1291/Coffee For the Sleepy Ones

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Coffee For the Sleepy Ones
Date of Scene: 15 March 2024
Location: Midori-Ya Cafe
Synopsis: Another study session with Zoisite has Ami needing a super charged coffee. Haruka runs into the pair. With her help they make Ami realize she's been pushing herself a bit too much and needs some serious sleep.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Zoisite, Haruka Tenoh

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno 's tutoring list was rather full for someone who never tutored before. Study groups? Sure. That was different. One on one tutoring? Well it was easier to handle with the Shittenou that way--They all seemed to have different schedules. Zoisite at least was easy enough to get ahold of since he did seem rather dedicated to getting back where he ought to be. Even if it's just to be in the same grade as Mamoru. It's a goal.

Usually tutoring was in one of the empty classrooms, or the library, or even her dorm room. Today? Today she had requested it be at Midori-Ya Cafe. Because she was starting to show some bags beneath her eyes and coffee sounded like the best thing in the world right now.

Which is why she's in line staring at the menu with a slight squint of her eyes trying to decide what she wants.

Zoisite has posed:
    They have just over a week before school ends and Zoisite officially takes his placement test to see what grade he would be joining at Radiant Heart Academy. Until then, he needed to cram as much as possible, though he was starting to feel confident.

    No doubt in great part due to Ami's tutelage. He's lucky that she was willing to work with him, and so out of the kindness of his heart (right, right) he's standing in the queue next to her, having offered to pay for her drink and a pastry, if she'd like it. Naturally Zoisite already knows what he wants, having decided practically before he saw the menu.

    When they make it to the counter, he asks for a latte and a croissant, then Zoi's shifting his weight so he can step to the side, giving way to Ami so she can order on his tab. It's the least he can do.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Behind Zoisite and Ami, a tall blonde girl in the female Radiant Heart Academy Uniform has joined the line. Eventually, when Ami turns around, she'll recognize the blonde girl there - Haruka Tenou.

    "I see, Mizuno-san, that you are still working yourself down to the point where soon we'll be able to know for real if you can pass tests in your sleep?" Haruka Tenoh asks, smirking. "All work and no play is one thing, but all work and no rest is an even more severe matter." the blonde notes, before swooping past the two of them to order. "Mind if I join, then? If you're teaching your pretty friend on Mamoru's grade level that's my grade level too." Haruka doesn't, in fact, care whether Ami's pretty friend is male or female - the line and the wink are as gender-flexible as the two of them are.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno draws a deep breath to help bolster her energy as she steps forward. No foot shuffling here even if she may really be tempted to do so. She wouldn't drag her feet or show signs of being tired until such point as she ended up sick or at the nurses office. Which hopefully would NOT happen.

"I'll have an extra large flat white with three shots of espresso, please." There's not even a request of anything to fill her stomach. Just caffiene--And then the familiar short haired blonde behind them calls out catching her attention.

"Tenoh-san, hello! I'm fine, really, just a bit busy is all," she assures with a quick yet guilty smile at being called out. The question of joining earns a look toward Zoisite, then back to Haruka, blinking rapidly. "Ah, if Saitou-san doesn't mind, I suppose I don't. You would both be the same grade yes. I should introduce you two properly as it is."

Zoisite has posed:
    Zoisite has the good grace to let a look of concern flash across his face, when Haruka points out how hard Ami has been working, given that it's partially for his benefit. Still, he's not going to argue against Ami continuing to help him. He's a bit too self-serving for that.

    Hence, the coffee. Or rather the extra large flat white with three shots of espresso that Ami has just ordered. He says nothing about it, though both eyebrows do raise slightly. Maybe he should be more worried about her.

    "I'll be enrolling in Mamoru's grade, yes," he agrees, his lips curving into a smile at the accompanying compliment, and the wink prompts him to tuck a lock of hair behind his ear, looking even more pleased. His mouth opens, and there's only a faint hitch where he has to self-correct to give the name of "Izou Saitou," rather than his real one.

    While they wait for their orders, Zoisite steps aside, and adds, "A pleasure to meet you, Tenoh-san. Thank you for looking after Ami-chan, we both know how she can be when she's committed to something." Admittedly Zoi is leveraging ancient knowledge to say such a thing, but if he retains those memories, then why not use them?

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
"Especially when that something is academics." Haruka confirms, nodding. It takes her a moment to order her own coffee and catch up to them. Haruka notes 'Saitou-san' didn't say whether they minded or not, but to Haruka, that means they don't. They had the chance to speak up, after all. So she follows them and takes control of a chair, sitting sideways in it. "Now that we're not in line, though. If you're one of the one's Ami's tutoring, that means you're one of Chiba-san's?" His what, she doesn't specify.

    "...How is it? Being back here, I mean, in this world, instead of whatever world she created in your head. Worrying about grades and such." she says, quietly. "I don't suppose you turn into a tall, broad-shouldered fellow with hair-length wavy brown hair? I never really got to have the duel with him and I was honestly very excited for it."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno wraps her hands around the newly delivered coffee she had requested only to take a large, long gulp. A deep sigh is exhaled as she sinks down into her seat allowing her eyes to slide shut to better enjoy the moment. And it seems she's fine, just indulging in a moment of caffienation, before she mumbles, "It's hot. I meant to ask for iced." Alas. Another sip is taken anyway.

