649/Yes It's A Planet!

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Yes It's A Planet!
Date of Scene: 26 October 2023
Location: Dream Kingdom
Synopsis: Chasing down a punk of a youma leads to a meeting between Sailor Eris and Sailor Uranus. Thankfully, Sailor Neptune shows up before Sailor Uranus can eat her entire shoe.
Cast of Characters: Haruka Tenoh, Hikaru Amanaka, Michiru Kaiou

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus is out on her own, again. It's not that she couldn't have company from Pluto and Neptune if she needed it, but the three of the are cut from a slightly different cloth, and can cover a lot of ground separated, and handle a lot of things on their own. Things like the youma in the amusement park, that may have also summoned the attention of a Senshi that Sailor Uranus doesn't remember.

    The youma in question has taken up residence in the Dream Kingdom, an oceanside theme park - one of those monsters that seems to be unaligned and feral, a sort of shadowy-humanoid that lurks with its glowing red eyes trying to avoid the notice of the Senshi.

    Sailor Uranus is wearing most of the same uniform as any other senshi, albeit right now the skirt is replaced with hot pants, her hand on her hip and frowning as she tries to hunt it down. This would be easier with some help.

    She senses someone near her, and turns around, but the tall senshi doesn't see her prey - instead she sees a slender girl in nearly the same uniform as her.

    Crap, Michiru is so much better at diplomacy. she thinks to herself even as she walks up. But this girl doesn't cause that feeling of dislike to well up in her like so many others do. Neither does she feel like family as Pluto and Neptune do. She's altogether... different.

    So instead of a sharp hello or a happy one... Sailor Eris gets more of a confused one. "Hey... there?"

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    After her conversation with Sailor Moon, Eris had begun to feel a bit more put together. A bit more hopeful. Maybe she'd be able to handle this--maybe she'd have someone she could rely on. Someone to confide in. So, with her heart feeling a little renewed, she's gone out youma hunting and this time the track of her prey has brought her here to the Dream Kingdom. She knows the park--has seen it and heard of it, but never had the chance to go inside to ride the rides and enjoy the actual amusements. She's only been inside for the first time tonight, actually! She's strolling down one of the pathways, accompanied only by the click of her cadet blue high heels. So when someone speaks to her, she actually jumps a little, long dark curls flitting as she jerks her head.

    "Ack!" A pause as she realizes that it's another senshi talking to her and she slowly lowers herself from her defensive position and tries her best to look cool. Normal.

    "Ah, good evening."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Sailor Uranus' boots click on the ground, echoing loudly through the mostly empty path, as she walks closer to Eris, her eyes betraying a curious sort of interest.

    "Who... are you?" she asks. Both of her ask. Haruka's curious. Sailor Uranus is wary. Both her headstrong memories and her current person are in agreement about wanting to know more. "You look like one of us, but I don't feel like I know you." She doesn't sound angry, she sounds slightly wary and confused. "Are you a cosplayer? Because I'm not Sailor V." she says. She doesn't entirely recognize the girl's colors. No, scratch that. She doesn't recognize the girl at all. But the wind isn't angry. It's calm. Still. The wind isn't worried. So Sailor Uranus isn't really worried.

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Sailor Eris straightens under the scrutiny of the other girl and fights down the urge to fidget. To apologize. The modern part of her, Hikaru, wants to do that. The ancient part, the Princess of another world, is haughty and proud and doesn't want to wilt just because some stranger demands to know who she is.

    "Sailor Eris," she says. "Guardian of the wandering planet of liberation." As if that explains everything. Eris, that distant and little known planetoid that orbits so very far at the edge of the solar system that it's further even than little Pluto.

    "It's polite to introduce yourself when you ask someone else's name," she adds, voice testy and a little icey

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Sailor... Eris?" Uranus says, turning the whole concept over in her head. The girl's haughty reply doesn't actually bother her - it's kind of appreciable, in a way. Standing up for herself, not cowering back. "You're right."

    "I am protected by the planet Uranus. The Guardian of Wind, Sailor Uranus, who acts with elegance." She does not actually pose, even though part of her wants to. She does say the whole thing slightly louder than is strictly neccessary.

    That is when the youma decides to... not attack them, but make a break for it. There's a moving shadow out of the corner of her eye - the wind picks up at the same time. There's a moment, a flash, when she runs over, knees the youma in the stomach, and draws a sword out of literally nowhere to jam it into the creature, dissapating it. "I WAS TALKING. RUDE." she says as she yanks the sword out of the wooden side of the food stand she'd kicked the youma into, shoving it back into the dimensional pocket from whence it came.

