1161/Challenging Times

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Challenging Times
Date of Scene: 22 February 2024
Location: Game Crown Arcade
Synopsis: Ami's decided to schedule some fun, and Usagi, Haruka, and Hinoiri answer the call! Sweet times take a dip into the spicy when Hinoiri gets fired up, but the Senshi end the day with some fun on the games - and some info, for Haruka.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Usagi Tsukino, Haruka Tenoh, Hinoiri Kirara

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Many people had been telling Ami for quite awhile now that she needed to enjoy life a bit more, relax on occasion, and have fun outside of studying. While she'd done a bit more than usual lately with shopping and the like, she hadn't done the actual 'fun' part in a bit. Luckily, she scheduled time in her calendar for it. The first step to making a habit is to schedule it!

Several text messages had been sent out the day before asking if anyone would like to join her at the arcade today as they were having a half-off game deal which was likely giong to ensure the place was properly packed.

A table was grabbed and she's seated there waiting for any others who may wish to join while currently nursing a milkshake with little sips and glances down to her phone that most certainly wasn't on an ebook.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
A text arrived within seconds, practically screaming, YES, YES, OF COURSE, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

Usagi Tsukino arrives not long after the text, bursting through the doors of Game Crown with a grin on her lips, a jacket on her shoulders, and a cat in her backpack. She looks around, hand brought up to her forehead, squinting in the shade it casts.

"Hmmm... oh! Ami-chan!! Ami-chan, I made it!!"

The entire arcade knows Usagi is here, and now they know Ami is too, as she happily runs over to her friend and slides into a seat at her table.

"I brought Luna, because she needs to get out more, even if she can't play video games -"

"They're going to rot your brains, both of you," Luna huffs.

"Aw, you're just mad because you don't have thumbs."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka Tenoh doesn't schedule fun. Haruka Tenoh doesn't schedule... anything, really. She has other people in her house that are planners and schedulers. This sometimes includes Ami, in fact.

    But Haruka Tenoh walks through the doors of the arcade on a whim because she feels the distinct need to ensure nobody has dared to challenge her occupation of the top three spots on the racing game high scores list. (HA-RU-KA. just like how Michiru says it when frustrated. <3 )

    Bag slung haphazardly over her shoulder in a suit that is a color of burnt yellow that, frankly, she only wears to prove she can get away with wearing anything as either gender, she walks over to the game in question and is waiting for it to display those scores when she hears Usagi (like everyone else in the Crown Arcade) - who she recognizes, but not the friend she's calling to.

    So hands in her pockets she shuffle-looms over to the table.

    Leaning over - almost looming - toward Usagi. "Hey, 'dangoes. Who's your cute friend?" she asks. And then - instead of Ami, who she is kind of looking at when she says that - she pulls her hand over and attempts to scritch Luna under her chin (hopefully NOT getting clawed but who knows).

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara was... well. Was a little tense. Why?

Gee, could it be because her biggest project was about to start? Her ex just turned into a LITERAL WITCH and ALMOST DIED? Maybe it was the fact her ROOMMATE drove her nuts. Even if she loved them. Or maybe it was weird nightmares lately. She didn't know.

But she decided to swing by the arcade and...

And saw Usagi! Sweet! Her eyes lit up a little bit...

Then she saw Ami. Huh. The nerd girl. Another person she needed to crush. Well. Might as well swing by. And...

A third? A... guy? She wouldn't have... Then... OH! Ohhhh! He was cute. Was this the gay guy who Usagi had a crush on? well, if it was, it seemed the two of them were doing well. Or he was a creepy and she could just drive him off and-- Nope, scritching the cat, he was cool.

"U-saaaaa-giiiii-chan," Hinoiri said, walking over, her arms crossed and a smirk on her lips. "Ohhhhh, woe is meeeeee... for alassssss... I require the..." She then mock swooned... Onto Usagi's lap. "The.... code of girls... after the breaking of hearts... alaaaaaaas..."

