701/Lunar Eclipse 2: The Hamster Ball-ening

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Lunar Eclipse 2: The Hamster Ball-ening
Date of Scene: 04 November 2023
Location: Juuban Ward
Synopsis: It's the grand end to Sailor Eclipse's reign of ...terror? toyrror? and everyone's here! Hannah, Amy, Ginga Otome, Cure Spanner, Yellow Pearl Voice, Cat Noir, Himeko & Bakeneko, and even Sunbreaker join forces against Sailor Eclipse and her loyal boyfriend Darien in an epic standoff in Kobayashi Toy Shop!
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino, Hannah Steiner, Hinoiri Kirara, Wako Agemaki, Mamoru Chiba, Miya Sakamoto, Adrien Agreste, Amanda Faust, Coco Kiumi, Pyrite
Tinyplot: Lunar Eclipse

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
It's been about ten hours since Radiant Heart Academy's Culture Festival started and eight hours since Grade 9 Class C's test of courage went disastrously wrong in an arguably hilarious (and then even more arguably psychologically devastating) fashion: Usagi Tsukino, grade 9's most famous scaredy-cat and all around people person, was possessed by an evil butterfly, as her boyfriend put it, turned into the one and only Sailor Eclipse, and promptly turned her entire class into toys.

And also anyone else in the area. And also some of the magical girls who showed up to fight her.

Look, what can you expect from She escaped into the - well, daylight, with Naru Osaka and Darien Shields, and proceeded to go on a crime spree in her desire to turn the beloved city of Tokyo into the legendary Toykyo, city of joy! There was the coffee shop, where she turned everyone into toys after paying. There was the bakery, where she, you guessed it, turned everyone into toys after paying. There was Clover Tower, where - well.

She only turned a few civilians and Naru, into toys there. Hadn't gone well. She was still feeling a bit sore over it, really, had crushed Plushie Naru (with accompany felt coffee and felt cellphone accessories!) to her chest and sulked while Darien texted people to plot her downfall and she texted people to rant about her righteousness.

There was a moment there, where she also stormed Obsidian Tower to turn Darien's boss into a plushie, but a shoulder massage and a firm, 'Usako, please don't', had cut that plan short.

And now?

Now she's posting selfies in the biggest toy store in all of Tokyo - HA. No she wasn't.

Usagi was prone to dramatics, but even more so she was prone to sentimentality. Why run off to some fancy toy store all the way across the city, that she'd have to take a train to reach, when she could go to Kobayashi Toy Shop - a famous toy store right there in Azabu Juuban, her own hometown? Family owned for over a hundred years, Usagi and Naru had grown up going to this store around the holidays, making present lists with Usagi's Mama and giggling over the beautiful toys. It was a place of beautiful memories.

So of course Sailor Eclipse had mildly, slightly, taken over the shop! She hadn't turned the owners into toys - she'd politely asked them to leave, and teleported them over to the zoo at Penguin Park to enjoy themselves before turning all of their customers into toys, and set Plush Naru up on a toy train rolling through the store on a track connecting the upper shelving units.

You couldn't tell the real toys from the toys she had made of the customers. There were too many plushes lying loose and ready to be loved.

"Mamo-chan, let's take another selfie! This display is too cute!"

Oh yes, even for those who don't have her location, the fact that she's openly posting selfies (blurry to those who can't comprehend magic, perfectly clear to those who can, somehow) will make her easy to find. And of course, you could always just wander into the open toy store.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah...had to check and then triple check first her texts, and then social media. Why yes. That is a certain Moon-chan. Who apparently had been possessed, and was turning people into /toys/! Stuffies! This...this is over Hannah's level of supernatural tolerance. Evil corporations, magitek shenanigans, even Lost Logia? That's all fine.

This...is just /silly/, even as it kind of just...well, it's exactly what an evil version of Usagi would be in her eyes. She's glad she knows her would-be sister well.

But she's also /done/ with shenanigans, and so the ruler of Tharkad is off towards Kobayashi Toy Shop.

"Blauer Greif! Aufwachen!"

<Linker Core Online>

<Sensoren Online>

<Zauberspruche Online>

<Alle Systeme Nominal>

<Bereit meine Herrin>

A Belkan Magic Circle flares, and Trager-chan is on the scene! Equally one for dramatics, rather than doing the sensible thing, she draws Blauer Greif's blade, and simply cuts the doors open, a light gravity push having the debris blow in just /perfectly/ with Trager walking in, cape fluttering!

"SAILOR ECLIPSE!" She loves this part of being a magical girl!

"In the name of your House, of your kin und your /NAME/ as a Mahou, I, Trager des Blauer Greif, demand your honorable surrender! To fall to this...admittedly, rather adorable und spiteless..." Okay it's hard to sound mad at Sailor Eclipse. This is. Just. It's cute, okay!? Every Area Search shows her mind the full cuteness.

"As one whom sees you as the closest of kin, I shan't allow you to fall to such plushie-based debauchery! Hab es bei dir! Eclipse-chan!" Comes Hannah loudly, slashing her blade in the air in a duelist's salute to Sailor Eclipse!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker had another lead! FINALLY! Stupid wonderfully delightful OBNOXIOUS GIRL! UGH! She didn't know WHY she cared about her! NOT THAT SHE DID! But IF she did, which she didn't, she'd definitely be VERY upset by all of this.

Hinoiri only cared because it was part of her cover. And, woe and behold, Sailor Eclipse had posted selfies. And while it had taken her FOUR toy shops before she found the right one (she wasn't native, bite her), she FINALLY managed to find the right one. Appearing on the top floor, she hovered there for a second and... yup. No civilians around. Crazy insane girl hanging out with her boyfriend and...

WHERE WERE THE STUPID SPARKLE SKIRTS?! Ugh. She swore. Whenever she went ANYWHERE three or four of them just POPPED out of the ground, like daisies. Yet, now when someone who was ACTUALLY really good and nice and sweet and DESERVING of protection needed it, where were they?

NOT HERE! She sighed, shoving aside some stuffies and sitting on the top shelf.

Well, they'd pop up soon. Hmph. Stupid eclipse. SHE was Sunbreaker. This girl couldn't be Sunblocker. That was HER gig. Find her own. Dork. For now, though, she was just... watching and waiting. She had half a mind to start texting some of those stupid sparkle skirts. Did she need to cause drama to make them pop up? Was that the secret? STUPIDS!

Well, she wasn't going anywhere, no way she was letting Sailor Eclipse get away. Stupid name, too. Maybe Sailor Moon would pop in, could yell at her for being a brat and stuff.

Not that she cared.

And FINAllY one of them arrived. A loud, obnoxious one. BUT ONE!

Her Dusk Eel glided down to grab a small bag of caramel covered popcorn, then brought it up to her. Toy shops always had candy, why wouldn't they? Best way to get parents to buy their kids more junk, hop them up on sugar.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Wako got a bit of advance notice of where Sailor Eclipse was headed, thanks to Inai-sensei and a whole bunch of texting. After immediately relaying the details re: Kobayashi Toys to interested parties - or, well, to Adrien and Coco, the interested parties whose phone numbers she actually has - she apprivoised and made a beeline for Azabu-Juuban and its most prominent toy store.

