158/Casual luncheon meeting!

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Casual luncheon meeting!
Date of Scene: 26 July 2023
Location: Korma Chameleon
Synopsis: Cho, Koji, Darien, Ikiko, Chiyo and Niji all end up meeting at the karma chameleon in one of those strange, random encounters that certainly don't mean anything... until they do.
Cast of Characters: Cho Konishi, Mamoru Chiba, Koji Silvia, Ikiko Hisakata, Chiyo Sakai, Niji Dasshu

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi had heard of this place. This... Karma Chameleon. There were a few people who snickered at the name, but honestly? She didn't get it. Alas, a life of avoiding people and being too focused on success and ignoring... everything else? Had its consequences. In this case, the consequences being she'd missed the obvious joke.

However, it had come up often enough that she'd wanted to try some... that and she promised Wuwu she'd get him some. A lil tiny fairy to-go box.

So she walked into the restaurant and... oh. Oh wow. She was already lost. Gulping nervously, she made her way towards one of the tables and took a seat, before soon staring at the menu.

And becoming even more lost. She... she didn't... know any of these foods. Sure, she'd had lamb, but... Should she ask what the items were? Recommendations? Should she just randomly pick something? What if she disliked it? What if it made her sick? She felt panic beginning to rise and took a slow, deep breath. Calm. Callllm. It wasn't like anybody saw her here and would silently judge her for her failure to know how to eat at a new restaurant. That'd be silly.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"--and anyway, I'm working mornings now that we're on break," a too-tall black-haired boy in glasses is saying to a shorter black-haired boy in glasses as they come in; the taller one's wearing a black t-shirt and jeans with a battered green blazer, and he's got a phone in the hand he's gesturing with. "Anyway, were you trying to get me in trouble with her or were you still mad? I mean I was still mad so I don't blame you, but now that it's over I want to know where I stood."

Darien (the tall one) heads directly for the table Cho's just seated herself at, and he almost sits down at it before spotting her, he's so preoccupied. "Oh no! I'm sorry, miss--?"

Koji Silvia has posed:
Dressed down from even his normal attire into a hooded top and knee-length running shorts, Koji's crosstrainers almost scuff on the floor as he turns sideways to allow someone with a to-go order to pass as he enters, listening to Darien go on, "I wasn't mad. Why would I be mad? You two are getting along, so if anything I should be happy. You're the one who thought appeasing my dad was a good idea. Oh... by the way... he STILL wants to meet you. I think he assumes you'll do all those cool-kid things I won't and he can make you into the son he never had."

The mock-disgusted look on his face sort of vanishes as he has his hands wrapped on the back of his head and is looking around idly, then stops and double-takes towards Cho, like he should recognize her... but something's not clicking.

Maybe he's just hungry as he sighs, and and swings his arms down to stuff into his pockets, "Yeah, sorry. You know how it is. Two hungry guys, thinking with our stomachs! You look familiar..."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Today had been a busy day for Ikiko, albeit relaxing one. Feeding strays, winding down from yesterday's energetic picnic; it's enough to work up an appetite.

And she knows an excellent place to deal with that.

Walking into the Korma Chameleon, the first thing she does (asides from stepping to the side to be out of the doorway) is look around for any friends who might already be here. Let's see...

...okay, there's Koji, plus Koji's dubious roomie, and... Ikiko is pretty sure she's seen the girl on campus while doing club chores, just not close enough to really say hi.

Still, might as well go say hi!

"Hi, Koji-san!" Ikiko beams as she walks over. "How are you today?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Not long after others have arrived (whomever that may be), the door chime sounds again allowing another figure to slip in. Shorter, purple haired, familiar. Chiyo was starting to come here often enough that it was likely the owners recognized her. She had been far enough down the sidewalk when Darien, Koji, and even Ikiko had entered that she hadn't recognized any of them from behind. Or she might just be too distracted to recognize anyone as her eyes are cast to the ground in front of her rather than raised up to really see where she was going.

Her path leads her to that little juncture in the shop where one would have to choose to go to the to-go counter, or to go to the seating area as she pauses to debate over which to do with a pensive expression cast down to the phone in her hand.

It's the voices that catch her attention causing her to finally look up blinking toward those at the table as if she'd just woken up from some kind of walking dream to realize where she was. "Oh. Hello everyone."

