1027/Hot Wheels

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Hot Wheels
Date of Scene: 20 January 2024
Location: Tokyo Highway
Synopsis: Sunbreaker has the absolute perfect plan to ensure the sparkle skirts can't stop her AND won't know it's her! Her plan turns out, alas, to not be quite as perfect as she expected it to be. Between Sharpsong, Amy, Itsuki, Sailor Moon and Uranus it turns out to be a disaster. She loses more wheels this way...
Cast of Characters: Hinoiri Kirara, Usagi Tsukino, Haruka Tenoh, Itsuki Inubouzaki, Amanda Faust, Sayaka Miki

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
A short while ago:
Considering the recent road rage issues, it probably wasn't a huge surprise that... something... was certainly going on along the highways of Tokyo. After all, those who played close attention to the news would have likely seen some of the reports, maybe even caught a glimpse of a mysterious vehicle disappearing before any of the mundanes noticed it.

But today was the big experiment. Sunbreaker had dawned her helmet and during a time when the roads were back up, she had taken off. The sound of music preceeded the appearance of the vehicle... A motorcycle. Of sorts. It had armor plating, two massive tires, display screens, a back guard that was curved over the rider and the seat looked more like a cockpit than a motorcycle seat. IT was emblazoned with 'Easter' symbols and had two massive speakers on the back, which were releasing the music into the air.

But sparkle skirts could feel it. The energy drain. While it had driven down the streets, the music spiked the emotions of other drivers and then absorbed the energy into the bike, forming the black gemstones on the back. Yes, everything was going to plan. How could the sparkle skirts ever hope to catch up to her? Even better, she was wearing a black rider's suit, complete with helmet. IT would be impossible to identify her...

Then disaster had struck. She'd turned the corner and suddenly SAYAKA! The encounter had been a brief one, with a large gash slashed across the side of the bike...

And, unfortunately... a small mermaid passenger picked up, having gotten caught on one of the back guards on the bike when she drove through. While Sunbreaker had yet to notice, the bike had taken off, quickly outpacing the puella...

The bike was driving along the freeway, on the side rails, the mundanes missing it, aside from their energy being dragged into the bike as it passed, making the normally terrible gridlock traffic... ever worse.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi Tsukino was rarely found on the highway. That wasn't much of a surprise - she didn't drive and these days, when she went anywhere, it was usually via rooftops or hitching a ride on a train, sometimes on top of the train. Today's an exception only because she heard that music, heard it and felt it and saw the shake of people having their energy drained, and had been left in the dust by the black bike that was the cause of it.

Which is why Sailor Moon has been sitting on top of a bus, because it can drive just fine on the highway. She's not really sure how she's going to stop an evil, magic, motorcycle, but something will come to her, right?


Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Of the magical girls one might normally' find on the highway - well, it would honestly not normally be Sailor Uranus - usually Haruka Tenoh was the one guiding some sort of wheeled internal combusion device down the roads. Sailor Uranus wasn't much different in her usual modes of transport from Sailor Moon; rooftop to rooftop jumping or Magical Public Transit via bus rooftop.

    But it was also not usual to feel the pull of an energy drain, a faint musical audio that sent shivers down her spine, and the 'extremely angry' roar of the wind itself. Unfortunantly Haruka was out on foot at the time.

    Fortunantely, a solution to the problen presented itself in the form of a man riding a rather nice, rather modern sportsbike stuck at a stop light.

    Sailor Uranus walked over and suddenly went behind the man, picking him up underneath the shoulders and setting the confused person down on the roadway, whereupon he turned around to see the tall, leggy, sailor fuku wearing blonde looking at him.

    "Sorry, magic business. Don't worry, you won't even remember. I'll bring it back by soon. Saving the world and all. Takes precedence." And Sailor Uranus was off, but this was a regular bike, not a magic bike, and she had been left behind momentarily by Sunbreaker... long enough for the other rider to encounter Sayaka... and Ula. The blonde's bike skids to a stop near Sayaka as Ula and Sunbeaker are leaving.

    "Hey blue girl, what's up with her?" she asks, having missed the full situation. Her wrist to her mouth. "Somebody from Easter's got an evil bike and is driving it through the city being a jerk, working on putting a stop to that." she says to the other Senshi while waiting to hear from Sayaka.

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    A bike zipping around, producing jarring music, and making people feel weak as it passes? That's not great, to be honest! Itsuki was just leaving a karaoke club, where she had been the only one to not sing, and was feeling pretty down about herself. But when her friends suddenly became weak and one of them collapsed, she determined she had to do something. At first, she takes out her phone and tries to message her big sister. What else can she do? It's not like that bike is a vertex...!
    ...Then she realizes she has never tried to turn into a Hero here on Earth before, only in the Juukai. Maybe there's something she can do on her own after all. Advising her friends to take their collapsed friend somewhere she can sit down and get some water, and that she wsa going to go get help, Itsuki runs off in the last direction she saw the strange, super-fast, super-loud motorcycle, and then raises her smartphone as she taps the flower symbol that unfolds on the screen.
    In a flash of green light, the transformed Itsuki begins chasing down the suped-up motorcycle on foot! Also by sending out her flexible wire weapons to grab hold of things and swing from them or pull herself to them.
    "Ehhh... What am I going to do when I catch up to it?" she wonders aloud, nervously, a very uncertain expression on her face as she sails through the air, and then pulls herself into the bed of a pick-up truck with her ribbons.

