512/Haulin' Part Two. The Embiggening.

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Haulin' Part Two. The Embiggening.
Date of Scene: 27 September 2023
Location: Plot Room 2
Synopsis: A 'new' villain creates a youma at a car show. Sailor V shows up to fight it...and gets help from a new ally! (CW: Truck Puns; Corporate Slogans; Gratuitous Ferrari Hate)
Cast of Characters: Setsuna Meiou, Minako Aino, Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaiou, Hotaru Tomoe

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
The Tokyo Road Show (as it's been called, though the official name is something else inconsequential) is one of those curious 'local' things that just kind of organically develops over the years. In this case, it was originally done as a minor event by the Tokyo University's Motor Club to get a few local collectors to show off their rare and historic cars.

As part of the campaign to get collectors to show up, a post was put out on social media asking for anyone with a unique vehicle to show up.

Color everyone surprised when one car that arrived was the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile...which drew a LOT of attention as it drove through the streets of Tokyo, as one might imagine and made the event a huge success.

When the club decided to organize another a few months later, it was a similar success...and this time a large number of food truck owners decided to capitalize on the event.

These days, the Show is a semiregular event that happens about once a month or so during the fall and winter months on a Tokyo University track and field stadium that sees little use at the time. Lots of classic or unique car owners bring their vehicles to show them off. Additionally, a section has been set aside for the large number of food trucks that roll in each time...which all generally manage to make a fairly big killing selling to showgoers, locals, and university students.

This month is a bit special, however.

This month, someone donated a vehicle that is rare enough to be effectively unique in Japan to the Motor Club, which have arranged it to be displayed before they auction it off at the end of the evening to one of several construction companies that have expressed interest in acquiring it.

In this case, the vehicle is a Ford F450 Super Duty. Perhaps the largest commercially available pickup truck on the planet.

It is SEVEN feet tall.
NINE feet wide.
TWENTY TWO feet long.
And is actually something of an attraction by itself.

As is usual, the Road Show is moderately busy...after so long, it's not jam packed with people, but it always seems to attract a surprisingly large number of people who wander around, looking at the neat cars as they eat lunch or dinner from the food trucks.

Minako Aino has posed:
It might be a little unexpected for Minako Aino to be here, one wouldn't expect that it was exactly her scene but...well, the blonde girl had herself a love of pretty things. Apparently that extended to the asthetically pleasing automobile! Of course, the food probably didn't hurt either, though Minako didn't quite manage to find herself a date for this event...so she'd have to enjoy herself on her own.

She'd survive.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    You would think Haruka would be in heaven here, at a car show, a place that showcases the best of motorized automobile technology - or at least the best that's local to Tokyo and could show up? But there's a problem. One, none of the cars are moving - as much as Haruka likes cars she can only daydream about driving them so often when thanks to Setsuna she had 3 absolute beasts at home - beasts she wasn't currently driving.

    Two, she was just ancy to get rid of the huge truck. While she was damn great at piloting the nimble cars through tight city streets, guiding the behemoth here was another matter entirely. She's still a little stressed out from the trek. So. Stressed Out Haruka is doing what Stressed Out Haruka always does.

    She is walking around with a can of soda, wearing the Radiant Heart Academy's boys uniform as she so often does, looking every bit like she belongs here - like just another male RHA student ogling the cars. But she'll feel better once the truck is sold and out of her life. In the meantime, maybe she can find some cute girls to ogle - at least there she's used to standing back and admiring beauty more, unlike with cars where each new beast just reminds her that she can't get behind the wheel and make the things roar. Or maybe they've got arcade games or something. In any case, she's so intent on finding something to occupy herself, she doesn't notice the wind picking up slightly.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou is not at the Tokyo Road Show. She would have come with Haruka, but she couldn't. She has a peformance, and it is an all-day affair. A group of wealthy, international businessmen are meeting in Tokyo, and brought in a string quartet featuring Michiru on violin. She's been so very busy since she stepped back out onto the stage at the end of the summeer.

After a morning of playing music in the background as the businessmen talked about various things. Now the quartet has been set up on a small stage for a feature performance. They have a small setlist that Michiru picked out. The songs that spoke to her.

