1425/Mahou Kart Racing!

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Mahou Kart Racing!
Date of Scene: 18 April 2024
Location: Mitakihara Ward
Synopsis: Phantom summons a kart destroying Terribad to ruin Chrono, Hakura, Amy and Iona's day. Haruka gets wrecked, Chrono gets frustrated, Amy has flashbacks and Iona wins the race!
Cast of Characters: Phantom, Haruka Tenoh, Iona Hikawa, Chrono Harlaown, Amanda Faust

Phantom has posed:
"Go forth, continue to get acquainted with this city and its people. You have better things to do than set appointments for failures of other organizations, when you failed to recover the mirror from your latest conquest. Now be a dear and go out and spread dread and despair for the Mirage Corporation." Queen Mirage had at least been polite in her dressing down of Phantom, but he still knew it was a dressing down and was now eager to make things up to her.

He had been moving from rooftop to rooftop when the noise of the kart racers caught his ears. Looking down and seeing the colorful characters dressed in costumes of video game characters as they raced about on karts looked interesting and fun and they sounded like they were all greatly enjoying it!

...just the thing for Phantom to destroy, of course.

Following the karts back to where they parked, he watched as they were preparing to switch out drivers, and noticed one teenage boy, on the small and scrawny side who was being told that he couldn't use the kart because he didn't have a driver's license. He seemed upset with his arms over his chest and a sulk on his face. He was exactly the perfect type for Phantom to use. Hopping down from the building, the white-coated figure took in the teen. "So, you want to race?" he asked. When the boy with unenthusiastic, 'Guess so.', Phantom grinned. "Perfect."

Bringing about his bracer shield, he called out, "Let the future reflected in the mirror turn terrible!" Red ribbons of power lept towards the teenager, wrapping him up and he disappeared. In his place was another of the mirror coffins, the teen trapped within in his street clothes, ribbons holding him in place.

Also is a large, monster truck in all black. Its front grill looks like teeth and it has stylish, up-pointed sunglasses for a windshield. Large, car-crushing wheels land on the ground, and Phantom grins with delight. "Oh, what a unique Terribad you are!" he says with a laugh. "Go forth and collect dark energy for our queen!"

The truck takes off down the street, colliding with vehicles, stealing energy from their passengers as Phantom raises his hand and creates a barrier the size of a city block, knocking out most of the normal people in the area (isn't that nice?) so that the dark energy cannot escape and he leaps away, landing in the back of the truck - and leaving behind four karts. They look innoculous enough, but when boarded, they become customized based on their driver.

Catch them if you can, heroes!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka was actually planning to race a little bit herself - kart racing wasn't really like *real* racing, but it was potentially something she could do with some of her other friends (or maybe the track could be used to keep Hinoiri from destroying herself if she ever challenged her again) so she figured she'd check it out. This put her, as so often happens, in a perfect position to be very local to Evil Shenanigans.

    She already had her hand on her henshin pen when she saw Phantom, because nobody in a coat like that was up to zero magical no-good. She was learning.

    At the time the future turned terrible, the winds were wrapping around the Senshi of Sky, leaving her in her sailor-uniform-with-hotpants and her rushing out just in time to see the world turn into a sort of crystal landscape and watch the monster-truck youma tear off.

    She seriously starts to run after it for a moment before realizing there are karts, causing her to skid to a stop in her boots and turn around, and leap into one of the karts. As befits the magic (as it's already roaring off) it takes on her blue-and-gold colorscheme and a wind-and-space motif.

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Not too far from there, there happened to be a huge shopping center that offered a varied range of stores with everything one could wish for. Sensei Hikawa had sent Iona there for the dojo's routine supply run, which included a huge variety of items, from more typical karate items like shin guards, headgear, mouthguards, groin protectors and bo staffs to more general items like disinfectants, mops, brooms, cleaning cloths paper, pens, printer ink, and filing supplies.

No less than three carts filled to the brim are being pushed along by Iona, who is somehow able to manage all three despite the fact they are all filled to the brim and then some. It's a miracle that they didn't get stuck there as soon as the weight became too much, or worse, that the wheels or the container didn't break. It's not really normal that the center agreed to take them out of its premises, but given the unique circumstances, they agreed to witholding a collateral until they see Iona coming back with them.

