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Green With Envy
Date of Scene: 01 July 2023
Location: Beach
Synopsis: The chaos that comes from the first fight on a warm Saturday morning.
Cast of Characters: 6, 21, Stern Starks, Minako Aino, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Mamoru Chiba, Runealy Waldia, Usagi Tsukino, Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Ren Morimoto, Ikiko Hisakata, Haruto Sano, Hannah Steiner

Death Buster Tellu has posed:
It is a bright and beautiful Saturday morning in Yumegahama, and the sunny beach is filled with people laughing and playing. The boardwalk is packed, and the sound of life being lived fills the air. Everyone is happy.

Well, almost everyone. Someone, sitting on the edge of a rooftop with a potted plant next to her, is not very happy at all.

The green-haired woman in a black dress and green stockings sits there, talking to the potted plant. Or, more accurately, complaining at the small sprig with the furled red flower. "Where is that stupid wolf. He's supposed to help me with this project." she grumbles to it. "The first time we're really allowed to let loose and take enough energy to do something in forever, and the flea-bitter furbag is late." She reaches over and almost pets the flower. "You can't trust any of those Bad End losers. But I guess when you let yourself be lead around by a clown, you might be part of a circus." she continues.

Looking at her phone several times it apparently reaches one minute too many. And she throws it with a curse. It flies out over the boardwalk, embedding itself in sand as she stands up. "Fine, I'll just do it myself, and I'll file a greivance with HR, who will do nothing but at least I'll feel better." she says to the plant. "At least I'll get all the credit." She picks up the flower pot and raises it over her head.

And then a dark shadow falls over the beach and boardwalk, suddenly and quickly. A sound like a thudding heart can be heard in everyone's ears... and the flower pot vanishes in a streak of black... and then comes the earthquake.

The sounds of happiness turn to sharp sounds of worry and concern... and that's when people think it's just a normal earthquake. And that's probably what most of them will remember... but those who can see the past the veil of magic will remember something very different indeed...

Something like a giant Little Shop of Horrors plant, a massive stalk tipped with a bulbous head with teeth erupts from the sandy ground. And then also, plantlike vines reach up and try to grasp anyone on the ground or near it, seeking to drain them of energy.

Those who are not poor, unfortunate background NPCs will be able to struggle free with effort - but everyone else falls unconscious as the energy flows through the tendrils to the giant toothed plant.

"Maybe I'll get a promotion after this." Tellu says excitedly. "Mimette never was any good at this anyways."

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka is on the boardwalk! It's hot out, and she's already passed out from getting overheated once. Or at least, that's how she remembers it. This time she was quick to get a cold slushie drink to help keep her cool, just to be safe. She's wearing a pink and white hawaiian shirt with white shorts and sandals as she walks down the boardwalk, by herself, and notices a phone flying overhead.

    "Oh no!" she thinks out loud. "Did someone drop their phone?" She starts looking around, only for her mind to be distracted by the heartbeat sound, and then the earthquake.

    When she sees the plant erupt from the ground, she freaks out a bit. She doesn't know what's going on, but she knows that she wants to leave. "What is this? Some weird dream?!"

    Madoka turns to run. A vine tries to grab her arm, but she slips out of it. Another goes around her ankle and trips her over, and she falls face first onto the ground. Her slushie hits the floor, dumping out its sugary sweet contents all over. Madoka isn't really having any luck with cold treats lately.

    Madoka rolls onto her back and sits up before trying to kick the vine away. "Stop it! Wait!"

Minako Aino has posed:
A day at the beach, fun in the sun and a time away from studies was eagerly going to be taken by Minako Aino. Not that she really -needed- any of the latter as a certain white furred friend would be happy to point out to her. Even so, the blonde had sent out a message to either invite friends or advise them she was joining them depending on who was there before she'd changed into her swimsuit and joined the crowd.

It was wonderful, the cool water, the sun against her skin, Minako actually murmered to herself about how she wished this day would never end.

Could she have jinxed herself any harder, really?

When she was coming out of the water the sudden rush of panic and screams that was followed by the panicing crowd? Well That was enough to snap her out of her daydreaming. A youma? Looks like the day off was over!

One duck into an abandoned beach tent later and the Senshi of Love was silently hoping there were others who were there to help but it didn't matter! A quirk of her lips and Minako Aino was lifting her wand before the brilliant blazing light of her transformation literally burned away the material around her to reveal the Senshi in all her glory!

"Venus Power Make up!"

Haruto Sano has posed:
     Haruto had a simple day planned out. It's the weekend! Summer is here! People at the beach very clearly will want Ice Cream! Pedalling out to the beach, and finding a spot near the boardwalk, he has been doing his best carnival barker impression to get people to buy ice cream. Yelling out, "Hey! Ice cream for sale!", here and there, to everyone passing by. A wide smile on his face.

     Unfortunately, this approach has not netted him a single customer.

     Sighing, he stretches his arms and leans against the cart. Arms above his head, before lowering them down behind his head crossed, he looks up at the blue sky. "Aw, man. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm not yelling loud enough? Should I buy a megaphone?"

     Then, the sound of a heartbeat in his ear, and the darkness. He blinks. When things start shaking, he grabs ahold of his cart for balance. "An earthquake...?"

     All he can do is mutter to himself, before he is suddenly upside down, pulled off the boardwalk, and entangled by a plant wrapping around his waist. He grabs for the vine, trying to pull it off, and looks around for help. Blind panic is written on his face, his eyes wide open, as he looks at the others caught in similar situations. "H-Hey...! WAKE UP! You guys shouldn't be sleeping in a situation like this... Urm. HELP! POLICE!"

     Now he really wishes he had a megaphone. Or that he could reach the cell phone in his pocket to call for help!

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Darien Shields, tenth grader at Radiant Heart Academy, is at the beach by himself, having heard a rumor around the office that something might go down. He has a literal bag of boardwalk popcorn with movie butter on it, because junk food, and he's minding his own business waiting to see what happens.

Then he sees what happens and abruptly understands the aggravation of other Obsidian employees who get hit by 'friendly' fire because they're not paying attention, or not out of the way -- a vine snakes out and trips him, spilling that distressing and delicious popcorn, then swiftly curls up around him and his ugly green jacket and his smol ponytail and starts pulling at his energy. He doesn't cry out, he just looks REALLY annoyed as he starts to push his way out of the vines without tipping his cover identity into the bay.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    It's a semi-official club outing today at the beach, which explains why there are guys in swim shorts and baseball gloves tossing a ball back and forth while they soak up some sun. "If you have free time it's practice time!" after all, which is not an official motto of the club but it might as well be.

    One of them comes in from the water to dry off and rest a little, though he finds his towel occupied. A whining "Ume!" is directed at the orange tabby splayed out in Ren's spot, but the cat only rolls onto its back to show off its furry belly and blinks slowly up at the teen. "Fine, fine," Ren sighs, picking up another towel to sop up the water dripping from his auburn hair, which does serve to dry it off but also makes it even more of a mess than it is usually... which is, generally, already pretty messy.

    The concerned meow from Umeboshi makes him push the towel up so it isn't blocking his line of sight, just in time to see the shadow spreading across the beach. His brows draw together, but then the earth begins to quake beneath him, and a higher-pitched meow draws his attention down to the cat again.

    A shared look passes between the two. Ren grimaces, but nods, and as vines begin to erupt from the ground he makes a mad dash towards the nearest set of shower stalls on the beach, only a handful of meters away.

    But then a vine catches him by the ankle, and he faceplants right into the sand!

    Ren twists onto his back and kicks at the vine desperately, but it's only quick intervention by a set of sharp cat claws that frees him, and then he's crossing the sands at base-stealing speed!

    Both he and Umeboshi slip and slide on the wet tile inside the showers, but Ren's already extended a hand. "Mystic Saibashi, to me!" The ginger cat begins to glow, and as it takes on an amorphous, ghostly shape, it leaps into the air and deposits a pair of cooking chopsticks into Ren's outstretched palm. "Let's cook!"

Macaron (21) has posed:
An hour ago, in the Obsidian Tower:

"Heh heh heh," Majorina said before putting her cards down. "I win-de wasa," the witch said before slamming her cards down and holding out her hand expectently. Wolfrun and Oni made annoyed grunts. But, for all the trouble the bad end trio caused, they were true to their word. Wolfrun sighed and tossed her the akambe nose, which she caught.

It was their first chance to really let loose, so the three couldn't help but wager on it, even if it was originally under Wolfrun's authority.

Of course, no sooner did she leave that Wolfrun and Oni started playing again... to determine who had to go file the paperwork for Majorina's swap.

Meanwhile, quite a bit away, Majorina appeared on the beach... Confused. Why were there so many people WILLINGLY hanging out in the sun? What was wrong with... people? Bah. Wasteful--

"Kakigori! Fresh Kakigori!" one of the stands offer... hmmmm. Well, she had time. In fact, she was ahead of schedule, what could it hurt?

She made her way to the stand, demanding her fresh kakigori as she walked down the beach. Ugh. Why was it so hot? Sitting down on a towel, ignoring the confused looks from the towel's owners, she stared out at the sea. Ahhhhh. Soon, the fun would start. Besides, she'd finally be able to see what passes for a 'witch' these days...

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
c+ink< Detecting Nearby Activity, Master! c+ink> "Raising Heart, setup!"

and Nanoha Takamachi dons her barrier jacket as she is off to the whole affair, from what was supposed to be a shopping trip with friends as she dashes off from her two friends. She'll uh, apologize later.

For now she scans the chaos and frowns. "Raising Heart...w..what can we do?"

c+ink< Shoot Barret! c+ink> shouts Raising Heart as three balls of energy appear around her and launch down into three of the vines into the chaos below as Nanoha 'ohs!' and raises her hand out, casting her own down into one of the vines for a fourth!

Nanoha keeps herself steady in the sky for now, seeing what the plants do in return now. Maybe.. maybe she's too far away for an attack.

Maybe it's one f the vines entrapping you she's shooting! Maybe.

Runealy Waldia has posed:
Runealy looks very out of place on the beaches of Yumegahama. She wanders with wide eyes, with the same sort of look a deer might have in the face of an oncoming car.

Her red and white royal attire is also completely wrong for the beach, but this hasn't stopped her from walking along the boardwalk and looking around... then the darkness arrives. "Hn?" Then the ground shakes. "What...?!" She lurches, but manages to avoid falling over and even makes a pivoting step into a jump away from the emerging plant-life.