She brings her bow up to the strings to start and the first few notes are light and airy. It's a quick and up-beat song. Feels energetic and full of fun and possibility.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Hotaru had, well, she'd begun to find (more) fun with being 'big'. Sure, there was a lot to be said about being able to touch things on the top shelf. She did like that. But, honestly?

She'd managed to get her henshin temporarily changed and became... Achura! The evillllll witch of the northern lights! With a blood red glaive. Okay, yes, it was a bit childish to like... pretend to be someone else but she couldn't really go out as Firefly, now could she? As far as she knew only two people had their identities swapped and if anyone knew who she was, well...

The important thing was that, today, she was causing a bit of mayhem as 'Achura', the witch of the northern lights.

The hard part had been determining what to do with the daimon egg she'd 'borrowed' from the witch's five. She'd get some energy and...

Sometimes, life just spoke to you. What... what was THAT?! She'd seen the truck slooooowly moving through the streets of Tokyo from her position over the city and followed it. Because how could she NOT? WHY would anyone DRIVE something like that? Bwa ha ha ha ha! Oh my gosh. She had to get PICTURES!

Which she did. She'd send them to Riventon later.

But now, she was over the truck show and... Okay. Time to get. Into. Character!

There was a flash of magic when suddenly... "Ah ho ho ho ho ho ho!" Yes, she had been practicing, thank you for noticing. "I see you've all got quite a BIT too much energy, don't you? Well I, Achura, witch of the Northern Lights, will now be taking it! Thank you for your contribution!" She then held up the egg and let it fall... into the massive behemoth of a truck! "Arise, my great, oversized tank slash truck! ARISE!" she yelled before, once again, doing her laugh. "Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
For a brief moment, nothing happens. The Daimon egg hits the truck, sinks into it...and nada.

Then, JUST before things might get awkward, the truck's horn blares for a few seconds and the headlights flicker and flash before it goes silent and the lights stop.

And then, the truck rolls over and stands up like someone said 'Here's a truck, cut it up into recognizable parts and make it into a giant truck robot thing'.

Granted, now it's a truck thing that's over twenty feet tall...and a kind of robot-y, monster-y head pokes up from the top and screams, "FORDRIGAR!"

Whereupon it looks over at Achura for direction by saying, "Everything we do is driven by you."

For the moment, the crowds aren't running, per se.

This is the modern day. The reaction to something like this at this point is not 'scream and run' it's 'pull out phones and take pictures because this is obviously some kind of stunt'.

Minako Aino has posed:
And she's just gotten a snack too. With a cheery thanks and a winning smile Minako had been about to take the first bite of international deliciousness when the new figure that was the Witch emerged.

Damn it!

One thing she'd learned as Sailor V? The moment when they started to do the monologue to civillians was the best window to change one could ever hope to get. Stuffing two fries in her mouth and then leaving the rest to the mercy of the birds she ducked behind one of the food trucks and out of sight before the flash and flare of her own transformation filled the air.

A leap taking her atop one of the vans, the recognizable blue-fuku and masked figure of Sailor V made herself known.

"Alright truck monster, time to hit the breaks before you need to be towed out of here!"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Well... this is, shall we say, not the way Haruka really wanted things to get more exciting. She's known, for a little bit, that Michiru and Setsuna are Magical Girls. Ever since she forced it out of Setsuna on the track. But, even though they'd transformed around her and talked with her? One is simply not prepared for... a tall teenager doing a rich lady laugh while floating and then throwing something into that accursed truck and...

    Maybe Haruka shouldn't... insult the truck anymore. Since the truck was busy turning into a giant lumbering behemoth of a metal mayhem monster. What does she do in situations like this? Does she... call for help? Is that a thing? Not like, regular help but special help? The whole thing has her just a little dumbstruck, and instead for a moment she creeps behind the wall and just pokes her head out from around a corner. She's reaching into her pocket to call Michiru and Setsuna - who else do you call for monsters but magical girls, right? Is this what they put up with all day? Maybe it's a good thing so far it's seemed like their opinion of her being one of them was right. This is insane.