And then gave upside down scritchies to the kitty. Just for a second.... She had an oddly good scritching game. Odd how she knew just where to scritch that four legged creatures seemed to struggle with so much. "Woe. Woe is me. Unto a feather, arose a clatter... deep into the darkness of my heart peering, stood a person there creeping... or something. Birds. Am I doing this right for what you asked?" she asked, opening one eye and gazing up at the girl who's lap she was currently sprawled over.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno wraps both hands around her milkshake when she hears the tell tale cry of a wild Usagi. The text had been reason enough to believe her friend would show up of course, but it never hurt to have her here in person as well. Slightly she starts to lift her hand to gesture toward Usagi so that she can find her in the crowd---but she was already spotted as it was, and Usagi's slid into the seat next to her.

"Thanks for coming out, Usagi-chan. Hello Luna, good to see you too," she greets sweetly of the cat while wearing a rather relaxed smile for once.

When the boy comes up to the table she turns toward him with a look of surprise. One that lingers as her eyes widen further with a soft question of, "Haruka?" Certainly not, but... Wasn't it?

Raising her hand to her lips she glances down at the table with a certain sudden thoughtfulness. "Maybe it's not long haired boys I like," she mumbles, "But boys that can pass as girls?"

There's not much time to dwell on that possible realization when Hinoiri makes her way over to FLOP into Usagi's lap bemoaning a broken heart with a look of surprise. "Oh. Let me make some room," she offers while scooting to the side a bit more so that it wasn't too crowded. "I thought it would be a good day to plan something fun. You're welcome to join us, um... Hinoiri-chan wasn't it?" They had met only once before. "And Haruka as well," she adds with another smile.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Haruka-san, don't be silly, you know Ami-chan," Usagi says, because she's confident this is true. She might be entirely wrong, but she feels like all of her senshi have surely met by now. Surely! If she's wrong, she'll be shocked. "We're here to live it up! To game! To glory!"

Meanwhile, Luna purrs a little, allowing Haruka to scritch her, as is her due. She might be an advisor to a future queen, a scouter of Senshi and a producer of useful magical artifacts, but she is also a pretty kitty who deserves the utmost of scritches.

"Wait, what was that boys and girls, Ami-cha-" Usagi starts to ask, eyes bright and hopeful and already envisioning a future where Ami likes someone who isn't Zoisite or Riventon. In the same moment, Luna is distracted with purring - which is a good thing, because it means she isn't talking when when Hinoiri comes in, dropping melodramatically into Usagi's lap.

Usagi giggles, clutching at Hinoiri to make sure she doesn't fall. "You're doing great Hinoiri-chan," she says proudly. "You'll be over this break up before you know it! And we, the good, the girls, will stand with you!"

Right, everyone? That's what her look at Haruka and Ami conveys.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka reaches up to rub the back of her neck. "Actually, I don't think we've met - Or you know... not in..." pause. Think. "casual outfits." Yeah, nailed it. Not like that could mean several things other than 'in senshi fuku' or anything.

    "Oh, I don't think this is my expertise." she says as she watches Hinoiri flop into Usagi's lap over what appears to be a breakup. "I'm the one who causes this sort of thing. Fixing it is the job for upstanding women like you, Usagi-chan." she says with a smug, cheeky grin.

    She looks down at Hinoiri. "And I mean, normally I'd offer to help you get your mind off of it by moving fast, but after the last race I think it's safer for you to be all 'woe is me' than 'I finally beat you and I'm only mostly dead'." she says to the girl with two-tone hair. "Maybe a racing video game, though. But you might find a way to injure yourself trying to win that, too..." she says, tapping her finger to her chin.