She'd had an idea of waiting for backup, but that was before someone else took it in mind to make a dramatic entrance. From where she'd perched above the entry awning, Ginga Otome winces at the destruction of the front doors. "You... you could have at least let me set up Zero Time..."

Oh well, too late now. Bringing her hands up before her, palm to palm, she grasps at the metaphysical threads and pulls the store (and a good area around it) into otherdimensional space. The unmagical pedestrians outside who'd stopped to gawk abruptly vanish as the sky shifts to a multicolored field of spangled stars.

With this done, she drops to ground level and walks, purposeful but unhurried, in through the wreckage of the front entrance. She doesn't announce herself.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
It's not like Darien didn't know that Sailor Eclipse knew he was texting people to organize against her, but as she'd told Kyouka (over text) it was fine because it meant Chat Noir was more likely to show up. So he texted away and generally just didn't panic at all, because why should he? This was the single cutest 'go evil' phase anyone could possibly have, and besides, Usagi made an adorable villain. Ish. Villainish. Moreover, someone would eventually sort it out, he was sure.

Now he's perfectly cheerfully taking selfies with her in front of whatever displays she wants! (He is no longer wearing his burnt uniform shirt, and he definitely has a phone charger now that he didn't have earlier.)

Extending his hand and ignoring the notifications that continue to make his phone beep a lot, he just prays Beryl doesn't actually summon him while he's on a rampage with Usagi. Shutter sound! "There, I got one," he says, keeping the pose for the selfie from Usagi's phone--

--and then Hannah busts in. "Hey, careful! There's no barrier!" he calls out.
And then Wako walks in. "Oh hey, barrier time?"

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
"Please, Enji!"


"Pretty please?"


"Pretty pretty pretty pretty please with a can of WD-40 on top?"

"I'll take the can, but still no."

"C'mon, Enji! I've trained hard! You saw it! Please let me out of autopilot mode!"

The characters involved appear to be a young girl with pastel color hair ending in long drills that reach to her legs, decked in an eleborate high-visibility orange outfit with reflective sliver/white trimmings and retroreflector orange gems, carrying an adjustable wrench made of a material that is halfway between crystal and metal; its head, while functional as a wrench, also manages to look heart-shaped. The other is a tiny beaver in blue overalls and yellow hard hat. He has thick, massive eyebrows.

The young woman joins her hands joined together (still holding her wrench between them), and begs her mascot. "C'mooooooooooooon...." *sparkly puppy eyes*

The beaver rolls his eyes. "/Fine/," he sighs. "If you really put it that way..." He makes equally large and sparkly puppy eyes. "Noooooooooo...."

"Hey, you said you didn't do cute, but you just -did-!", exclaims Cure Spanner. "This is -mockery-, if it wasn't obvious enough," grunts Enji.

"Aw, c'mon!, she argues. "What if the autopilot mode makes me spout out a Justice Speech at the worst moment?! Do you want me to be discovered too early?!"

"Now, -tactical advantage-. That is a serious reason," concedes the beaver, rubbing his chin. "Fine, we'll move to the next level of autonomy."

"Hooray!", exclaims the magical girl, tossing her hands in the air.

"So, next magical girling lesson: you have to find a Tall Place." "A what?" "Tall Place. It's important. The first times you'll have to look for it explicitly. It'll eventually become second nature." "Uhm... o...kay?", says Cure Spanner.

* * *

Miya stands atop the tallest jenga tower the world has ever seen.

The tallest, most structurally stable jenga tower the world has even seen. Packed properly, reinforced with metal bars and screws, with supporting beams and wires that pull on the tallest part.

Atop the tower, is Cure Spanner, arms crossed, while her skirt flutters in the wind.

"Uh... er...", she stutters.% "What you did was... uhm... bad," she says, far too quiet to be heard.

Enji sighs. He pulls out some handheld electronic device with a bunch of buttons, and pushes one, producing a satisfactory, 'bleep bleep' sound, round and bouncy. "Back to autopilot mode with you."

Cure's Spanner eyes pop open like the flashing turning signal of a car whose alarm has just been activated, and after that, with intensity, she points an accusing finger, and goes, "How dare you reduce people to playthings, depriving them of their free will?! As admittedly cute and huggable as they are now, I, as a paladin of justice, will not stand for the violation of liberty, suppression of choice, and objectification of people! Prepare to receive what is due to you, and repent for your actions!", she exclaims, immediately looking very confused at what she just said after the speech.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
WIth the tip-off given, it wasn't Adrien that was rushing to the Kobayashi toy shop, but the sleek and darkly clad Cat Noir. Daytime or night time, it mattered not to him, he was a versatile cat. Just as Hannah is giving her righteous and only-slightly-derailed speech he lands from the rooftops near Ginga Otome.

"Did I miss the party?" A toothy grin is cast toward Ginga in greeting along with a wink. Two fingers lift up to tap to his forehead in a salute. "I'm glad I decided to check social media today! It'd be a shame to miss out on this." Sweeping his hand off toward the shop itself he offers, "After you? I believe I'm going to be a very large distraction as soon as I walk in."

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Well, not the *entire* class. It's been about seven hours since Amy finished dollsitting a bunch of the initial victims and learned what *really* happened. Since then the frazzled magical girl has followed in Usagi's wake, always late, always feeling obligated to care for the toy people while others chase Usagi and try to head her off. She can't say she'd make a difference in purifying Usagi, but she can spare her fellow mahous this burden and any mental damage that goes with repeatedly being confronted with people turned into toys.

    The way she sees it, years of exposure to certain parts of the 2000s internet has given her some resistance, after all.

    Not that she minds help from other volunteers, and at least the horror and ice that ran through her at the sight of some of the first victims has not returned. Being surrounded by toy people, keeping them safe until the effect wears off, has become *normal* for her so fast it might be more distressing if she dared take time to analyze that.

    After rushing to Clover Tower to check on the safety of the victims there, she's finally had a moment to rest and eat dinner.

    And then Usagi starts posting to social media again, revealing her location.

    Amy is still dressed in a vaguely old-fashioned black dress with red trim and a sash around her waist with a bow on the back, a matching bow just below the collar in front, and a matching alice band with a little bow on it in her hair. Matching frilly wristbands and red shoes with black-and-white-striped stockings complete the dark magical girl costume that is perhaps in *increasingly* poor taste as time goes on, but she hasn't had time to think about it.

    She arrives at the toy shop looking haggard. Dress rumpled, hair combed by fingers in a bathroom with many strands still out of place.

    She looks at Usagi tiredly, but with just a bit of hope. Hannah speaks first and she rushes to her girlfriend's side to hug her protectively. "Please, Hannah, be careful..."