    And then atop the van nearby is possibly the world's most recognizable super hero, Sailor V. Though Haruka like many was more familiar with her kicking criminals in the face than lumbering monsters. But she stopped dialing and watched. Sailor V will have this, no problems. And now she can see what it's like when her housemates go to do their 'night shift job'.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
The second piece in Michiru's set has a thumping bass-line on the cello with lots of dissonant chords and staccato plucked notes. It's an entirely different energy than the first. Very tense, very aggressive.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Achura was beginning to wonder if the egg was a dud. Dang it. She'd... come here and-- OH! There it goes! "Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Rise, my monster truck, rise!" she yelled. "Fordrigar! Take their energy and--" And before she could even finish her words, a SPARKLESKIRT APPEARED! Oh YES! It... it was Sailor V! Oh gosh! She got to fight Sailor V AGAIN! Ohhhh! She'd gotten so much better since then, too! Sailor V was going to be so proud of-- Wait, no! Sailor V could NEVER know who she was, silly, bad, what was she thinking! She had to be careful, not do aything stupid!

"Well Well Well, if it isn't the world Famous Sailor V! Well, it is on this day that I, Achura, Witch of the Northern Lights, will dethrone the legend! You may have the power of love, justice and ray guns on your side! But I the most powerful thing in the world! THIS OVERSIZED BEHEMOTH! Go, my monster! Crush her! Oh ho ho ho ho ho!" She took this opportunity to land, standing on the ground for the moment!

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Fordrigar's gaze locks onto Sailor V the moment she appears...and there's an almost eager growl from it as she gives her little introductory speech.

And then, Achura points it at the sailor suited warrior and it roars out, "HAVE YOU BEEN DRIVEN OVER BY A FORD LATELY?!" At which point it charges forward!

And THAT's the cue for the crowds to scream and run.

It's a wonder that nobody gets trampled or stepped on...at first.

Unfortunately, a fleeing man inevitably trips right in the monster's way...but just as he's about to be stepped on, the monster's eyes alight on one of the display cars...a Ferrari F40.

At which point it deliberately shifts the placement of it's foot to miss the man and instead crater the front of the Italian car.


And then it continues on it's lumbering path towards Sailor V.

As noted before, fast, it is not.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka watches and honestly, she feels like she should be, if anything, more shocked or weirded out by the whole fact that there is now a giant truck youma and a blonde magical girl apparently about to have it out in front of her. The crowds scatter and soon, nobody else is around, either drained or running away. This is the sort of thing you'd think you'd hear about. Michiru had explained that most people couldn't remember things like this and that Haruka could when she talked was evidence of how special she was. Or something.

    Haruka, though, doesn't run away. She stays at her spot, hiding around a corner and cheering on Sailor V in a quiet sort of 'go get em' way. Things are, very much, Not Boring Anymore. If it wasn't for the loud obviously responsible tall older teenager - she looks really tall, actually, wow - she might well have assumed she was somehow responsible, by wishing for something to liven the place up? But uh. Not this.

    She wondered if other girls would come too, but - well, it's Sailor Frickin' V so everything's probably gonna be fine like this. Right?

Minako Aino has posed:
Unfortunately for Achura, she'd changed up her look a little since the last tangle with Sailor V...and there'd been a few maniacs between then and there. Still, the heroine had a discount truckosaurus to deal with, so...

Could she beat this thing? Probably, but that wasn't the hard part. The hard part was the crowd who'd decided to hang around too long. Evading a foe was easier if you weren't worried about the civillians getting trampled. Sometimes you were going to have to take risks, or worse...hits. And rushed cars do cast a lot of shrapnel

"Move! Move!" she called to the crowd as she tried to shove her way through before lifting her hand. "Creasent beam!

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
The next piece sounds almost triumphant. Bright sounding notes on the violins and viola with a fast paced bassline on the cello. It's a bright ray of hope after the harsh piece before it.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
If only the battle was going as well. As shrapnel rained down around them, Achura felt relief wash over her. Good. Nobody was hurt. She'd frozen for a moment and... "Fordrigar! Don't hit the PEOPLE! We need their energy! They won't give us energy if they're DEAD!" she snapped. "The only one you're supposed to hit is Sailor V! Like this!"