Amanda Faust has posed:
                                    AD 202X                                    

                            We already did this    


                            Amanda shattered the    
                            nefarious Scorn's plans
                            six times and          
                            In Tokyo a mysterious  
                            rider is absorbing      
                            and worsening gridlock  
                            Amy must stop. Amanda  
                            starts for the battle  

    The red Puella rides atop a train that runs along the highway for a stretch, unable to stop herself from grinning wide under the visor added to her outfit, hair and cloak dramatically billowing in the wind. Like, yes, she's hoping she gets there at the right time to stop the motocrycle(?), but she can't help feeling kinda cool riding on top of the train like this. It's kind of a shame no one looks up when trains go by to see if someone is riding on top of them!

    And then she looks over and sees Usagi, riding a bus on the highway, that won't pull off in another direction in a few more seconds like the train will. THAT WAS A SMARTER IDEA WHY DIDN'T SHE JUST DO THAT. Amy slumps a bit.

    At least she's not the poor girl Attack-On-Titan grappling her way through traffic. (Amy never got around to watching that show, but is vaguely aware of it.)

    Amy takes a breath, smiles, and waves, before looking ahead to time this right: She leaps towards the highway, summons her launcher in midair, fires an explosion directly out of it to sort of double-jump, and arcs through the air down towards the mysterious motorcycle!

    Gods she hopes she doesn't beef it at 65 mph.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Sayaka, Klarissa and Ula are on their usual patrols. As usual when she is not floating on her own, Ula is hanging around Sayaka, most precisely resting on her shoulder. Even floating gets tiring from time to time! Especially when your fish tail is more at the mercy of any air current than legs would be.

"Don't you think it's weird we never found the Witch that crocodile familiar escaped from?" Sayaka starts asking all of a sudden.

Klarissa frowns when she realises the implication of that question. Has there really been a Witch around all this while? "Tokyo is big. It's possible another magic user got it before it roamed anywhere close to us."

Sayaka shakes her head unconvinced. "Ok, but the familiar was already here. Would it really have roamed so far away?"

"Could be, or we can only hope something has weakened it, unless we want to be responsible for leaving a Witch free to do as it pleases."

Their back-and-forth is disrupted when they hear the musical jingle and feel the dark energy of the bike. To the annoyance of Klarissa, it's Sayaka who transforms first and tries to intercept the bike of the unknown driver. "Stop there!" she says, rushing to the vehicle and slashing towards it.

However, that does nothing to hinder the biker. On the contrary, the momentum sends poor Ula flying and makes her get snagged, resulting in an accidental hostage. Sayaka glances quickly at Uranus, recognising the Sailor Senshi from the fight at the concert and saying "I was trying to stop that dark energy driver but Ula got snagged by the bike!"

Given that answer out in urgency, she is about to chase after them when she suddenly feels herself flailing and she is in her school uniform as she gasps in shock.

At the same time, Klarissa has transformed in a blue flash. "I will take care of your mess", she declares, clearly annoyed. However in another blue flash, the henshin goes back to Sayaka. "What are you trying to do!? I was already on it!?"

Meanwhile, the bike with Ula on it leaves them behind and the koi mermaid gazes silently at the driver, unsure of what to do as she clings to the bike desperately.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker, meanwhile, was entirely unaware that she was actually being pursued. Sure, she'd run into Sayaka for a moment, but now the other girl was long behind them.

She tapped a few buttons on one of the consoles and the music shifted slightly, a louder, fiercer wave going out. Perfect, her plan was perfect. Who could catch up with her now?

Unfortunately, she had yet to notice that someone was George of the Jungling towards her using magical vines, or that there was another magical girl riding a bus she was fast approaching, or another on a motorcycle likely to pickup her girlfriend and try and catch up. All she could feel was the wind and--


There were, in fact, rockets. OH GOSH THERE WERE ROCKETS! HA! But she'd PREPARED for this!

She tapped a console and a magical barrier formed besides her. While it did slow her down slightly, the blast didn't topple her over and, instead, she veered off to the right, away from the train before leaping OFF the freeway, to the streets below! The bike spinning hard through the air before it started driving ALONG one of the walls of the business buildings!

"Bite me, Sparkle Skirts!"

Yes. She did, in fact... have a voice modulator. And she did, in fact... have her helmet and speakers setup so she could trash talk the sparkle skirts AS SHE DROVE.

Never underestimate a unicorn's pettiness.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Well, awwesome." Sailor Uranus says to Sayaka and Klarissa. "We just upgraded this problem from energy drain to kidnapping, then, I guess. Wait, is Ula a kid or like a mascot. Is mascotnapping a different crime altogether?" Uranus asks, directed at nobody in particular.

    "Anyways, this is too much, I gotta put a stop to it." she says. "It looks like you two are busy... sharing henshins?" she wonders if this is a situation akin to her own - a henshin and a regular person crammed together? "...crap, she's gonna get away!" she says, revving up the bike. "Don't worry I'm gonna get whatever they've got back and then kick whoever's butt that is. Cause somebody's buttt needs kicking." she notes as she peels out and continues the chase.

    She's never going to catch up relying on normal racing skills - not to a magical bike. But she has an ability other people don't - an ability to read the wind. This helps her figure out whre the evil bike is headed and take a few shortcuts, the bike skidding in from a side street much closer to the girl.

    "You! On the bike! Stop now and I might let you keep one or even both kneecaps!" the blonde yells as her bikes'e egnine struggles to keep up with Sunbreaker's magic. Maybe Pluto is rubbing off on Haruka, though.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The sound of rockets being launched is familiar now, and Sailor Moon hops up from her seated position to standing, whipping around to wave - "Hey, Red! Good yo see you!"

