271/Seaing the Future

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Seaing the Future
Date of Scene: 21 August 2023
Location: A Beach Up North
Synopsis: Haruka and Michiru finally get that date, but of course it's full of tears as they discuss their past lives and their destiny.
Cast of Characters: Michiru Kaiou, Haruka Tenoh

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Their last attempt at a date was co-opted by Destiny--and Setsuna--and so they did not really get a chance to just talk, gaze at each other, and otherwise be two young girls falling in love. Not that Michiru was falling. She fell. She _remembered_. She knew deep down in her soul who Haruka was, even if Haruka didn't. It took entirely too much effort for Michiru to remain the calm and collected young woman she knew she needed to be.

    And so it was that she waited a little while. She kept her cool. And then, after a week had passed, she texted.

    >>Would you like to try again to have a date? I know a private beach we could go to. No nosy nurses.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka was lazing around her house - okay, Setsuna's house - in a set of shorts and a t-shirt, mulling over the pros and cons of an offer she'd recently recieved over the phone. So the right person to help her think called. But also the most distracting person on the planet, in the solar system, in forever.

    She smiled at her phone and texted back. ">>Do cars go fast? Yes, I'd love to have a date with you. And without Setsuna." She paused, added a smiley face, and started to get up off the couch. She certainly wasn't going to go swimming in this.

    But swimming gave her a little bit less flexibility in her outfits; she only had one choice, and well, that was going to have to do. After all she'd already said yes. Mental note, buy nicer swimsuit for spending time with the water sprite. There would be more time spent with her, right? There had to be, she could feel it in her bones. Or, perhaps, hear it on the wind. She knew in her spirit that one of the things she had always looked for was the woman with the sea-green hair.

    Of course, Haruka showed up in the open-top Stingray - it was the most 'reasonable' vehicle to take to the beach of the three, at least for some values of reasonable. She waited outside of Michiru's apartments, arm resting on the seat next to her.

    She was in swim trunks and a top, which she'd still managed to throw a dress short over, albeit an open one. She texted rather than honk.

    >>I'm here, the gorgeous blonde in the only slightly less gorgeous car.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Michiru shows up mere moments later. She could not have possibly ridden the elevator down from the top floor in that short a time, so she must have been waiting in the lobby. She's wearing a simple black one-piece that shows off her shoulders, a sheer white coverup that goes down past her knees, and a cute pair of strappy sandals. She's got a pair of sunglasses on her face, and a big bag slung over her shoulder. She came prepared.

    She strides right up to the car, and hops in, tossing her bag in the back seat. Then she leans over to place a kiss on Haruka's cheek. "Hello, beautiful."

    She fastens her seatbelt--a safety precaution regardless, but very prudent with Haruka behind the wheel--and tosses her hair just a little. "The beach I have in mind is up along the coast in Ibaraki. There's a beautiful, secluded little strand that nobody ever goes to."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka notes how much more prepared her date is than her, she's got a bag, sunglasses... Haruka should have brought more, she thinks. But she just has another feeling she can't explain, like Michiru is just the one responsible for anything that resembles a plan, the same way that Michiru belongs with Haruka. Like this shouldn't surprise anybody.

    The kiss makes Haruka pause for a moment, and then just smile. She eventually gets her brain back ont othe mental tracks. "Ibaraki, huh. That's about a two hour drive." she pauses. "Well, less for me." she admits. Getting out of the center of metropolitan Tokyo's endless urban sprawl takes a while, but once they're on the road Haruka's much more able to put the car in gear and get some speed out of it. Not 'interrogate people about being a magical girl' speed though. She's... more careful, slightly, with Michiru in the car. Also, the highway isn't a racetrack no matter how badly Haruka wants it to be, and she does know that. On... some level.

    "Thanks, though. For inviting me. To this. With you." she says. "I was sorta getting stuck in a loop thinking about things, and some time on the road and by the beach - with beautifully distracting company - is just what I need today. And... every other day." she admits.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    "I would have invited you sooner, but things have been rather hectic," Michiru says. It's not _entirely_ a lie. School may not be in session, but Michiru always has rehearsals. And then there's how she was waiting so as not to seem too overbearing. Their last encounter was definitely a lot, and she wanted to give Haruka time to process.

    Her hair whips around as the wind blows through it, and she spends most of the drive just gazing at the perfection that is Haruka Tenoh. She finds herself feeling constrained by the seatbelt, and by the circumstance. She wants nothing more than to place so many more sweet kisses all over that face, but she's content to settle for simply gazing.