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    You would be forgiven for blinking and asking where on Blue and Endymion's shared earth Niji came from, or how she got there so fast. But she's there. Right next to Ikiko, as she's walking over to Koji. Just. Quickly. (In all honesty, she totally hadn't been bumming around the outside of the Khorma waiting for someone she knew or a teammate to head in so she could eat not-alone.) "Oh hey Ikiko! Are you coming to grab a bite too?" she says, in not the MOST convincing voice ever. "Do you mind if I uh, join you? And maybe your friends?" she asks, putting her hand behind her head. "You know it's just... eating alone, it's wierd, right? And the tables at the Chamelon are so spacious, but when you're alone it's like... weird, you know?" she asked.

    She peered around Ikiko. "Oh hey, Konishi-san! Did you ever find that rule you were sure existed?" she asks, teasing her a little. "I mean school's out now anyways, but I figured I might as well ask, right?" Oh, why do you always poke the hornet's nest like this Niji? Because it's fun, that's why. And because Cho was so very sure of herself. And Niji doesn't often get to win discussions involving text and rules, come on, let me have this, self.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi blinked and stared up at the... tall... guy. The very tall guy. Holy crud she could climb him like a tree (blame Wukong, monkey mentor see tall thing, wanna climb.) "Cho Konishi," she said quickly. "Um, you can sit here if you like. I uhhhh, don't have anyone either. I could move," she offered.

There were two of them, and it wasn't like she'd ordered yet, so it was just her trying to be polite... and a push over. A massive push over.

She glanced to Koji when he said she looked familiar. "Oh, uhh. I get that a lot. I'm part of the student council, you've probably seen me running around trying to meet deadlines. And... usually succeeding. Usually. I think I'm the only one of us with pink hair," she said sheepishly. Probably the least styalized hair, too.

And oh wow, now there were more of them. How did they grow so quickly?!

Then, an all too familiar voice. She glanced to Niji and sighed. Well, if it wasn't the girl most likely to cost them the 'permission to dye their hair' right in RHA... "Ah. Dasshu-san. You're correct. Technically, 'any reasonable colors are permitted so long as well maintained.' And, technically, some people could call... a rainbow... reasonable... so there is no... problem... at this point... with your hair."

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"I don't want to impose," Darien says kindly to Cho, looking a little embarrassed. And then Ikiko's coming up to greet Koji, AND ALSO a literally rainbow-haired girl?? who was not there a second earlier? but is absolutely in no way Hematite's problem even if she teleported because work was this morning and he is solidly no longer on the clock -- and he relaxes a little bit; he can just hang out and be quiet in the middle of social people being harmlessly social, right?

And oh good, there's Chiyo, too. "I don't want to meet your dad, I was literally very expensively trying to make you explode. If I wanted to appease him I would have told him I was buying them," Darien says to Koji, waving a hand around and grinning crookedly.

The phone in his hand lights up and buzzes, and Darien lifts it to look at it, and the color of his face and the expression on it both change. Not for the better, though it's hard to see what the changes actually are-- the net result is that he looks colder and somehow isolated in a group of friendly people. "I'm sorry," he says abruptly, "I have to take this."

And Darien Shields lifts the phone to his ear as he goes back out the door.

Koji Silvia has posed:
There's an almost belligerent roll to his eyes as Koji mutters under his breath the MOMENT the work-phone that was being so waved about like a conductor's baton goes off... and that expression comes.

"So much for not working nights."

But taking a breath, he straightens and schools his expression as he slides right by Ikiko and gives her a pat on the head and a murmured, "Hey there, iki-kun. Nice friend you have there."

He does not, however, engage directly with Niji at the moment, since introductions are not made.

Instead he grabs a chair, cants it to one leg, spins it in a casual gesture while shooting Chiyo a wave and a more affable smile, and then settles on it solid in one smooth movement.

As his arms come to rest along the back of the chair, he says to Cho, "No it's someplace else. Wait... I think..." He points, "Weren't you at the last Gymnastics Club meeting?"

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai allows herself a little smile to creep over her when she spots everyone. She'd met everyone at least once--Or at least in passing it seemed. When Darien steps out though she looks a bit puzzled again as she steps to the side so that he can leave without being in the way.