Words come spilling over her communicator and she raises it to her lips. "Already on the scene! She's on the highway - no, she's on the streets, shoot -"

This because the bike and its rider have done something ridiculously cool on riding off the highway and onto the street and now riding up the side of a building. The insult registers next, even as she crouches and launches herself off the bus, landing on a truck with an audible thud and making a dent. Whoops. "My skirt doesn't even sparkle! Stop draining people's energy!"

It's a chase, running atop the tops of trucks and busses and telephone poles, trying to avoid jumping on anyone's private car.

"Moon Tiara Action!"

The attack is launched towards the bike, aiming for the front tire.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Magical Rocket Girl Red falls towards Sunbreaker's bike... and Sunbreaker SWERVES RIGHT OFF THE ROAD. WHAT A JERK!

    Amy summons a brace of rocket launchers under her like a metal, explosive-firing raft and hits pavement, the 'raft' skidding with an awful screech and kicking up sparks as it loses speed. She looks over and Sunbreaker is DRIVING ON THE SIDE OF A BUILDING. HAX! Amy's not Sonic the Hedgehog! Amy can't run on walls! It's like she's in a boss fight in the wrong game!

    She barely has a second or two to think before she'll slow down too much. Amy grabs the front of the launcher-raft and leans and pulls back as it fires just the backblast from each tube at once, giving her a boost of speed and sending the 'raft' and the Puella Magi riding it into the air in the direction Sunbreaker went!

    She tries calling a gyrojet pistol and firing a couple of wild shots at Sunbreaker but yeah no that's not working also SHE'S GONNA HIT THE BUILDING


    Well the good news is, another carefully directed backblast has stopped her from hitting the building or the ground. Amy arcs along the wall Sunbreaker is riding on, windows and wall flying past her.

    The bad news is, she only has a second or so before she'll need to do that again and she's already tumbling and spinning a bit, so she can't send a proper attack Sunbreaker's way just now.

    She may need to come up with a better plan. Fast!

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"She is a friend, not a mascot. We will be there in a second" the two of them say at once, repeating the declaration Ula herself gave out in this circumstances before focusing their attention on each other once more.

"Yes, and haven't you already done enough?" bites back Klarissa. "Had you left that to me, now Ula wouldn't be stuck on that bike."

"Well, so?" Sayaka glares at her. "I couldn't have imagined that bike would have been fine after a strike from my sword. Seriously, what kind of vehicle only gets a superficial slash?"

"An enchanted one", Klarissa replies, her fuse short. "Look, just stop this mess and let me use our powers. Meanwhile, you can try to stay within the 100m limit."

"I can't do that if only you are transformed. You will go too fast", Sayaka says.

"And that problem would have been there too if you had chased off from the start. Ok, just hang in there." That said, Klarissa uncerimoniously puts an arm around her stomach and skips forward with a cry of displeasure from her twin, doing her best to at least keep the bike in her sight.

Back to Ula, she is trying not to lose her presence of mind among all the sudden turns and odd maneuvers. Seriously, this driver is even worse than Hinoiri somehow. And the voice doesn't give her any hint on their identity. Is it really a new villain?

She is trying to inch closer to the pilot when the fall from the freeway comes and colour drags from her face, her mouth c cemented shut from the fear. Once the abrupt landing comes, she grabs onto the suit and says out loud. "Please, whoever you are, just don't repeat that fall."

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    Itsuki hop-hop-hops from vehicle to vehicle, unsteadily, windmilling her arms after the last landing as she stops abruptly due to ROCKETS. She looks around wildly for the source of them, covering her head, and considering trying to catch them. But that might set them off, and her hesitation has made the matter moot. Looking ahead to seek the menace-on-wheels, she notes that she has fallen behind because of her distraction! "Eeeehhh!?" she cries out as she sees the motorcycle driving up a building, clutching her hands to her chest. "I-is that even allowed?" Just think about the tire tracks that someone will need to scrub off...!
    Clearly, the danger is increasing by the second.
    Deciding to stop holding back, the tiny magical girl leaps up into the air and sails along a good hundred meter arc to land on top of one of the buildings off the highway, and then start spider-girling her way through the streets again. "Anoo...!" she calls out as she swings closer and closer. "Can you please stop... Whatever it is you're doing? It's probably not legal! Also, music shouldn't be hurting people like this...!" Music was already on her mind due to her stage fright and inability to sing in front of others. Something she would like to be able to do, to lift people's spirits and spread joy with music, being twisted to cause pain, weakness, and fear... That's...!
    Also, oh my gosh was that Sailor V over there!? She totally saw her throw her tiara!--Wait, Sailor V doesn't have a tiar--*WHUMPF*
    A fuzzy green creature that looks a bit like a seed with leaves sprouting from the steam on its head appears, preventing Itsuki from getting hurt when she swings into a building.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
"You couldn't hit the knee caps of a three legged cow while it was mountain climbing!" Well. That was... certainly... a comeback. One that might even almost make sense.

The important thing, however, was that there was a sparkle skirt on a motorcycle down below, now. Trying to cut her off. So she shoved her bike up and it leaped *off* the building and--


And started to spin wildly. The rider reached down and grabbed Ula, a gloved hand wrapping around the mermaid's torso and pinning her down...

Before they hit the ground. The bike bounced and skidded a bit, grinding along the roof off a bus and leaving a deep gouge across it.

Then she heard it. 'Moon Tiara Action'. SERIOUSLY?! Didn't Sailor Moon have anything better to do?! Well, time to test the offensive ability of this device. She tapped on a few more consoles as the bike landed, finally, on solid cement... And then spun around. The moon tiara baaaaarely brushing past the bike, digging a long streak along the left side and cutting a line across the 'Easter' logo.