The purple-haired girl is huffing and puffing as she pushes along her triple burden, ignoring the curious gazes that she is attracting as she moves closer and closer to her destination, meter by meter. She scowls a bit as she reminds herself that this is only an emergency situation because the usual delivery agency that her grandpa outsources this duty to has unexpectedly refuse to renew the contract for this occasion, citing an unusual workload that left them with next to no employee to take care of this duty.

This trip is probably not going to be enough either. She will have to come back tomorrow, and the day after. But there is really nothing that can be done about it now, is there? Though, her problems start becoming something else when she notices that all too familiar grey dome that can only point to Phantom encompassing her sorroundings and much more. At least she doesn't have to worry about pilfering her grandpa's acquisitions, with nobody around except people sensitive to magic (and she'd better hope that nobody from Obsidian passes by and finds some of these things useful).

"The star of hope that glitters in the night sky! Cure Fortune!" Iona exclaims, donning her Precure uniform in a purple flash. Flying off into the sky, she surveys the ground around her, noticing the unusual monster truck Terribad that is speeding off into the distance and the karts that have been left behind, leaving Iona to approach them with doubt, waiting for a trap to spring up or for them to be coated in dark energy. "Glasan, do you feel anything?" the purple Precure asks her fairy as she lands on the ground. "Nothing at all, Iona, they seem to be safe!", Glasan announces with enthusiasm. "You know what that means, right? We race right off, and give that truck its just deserts!"

Noting the fairy's extremely gung-ho attitude, Iona nods after raising an eyebrow (not that she has much of a choice, unless she wants to repeat Fortune Star Burst again and again, which would leave her out of steam fast. "Ok, I am ready!", she exclaims, inserting a pilot PreCard inside the Pretty Change Mirror. Transformed into a proficient pilot with her own purple and white kart suit, she steps inside, and off she goes, right after the monster Truck Terribad!

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown had played mario cart a few times with his roommate. Now and again. So he understood the basic concept.

And having seen people play it in reality? He'd been highly amused and so had been on a nearby rooftop, watching the adventure take place. However, during said amusement, suddenly everything... changed.

The dark energy filled the air, there was suddenly a monster truck (literally), and...

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Chrono said when he spot the karts.

He wasn't doing that. He drew his card and henshined, appearing in his enforcer barrier jacket before leaping down from the building and--

... Unable to get onto the road. He put his palms against it. "S2U, commence scan," he ordered.

He frowned as he took his readings. It was... feasibly... possible to break through it. But the karts were attuned to it and could...

"No," he said again. "I'm not doing it. I am a TSAB enforcer. There is no way..."

And yet, the alert from S2U stood in the corner of his vision, warning that he couldn't break through.

... "I hate this planet," he whispered, finally. As two of the others had already left... he slid into the third.

The cart... turned black and silver, with a blue exhaust...

And sooooo many spikes.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy is patrolling the rooftops of Mitakihara, remembering the time she walked these streets and marveling at how different familiar places look from this angle. And then colorful costumes catch her eye. There was a go-kart place here?! And it looks like someone's doing a cosplay event... So cool! Man, how cool would it be to do thaOH WAIT SHE CAN TOTALLY DO THAT! Rather than follow the karts back to where they park, she makes her way around the edge of the property, looking for whatever building she might be able to ask about events at...

    And then she hears the commotion of what sounds like traffic accidents... Uh-oh! It might not be a magical problem, but she has a first-aid kit-- and then everyone around falls asleep. Oh. Probably a magical problem then.

    Amy comes out onto the street in time to see the conspicuous monster truck with a laughing villain on the back receding into the distance, and some... extremely conspicuous go-karts. Which Sailor Uranus and Cure Fortune hop into, showing that they are indeed magic go-karts.

    When in Rome...!

    Amy hops into a kart, glancing over the controls. She can drive stick, if she needs to! The kart recolors itself to a white-and-red, vaguely sci-fi affair with stylings like rocket fins. She buckles in if there are seatbelts and hits the accelerator to get up to speed and see if this really has a chance of catching that monster truck!

    She waves to the others as she drives after them, smiling. "Hey! Crazy youma we've got this time, huh??"

Phantom has posed:
An announcer from somewhere announces, "Welcome to the Tokyo Kart Circuit! Let's meet our racers! Here we have the Uranus Express, then the Fortune Chaser!" The camera pans on them in the first row first, and then to the second row. "And following them Chrono is the Chronosphere Spike! And finally the Rocket Racer! Let's see if any of them can overtake the Territruck and secure victory!"