"What _are_ you?!" She stares at the horror-plant, and makes a decision. "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Silver, emerald-jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy humming from it. "The Line of Succession..." She passes it to her other hand, which brings it to her forehead in the same motion. "Transform!"

A flash of red light engulfs her, and when it fades her royal attire has been replaced by something still regal... but ready to fight, with a long magic staff in hand.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
It's a wonderful day at the beach, an absolutely perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy the summer. Luna isn't even here to yell at her! (She better not be, anyway, how would she explain to her Mama and Papa why the cat they'd just *barely* agreed to let her keep wasn't in the dorms, but all the way here, with them, at the beach?) It's the most fun Usagi's had in ages, between ice cream at the boardwalk and volleyball on the beach - she and Papa versus Shingo and Mama, and no, she was not upset that they'd lost! Not at all!

They even had American style hotdogs as a snack, to celebrate. It really is the perfect day.

Usagi's wandered away from her family, closer to the boardwalk again and the center of the action, thinking to use her allowance on a little more ice cream - who has to know? And then the ground shakes and Usagi shakes with it, stumbling to the ground, frantically thinking stop-drop-roll, not even remembering that that's for fire, not earthquakes. But the ground doesn't stop shaking, even after a whole minute, longer than any earthquake she's ever felt.
Hersnd it's not an earthquake.

Vines close in, tearing through the ground and wrapping tight around all the people she can see, and they collapse before her eyes, vitality ripped away from them - Usagi only barely notices that she herself is caught by the vines, one wrapping around her leg eagerly. She screams, and notices, in the corner of her eye, that she recognizes some of these people, maybe. Has seen them at school. And then there's him - the boy in the ugly green jacket. The jerk who made fun of her grades and teased her about her hair. Wrapped up in vines and struggling, but not falling apart into a pit of fear, not screaming in a panic.

She can't be more of a scaredy-cat than jerk Darien-kun! There's only one thing to do. Dropping to the ground, behind the tall boardwalk fenche, she grabs her broach.

"Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Another day, another neighborhood of Tokyo where Ikiko Hisakata is checking up on the local strays. For summer on the beach, the focus is less on giving the dogs an extra meal and more on supplying them with water and making sure they have a shaded place to rest in, to help withstand the heat.

But the no-warning earthquake, combined with the slight ill feeling of a nearby area of draining, alerts her that Something Is Haening, And It's Not Good. Leaving her stuff with the strays, she darts down the alleyway towards the beach, touching the locket around her throat and saying "Lycan Locket!" as she dodges around various obstacles.

Changing into Cute Wolf Tsukiko, the now-wolfgirl leaps out towards the beach, glancing at the situation and looking to see where she can be the most help. "Let's see..." she mumbles to herself, wincing at the sheer number of people getting drained.

Well, maybe help those who still have enough energy to try to escape? And there's one person who managed to dodge a few vines already...

Leaping forward, Tsukiko lands feet-first on the vine grasping Madoka's ankle, and starts stomping on the vine to make sure it lets go of its victim. "Go away, you stupid weed!" she yells.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah Steiner doesn't know Tokyo all that well yet, but she is more than happy to follow the lead of her dear Razorhound, Lyra, when the fuzzy lizard gets the scent of trouble. Blauer Greif is just as insistently pinging warning sounds into her braincase as she power-walks behind Lyra with a hard grip on her lead. As the ground rumbles and the darkening of a sunny day rolls around, the trio duck into the nearest restroom.

"Blauer Greif! Lyra! Time to do our duty!" Comes Hannah. The cane in her hand splits at the handle as steam vents from it, and she's covered in a wave of blue, a triangular crest forming under her feet as she floats off the ground in the style of a mailed fist.

"Bereit meine Herrin!" Comes the cane!

A duo of figures leaps up and lands upon, one a blonde young woman in a cravat'd Knight Armor in blues and golds, her shoulder-cape bearing a clenched armored fist as she swipes the air in front of her with the cane-sword in her hand. The sheath is casually leaned over her shoulder as she taps one heel to her boot'd toe. Beside her, hackles raised is a blue-and-black furry lizard-like beast, keen eyes glaring at the monstrous plant below so eager to drain victims.

"On a wonderful, sunny day like this, who would DARE steal the enjoyment of family and companionship from the innocent!? On the Name of mein House, for you shall face Justice!" Comes the Countess' voice with equal parts concern and more than a little naked fury.

"Blauer Greif!"

"Calculating attack vector, Herrin. Schwerkraftwurf"

Hannah winds up for a toss, Blauer Greif's sheath thrown violently in an arc as her spell takes effect, the calculations of her Armed Device and her gravity spell leaving a blue aura over the spinning implement. It immediately bolts towards the ground in a sweeping turn like a magical boomering, attempting to hide on the vines holding down the civilians!

Stern Starks has posed:
It's the beach! A pleasant day to be outside, soaking up the sun. Thusly, we find Stern Starks, EXCHANGE STUDENT from GERMANY, sitting on ... a bench? Not in a swimsuit? Crouched over a laptop and typing away? Anyone walking behind her would see a coding window open as she just inputs line after line. What a waste of a beach day.

In a moment, it's a good thing that she's here. Well. Not that there's a shortage of firepower.

The shadows lengthen and vines erupt. Even she is caught up in it, her laptop nearly tumbling from her grip. Her eyes narrow as she manages not to freak out. Instead, the pendant around her neck speaks in a smooth, masculine and vaguely british voi<span style="color:e.

<<c#FF8B17">System Ready, my Lord.>>

"Do it."

Power bursts from the pendant, shattering the vines encircling her as she is changed in an instant into her Heat Suit, the staff in her hand gleaming wickedly. "Alright, Lucifron. Time for some gardening."

Red-orange energy wings srout from her feet, and she ascends, waving the metal staff around and manifesting orbs of burning energy. "<<c#FF8B17Pyro Shooter>>" With another swoop of her Device, the orbs rain down, striking at the vines encircling people, raining (somewhat literal) fire down upon them.

The laptop? Saved by Stock Footage.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    They say mother is God in the eyes of a child.
    And when Precia Testarossa had said to go to the beach today and be helpful, Fate Testarossa is not going to deny a direct order from her mother.
    "Oh man the beach, this is great!" Arf says; the red-haired wolf woman (who is currently hiding her ears and tail), while wearing a swimsuit and holding a rubber inner tube around her waist.
    "I'm gonna build a sand castle- no wait I'll have ice cream- No no I'll have a nice hot bowl of RAMEN."
    "... Arf."
    The Familiar is so enthralled in going to the beach that Fate has to clear her throat pointedly to get her companion's attention.
    "Arf." She says raising her voice only very slightly.
    "We're not here to have fun."
    "WHAAAAAAAT?" Arf says, absolutely put out. "You mean to tell me we have to WORK today?"
    Solemnly, Fate nods her head as she motions for the vines spreading across the boardwalk and beach beginning to drain beachgoers of their precious energy.
    Arf drops her inner tube.
    "You're KIDDING me!" The wolf-woman howls, flashing her fangs, irate.
    But Fate shakes her head. She is not kidding as the small, twin-tailed, blonde strides towards the chaos, scarlet eyes half-lidded and tired.
    "Bardiche..." The girl whispers.
    [YES SIR] Her faithful device replies, and in a flash of bright golden light...
    Fate Testarossa stands atop a lamp post, staring down at the chaos, a single bolt of lightning streaking down from the sky behind her, punctuated by a pealing clap of thunder.
    For a moment, she surveys the beach, the collapsed people having their energy drained, the others starting to fight back, and closes her eyes with a sigh.
    She picks a target. Just one, in order to thin the surprising number of magical responders to this crisis.
    In a blur of black and gold she lunges from the lamp-post.
    And appears behind a girl by the name of Nanoha Takamachi.
    How clueless she is that this chance meeting would be the start of a greater destiny.
    "I'm sorry."
    That's all Fate says, still carried by her phenomenal speed as she raises Bardiche.
    With a *SNAK* the black axe's head snaps back, a blazing blade of golden voltaic energy emerging from its <span class=" bold_fg_y bg_n ++ ore.
    chy">[SCYTHE FORM.] The Device announces before Fate brings the gleaming blade of electrical energy down, intending to cut the girl down in one swift, decisive, blow from a blind angle.

Minako Aino has posed:
Time to spring into action as the rather singed tent fell away from her and Sailor Venus stepped forwards. Spotting those in peril, wrapped up and drained as they were the Inner Senshi frowned for a moment as she calculated before she moved forward and lifted one gloved hand towards the creature.

She didn't really want to find herself tangled up in it, nor did she want others being used as shields against her...or any other the other heroes that seemed to be coming out of the woodwork (sands?).

Eyes take in the apparently imperiled Darien and Help-Seeking Haruto before energy crackles around her fingertip and she lets loose a beam of bright energy.

"Crescent Beam!"

Death Buster Tellu has posed:
Death Buster Tellu says, "Oh come on." Tellu shouts from her perch, where she may or may not be heard. "It hasn't even been five minutes yet." she says as she sees a few of the Magical Heroes come into view. The plant continues to try to sap the struggling victims, only releasing the unpowered civilians who were already drained dry, tendrils returning into the ground. Also the ones a cute wolf is currently stomping release their prey as well, spasming in a sort of clear pained motion, as do the vines that are cut and swept by Schwerkraftwurf, while the vines that Stern's attack strikes combust and turn to black dark ash. Similarly, Nanoha's blasts attack the vines and free some further civilians, but now Nanoha appears to have her own problem, Tellu notes. Crescent Beam shots pepper the vines around Darien and Haruto, helping them (or those similarly about to help them) free themselves as well.

"Do you know how much hard work went into this and you're just throwing energy around like children, hurting my poor bitey." Tellu says. She telepots from her perch to beside the plant and pets the top of its giant bulbous toothy head like it is just a big puppy and not a horrible plant monster draining life energy. "Fine then!" Anyone who's not otherwise challenged already (say, by a twintailed scythewielder) finds themselves the target of more focused ire, as for each of them a series of thick vines erupts from the ground in a corded stack and swings at them with fericious force, like a dismissive backhand in vine form.

At this point, most of the civilians are not currently under more threat, and the plant is focused on the heroes that have already so loudly made themselves known as those vines lash out.

"That's a good bitey. They seem to have a ton of energy, so we'll take that too, after we beat them into thee sand.""

