982/Revisiting the Casa

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Revisiting the Casa
Date of Scene: 08 January 2024
Location: Plot Room 5
Synopsis: Ami seeks out Casa Del Outers after the dorms are flooded with smoke. Instead of Setsuna or Michiru she ends up meeting Haruka. Identities are revealed with some chatting before bedtime.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Haruka Tenoh

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno had only been to the casa the other day to visit and bestow upon Setsuna a belated New Years gift of several flavored teas. The invitation to crash here, if ever needed, had been offered at the time though she hadn't intended to take advantage of it.

That was before her sleep was disturbed by a loud explosion followed by an exodus of students from the girls dorms due to the damage and smoke in the halls. The actual *damage* seemed limited to the room it occured in, and the two directly next, but the smoke? That got places.

So Ami is here, knocking on the door looking a bit more bedraggled and out of sorts than she typically would being one of the more put-together out of the inner senshi. Her house was even further away, so here she is knocking.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    The person that answers the door is not Nerdy Setsuna, nor is it Elegant Michiru, it is a tall girl who could in this moment perhaps be described as 'kind of a mess' - but probably less awkward than if she'd answered the door in a men's shirt. Haruka Tenoh looks down at the blue-haired girl and it takes her a moment to remember meeting her in the Crown and the pen and hearing Setsuna talk but eventually the slightly dissheveled dress-wearing dirty-blonde haired girl smiles. "Oh hey. Mizuno-san, right?" She can't remember if the girl gave her name or if Setsuna did. "What're you doin' here so late?" she asks, before catching sight of herself in a reflection and suddenly moving up to try to smooth her hair down - her hair, at least, does quickly take the instruction and frankly settle down better than it has any right to. "Sorry, I fell alseep on the couch."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
"I'm sorry to bother you so late," Ami begins with a smile that does look a bit sheepish at finding herself here. She's about to explain more when Haruka's adjustment of her hair reminds her of her own, and she quickly smooths it down with a sweep of her hand. At least she looks marginally more presentable after.

"There was an explosion on my dorm floor and everyone was moved out for the night until the smoke clears and it's deemed safe," she explains. "And I already missed the last train that would take me to my own house so, I thought... Meiou-sensei had offered if I ever needed I could come here."

"If it's a bother though I can find some other place," she hastens to add.

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
Haruka rubs the back of her neck. "It's no problem." she says, stepping promptly out of the doorway. "You're friends with Se-Meiou-sensei, and Chiba-san." she says, catching herself quickly. This girl was a student too, so she should probably at least use the right honorific for that. "That means that one, it's no big deal if you want to crash here, and two, you probably know what I mean when I ask if the fire that has you on our doorstep was a normal fire or something more problematic?" she half-notes, half-asks.

    Without even being asked, without acting like it's a big deal, she's just pulling the sofa out into a futon bed, then flowing through the room effortlessly to the closet where she starts pulling spare pillows and blankets out.

    "Anyways, Meiou-sempai is a better judge of character than I am by kilometers."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno doesn't really *rush* in, but she also doesn't waste any time entering once the invitation is made. It was a bit chilly outside after all. She steps to the side to wipe her feet off and remove her little ankle boots so she doesn't risk tracking anything inside while listening.

"Oh... Oh! Yes, yes I know what you mean. Someone said it was a chemistry experiment gone wrong, but I haven't been able to ascertain the truth to that or not. I'd have to change to do that properly." Maybe she should have but so many people were around.

The bluenette looks properly abashed as she rises again to meet Haruka's gaze. "I'm Ami Mizuno. I'm so sorry for not properly introducing myself before." A pause as she takes a breath, and calmly adds, "I'm Mercury."

Further in she goes following as the sofa is pulled out to begin preparing. "Can I help with anything? I'm already intruding."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    "Honestly, I'm happy you're here. Oh, and I'm Haruka Tenou. And also the Soldier guarded by the planet of wind, Sailor Uranus." she says. Could she not say the whole thing... probably, but maybe Guardian Uranus compelled it, or just Haruka's own sense of overdramatic flair.

    "But you're already helping by being here. This house is too big to be here alone. The others are out. And I haven't gotten to know many of the other Guardians besides Moon. Who... it now seems is more than a guardian, too." she says. "So if you're Mercury, that means you're one of the Inner Senshi, and I'm one of the Outer Senshi so we likely didn't meet much in the before times." Haruka smiles, as she banishes some of the grumpy thoughts of her Other.

    "I don't want to be a stranger to my allies, this time. So like I said - lots of reasons I'm glad you're here. But I won't keep you up too long, either." she says.

    "And yeah. Probably no chemistry experiment. But usually they don't mess with the school, I've been told." It's obvious which they Haruka means - the Enemy with a capital E.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno smiles softly at the mention of likely not knowing her in the past, only to be met with a nod of agreement. "Not likely, no. I barely remember anything yet as it is. Just the occasional feeling of deja vu, or like a half-remembered dream. You're exactly right, though: We shouldn't have to keep our distance for any reason at all. Distance may have kept us apart in the past, but that's just silly now. We're all allies, and I for one would certainly enjoy more friends as well." A little shy blush at that admission creeps over her. "I didn't really have any at my last school. So I would very much like to be your friend as well," she assures genuinely.

