    And then he's off, to dispose of his tray properly.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste just nods here and there while talk of plans about Valentines are bandied about. He's using the time to finish his croissant and coffee. An excellent time to finish his food off, while also making certain he couldn't talk about things as well. Sometimes you just needed to be quiet.

"There's lots of things to do. I like finding tourist spots to visit, and it's more fun with friends along."

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I dunno.." Naru looks over to Adrien and her smile is warm for him. "I /think/ Adrien might have some idea that I'm interested.. what do you think, Adrien? Have you figured that out, even without me swooning at you?" She giggles softly and then settles back to her sketching. She ahhs soflty to Ren before he leaves. "That makes sense, welcome back then. And take care, talk to you later!" She waves to Hinoiri and ooohs softly. "You figured out yeet! Go you! Talke to you later as well."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"I don't think I can pass as someone 2 years younger than me", Coco playfully boops Yuuto's nose at his jest. And with a different body structure for that matter.

Except, Hinoiri says that Coco reminds her of Usagi. Are they really that similar? Maybe that's something she should check with Usagi herself. But for now... "See you, Hinoiri!"

Adrien has the proposal of them all going on a date together at a cat cafe and that the scenario certainly sounds interesting, at least insofar as it being a things she has bever tried goes.

"That is lovely, and it's a yes on my side. At least, if Naru doesn't mind. It sounds like that's a place she particularly appreciates. Do you ok it?" Coco will probably ask her boyfriend later.

Naru Osaka has posed:
"I don't mind at all." Naru smiles easily to Coco. "As Adrien said.. it's more fun to do such a things with friends." She looks over to him as he finishes up his coffee. "Ready for class?" She asks as she tucks her pencil away, and her sketchbook into her bag. Her own coffee is gone already.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Adrien Agreste gathers up the plate, and reaches over to scoot Naru's dishes to his tray as well. "I'm good to go. I'll get these for us. No need to risk getting your sketchbook ruined." Though they'd been teasing about it earlier he does lean in to kiss her cheek again quickly before standing.

"I should get going. It was good catching up with you Coco. Let us know what your boyfriend thinks and we'll work things out."

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"Perfect then. Thanks, Naru", Coco smiles at her, before taking notice of the current situation.

Since everyone is finishing, Coco gathers what is left of her second sandwich and puts in inside a napkin. "That sounds good to me", Coco nods. "My number is XXXXXXXXXX. Thanks for the chat and see you soon."