Madoka Kaname has posed:
Madoka yelps as a wolf girl suddenly shows up to help her. This day is getting weirder and weirder, with all of the people transforming and shooting and shouting, but at least one of the cosplayers is helping her.

    "Thanks!" she says, before she stands up, takes a look up at the large plant monster, and decides to run for it. Vines burst from the ground in waves, trying their hardest to grab onto Madoka, but she keeps just barely slipping away, running with her held up to her chest and leaving her fallen slushie behind.

    Later, she will remember that she littered and feel bad about it, but for the moment she has completely forgotten.

    Eventually she finds an open shop door for a clothing store and ducks inside, diving into a rack full of dresses and settling down to hide. She squats down, peeking between clothes to a window that only barely shows the combat happening outside. Oh geeze, why is this happening?!

Stern Starks has posed:
Fire is great. It burns lants and lant monsters. Stern grins a little bit. "Good work, Lucifron." "<<c#FF8B17Thank you, my Lord.>>" She sweeps her eyes across the battlefield, a little shocked at how much magical firepower is present here. It's a ton.

Distraction means she rolls a one on her spot check.

A bundle of angry, writhing vines swing in, and even Lucifron is slow on the uptake, unable to manifest a shield in time. Stern goes sailing like a line drive through the air, unable to correct her footing due to surprise.

This sends her on a direct collision course with Fate and Nanoha. Awkwaaaaaard.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon bursts onto the scene in a bright flash of light, shaking in her boots a little and more than a little scared, but refusing to show it, because Darien -

Was freed by a beam of bright light? Sailor Moon stutters to a stop for a moment, confused, but there are voices crying out all around her, magical attacks and weapons flashing, and a smile comes to her face as she realizes there's help on the scene! It's not just her up against a giant scary plant monster! She calls out to the fighter who must have launched the beam, not sure where they came from but hoping they'll hear her. "Thank you, friend!"

With the hope of other people to fight with (maybe she'll find her allies!), it's easy for Sailor Moon to rush forward and catch Darien before he can fall over. Her arms are strong, her legs are strong, her everything is stronger in henshin, so naturally she can princess carry the jerk in his ugly green jacket!

(As long as she doesn't think too hard about it, anyway.)

"I've got you, you're safe now!" He might be a jerk, but he was probably scared too, even if he didn't show. Getting captured by a monster - "You were really brave, you know? I'll get you out of here, and then I, Sailor Moon, will take care of this lickety-split!"

But vines are coming after her, she realizes, a whole oodle of them streaming after her and every other retty suited soldier, and Sailor Moon tightens her gri on Darien, holding him securely in her arms, and leas out of the way. "So - so it looks like this will be a bit of a bumy ride! But don't worry, I've got it - c#FF54E8Moon Tiara Action!"

She only has to jiggle her hand free for a few seconds to launch her tiara, and there it goes, a golden disc of energy cutting through the vines chasing her and spinning on to cut through the vines chasing the magical warriors nearest her.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    About fifteen seconds ago, Ren Morimoto entered the shower stalls with his pet cat, Umeboshi.

    Now: a young man with bright red hair slips out, looking back and forth to take stock of the situation at hand. He carries with him a blade that looks much like a kitchen cleaver, except quite long and pointy. He's swathed in a silk kimono that is distressingly short, though thankfully his guide had seen fit to alter his henshin to include a pair of tight-fitting black pants. The maekake tied around his waist features a print of a three-headed kami in all red.

    Something sweeps out towards the sands from overhead and he looks up just in time to see Hannah's attack. Eyes widening, he lets out a "Whoa," at the impressive throw, unconsciously adjusting the grip on his sword into something more familiar. The way one might grip a baseball bat, perhaps.

    With one great leap he's clear away from the shower stalls and back out on the sand, his boots proving only a minor inconvenience as he adjusts his footing. "You need to announce yourself!" says the hovering spirit at his side, who looks vaguely feline still even in its new, transparent form.

    Which earns a side-eye and a confused frown, but apparently it is decided that there is no time for introductions, as a thick set of vines bursts forth right near where he's standing. It looks like it means to try and knock Hannah from her perch, so Ren dashes forward and pulls his sword off his shoulder.

    "You want a fight?" he calls out. "Then I'm right here!" His spirit guide flaps its arms in the background, only for the young man to heave a put-upon sigh. "I'm Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki, and I'm going to warm your starving heart to justice!"

    Then he slams his sword in a downward slash towards the vines to try to cut it off at the source before it can do any damage!

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi smiles, she's freed some eole, good. But this..this isn't a Jewel Seed. Okay. But it's still dangerous and she's going to fight. c+ink< Incoming, Master! c+ink> goes Raising Heart as Fate suddenly appears over her. 'I'm sorry'. "...w..wha!?" she goes, throwing her hand out to try to throw a shield upwards from her hand to block the scythe wielders attack when Stern Starks crashes into her and sends her flying away a few feet, causing the scythe to glance her clumsily appearing shield from her now flailing hand and slash into her barrier jacket, making her recoil her arm in pain.

"AAAAAA..hhh!" she goes, wincing in pain but it isn't fatal, bandages later.

"W..what are you trying to do, can't you see these people need help!?" she calls out to the blonde, twintailed girl.

"Please..stop and help!" she asks pleadingly...

Stern was already helping, right? So she isn't pleading to the girl that kind of...looks like her with short hair and a little older? She doesn't notice that right away.

Homura Akemi has posed:
    One minute Homura is walking down the street in a breezy pastel purple blouse and long off-white skirt admiring the latest in Hawaiian shirt fashion and the next all hell is breaking loose.

    The ground shakes and splits and vines whip up, wrapping around one her arm and leg. Without thinking she immediately utters in a low, moody tone, "Unhand me." A furious glint shows in her eyes when she can feel an attempt to draw energy from her body. It gets a trickle, but only the tiniest bit.

    Because Homura Akemi's vast stores of Magical Energy are not in her body. They're in her Soul Gem.

    It's slight consolation as the vines continue to wrap around her, climbing her arm and leg. She tries to swing her arm around to slide it free of the vine, but that slight energy drain makes it impossible to enhance it's strength. As she's yanked to the ground she lets out a cry of surprise, glaring as she lifts her head. Her purple-eyed gaze looks towards Madoka-- one of Tokyo's magical defenders seems to have noticed her and protected her while Homura is defenseless, so this isn't a total loss.

    As Madoka flees towards a clothing store she sees something on a lightpole. A strange, white creature with two pairs of ears and beady red eyes.

    A sudden explosion of purple energy surges out from the ring on Homura's middle finger, flaring up around her like smoke before forming into a fist that grabs her form and obscures it as a shadow of darkness against the bright purple. The fist shifts to the shape of a diamond, which shifts backwards and reveals Homura's form, now clad in the clean jacket, purple skirt, and tall black stockingboots of her henshin, with her shield strapped to her wrist.

    Her free hand reaches into her shield and retrieves a large kitchen knife, which she uses to hack and slash at the vines, freeing herself. As soon as she's clear of the vines her shield rotates, the gears swirling and clicking as the hourglass contained within rotates 90 degrees, stopping the flow of sand and time.

    With time frozen she lets out an exasperated sigh, stuffing the knife back into the pocket dimension of her shield. With the click-clack of heel-toe, heel-toe no one will ever hear she walks over towards the lamp post. Kyubey is hopping down, just about to land on Madoka's shoulder. Homura knows how this goes. A lot of people have just been drained. A quick survey of the battlefield shows multiple threats. This isn't a beach anymore, it's a battlefield. People are going to get hurt. Kyubey is going to take advantage.

    Not today.

    An RPG-7 is cooly retrieved from Homura's shield, and she takes aim. Her shield spins and with a clack time resumes the moment she depresses the trigger, the rocket propelled grenade impacting the center of Kyubey's body before he can ever make contact with Madoka. The rocket arcs through the air, on a perfect trajectory to impact with the floating Tellu if she isn't careful.

    The RPG is tossed aside like yesterday's trash, and Homura's hand instinctively pushes her long hair back in a flip.

    "Madoka Kaname. Don't forget what I've told you. Getting involved in this only leads to more pain." It might look cool if she didn't have a vine leaf stuck in her hairband.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Cute Wolf Tsukiko gives the pink-haired girl an encouraging grin, then glances back as Tellu snarls at the assembled magical folk. With a yelp, the wolfgirl dodges the thrashing bundle-vines, trying to keep it focused on her and not Madoka.

It's not the best dodging, as Tsukiko is glancing back towards Madoka to make sure the pink-haired girl has gotten clear of the fray, but once the other girl has made it to safety the wolfgirl leaps extra high to stomp on the backhanding vines!

Glancing around, Tsukiko lets out a low whistle. "Wow, I didn't know there were this many magical girls," she remarks, jumping away from another slam of the vines.

Runealy Waldia has posed:
The Red Princess's boot-wings glow with a silver light as she leaps away from the vines - they were far enough away that she had plenty of time. She takes aim at the plant monster, then notices something bizarre in the distance: "A scythe? Lore? No... it's different." Then something even more bizarre - the scythe-wielder is attacking another person.

_Successfully_ attacking another person. She lands, and begins running toward Fate, Nanoha, and Stern. The scythe-wielder holds most of her attention, though. The Princess fires an emerald gem from her staff, but it's aimed at the gap between Fate and Nanoha - an intentional miss, one meant to force a moment's delay if Fate tries to continue attacking. "What are you doing?! Cease this at once! There are demons here - whatever your quarrel is, it must wait until they are driven out!"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Darien flinches as the bright flash of light from Venus and hisses slightly as some of it touches him-- but he quickly schools his features because that's something that shouldn't sting a civilian. It's a damn good thing, too, as he starts to fall -- because all of a sudden he's being scooped up in the strong arms of someone fully a foot shorter than he is and being hero-talked. He blinks in startlement, and then gets this huge, bright-eyed grin on his jerk?? face. "Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon! Thanks--! You'd better put me down and go back to fight it, I'll definitely run away, don't worry about me--!"

And she's Moon Tiara-ing the vines, and Darien is internally reevaluating her power-level at the same time as he's admiring her courage in the face of terror. He'll definitely need stronger youmas if he needs to oppose her. "You're doing so well!" he cheers, holding on and lifting his feet so they don't drag on the ground.

Minako Aino has posed:
Success! But it was really only a brief moment of satisfaction at seeing some of the civillians free before she moved forwards. Always more people to save it seemed, and there were plenty unconcious folks who were in trouble.

First thing was first however, as she stepped from the wake of her beams and drew her hand up past her own face.