Wait, what?

It was at that point that Achura leaped forward and Sailor V would only have a few moments to realize suddenly THERE WAS A BIG GLAIVE COMING AT HER! Sure, the blade was energy and not ACTUALLY energy, so it wouldn't 'cut' her. But it would hurt like a bitch if it hit.

Worse, while Firefly's 'shots' with her rifle/glaive were weak and pathetic... Her actual glaive skills were on point. Fast, brutal, precise. And generals WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO FIGHT WITH THEIR YOUMA LIKE THIS! THIS WAS DEFINITELY CHEATING!

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Fordrigar pauses momentarily, like it's about to sweep some of the squishy, fleeing meatbags aside...and then it takes a hit on the 'chest' where it's bumper is from a snapshot Crescent Beam...which hits at an oblique angle and basically bounces off to little effect.

There's a pause where it stops, looks at Sailor V, then where it got hit, then back to Sailor V, then it booms, "BUILT FORD TOUGH!"

And then it takes a step and leans down slightly as it swings a fist the size of an office desk at the young blonde defender in an effort to send her flying, "PRESENTING THE UNEXPECTED!"

Minako Aino has posed:
Well crap. This was why they had a team of Senshi. Sure she was rebuilding it in this life, but they weren't here and the problem with a 'look at me' attack? It worked a little too well now that the 'Witch' was attacking her too!

A quick decision and a movement to spring, the blow from the truck was actually lept -at- by the seemingly mad heroine, a fist big enough to spring off an over, putting the two villains on a collision course.

But it still hurt, she'd literally rushed a charging 'monster' truck and the wrenching pain in her legs brought a cry as she pushed off and lept high, bringing herself down to a landing...though her legs wobbled just a little on the touchdown.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    On the list of strange feelings in Haruka's current situation, watching Sailor V vault over the fist the size of Haruka's living room couch and feeling like she should get involved rather than run like hell is... pretty high up there. She finds herself taking a step out of the protected corner where she's been watching, pretty much the moment the other girl gets involved - Anchovy or whatever.

    Also why does she want to insult the villian? This feeling like she should be involved is bar none one of the craziest things in her life... and she almost convinces herself to leave before she does something stupid. There is a monster made out of a truck that was pretty much already a monster BEFORE anything happened to it. There's a few crumpled classic cars (le sad!) that's evidence of what happens when you get between the truck-monster and... whatever the heck it's trying to do. Mostly, beat the heck out of Sailor V.

    She also doesn't notice how tightly she's balled her hands into fists - that her fingernails dig into her palms. But that might be the most rational of reactions here.

    Also, she notices just how much the wind seeems to be picking up.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
The next piece from the quartet is suspenseful. Lots of fast-paced, high notes in a minor key. If this were a TV show, we'd know something was about to happen, but it's just a concert.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Achura was going to get that--

Wait, what? She just... vaulted over the-- SHIT!

She held up her glaive, a circular barrier forming in time to catch the fist, stopping before it could hit her. Oh. Ohhhh that was bad. That was REALLY close. Note to self. Do NOT run towards her monster when Sailor V tries to lead her towards it. Geez.

But Sailor V was hurt and... an idea came to her mind. "Hey, Sailor V!" Achura yelled before flying into the air.

"Built for the road ahead!" Then she cast... a weird spell on her youma, sending it flying/toppling/leaping/who really knew when it was THAT BIG towards the girl! And yes, she used a slogan.

... She really only knew the like. One.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Fordrigar blinks a few times as it's fist only barely clips the leaping Sailor V...and it turns its head in an effort to follow her as she goes past...only to look back as it instead impacts a glowy barrier.

And then it's mistress yeets it towards the superheroine...which would be bad...except she SAYS A SLOGAN!

The monster gets the GOOFIEST huge grin as it cheers, then says, "ONE FORD - ONE TEAM, ONE PLAN, ONE GOAL!" as it makes a diving grab for Sailor V, trying to snatch her between both it's YUUUUUUGE hands.