    "We'll have plenty of time today for you to tell me about all those thoughts, my prince," she says, after a few moments. "I want to know everything."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "No, it wasn't a complaint. I'm just happy to spend time with you." she says, quietly. Haruka has to keep her eyes on the road - mostly. There's still a few stolen glances at the beautiful siren, no matter what she does. She does good to just keep them limited so that she doesn't put either of them at risk.

    "Hah. Isn't that my line? 'I want to know everything'." Haruka says. "You've got the more exciting life. Your name is on CDs and outside theatres, my name is on a newspaper article once and it was just for doing something I wasn't supposed to do." Haruka says, laughing a little bit. "Plus there's even more on top of that." She admits. She says all of this as though the car she's in is normal or the fact that she's driving it right now is normal.

    "You're an enchanting musical genius and heiress to a fortune who lives in a penthouse. I'm a pretty face, a heavy accelerator foot, and a dislike for being told what to do, who got kicked out of my own house and has to live with the school nurse." she notes. She doesn't even seem particularly sad about it, she's more just noting it compared to Michiru. "I'm glad you give me the time of day, before we even get to anything else. And I've spent my whole life adrift, like a leaf in a cyclone, and for the first time in my life, when I met you I started to feel like maybe the storm's dying down just a little bit."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Michiru simply listens, her eyes never straying from the blonde next to her in the driver's seat. She mostly manages to keep the sadness she feels from showing up on her face. There's a few moments, though, where she can't help it. Her heart is breaking thinking of all the sorrow and despair her love must have felt. All the pain and rejection she must have gone through to get here. She's grateful that Haruka's still driving, so probably doesn't notice the single, solitary tear that escapes and trails down her cheek, only to be whisked away by the wind.

    "My mother used to tell me that comparison is the thief of joy," she finally says. "I'm not responsible for the circumstances of my birth, and you're not responsible for yours. You have made the best of the hand you were dealt in life, my prince. You've found your way to me, and that's what truly matters. We will face the challenges this world has to throw at us _together_."

    She's so certain about them. She has been since that very first moment. But, then again, she has Neptune's memories--or at least, some of them, memory is fickle after all--and so she knows their souls are intertwined. She can feel it in the eddies and flows of the sea of magic around her. She can feel the tug of Destiny pulling them together. Who is she to fight it?

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka almost doesn't notice it. She has to mostly ignore it though, tell herself she was imagining things. "You know, my story is no longer sad. It might have been sad in the past, but that's behind me now, and I can just keep moving quickly towards the future."

    "It was getting happier even before I met you, so obviously, I'm pretty much full of joy now." she adds. "Life won't ever be... perfect. But between being able to live my own life, and finding you - my missing half - it's been pretty good, actually. I hope I'm not dooming myself somehow saying that." she notes as they start to get closer to the beach and she has to slow.

    "I just meant to say that it seems like you have a lot more stuff to say, when it comes to learning about you. At least, the stuff I didn't see in the papers. Some things I don't have to ask about, which is good." Since they might be hurtful, like the story about her parents.

    "Though, if I decide to take an offer I just got, my life might get more interesting..." she says, as they pull up to a spotlight. "...and if I do you'll be one of the very few people who know it!" she adds with a sly wink. But she's talking about a different secret identity, a different hidden thing than Setsuna and Michiru have.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    The slowed speeds mean less wind to whip Michiru's hair around, and also makes it easier to hear. Not that that's stopped them from having a conversation so far. She laughs lightly and shakes her head. "So much of my life has been in the public eye. Of course, nobody writes about what it feels like to be handled. To have my every waking moment planned and plotted. Nobody wants to know about the reality of fame, and if they do, it's easy to dismiss as the price one pays. But I just wanted to make music and paint pictures. I didn't _want_ all of that, but I was always the dutiful daughter. And I cannot deny I have had so many opportunities I would not have, were I not so famous."

    "But you, _you're_ a mystery to me. I know who you _were_, but I don't know who you _are_, not really. You're my sweet prince who appeared out of nowhere and captured my heart all over again. I know you live to move, and move fast at that. You run, and you race, going fast like the wind. I know this about you, but I don't know much else. I want to know all about the circumstances you came from, and what drives you," Michiru says, her eyes never straying from Haruka's face. How could she ever look away?

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I may not know what it's like to be handled..." Haruka admits. "...But I know what it's like to have someone tell you how to act, how to behave, and to try to make you into who they want you to be, without regard for your own feelings." Haruka says softly.