    She knows Hinoiri isn't used to seeing her as a boy, she expects shock, and she is -so ready for it-.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara nodded. Not that Ami could see from this position. "Yeah, Hinoiri Kirara. I-- Wait. Did you say *Haruka*?!" she asked. Blinking up at him. "No bucking way. Also, yes. Usagi-chan, I will likely need some assistance getting from from this position. These booths leave barrrrrrely enough room to properly swoon, but are not quite properly fainting-couch enough for one to... recover from said swooning."

Then cocked an eye. "So... like... at what point do I know I'm 'over' this whole breakup thing? Cause like... even if we're not going out, Sayaka-chan is still pretty fun and I'm actually enjoying this 'friendship' thing a lot more. Wayyyyyy less over dramatic. It's great. We talk, we chat, we throw rocks at Kyubey, I don't have to worry about her getting hurt. Also, wow. Did anyone tell you that you have a lap just made for swooning on? Seriously. I feel I could take a nap down here. I might have to, though. Cause... it's hard to get leverage." Pause. "Is your cat going to get jealous at me for taking her spot?"

She then looked up at Haruka and... "Holy haystacks. It *is* you. You never told me you were a guy!" Pause. "Or... a girl... or..." Blink. Blink blink. "Wait. So which are you? And HA! Jokes on you. I've only gotten hurt in games once and that time it was because the controller slipped!"

"... No, but seriously. You make a really good boy. I'd have never guessed." Pause. "Or... a really good girl... sigh..."

Dear Sora, what is hotness?

"..." She rolled onto her side. "Lap of the Usagi, answer my questions please. Which of the genders is this racer supposed to be?"

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno stares at Haruka a bit longer as the mention of 'not in casual clothes' comes up only for her to smile in vague amusement over it all. "I knew you were half-asleep when I came to your place those few times, but I didn't realize it was that bad. You really aren't a morning person." All smiles she at least fills in the blanks just in case, "Ami Mizuno," she offers over, only to pause.

And stare down at the girl in Usagi's lap quizically. "What's a Kyubey?" She might be a magical girl but she didn't get out as much as the others to really meet any of the girls that would advise her to stay the eff away from that little monstrocity. With little fingers tippy-tapping to the side of her milkshake she interjects, "I think the answer is 'whichever they want'?"

"You *do* look good in those clothes. I can see how it might cause issues."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Without any real thought behind it, one of Usagi's hands goes to Hinoiri's hair, patting her in a manner not dissimilar to the way Hinoiri is patting Luna, who is quite pleased to have attention, even if she can no longer speak. "Umm... hm, I guess you're over it whenever you feel over it... but you can always milk heartbreak for a favor from friends."

Sage advice, from one Master Manipulator TM to a True Master Manipulator TM.

Haruka being recognized only makes her smile more, smug, because she had once been fooled and now can no longer be tricked! Though of course, Haruka is quick to dispell the mystery - even if Hinoiri is drawing it in a little more. Hm...

"Kyubey's this ugly little fox thing that hangs around campus," Usagi says quickly, "He tried to bite Hinoiri-chan's girl- ex-girlfriend, Sayaka-chan, so we chased him off."

She'll give proper details later - for now her face is still burning from Hinoiri's compliment.

"It's a good lap, huh?" She's going to have to get Mamochan to put his head in her lap now, just to be sure. "If you want to get up, I'll help! But if you want to stay down there, I'm good to be trapped until I'm ready to play games."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka laughs, and grins. "This is where I'm supposed to say something about smashing the gender binary or something, but really my girlfriend and my roomate are both much better at the philosophy stuff." she says. She looks at Ami. "Probably just my gift. Ami-chan's super smart, Usagi-chan is super sweet, Michi is super talented, and I'm super attractive." she says with a wink. "But yes, Haruka Tenou."

    Then she looks down to Hinoiri. "Boy or girl it doesn't matter, but I have heard that one of the fastest ways to get over heartbreak is to find someone new. That being said, other than the overdramatic using my friend as a fainting couch, you seem like you're dealing pretty well." she says.