As the karts take off down the track in pursuit of the Territruck, Phantom stands up from the back of it and a small smile appears on his face. There's at least one Precure there - a tempting target. But for now, he's focused on energy collection!

It is with that in mind that he starts with his first attack, tamping down on the roof of the truck in order to get the Terribad's attention. "Make it slick for them!" he calls out.

And from the back of the truck, a dark slick spills out, spreading oil over the track and into the path of the kart drivers! If they don't avoid the oil, they will take a penalty as their kart skids out of control!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus is, despite the 'run back to her kart' moment, able to move into the lead and is pushing her Kart pretty hard - but just the underside of too hard - and soon is almost able to tag the Territruck with her bumper.

    "Are they ever NOT crazy youma?!" the senshi asks Amy, yelling out of the side of her kart.

    But she's focused on speed, on the race, on the thing she knows well - and not on the fact that she's chasing a monster youma in a nonstandard race. There's no gap for her to avoid the oil slick - the downside of being so close - and her tires go spinning, then her Kart goes spinning, and there's a screeching noise that covers up whatever impolite speech absolutely leaves her mouth.

    It's more of a testament to her skill that she doesn't end up in another Kart or in a wall - while she's now the farthest thing from the lead, she keeps her kart on the road and from flipping over or colliding with anyone else - and it even stops facing the right direction.

    The sound of her engine covers up another likely bout of fierce language as she manouvers her way to catch up to the others.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown sped off and just... oh. Ohhhhh. He hit the oil slick full on and... despite that?

He spun out a bit and fell a little behind, but he kept going. More impressively, however, was he managed to get his device out during his spin. Holding the steering wheel in one hand, he held the rod up and...

            <<Subzero Blade!>>

Blue blades would appear around him, before launching through the air, attempting to land directly in the monster truck's path, and make it hit an ice patch! Two could play at that game, jerk-youma!

... Wait, did he just pass Sailor Uranus?

His eye twitched slightly. This. World's. Magic. He swore.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Okay, yeah, this is really happening! Amy can almost hear background music...

    It's a little weird being this low to the ground, but driving city streets comes back like riding a bike. Although as it's in a barrier and everyone's asleep she has to remind herself she doesn't actually have to stop for signs and lights... or worry about keeping to the right side of the road. Left side of the road. Whatever.

    Are they ever NOT crazy youma?! "Fair!" Amy shouts back. "Hey, you race or something, don't you? What do we--WOAH SHIT!" She and Haruka are close to the truck, the latter doesn't get time to react to the slick before running into it and Amy barely does -- which would send her careening into a building except that then she tries to powerslide the other way, and rockets on her kart spew orange flames that make it follow videogame physics if it wasn't already, sliding to the left of the slick and then pulling alongside Cure Fortune -- where'd she come from? -- with a mini-turbo boost.

    Chrono's Device calls an attack, and ice blades fly overhead. "Oh! I was wondering if we could use items..." She holds her right hand up and a bright cartoony red shell as if from a certain videogame appears in the air above it, before the rocket inside fires as she brings her hand forward, and the red shell missile zooms off down the track towards the monster truck!

    "Hmm, I guess I should shout something, but... what voice lines would I have if I were in a kart racing game? ...Damn, life sure did get weird..."

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Iona remembers all of the other racers here. She is familiar with Magical Rocket Girl Red the most, but she has encountered everyone here at least once. She gives a friendly wave to everyone present from inside her car, before commenting on the peculiar Terribad that has been unleashed today. "Terribads are normally just variations of a base model, so this is even crazier than usual", she shouts over the noise of her own kart burning the asphalt as the race starts.

It's a good thing she has the pilot PreCard to guide her, because normally she wouldn't have any idea where to even start, and she would have just crashed into something after the first few seconds. Instead, the magic is guiding her fluently, the accelleration, not bothering her at all. When the Terribad attemps to obstruct them with the oil, Iona just keeps the focus and moves around it, the card taking over the steering wheel and letting her take the lead safely. Alongside Red, apparently. "Let's bust this Terribad, Red!", Iona yells as incitement to the fellow magical girl.

Using her Fortune Star Burst, she sets the explosive energy behind of her vehicle, propelling her forward.

Phantom has posed:
The announcer calls out. "Oh! And the Uranus Express is about to pull up on the Territruck - will she be able to - NO! It's an oil slick and Sailor Uranus gets spun right round!"