    She turns to face Usagi and speak, though, after shivering at Miya's words. Someone else gets some of why this is so messed up, at least... "Please... Tsukino-san... can't we talk about this for a bit? You said it's your dream but... I don't think anyone else is having fun in this dream... is there... Isn't there some way we can find happiness for everyone?"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco had been searching all over the city ever since Darien (who was Hematite all along) had teleported her and Naru away. She had even mobilized her entire army of otters, (even as many of her mermaids as possible had been called upon to facilitate this search) all scattered throughout Tokyo with nonstop urgency, but everytime she got there, she was woefully late, and of Usagi there was no trace, only a bunch of her toy victims.

"Naira, Cleria, Ethusia, you stay here and make sure nothing bad happens to these toys, they are in your care!" Coco quickly ordered. The same happened to the other locations she was at.

In the end the solution to finding the Akumatized Usagi came from Wako, who told her where she was currently at.

Elevated in her Live Stage, the Mermaid Princess bursts into the shop! "Usagi, stop, this isn't you! Just let us help you back to normal, and we can do something about the bullying you got!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Kobayashi Toy Shop isn't especially large - it's an older store, a family business that's never grown beyond the one location, lovingly tended by the same family for generations now. It's a little crowded, the walkways not too wide, and absolutely stuffed with toys of all sorts, both older and more traditional ones, modern ones, and figurines and merchandise for all sorts of popular items. A lot of them are out of the packaging, to demonstrate what they look like.

It definitely doesn't help anyone figure out which are the real toys and which are the fakes.

"You got it!" Sailor Eclipse cheers, clapping her hands as she looks at the photo, because oh yes, it's exactly what she wanted - and then the doors are cut down and Sailor Eclipse turns and puts both hands on her hips and snaps, "Hann- Tragar-chan!!! They're going to have to pay to fix that, I don't know if they have insurance! I mean they probably do, but that wasn't very nice!"

And then the world ripples around them. The toy store setting is still there, for those just walking in, but once you get past that technicality you stand in a world bizarrely changed. There's no ceiling, for one thing - if they look up, they'll for sure realize that everything is enshrouded in Zero Time and it's endlessly sparkling star-filled sky stretching out above them.

At least her setting is still here and still pretty. Her eyes drift over the rapidly gathering audience - Hannah-chan of course, and Wako-chan drifting in, and a girl she's never met giving a justice speech, and wow, it's weird to be on the other end of one of those! And then - him.

"Chat Noir! You did come! Aren't you ready to hand over your Miraculous now? Maybe I'll let all these people stop being uh, playthings deprived of their free will, if you do!"

Yes she is stealing parts of the justice speech.

"If you don't hand it over, I'll turn even more people into toys, probably!" As if to emphasize, the train with Plush Naru rolls by directly overhead. Felt coffee drops spill down to rain over our heroes. "I already told you all, I'm having a great time! And for those of you who I didn't already tell, you heard me say it now! This is fun for everyone! We're having a ball! There's nothing scary here, only fun and games and joy for ever! There's nothing that can ever go wrong now! Life in plastic, it's fantastic!"

And with a dual burst of pink and yellow light from her palms, she raises every last toy in the store and chucks it at the gathered heroes. It will be like getting hit with, well, a stuffed animal, except for the ones that are wooden toys, or plastic toys. That will probably hurt more.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah's face twists a bit, with Darien, Usagi and Wako giving her guff! "By the Sankt, it is all about setting a /tone/! I swear, no sense of theater on this little backwater! If this business does not have insurance, I shall be happy to browbeat the owner personally! S...such a breach of mercantile honor!!!!!" Comes Hannah, justifying her dramatic vandalism with a royal flick of her head to send her hair fluttering perfectly!

Hannah, also, is not going to pass up an opportunity to hug her girlfriend! BG's sheath is tossed into the air, it floats a bit, and she returns that hug by leaning into it, picking up Amy with one arm, and spinning around twice with a grin on her face.

"Guten aben, mein liebling!" Comes Hannah affectionately.

She of course chooses to not hear the notion of 'careful', which is the exact opposite of a Steiner.

Coco is here! That ups Hannah's confidence. A raised brow. ".....Bullying!? Who would DARE...!!!!" Oh now she's mad. Also Lyra is here! Hisssss-bork! The big lizard gives Eclipse a nice, warm hissing in greetings!

Also there's a 'Barrier'. She /really/ needs to track down Ginga and get right into the Barrier Reeds. But for now, she has a problem to take care of!

"Herr Noir? Might I suggest /nein/ upon the handing over...whatever that Miraculous Device is? Surely it shan't lead to anything good." She suggests, clearly spoiling for a fight. Ack! Felt coffee???? It's on her hat! She brushes it off, then...? TOY ATTACK!

Hannah ducks in front of the toyswarm, trying to Belkan Knight for Amy as her blade and sheath slash and cut away the oncoming barrage of toys. A few smack her in the leg or a shoulder, but she's one heck of a swordswoman, especially with BG and Lyra guiding her.

But she can't launch an attack, on the defensive as she ruins quite a few toys.

She kinda feels bad for chopping up a few spare giant robot models that get chucked at her. One of them even had this neat skull for a head!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker sighed and opened the bag of popcorn. Seriously? Toys? That was her big thing? It was... so... obnoxious. This wasn't like Usagi at all. It was a stupid caricature. It was--

And for a single, annoyingly desperate moment... Sunbreaker alllllmost wondered if this was how it had felt for Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sparkle Skirts when Naru was captured and turned into a youma.

But only for a moment. Before she squashed those thoughts down. She tossed another piece of popcorn into her mouth.

Then her dusk eel dashed out, the creature winding through the aisles to come up behind Sailor Eclipse. If she didn't move... it'd bite her on the butt.

It likely wouldn't hurt, mind. Well. Not more than a pinch. It was... a DISTRACTION! "Hey, Sailor Knockoff, first of all, Eclipsing the sun is *my* thing. We don't need a Sunblocker. Second of all, I kidnapped Naru first and did it better. Third of all... GEEZ! SWORD GIRL! SOME OF THOSE TOYS ARE PEOPLE! Aren't you sparkle skirts supposed to be goody goody?! Why are so many of your murdery?!"

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
Cure Spanner looks up, at the strange disappearance of the ceiling, and its being replaced by something unearthly. "What... what is that?"

She looks around in turn as more people reveal themselves. Hey! That's Yellow Pearl Voice! "Hi Yellow Pearl Voice!", she greets. And it's those people from the concert! And... ok, people she doesn't know.

This goes on until Sailor Eclipse speaks.

"Enji! She stole parts of my justice speech!"


"She stole. Parts. Of. My. Justice. Speech!"


"I... I dunno, I feel affronted. Must be the magical girl equivalent of showing up at a dance with the same dress."

"Technically, you spouted that one out on autopilot. Is it really your speech?"

"I'm not concerned about the justice speech! I'm concerned about -stealing parts-!"

"Agreed, that is bad."

A blurry burst of multicolor plastic shoots towards Cure Spanner, who attempts to deflect it by whirling and hitting with a spinning kick.

Bad move.

She tried to hit them with her foot.

They were Lego bricks.