Now driving backwards. Tap tap tap annnnd...

Black crystals suddenly appeared around the bike, before launching themselves at her pursuers. A few of the crystals launched at Sailor Moon, a few at Uranus and... actually, none go at Amy. Admittedly, she thought the girl had enough problems. And driving backwards, she was going slower.

Only to hear another girl. She looked up and readied to launch another barrage of crystals, this time at that girl...

... Only to see her slam into a building.


She whipped the vehicle around again, trying to pick up speed and put more distance between herself and the sparkle skirts!

"You can't stop what you can't catch, girls! In a race like this, there's no prize for second place!"

However, she was now trying to wrangle the mermaid in front of herself and out of harm's way, slowing her down further.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    It's a good thing driving (or riding, in this case) is kind of a second nature thing for Uranus, or the insult that was just thrown her way might have caused her more trouble than just falling slightly back and behind while she tried to process it. "I only have to catch a two legged cow on a monstrous excuse for a bike." She tries, yelling over the music and the engines.

    She watches the acrobatic and frankly sometimes physics defying manouvers of the other driver and on some level she is impressed, except for the fact that she gives her magic a lot of the credit. Magic bike. Somebody else had a magic bike and it wasn't her. Rude.

    Sailor Uranus leans forward on her bike as she takes a slightly more orthodox path to catching up with Sunbreaker - the sight of the tiara is kind of warming since she knows the owner - and realizes something. The other rider is going so fast she's distorting the wind. She's leaving a wake - just like a racecar might do.

    Uranus has to draw her sword and reach out and slash at the crystals - some with the physical sword and some with energy waves that erupt from it - to try and close ranks with the other rider, but now she's making progress, because she stays right behind her, drafting in the airflow, listening to the wind.

    She knows her target has a hostage, so she can't just slash or quake the bike. But what she can do - and starts doing - is using energy slashes to try to coral the other girl awayy from certain side roads.

    There are other magical girls helping. She can hear them, sense them - visually, in the wind. But she can't really call out to them - not over the enemy's music, the sound of both bikes, the roar of the wind. She's just really glad they're here to help.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Crystals, crystals, crystals!!!

Sailor Moon drops with a screech to avoid becoming a spiny ball of shrapnel, and because she had been on a lamp post, ends up dropping to the ground, crashing onto a bush that breaks most of her fall, though she ends up half buried inside it as a result, branches jabbing at her, leaves pressed against skin, half in her nose and mouth and eyes from the fall.

The lamp post goes up in sparks as the lightbulbs inside are punctured by the black crystals, and the civilians scream at the shower of glass and the noise as Sailor V(?) abruptly joins them.

Sailor Moon shakily lifts a hand, making a thumbs up. Stars are practically dancing around her head. "I'm okaaaaay..."
Shehe'll be back after a message from these sponsors.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Not only was the bike going way too fast for her, she also had to carry this dead weight around, and if it wasn't enough...

"Would you quit struggling?" she asks. Why did everything have to be so difficult? Surely she had enough presence of mind to realise that this wasn't the time?

"Sorry, but this is not the most pleasing transportation method. That big fall wasn't nice either", Sayaka says underarm. "And I am not doing it on purpose, but if you don't believe me, just trade with me."

"Weren't the grip points I created at the freeway enough?" Klarissa sighs, looking back at the swords still pierced into its side. "But I will try, now let me focus, please", she tries to end the argument. Her blue bursts of speed unfortunately aren't enough to get closer, Klarissa realises as she grits her teeth. Had Ula not been there, she would have already tried tossing a sword at the bike.

Instead she stops when she reaches the fainted Sailor Moon. "Moon, are you ok?" Sayaka asks, elbowing Klarissa in the side before she can say anything harsh. Not that the Puella actually felt anything from that.

Meanwhile the koi mermaid's eyes open in surprise as she hears the biker make her name. How come does she know? Well, Riventon could have heard it, as could Norie and Mami, but would they have really spread it around even just accidentally?

No, no, that makes no sense. There was too much familiarity in the way the driver had called her name. "Sunbreaker?" she asks at the figure grabbing her. If it's really her, she really lacks manners when grabbing people of her size. "What are you doing this time?"

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    After shaking the swirlies out of her eyes (Itsuki knows your pain, Sailor Moon), the small Hero of Taisha turns once again to try to track where the motorcycle went. Her little puff ball spirit with the protective barrier disappears, after she thanks it for protecting her.
    Soon! Itsuki swings again!
    Oh, that's Sayaka-senpai down there, isn't she?
    Itsuki drops down from above next to the gathered girls, as the wire-ribbons retract back into the flower-shaped weapon on her forearm/wrist. "Sayaka-senpai! Sailor V! Saya..." She trails off as she realizes that that's not Sailor V, and also why are there two Sayakas. "Eeeehhh..." She slaps her own cheeks to shake off the daze of a newbie. "Um, does anyone have a plan on how to stop the motorcycle-driver before more people get hurt?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    If this were a videogame, there'd be a 'hover' button that would also right her, or at least she'd stop spinning every time she propels herself...


    Another blast sends her through the sky, away from the building, still tumbling. But she catches a glimpse of Sunbreaker driving away, down a city street. Damn it! This just doesn't work! She needs her own way to go fast...

    And a downright cartoonish image appears in her head. The darkness creeping in at the edge of her soul gem swells...

    And others hear the roar of a rocket bigger than Amy as it flies up over the city, the tiny figure of the Puella Magi clinging to it for dear life! (There's no way its flight could be stable, though... is she guiding it with magic?)