    "Ah, biting animals are not good. Frankly, we have too much weird stuff around campus..." that's a BROAD term. "I hope you don't let her occupy her lap forever because I think Motoki-san will be sad if I come here and don't throw some quarters in the machines at least."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
"A puntable BASTARD!" Hinoiri said. Just. RIGHT OUT AND SAID IT! In answer to Ami's question. "Red eyes, fury, very puntable, deserves it. And thank you, but don't worry, I look good in most clothes. Oh. Wait. You meant Haruka-san. Yeeeeeah. They can pull it off pretty well. Definitely second best looking blond boy I've met," Hinoiri said proudly. "Oh! Usagi-chan! Did you hear? I finally beat Haruka-chan in a race! ... And sure, some might say the concussion and road rash weren't worth it but I would disagree. Victory is victory!"

She does, in fact, make a V sign.

"Now I just need to beat that loud girl in DDR, outscore Ami-chan here, kick your flank in a shooter and out-swim this violinist girl and I've finished my victory bucket list before I return home."

Of course... when she was scritched, she went still and got a confused look in her eyes. Uhhhhh... That was... nice...

"Okay, yeah, favor... do that... again," she mumbled softly. "I wouldn't really know, though. Never had my heart broken." Oh, there was a lie.

"And yeah, Usagi-chan is super sweet. They don't make them like her just anywhere. I know, I looked," she said, sticking her tongue up at the girl and... "But I think Luna's giving me dirty looks, so I should prooooobably get up. Haruka-san, since you're playing the dashing knight, would you draw me up to my feet, good sir?" she asked in a mock posh tone, holding her hand up.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
In spite of the somewhat serious talk of Kyubey (the description of which is tucked away for further looking into), Ami actually giggles at all the overdramatic fawning over Usagi's lap, as well as Luna. To whom she gives a little pat of her own lap with the offer, "Right here if you need an escape, Luna." She didn't mind the feline at all and she certainly wasn't going to do something like squeeze her in a death grip hug if she's surprised. Like some might.

"Outscore me?" That she zones in on giving Hinoiri a rather serious look. Serious, and even perhaps a bit fiery as she states matter-of-fact, "That will *not* happen. Ever." There was one thing she was good at and by god she was going to FIGHT to keep it. "You're welcome to try though. It's always good to try your hardest." Then again she wasn't going to dissuade anyone from scholastic studies either.

"I would like to play some games. I haven't tried racing games, but I usually have a decent score at Sailor V."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"You beat Haruka-san in a race?" Beat. "Road rash?! Concussion?!"

HEWWO? HEWWOOOOO? Her expression is one of horror and demands for explanations and she will just go ahead and try to forget that for the moment, as she scritches and pats at Hinoiri's head. When she speaks, it's firm.

"Hinoiri-chan, your health is more important than the win."

Luna does indeed take the opportunity to escape, shimmying away to clamor into Ami's lap, watching judgementally.

"You can definitely try to beat me in a shooter! I'm good, but not the best ever, so you've got good odds if you can train up your eye and trigger finger."

From someone else, that would be condescending. From Usagi, it's encouraging.

"It's true though, you probably won't ever beat Ami-chan! She's not just a genius girl, she's a supergenius girl who loves to study! You've got to be best at Hinoiri-chan things, not just best at everyone else's things."

She lips her arms, making it easy for Haruka to lift Hinoiri up and away.

"We should give the machines some love."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Well, Haruka was called a Knight, which is like being called a Prince, kind of. She reaches down and helps Hinoiri to her feet - with a surprising amount of strength. Well, maybe surprising to Hinoiri and maybe others there, but perhaps not Luna - the Senshi of the Sky was second only to the Senshi of Jupiter for strength. And in addition to pulling Hinoiri up with surprising ease, she pulled Hinoiri's hand to her mouth and kissed the top of it gently. "Well, obviously if I'm a knight I must be dashing but polite, right, Lady Kirara?" she asks with another one of those winks before letting go and shuffling gracefully to the side.