A shimmer of light, a roll of energy as a more recognizable red mask appeared over her face, the orange of her fuku shifted to a deep blue and the 'heart' iconography on her attire shifted to a moon.

The Beaufitul Heroine Sailor V. was here! Maybe she'd just lept into action -before- changing properly, at least there was plenty to distract people, right?

Of course, her dramatic rushes forwards after the fact would have to wait as the sudden rush of vines surging towards her had the more experienced Senshi...retreating. At least a little!

Springing back, she actually skidded in what was totally deliberate drama and not her almost stumbling in the sand before she looks up.

Was that the Princess right there actually thanking her? Okay, that was going to require some followup when there wasn't a bunch of vines trying to drain her dry!

One little nod later and the masked blonde with the bright red ribbon bow in her hair stood tall, lifting her hands and her voice alike.

"Get the civillians clear!" she calls out to...well, anyone who would listen really. Her memories of leading the Inner Senshi in her past life were in full swing, but it did seem that most already had the idea in mind.

ansi(b, "Crescent Boomerang!")

A sweeping 'blade' of energy flowing out towards the vines coming for her as she went to run forwards to try and achieve exactly what she'd done.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
The presence of other Device Users has both Hannah's nose hairs tingling from the magic in the air as well as her own Device shoving distance data into her head as well as little pins on the shared 'mental map' of the battlefield shared between lizard, Device, and flesh noggins. As much as part of her wants to observe a good old fashioned Duel, she makes sure to stay out of it. She can't get distracted even with the vines releasing the civvies. Tellu gets noted by Lyra and subsequently by Hannah's ears, and the noble grins.

"Nein! Helping the powerless is NEVER a waste! In fact, some of us are born to do exactly that!" Reposts the Countess loudly and confidently. There's far, far too many magical warriors on the ground to keep track of them all, nevermind the many civvies both conscious and unconscious. Culinary Guardian Sukyaki though comes to the Steiner trio's aide, and freed of having to go on the defense, Hannah snaps towards the sound of his voice. "Danke mein freund!" Offers the mahou in an elated but friendly voice. Her sheath comes flying back into her hand just in time to carry her upwards as she intentionally lets it keep going, lifting her straight up and away from the remains of the stack that Ren didn't already cripy-ize until they come to a peak...and are suddenly floating as she sends a mental command to Blauer Greif.

"Fluss: Aufhellen" Comes the Device as the pair hang in the sky. Hannah taps one heel to her toe, and she orientates herself towards the ground and vine-stacks head-first with the cane-sword swept up in preparaton. She whistles, and Lyra leaps above them both, spinning and then Lizard and Mahou legs make contact, kicking off one another. Lyra lands back on the restroom roof, body poised as her eyes peer out on overwatch.

Hannah and Blauer Greif rocket towards poor Bitey and its' many planty limbs, aiming herself like a very expensive-looking human rocket towards any stacks of veins menacing Ren. Never let it be said a Steiner doesn't pay back favors.

Sheath floating beside her, she two-hands her cane-sword and slashes back and forth while plummeting!

Macaron (21) has posed:
20 minutes ago

Majorita was taking a little nap on the towel, now. She'd 'procured' someone's umbrella and was using it for shade... When a life guard walked up to her. "Err, ma'am?"

"Hmmm? What do you want-de wasa?" she asked.

"Errrr... the family who's towel you're on, they'd like it back."

"Hmmm?" she closed her eyes and laid back down.

A few minutes ago

Majorita got up and then... "You!" she said, pointing at the office the life guard had brought back, who was trying to not make too big a scene of the fact the lady was... well. Using other people's things. She was some weird old lady, there wasn't a 'win' anywhere here for him. "Where is the witch?"

"Witch?" the officer asked. "Uhhhh... Are you... looking for your family?"

"No, I'm looking for the witch. She should have flowers-de wasa," she said firmly, glaring at him.

"Uhhhh... if you want flowers, there's a small shop with some. If you'd... come with me, old lady."

Then, suddenly, yelling! Majorina turned towards it and then ran off towards it! But then paused, ran back and... "I'm not that old!" she yelled before running towards the monster.

As she came closer, she looked over the field... her eyes narrowing on Fate and Tellu. Bah. Amateurs, the both of them. The child is supposed to be some prodigy of a mage? Still... Then... a new girl appears. And uses a missile on... a flying rat.

Ah, well, she knows what to do. She holds up a book and ink... "The worst possible ending in the world!"She broke the paint. "Be covered with a Bad End! Your white futures will now be painted black! The Bad Energy from these humans will revive the Emperor of Evil, Pierrot." And suddenly spider webs would appear all around... And the world went dark. A few more civilians who were running... collapsed, mumbling about despair.

And her Kakigori, which had been rather bland, was infused with her akambe. In its place, an icy cherry-flavored youma appeared! With a big gaping mouth. It then leaped through the air...

Landing between Tellu and the approaching RPG... It then *chomped* down, swallowing the missile and kyubei in one bite, before letting out a low burp.

Majorina, meanwhile, glanced towards Fate... she supposed she *should* help her out as well. She sighed and then held out her hand, a glass ball forming on it... before rubbing it. Fate's appearance formed on it a moment. And then she'd feel... cooler. Less heated. Yes. Majorita did, in fact... just give Fate magic sunscreen so she wouldn't get burned. Let it never be said that Majorita didn't care. And then... she turned back towards Tellu. She disappeared, reappearing besides her a moment later, balanced on her floating orb. A moment later, her icy akambe leaped into the air and then started sending out small, frozen waves of dark cherry snowballs at Sailor V and the cute wolf! Ha, not even as good a WOLF as Wolfrun. Still, she could respect the flashiness of the two. Even if she wouldn't say it out loud. Besides, that was in the general direction of the girl with the rpg and oddly, she didn't want THAT at her youma's back.

Haruto Sano has posed:
     That's the problem with getting freed while lifted up: how do you get back down? Haruto has a slight moment of relief as the vine is destroyed. At last, free. When he sees the ground, he immediately lifts his arms up to block his view. Not seeing it coming should make it better!

     The sudden hit on the beach never comes. He blinks, pulls his hands back, and looks at his surrounding. He's in the arms of a girl who just saved him, seemingly effortlessly. His heart skips a beat. When he is set down, it takes him a second to get his legs standing straight. Haruto lifts a hand to the back of his head, scratching it awkwardly, and trying to smile. He's clearly shivering; this is a nerve-wracking experience. "Thanks for saving me...! I'll.. I'll try to make sure everyone here gets some ice cream!"

     Then, he takes in his surroundings, blinking. Everywhere he looks, there are people fighting this creature. His jaw drops. He's had suspicions that there was more to the world than most people knew. But he's aghast, looking around at everyone fighting, and realizing, magical heroes do in fact exist. He looks again at Sailor Uranus. Then, looking across the battlefield, he sees... Is that Sailor V? Was it Sailor V who attacked the vines and set him free? It's taking him a second to take this all in.

     Hopping onto his bike, he looks around. Fastest escape route... But, there's also a lot of people lying around, unconscious...! Spotting a nearby building, and plotting a path, he makes a plan; get at least some people to safety! He bikes ahead, stopping to pick up people, lifting them to the back of his ice cream cart, while giving any remaining vines a wide berth. He's helping, but he's not going to put himself in danger again!

     "Come on, let's get you on the cart...!" Actually lifting people is a struggle, but he's doing his best, and making his way into the same general direction as the clothing store Madoka vanished into.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    In all the chaos, one would think a sneak attack would go unnoticed; that it would be quick, decisive, brutal and unforgiving. But when Nanoha's Device warns her of the incoming attack, Fate clicks her teeth as the girl narrowly evades the full force of her swing.
    It is as Fate is about to press her assault that something halts her.
    It's a warning shot.
    The green gem that goes lancing between her and the pigtailed girl causes Fate to stop on a dime in the air, scarlet eyes slowly turning to the Princess.
    Fate is silent for a heart's beat as Nanoha pleads with her for aid and The Red Princess berates her for her attack.
    And then a new challenger approaches as Stern is batted into range by an errant vine.
    For a moment. For just a moment, Fate stares, expression a stone mask at Nanoha and Stern.
    Are they... Are they sisters?
    It is a brief thought that crosses the twin-tailed blonde's mind as she slowly closes her vivid scarlet eyes and draws a slow breath. Sweat beads on the child's brow. Not from exertion but from the heat of the blazing summer beach sun. It lasts only a moment before Majorina appears and makes things a little more pleasantly bearable.
    "I have my orders." She replies to both Nanoha and The Red Princess as several orbs of golden light begin to form at her sides.
    [PHOTON LANCER.] Bardiche announces as the orbs shift shape into crackling arrows of electric light.
    Pointing her crackling scythe, the blonde whispers a single word.
    And on command those searing electrical arrows go off like a series of bullets from a machinegun, streaking through the sky with vicious intent to shoot down her interlopers.

Death Buster Tellu has posed:
Sailor Moon's tiara cuts through the air, and then cuts through the vines going for her just as easily, causing them to never reach her or her prince-carried passenger.

The Cullinary Guardian Sukiyaki's blade strikes the thick stalk of the flower-power menace, and there's a rocket sailing through the air. Tellu is furious - but she's about to yell something in a very different direction than the rocket is coming... and then Marjorina shows up, creates a youma, and saves Tellu from being rocket-propelled or worse. But Tellu has something else on her mind.

"Wolfrun! You mangy dog you're la- wait. You're not Wolfrun at all. What are you doing here, old lady? I was supposed to get help from your friend..." she notes. "Oh, for that matter what is..." she says, turning to look at Fate. But it looks like Fate is taking a lot of heat, so she'll ask the girl later. "Whatever. Fine. I don't care. Clearly your divison is a mess, but you're here so at least help me! Look how many of them there are!"

More vines are cut down by Sailor V and she points. "Like her. Get her or something!" she says. "This is my project and I'm the manager."

The creature does, in fact, attempt to retalliate against Ren - but this is cut off in a rather direct mannger by the cutting storm-blades of the Steiner-girl.

The vines miss Tsukiko, and the new entrant - the summer youma - turns on the wolf, Sailor V, and Homura. That leaves 'Bitey' a little bit more free, which is good, because there's still a lot of chaos. The plant rears back and suddenly unleashes a gout of flame at the two melees near it - for the chef and the Steiner.