    "I don't do well with... plans, plots, people telling me what to do or where to be or how to act." She says as she pulls into a parking spot and finally she can return Michiru's looks. Not just looking into her eyes but looking at her face, at every bit of her like it's an image she's trying to capture in her mind forever.

    "I run, yeah. Drive, move. But I don't even know what I'm running towards. Or maybe running away from." She admits. "I mean, towards you now, that one's easy. But there's still something more. I don't know if I'm afraid of it, or afraid not to have it." she continues, looking down. "Even now I feel like I should just grab you by the wrist and run into the water with you and forget about... all of this talking. Hide from it. Escape. I do that a lot, you know." she admits. The wind blows a bit more fiercly, cold from the oceanic air.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    The wind blows across the parked car and it whips Michiru's hair just so, and she feels this intense deja vu. In that moment Haruka _is_ Uranus--even if she hasn't awoken to it yet--and she's Neptune. Their souls drawn to each other across time and space, endlessly dancing like the wind on the waves. The car's not moving, and that means Michiru can do what she's wanted to for the last hour and forty-five minutes.

    She unbuckles her seatbelt, and launches herself across the front seat. Her arms thrown about Haruka's shoulders, her face buried in Haruka's neck. "You're running toward your Destiny, my prince. You're running like the wind, because you _are_ the wind. You'll see that eventually, I promise." She lifts her head up to place a sweet kiss right at the corner of Haruka's mouth, and then she pulls away toward her door, reaching to open it and climb out, grabbing her bag from the back seat.

    Michiru shuts her door and looks across the car at Haruka, and says, "So, tell me about this offer you're considering."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
And Haruka's eyes are wide and big, and then relaxed, one emotion right after another - surprise quickly shifting to satisfaction and calm. She puts her hand on Michiru's back and just hugs her in for a moment, when her face in so close, her body is so close. It's a more romantic embrace than a hug, for sure.

    The kiss at the corner of Haruka's mouth stops her before she can do much of anything - maybe she'll get used to that from her Siren, maybe she will always be immediately shut off for a moment and need to mentally reboot afterwords.

    She takes a little longer to get out of the car, but eventually moves up to Michiru's side. "Honestly, it's kind of crazy, but the amount of crazy things in my life has been going up lately anyways." She says with a smile. "So... the thing I was in the local papers for. When I was 13 I kinda... snuck onto a race course, got into a car, and ran a race. I don't really know why they didn't stop me. It was just an amateur thing, not even televised. I don't know why I did it, either." she admits. "But I won?" she said, shrugging and grinning.

    "...anyways, it was kind of a thing for a little bit. Probably nobody would have remembered but the cops if I didn't win, but the local newspaper picked it up and it was kind of... a thing." She says, scratching the back of her neck as she walks beside Michiru.

    "Well, today I got a call from one of the teams. I don't know how they got my number - I mean, I've even changed my last name since then. But they asked me if I'd be willing to race in the place of one of their other drivers. But always in a helmet. Kind of like ghostwriting a book, but for racing? And I'd keep a percentage of the winnings, too." she says. "The whole things sounds crazy to me - but like I said, my life has gotten a lot more crazy recently..." she puts a hand on Michiru's shoulder and leans into kiss her cheek. "... and it's worked out pretty well for me so far."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Is that a little touch of pink on Michiru's cheeks? Just a little blush? Is the Siren of the Deep Sea smitten? Yes, yes, and yes. She smiles and leans in close to her tall, handsome companion, an arm slipping around the blonde's waist. "Oh, it's only just beginning to get crazy, my prince. Just you wait and see."

    She's silent for a few minutes as they walk down the path that leads from the parking lot, and winds around some of the tree-lined hills and down to the pristine, sandy beach. As Michiru promised, there is nobody there. The water laps up onto the shore. It's low tide, so there are crabs and shells and all sorts of treasures to find in the sand.

    As they emerge onto the beach proper, she finally turns her head to look up at Haruka and asks, "So, are you going to do it? It sounds like it would be fun, and a little bit of money would surely feel good in your pocket." Says the girl who has never had want for money in her entire life.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I have a distinct feeling in my bones that you're right about that." Haruka admits. "That things are about to be crazier. I mean, that should be obvious. I know what you and Meiou-san do, but I also don't really know, know. Like, understand all of what that means." she adds. Haruka looks around at the beach for a little bit, but it can't possibly compare with the beauty of the girl walking next to her. She still spends the vast majority of her time looking at Michiru (and trying not to lapse into staring).