"But look out, here comes the Chronosphere Spiker, and into the oil he goes, but what's this? He's freezing the oil and sending out spikes towards the Territruck! Is that fair? Someone check the rule book!"

"And here comes the Rokcet Racer pulling up fast! Is she... she's lining up for an attack too! And there's the shot -- HOW CAN SHE MISS SOMETHING SO HUGE?!" The rocket goes screaming off into the distance before exploding like a tiny firework. Yay?

And finally, there's the Fortune Chaser! As Iona paces with Amy, she looks to be powering up some type of attack or something, but just then, Chrono's ice attack is launched, and instead of erupting in front of the Territruck, it's the Fortune Chaser that is going to take the hit. "Friendly Fire ain't!" calls the announcer, and even Phantom gives Iona an amused smirk as she takes the attack aimed at him. "How chivalorous of you, Precure." he offers at the girl smugly.

In the meantime, as the city streets start to take on a more track-like quality, there are ads for IT'S FOOD and Mirage Cosmetics (so good you'll be mirror ready!) as Phantom turns his attention to the track and lifts his bracer.

Unleashing streaks of lightning at the group, he looks to short out their engine for a moment and force them to slow down!

"And it's the Rocket Racer in the lead, Fortune Chaser right with her, Chronosphere Spiker and the Uranus Express.... bringing up the rear!"

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown cringed when the oil slick made his kart jerk right as he launched the attack! And let out a gasp when he hit the Fortune Chaser! "Are you okay?!" he called after her. Okay. Note to self. Keep attacks to... easier to redirect assaults.

Hmmm... this called for more outside-the-track thinking. He aimed his rod behind him, but then paused for a moment to glance back and make sure he wouldn't hit Uranus with it.

            <<Blaze Cannon!>>

And then launched a massive fireblast behind himself, trying to launch his vehicle straight at the youma's...

And yes, he intended to ram it.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus watches as the chaos unfolds. "I don't know what I was expecting. It's a youma. A monster truck youma and go-karts. Of course it's going to make a mockery of the great sport of racing." she snarls, with very real venom in her voice. "It's like a damn video game."

    Still. Kart. Car. Race. Race. The fundamentals haven't changed and Haruka's fundamentals are sound. She's catching back up to the group. The Uranus Express is inching forward in the pack making up ground with little gains here and there - when Phantom's lightning comes down, and nails her kart straight on. It doesn't just short out for a moment, it slows down, down... Sailor Uranus smacks the dashboard equivalent a couple times angrily.

    "Oh, to hell with this." she says, jumping out of the kart with both feet and running down the track on foot, drawing her sword from its location in non-space. It remains to be seen if she's any better off on foot than she was in the kart. But she figures she can't be worse off at this point. Haruka Tenoh, AT THE BACK OF THE PACK?! Youma are heresy and this one must be purged with extra prejudice now.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy gives Cure Fortune a thumbs-up and a smile -- and then her shell rocket careens off into the distance. "But... red ones are supposed to be homing!" she protests, before ice comes down on the Fortune Chaser. "Hey! What'd ya do that for?!" Amy shouts behind her, then blinks. "Oh. There's a voice line."

    The city streets start to turn into a kart course?! "Wait a minute, what happened here, how is this possible?!" She's focused on powersliding back and forth across the track to get boosts to catch up to the Territruck -- when freaking LIGHTNING STRIKES!

    Amy's car spins out until it stops. "HEY! Lightning is only supposed to go to the person in LAST place! At least I'm not shrunk... C'mon..." She rapid-taps the accelerator three times to get going again, and it works, but she's lost a couple of seconds all the same.

    Sailor Uranus is running by. "You lost your kart?! Do you wanna get in?" If she does, Amy tells her to hold on, and either way... "Alright, time to get serious..." The rockets attached to her kart fire, greatly accelerating her! But also kind of tanking handling while in use, whoops...!

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Iona is so focused on dodging the lightning from Phantom that she doesn't notice the friendly... ice(?) coming from Chrono causing the Fortune Chaser to swerve abruptly while Iona tries to keep control of it. "Didn't want to make you feel too bad for being so outclassed, Phantom!", Iona quips back. "Yes, I am ok!", she tells Chrono. "I am going out of this race anytime soon." And that's quite true, since she is still in first position tied with Chrono.

And since he wants to play with lightning so much, she has got something else for him too, with the Fortune Tambourine attached to the front of her kart releasing a star at Phantom that tries to position itself above the monster truck in order to release a thunderbolt.

