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Ren Morimoto (Scenesys ID: 50)
"Mystic Saibashi, to me! Let's cook!"
Name: Ren Morimoto AKA: Guardian Sukiyaki
Gender: Male Series: (OC) Oops! I Accidentally Stole My Sister's Henshin Device!
Origin: Culinary Guardian Grade: 10
Clubs: Baseball, English Age: 15
Group Information
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Before mixing up lunch bags with his twin sister Kaede, Ren was just your average teenager. He played sports, spent most of his pocket change at the local movie theater, and tried to avoid wasting his whole life working at his father's restaurant. But then instead of onigiri he found a strange senbei mixed in with his lunch, inherited the power of a Culinary Guardian, and was thrust into the dangerous life of a magical girl. That he's actually a guy isn't the only problem he's facing, now that he also has to balance schoolwork and fighting the forces of evil!


Book Dumb But Street Smart, Big Eater, Movie Buff, Baseball Star, Beware the Nice Ones, Cooking Montage!

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'10"
Blood Type: O
Birthday: March 29th
Likes: sports, festivals, camping, cooking, open spaces, going to the movies, theme parks, stargazing, staying up late, traveling, cats, autumn, thunderstorms
Dislikes: being at home, spiders, deadlines, snow, getting up early, studying, doing the dishes, his alarm going off, swimming, wasting food
Favorite Food: Grilled vegetables
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Science
Least Favorite Subject: Literature


Title Date Scene Summary
Cinema Club: Second Meeting March 16th, 2024 The second meeting of Radiant Heart's new cinema club! This month's film is The Moonlit Cat Cafe, a romantic comedy about a college student who discovers a cat cafe, whose magical residents help her find love!
Tough Test? Come Rest! March 11th, 2024 A meeting between Ren, Takashi, Cho and Yaling goes well while the latter gives out her remedies.
Maybe We're Myth-taken: The Minotaur March 8th, 2024 Some of the Culinary Guardians take down a creature shaped vaguely like a bull on two legs, and then tentatively make plans to continue teaming up! Well, Sukiyaki and Shokupan do, but Kushiage is quick to flee the scene.
Guy's Camping Out March 3rd, 2024 A camping trip for Bow becomes a camping trip for a lot of the guys and new bonds are forged over mutual interests and good food.
Mochi Days are Here Again March 2nd, 2024 The warmer weather has lured several visitors to Nounamu sweets. Ren, Bow and Hinote pop in and Chiyo shows them around.
Shedding Some Light February 27th, 2024 Guardian Daifuku meets up with Guardian Sukiyaki to show him The Shed. They run into Mamoru while there, and identities are revealed for better or worse.
A Culinary Lunch February 23rd, 2024 Hitomi, Katsumi, Chiyo and Naru all meet at lunch. Food is exchanged, and some potential friends made.
Rainbow Crystals 3: Indi-Cho Gone Wild! February 22nd, 2024 The third Rainbow Crystal shows up, this time at Radiant Heart Academy's library, and it's bad news for Cho that Wuwu handed her the crystal. Luckily, Bow of Etheria, Magical Rocket Girl Red, Yellow Pearl Voice, Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki, Sailor Moon, and the one and only Stellar-sensei are on the scene! Unluckily... so is Riventon. Who's going to get the crystal this time?
Let There Be Chocolate February 21st, 2024 A short while before Valentine's Day, Usagi Tsukino utterly fails at making Valentine's Chocolates. Good thing the good people of the Radiant Heart dorms can't ;eave a girl when she's down, right? Your classic making Valentine's Chocolates moment!
A Burning First Day February 18th, 2024 Hitomi gets introduced to Class 9-D, Ren and Katsumi and finds out that Kobo /really/ likes the way she smells.
Maybe We're Myth-taken: The Mantican't February 17th, 2024 The Hero Club fight off a creature that looks like a strange, misshapen manticore. Zoisite and La Crima have a heated debate overhead about the benefits of dark magic! Ultimately, the life energy is restored to several civilians on Tokyo's streets, and the day is saved.
Cooking By The Book February 16th, 2024 The Culinary Guardians unite! Faced with a mysterious energy-stealing shop front, they attempt an incursion... only to find themselves trapped!
Breakfast at RHA February 12th, 2024 There's a little bit of everything in the morning rush to get fed and caffinated before class, conversation and teasing, some couples being cute and oh yes.. food.
English Mahou Shoujos, Do You Speak It February 11th, 2024 The weekly meeting of the English club welcomes several new members (that is, if Ren has anything to do with it). Bonus: most of them already speak English!
Maybe We're Myth-taken: The Noticorn February 10th, 2024 Kaiju Hime and Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki encounter a creature that looks like a dark, twisted version of a unicorn. They stop it from stealing the life energy of innocent people on the streets of Tokyo and then go on their separate ways (both for some late night foodage, as it turns out).
A Perfect Matcha February 7th, 2024 Two Culinary Guardians finally meet. Properly.
A Crafted Situation! February 5th, 2024 Craft turns a public library into a noodle factory. Steam Sentinels (and friends!) stop him!
Cinema Club: First Meeting February 2nd, 2024 The inaugural meeting of Radiant Heart's new cinema club! This month's film:
Hungry for Action January 27th, 2024 Sunbreaker decides to take one of the DG girls out on a mentorship energy gather... running into Daifuku, Propel and Sukiyaki. Unfortunately for Daifuku... it turns out the girl is going through a few, ahem... boy troubles. Sunbreaker offers some totally helpful advice.
Sweet Meetings January 26th, 2024 Newly back from the USA, Ren stops by Nounamu Sweets and runs into Chiyo and Makoto. Introductions are offered, candies are had, and plans for future meetings made.
Nounamu Sweet: Mochi Mochi Days August 15th, 2023 Nounamu Sweets holds an in store Wagashi making demo. Ren, Miho and Coco show up to participate!
Yukata ready! The Fireworks Festival August 2nd, 2023 A group of friends, both old and new, spend the evening having fun together, among colourful yukata, tasty food, various games and splendid fireworks.
A Pitch August 1st, 2023 Ren and Chiyo run into each other during a snack run. Though he's not successful in recruiting her into the baseball club, Ren is happy to have Chiyo as a new friend anyway!
Summer Dance July 15th, 2023 It's the event of the summer, Radiant Heart Academy's summer dance!
Lost Logia: Digital Chaos July 14th, 2023 A Jewel Seed crashes into an important data center and causes severe chaos before Precia Testarossa sends Fate, Riventon, Firefly and Starfall Omen after it. They encounter Nanoha, Guardian Sukiyaki and The Red Princess as opponents! Riventon seals the Jewel Seed (Number IX - 9!) and gets some alone time with it before it gets into Precia's clutches.
Fast Cars & Schoolgirls: The Nephrite Experience July 8th, 2023 Sports car: Check. Suave talent scout: Check. School full of walking life force batteries: Check and check.
Green With Envy July 1st, 2023 The chaos that comes from the first fight on a warm Saturday morning.


Title Date Scene Summary
Bring to a Boil and Then Let Simmer January 24th, 2024 Homecomings should be a joyous affair. But sometimes things aren't so simple.