When Haruka comes over to join them she looks between the two as they exchange pleasantries, and talk of her being a bit driven. She could protest! She should protest! But there was that little bit of guilt that causes her to duck her head as if hoping she could hide the fact from them that she was indeed overworking herself.

Thankfully there's the distraction of Haruka's question that earns a quick little giggle from Ami. "Of course he doesn't, he's my cute little Zoi."

Zoisite has posed:
    Zoisite's coffee and pastry is sat before him, but unlike Ami he doesn't immediately go in for a drink. Instead he pulls off a corner of the croissant to nibble on while he waits for his drink to cool. It's a very small bite, but he chews on it an extra-long time to give himself a moment to think, after Haruka's question.

    First thing first, he does confirm her initial assessment with, "Yes. I'm Zoisite. Izou Saitou is a name I'm using for school purposes." But the rest is... more complicated. He hesitates. Not to say he's upset about the question, but even for Zoi the words don't come easily.

    "It isn't the first time. At least it was prompted only by a near-death experience," on Endymion's part, to save him of all people. "Rather than true destruction. So I am grateful. And need to get myself in a place where I can more easily protect my prince." That last part is murmured, so that there's no chance of anyone overhearing but those already at the table.

    He blows out a breath to cool his drink, and then takes a testing sip of his latte. Yes, very hot. But he continues, "You're thinking of someone else. Why would I want to change perfection?" And then he takes another sip, only to choke on it lightly as Ami calls him that.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka snickers. "Saitou-san, for now, then." she says. "That's fine. I figured it was a longshot anyways. Given your... cuteness." she says, as Izou's situation causes his body to make a valliant attempt to resist the coffee. "But if you're going to spend time making up for the wrong times, we should get to know each other a bit too." Haruka says, sipping from her coffee. "I'd hate to attack someone who doesn't deserve it, and the last time I saw the Prince and Princess together I felt slightly... overprotective." Haruka offers.

    "To which point..." she begins, turning to Ami "... Mizuno-san, could you really say you were at one-hundred-percent if we needed you for trouble? I hate to go for the low blow but at a certain point I have to look out for our mutual royals."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Oh no, poor Zoi coughing on his drink. Ami reaches out to lightly pat his back. Pat, pat, pat. "Oh, I don't mean you're *little*, you're far taller than me, I just meant compared to some of the others you're not as tall and that's perfectly fine, you don't risk hitting your head on doorways that way."

She was certainly not at a hundred percent though as is evidenced by the fact that Haruka calling her out on it, again, has her attention shifting to the other blonde blinking wide-eyed.

"I'm fine. For now. Maybe not for a fight," she has to admit after a half-moment of thought which causes her to purse her lips together tightly. Definitely not for a fight.

Reluctantly she sighs as she admits, "All right, point made. I'll get some rest soon." It's about now she remembers to *stop patting Zoi's back* because he was probably okay by now.

Zoisite has posed:
    Haruka's decision on what to call him has Zoisite nodding in agreement. It may not be his name but he sees the value in discretion, so he has no objections to it. In fact the only objection he has is to that sip of coffee, so he clears his throat behind his hand, Ami's patting assisting to clear his airways.

    And then the patting continues, and continues. If not for the fact that Ami and Haruka are deep in conversation about a very important topic, one that Zoisite himself cares deeply about, he would interrupt to object to being treated like a baby.

    But she does eventually stop, and Zoisite's mouth lifts in relief from where it had flattened into a thin line. He flicks a lock of hair over his shoulder that had come tumbling loose from the repeated percussion. "I am a very busy person," he begins, but he looks at Haruka out of the corner of his eye as he takes a sip, "But I'm sure I could clear my calendar for you. Especially after we're done with this testing. Which, yes, isn't worth you being sidelined for, Ami-chan."

    He tears off another bite of croissant to nibble at it daintily. "I'll see to her getting some rest myself, if need be. I can be very compelling when I want to be," he says.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka cracks a bit of a smile at Ami's continued patting. "You know, though, that the members of our teams - up to and including certain royals at the top - are bad at taking care of themselves." She says to Zoisite, with a wink. "Someone has to remind them to take care of themselves while they're running around trying to save everyone else. And I'm not surprised Mizuno-san would be the same way in the face of possible academic apocalypses as many of them are to other kinds of apocalypses." She says. "But then again, I have someone who keeps me alive by being the calmness to my chaos, so I'm one to talk." she admits, shrugging.

    "And I suppose that means we all need each other, in a way. Ami needs someone to tell her to sleep, and have fun. I need someone to tell me to hold back when I wouldn't."

    "And I'm sure somewhere in our group is someone who has what you need too, Saitou-san." she says, standing up to sip from her coffee. "I just hope it's something good..." she says, pausing. "Because you're not the only who knows this is your second chance to do things right, mmm?" she says, and there's something in her comment there, in her tone of voice, that slips from her - that isn't Haruka, but is a voice and words from someone who wasn't allowed to stop them from making a mistake once before, someone from another time. "It was good to meet you - we should keep doing it. Makes it easier to keep an eye on you." she says, in a way that is maybe playful and maybe not, as she heads to get rid of her mostly full coffee cup. Something about it seems to have hit her wrong.