Phantom has posed:
"The Chronosphere Spiker seems to be ready for a turbo boost - here it comes and... oh! Just short, he's not got the SPEED. He doesn't have the POWAH!" The poor kart just doesn't quite reach the Territruck as it speeds ahead.

"Wait what is... the Uranus Express seems to have stopped up. And it's driver is out -- and RUNNING?! What madness is this! Though with those legs, they may catch up to the Territruck yet! We'll see!" the announcer calls out as Sailor Uranus takes off running after the pack of karts and truck.

"Oh, the Rocket Racer takes a strike as well. Will that driver get out and run as well? NO! They have the spirit of kart racing in them and got their kart going again!" Someone's mocking poor Haruka. He'll probably pay for that later (if Haruka ever gets her hands on him). "And they're even offering a hand up - or is that a hand out??"

"The Fortune Chaser is pulling ahead of the pack - and oh! Her boost slams into the kart!" Phantom is jostled in the back of the truck and he gives a grunt, growling slightly as he is about to whip around the bracer and unleash an Eternal Gauge on Iona - but just then there's the jangle of the tamborine - and a counter lightning strike hits the truck, causing damage to it and slowing it down.

Phantom frowns, realizing where they are and that the Territruck well... it may have served it's purpose. "Fine. Show them what else you can do, Territruck!" he calls out.

And as Phantom leaps from the back of the truck, landing nearby and in the path of Uranus, the Territruck turns, and it starts to shift and turn, becoming more than meets the eye as the Truck become a Terribad with wheels on it's shoulders and hips! Ripping the wheels from it's hips, the tires fly towards Iona and Amy, attempting to take out the pair of karts, as Phantom comes down, sword overhead as he attempts to strike down on the Sailor Senshi!

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown launched himself fgorward and--

Was hit by a lightning bolt. He spinned a few times, skidding to a stop finally.

And then his eye twitched. Deep, slow breathes. It was just... this world's ma--

And then Uranus ran past. Wait. Once inside they could--

OH YES! He climbed out of the kart and, slowly, stepped onto the track. He held up his rod and a magical circle appeared around him.

            <<Stinger Snipe!>>

Five blue orbs appeared around him. As he kept that smile on his face... The orbs launched.

Then a second flurry of the orbs appeared.

Then a third.

Then a fourth.

Then a fifth.

The boy was, just a bit, trying to work through some things. Sorry mister truck youma but he really needed to work out some stress and the youma was a perfect target as the tracking blue orbs of destruction just rained down on the youma with a vengeful, merciless FLURRY of destruction!

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Oh shoot, tire! Amy starts to try and turn, but with the rockets on she can't! (If Uranus takes the kart ride, Amy shouts "BAIL!") Instead she's suddenly leaping out of her kart just before the tire hits it, then rocket-jumping off kart and tire towards the Terribad. "Too slow!"

    She's fires a rocket down at the Terribad as she arcs through the air, trying to land on top of it so she can shoot down at its feet.

    upon recognizing Phantom, though, she looks scared, then confused. "You?! Are you hunting us?! What's with bringing a game to life like this?!"

    And then orbs start raining down around them, "Oh, sh--" and she's rocket-jumping off of the youma to get clear!

Iona Hikawa has posed:
Did Phantom really just try to pull her into a coffin? Iona winces when she gets a flashback of that he brought away Maria, of all the pain he caused everywhere. She may only be able to barely hold him back, but anything she can contribute, she is going to do it. Phantom isn't going to get placated by anything, and she isn't going to stop either. She will never end into a coffin, and she will personally see the day when the Precures he has trapped will be all free.

Now that Iona is at a favourable position to purify the Terribad, the Love PreBrace infuses the whole vehicle with energy, before that condenses into a star that gets thrown at the Terribad monster truck, seeking to purify it. Precure Stardust Shoot!

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "I'VE FOUGHT BIGGER TRUCK YOUMA." Sailor Uranus yells as she runs towards the terribad. Well. Maybe? It's pretty freakin' big now that it's at full Terribad height and not a truck. But she's not going to walk her words back. That's not who Sailor Uranus is. But whatever, she's not afraid of a giant truck. Or any youma. Or anything. Not that she'd tell you, anyways.

    But then she doesn't have to worry about the truck because she has a more present threat to worry about in Phantom. Her sword's magic too and she brings it up to block his.