    "I mean... it's not about the money, for me." she admits. "Meiou-san's been taking care of me, and I feel like if I had need of anything I could get it sorted out." she admits. "For me, it's... about the thrill, the fun. I love to race, but I never get to really... race. Not against other people. It seems dangerous and silly... but it seems like a lot of fun." She says, softly. "So I'm almost convinced I'm going to do it anyways. I love the feeling of it all..."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    "That I can understand," Michiru says, quietly as she turns to look out over the water, leading them toward a small copse of trees that's set just a little ways back from the waterline from the high tide. It's the perfect place to drop her bag. Her bag that has a blanket in it, among other things. "We have these gifts, and it is so fulfilling to _use_ them."

    With her hands both free, she turns to look up at Haruka and presses up onto her tippy toes, draping her arms around the tall, blonde's neck, gazing into her eyes. "We all want to serve a _purpose_," she says. "It feels good to you to go fast like the wind because it aligns with your purpose, with your Destiny." There's that word again. She and Setsuna keep using it. "I think you should do this ghostracing, my prince. It suits you."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Hmm. My racing is a gift? I guess... speed has always been kind of... my thing..." Haruka wonders out loud as she walks with Michiru towards the little set of trees. "Running, biking, or driving, yeah. I've been good at all of them. Like I'd had another life where I had already done all this professionally..." she mused. The girl was close, but it was hard not to be close to the truth when she was so close to her love, physically and mentally close now.

    Haruka paused. "A purpose. Yeah. I've been... looking for that." She said, looking down into Michiru's eyes, smiling a little - no, a lot. "I thought maybe that was you, with the way you made me feel just the moment I laid my eyes on you. But I don't think you're my purpose... but you are my partner." She says, and pauses, before kissing Michiru's forehead. "Which is pretty close. And if the beautiful siren says I should do the thing I already wanted to do... I'm not going to argue." she admits, and shrugs a bit.

    "So you and Meiou-san seem to think you know my purpose. I assume it's being... like you two, with the bright colors and the skirts with tall boots? The magical girls?" she asks.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Michiru's eyes lid and she lets out a happy sounding sigh when Haruka's lips touch her forehead. She tips her head up to brush the tip of her nose against the blonde's, though she can barely reach even on her tippiest of toes. "Yes. We are soldiers, my prince, and there is a war raging on all around us. Once you get pulled into this war, you'll never be the same. That's why I was so upset before. But Meiou-san was right. I know you. I've _known_ you. We _were_ partners. We are. We will be. You are the wind, and I am the sea, and forever shall we make waves. That is our Destiny."

    She pushes up just a centimeter more to brush her lips against Haruka's in a tender, and chaste kiss, before lowering herself back down onto her heels, and letting her hands slide down between them. She reaches out to grab hold of one of Haruka's hands, and then turns to lead the taller woman away from that little copse of trees and toward the water. She sure loves to do that, doesn't she? Drop kisses like bombs and then just keep flying along.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka blinks, when Michiru speaks about her destiny. "A war... you mean like, what, we're going to guns and grenades?" She jokes. "So we are... the wind and the sea, but at war?" she pauses. And it takes a moment for all of this to catch up with her. It hits her later, in fact.

    The soft kiss slows down her realization and recollection - the feeling, momentary and soft, of the seagreen-haired girl's lips against hers is, in the moment, far more important than destiny or the past. She lets herself be dragged along by Michiru for a little bit, until suddenly she stops. She stops dead in her tracks and Michiru can't pull her anymore because now her body is tense and firm and stern. Immobile, like a block of iron. She can feel Haruka's strength in that moment, see her muscles tense.

    "We've... done this before, haven't we." She says, turning to face the sea. The wind blows their hair, though it's much more dramatic with Michiru's locks than with Haruka's.

    "We fought together. In a war." she says, and she's not looking out at the sea, per se, that's just where her head is turned, but she is looking somewhere else, somewhere other. She isn't the prophet Michiru is, the seer. She isn't the ancient spirit Setsuna is. But she carries an old soul just like the two of them. The history of that soul is within her, even though it comes to her in only flashes, bits and peices of memories from a time long gone. "The same war you're telling me I'm about to have to fight again, right?" she asks. "And... we didn't win, did we." she asks, her hands curling up into fists.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Michiru stops just a moments later, when her arm tugs behind her and she feels the pull of Haruka's gravity. She turns and watches as Haruka recollects, an almost hopeful look in her eyes. Is this the moment? Is this when it happens? No, of course not. It couldn't be that easy.