    It turns horizontal, and Amy pulls herself up from lying atop it to sitting, the image in her head seconds ago now made real. And for the first time in... okay, it's only been seconds, but she hasn't had time to think or feel anything but near panic, but now? Now she's grinning. She's a Magical Rocket Girl alright!

    The visor she added to keep the wind out of her eyes has sort of extended into a full helmet to provide noise protection, which is maybe pushing her a little bit out of a strictly 'magical girl' aesthetic into 20th century pulp sci-fi one, but it is what it is.

    By her will, the rocket turns, and dives down towards the street Sunbreaker's on.

    She sights the motorcycle with her gyrojet rifle and takes a couple of shots. They ping the street well behind Sunbreaker -- She's too far away!

    Amy is familiar with the idea of leading your target to compensate for distance and speed (or lag), but for some reason, the thought that pops into her head right now is: I need something faster.

    Magic provides.

    What appears in her hands and over her shoulder must be over ten feet long. Even with it feeling lighter in her hands, she kind of struggles to move it--it helps that she's currently zooming at a downward angle and so doesn't have to shoulder the full weight.

    She swings the tip to point at the motorcycle as best she can and fires.

    There's going to be a big boom and probably a hole in the street near Sunbreaker, unless Amy managed to actually aim just right, in which case Sunbreaker will have worse problems. In any case, anyone driving there is about to have a problem.

    Amy, who is careening towards the ground on a rocket while carrying a giant weapon, also has a problem.

    There are about to be a lot of problems going around, generally!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Things like slipstreams, following in the wind of another were all very basic things to pegasi. The kind of things new fliers learned within their earliest lessons.

Sunbreaker had never learned ANY of that. Motorcycles were new, racing was new, all of the things she'd been doing today, aside from the magical amplifications, were things she'd learned from this world. She was a fast study, but the fastest learning in the world couldn't make up for years of focus and innate talent. So as Uranus was catching up, she didn't get it. Her bike was FASTER. She SHOULD have been outpacing the girl.

So how was the girl keeping up?!

It only got worse when suddenly destruction rained down on her from Amy. A hole is punched into the ground and one of the shields on the side of the bike were stripped away, the speakers going out for a moment. When they came back and she was yelling, well... voice synther was gone."Keep up with THIS!" she yelled. They wanted to play these games?! She'd play these games! Then, as they approached the freeway.... "Follow THIS!" she yelled.

She launched two more crystals. This time, they flew forward and... knocked over a street lamp! Defying all laws of physics, it fell diagonal and seemed to hover in the air for a moment, suspended in magic, while Sunbreaker drove the motorcycle up and on it!

Flame shot out the back of the bike for a moment while she launched herself up and into the air, flying down to land, skidding, on the freeway. Her front tires locked onto the railing in the center and she skidded along it, sending sparks into the air before it managed to dislodge, hurtling down the freeway in the wrong direction, back the way she'd come. Satisfied that there was no way that Uranus could have possibly followed in her wake. Please, even Haruka probably couldn't make a leap like that without a magical bike and this Uranus was nowhere NEAR as good as that rider.

Unfortunately for her, the freeway was now taking her back towards the other girls, if they could get to it on the swingback!

Sunbreaker, meanwhile, was wondering if her heard was going to explode. She'd uhhh... while the landing had looked amazing, she'd actually not intended to *grind* on the railing like that and had been terrified that she was going to die. It had been a few terrifying moments before she'd started driving down the freeway.

Not that she'd ever admit it.

"I'm gathering energy! Ula, are you trying to get yourself killed? Why are you on my bike?" And here she went again, getting distracted as she drove the WRONG WAY THROUGH TRAFFIC on an INCREDIBLY busy freeway. At least the magic made it hard for most to track.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus was, in fact, exactly as good a rider as Haruka. Crazy, that.

    She did not have a magic bike. But what she did have was a magic sword, a serious lack of self-preservation focus, and a daredevil's instinct for 'stupid but functional'. Also, Uranus was a lot closer than Sunbreaker thought - right on her tailpipe, in fact, and the fact that the lightpole defied physics didn't prevent the blonde from following.

    Uranus' comandeered bike, however, doesn't make it across. It crashes down to the ground in glorious, metal crunching audio. But before Sunbreaker can claim victory, there's a problem.

    "Sup." asks Uranus from the back of Sunbreaker's bike. Bulky thing is just barely big enough for the blonde to be there too. As she'd propelled herself off her borrowed bike and onto the Easter one. Using the moment of startle to wrestle the hostage Ula away from the other biker, she adds, "Yeet. I mean, Yoink."

    Then she pulls her sword out of pocketspace and pushes it into the center of the wheel from the side as she rolls off the back of the bike. She has no idea how that's going to work - just had the mental image of putting a stick through the spokes of a regular bike - but that's not her problem.

    What IS her problem is that the bike is going crazy fast and now she's not on it, and physics still exists, so she hits the ground hard, and wraps the small Mermaid up in her arms as she goes tumbling across heavy pavement. To say the back of her senshi uniform is obliterated might be kind, the angry scars from the world's biggest road rash visible through what's left of it. But Ula's safe and eventually Haruka comes to a stop and mumbles something that might count as words someday. Her everything hurts.

    But knowing the enemy is riding into all of those other magical girls, without a hostage? Uranus just figures she's about to hurt the second worse of anybody here. That counts as a win.

Amanda Faust has posed:

    Amy rattles from the force of firing that. At least there is, of course, no recoil. Which is good because as it is she realizes she's too close to the ground, too fast, and dismisses the weapon as she tries to pull the rocket up, scraping the street before she pulls up again and -- aww dangit did Sunbreaker just TURN AROUND?!