    "Dude, you have no idea how much longer I've been fighting with a sword than you have." she says as the blades clash loudly. What? Having an entire other lifetime of experience counts. She sure didn't learn to do this in this life.

Phantom has posed:
The collision of swords is loud and reverberates across the track. As Haruka boasts of her experience, Phantom smirks slightly, his own magical blade colliding with hers, sending up streaks of red lightning. As he collides with her, he bounces back and he gets a thin smile as he has temporarily seperated the Senshi from the others.

Which brings us back to the Territruck, which is currently getting whaled upon. The multiple strikes that land on it from Chrono drive it down to a knee, causing it to stumble - just as Amy's attack slams home, knocking it backwards, smoke trailing from it as Iona calls in the finisher, her heaviest attack crashing down onto the Terribad, and it shudders, "Refereshed..." it groans before starting to fade and with it, the barrier starts to collapse as well, returning things to normal, freeing the victim from his coffin.

Phantom realizes that he may not have the time he had hoped to wear Haruka down so, "Yes, I'm sure you believe yourself the more experienced one..." he starts to say, and then after parrying an attack, he brings up the bracer and sends out tendrils of lightning thst look to grab her by the wrists and ankles and lock her into place. "Unfortunately for you, I don't play fair." he comments flatly as he attempts to set her up for the Eternal Gauge while the other three heroes are distracted by the Terribad.

Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown let out a sigh of relief as the youma was--

And then he turned to Uranus. His eyes narrowed and he held his device up.

Well, Phantom managed to make it personal there. Attacking family like that? Even if she was distant family. While he was nowhere near Nanoha or Fate's destructive capabilities, he had plenty of attacks that could still hurt.

            <<Stinger Blade>>

While he didn't have the time to unleash it at full strength, nor the energy after that last flurry of stinger snipes, he could still create about a dozen of the small, blue blades. They spun through the air before launching themselves. Six of them hurtling at Phantom, while the rest moved to severe the tendrils themselves.

While the launched blades were faster, he was already racing towards the pair, his eyes narrowed on Phantom.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus isn't entirely surprised that her opponent doesn't want to test her boast, but she is, admittedly, a little dissapointed. Lightning is pretty fast - but so is the Senshi of speed, and on the racetrack, reactions are the difference between being part of an accident and taking the lead from it. So she moves to dodge out of the way of that red lightning - and mostly succeeds, but...

    "Hey-hey what gives? I thought we were sword fighting." She says as she turns around because her left arm *is* caught by it.

    "Oh we're just gonna use powers now? OKAY." she says before swiping the sword through the air with a white trail glowing behind it, launching a series of projectile-slashes at Phantom as she calls out the attack.


Amanda Faust has posed:
    The Terribad has been purified! This is the part where the dark general says 'I'll get you next time, Gadget! NEXT TIIIIIIME!' and teleports away. But instead, this general unleashes... Grappling lightning? Fortunately, it's mostly countered by ice.

    ...What the hell element system is this, seriously.

    She just switches weapon to a gyrojet rifle as she lands, and fires an automatic burst of rocket-propelled bullets at Phantom. Then she speaks (they're not playing fair, after all) "Oh, is that so? Fair play is the only thing keeping us civilized. We fight the monster, we beat the monster, you go home with some energy. Otherwise what, we ignore the monster and shoot you, hurting you and letting a monster rampage? That's bad for everyone. I don't want that, you don't want that, you lost, go home."

    She tries to sound tough but inwardly she's remembering that he can summon multiple terribads with a snap of his fingers and might lock others and herself in coffins, which is actually pretty terrifying. Playing by the rules keeping them safe, indeed...

Phantom has posed:
"Not my fault that your friends are rushing things." comes Phantom's terse reply to Haruka's complaint as the sword-fighting suddenly becomes a ranged attack. As Uranus has her left arm caught, Phantom was just about to release, "ETERNAL..." And then suddenly there's the cry of Chrono's attack and instead of being able to unleash the mirroring attack, the numerous blades lash out - cutting through the remaining binders that are aimed at Uranus, and he's having to use the bracer to defend against the incoming blades on him. Several of which slam into the bracer, while one does slice through his coat, cutting his upper arm and drawing blood.

And in the process, Uranus' attack is in-bound and the white-coated figure is fully in fall back mode, using his sword and bracer, bringing them up in full defense as it hits, knocking him backwards as his boots grind into the ground and jostling him with a grunt of frustration. He leaps upwards, forcing more distance between himself and the two as he tries to re-evaluate the situation and finds it untenable.