With that oddity given she walks over to the table the others are at looking around them all with a smile. "Hi Koji-kun, Ikiko-chan, Niji-chan." Cho she hasn't met. Seen sure, but not met, so she offers her a polite dip of her head along with a friendly smile. "Hello. I'm Chiyo Sakai. Do you all mind if I join you, too?" She glances back over her shoulder at the door Darien had just gone out with a puzzled, "I hope everything's all right."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko looks at Chiyo with a 'what's wrong?' worried expression, but doesn't push it; if Chiyo wants to bring whatever it is up around a bunch of people, that should be her choice, not Ikiko's.

Ah, right, introductions. "Koji-kun, this is Niji Dasshu, grade 9 at Radiant Heart, all-around athelete and veritable fountain of energy; Dasshu-san, this is Koji Silvia, grade 10 at Radiant Heart, Computer and Gymnastics clubs," Ikiko explains. "Also -- I'm Ikiko Hiskata, grade 5 at Radiant Heart, Animal Care club. Nice to meet you, Konishi-san!"

Darien's reaction to the sudden call draws a sympathetic wince from Ikiko; anything that can cause that expression can't be good.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Niji blinks at Cho. She was expecting at least a little more of an argument. A competition. But Cho just kind of sighs and agrees with her. "Oh, awesome then." Not an argument (if it ever was from anyone's perspective but hers) so the comment is all she needs to make. "I mean I think it's well reasonable and I'm some people." she added.

    And then the tall guy gets a phone call and just looks... dour? He really had a rapid change of personality there. She tilts her head slightly as he starts to leave. "Oh. That face didn't look like he was getting news he wanted..." Niji says, out loud, grimacing.

    Ikiko's introduction snaps her out of it - she shakes her head a bit, as she has a habit of doing when she's recentering somewhere outside of her own mind. "Oh, yes, hi! Oh Sakai-san! Yes it's good to see you again, too!" she says, realizing in that moment she hadn't politely introduced herself. To anyone. Right. Right. Good job Niji this is why you're having a hard time making friends in Tokyo!

    So she does the clasp-hands-in-fornt and bow politely. "Niji Dasshu, as Ikiko said. It's good to meet all of you. The ones I haven't met before, I mean. But also the ones I've met before..."

    "...I'm just gonna sit down now." she says, plopping into a chair with a sigh.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi stared at them, trying to not get overwhelmed. Failing drastically. It was times like this she was reminded that, while she WANTED to be the excited, outgoing, chipper type, it was still a learning experience for her. She just... wasn't that kind of person.

But, well, more introductions were being given, so she got to her feet and gave a polite bow. "Oh, well... err. I'm Cho Konishi, stage magician's club, student council and, as... Koji-kun, was it? Seems to know, gymnastics. A ummm, pleasure. And, err, I guess go right ahead. I uhhhh... hadn't expected this many people. But, as they say, the more the merrier. Right?" she asked, giving a light, slightly nervous laugh.

She'd been on the back foot this whole time and it didn't look like she'd stop anytime soon. Still... this did offer an opportunity. "Well, then. Since I've procured the table for this... impromptu get together, I feel it's only fair to delegate, no? Koji-san, you seem to know this place better than I do, why don't you order? It'll be fun to see if you can be flexible in more ways than just gymnastics," she said with a teasing smile.

Yessssss. Besides, he'd come in, spun the chair and sat like a badass. If anyone could figure out the proper thing to order in situations like this, it'd be him. Yay for not having to make difficult choices!

Koji Silvia has posed:
The challenge make him arch a brow, and then immediately look outside, twisting his head to see where the heck Darien is with his call. One foot begins tapping, rolling the toe of his shoe into the table leg before it stops him, and then he shakes it off and takes a breath.

Looking around the table for a moment, he takes everyone in, with a nod to Cho, a slightly warmer smile to Chiyo, an impish little grin at Ikiko, and finally comes the rainbow-haired and frankly... elegant Niji.

"It really is nice to meet you, Dasshu-chan, Konishi-Chan. And since I do things like get a bunch of lunch orders for things like hungry club-members... I'm up for the challenge."

Elbows come up and plant on the table, causing his fingers to steeple together, and his glasses take a reflective gleam from the light off of them. As he shifts and stares at each person a little more intently, the reflection shifts so no one person can ever see more than one eye, and he 'hrrms' slightly under his breath.