    She smirks a little bit as she walks back towards Eris. "Honestly I figured it would try to attack one of us from behind, rather than escape." she says, making a dust off motion with her gloved hands.

    "Interruption over. I hardly... remember... a Sailor Eris." Sailor Uranus doesn't mention how many other things she doesn't remember - this is a different sort of not remembering. "Not... much at all... Where were you stationed, what did you guard?" A pause. "Wait, is Eris even a planet? Are you another moon or something?"

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Eris has her arms crossed, watching Uranus with a sort of skeptical air. The title and declaration are welcomed, of course--it's nice to see someone confident in this line of work. There's a jump of surprise, though when the youma makes a break for it. Eris whirls, hands raising to begin calling forth her power--but Uranus is too quick on the draw and before Eris' help is needed, the youma's been wiped out. Eris shifts her weight, hands on her hips as the conversation resumes as if nothing had happened.

    "They're not very brave creatures," she admits--then flushes a little rosy in her cheeks as Uranus asks if Eris is even a planet. She leans forward, voice indignant.

    "It's not technically a planet, if you ask a bunch of scientists. They call it a dwarf planet and it orbits beyond Pluto. I... Looked it up online after I awoke, actually..." Mild annoyance, mild chagrin.

    "...My memories haven't all come back," she admits after a moment.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus sighs. "Maybe that's beneficial in some ways. Having memories that are yours but not yours can be a headache sometimes, and the more of them there are the more complicated it gets." she says, knowing a bit more about that than most of the others, and not in a helpful way.

    "That one wasn't brave. Some of them are, but it was a small fry." she says. "Otherwise I'd have tried to work with you. But I'm sure if you're a Sailor Senshi hailing from out past Pluto it wouldn't have been much of a challenge. Maybe for Moon or one of her girls." she says. "Maybe they would have tried to talk to it." Oh, despite herself she's still a smidge bitter about it. Or, Uranus is. Haruka, less so.

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    "Yeah. You have a point, I think." Eris reaches back and flips her long hair over one shoulder. It's an idle movement--a little joyful, really. Something she can do when she's Eris and not Hikaru.

    "I talked to Sailor Moon," she says with a tilt of her head.

    "She seemed very kind, but I don't know if she's kind enough to want to try and talk to a youma."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "She protected someone who lit her on fire and was about to complete the cremation." Uranus explains matter of factly. "The girl is likable as hell, and she's got a pure energy, but..." she shakes her head. "Enough about her while she's not here to defend herself, though. That's rude of me, I'm sorry."

    "What about you? Now I regret killing that thing myself, I could've seen what you were about." she says. It's not like she's challenging her directly, but more taking a measure of the girl.

    "How long have you been fighting?" she asks. And hopes it's not longer than her. Surely someone became a senshi after her, right?!

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    "Not that long. I only woke up at the start of the month. It's taken me this long just to get everything figured out..." Memories and instinct are great and all, but having to navigate this all on her own is, well... a lot!

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Michiru had been painting tonight, when she felt it. There was a strange ripple in the currents of magic. She knew Uranus was out clearing her head tonight, and so she was on alert. Ever since the night Uranus had awakened, she'd been worried. She had less reason to worry now than ever before. Sure, her love was in more danger, but she also had more power. But her brain never needed a reason to worry. She knew with a certainty that Uranus needed her. She just didn't know it was because Uranus's dump stat is diplomacy.

She didn't know where Uranus went, but it was not hard to find her. Michiru let her driver take her most of the way, just telling him where to turn as she honed on whatever it was she was sensing. When she got a few blocks away, she got out, sent her driver home, and found a patch of shadow in which to henshin out of sight.

It takes her long enough that she arrives on the scene just as Uranus is saying 'Maybe they would have tried to talk to it.' There's no youma, just this Senshi she doesn't recognize at all. She doesn't even have those familiar vibes the other girls do.

It's not that often Sailor Neptune feels genuinely surprised.

"Sailor Moon means well, Uranus," she says as she steps out from the shadows behind where Uranus is standing, her voice sounding just a little stern. "But who is this? Did I miss introductions?" She comes to a halt next to her partner. "I am Sailor Neptune, Guardian of the Deep Sea," she says, and gives Eris a smile.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Sailor Uranus nods. Internally, she is just a little excited. She thinks that means Eris woke up after her. That's at least one! "So are you working alone?" she asks. "Is there a whole third set of Senshi floating out there somewhere?" She's glad there's that feeling in her mind, that she doesn't fully have to interrogate the girl - and then even if she was less sure, here comes the person she trusts to make those deductions.