The fact that the fire blast is coming as its ally is a cool summer treat does not seem to concern it or Tellu. Not everyone that's up gets an attack, this time.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka didn't see what happened to Kyubey, but she does see and hear Homura talking to her. "Homura-chan?" she calls out, slightly parting the dresses she's hiding behind to look up at the purple haired girl. "What's going on? Who are all these people?!"

    Madoka has a lot of questions that Homura might not have time to answer. She doesn't know why, but she feels like she can trust the mysterious transfer student. Her previously weird warning and other strange actions are being cast in a slightly different light, now that Things are actually Happening.

    It's then that Madoka notices a problem, and emerges from her hiding spot. "Um... excuse me.. you have something..." She reaches out to pluck the vine that dares to touch Homura's beautiful silky hair, tossing it into a nearby trash bin before looking back at Homura with a sheepish smile and eyes full of worry.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Maybe, just maybe, princess carrying someone who's much taller than you ought to be awkward, but it's not! It's totally not! It's perfectly fine, and dumb Darien isn't helping her by lifting his feet so they don't drag and, and... it's actually hard to be mean about him, even in her head, when he's being so nice. A smile really changes his whole face, and the excited way he says her name, it actually makes her feel like a real hero.

How dare he be so cute and nice now, when she's Sailor Moon and not, when she's regular Usagi Tsukino! What a jerk! Cheering her on, and encouraging her - why couldn't he have been like this about that failed test, huh? Huffing (but not with exertion), Sailor Moon comes to a totally graceful and not at all slightly stumbling over the sheer length of boy in her arms stop. She lets Darien down, reaching up (and up) impishly to pat him on the very top of his head, which she can only just barely reach by getting to her tiptoes. "I've got you, civilian! You stay safe now, and stay out of trouble! Share that kind heart with every girl you meet!"

Be nice to me when I'm not in henshin, jeeeeeeeeerk, is what she means.

Before Darien can respond to this very bizarre speech, Sailor Moon has whirled around, heading back into the fray, just as he suggested. There's a new monster on the battlefield, a fact that's terrifying, if she thinks about it too long - she'd always thought it was one monster per fight, but what if it wasn't? What if there could be as many monsters as there were fighters, and even more awful things were going to come bursting on to the scene? It's enough to make her want to cry, but with this many people around - fighting their hardest - and with Darien watching her, cheering her on, she can't. She just can't! There's nothing to do but fight...

"Oh, this is terrible!" It bursts out of her, as she sees gouts of flame go pouring at two of the other fighters. She's running as fast as she can, legs pumping, gripping her tiara hard enough to feel it dig into her palm. "I'll help you! Moon Tiara, Action!"

And there it goes again, her tiara launched through the air, golden energy impossibly cutting through the flame so that it pours around the two fighters instead of burning them to a crisp.

Stern Starks has posed:
LOTS OF THINGS HAPPEN. Stern gets briefly entangled with Nanoha, only to be rocked by the Red Princess's concussive gem. On the bright side, she's free. On the down side, that kind of stung. Floating, she looks between Fate, the Red Princess and Nanoha. Though most of her attention is on the latter. Blue eyes flicker between Raising Heart and Lucifron. Their Barrier Jackets. Even the hairstyle.

"Well, this is kind of awkward."

Not that she has much time to contemplate. Fate retaliates with brutal efficiency. Her hand lifts, and an orange-red magic circle sprouts from it, the rotating glyphs intercepting the blasts, but they don't stop. The shield shatters into motes under the assault, and Stern is rocked by terrible lightning magic. She twists in the air against her will, taking a moment to get her bearings back. She looks at Nanoha, then to the Red Princess and then back to Nanoha. "We should talk later. This is weird," she says. "...For now though...I'll hold her, you hit her?"

Stern twirls Lucifron in her hands and plants the jaggedly pointed butt of the staff on air that seems solid as a magic circle spins up under her feet. She closes her eyes, but doesn't chant anything. Power moves through her, and she lifts her left hand towards Fate. Lucifron speaks.


For a moment, nothing happens. Then with a terrible suddenness, orange-red bands of sizzling power erupt, attempting to bind Fate and hold her still so Nanoha can begin the Befriending process.

Minako Aino has posed:
There were more of them. Crap! The explosion of those dark cherry attacks at her back actually sent Sailor V crashing to the ground as the first blasted her clear off her feet. Ow!

Still, staying down was likely going to be a very very bad idea when those vines came the way of her and Cute Wolf!

Rolling in the sand onto her knees and then springing upwards with suprising ease born as much from her time in the volleyball team as her Senshi abilities.

There was a heck of a fight going on around them but...well, her focus had to be on the innocent civillians for the moment and now there was the madness of two active youma-things and some commanders as well...not to mention that one mad girl with the scythe.

"Venus Love-Me Chain!"

The cry was accompanied by a sudden surge of a glowing light chain arched out to try and immobilize the new arrival. She might not be able to stop the 'Bosses' from escaping, she couldn't even destroy the thing with this attack...

But keeping it immobilized like this while it was already melting a little? Well, maybe one of the others could finish things off.

And there was Sailor Moon making her return with that Tiara. She wasn't sure if she should be grateful for the help...or -super- mad that she was in danger. Again.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi just blushes when she eyes Stern. W..what's with the resemblance of the older girl!? Still, Runealy blasts an emerald between them and this catches her attention as she sputters. "I..I'm trying but.,..but..." this person won't let me. She doesn't know who this person is.

She instead keeps her shield raised as photon lancer rips across the field at her in an array of bullets...

c+ink< Flier Fin c+ink> goes Raising Heart as wings appear on her feet and she gets more mobile, trying to dodge and wave and block the hail of streaking shots before she returns her own fire with a barrage of Shoot Barrets towards the the other girl, hoping that Stern's binding spell with help in this matter and she can get a few many good shots in...

"W..what kind of orders are those!? They're wrong, whatever they are..!" she calls out across the battlefield going on as...

Is one monster fighting the other now. What's up with that?

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Well, the good news is that the bundle of vines that had been menacing Cute Wolf Tsukiko got seared off closer to their source by one of the many attacks. The bad news is that she was looking the other direction when the akambe started slinging snowballs, and one of them caught her in the back!

"YIKES that's cold!" she yelps, scrambling back to her feet after being knocked to the sand. Wolves (and magical wolfgirls) might be able to handle winter weather, but not when they're braced for summer heat!

Watching the volleys of dark cherry snowballs, Tsukiko notices that she's not the only target: there's also a dark-haired girl with a shield who's talking to the rescued pink-haired girl, and -- is that Sailor V?!?

Well, time to see if this overgrown ice cream has eyes in the back of its head. The wolfgirl circles around the akambe at speed, darting in for an opportunistic kick when she has it between her and the other two.

Homura Akemi has posed:
    Out of the corner of Homura's eye she notices the rocket get intercepted and... eaten? Not what she intended, but it'll do. Things are getting out of hand even faster than Homura expected. A second Youma is appearing. Multiple generals. Factional combat between Device Users. She's pretty sure the pain desensitization of her Puella Magi body is the only thing keeping her from perking a headache from it all.

    Even with everything else going on, the pink-haired girl in front of her is holding the vast majority of her attention. "That would take some time to explain. The forces of Evil are attacking. Magical Girls are fighting other Magical Girls. Factions are forming and the forces of good and evil are setting their places to prepare for their numerous showdowns."

    It's... not something she wants to be telling Madoka. She's seen chaotic timeloops before, but this? And so soon? It's actually ridiculous.

    As Madoka steps forward she looks slightly alarmed, "You should stay out of--" the vine is plucked from her hair, "sight..."

    Homura is briefly stunned into silence. Her cheeks color the slightest bit."Thank you," she finally murmurs. As the sounds of explosions and magic blasts sound behind her, Homura looks over her shoulder. She wants to stay and make sure Madoka stays safe, but she can't let an opportunity to show her usefulness to so many magical heroes go to waste either.

    She reaches into her shield and produces a spray bottle of RoundUp. She gives it a squeeze, and it suddenly pops into a cheerful bright magical purple bottle with images of wilted weeds on one side and a giant Mr. Yuck sticker on the other. "Take this," she says while holding it out to Madoka. "If any of those vines get near anyone that isn't fighting, spray it on them." Her expression returns to a cold, grave mask. "We can't watch everyone while fighting. Can I trust you to help keep others safe while we fight?"

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    The flailing of a certain spirit guide turns from comedic to frantic as Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki's attack strikes true, cutting a gouge into the thick base of the vines. Because the retaliation is swift, and so Sukiyaki has to push himself backwards to try and dodge out of the way.

    If only this wasn't happening on the beach! The sand sucks at his boots and makes him stumble, so he brings his sword up in a desperate attempt to protect himself even as the vines race towards him... only to be stopped by Hannah's attack from above!

    Which means it's time to get moving! No slow chefs allowed in the kitchen!

    "Thanks to you too!" Ren calls out to his savior-on-high, flashing a V-sign and cheesy grin towards Hannah as he jumps over one vine, slides in the sand like he's stealing a base under another, and then with another heave of his shoulders to bring the heavy weight of his sword around, slashes again at the base of the vines! "I'll stay low and try to cut it out at the root!" he adds, voice elevated to be heard over the chaos. "We got this!"

    Only to have to immediately stumble out of the way of a gout of flame, which thanks to the intervention of a flying tiara only manages to singe his leg and one corner of his maekake.

    It still hurts even as he's saved from the brunt of the fire, as shown by the frustrated grimace on his face, but as Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki rights himself he looks up at the flower-power menace and shakes his head.

    From behind him, the floating spirit cackles out "You can't hurt a servant of the Kitchen God with flames!" despite it seeming to have, indeed, hurt him. But Ren lifts his sword again, a determined set to his brow.

    "Time for you to feel the heat of the kitchen!"

    He takes off at a run, sand spraying up behind him from the force of it, and he brings his sword around in a slow crescent arc.

    "Boiling Broth Torrent!"

    From his blade, a great wave of heavenly scented brown broth bursts forth, spraying towards the base of the plant youma!

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Set down and patted on the head and pointedly lectured about something he literally has no idea about, Darien's left looking a little bewildered. But she's not looking at him anymore, so he makes good on his word and runs away.