"Konishi-chan, you see like you're high energy with all the clubs, so you must like food you can pick up and go, and can keep you going. So for you, Fried Paneer with a 2-star curry sauce.

As he moves down the line, "Chiyo, you look like you just want something to snack on so I'd say... just some simple veggie samosas and a tea. That way you can place your order now, and take a real meal home with you."

There's a pause on Ikiko, and he winks at her, "I've never seen you have one, so you get Galub Jamun. They're like little donut balls in a sweet sauce."

The most daunting of the group is Niji Dasshu-chan, which makes him pause for a moment longer than the rest, and he taps one finger to his cheek, "I'm going out on a limb to say... a prawn biryani. It's colorful, it's spicy, and it has a sweet note to it."

He picks up the menu and holds it up to flag the waiter down.

Chiyo Sakai has posed:
Chiyo Sakai tilts her head to the side curiously to listen to what Koji comes up with for the orders. They all sounded amazing and perhaps a bit spot on. Chuckling at the order for herself she can only nod before... her own phone rings. It had been out in hand so it's not exactly as if she weren't expecting something.

"I'm so sorry, I'll have to join another time," she offers with a small sigh of apparent disappointment. At least it wasn't QUITE like how Darien had ran out. Ikiko and Koji are flashed apologetic looks before she also dips her head toward Niji and the newly met Cho. "Pardon me. Family things," she explains lamely before turning to head out.

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"Take care, Chiyo-chan!" Ikiko waves as the older girl heads out, idly wondering if there was an unexpected rush over at Nounamu Sweets. And there's still the question of what was weighing heavily on Chiyo's mind. Ah well, perhaps another time!

Niji's ramble-tangle of verbal tripping leads Ikiko to reach over and, after a moment's thought, pat the prismatic-haired girl on the back. Plenty of speed to Niji's personality, but not the best cornering; whether that's a steering issue or a tire grip issue is...

    ...frankly, driving the metaphor too far into the weeds, Ikiko sheepishly realizes.

Koji's ordering list help snap her out of her meandering thought. "Oh, those do sound good!" she grins. "And you're right: I haven't tried them before."

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Niji blinks and leans over to Cho - mostly because Cho is the nearest person - and says, not quietly enough to be considered a whisper, 'Oh he's good'.

    "Man, you guys should like, give out your phone numbers slightly less often?" Niji says, watching Chiyo take a call and have to duck out too. "I guess don't order for her."

    Ikiko pats her on the back and she calms down, just a little bit. Because in her mind she's really, really hoping Chiyo and the Tall Guy didn't just take phone calls when she came up to get away from her. But that would be silly, right? She's awesome. Why would anybody just try to get away from her... she sinks down a bit. That hand on her back, reassuring, small, but important, maybe more important than Tsukiko knows. She straightens back up and smiles again. "Really good job on the order, Koji. I don't know what you got for me but it sounds good." she says. Right. Back to the here and now.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi was feeling rather proud of herself. After all, now the struggles of ordering--

Holy absolutely incredible order. Her mouth actually fell open slightly and she couldn't help it. Her cheeks went a little red and she felt a tiny bit... dunked on. Even at her peak, she couldn't have done that. Especially not with people she barely knew. No, it wasn't just the fact he'd ordered. He'd ordered them CUSTOM things. Okay, not like. Super custom. But she'd have been like 'spicy curry' or something. He had a whole meal plan. And her mouth was hanging open, which she finally caught, closing so quick her teeth clicked and she cringed. "Y-yeah. He's... really good," she said softly.

Yeah, she was out of her league. You had the incredible rainbow girl. The suave, too cool for school awesome guy. And then the rather tough looking girl who seemed to almost radiate a... soothing presence and just...

Then there was her, the fake. The girl trying so hard to be something she wasn't. Didn't understand her makeup, didn't know how to do her hair, didn't--

She shook her head and told that voice to SHUT! UP! Listening to it ONLY ever made her miserable and ALONE! The herd had thinned, it was time to strike! Be friendly!

"Wow, I suspected you'd be talented, Koji-kun, but I never would have guessed you were so good at this! I see my trust was placed well. Hiskata-san, Animal care club, right? That must be a lot of fun. Like a whole club all about playing with pets? Got any rabbits good for pulling out of hats?" she asked with a smile, trying desperately to put out more confidence than she felt.