    How do you turn a ROCKET around?

    She's already overshot by hundreds of feet by the time she thinks to adjust the fins (The rocket is a light grey with red fins), sending her into a loop-de-loop a couple of times before she shoots off in the wrong direction again and adjusts to chase after Sunbreaker again from the sky.

    Okay yeah she needs to take a break from shooting and focus on learning to fly for a bit.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
There are voices around Sailor Moon, voices she doesn't quite fully register at first, half buried as she is. "Doing great," she groans from the bush, "Doing just vine."

Oh that was terrible. She feels bad, as she should, for that pun, and starts wriggling her way out, popping out of the bush with sticks and branches sticking out of her odango.

She blinks at the sight of Sayaka and Sayaka and ... Some Girl. "I think we need to -"

And the sound of a rocket flying overhead cuts her off, and she stares blankly. "Man, are our lives weird," she sighs exasperatedly, and then turns back to the two. "I can hit them with lasers; purification is a hit or miss, and her bike already dodged my tiara..."

There's the sound of yet more chaos and Sailor Moon tightens her jaw at the sight of Sailor Uranus hitting the ground hard. "Right. We're out of time so - she's on her way back, try my tiara again - that bike is way too solid for the Twilight Flash to work..."

This last bit is muttered to herself, and then Sailor Moon grabs her tiara, metal turned to cosmic energy, and flings it as hard as she can - and then flings half a dozen broken bush branches after it, reaching transformed to radiant energy as well, pelting the area near the bike.

"Moon Tiara Shrapnel Action!!!"

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"I didn't choose to fall into your bike earlier", Ula says. "And that's the case for that scary fall too, why did you choose to do that?" she shudders at the thought. "Couldn't you have tried to gather energy with your old methods, please? At least you wouldn't have turned the city into a race circuits for daredevils", she objects.

It doesn't take long however for her to experiment another abrupt fall when she is ye- yoinked off the bike, not that she can clearly see what's going on since she just has the time to glance at Uranus before she protects her from the impact. Once she feels they fell somewhere, the koi mermaid looks around from her position in the arms of the Sailor Senshi. "Oh no, are you alright!?" Ula exclaims.

Back to the pair of bluenettes, Sayaka looks up at Itsuki from her position. "Yo", she says slightly raising her hand in salute when the blonde girl approaches. "Long time no see, how have you been doing?"

Hearing the noise of the motorbike again, Klarissa glances back and sees the pilot driving in the opposite direction. "Hold yourself", she says. Despite the expression Sayaka gives that says she very much hopes she wouldn't, the other bluenette nods.

Sayaka snorts amused at Moon's pun. Yes, she is doing well, after all. "I am glad, that looked slightly bad", she smiles reassured.

With several small jumps up her swords from earlier, Klarissa comes close enough to the bike to notice Ula isn't there anymore. That's something the driver will pay for, and she knows how once she notices there is already a sword in one wheel. Looks like you are going to get a 2 for 1. Her greatsword appears in her free hand and with extreme speed and precision, she throws it towards the other wheel just in time for her to hear the noise of the rocket. "What...?" she exclaims as she glances up.

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    "Um... Things have been okay... I didn't know you had a sister too!" Then, Not-Sailor-V brings her attention back to the situation at hand. And also the girl riding a rocket. And also that poor probably-also-not-Sailor-V who just crashed out after grabbing something from the motorcycle menace!? "Um... I'm good at capturing and flexible attacks! So--" Moon Tiara Shrapnel Action!? Well, if that's how it is!
    Itsuki stops talking, leaps back and forth between buildings to gather momentum, and also to get a better view of the target, and then in mid-air she holds up her arm, bracing it with her other hand, and aiming her flower weapon. "You won't get away...!!" she cries out at the top of her high-pitched voice, as wires/ribbons/vines/whatever they are all begin launching out by the dozens, weaving around obstacles, and chasing after Mysterious Rider X like they are individually self-aware!
    They are fast, they are agile, and they do not get blocked by things. They just keep pursuing their target, and hopefully at least snagging the speakers so that the shrapnel action, great sword, and The Rocketeer can all do their own brands of chaos and hurt to the bike, while innocent people don't keep getting drained and injured!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker let out a gasp when suddenly... "Hey! Get off my bi--" And then, Uranus was off her bike. "Give me back my mermaid!" she yelled after her. How DARE she! Only SHE Was allowed to kidnap people like that. It--

OH GOSH BLADE IN THE WHEEL! NO NO NO! Sparks flew and it took both hands for her to try and control the bike, desperately struggling to wrestle it something akin to managable. She just had to--

AND THEN THERE WAS THE SOUND OF CRUNCHING as Sayaka's sword dug into the OTHER wheel. Sparks flew and Sunbreaker barely had time to LEAP off the bike before it erupted, sending bits and pieces in all directions while she hovered there. "Damn it! Say-- Sharpnote, did you--"


Sunbreaker was struck by a tiara and a ton of branches, shredding the biker gear she was wearing and cracking the helmet, causing it to fall from her and reveal the fiery girl beneath. She let out an angry roar. "DAMN IT! Listen you bunch of--"

And then... then vines. So many vines. Her angry cries were drowned out by her suddenly being wrapped head to toe in vines. She hopped around angrily for a few moments before--

Bam. One of the cars on the rather busy freeway finally hit her. She was launched through the air, flying off the freeway before crashing down, on the street below with... the rest of the girls.