    "Ah. Neptune, I was just thinking I'd call you before I accidentally insulted her or something." she says. Too late, given the 'are you even a planet' quip. "I'll let you introduce yourself, I've only known you about ten minutes, I'd do a poor job of it.

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Eris seems a touch startled by the arrival of yet another senshi that she wasn't expecting. It doesn't rain, but it pours--talking to Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune all in the same day. She rests a hand at her hip and looks back at Neptune.

    "Sailor Eris, guardian of the wandering planet," she says with probably more conviction than she feels in the face of interrogation. "And no. As far as I know there aren't any others beyond me, but who knows? My memories are all tangled up. There might be more, but..." she shakes her head.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
"Eris," Neptune echoes, looking thoughtful for just a moment a she just looks at the senshi before her. "I suppose it makes sense that if Pluto has a Guardian, that Eris would too. It's the bigger of the two, after all." She makes a smile and laughs lightly. "I am curious what sort of attack you have. If it's...quite as outsized as ours."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Uranus groans. "Sorry, Seasiren. There was a youma here, I just stabbed it without thinking." And kicked it. "I should have let Eris deal with it." she pauses.

    And then says out loud. "You know when I first saw her, before I saw the color, I was really worried about who she might be. Like there's one of us I really do not want to meet." That'll probably have to be addressed later, in more serious tones.

    "Anyways. Unless we're gonna go out together and hunt another scrub youma down, we may have to have her throw it at a bumper car or something."

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Eris smiles slightly and holds her hands up, as if warding Uranus off.

    "Sorry, I'm not blowing up a bumper car just to satisfy your curiosity. Way too much attention from that kind of thing, I think..." She trails off. "...Who don't you want to meet?"

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Sailor Neptune stifles a laugh, her gloved hand covering her mouth. "I appreciate your prudence," she says, giving Uranus some rather pointed side eye.

When then turns to full on looking at her as she turns, and asks, so calmly, "Yes, who is it that you do not want to meet?" That's not a dangerous sounding question at all.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Sailor Uranus shrugs. "I don't know, you're the seer." she says. "It was just someone I thought she looked like, in the shadows. Maybe there's a Sailor Black Hole or something." she says, rubbing the back of her head. "Anyways. It wasn't her. She seems distinctly... fine, to me?" she says.

    "Sorry, Sailor Eris. I was out trying to clear my head. I wasn't expecting to run into someone..." she thinks for a moment. "...someone I hope we can count on as a new ally." There! She can be diplomatic! A little..

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    The answer isn't something that Eris really gets and she's not sure that picking at it will produce results--Uranus seems the sort not to go in for that sort of thing anyway. She crosses her arms. Smiles.

    "Of course I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" A toss of her hair again, because she's allowed to be a little smug now and then. As a treat.

    "And it's no worry. You never know what you're going to find out here some nights..." Sigh. "I hope we can be allies, too. It's been a bit lonely operating on my own."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
"There is no reason any of us should feel alone," Neptune says, an edge of determination in her voice, and a stern expression on her face. "Not this time. Not on my watch."

Then she looks at Eris and considers for a moment. They have communicators, but it's unlikely she does. Well, they'd figure that out. "Though, we'll need to figure out how to communicate once we part ways, if we want to be particularly effective allies."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Sailor Uranus nods. "We could probably use another teammate as part of our group, but I can't exactly say anything else about that without Pluto's input, can I?" she says out loud, and unsubtly lays her intent out on the table. "I guess I'm getting ahead of myself." she admits. But it's also like her to race to the finish line.

    "You know, though, I'd expect you have more in common with us than them. Just based on how far out it sounds like Eris is." she continues. "I mean, we could -all- work together but I don't want to even think about the problems that would require... now... nine? Sailor Senshi? Anything that big is probably going to get everybody's attention by default, not just ours."

    "...what do you want to do, Sailor Eris? Just like. Generally. Are you happy just patrolling on your own?"

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Eris exhales softly, brow furrowing in thought as she starts to work something or other out in her mind.

    "I mean... Sailor Moon said she would give me a communicator. I don't know if you have them, but if you do once I have them it would be simple for me to keep in touch, right?" She look sbetween the two senshi in front of her with a serious expression.

    "I don't mind working with whoever will have me, as long as I'm able to, you know, help protect people from youma and whatever else decides to poke its ugly head out to try and hurt them. Being alone isn't... it's not ideal but I think it might just be part of being Sailor Eris, sometimes. I remember being alone." Both as Hikaru and as Eris, vaguely.