    "But, in all seriousness, Kirara-san, I don't want to have to bring you to Chiba-san and Meiou-san again because you've somehow critically injured yourself STUDYING." she warns. And it sounds like she thinks there's a chance of that actually being a thing.

    "Listen to Usagi and give a care to your health. You'll never find your own Knight of whatever gender you prefer if you're busy killing yourself trying to outdo everyone else... just try to be the best 'you' that you can." she adds.

    "Let's see to those machines, yes."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Hinoiri Kirara did like the scritches. Really. She did. They were nice. But she went still. She was challenged. Not. Ever. Outscore her. Ever. There it was.

Not good enough.

Didn't deserve what she had.

Perfect... only by the standards of 'normal' ponies. But wasn't she special?


And then her offered hand was pulled up and she was... "U-uhhhh..." she said softly, red rising in her cheeks. She blinked a few times, her mouth hanging open. She'd MET knights. She'd had them even do the hand, well, hoof at the time, kiss thing.

Yet this time it made her heart flutter a bit?

For a few seconds, she stared.

And one might expect her to take what they said to heart. Usagi was right, her health mattered, right? All of their advice was... good. It was definitely good.

And Haruka was right. She overdid it. She'd...

So she listened to none of it.

Because there it was again. That voice. Wasn't good enough. Sora's words in her ear. And once again she could hear her. Could see her. Could hear the whispers. The teasing. The jokes. 'Thought you'd be able to do more than just... enough'.

And the look of silent swooning gave way to one of pain... then anger. She turned on Ami, slamming a palm down with such force the table shook. And the look she gave Ami was one of such anger. Such burning *loathing* that... well... if looks could kill? Ami would be nothing more than a dried out husk.

"I'm going to *destroy* you," Hinoiri said, her eyes narrowed on the girl. "You can't even *begin* to know what I'm capable of achieving. I've been taking it easy, enjoying my *break*. My *relaxation*. But you know what? That ends *today*. You may be satisfied being *perfect* but I will *show you* that there is so much more, you--"

And it was there that she finally realized that... well... she... was probably getting looks. She glanced to Usagi and... For a moment, she almost took it back, almost apologized. Almost... backed down. She... liked Ami. She--

But then... she shook her head and pulled away. "I'll see you later. I've got studying to do," she said, turning to storm off.

Usagi didn't matter. None of them did. They were just humans. She'd be leaving all of them soon enough, anyway. But she wouldn't leave with her head hanging low. She wouldn't... lose. She was a winner. And winners. Were. So much more. Than perfect.

She was so much more. And if Usagi couldn't see that? Then she guessed that was just the limits of what 'friendship' meant to her.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno slides her arms around Luna to gently hold the feline in her lap while the others do their thing. The way Haruka helps Hinoiri to her feet with such a remark actually catches her attention there a bit. Maybe Hinoiri wasn't listening to what she was saying--but Ami was.

Her eyes cast down to the table in front of her, smile fadded to just a halfway thoughtfully sad look. She wasn't trying to *outdo* anyone herself. It was just... That's all she was really good at. Wasn't it?

Her own introspective thoughts are dashed when Hinoiri's hand slams down on the table in front of her causing her to jerk upright where she sits. Absently her hands ALMOST squeeze around Luna but she catchese herself in time so that she's not harming the poor gal. "What?" She blinks rapidly, confused at the sudden violent response. "I never said I'm perfect-- I'm really not..." She trails off as her words are likely not heard over the sheer rage that Hinoiri demonstrates. Her face slowly reddens instead as she sinks down to bury her face against the back of Luna's neck.

Then Hinoiri is gone and she's left sitting there looking as if she were trying to make herself very small, and very unnoticable. "... I don't think I'm better than anyone. That's what they always used to say," she murmers, "But I really don't think that."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
As Hinoiri storms off, Usagi just groans, dropping her head down onto the table now that her lap is free and she can do that. "I should have known she'd take that the wrong waaaaaay!"