And very ,very thankful for henshin protections. Because *ow*. Fire erupted off her a moment later, incinerating the vines as she looked up, bruised, battered, aching but... well... actually, you know what? Bruised, battered, aching, burned and ow about summed it up. "Stupid... sparkle skirts... seriously?! How?! My plan was PERFECT!"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    From the ground, Uranus answers Ula with something that sounds like it might be in the vicinity of 'I'm fine' but she does not look fine; she looks like she is the opposite of fine, like she's a living example of the difference between 'henshin armor' and 'henshin invulnerability' - her gloves and back are hardly holding together, angry red marks occupying a lot of what should have been skin.

    She tries to breathe normally but she's just sucking air in through her teeth to avoid crying out in undignified ways - but she can let Ula go. Still, she likes the forms of being a hero that don't involve quite so much... personal, direct, endless PAIN.

    But hearing Sunbreaker angry - hearing her THAT angry - well, it almost makes up for it. Or at least it reminds her the other reason why they do wwhat they do. Sure, save the world. She likes the world and most of the people in it. But it was fun to annoy evil that much.

    Still, she doesn't really get up so much as shimmy her way to a resting pose, most of her weight actually being carried by the concrete barrier. Still, even in her injured situation, she yells out. "You and your plan are dumb! Also, we're always going to win. Cause we're the good guys. No matter what you do, we'll do whatever it takes." She's a living example of that, right now... "That's what you gotta understand!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Meanwhile, Sailor Moon has a similar but strikingly different reaction from Sailor Uranus, gaping at Sunbreaker in surprise and then shaking her head. "It being you explains why it was such a weirdly good evil plan."

With Sunbreaker down, a mermaid apparently retrieved, and the bike busted - they can all just go home now, right?

"You drained the energy of all those people - and we stopped you, so just - go on now. We can all call it quits and go home, right, before someone shows up to barricade the road from all the damage ?"

She might as well give it a shot right? For love, justice, and peace of mind?

Sayaka Miki has posed:
Once she lets go, Ula looks all over Uranus. "This doesn't look fine at all, can you walk? You need healing really soon."

"Did I what?" Klarissa asks confused to Hinoiri. "And I am glad your plan wasn't actually perfect. I told you we would always protect the people." Sayaka nods, even if she still wishes Sunbreaker would change her mind about the approach to use in her rebellion against Sora instead of stressing this us vs them.

Now that the threat is over, Klarissa finally lets Sayaka down, who starts stretching. "When I went on patrol, I didn't expect I would have spent today as a sack of potatoes", she comments, quite sore.

"Well, what would you have done instead?" her twin asks. "Nothing, I was just commenting on how it went", she finishes stretching.

Once she feels fine enough, she looks at Itsuki. "Hehe, sorry, I didn't mean to hide anything from you." And yet she is doing it just now, for Klarissa's protection.

She clears her throat before assuming a faux-official tone. "Let me introduce to you my twin sister, Klarissa. She is a bit grumpy, but don't tell her I said that." The last comment nets her a sharp glare from the other bluenette.

"It's nice to find you well... Sorry, I don't know what I should call you now that you are in your magical form", Klarissa says, not picking up on the fact she shouldn't act like she knows Itsuki in both forms. Well, Sayaka doesn't either.

"Hey, Moon", Sayaka tells Usagi . "Thank you for the tip the other day. I am glad you thought to tell me."

Itsuki Inubouzaki has posed:
    "Oh, um... Itsuki is fine. Am I supposed to be called something else?" She blinks obliviously, as she stands right next to all these other magical girls, all of whom have secret identities. Mostly, anyway. She bows in greeting to Klarissa. "It is nice to meet you, Klarissa-senpai. And you, um." SHe doesn't want to be rude by admitting she doesn't know what to call this Sailor girl. She said something about 'Moon Tiara', right? Hmmm... Hmmmmmmm...
    "...Sailor Moon Tiara!" she tries. "I'm Inubouzaki Itsuki."
    She isn't used to being yelled at or having people angry at her, so she timidly mutters an apology to the firey person. "I am sorry I ruined your plan... But you were using music to hurt people, so, um... That's... That's bad!" She has no idea who this person is either. Is this normal, to be so out of the loop?
    Itsuki hurries over to see the lady who fell off the bike, and make sure she's okay. "Anoo... Did you injure yourself? I think I have some band-aids in my school bag from when Onee-chan bumped her head the other day..."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy isn't able to shoot, but she is able to see Sunbreaker -- and others -- take a spill, wincing under her helmet. Are they okay?! She guides the rocket down, at... a more reasonable speed, U-turns skyward just above the ground, and dismisses the rocket after the turn, left flying upward as if from a mahou jump and then falling and landing with a stumble near the group. "Are you girls okay?! Uranus, shit... Can Sailor Senshi heal? Wait, Ula?! You're what she grabbed from--" She whirls on Sunbreaker. "You kidnapped Ula?! Why?!" Objectively, she thinks Sunbreaker had a pretty good plan, given how hard it was for all of them to fight her like that. But she's not in the mood to tell her that now. Speaking of how hard it was to fight her...
    Amy glances at her wrist, and her eyes widen a bit. About a sixth of her magic is gone! She hides her hand behind her back. Better to let Sunbreaker think there was no cost.

    Oh uh. There's a new one of them? She glances over at the one who was grapple-vining. "I'm Magical Rocket Girl Red, I guess. Uh... new here, huh? I'm happy to talk, when she's not listening..." She glances back Sunbreaker's way warily.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker growled and glanced up towards Uranus. "You're just as beat up as, no, more beat up than me! So... you... you still lost! My plan was brilliant! If there hadn't been so many of you then... oh... whatever. You... lot... have no idea what's coming. I'm going to... I'm..."