Minako Aino has posed:
She just needed a moment to catch her breath, to regroup, to power up and power through...but the civillians were still getting clear and the double-team rush of the truck and the villainess who launched it at her kinda had Minako on the defensive here.

Throwing herself to the side the roll to keep herself upright wasn't exactly elegant, but it would do. The problem? To get through that armor was going to take a bigger attack, more than a beam or a sword...and she couldn't get such a thing off with Achura giving her no space...

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
The next piece is another suspenseful one. It starts off soft and builds up in a crescendo as the notes get more and more dissonant and then all four musicians strike a loud, sharp, high-pitched note before muting their strings, leaving the venue filled with an ominous silence.

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Achura grinned widely. Yessss! They were doing well! Incredibly well! More importantly, she was getting into it! She lifted her glaive into the air! "I think it's time we finish this! Fordrigar! Show her how ALL TERRAIN you are!"

She then crashed the glaive down on the ground... "Northern Lights Bind!" Radiating out from her in all directions was a flurry of multicolored lights! And when they washed over... they... bound their feet to the ground.

... Everyone... including herself and her youma's. However, it wasn't a very tough bind. And the monster truck was quite strong. At least she suspected it was. So the hope was it could break free quicker than V would and then RUN HER OVER!

Yeah, she was getting into it. "Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Now understand what it is to be run down by the true Witch of the Northern Lights! Ruler of the skies and oversized motor transports!"

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Fordrigar looked momentarily disappointed that it's grab had missed...but all the targets except Sailor V had fled the immediate area...and then it's mistress gave it a command!


Sure, she then bound down a huge amount of the battlefield...but that's just like going through mud! It was MADE for things like that!

With a cry of "THERE IS A FORD IN YOUR FUTURE!!", it swung a massive foot forward, looking to punt the hopefully immobilized heroine into some of the nearby food stands.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    It actually took Haruka a little bit to realize that the monster was saying various old Ford slogans, and she takes a moment to stop being tense to smack her forehead. Really?! Were the monsters always this weird? And enemies? Or was this one... special?

    She paused and watched breathlessly, as the girl cast her bind on... everyone? And then watched the truck rip itself out of it and then start barreling down on the already hard pressed Sailor V. In that moment. Haruka wanted to help more than ever before. Maybe it was that desire that caused what happened next, or maybe it was Sailor V's dire situation, or just Destiny being Destiny again.

    But in that moment, a bright light pulled Haruka's attention back behind the wall. The Outer Senshi did not have mascots - there was no feline to bring it a strange object via backflip. But what there was, floating in the air, was a henshin pen. She recognized it. Not just because it looked like the items Pluto and Neptune showed her. But because she had seen it before. Somewhere. Somewhere her mind refused to remember.

    "Oh crap." was the thing she said. Later she'd tell everybody she'd done something much cooler. But that pen represented so much. A change in who she was, and an acceptance of a different role than just 'professional awesome' or whatever she was intending to be when she left school.

    Why didn't she think about all of this sooner, really consider it? Decide if she wanted this? If she'd take it when it was offered? It always seemed like such a silly idea and now it was here, staring (or at least floating) her in the face. If she just walked away, if she just said nothing, she could continue normally, right? Would it just go away if she said no? Should she say no? Her mind is a whirl and a panic and her heart is threatening to beat out of her chest. The monster isn't so funny anymore.

    Right. The monster. She cranes her head around to look back and see how Sailor V is doing...

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
After the long silence, the next piece the quartet plays is light and energetic, airy and hopeful. Like the sun shining through a break in the clouds of the dissonant storm that came before it.

Minako Aino has posed:
Crap. Crap. Could Minako break free? Probably...definately, but was it quick enough? Well, seeing others getting caught was a problem.

It was enough to hesitated and that was enough for her to be moving too slow.

"Crescent love m-" she begins, only for the attack to be cut off and the glowing chain to shatter as Sailor V was hit by the impact and sent hurtling through the outer wall of one of the food trucks and disappearing out of sight.

Hopefully she was fine, just burried under condaments and scrap metal.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Haruka watches - and she makes her decision. She reaches out and grabs the pen. Because all she had to do, even for a moment, was think about if she'd be able to live with herself, to look Michiru in the eye, if something happened to Sailor V and she did nothing. What was one more rash decision in a lifetime of them, anyways?