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Neptune looks thoughtful for a moment and then nods. "Yes, that will do. Then you can feel free to reach out to us whenever," she says. Then she takes a couple steps forward and lifts up her hand to place it on Eris' shoulder, if she lets her. "It makes sense--the wandering planet--but you don't have to be alone, if you don't want to be. You don't have to take this all on by yourself. We're stronger when we're together."

Then she lets her hand fall away and steps back to stand right next to Uranus again, her hair blowing off to the side. She just looks so elegant, and she doesn't even try.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Haruka shrugs. "We just kind of found ours. There's no telling that you wouldn't find one if you were with us for a long enough period of time." she says, holding up her hand and tapping her wrist.

    "If you've been out on your own you might fit in well with us, though. On the whole we're pretty self-sufficent. So we understand that you might want to be a wandering planet sometimes - but you might want a home and friends to return to, too. Those things aren't mutually exclusive." she says. And then she taps her chin. "I can tell you that I feel some things based on my past, but I feel other things based on our present. And I don't want our past to be the thing that fully defines our future. Or even the planets that watch over us. We're different people, too." Very different, as she well knows.

    "I remember being alone, too. Keeping watch in a lonely, isolated place. But I'm not in that place anymore..." she says as she puts an arm around Neptune and squeezes her a little bit. "I'm on Earth, with a family that I chose to be with, and I'm anything but isolated. And I'll tell you it's so much better than being alone, I don't have the words to describe it."

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    The warm hand on her shoulder seems to surprise Eris. She doesn't quite blush, but she glances away, a touch embarrassed by the raw camaraderie on display for her. It's... strange, she feels. Even as Hikaru she's never really had close friends. Just study partners, teammates, classmates... but not what she'd call a real friend group. She looks back up after a moment as Uranus adds her own thoughts and gives a slow nod.

    "...You're probably right," she admits. "Both of you. I'll do my best to keep in touch while I figure out what's next for me. I'm still really new to all this."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Neptune lifts an arm to wrap around Uranus' waist when she puts that arm around her shoulders. The look in her eyes when the blonde expresses her feelings like that. And about her--Pluto too, and the life they're all making together, but her--no less. A little droplet threatens at the corner of her eye, but then it shimmers and falls away and she's just fine. No more tears. She's not crying because she's happy for her girlfriend or anything. That single tear escaped her otherwise perfect mask of calm collectedness.

She looks to Eris when the other girl speaks and smiles. "You'll figure it all out, I promise. At least, as much as any of us have. We'll be just a call away on the communicator, if you have any questions."

Then she looks up to Uranus again, and says, "Is your head clear enough? Or should we go hunting some more?"

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus smiles softly. She would stay and talk more, but she could tell that what was needed now was her least favorite thing - waiting. But on the bright side her most favorite thing was right here, so...

    "Take your time, Eris. It took me a while too. Heck, in some ways I'm still figuring things out myself." she admits. "If you don't get that communicator, I'm sure we'll crash into each other the old fashioned way anyways. I've already met Sailor Moon like 3 times without even trying." she says, her eyes sparkling.

    "We'll see you around one way or another." She says. To Neptune's question, she shakes her head. "I think I'm good on hunting. The wind's calm now." Then she leans down and whipsers something into Neptune's ear.

    "Be careful out here though, Eris. I do *expect* to be able to see you again one way or another. You understand?" she asks with a wink.

Hikaru Amanaka has posed:
    Ah, Haruka. Even as Uranus, you have that amazing charm that's dangerous to innocent girls! Enough so that it makes Eris hesitate in opening her dumb mouth about Neptune and her single solitary tear. Instead she hides her embarrassment at the wink and the kind words by flipping her hair over one shoulder and glancing away, as if driven by mysterious and unknown reasons and not because a lovely girl winked at her.

    "I'm sure we will see each other. After all, the lonely planet orbits--it doesn't just go flying off into space in any random direction," she says, managing to inject more confident than she feels. "I'll see you both around."

Michiru Kaiou has posed:
Uranus whispers something in Neptune's ear and the aqua-haired senshi giggles. It is quite a departure from the serious business, but politely smiling demeanor she'd had before.

"Yes, do be careful," she agrees. "I'll see you soon, I'm sure," she adds, with a wave of her gloved fingers.

Then she looks up to Uranus and turns to leave, wordlessly grabbing the blonde's hand and just going.