Rage, however, can only carry you so far. The battle was over. She'd lost. Again. Sure, she'd gotten some energy... but...

Still, a loss. "GAHHH!" she yelled, letting out an angry burst of fire, panting for a moment, her skin getting a little singed. She shook her head. "You've... you're all going to lose. All of you. This is only the beginning of how brilliant I can be! I'm going to win! ME! I'm not going to keep losing! I WON'T! And you know what? Fine. FINE! You'll beat Obsidian or whatever but by then I'll have won so much and so often I won't even CARE!" she yelled at them, her frustration erupting like her. She then glared at Itsuki. "You have no idea what you're even involved in! If there weren't so many of you I wouldn't even BE HERE anymore!" Before she disappeared.

Soon, soon... she'd be collapsed on a cot in the infirmary of Obsidians. Every part of her body aching. She still hurt less than Uranus, in her mind! So she won! Definitely! Stupid... stupid sparkle skirts.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Uranus stays quasi-upright for about the duration of Sunbreaker's rant. She just has a smug look on her face, a little smirk.

    And once Sunbreaker leaves the blonde collapses back into a sprawl next to the concrete divider. "Okay now the adrenaline is gone and everything really hurts. " she admits.

    "Hey U-Sailor Moon?" she calls. "Can you... help me or call someone who can help me? I'm kind of... stuck here. And it's not really a good place to be... stuck." No, the middle of the freeway in the midst of a giant chaos traffic jam made by a magic duel is not a good place to be stuck.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"It's just Sailor Moon, actually," Sailor Moon calls to Itsuki, before jogging over to Sailor Uranus, "Sorry!! I'm sorry, here, let me pick you up, and we can call Pluto-chan, she should be able to help-"

She is scooping her fellow soldier up, thankful for henshin strength because she definitely wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. SHe's wincing at having to touch Sailor Uranus, mostly because she looks like her entire body is an ouch.

Sayaka Miki has posed:
The bluenettes just wince as Sunbreaker rants about today's fight. Are they really destined to be that incompatible? Is it wrong for Sayaka to hope that she can join their side? Should Klarissa just regard her as another target to be struck down, against her own feelings? Kyouka's advice echoes in their heads at this moment.

"Usually people adopt a moniker of some sort to better protect their secret identity", Klarissa replies to Itsuki. "Given your attacks, you could choose something floral, but do what feels right."

Though, admittedly, they currently aren't the best at it, with half of them wide open to getting tracked.

Ula comes back to the twins at this moment and says: "Hey, I am back. But Sailor Uranus isn't looking good. Can we do something?"

"Maybe we can look around for some makeshift stretcher?" Sayaka suggests, kind if stumped. However Moon knows what to do, thankfully.

Ula looks at Amy then. "She didn't kidnap me, I just fell in there accidentally!"

"Yeah, sorry about that...", Sayaka murmurs apologetically.

"It's ok, I did say it was an accident!" Ula exclaims, not wanting Sayaka to dwell on this too.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy blinks at Ula. She fell in? "What?"

    But Sailor Uranus is more pressing. She walks along with Usagi, pulling her first aid kit out from under her cloak. "Shit, we should wash the wounds first... if I make water with magic it will sting like a bitch, does anyone have magic that does that?"

    Amy gives Sailor Moon a curious look. "You're gonna call Sailor Pluto? Does she have healing magic or something?"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Uranus speeaks up. "No, Pluto is a doctor. Like. Regular doctor. Not magic doctor. She can take care of me. It's just hard to think right now." Uranus admits. "Also, she knows me. It should be less awkward. Just make sure nobody hits me with a car till she gets here."

Sayaka Miki has posed:
"I fell on the bike", Ula explains. "Back when she passed us and Sharpsong tried to stop her."

"We will do that", Sayaka affirms to Uranus.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "Oh, okay." Amy's relieved they'll soon have professional help. "I should really put some painkillers in here... and bactine..."


    "Wait a minute, a doctor?! I thought older people couldn't see through the veil, let alone become magical girls, unless..." She glances between the two Senshi. "Is she an adult that got youthened when she became a magical girl, like me???" Gosh it would be neat to have someone else like that to talk to!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Uranus smirks. "She's kind of the Sailor Soldier of Time. So it's all..." she sucks in air through her teeth. "A little complicated. I don't wanna explain for her." she says. "But I'd trust myself with her more than most doctor doctors. And she's kind of a doc..." she winces again and grows quiet. "I'll be fine and you should talk to her but probably not today." she says. "To sum it up."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy nods. "Makes sense. Man, Nurse Meiou is gonna be glad she's not the only magic-aware medical person anymore. Really, it's kinda messed up that with so many of us we've only got two, let alone one. Although I guess having some magic healers makes up for it..."

    Amy considers this. "...Does she know? Is it okay for me to tell her there's a magical girl doctor?"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon Is Not Looking. She's texting Sailor Pluto - Nurse Meiou - right now, kind of squishing Uranus a bit with her efforts but, it's fine, right? She's got to let Setsuna know, and this is better than Uranus trying to walk, and -

"Umm, you know, she probably knows? I mean, there can't be that many people - but, most I'm gonna ask my boyfriend to fix Uranus-san up, it's just, Nurse Meiou will know how to clean the wounds and stuff, you know?"

Ahahahaha... Mamochan would be able to heal this up for sure!

"You don't mind, right Uranus-san? Tuxedo Kamenchan can fix you up before you know it! I just don't know if he can get all the uh, road out..."