Exclaims Cure Spanner, as she slams to the ground, rolling around while she holds the affected sole in pain. "That HURT! I can feel it through the boots!"

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
There's Chat Noir, good good; Darien flinches and laughs a little nervously when the toys get pelted every which way at the incoming heroes. "Usako, I'm going to get Naru so she doesn't get knocked off the train or friendship lasered, okay?" And he does just that, going to rescue the plushified Naru just in case.

And what? WHAT? SUNBREAKER is HECKLING? After all the sensitivity training he had to go through, Darien's still miffed just seeing her, and now she's-- "LISTEN, heckling hero fights is--" he starts to yell in her direction, then doublechecks. He glances down, looking at the Naru plush in his hand, then still fails to re-henshin. He doesn't want to fight. "RUDE!" he tells Sunbreaker stubbornly.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
"Right on time," Wako assures Cat Noir brightly, before taking a moment to consider his attire. "Cat Noir, I'm guessing? Nice to meet you."

That was a moment ago. Now, inside the store, Ginga Otome returns Darien's greeting with a confident thumbs-up. "Barrier time!" There's a bit of a pause, while she looks ruefully back over her shoulder. "Only a little too late."

Oh, well.

There's not much time for lengthy conversation before Sailor Eclipse is pelting them with toys. Almost on reflex, the Galactic Maiden throws out both hands in front of her to generate a broad curving shield of pink light. "Careful!" she yelps, eyes widening in panic at the sight of Hannah cutting through the barrage of toys. "Some of those could be--"

She breaks off in a double take. Did Sunbreaker really beat her to it?

The breath hisses out of her. Focus, Wako! "We need to get hold of her watch." A hasty look around her lands on Cat Noir again: "Any chance you're good at cat-burglary?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy is hugged back and spun about, a smile coming to her face and some warm feelings inside her briefly pushing back the dread and horror. "Guten aben." She replies, with quiet cheer. And then everything is being thrown at her and she's not transformed and suddenly she's pulled behind Hannah and ANY THOUGHTS OF ANYTHING ELSE ARE PURGED AS HANNAH SLICES THROUGH TOYS.

    "HANNAH!" She screams. "Oh please tell me none of those were alive..." She steps out from behind Hannah to survey the damage. Can... can damaged toys be put back together? Torn fabric sewn? Not that she has sewing tools on her!

    She glares at Sailor Eclipse and points at her accusingly. "DON'T THROW PEOPLE! What is WRONG with you?! You KNEW trained warriors would reflexively defend themselves!"

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Hello, Cure Spanner, glad you could make it!" Coco waves at her friend.

"Usagi, don't you realise you are still scared?" Coco tells her when the girl talks about having fun. "If you weren't, you wouldn't go so out of control all over the city, turning into toys all those people under the pretense of more enjoyment for everyone. Please, Usagi, you don't have to be scared, everyone is here for you!"

Whether that is getting any kind of answer or not, Coco just goes on with doing what she knows best: gathering the melody of love beating in her chest and sharing it to the world.

"Birth of Love: Pichi Pichi Voice, Live Start!" The mermaid princess sings, trying to appeal to the true Usagi, backed by the power of her music, the wish of Aqua Regina that like an arrow crosses the seven seas.

"Love and dreams will become one.
Because I"ll turn the sad "now" into stardust for you,
Believe in yourself..."

Live Stages form around the mermaid princess, zipping around to catch all the toys aimed at them in their white expanse, leaving them floating there whether they are normal toys or transformed people.

"Hold pride to the fact that you were born.
Don"t cloud up the strongly shining, angelic gaze towards you."

For the sake of this dream, if you
can lend me your strength, I want to be born.
I want to become love...
I'm always gazing at you from your side.
Don"t fear journeys. You can go forth in them with your blinding
In order to light up the dark galaxy,
I"ll pass the meaning of the bourne light of life to you.

For the sake of love, if you
use that power, then even the map written out for you in the future
can be changed.

For the sake of this dream, if you
can end everything, I want to be born.
I want to become love...

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Cat Noir inclines his head, "A pleasure to meet you too. I heard Hawkmoth has been busy lately and came to assist." This is all said and done right before he follows in on Ginga's heels only to be greeted by a greedy Eclipse.

"Oh I'm so very sorry! While I do want to make a cutie-pie like you happy, I'm a bit attached to my Miraculous. I don't give *every* girl my ring after all," Chat Noir teases right back. Hannah's insistence he not give it over earns a wink too. "Not a problem there, M'lady. 'Bad' would be an understatement."

To Darien however he adds, "Sorry, not trying to steal her away from you, just can't help being catty around gorgeous folks like yourself!"

Then the toy assault comes. Reaching back he withdraws his staff to snap out to full length to start swatting and batting them aside with a small chatter of, "Sorry! If you're a person sorry, really I am, I hope this doesn't actually hurt but I've got a job to do!"

He glances over to Wako looking extremely apologetic. "Sorry, I'm more the 'break things beyond repair' type of cat. If I can get close enough though..." He trails off looking forward only to grimace as he realizes: No watch. Naru had said it was the watch.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Toys rain down upon the gathered heroes, and Sailor Eclipse laughs - not like a supervillain, but like Usagi Tsukino, giggling and amused at the scramble to avoid getting struck. She sticks her tongue out at Cure Spanner, pulling down an eyelid about her outrage at speech theft. Silly girl! She's always looking for a good bit! And Cat Noir is even flirting, and he is very cute. She's a committed woman, happily taken, but she smiles at his silly charms and then quickly pouts, "Aw, but don't you want to make an exception for one pretty girl?"

But then, Sunbreaker of all people is heckling her, and Sailor Eclipse puffs up and - steps right to her. Not walks, just, takes a single step and then suddenly, she's right in front of Sunbreaker, scowling up at her because unfortunately she's still very tiny, her sailor cap tilting wildly but not falling. "At least I gave Naru-chan coffee and cake and - AAAAAAAAA?!"

It's a wordless shriek and Sailor Eclipse steps back to Darien's side, hurriedly throwing her hands up as she catches sight of Hannah-chan cutting right through the pelting of toys. As she does so, her hands glow and every single errant flying toy just -

jerks right up, into the sky. They glow, pink and yellow, like a little army of childhood meteorites waiting to fall. Those that were broken lie crumpled.

Her face is stricken with horror as she looks at them.

"You were supposed to catch them!!! You were supposed to catch them!!!"

This might be a moment where everyone fears for the awful death of some poor civilian. But then she continues, "These are very special toys! A lot of them are hand crafted but even the ones from factories are lovely and important and people spent a lot of effort and time to create them! And some of them are collector's pieces! They're really special for sitting on shelves!"

She's worried about... the toys. The toy, toys.

And to Amy, she just looks at her for a moment, irritation pinching her brows. "Why is it my fault that she doesn't know how to play catch?"

Comedy timing being what it is, this is when Sunbreaker's eel bites her, and she YOWLS hopping right into the air.


Distracted oh she most definitely is.

And there's a concert now too. Usually that music is soothing - today, it's as irritating as it was before. "I'm not scared of anything! I'm having fun, and you're all just a bunch of partypoopers!"