"Yes, you should have," Luna says in that know-it-all cat way. She's kneading at Ami's thigh, making biscuits to distract and soothe. "Your friend Hinoiri is incredibly high-strung. She didn't have to take it out on poor Ami-chan."

Usagi grimaces, stretching a hand out to reach for Ami.

"I know - and Ami-chan, you're not trying to be better than anyone. Don't worry! Hinoiri-chan is great, but she's like, the most intense, perfectionist person you'll ever meet. She was like, raised by a crazy principal in a crazy school for perfectionists, where she was supposed to be like, better than perfect. She never even had curry or played a video game before last year, because I guess the good stuff that makes life living isn't helpful for being the bestest."

Her explanation is probably not the best, but her sincerity is real.

"This is like, her damage, not yours. I'll apologize to her later; I bet she thought I was saying she's like, not good enough to be on your level or something."

This is why school should be illegal.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka watches Hinoiri's flare up and burn out with quiet wide eyes. She doesn't move to stop her. She just folds her arms and sighs. "I thought it was just over racing." she says, shaking her head. "I mean, that made sense to me. But if it's everything, that's just not healthy." she notes.

    Then she pauses. Looks at Luna. She doesn't even act like it's weird. Cat's got a moon symbol, right? Magic cat. Sure. Whatever.

    "Yeah, she nearly killed herself trying to race me, so that's where my comments came from. I legitimately had to bring her to your guy, Usagi-chan, to get her at least partly healed, and then the nurse to get the rest." she says. "She really doesn't take losing... or the thought of losing... or the thought of not being first... very well. I'm refusing to race against her again because she just... well, imagine that kind of outburst but on a quickly moving bike and making dangerous decisions." she explains.

    "It's really not you, Ami-chan. She's... yeah, her damage." Haruka says, nodding along with Usagi. "On the bright side now we - and your cat - can talk while we play?" she offers.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
The little making biscuits kneading on her leg is actually rather nice and calming. Even if there was a little prick of kitty claws Luna was far more careful than a regular cat. And it was.. it was kind of nice. It at least helps to slow the quickened breath that Ami had started up with a stressy reaction to the, well, stressful situation. The motion was rhythmic and that was certainly helpful.

A deep breath is taken as she puts on a smile turning her attention back to Usagi and Haruka at the end as they attempt to console her, and suggest playing games. The hand offered out by Usagi is taken and squeezed with a thankful smile. "... Yes, I think games sounds good. I've been trying to have fun more often, that's why I scheduled time for today to do so."

So close, Ami, so close.

"I think I'd like to try one of the racing games? I've never actually driven a car though so I can't imagine I'd be good at it. Especially after seeing the car that you got to drive for your birthday, Haruka." There's a pause as her eyes widen again, recalling.

"Oh, right! I missed that didn't I. Let me pay for your games today at least then."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Scheduling fun. Oh Ami. Scheduling fun! Fun was supposed to happen naturally!

But at least she's not looking quite so upset anymore. Usagi squeezes Ami's hand once more, then nods.

"Right, even if it's not great Hinoiri-chan ran offf... at least this way Luna doesn't have to keep all her comments to herself now. She's terrible at that."

Luna hisses. Usagi ignores her.

"Racing game first! I'm terrible at them, let's see if you can be better, Ami-chan!"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Scheduling... fun?" Haruka had seen Ami a few times but this was worse than she thought it was. "You can't really schedule fun and have it be fun because schedules aren't fun." Haruka protests. "It's like the wind, you just kind of have to go with it. Be a leaf on the wind, Ami-chan." she says.

    "Aaand... in the name of fun, I think you two should race and I should give pointers. That way nobody's trying to learn and feeling all... mmm. bad. I don't want anyone to feel bad." Words are not the slightly older girl's strong suit.