    Or, multiple lifetimes of them. Her hand wrapped around the henshin stick and nothing happened... for the briefest of moments. And then suddenly, her nails changed color, painted perfectly - even though that ended up being irrelevant shortly thereafter as her boy's school uniform was replaced with the familiar henshin outfit of the Sailor Senshi. And in that moment. She knew. She knew on as deep a level as that she loved Michiru, she knew who she was. Not all of the details. But she knew the name. Sailor Uranus.

    She knew her role. Protecting earth and it's people from their enemies, enemies from beyond the stars. Enemies like this one. Like, apparently, monster monster trucks.

    She knew the words without having to think of them. They came out of her mouth before her mind caught up to it. "Sailor Uranus, Guardian of the Winds, Acts with Elegance!"

    She jumped into the fight - literally, leaping farther than she ever could before - skidding to a stop. She knew the next words, too. Maybe someone would have stopped for a justice speech, but. That wasn't her style, and there was a senshi - a partner, an ally, a teammate - in need. She reached her hand up into the sky and gathered up her power - the wind, but the solar wind, which altered magnetism and moved the Earth's tectonic plates.

    "World Shaking!

    And she thrust her hand forward and laughed the orange, spinning sphere, watching it rip up terrain with at least the same vigor as the monster had just before, on course to slam into the Truckayouma. Fordrigar? Had she been paying that much attention? Doesn't matter. Having launched the sphere she runs over and starts trying to pull scrap metal (and condiments, but focusing on the dangerous stuff) off Sailor V as best she can. "Sorry I'm late!"

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru Kaiou is playing the bright and hopeful melody when she feels it in the currents. She feels the moment Haruka takes that pen, the moment Uranus awakens. Her bow all but shoots across the strings of her violin in a screeching barrage of sound that is definitely not part of the song. They all stop.

Whoops. Michiru's cheeks flush. She does not make mistakes. But she's also a professional, and she's got a gig to play. She nods to the others, and they just pick back up and keep playing, the song bright and hopeful to the end.

Setsuna Meiou has posed:
Fordrigar pauses as it sends Sailor V flying into the food trucks, and shouts, "THE THRILL STARTS WITH THE GRILLE AND NEVER SEEMS TO END!!!"

And then there's a change in the air.

The whole world seems to pause on some level as something monumental happens...and off to the side, an introduction is called.

The youma turns and looks as the attack is called...and turns to see the rampaging planet ball coming right for it, "...Presenting the Unexpected!"

And then the massive attack folds it over, sends it flying into a crumpled heap in a different direction.

It lies there...and then, impossibly...it starts to get up...but it only makes it a little bit before collapsing down and crumbling to dust, leaving only a sad voice saying, "...This Roadster says 'Let's Go...'"

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Achura just laughed with a maniacle, rich girl laugh. "Oh ho ho ho ho! And lo, the great Sailor V is bested! She--" Then stopped. Wait. What? Bested? She wasn't... nahhhh. Nahhhhhhhh. She was totally okay. There was no way she lost to a... truck. Oh. Oh dear. Wait, nope!

"Now, my minion! Drain the energy of all those foolish beings who dare to enjoy things like fun, fancy cars and truck bumpers that double as park benches!"

But then... she feels it. Something... Inside her stirs. She looks around. What... was that... why was...


... Wait. Uh oh. And she stared. World... shaking? Why was--

Oh. Oh dear.

Achura watched, giving a little squeak, before taking a small step back. "Uhhhhhh... that... that's new. So... so you don't use a ray gun either, then? Well... I... ummmm... Achura, Witch of the Northern Lights... flees to fight another day!" And then she RUNS AWAY!

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho-- ack cough hack swallowed a bug..."

Truly, her training was paying off.

Minako Aino has posed:
Was Sailor V defeated? Lost to a spicey end thanks to a truck monster? Well... No.

Stepping out of the dust and spatter of sauce. "Crescent Super b-" she begins, hand lifting as energy crackles around her, a sweeping to aim at the truck... only to find it wreckage and a new sailor scout she didn't recognize standing before her.