"And Dasshu-san. I know we might not have gotten off on the best foot, but please understand I was only trying to look out for you. As a member of the council, it's our job to try and protect all of the student body. But... I really should have made sure to double check my information before giving you a warning like that, my apologies. RHA really is quite generous when it comes to presenting one's self, allowing us students to really show our true colors and express ourselves in the way we desire."

Then she looked to Koji and gave him a smile. "Now then, Koji-san, I'm afraid to say I can't recall much about your experience in the gymnastics club. My apologies. I often get too focused on uhhhh... some of the things we do there."

Koji Silvia has posed:
As the waiter comes over to take their orders from him, he adds on a round of waters... and with a second glance... adds a couple mango lassi with extra straws. If Cho actually could see past the facade, though, she'd realize he's kicking himself for doing TOO MUCH, for showing off because friends are here... friends who are mostly absent now. But like everyone else (except the pure of kawaii Ikiko) at the table, he has a rock solid mask in place.

"I haven't competed since I started this school, which is probably why you haven't really seen me about. I volunteered to help the younger grades as an assistant coach. Since the school is an all-year, they have to break up the team for middle and high school after all."

Shrugging it off a little more, he leans back, and at the last half-second remembers he's on this chair backwards, and sort of tightens his arms just a bit, "I've been here since Year 9, to be honest, so I've sort of had time to build my own little niche. It's not surprising we haven't met yet."

He pauses though, and looks at Ikiko for a moment, "Though if you want to really know what Animal Care Club is like, I am sure Iki-kun can tell you about the thing we'll be doing next week... I'm sort of tagging along."

Adeptly lobbing the conversation ball down the line, he then replies to the statement by Niji, saying, "Think of Buryani like... the hindi version of Donburi. Rice, meat, veggies, spices... it's as much statement as it is flavor. Every place has their own version."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"I think Ninjin-senpai is the one with rabbits," Ikiko muses. "He's in grade 11, but he's about as soft-spoken as his bunnies. If you'd like, Konishi-san, I could introduce you to him so you can discuss borrowing his rabbits for your magic tricks?"

She grins at Koji when he mentions the upcoming club activity. "Some local stray cats that Koji-kun is friends with had some kittens," Ikiko explains. "The club advisor know a veterinarian, so we'll be gathering up the clowder, making sure they're all in good health, and then see about finding homes for them."

There's a softly warm smile given to Niji when the rainbow-haired girl unsags from the self-doubt. Sometimes, even the boldest person needs a bit of comforting support, no matter how much energy they usually have.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Koji explains what he's actually ordered for her, and she rests her hands on the table, grinning. "Okay, that sounds awesome." she admits. "Which is good, cause I'm starvin'."

    Ikiko and Koji also talk about the Animal Care Club, so Niji chimes in a bit there, too. "Oh, maybe I should tag along then too. If that's cool. I keep saying I'm going to meet Ikiko there but I should really just set a time and do it, right?" There's a pause. "Wait, what's a clowder. Like chowder? We're gonna give the kittens clam chowder?"

    Self doubt isn't really something she's good at wrestling hereself, because it's not a fight she's used to having. Like a sport she's newly competing in. One she's having to learn. And one she doesn't reeeeealllllly like. She takes a deep breath. "Oh, right, gymnastics. Do you guys actually go and do competitions, like, against other schools?" she asks. Her eyes aren't sparkling at all, nope. Well, maybe a little. "Like, as a team maybe?"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Just then, the door rings out again, and Darien comes back in, looking decidedly smug but also like he was in a fight with something large and clawed and heavy. He sliiides into a seat at the table, since Koji is sitting there, and exhales. His battered old green jacket is fine, though.

"Sorry. Bad decisions led to an emu. It's back where it's supposed to be now," he says, taking his glasses off to polish them.

Cho Konishi has posed:
Cho Konishi shook her head rapidly at th eoffer. "Oh, no no. I'm nowhere near good enough for rabbit pulls yet. I'm still trying to get my card tricks right. Speaking of..." She pulled out a deck of cards and fanned them out. "I'm certain I've got it this time. Each of you, pull out a card, look at it, then place it back in the deck," she said with a nod.

As she was doing the trick, she looked to Koji. "Competitive? Huh. I've uhhhh... never actually entered a competition or anything like that. I mean, I know there's a gymnastics team, but I doubt I'd be good enough to actually compete or anything." Ironically, she probably was good enough... But that was possibly due to her magical nature, now.