Pyrite has posed:
    Slowly, while everything is going on, people may become aware of... A... Giant... Cat head.
    It's sticking up out of Darien's shadow part way. Watching them.
    Perhaps attracted by the scent of eel, based off the sniffing and lip-licking and twitching whiskers. The giant calico cat head makes eye contact with Wako, and then slooooowly sinks back into Darien's shadow.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"I'm over it!" Darien calls cheerily to Chat Noir. "She said I'm prettier, and besides, you're not too bad yourself!" And then, swift as anything WHILE talking to Chat Noir, and Usagi's distracted, he ostentatiously mimes putting his hand in his pocket and taking something out and dangling it, then points to Sailor Eclipse, then points to his pocket, then points to Sailor Eclipse. And then she's REALLY distracted and it's because a DUSK EEL bit her??? And the Bakeneko is ... in his shadow ... "Pyrite, we're a little busy!"

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Some of the toys didn't manage to be lifted into the sky - there's a handful of them, six or so, that hover in the Live Stages Coco sent out to rescue everyone. None of these appear to be inert - instead, by luck of the draw, or perhaps the power of love and kindness her music shares so willingly, every single toy is one that was once a person. The mix of tsumtsums, stuffed animals, and plush people bow in gratitude to their savior, content to be carried by her live stages instead of hovering eerily in the sky with the rest.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker actually cringed. Oh. Oh no. One of the magical girls... tried to fight legos. Oh dear. Welp. She was gone. There was no coming back from that. Cure Spanner, 2023, cause of death: Kicked a lego.

However, then someone told her she was rude. HER! RUDE! Of all things. She looked to Darien and... Nope. She had no idea who she was looking at. So... she just shrugged at him, popped a piece of popcorn in her mouth... then flicked a piece at him. It likely didn't make it that far. It was just popcarn, caramel covered or not.

Oh gosh there were more attacking the toys. Seriously? Was she going to have to help them with that?

AND NOW THERE WAS SINGING! GAH! Right. Okay. Heckling was getting annoying. She dropped down from the shelves and stretched out...

Wait, special toys? Oh, good, not people. Time for the secret weapon. Her hands erupted with dark energy...

And the earmuffs she'd stolen from Scorn appeared. With a sigh, she put them on. There. Now she didn't have to hear it. Take THAT mermaid girl.

"Looks like you might be haunted, Eclipse," Sunbreaker said with a small grin.

The eel, meanwhile, had sunken down, disappearing amongst the toys...

Until, once again, Eclipse was focused on launching another assault.

Then the eel would slither out, and *rub* against her leg and nip at her heels, before disappearing amongst the shelves.

Now, Sunbreaker wouldn't say it was her. But with her standing there, that smug grin on her face, eating her popcorn (one piece of which she tossed at Darien, mind), it was probably noticable.

"Sorry, she's just a bit nippy lately, don't mind her," Sunbreaker said in an amused tone. "I'm sure you got it all under control." And if not, well, earphones. She couldn't hear it anyway.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Hannah goes all wide-eyed! "S...she wouldn't use people-toys...by the Sankt I hate everything about this...as ammunition!" Pause. Pauuuuuse.

"Please tell me, Usagi-chan, that you would not use people toys as ammunition! That is a war crime, und let us say mein people are experts on the subject!"

Oh yeah, Hannah's suddenly very, very worried!

This...really isn't her day! She's getting chided by the enemy and fellow sparkleskirts.

At least the flirty Cat is on the same page! That's good. Hoping she didn't just commit plushie-murder, she sheaths her weapon back to Cane form.

"YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME USAGI-CHAN! Y...you know mein first impulse is sword!!!!!" Complains Hannah at Eclipse!

Then, still stuck on the whole 'murder' thing, Hannah decides to do something a little less murdery while Eclipse is distracted!

<Fluss: Erhöhen>

Hannah points her cane at Usagi, and suddenly it's like everything is twenty times heavier as she tries to increase the corrupted Usa's personal gravitic field severalfold, in order to just make her /lay down/ and not do toy-based violence!

Wako Agemaki has posed:
The pelting with toys ceases. Wako lets her shield of light dissolve and lofts into the air, floating a few feet off the ground. It's only now, as she watches Sailor Eclipse in hopes of an opening, that she realizes the fundamental problem with her plan.

Where is the watch? She was wearing it earlier at the culture festival, wasn't she?

While others make their best attempts to talk Usagi down, Ginga Otome - honestly kind of tuning them out - looks toward Darien, confusion and urgency written all over her face. Maybe she even meant to ask him--

But before she can open her mouth, she sees two things one right after the other. Darien's hasty ostentatious miming as he speaks to Cat Noir... and the giant cat that peeks its head out of Darien's shadow and locks eyes with her.

"...Sugata-kun, sometimes I really wish I could borrow the King's Pillar..."

Never mind! The sword-happy magical warrior is doing something to pin Sailor Eclipse down, something that might just give them a chance - provided Eclipse doesn't carpetbomb them with toys before anyone can get to her. With new determination, Wako floats higher into the air, angling herself to make a dive at Sailor Eclipse if she has to and really hoping one of the others gets there first.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
The quick miming from Darien earns the slightest nod from Chat Noir. Barely noticable, and if anything could easily be missed in the fray of all the chaos going on around them. She'd taken it off and put it in her pocket. Okay. That made sense. Getting it out of her pocket was going to be the hard part.

For a moment even he feels his stomach drop at the thought of the toys that were damaged being the people she'd transformed. Normally he would think 'Ladybug can fix this all' but... that was disturbing even in that instance. She wasn't *here*, either, she was off... He wasn't sure. He'd only managed to get her voicemail due to the time difference between countries interferring.

His mouth opens, shuts, and he lets out a defeated sort of sigh. Allowing his head to drop forward he... steps forward with hands raising up. The staff he carries goes from full length to the short compact version held in his hand as he does so.

"I-I can't let this continue. Not when people are at stake." His head lifts to glance over toward Ginga Otome, toward Hannah and Amy, and even up at Coco. Lightly, awkwardly clearing his throat, he raises his voice to be heard over any further conflict.

"I give up, Sailor Eclipse. All this fighting is risking hurting people. I can't allow that, so... I'll give you my Miraculous."

To prove his point of giving up he drops his staff allowing it to clatter on the ground at his feet showing his hands are now completely empty. Green eyes seek out her own as he offers a sad, lopsided little grin. "But could I at least have a hug first? I've never revealed my identity before and I'm kind of scared."

Miya Sakamoto has posed:
Cure Spanner stops.

Her eyes open, and shimmer.

"This song..."

The pain goes away. She slowly places her heeled foot on the ground, and pushes up.

She's standing again.

"This song... I thought I was amazed at when, in the past, it soothed and pacified a whole crowd under a monster attack... but... healing the pain of stepping on Lego bricks?"

Miya listens in reverent silence.

"Well done, Yellow Pearl Voice!", she exlaims at toys the being saved. And then grasps her spanner tighter.