Wait a second, there was that witch of strangely familier height!


Was she going to actually hit Archura? Probably not...but it was a decent reminder that Sailor V was neither beaten nor in a particularly good mood now.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus scratches her head and looked down at Sailor V (not in a mean way she's just toll) and then watches her shoot a ray at the fleeing Achura. She is about to ask if they should chase the girl - but something in her convinces her to not ask the existing Magical Girl for direction right now. She almost tells the girl she's only recently henshined, but that same voice tells her that's not the right thing. This results, mostly, in Sailor Uranus looking at Sailor V for longer than is strictly necessary, and then only filling up the quiet space with a "Hey."

    A pause, awkward, quiet. Then followed up by "You're good now, right?" she asks.

    Well... that didn't come out entirely how she envisoned it. For the first time in a while Haruka, the girl underneath the henshin, feels a little... awkward. "...Truck youma, am I right?"

Hotaru Tomoe has posed:
Achura couldn't believe it, though! Two sailor senshi! She got to run into--


Wait, what? She had only a moment to realize something was wrong... before the beam of anger and magical fury hit her in the butt.

She shrieked, blasting off away, flipping head over teakettle for a few before crashing on the ground.

Okay... you know what? *Ow.* She was NOT going to tell Riventon about that part. Nope.

Okay, so not all escapes were glorious, but... an escape was still an escape. And with her butt now sore, she fled through one of the doorways of Obsidian!

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
The rest of the set is a blur. There are songs, and Michiru plays them, but her mind is elsewhere. She is ready to be _gone_, but she is not going to just walk out of a gig.

The moment they're done, though, she's not sticking around. She's headed directly home, as quickly as Takuya-san will drive her there, which is not quick enough.

Minako Aino has posed:
"Truck Youma," Sailor V agrees, lowering her hand with a little sigh and then looking...up at the Outer Senshi she didn't know, blinking a little. She wanted to reveal herself, to question who she was or why she didn't know her from this or the previous life...but she couldn't in this public setting, lest she give herself up.

"I am okay...but I sure as hell need a shower..."

Well, there were worse ways that this could have ended, even if she came off a little cold at first. "Thanks, Sailor....Uranus?"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Hearing someone else say the name, and meaning her? That's a little weird, too. Poor girl probably has the wrong impression, because Haruka has a whole lot going on underneath that blonde hair. "Yeah. Sailor Uranus." she says after a pause. Getting used to the name. And yet, also, it fit like a glove. Oh, this was going to be such a headache soon.

    "Yeah, you'll forgive me if I don't shake your hand. Normally I would but the uhhh... yeah I won't keep you long so you can shower that off." she admits. "But uh... nice... shooting there. You pegged her on the way out. Hopefully something to remember you by, right?" she says. Oh it was weird to be standing next to Sailor V, someone who had video games and posters and all of that, and talking to her in this sort of friendly-yet-awkward way. Uranus wasn't a fan, per se, but... she was still essentially a celebrity. She reaches up and scratches her head. Not the impression she ever wanted to give anyone. She'd have to work on that.

    "Maybe we'll see each other around again, some place with less... giant truckasarous roaming around. And less food toppings where they don't go. And then talk?" she offers.

Minako Aino has posed:
"Not exactly sporting of me but...she ruined a lot of people's day here," that and Minako was probably going to be washing some sort of topping she couldn't even pronounce off. As first impressions went, this probably wasn't the one Minako wanted to be giving either, still...there was embarassment, but there was still enough sense to think forwards. It did always seem to be easier to focus when she wasn't worrying about Usagi after all!

"We'll speak again..." the wheels were turning, she knew the Inner Senshi, she'd even met Setsuna and knew the Nurse's secret so...well, there was a way to make sure the Outer Senshi could vet this newcomer. Of course she was grateful for the backup but, it didn't hurt to be sure.

"Speak with Pluto, she'll know how to find me."

With that, and as much mystery as the 'Beautiful Heroine Sailor V' can manage when covered in debris and food with injured legs, she leaps to make her escape.

Man she needed a shower.