    "No, we didn't win," Michiru says, her voice deadly serious. "We all died, and now here we are, in another life, and it is all happening again." Her hand lifts up between them, her palm resting against Haruka's jaw. "I wish it were a different way. I wish we could be carefree. I wish I didn't know that in the end, it will come down to you or me. I wish so many things were different than they are, than they will be."

    She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath through her nose, and lets out a long sigh, then she opens them again and smiles. "But maybe it will be different this time. Maybe we'll find a way. I think that was the Queen's hope." Who is this Queen?

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "That... sucks." Haruka says after an incredibly long pause. "What do you mean, come down to you or me? Do you mean one of us? Because I would never abandon you." she says, at least as firmly and as forcefully as she has ever said anything. But probably more.

    "You keep calling me a Prince. Not that I don't mind it, but - you just called someone else a Queen, right? Are one or both of those terms of endearment?" she asks, looking at Michiru. "I mean obviously, if we did this before and we lost, I'd hope everybody wants it to change, right?" She asks. "Well, I guess not whoever... who *is* on the other side of this war? All I see when I think about that are... like laughing shadows..." she says, and unconsciously pushes her face just a bit into Michiru's hand. "I want to punch them." she adds, after just a moment.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Michiru's fingertips trail down along the side of Haruka's neck and she rests the heel of her palm against the taller girl's collarbone. "It's not just one whomever, it's _all_ of them. There are so many dark forces in the universe that seek to destroy and consume and send all of this," she lifts her hand up to gesture around them, "into the deep, dark abyss of oblivion."

    She reaches out to take hold of one of Haruka's hands, and lifts it up to her mouth, pressing her lips to knuckles in a soft kiss. "We were both princesses," she says. "But when I saw you at that dance, in that tuxedo?" She lets out a dreamy sigh and just shakes her head smiling. "You'll always be _my_ prince, Haruka. Always."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "All of them? You mean... whatever all of us is, versus whatever all of them is?" she says, and a hint of the woman she was when she wasn't out of her depth came in. "That's what war is, right. Two sides against each other. That much makes sense. Not much does otherwise." She admitted. "But that part I get."

    "...I like being your prince." She admits. "Hearing you say I used to be a princess... it's odd. Because it sounds right, it sounds correct. But it also sounds like the wrong word to use." She sighs, and brings her free hand up to the side of her head. "I hope things start making sense soon. I feel like there's two of me crammed into one body right now." She says, softly. "It's disorienting, like trying to make sense of the world as it's going by in a blur, rather than being able to keep my eyes on the track." she added. And then that hand came from the side of her head to Michiru's shoulder. "But at least we make sense. That is something whatever this was, and whatever it is now, are in agreement on, at least."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    "We'll always make sense, Haru-chan," Michiru says, putting another kiss on those knuckles she's still holding onto. "Our souls are intertwined, inseparable." But didn't she say something about one of them or the other? Didn't she just completely gloss over that question that Haruka asked?

    The sea-green-haired girl turns then, to look out over the water, and sighs. "It feels like there's two of you because in a very real way there is. There's you--Haruka Tenoh--and there's Uranus. You're separate but the same. When you awaken to your true self, only then will that discomfort dissipate."

    She's silent for a long moment, and then she says, barely louder than a whisper, just loud enough to be heard over the waves, "I saw my parents die in my dreams for a week before they left. I thought it was just nightmares, and so I did not say anything. They left, and I knew. I knew the search would fail to find them. I knew they were gone. I knew it, but I could not say why. I could not say how. Who would believe a teenaged girl's dreams told the future?"

    She turns and looks back to Haruka. "When I finally sought solace in the sea--the one place I always felt calm--she emerged. I awakened. I became _whole_. And I found this," she says, and she reaches...somewhere...and that same transformation pen twirls out into her hand until she's holding it like a wand. "I found it in the surf. This is why I think you should take that offer and do your races. Maybe you'll find yourself in the wind."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka paused. "There's something missing, and it's not just from my spirit, is it? There's something you're unwilling to share with me." She adds. "I may have only known you a little bit here, but I feel like I have known you forever, too." she adds. "I guess there's a lot I don't know yet." She says, softly. "But if I feel like you're hiding something from me, that's going to make this a lot harder." She almost mentions how that went for Setsuna, but elects not to, right now.