When Amy speaks up, Phantom lands on a car roof. There's a thin pull of his lips into a line. "You talk rather large for a scared child playing dress up. Come find me when you want to try me alone." His attention returns to the two bigger threats. "Another time." He straightens up, a shallow bow, and he opens that now-familiar coffin doorway into his graveyard and steps back into it for it to close.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    He bled? Then again, she'd bleed too, so that can be misleading as to how effective an attack was.

    The comment about being a scared child hits like a slap, Amy looking away angrily. Shit, was it that obvious she fears him?! That being accurate just makes the 'child' part feel truer as it hits that whole mess of... memories and confusion and pride about her maturity and experience and her fear and insecurity about whether her transformation wasn't just mental and uggh she doesn't want to think about that right now.

    Once she realizes he's gone, she glances at where he was and then at Uranus, "You okay?" Then around at the others, "All of you okay?" It comes out more gruffly than she intends in her current mood.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus sighs as he literally bows out, and after a moment of looking around warily, banishes her sword back to its dimensional sheathe. "Yeah, I can't say I'm surprised. Cheats at racing, cheats at sword dueling. I guess I should expect that from a bad guy wearing a coat a few sizes too big." she gripes.

    And then she looks around. "But hey, none of us got put into a mirror and he lost so whatever. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks though." she says, gesturing with her hand a bit.

Phantom has posed:
And at Iona's feet, left on the ground where the Terribad was is.... a small golden trophy.


Chrono Harlaown has posed:
Chrono Harlaown was racing towards Phantom, his eyes narrowed. He held up his staff and--

And Phantom was gone before the bind could get a proper lock on him.

He then sighed and looked to Uranus. "Hey. Hope you didn't mind me interfering there. I figured you could take him, but I couldn't risk you actually getting too hurt. Meiou-san would have been too annoyed at me."

He then glanced around and... "We should probably get going. I have a report to make now and it looks like the youma is fully dispersed now. Good job, everybody, on another victory."

He then glanced to the trophy. and his eye twitched. Just a little bit.

"And... congratulations... on... your hard earned... victory..." Eye twitch. Just... a few more...

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Sailor Uranus shook her head at Chrono. "No, no. I'd rather have help when I don't need it than not get help if I did. He had long since stopped playing fair and I don't have anything to prove to him at that point. Just wish I could have kicked his butt a little bit more." she admits. And she looks to the trophy as well and... for a moment, the two are eye-twitching at it in sync.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy nods at Chrono's mention of avoiding risk. "He wants to put us in stasis. Seriously creepy. Hey, did the city go back to normal or is it still weird racecourse?" She nods to Uranus's comment about the help, then confusedly follows her and Chrono's gaze to the trophy. She smiles and turns to Cure Fortune enthusiastically, "Oh, cool, congrats, you won!"

Iona Hikawa has posed:
As Iona is occupied with purifying the Terribad, she is unaware of the clash Phantom is having with Sailor Uranus and the fact the Hunter is trying to Eternal Gauge her too. If she had, she would have probably tried to intervene there, which in a way turns out well for her, so there is Precure getting in the Senshi's way.

At the same time, Glasan has approached her with the successful purification of the Terribad, the fairy having her usual reaction to the positive energy that got condensed. "Fortune..", she says, attracting Iona's attention as she goes over to the Precure. "Over here, come, I feel the jumping power of a volleyball player!", the purple fairy exclaims, her nose extending forward. "Rub it please!"

"Rub-rub", Iona says as she complies, causing Glasan to laugh and sneeze as PreCards appear out of her backpack. "You are one step closer to your great hope!", the fairy announces happily before putting them in the PreCard Decor.

At the same time as that, there is a trophy on the ground which the fairy picks up. "Is this for you? I think you won Phantom's race." Iona looks at it with uncertainty, not quite sure of what to think of it. It's something Phantom did, isn't it? Or is just a collateral of the unusual Terribad? "An odd addition to the Precard...", she concludes, taking it from Glasan's hands, because she is getting congratulated too.

An embarassed smile is given to the rest of the group as Iona lifts the trophy, actually feeling happy over being congratulated for the win despite the unusual circumstances of the contest. "Thank you, everyone! It was an honour taking part in it alongside all of you and defeating the Terribad together", she answers.