A moment and a half later, Hematite steps out of the air above the fight, holding a bag of popcorn and hovering far enough away from Tellu and the Majorina and Fate that he won't catch any stray shots, and he pops a handful of buttered snack in his mouth. And then he's got his hand in front of his mouth because it's rude to talk with your mouth full but he's sixteen, and he yells out, "Nice shot!" to-- it's not exactly clear who, actually, but it's in the general direction of Runealy. And then he glances over at Tellu and the Majorina and just. Starts laughing. "Tellu, if you want help, that's probably not the way to get it--"

And then he sees Sailor Moon cutting fire and just stares.

Macaron (21) has posed:
Bad End Commander Majorina had been ready to help out. Had ENTIRELY been ready to help out. "I'm NOT that old!" She was only a few centuries. Rude. Kids these days, she swore. "Oh, of course, deary. You're the manager," she said. "This project is all yours." And while Hematite was here to narrate the consequences of her actions... Majorita was here to BE said consequences.

Oh yes. Her eyes narrowed when the fire blast struck her youma in the back, making it stumble forward and singed! "Since you have this all under control, I'll leave the Akambe in your *capable* hands-de wasa." Something about how she said 'capable' waaaaasn't the most sincere. Especially when she smirked. "I'm going to go make sure the youngest one doesn't mess up her part-de wasa." However, before she left... She held out her hand for some popcorn. "Gimme some-de wasa," she said before taking her tribute. She then teleported away again... this time appearing a bit over Fate. Supervising, as it was. Not actually working. After all, this WAS Tellu's job. If it all went tits up, it was hardly her fault. And frankly, the wee witch was more amusing to watch. Witches 5 indeed. So for now she just munched and watched.

Meanwhile, the Akambe was following Tellu's orders... but now burned and then, a moment later, wrapped in chains. It struggles, trying to escape... And starts to wiggle free!

Only for a kick to chuck it back in. It's unable to escape the chains while also being kicked in the face! Rude! It tries to throw out more bursts of snow at Sailor V and Tsukiko, one icy hand trying to grab the wolf's leg, but the grab attempt makes it lose its balance and fall over!

Runealy Waldia has posed:
The Red Princess's rush stops cold, for two reasons. The first is Fate's reply, which causes the princess to skid to a halt on her heels. "What?! Orders? From who? A demon? If a demon is pressuring you to do this, we can hel-- hn?!"

She is interrupted mid-sentence by a series of magic-electric bolts. The princess' boot-wings flare with silver light again, letting her leap aside from the first several shots. More light-flares change the direction she is descending in, evading another few bolts... but Fate's aim is able to eventually overtake her, and a trio of shots 'stitch' into her shoulder, then down into her chest and midsection!

The Red Princess lands in a limping posture, hissing and wincing from the blows. "...You are quite skilled," she realizes aloud. "This world would be much better off if you were one of its protectors!"

Stern calls for teamwork, and the Princess' response is made with a lowered tone and eyes. "I do not wish to hit anyone... that my first battle would be against people instead of demons is just...!" Her voice cuts off. Despite these protests, there _is_ a fight at hand. One that a bystander (Darien) is loudly, albeit distantly, commenting on.

She aims up at Fate, eyes lidded and low. Despite this reluctance, the Princess' wand creates another emerald gem and launches it - she aims for a direct hit on Fate, though the distance might be too great for this to happen.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
"Analyzing - Wide Area attack incoming mein Herrin." Comes the mental warning even as Hannah's armored heels touch sand finally, sharp lizard-growls sounding three times in turn. She's still in the middle of equalizing her gravity as she slides forward on the rather irritating grain, and so can't exactly arrest her own movement directly. Luckily, she doesn't have to! As a tiara goes sweeping in at just the right moment to cut a vast majority of the fire out from under one very noble pair of legs.

"What in the Sankt Kaiser's trousers! Wonderful!" Shouts out Hannah to Sailor Moon as she shoots a firm nod to the sound of her new comrade in arms.

She kicks off into the air once more with a quick stab of her cane-sword into the ground. Her armored heels steam a bit from the close encounter with Bitey's wrath. "Nein honor amongst companions!? The two of you aught to be ashamed! You bring dishonor upon both your Houses!" Chides Hannah fiercely with proper noble indignation at Tellu and Majorina alike.

Once at the apex of her jump and Ren's boiling broth sliding towards Bitey alongside himself, sheath and cane-sword regain one another with a CLACK and seal of rotating magitek locks!

"You broil and sauce, I shall squash this offending vegetable into garnish in the name of House and Justice!" At least Hannah's quick on the uptake with the Food theme. She's a good partner like that.

Blauer Greif sounds off!

"Fluss: Erh?hen."

Now a simple cane, the Countess flips it around with deft digits to grip the bottom of her Device. Blue magic surrounds her ankles and suddenly she's falling as an absurd velocity towards Bitey, straight down as if someone had attached anchors to her feet. There's no subtlety here. Once she's at terminal speed, the magic around her heels dissipates, and reforms around the head of Blauer Greif's griffen head. Arm muscles flex under her Knight Armor, and the crashing Hannah brings both herself and the Device down with all the weight, but not the size, of a giant pillar.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    This is awkward.
    Nanoha and Stern next to each other as they are, Fate tries to push aside the mental bewilderment of having to fight twins, because she's going to need all the focus she has.
    She lunges.
    Her speed is... It's on another level entirely, but one can't do much with speed when halted outright.
    Lucifron's bind spell catches Fate by the ankle, arresting her momentum.
    "Tch..." The girl grunts as she's forced to endure the assault that comes her way.
    [DEFENSER.] Bardiche announces helpfully, a dome wall of golden light forming in front of her, gradually cracking under Nanoha's pink barrage.
    It would SEEM when Majorina appears nearby, that Fate is pinned, but the girl doesn't seem to be stressing overly much, even as her shield eventually shatters and several pink orbs pelt her in the Barrier Jacket, earning a soft grunt of stunned pain.
    "My mother said to." She does answer softly before she says something else...
    Yes, Arf, indeed, as Fate's faithful Familiar suddenly joins the fracas.
    "DID YOU ALL FORGET ABOUT ME?" She demands as she takes a leaping swing of her fist to take the heat off her Master with intent to clobber the Princess.
    While Fate SWINGS her s<span class=" bold_fg_y bg_n ++ ythe.
    chy">[ARC SABER.] Bardiche announces, the scythe's blade detaching from its body and launching at Nanoha and Stern like a deadly electrical boomerang.

Haruto Sano has posed:
     For his part, Haruto is now mostly out of danger. He's still stopping occasionally to pick people up, and just stack them on the back of his cart. It's not really the best, or safest, form of moving unconscious people. He's at a loss for other options. When the cart is full, he pedals faster, before skidding to a stop near the buildings. He is relatively close to Madoka and Homura at this point, but isn't paying either of them much mind.

     Instead he's getting the people off of his cart, laying them on the sidewalk on their backs, and checking their pulses.

     "...Why is everyone passing out..?" he whispers, as the ice cream seller tries to deal with his entire worldview being shattered. Even as he is checking on the people, he's looking back at the battle. And that there is a second youma. Of course, he has no context for this; he's just assuming they're both some kind of alien.

     "...Wait, did that dude just yell something about 'boiling broth'," Haruto mutters in disbelief, looking towards the plant fight. He flops down on the ground, sitting, and just staring at the vast number of heroes who just came out of the woodwork. He helped some, but he's too cowardly to rush in and pull more people out of danger. Sure, help people while escaping, but no way he is rushing closer to the monsters again.

Death Buster Tellu has posed:
"What? No I'm in charge that doesn't mean you get to leave!!!!" Tellu yells. "It means I'm your boss a-" and she's gone. And now she has two youma who are getting attacked from all sides to manage. It's a little too much for a gardener who just wants to raise plants (that steal energy and pure hearts). The Akanbe is stumbling and the plant-dahimon takes a direct hit from the torrent of hot broth. And then the gravity assisted cane smash connects as well. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Madoka, Sailor V, Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, and the helpful attacks from just about everyone, the plant monster has no furtherr targets to draw energy from either. So it looks... quite woozy. Well, as much as a bulous-headed snarp-tooth plant can look woozy. Head drooping.

"No, no. Come on bitey, you're the product of so much work." Tellu shouts. "You're better than this..." She turns to the Akanbe, bound, kicked, and on the floor. "You're as useless as that old lady!" she protests. This at least upsets the Akanbe enough for it to seek to break out, and stagger to its feet.

Tellu feels a cold shoulder from... somewhere... a glare... and she doesn't see Marjorina doing more than watching over Fate. Wierd. "Alright fine, you got up, but maybe take a swing?" The akanbe turns to her. And it takes a swing, all right.

Tellu flies backwards through the air a good distance, and between the distracted, just broken free Akanbe turned around... well, it's probably time to end the Obsidian Witch's beach vacation.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka listens intently as Homura briefly explains, her eyes darting towards the battle as it rages on in the background. She nods and says, "Mhm!" when thanked, and she takes a step backwards into the clothing store she's decided to hide in. "Don't worry. I'll keep hidden." It's not as if she could do much, or so she thinks.

    It's then that Homura gives her a weapon and something to do. She looks with wide eyes at the bottle of magical RoundUp. She's pretty sure at this point that what she's seeing isn't real. It wouldn't be the first time that Madoka had a scary dream with Homura in it. She takes the bottle in hand and nods. "Right! I'll do it. Be careful, Homrua-chan."

    With weapon in hand, Madoka hides back behind the doorframe of the shop, but now she's viewing the scene from a different perspective. She can actually do something now. She can help people! She'll have to thank Homura more properly for this later, but for now there's no time. Everyone else is throwing magical blasts at each other, so hopefully if she keeps her head down she can get some work done.

    Darting quickly out of her hiding spot, she sprays a few civilians who are still downed by vines, then moves to duck beneath a bench. It's not good cover, but her previous experience in this consists of playing hide and seek as a child. She's not exactly an expert.

    When she notices Haruto, she starts sprinting towards him and the gathered civilians. "Um... I can help!" she shouts as she approaches, helping to check on the unconscious. Madoka places a finger on one of the civvie's wrists to find a pulse, then puts her cheek next to their mouth to feel the breathing. Then she briefly checks clothes and the head for bleeding. Once her hasty inspection is done, she moves on to the next one.

    It's all she can do for now, since Madoka isn't the type to actually have a finisher. She does occasionally glance at the fight, both for her own safety and that of the ones she's protecting, but also because the flashing lights and explosions are attention-grabbing.

Stern Starks has posed:
The bind ... worked? That's great! The Red Princess and Nanoha do their thing with gems and legally distinct energy orbs that are pink instead of a burning orange-red.

This is so weird.