    "Two of me..." she says, putting her hand to her chest. "It feels that way, in a lot of ways. It always has but... I thought there was... a more mental explanation. A less... crazy one. Less than two of me in the same body." She admits. "Should I... worry that I haven't yet had any dreams of tragedy?" She asks. "I suppose if I do I should tell you. Do you dream of tragedies often?" She asks, after a moment, pulling Michiru close suddenly, one arm wrapped around her.

    "I will fight prophecy or destiny or wars or anything else, for you. If you let me." She says, gripping Michiru so very tightly. "As Haruka Tenoh or Sailor Anything or anybody else, I will fight for you. This world is precious to me because in it, we are together."

    "Maybe I'll find my pen in the wind. But... I have also found myself in the waves... it's just the waves came in the form of a very elegant and beautiful woman."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    The pen seems to vanish in all the commotion, going back to wherever it is that it came from. When Michiru is pulled in close, her free hand comes up between them and she leans into Haruka's embrace, her head resting against the taller girl's chest. "Of course you will, my prince. I would not doubt that for a single second," she says quietly, but those words are laced with sadness. She sounds almost as if she is on the verge of tears.

    She takes a ragged breath and then lets it out before drawing in another more calmly. "You are a woman of action, Haru-chan. I am the one who sees things. We were always a team. A pair. Wind and sea," she murmurs. Then she looks up, and there are definitely tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. "If you ever do have dreams, though, tell me."

    She lets go of Haruka's hand, then, and wraps both her arms around the tall girl's waist. She squeezes tightly, just as tightly, as if the world is trying to take her love away and she must hold on for dear life. This time she does whisper, but she's close enough Haruka can hear her, just barely. "In the end, one of us must die to save _everything_. I wish, I hope there is another way, but all magic comes with a price."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka listens, very intently, to her love, to her soulmate, to her woman. She is about to say something, but Michiru's now-quiet voice is so soft it feels like a delicate thing, like a porcelian doll, that she must not break with her own rough words.

    "That's too terrible." Haruka says, at the end of it all, tears welling up in her eyes. "I only just found you, what I have been seeking my entire life, and you're telling me either I will lose you or you will lose me?" she says, her fingers gripping in on Michiru. "No."

    "You will have to make sure that I am the one who dies, then, because I will never allow harm to come to you. Not for my sake. Not for the world's sake. Not for the entire universe's sake." She says. And well, Haruka Tenoh means this. Sailor Uranus, the Princess of Uranus, might see her duty more, but Haruka Tenoh sees her love more.

    "Do you understand? I don't want to have an everything without a you, Michiru Kaiou. That's just nothing." She looks, sternly, stoically, at the horizon where the sky meets the sea. There are tears but she's ignoring them. "I'll fight whatever destiny that is that wants to keep us apart, Michiru." she says, dispensing with formality and leaning into their connection. "Destiny, Queens, Gods... I don't care. I'll fight any of them, all of them." Those tears fall from her eyes despite herself.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
    Haruka's tears are all the permission Michiru needs to let her mask slip the rest of the way and the tears start rolling down her cheeks as well. She buries her face in Haruka's chest, and clings to her tightly. "I know, my sweet, brave prince. I know you will," she whispers, holding back her sobs even as the tears soak Haruka's shirt. That's the problem. She knows Haruka will fight. And she fears that Haruka will _lose_.

    After some time standing there as the waves crash onto the beach, Michiru takes another ragged, deep breath and lets out a long sigh. Then she looks up at her love and she smiles. "But please don't try that until you get your pen. I cannot bear to lose you. Not ever, but especially not yet. The foes we face are too powerful to take on without the the powers granted to us by our planets. Without Uranus, you would be _crushed_."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I wish I could promise that." Haruka says softly. "I wish I could. I want to say it to you, now." She takes a large breath. "But you know me, right? You know both of me. You know me innately, intimately. So you know I can't make that promise, right?" She asks, just the hint of a smile on her face as the shadow of her hair cloaks her eyes. "I'll do my best, though. But... I'm brash, impulsive, in a hurry. I'm not like you." She says.

    "But... you'll always get my best, Michiru." she adds. "So I won't go looking for any trouble until I've got more of this figured out, until I know which of me is which, and all of that. Alright? And you won't lose me. Worst case if I'm in over my head, I can always run." She doesn't say she will run, just that she can run.

    "If Destiny can be anything more than needlessly cruel to us, you won't lose me so easily after we sought each other for so long... it feels like forever, in my heart... that I looked for you. And now that I've found you, I'm not leaving."