The talk goes back to the school earning a shake of her head. "Yes, they've never really bothered the school before. That's why I didn't bother investigating more myself directly. Though really," she almost sounds offended. "Who in their right mind would be doing chemistry in their dorm? That is *not* the proper environment for hazardous chemicals."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka grins. "Well, it's pretty monumentally stupid either way - either they're playing with stupid chemicals in the dorm, or they're playing with stupid... energy... by attacking them." she says, her mind kind of reaching for that word.

    "Honestly, I think the other girls know more than I do. Well, Neptune and Pluto for sure. Eris, I don't know. I haven't seen Sailor Eris in a while." she notes, shrugging.

    "The good news is it seems like us magical people are like, drawn to each other. Every time I go over to a group it seems like it's a bunch of us. Which I guess is a good thing, because every time I go out on patrol I find something that doesn't belong here that needs to be evicted." She admits.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno moves to sit down just on the edge of the futon that had been set out so that she can be a bit more comfortable while speaking with Haruka. The bag she carried with her is slung off her shoulder to rest lightly on the bed as well. No reason to put it on the floor after all. "I don't usually go on patrol. I admit I'm not as skilled at fighting as some of the other girls are, but I am good at researching things or causing a distraction." One of these days she would get a bit more confident. It's not like she ran when Jadeite had attacked her with a sword.

"I suppose it's bound to happen. Like seeks like, or some such. In Usagi's case though I think it's just her personality in general. She's very personable. Though to be honest I haven't really found that many in our group aren't in their own way."

Smiling again she adds, "Let me give you my number, in case you ever need some extra help. Though I recall you did quite well in battle on your own."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haurka laughs. "Yeah, on the one hand it was surprising when Usagi turned out to be the princess. But on the other hand, having met the girl and talked with her, both in and out of 'uniform' as it were? There's a light in that girl that you can just feel being around her. She saved a villian from us, you know. And at the time it didn't make much sense, but now - knowing what I know - yeah, that's Sailor Moon for you." she says, shrugging a bit as though she's helpless to explain or handle the girl.

    Haruka grabs a pad and pen, writing her own number down and ripping a sheet off to give to Ami, before passing the set to her. "Oh, also, we have the communicators. You can reach us, too. If you swap it from set 1 to all sets. We're set 2." she says, tapping hers.

    "I'm the fighter for our group... well, okay we're all fighters but I'm the one that... is most likely to get in and cause trouble directly?" she offers. "The other girls are quicker of mind than me, though. I would be so lost without them." she admits. Well, more than a little lost without Michiru, but that's in a lot of ways. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess the girl in green is that for your set? Jupiter-san?" she asks. "Girl looked like she was ready to beat one of the boys up by using another one as a weapon if they didn't calm down." she says, laughing. "And like she had the determination to do it, too."

Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami Mizuno withdraws a pen of her own from one of the pockets of her bag knowing precisely where it was. Neat, tidy, well organized. The peice of paper is taken to regard a moment with a little bob of her head as if she were intending to commit the number entirely to memory instead of immediately putting it into her phone. It's enough that she flips the bit of paper over to jot down her own number in tight, neat handwriting, before offering it out to Haruka again.

"That's Makoto Kino, and yes she is. She's very strong and protective of her friends. Also," she adds with a little twinkle of amusement to her gaze. "She's an amazing cook. I told Michiru-san about her the other day when she was baking."

"Though to be fair, Rei and Minako are also very good fighters, just not as strong." Her head tilts to the side trying to recall if they had any specific roles. "I'd be the 'smart one' I suppose. Though that's only natural."

Haruka Tenoh has posed:
    Haruka nods. "It doesn't take much to get over my head, academically. I'm sharing my house here with two incredible women, both of them have their own skills. If you're a Guardian too, I'm sure you're not just 'a smart one', but like. Crazy smart." Haruka says, making a sweeping gesture with her hand. "Like, one of the smartest people in Tokyo, Japan, the world." She says with a smile.

    "Uranus is the planet of wind and long before I was Sailor Uranus I've loved the wind, and the best way to feel the wind is to move fast. Run fast. Drive fast." she says, as though it's a normal thing for a girl their age to drive at all. "But all of us having our own talents is way better than expecting all of us to do everything. And if you're anything like the other girls on my team, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the rest are so much more effective, so very benefitted, from having you to guide their strength with your intelligence." she says.

    "...which means I should probably stop yammering and let you sleep soon." she admits, shrugging. But she's smiling, and she's enjoying talking with the girl, meeting her. Another teammate, another ally.

Ami Mizuno has posed:
"Honestly I was a bit envious when I saw you running that fast. Of course we were in the middle of a fight," Ami admits with a solemn nod, "But you looked so confident, and capable. I can see why you enjoy the wind so much." There's a little pause before she adds, "I feel similar when I'm swimming. It's like a warm hug even if the water is cool."

For a moment she feels compelled to mention she IS the top performer in school, but she bites back that remark for now under all the flattery. "Thank you, Tenoh-san, you're very nice to say that. And I should sleep now," she admits with another nod as she reaches for her bag to flip it open to pull out a set of pale blue pajamas that looked rather comfy. "I would like to talk more later, though," she assures. "It's just been a rather long day so far. Thank you again for letting me stay."