    "Also, really, you don't have to pay. I've got patrons that take care of me and after a few 'loser pays' games Motoki-san asked me to stop having other people pay my way anyways." She says with a shrug.

    "But yeah, you girls drive against each other, and I'll give pointers?" she offers with a big smile.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno lifts one hand to stroke down Luna's back a single time, then back up to her head to give a little between-the-air scritch. Then her hand drifts away allowing the feline to move off her lap so she can get up. "Nonsense. I scheduled free time, and am doing things during it that are fun. It'd be the same as if scheduling time to spend at a theme park for instance, I assume." Of course she assumes because *she's never been.*

"Patrons?" That earns a little lift of her eyebrow though it's taken in stride. Michiru did say she was rich. Stupid rich. It wasn't too much of a surprise. More importantly was the suggestion of giving tips. "Oh, that's a good idea." with a cheery smile she requests, "It'll be good to have you help me with my first time, Haruka!"

Racing. First time RACING.

Clapping her hands together a single time she's at least more relaxed and grinning again. "Let's go then, Usagi-chan!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"Patrons?" Usagi echoes, though her eyes are wide and her cheeks are a little pink - showing she's thinking of far too many romantic manga - "Wait, are these people who bet on you for racing?"

Squint, now she's thinking of an entirely different kind of manga... But well...

"Free games are free games! Let's give it a go, Ami-chan! We'll see if you wipe out as many times as I will."

Because oh, she's going to wipe out!

Luna hops onto the table, and then, afte a moment of consideration, up onto Haruka's shoulder, balancing herself daintily. It's her first time meeting Uranus in this life - and she's unsure if she ever met her in the past - but Usagi's had a variety of feelings, about this senshi.

Surely, then, it would be best to form her own opinion? "I'll stay with Haruka-san then, if she's supervising."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka laughs a bit. "No, it's just Michi and Setsu. They're both well off." she says, without going into too much detail.

    And she manages to avoid commenting on... Ami's choice of words, though she might bring that up later. When there's not a feline on her shoulder, because there is now, and as Luna balances on the tall girl, Haruka's aware that cats tend to have claws. "Well, hello there." she says, turning to Luna. "Sorry, I'm not used to ones that talk back." she says, reaching up a hand to tentatively scritch her. "Hope this isn't weird." For Luna, she means. It's already a little weird for her.

    And she does go about... well... trying to help the two girls learn to race. It's... a little easier to work with Ami than Usagi, but she does get a chance to put her hands over both girls' hands on the wheel at different points. "So... is everything alright? Things have seemed a little quiet from our old eenemies since we got your guy and his dudes back." Haruka says after a bit.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno was a very good student. Even if this wasn't a test, she was quick to learn things and is soon giving Usagi more than a run for her money. If money were on the line. It isn't.

"Oh, yes, Setsuna and Michiru-chan do have quite a bit, but really it's no harm. I barely ever use my allowance on anything other than books and snacks."

Her attention shifts over to Usagi watching as she drives as well only to smile as she was... well she was enjoying herself. "You're doing good too, Usagi-chan!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Luna purrs at the scritching, making it clear it's not weird to her, anyway. "You won't have to get to used to it. As far as I know, Artemis and I are the only two of our kind on Earth."

There were plenty of other talking animal-type-creatures, but who is Luna to ruin their fun?

"You'll have a time with trying to train Usagi-chan up as a racer - she has trouble on two feet, let alone two wheels."

Still, it's fun for them all, and Usagi does indeed wipe out a few times - though only in the game. It's a little hard for even a klutz like her to fall off one of the gamer-bikes, given how attached they are.

"You're doing great, Ami-chan!" She cheers, even when she starts losing. Haruka's question is enough to draw her attention for a moment, and she pauses -

"Well, actually, there's something you and the others should probably know... so there's these crystals..."

And at least now, the Outer Senshi would have insight on the unfolding mystery that is the Rainbow Crystals.