She then glanced to Niji. "Likely. I think... there's competitions for almost all clubs. I wouldn't be surprised to find out there's even a stage magic competition. I'm nowhere near good enough in either of my clubs to compete, though. And unless they hold a 'how much paperwork can you do' competition, I doubt I'll enter one in student council, either," she said with a light chuckle.

Then Darien came in and she just... stared. "Wow. You look like shit. Err, I mean... no. No. You look like you just went three rounds with a bear. You won, mind," she said quickly. "So, err, pick a card, too. Memorize it and put it back in."

Koji Silvia has posed:
As Koji takes his card, looks at it, and then places it back into the deck, giving a nod to Darien as he moves in and sits down with the group, the waiter returns and kicks the front leg of the black-blue haired boy's chair, "Boss says no sitting like that."

As he turns his chair around again, the food is put down.

In front of Cho, what looks like fried tofu, but has the sour-sweet scent of cheese instead, with a sauce to one side. It almost looks Italian.

Ikiko of course gets herself a little pyramid of fried donut pieces that are doused in a clear honey-like sauce, and have something sweet and creamy next to it to dip for added flavor.

For Niji, it is as promised. Four HUGE prawns sitting atop a bed of rice that smells like it was sauteed in butter and has little bits of carrot, green pepper, sweet corn, and that hint of... caramelized onion in it.

The boys get their own dishes, deftly ordered by the smaller of the two of them... in the form of Koji's Tandoori Chicken Ramen bowl, and what looks like Takoyaki in front of Darien, but is covered in a spicy curry-like sauce.

Picking up his chopsticks, he bows his head, "itadakimasu!" But he does not eat... instead waiting for Cho to finish her trick.

In the end, Chiyo's samosas are left in the center of the table for everyone to pick at as they want, but the tea is not delivered. Instead a pair of milk-shake like things are set with one next to Niji and the second between Ikiko and Cho.

"Every sports club competes, Dasshu-chan, it's the nature of the beast. How are you supposed to know how good you are until you put yourself to the test against someone else? I mean... I know I am good, but I've never been comfortable competing. It's not really where I shine."

Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"Clowder, not chowder," Ikiko giggles. "Clowder is the name for a group of cats. And no, I don't know why that's the name, but yes, it is a funny name!"

Ikiko looks at the card she drew, then slides it back into the deck. Darien's return is met with wide eyes, further widening when he mentions the silhouette of what had happened. "Wow... good thing it wasn't a cassowary!" she gulps.

The arrival of food prompts some licking of her lips, but Ikiko takes her cue from Koji and waits for the magic trick to be completed first.

Niji Dasshu has posed:
    Niji looks at Cho skeptically. But she pulls a card anyways because why the heck not. "I mean yeah, right? You practice hard, you compete hard." she says. "You don't have to win, but you'll never know how good you are if you don't like, try."

    She blinked. Well, Mamoru either didn't leave to avoid her, or he obviously regretted doing so. "You... uh... you... okay there... buddy?" she asked.

    And then the prawns get sat down and... she actually pauses. Remembers to give the Itadakimasu call. She does not wait for Cho to finish her trick. Because she's making a dissapearing act of her own happen - the prawns are not long for this plane of existence. Or at least, being outside of Niji's stomach. By the time Cho finishes her trick the plate will be clean. It's really impressive. and/or horrifying if anyone turns to actually watch.

    Niji does pause for a moment. "Well, I mean, I know gymnastics competitions happen but I meant do *we* do it, and I guess nobody at this table does." Not that Niji wouldn't compete. She just didn't exactly join gymnastics herself. Not 'cool' enough, to her. Mostly. Unless there's competitions. Then maybe.

Koji Silvia has posed:
And now it's Koji's turn for the phone to interrupt!

Drawing it out to check, he goes a bit wide-eyed, and then bolts down half his ramen bowl and fishes out enough yen from his pocket to leave on the table to cover his part of the meal. Reaching over to Darien's portion, he snags two of the actually Tofuyaki and seems to exchange those for what's left in his meal as he bolts towards the door, "Mff cn't b'late f'r m' frsst shft!"

The door barely has time to give off it's little 'IRRASHAIMASE!' before he's turned and disappeared down the street at a run!