She can see the gears turning in Fate's head, but there are no answers. After all, with seven billion people on the planet, there's bound to be at least one person functionally identical to you. You just never meet them. Hence, this is awkward!

Stern grits her teeth as Fate retaliates. What she wants to do is going to take a moment, so she makes a choice. A choice that will hurt. "Make it happen, Lu<span style="color:ifron."

"<<c#FF8B17">Initializing. Ready.>>"

Time seems to slow as Stern swings Lucifron u, a magic circle blooming at her feet. Power draws into the staff, the blue orb gem in the crook of the staff seeming to churn with a heat haze. Power builds raidly. Then the scythe blade strikes. It burns through Stern, cutting into her Barrier Jacket, burning and slicing the flesh beneath. She doesn't cry out, all of her focus on maintaining the sell. Even as her vision swims. Even as her body howls in agony. She has to stand. She has to finish this. The black swims at the edges of her vision as Lucifron chimes, seaking in its almost sinister voice. "<<c#FF8B17Charging Complete.>>"


A massive beam of fire aspected energy ERUPTS from the gem of Lucifron, roaring through the air as the girl grips the staff with both hands to steady it.

It doesn't last long, though. The massive power output, plus the terrible wound, drains her reserves rapidly. The beam sputters out after carving through the sky like a second, hellish sun. The magic circle at her feet shatters, the Flyer Fin wings on her feet sputter out.

Stern plummets to the ground in a rustle of ruined Barrier Jacket.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
c+ink< Look out! c+ink> goes Raising Heart and Nanoha Takamachi is too late on the draw, the slicing blade ripping up her barrier jacket more. She's still too inexperienced, to dodge it properly....she needs more training. She'll get more of it tomorrow at school, and from Yuuno, at home.

But right now, she 'nrgs' under her breath and scrunches her face in pain. This girl is out of her league right now. What can she do..?

She goes to catch Stern because she doesn't want that other girl (that looks just like her!?) to hit the ground so hard as she races to try to catch the older look-a-like.

Hopefully, Stern's attack will take this other person out of the fight for now... ho-hopefully.

Runealy Waldia has posed:
The Red Princess's eyes snap wide again as Fate speaks. "Your mother?! Why would she... ...hn?!" Any further inquiry is cut off as Arf rushes in, her shouts providing at least some warning. Rune ducks a punch, torso-swaying away from another, then her boot-wings light up to leap away from a third.

This is still a problem, however - Arf is in close, and has successfully separated Rune from working with Nanoha or Stern. The Princess cannot simply fight as she prefers to, with Arf at this distance. Her retaliation is thus much weaker than normal, as the emerald tips of her tiara light up and fire a stream of tiny sparkles at Arf. "I hope I am mistaken, but are _you_ her mother?!"

Homura Akemi has posed:
    This might be the right idea. Giving Madoka something to do that will keep her relatively safe, and will help her protect herself. Homura knows her too well to think she'll just run away when combat starts, but maybe if she has something to focus on other than the bright and beautiful Magical Girls she'll think twice before taking a devil's bargain to join them.

    "I will," she replies. A moment later, she vanishes.

    Things seem to be relatively under control. There were two Generals creating youma, but the protectors of Tokyo are lucky today and they seem to be sabotaging each other as much as they're working together. Madoka should be safe, but she was attacked right in front of Homura's eyes. If she hadn't intercepted Kyubey and things had gone south, it could easily have resulted in Madoka making a contract.

    Homura doesn't like that. Homura doesn't like that at all.

    There is enough firepower that she isn't concerned about the youma. The youma are just a plant and a cool summer treat infused with dark energy. She doesn't just want to win the battle, she wants to win the war. She wants to stop the war before it even starts, if she can.

    Time resumes and Homura is leaping through the air, having seemingly teleported from Madoka's side to right next to Death Buster Tellu, a fierce look brewing in her narrowed purple eyes. In her hands is an oversized net gun which fires. She disappears, reappears a moment later on the other side of Tellu and fires again. Another net is fired from above, all coming in rapid succession, before the netgun is gone and a heavy machine gun is hefted in its place.

    "Ignore the monster for now, take out the Leader while she's still here!" Homura calls to the remaining Senshi, Guardians and Cute Wolves, and other Magical Heroes not contesting with each other.

    A moment later her finger slides from the trigger guard onto the trigger and the machine gun belches fire and lead, the Puella Magi gritting her teeth as she works to keep her aim on target.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Hematite's getting ready to exit stage duskport-- because who wants to be caught hovering in the sky with popcorn, having been Not Helping, in a fight with that much firepower being slung around *when the fight is done*? But he's watching Fate because she's so *little*, and there's always just something about protecc protecc no matter how powerful and wildly badass any given little girl with a big gun can be. He's been watching all the attacks, cataloguing them, taking note, eating popcorn...

...and then there's a giant freaking beam of fire, so much worse than Tellu's flamethrower (SO MUCH WORSE) and it's pointed directly at Fate! She's so little and he likes her and Takashi likes her and yeah okay, he flashes over in front of Fate at the last second, popcorn once more falling to the ground. He's only got time to partially get his cape up before the beam slams into him with the energy of an all-out attack from a device mage. The energy explodes around him and he's obscured from vision completely for a second, then -- is there such a thing as limping in midair? Is there? He's holding his arm across his chest and looks extra crispy and about to fall, but he wheezes at Fate, "Get out of here!"

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Having barely scrambled out of the way of the falling akambe (with much sand inadvertently kicked up into the youma's face in the process), Cute Wolf Tsukiko gets to her feet and brushes herself off. The plant is getting piled upon, and the akambe doesn't seem to have much fight left in it... which is good, because the wolfgirl doesn't have much momentum built up. Tsukiko takes a deep breath--

--and howls.

Her voice wordlessly sings of basking in the summer heat, of enjoying the surf and the sand, and lazily watching time pass through the drip of condensation on cold drinks -- and the melting of ice cream.

The sound carries across the beach, sparking faint memories in those who hear it, but the purifying focus is solely on the Kakigori akambe, convincing it to relax and peacefully melt away.

Haruto Sano has posed:
     When Madoka comes out, Haruto is incredibly relieved. He's sweating a little, due to nerves, panic, and the heat. Wiping his forehead, he gets onto his knees next to the people he has laid out, and looks at Madoka.

     He tries to copy what she is doing, feeling for their pulses. Looking at Madoka, he speaks, embarrassment clear in his voice, "I... I don't know how to tell if they're okay or not. Do you have any idea what's going on?" He's completely lost, but since Madoka seems to actually know how to take a pulse, clearly, she has an idea of what is actually happening! Because that is how logic works.

     He keeps trying to feel for a pulse. His fingers press in just the wrong spot, too close to the front of the neck. "Also, uh, so how is this supposed to work? I sort of skipped first aid class."

Macaron (21) has posed:
Bad End Commander Majorina isn't even going to dignify Hannah's comment with a response! ... Because she's too self centered to realize the girl was talking about her as well as Tellu. Frankly, she had to agree with the girl about how just awful Tellu was. To call her a witch, hmph. Nevermind the fact Hannah said TWO of them. What kind of witch made a plant monster that shoots fire, anyway?

As she watched, Fate made good use of her familiar. Hmmm. A passable witch at least. She munched her popcorn as she watched from her floating position... Only to see Tellu get blasted off. And then air juggled by a teleporting girl. See, this is why she didn't want the girl with heavy ordinance BEHIND her. "Well, that was a poor choice of words-de wasa," she said. "As expected, it seems her management style leaves much to be desired-de wasa. I'll need to make note of this during her performance review." ... She... she couldn't do that, could she?

However, then one of the twins unleashed a massive blast! Her eyes widened slightly. That... that could be a danger. How would Fate react to--

And then Hematite. Interesting. Well. He gave her popcorn, never say that she didn't appreciate those who did as she said. Obsidian needed more people who listened to their elders. She tossed the last bit in her mouth, before teleporting once more and appearing behind Hematite. A hand on his shoulder. "Time for us to go," she said. Before shoving him down... and a portal of darkness would appear below him. "The 'manager' has failed, frankly her management leaves much to be desired-de wasa. Wee witch, your pet, time for us to leave-de wasa." She wiped her hands together before glancing at the two youma. Meh. They were about to be gone anyway.

The portal would be directly into Obsidian tower's infirmary. And Majorina would jump down into it next, leaving it open for Fate and Arf.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The fight is winding down - the bad guys, floating off in the sky - they seem to be leaving, without even a word about who they are, or why they did all of this. It's frustrating beyond beleif - but at least Sailor Moon has fellow heroes by her side. And a plan, for what to do next.

The plan? Hit the monster! She can practically hear it in her head, Luna's voice, and Hematite's too - Now, Sailor Moon!

"We've got to take it down now, while it's weak! Come on everyone! Moon Tiara Action!"

Her attack is focused right on Bitey, the wobbling, weakened monster that had started it all, and the tiara hits it dead center, a glowing disc of energy that carves deep into the monster's plant flesh.

Fate Testarossa has posed:
    [BIND BREAK. INCOMING, SIR] Bardiche announces. And with that declaration, Stern's bind spell snaps off the blonde's ankle, once again freeing Fate to move. But not in time for--
    Scarlet eyes silently go wide. The sheer wall of fire-aspected magic coming at her so quickly- time does seem to slow down, indeed, for a moment as Fate can hear her heart beating in her ears as adrenaline surges and then-...
    The fiery light slams into... Hematite instead, as he appears in front of her, the blazing magic hitting him instead.
    "..." She looks on, shocked for a moment before her Device shakes her from the brief instant of hesitation.
    [THANK YOU.]
    "... Yes..."
    But now? Now it's time to go.
    [SCATHING REVIEW.] Bardiche suggests to Majorina in regards to Tellu, as Fate lunges for the open portal.
    "Arf. We're leaving."
    Arf on the other hand, pauses completely; those sparkles sprinkling into her armor and searing it and her skin beneath as she rears back to haul off on the Princess some more only to choke. "WH-WHAT? NO! I'M NOT- ARGH! BYE!"
    Arf disengages and makes a break for the portal as well.

Runealy Waldia has posed:
The Red Princess' head snaps aside - not from a blow, but from surprise - she just witnessed Hematite jump in front of an attack for the anonymous (to her) scythe-wielder. Rune has nothing to directly _say_ about it, but she definitely noticed.