She's beginning to notice a pattern. Some people might be heckling Sailor Eclipse, having her bitten (but not swallowed whole -- so... no eel fillings, no ill feelings?), but other people are... not attacking the villain? Pleading even?

In any case they seem to be... reaching out?

Well, there's also the girl in red and black who seems to be panicking... wait... was she at the masquerade ball of Princess Dia? It was either her or someone who looked a lot like her...

Oh, right, she's worried about Hannah raw cutting through things. But then again, Hannah seemed to have some sort of fascination with beating things against other things.

Clearly someone to befriend! Hitting things against other things is fun, and if done properly, constructive! They should discuss those more in the future!

"No discussing who's prettier!", she blurts out towards Mamoru and Chat Noir. "I'm preetty sure at least one war was started over this kind of thing!"

Seems like Miya knows her classics. Or at least, this particular classic.

In short, it seems there is a bunch of people who have conflicting approaches to dealing with this 'Sailor Eclipse'.

"What to do... what to do...", she mumbles, scratching her head with both hands. And then snaps her fingers as the metaphorical lightbulb goes off.

She taps the retroreflector gem on her pouch; it lights up, as her spanner is engulfed by light; the blob of light reshapes into a shimmering roll of duct tape which, when the light subsides, reveals a pattern composed of little hearts.

"We already had the can of WD-40 earlier...", she mentions to Enji as she grabs one end of the tape, and pulls out a length, "...time to whip out the other cornerstone if impromptu engineering. Whether we talk or fight, having her stand still will... help, I think!"

And leaps to try and restrain Sailor Eclipse with duct tape.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "It's *both* of your fault!" Amy shouts back, hands balled into fists at her side and stomping one foot. With the outfit this is especially adorable.

    She's not 100% certain that Usagi's reaction proves there were no civilian casualties. Does Usagi... care about people less than toys, in this state?

    Can understanding even be reached...?

    Amy takes a deep breath and lets it out, closes her eyes, and tries to push her mind into a way of looking at things more aligned with Sailor Eclipse's.

    The idea of *fighting* a friend is so far from her mind, she'll seek out any other solution as long as she has any hope.

    Amy opens her eyes again.

    She intones seriously, "...Perhaps, under your protection, they can indeed live safely on shelves, and never be harmed, or suffer the thousand ills of life -- There are no bad days when each is the same. Life as a toy doesn't have sharp edges, if someone cares for you, and is never careless."

    She takes a small step towards Eclipse. "But are there *good* days? Unexpected surprises? Things you didn't know how they'd work out, working out well? Seeing friends grow, and develop, and achieve dreams? Or fall, learn, and have another chance?"

    Amy cocks her head and holds a hand out towards the floating toys. "You said they're special, because people cared so much about making them, and worked so hard. But if you make people into toys... will they ever be able to create more of that same specialness, ever again? They can't build dreams like this. They can't make things. They can't work hard, even if they want to. All they can do is be unchanging, forever."

    Amy steps forward again, and stops to look at the nearest toy. "I get it. Life is hard. There are upsides to this. A doll's only job is to be pretty and admired. Maybe that would be a nice vacation." She makes a sweeping gesture. "But each of these dreams was created by someone who wanted to create it and did so."

    Amy looks at Eclipse, eyes slightly narrowed. "In a world of only dolls... who will make their dreams into reality?"

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Wait, did Cat Noir just say he'd give up his Miraculous?! Amy turns her head to him in alarm, "Wait, don't--!"


    The cold calmness she's been trying to maintain settles again, and she just gives him a disapproving look, but says nothing more.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Some of the toys are caught by Coco, so she makes sure to keep them safe away from all disaster that is going on, as much as she can.

Meanwhile she just shakes her head at Sunbreaker. "Can you look past your own nose for once, Sunbreaker? I am trying to help here, maybe you could do the same." She also smiles at Miya, and congratulates her on her own efforts.

She keeps singing her melody of love, keeping on healing and alleviating the fatigue of anyone who needs it."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
So much is happening. Sailor Eclipse, if asked, would point out that she didn't pick a fight in a toy store, she picked a toy store as a delightfully romantic setting for a hang out with her boyfriend and also as a way to get cute pictures of the bestie before she released her. Because of course she was going to release Plush Naru from her plushification. That was definitely a thing she was going to do.

Unfortunately, Sailor Eclipse was not asked. "It's not a war crime!" Pause. "Probably! We're not at war!"

And then there's so many things happening to her. There's the shadow eel brushing up against her legs and nipping at her heels. There's Sunbreaker taunting her behind earmuffs so she can't even here the counterarguments! There's the forces of gravity actually increasing on her, as if everything just became heavier, all her limbs stock still, and Wako-chan is floating in the air like Jesus-san, and Amy is giving another justice speech, making philosophical arguments that Eclipse is too under fire to acknowledge, and - Cat Noir is surrendering?

"I can't hug you with gravity like this," she complains, trying and failing to spread her arms as an example, "But you can give me a hug -"

And then there's a magical girl leaping at her with the silver death of duct tape and Sailor Eclipse shrieks. "Hey! Hey!!!! NO, NOT THAT! MY ARMS ARE BARE, THAT'S GOING TO HURT, EVERYONE STOP GANGING UP ON ME!!! Mamochan! Help!!!!!"

At least like this there's nothing to stop a certain ghost from reaching into Eclipse's sailor pockets.

Pyrite has posed:
    Suddenly, a calico cat the size of a horse comes leaping majestically out of Darien's shadow with a 'mrrrreeehhp!' as she starts frantically batting the ground with her paws, trying to swipe some toys and flip them through the air for her own amusement, before stopping suddenly. Pausing. Looking around wildly without moving anything but her head. Then diving for Sunbreaker's eel with a double-paw pounce!
    Meanwhile, a ghost just invisible floats over to Sailor Eclipse, sticks her immaterial hand into Usagi's pocket the same way she would stick her head through a wall, or a hand through her head, and poltergeists the wrist watch free. Or tries to. She is much more limited without a physical body. She can't even ride the bakeneko properly!
    What is she going to do with the watch if she gets it? She...
    ...Doesn't knoooooow! She didn't think that far ahead, tbh.
    What would Hematite-senpai do? she thinks. Other than tank a duct tape attack.
    A moment later, with a solemn expression on her face, she determines she will yeet the wrist watch at Cat Noir's face the moment it's in her hand--err, manifestation? Ghostppendage.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
And, well, yes, Mamoru does in fact dive in front of Usagi, in between her and Cure Spanner, because WOW, duct tape on bare arms DOES hurt! At least later it does, and later she hopefully won't be akumatized anymore-- "That was a great idea," he tells the girl with the drill hair as she bowls him over and RRRRRIIIIIP he gets -- amazingly -- enough duct tape sticking his arms to himself that he cannot participate in the combat, "but I can't actually let you do that, she might cry trying to take it off after!"

He does his level best to set the Naru-doll down next to him without making it look like he has too much mobility.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
Cat Noir makes his declaration, and for a moment, floating above the hubbub as she is, Ginga Otome freezes.