Then... a portal. "Do not pursue!" The Princess calls out a warning to anyone and everyone who might listen. "Chasing them could lead to a trap - take their withdrawal as victory enough for the time being!"

She isn't even sure if anyone IS trying to chase them... aside from the brief, inner pang of wanting to chase Arf, which the Princess helped shout herself out of trying.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Blauer Greif pings as Tellu laments her poor staggering horticulture experiment. "Opponent weak. Suggestion - Overwhelming force." Comes the Device's monotone.

"Mein favorite! Lyra! Here, girl!" Hannah whistles, and the Razorhound leaps into the action, starting a swift charge with sharp teeth chomping, claws churning up sand, and tail lashing. It's a slightly circuitous route what with the lizard having to leap over civvies and contest with sand, though she has far more gripping power than her master.

"Ser Sukiyaki! A good Guardian aught ride a mount into battle! Hop onto Lyra!" She suggests. Despite all the fur and that reptilian ridge down its' back, there's still enough room.

Which conveniently by Lyra's arc gives Sukiyaki an easy way to give Hannah a wide berth. Her Device quickly calculates the straightest line, and with the civvies evactuated? The Countess takes a deep breath and leaps backwards, landing. She draws her cane backwards, getting into a lower stance with her arm pulled back. Her gauntlet flexes around Blauer Greif's handle.

"Everything, Blauer Grief."

"Verstanden." Comes the acknowledgement, and Hannah gathers her reserves, sparing almost nothing as she feels the tempo of the battlefield find its' peak, on the ridge before a fall.

The sand beside Hannah begins to blow. Quietly, at first, then faster and more urgently away in multiple conflicting directions as a blue aura first covers her cane, then envelopes her arm, and fires past her shoulder as the magic takes shape. Bright blue lines solidify the monstrosity the two are creating, lighter ones and tracing golds swirling in opposing motions as the young woman becomes a vortex of all of Newton's favorite constant force twisted into the Countess' weapon and Lance of Justice! The very air seems to spin and shutter around the blue and gold lance, Hannah's legs struggling to remain upright from the wild opposing gravitic forces she's conjuring up. Teeth grit, muscles and bone grind in her body and even her Device itself shudders as it works to hold this thing together. Hannah's bowler goes flying, her blonde hair flutters in gravity-made wind gone wild and free!

She couldn't agree with Sailor Moon's words more.

For a split second there's calm around Hannah. "I am the Center of Gravity! All evil shall be torn asunder by my hand!" She shouts, and launches forward towards Bitey alongside the other attacks tossed its' way!

"ALPHA-STREIK!" Howls the girl, as she charges as she tries to ram the Gravity Lance straight into what passes Bitey's chest before letting all that chaotic, opposing magic send her skidding backwards as it explodes her away from her opponent.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    Despite the burn on his outer thigh, Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki seems plenty capable of still holding his own in this battle. The boiling broth of his attack disperses, having both scalded its target and left behind the pleasant aroma of simmering meat and vegetables, a wonderful umami smell. He looks up at the towering plant youma and sees it beginning to flag, as if it were a flower deprived of sunlight.

    But Ren suspects it is something else entirely that it was feeding off, confirmed by his spirit guide's explanation of, "People are being rescued, so it doesn't have any more victims to draw from! It's time to finish this monster off for good, Sukiyaki!"

    This ill-timed interjection overlays Homura's calls to change targets, so unfortunately Sukiyaki is not swayed from his original focus.

    "Got it!" he agrees with Hannah, and with ease leaps onto the back of the offered mount almost before he even considers what he's doing. Which leaves Sukiyaki to awkwardly find a grip on the reptile's ridges with one hand, his sword held out perpendicular to his body. "Uh... hello Lyra! Let's take this monster down, shall we?"

    And so as Hannah begins her power-up sequence, Sukiyaki slashes as errant vines as Lyra bounds to and fro well away from the intended path of attack. He'll be grateful later when he realizes just how much danger he could have put himself into by getting in the way, especially when unknown attacks are about to be launched!

    The bright sunlight gleams off the edge of Culinary Guardian Sukiyaki's sword as he enters the fray once again, this time atop noble steed Lyra!

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:
Nanoha Takamachi places Stern down softly so that they don't thud onto the sand, and then looks down at herself. She thankfully is glad a barrier jacket isn't her actual clothes, her mother would be so unhappy at her if her clothes we're in such a state. Still. She frowns and asks the other two that we're fighting with her... "Are you two...okay?" she asks. "I didn't know what was going on here. But... it seems to be calming down now..." she trails off. She looks over to where the other girl was....

"Why did she look so sad?..." she asks, to no one in particular as she floats off the ground. "OH... oh no I should get back my friends are probably looking for me they can't see me like this ..." she suddenly blurts out as Flier Fin makes her take off quickly back towards the main strip for an alley.

Those girls will be wondering what she was doing in an alley all this time. By herself. ._.

Death Buster Tellu has posed:
Tellu finds herself netted, and still in the air, and she hears the sound of a gun. Reflexively, and even restrained, she suddenly encases herself in a coccon of sorts, made from vines that sprout from her wrists. It's a reaction, a trained one - not one Homura's used to seeing from her. Apparently this version of Tellu won't go down as easy as some historic counterparts who were gone in a blink of the eye, or fell before Homura had even heard of them.

The bullets rip into the coccoon, though, and inside sharp sounds of pain can be heard as at least some of them find their marks, drawing blood and burrowing. The coccoon holds just enough back that she's able to teleport back highly wounded, but she won't be summoning any more anything for a while.

The howl cuts into both, and the two youma - which might have been getting ready to fight each other as much as anything around them - seem to slow, calm. Then... well, things grow anything but calm as Usagi's tiara once more flies through the air, Sukiyaki's blade cuts through walls of vines that try to defend Bitey, and clear a path for the Tiara. But this thing seems to be amped up on some kind of intense energy, and the tiara doesn't quite finish things off - but it's not only the tiara coming in, as Hannah's gravity lance finds the squishy inner... plant-flesh... that the tiara's purifying energy made, and finishes the work started by the other two.

The Akanbe, listening to the sound of Ikiko's howl, closes its eyes. It's just shaved ice. It never wanted to be anything more than that, really... it lets go of its rage.

And so at once, the trio forcibly purify the large plant, and the red nose on the shaved ice youma turns a dull brown and shrivels up... and both youma are gone, leaving a flowerpot which is only soil, before three strange white egg-like objects erupt from the soil, cracking and releasing some sort of spectral energy... and Majorina's ice cream treat, which hits the ground next to the pot. You probably shouldn't eat it.

Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka spares a glance upward as Homura moves into action, attacking the enemy general directly. Here's the tradeoff: the cooler the transfer student looks, the more impressed Madoka gets with her, but also the more Madoka wants to be like her. Then again, there are so many cool magical girls around, Madoka would likely want to join them regardless of how amazing Homura looks.

    Haruto and the downed civilians get her attention next, and Madoka shakes her head. "It's okay if you don't. I have some First Aid training, but I can't do much beyond that." She gets back to work, checking the next body to make sure it's okay. A young child, she notices, and feels a tinge of sadness. If this is actually real, then it's pretty terrible. "I don't really know what's going on either. I've never been in a situation like this before." As far as she remembers, anyways.

    She moves over to show Haruto how it works, demonstrating on the person he was trying to check. "So, it's not always easy. You need to make sure to use your index and middle finger, never your thumb, and sometimes you have to feel around before you can hit the vein. You'll know if you did."

    After a moment, she finds the vein, and shows Haruto where her fingers are. "Hers are right here. If I knew that this would happen, I'd bring one of those little finger clamps that checks for oxygen levels and heart rate, but..." She sheepishly grins and ducks her head, feeling a bit embarrassed. "... I wasn't expecting to get attacked by monsters today."

    She goes on to explain as she works. "I only know bare basic First Aid. If there were anything serious, we'd need to call the EMTs, but I always check the breath, the pulse, and also for blood. Those are the big indicators. Luckily no one seems to have broken bones, but if they did we shouldn't move them at all."

    Who has two pink pigtails and has spent a lot of time volunteering at a hospital? This gal!

    Her eyes briefly go back to the fight as finishers get thrown out. She hasn't kept track of everything that's going on, but it seems like the good team is winning! Maybe this weird dream will have a happy ending after all?

Stern Starks has posed:
Stern is deposited onto the ground, unconscious. She doesn't notice Nanoha running away, or any of the cool finishers. Instead, her Heat Suit flashes away, leaving her in her civilian clothes on the ground.

Maybe she'll get mistaken for one of the many energy drained people already scattered about. Not that she's hiding her identity. Not much, anyway. She doesn't even have a cool code name!

Runealy Waldia has posed:
The Red Princess walks to join Nanoha, gaze lowered. "She strikes with quite some force, and her... associate," Rune decides Arf is probably not Fate's mother, opting for a better word, "...likely would do the same. I got off very lightly. However... I do not think mother would approve. In my very first battle, I have attacked two people rather than any demons. I..."

Nanoha flies away, cutting off further responses. Rune lets her remarks trail off with "...be well."

With Stern unconscious, the Princess has a problem - what to do with a stranger. Her first impulse is to make good on an idea Tellu had earlier, and she has a brief, silent inner argument about this idea.

She decides against it, and instead stands guard near her - waiting for others, perhaps Madoka or some other responder - to see to Stern. Only once someone arrives to take care of Stern will Runealy leave.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
With the youma defeated and the generals fled, as well as a number of magical girls having made their own exits, Tsukiko starts making her departure as well, briefly checking over any civilians along the way. No major injuries noted, so with a nod to the pink-haired girl doing triage, the wolfgirl slips away into an alley, reverting out of her henshin and heading back to check on the strays she had been tending to before.

Ren Morimoto has posed:
    One can only ride a noble lizard steed for so long, especially when said noble lizard steed is the companion of another. As the youma disappears thanks to the purifying power of Sailor Moon's tiara and Hannah's lance, Lyra comes to a stop and Sukiyaki takes the opportunity presented to dismount.

    "Thank you," he says first to Lyra, politely, and then he lets out a low exhale, swinging his sword up over his shoulder. He searches out Hannah amidst the fading chaos, and lifts a hand to her, calling out another, louder, "Thank you!" for the team-up!

    But then his spirit guide is at his shoulder, tugging at him, and Ren's mouth firms into a line. "Okay, gotta go! Catch you later!"

    And then he leaps up to the boardwalk and takes off at a sprint, looking for the nearest alley or hidden corner to return to his civilian clothes in!