Her golden-brown eyes are still wide when his glance passes her way - but even so, in the moment that they make eye contact, she inclines her head.

"I understand," she says, clearly enough to carry. "Do what you need to do, Cat Noir." As if to illustrate her acceptance of the situation, she glides back just a little, shifting in the air to a point to the side of and behind Cat Noir. Both hands spread in front of her, palms up and slightly outward in the nearly universal gesture for 'I yield'... or possibly, 'I'm open!'

That was, of course, before Cure Spanner came at Eclipse with the duct tape, a bakeneko leaped out of Darien's shadow, and all hell broke loose again. "Oh, for--"

Hannah Steiner has posed:
WINCE! 'Both of your fault'! That hits her right in the chest. Oh gods. She can /feel/ herself slowly being pushed into the proverbial girlfriend doghouse right about now.

Yup. She messed up! At least she might make a friend out of Cure Spanner later, but for now? There's an Eclipse to wrangle!

Also she has opinions about 'Cutest' is, namely Amy, but then again she's absolutely thoroughly biased!

Amy also tries diplomacy. And Cat Noir is giving up!?

"By the Sankt! An admirable sentiment, but I question its' tactical viability mein freund! NEIN!" She implores with worry in her voice.

The fact that Cat Noir is doing skullduggery doesn't enter her mind. She's a Steiner. She has an information network for such things! Back home, anyway.

Also gravity seems to be working. "Nein, Usagi-chan! Until you are sufficiently less...capable of turning people into stuffies, the only hug you shall give is mein loving embrace of a Duelist's pride und the delight of gravitational forces! However I shall drown you in them after!" Pause.

"....I clearly needs learn the mysteries of this 'Duct Tape'." Mutters the young woman to herself. Then she reverses gravity on herself, floating up towards the endless emptiness of Zero Time. Higher and higher and higher she floats, until she hovers above the fray...at least until the eyes of those plushies seem a little /too/ close. So she splits the difference. Attracting herself to BG, she concentrates her magical work on her Device, the two managing a sort of equilibrium that is less direct flight, and more of a hovering, slow orbit. She's poised on the end of it, like a bullet ready to be shot.

She waits for word of the results of Spanner's attempted duct taping, ready to plunge down should things end not quite so well for either the PreCure or Cat Noir!

Which, it doesn't go well thanks to Mamoru getting the fury of duct tape, but she hesitates rather than put Cat Noir in danger.

She'll wait for an actual attempt at a handover, legs flexes as her Device calculates the optimal speed and angle for a catastrophic tackle from above!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

Somehow despite actively asking Mamoru to defender her from the evils of being taped, she is shocked Pikachu and horrified to see him actually go down. Sure, he's not actually injured, and is much better prepared for being bound in duct tape hell, and Plush Naru is daintily sitting beside him, but still!

That's her boyfriend! They can't just take him out!

Hands glowing pink and yellow, Eclipse does forces herself free from the terrible effects of gravity just long enough to lash out at the forces of - well, good, and reaches out with terrible force, face twisted with rage. Her silver hair bounces under her cap, her blue eyes are cold. Her hand latches on to Cure Spanner, and there's an echoing SQUEAK!

In the girl's place is a plush version, dressed as Bob the Builder. Sailor Eclipse squeezes the toy with savage fury, and recording chirps out, "Cure Spanner, SHE CAN'T FIX IT!"

And she turns her head, wheezing with effort, to look at Hannah, saying, "I will have all the hugs I want."

It really shouldn't sound menacing.

But it does, particularly when she manages to simply - step out of existence, appearing directly behind Sunbreaker, slapping a hand on her back. A glowing, pink hand. There's a loud SQUEAK!

And where Sunbreaker stood, flaps the wings of a creamy-yellow pegasus, with a red and yellow mane and a stylized flame of some sort on her flank. A Sailor Moon style Pegasus, of course, which means - she has a horn.

Sure, she's a stuffed alicorn, but acknowledgement is acknowledgement, right?

"No more eels! No more duct tape! No more of my friends and acquaintances and honestly a group of perfect strangers being mean!"

And of course, she hasn't actually noticed the most important thing. That she is no longer in possession of her akumatized object.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Cat Noir dips his head a single time toward Wako who apparently got his drift just fine. The others though? There's a little shiver that runs up his spine at the way they all call out for him not to do this. It was almost frightening how much this would have been HIS reaction to Ladybug offering to give it up, for instance. Though he would have also trusted her that she had a plan he was unaware of.

That's what happens when you're familiar with the people you fight with as opposed to just... being unknown. He may have to work on knowing some of these others at some point. Later, after this was well over and done with.

"You're right, how silly of me," he agrees when Sailor Eclipse points out she can't hug right now. A single step forward is taken--

And there's duct tape being flung out which Darien gallantly leaps in front of. A sympathetic wince comes. "Yeowch, I think I'd worry more about those pigtails getting taped, but skin isn't so great either."

Before he can attempt that hug though? It's too late: Sailor Eclipse started to teleport. What catches his eye is the movement of a small watch being flung his way though. Somehow!

His cat-slitted eyes light up with a sudden grin. A hand lifts into the air with the cry of, "CATACLYSM!" as he leaps forward to snag the watch with his destructive power activated creating a dark energy coalescing around his claws. Not evil just... Dark. Destructive. All aimed at catching that watch.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
When the Bakeneko appears and starts swatting at toys, Coco reinforces the border of her Live Stages with a repelling effect from the outside in. She doesn't want the same thing happening to any of the toy-people currently under her safeguard.

Besides that, she looks at Hematite obliquely when he tanks Miya's attack. "Do you realise we are trying to help her? A little hurt later is nothing if there is no later for Usagi to go back to." Really, he cannot be so seriously overprotective, right?"

"Usagi, you can get as many hugs as you desire, after you are back to normal." Coco tells her. "You are not thinking like yourself right now. You wouldn't want this if you could think separately from the Akumatization."

Usagi then turns her sight on both Miya and Sunbreaker, turning them both into plushie. To her surprise, the latter turns not into the plushie Sunbreaker she expected, but into that of an alicorn. "Wait, Sunbreaker, that is your natural form?" Coco asks her surprised. It must be, it's the exact same thing that happened to her at school.

At the same time, she calls a Live Stage around Miya, not wanting her friend to fall down (even if it doesn't hurt much, by experience). Moreover, who know what would happen with the chaos going especially, especially that cat. Sunbreaker will be fine, she has wings.

Once Cure Spanner is safe in the white light of her sphere, Coco wills it to her, merging it with the one she is in. The mermaid holds Miya into her arms, as she reminds her it will be fine, it doesn't last long (whether she needed the reminder or not).

"See what I mean? This could have been prevented if she got duct taped instead of you", she tells Darien.

Since a certain intrusive boyfriend has blocked Cure Spanner's duct tape, Coco uses the power of her song to summon a Live Stage around her, with the repelling effect active from the inside out for Usagi, so she can stay there. "That's much better."

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker just blinked. Holy... wow. There was a lot going on. It. Wh. Okay. You know what? She couldn't understand anything going on because there was so much visual clutter! GUH! She took off the earphones and they disappeared into her flames!

... She really should return those to Scorn.

"Can you just stop singing for five minutes?" she asked Yellow Voice. "Or just choose a different song! I swear it's ALWAYS the same one with you! We get it, you're a mermaid, you live under the sea, sing about literally ANYTHING else!" she yelled, before glancing back to the chaos and... "Gah!" And her popcorn was empty now. She grumbled darkly before scrunching up the bag and... walking to the trash can to toss it out.

However, halfway to the trash can... There was a voice behind her. And... and...

And she was on the ground. Why was she on the ground? The empty bag of popcorn landed besides her. And--

Wait. She was... she had wings. She had a horn. SHE WAS AN ALICORN! Suddenly, she went still and... and...

"Ha ha ha ha!" Her voice sounded like the equivalent of cotton candy. Or Usagi's sweetness and adorableness. She let out a victorious cry and reared, her voice coming out in that same adorablesweetness. "Finally! I am my true form, neigh, the alicorn I was meant to be! Finally, I will attain my true place as a ruler of KiraKiraFantastica!" Then her horn glowed and she teleportaed above and she swept the world away, crashing all in her path!


Okay, not really. What happened was she did teleport... onto a little castle lego display. And a few blocks of it... were tossed. Pathetically. To lightly ping on Eclipse.

She was still for a moment. Then... "N-no matter! Kneel before your-- EEK!"

She chose to put her new 'wings' to the test... they did not work. Instead, she leaped off her 'castle'... and landed face first on the ground, bouncing around like all good stuffies do. Boof boof boof...

Until finally landing on her side, running in place. "Curses! What magic is this? One cannot make me an alicorn like this! I am Sunbreaker, she who will bweak the sun!" ... Did she just say bweak? Well, she did bounce a bunch... She tried spewing out some fire.

... some bits of red and orange yarn would ineffectively bounce along the ground, at best lightly warming someone's hand.

... And no she couldn't get up. Halp.

Hannah Steiner has posed:

A discrete Area Search scans both Sunbreaker and Cure Span. "N...Niedlich!" She exclaims, only for a blush to fall on her Belkan cheeks. Sunbreaker, sorry, you're under the category 'cute' as well as 'menace to society'.

Oh. Oh and then Sunbreaker /talks/! It's just. Pure adoreableness! Hannah snickers. Then she snorts. And then she outright /cackles/!

"Oh...oh by the Sankt...frau Sunbreaker I never knew you had such /dulcet sweet tones/ in your voice!" Alright, after the thing with Naru, she's not at all above bullying Sunbreaker openly!

"Ausgezeichnete arbeit, Usagi-chan!" She starts, only for the desire to have all the hugs briefly freezes her blood, cutting off her laugh suddenly. Somehow, it's endearing and frightening at the same time.

This whole episode suddenly has Hannah's estimation of her fellow blonde-sister-esque jump up one notch. Even corrupted, she's just so sweet and she can't help but appreciate a menacing presence!

Luckily, as Hannah refocuses, it seems that Cat Noir's actions were...a ruse? Thought better of? She's frankly not sure, but as Cat Noir shows his claws, and Coco wields that Live Stage to help out plush Cure Spanner, Trager-chan decides enough is enough. She /launches/ off of BG, another gravity-tug bringing the cane back into her hands. Gripping both on the head of her Device, there's no fancy use of spellwork here. She's just going to crash towards Usagi, and try to crack her on the dome to make her stop being evil.


Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy's arguments fail to reach Usagi. The temporarily-dark magical girl is overwhelmed.

    One might say that that makes this the ideal time to strike.

               But that's not what being a magical girl is about.              

    The costumed magical girl raises one hand to her chest, where her soul gem is hidden, and transforms. The usual burst of flames is followed by a flash of pink hearts as her thoughts are just not in the right place to be a vaguely sci-fi-ish girl with a rocket launcher right now, altering the costume: A white shirt with frilly sleeves and matching bloomers under a reddish-pinkish sleeveless dress with a skirted vest overtop and matching shoes, a bow at the shirt's collar, and a beret on her head with a heart decoration on the right side. There's even a wand with a heart on the end! (This is only a costume prop and serves no function.) Also her hair is in twintails now, tied just above the shoulders.

    Mallory's state of mind plus attempting to be a more traditional magical girl results in this, apparently. It's certainly more traditional than her usual outfit with the armor bits on it, at any rate.

    Now protected by magic, the magical girl takes another step forward and reaches one arm out towards Usagi. Wincing as Sunbreaker is plushified. They're dropping like flies... although, Sunbreaker wasn't exactly on their side, was she? "Don't do this... wait... I know you're overwhelmed! Everyone's ganging up on you..." and it's kind of your fault and entirely deserved, she doesn't say, "...but we can still fix this!" Uhh, *how*? Long philosophical arguments don't work. Can you say anything that will reach right to her heart, Mallory?

    Awkward seconds tick by.

    "...We want to be your friends, not dolls. Toys are nice, but a doll couldn't have helped me see it was okay to be myself. You're hurting right now. You need help, and no amount of plushies will make it right. You need friends. Please. We're here for you." Amy pleads.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "HANNAH NO!" Amy reaches out her other arm, although this time she's not decrying Hannah's choice of action so much as just concerned that her girlfriend is about to get herself next to be plushified.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Eclipse laughs, all baleful evil and tyrannical might, the maniacal laughter of a wicked queen -

Alright, fine, the drama is cut, the screen opens wider, and actually, she's just giggling hysterically, pointing at Sunbreaker as she flops onto the lego tower and barely even destroys it.

"Ha! You're a pegasus!"

Sailor Moon Rules, everyone.

And then legos are flung her way in all the destruction, ping-ping-pinging off her forehead, and she whines.

"Heyyyyyyy -"

And then Hannah dives down at her like an avenging Space German angle, all terrifying might and yelling vengeful retribution for Usagi's own house and well, there was a lego, and there was Hannah, and between the two, she wishes the great threat were the lego. But it's not. The threat is most definitely Hannah, who bonks her with a great and terrible force that has Eclipse swaying on her feet. Pink and yellow bunnies hop around her head as she whines, "Owwwwwwwwwwww -" and falls back.

At which point, she is very effectively trapped in a bubble. An actual bubble! Or a livestage, but it might as well be an actual bubble. She would fight this absolutely unbelievable fate, if not for the fact that her head is still spinning and the bunnies are still dancing around her head. The sheer indignity of it! She can't believe she has been put in an actual bubble.

"Oh, come on!"

She's a captive audience for Amy's next emotional appeal, the new transformation catching her attention as she stares in baffled shock, mostly because that outfit was really cute, and she deserved to be the cutest one here, but also because -

"I only make dolls out of the people who get in my way! If you just sat down and let me play my games, nothing would be going wrong! When you think about it, this is all your fault! The universal you! All of you!"

These are apparently going to be her last words, because in the next second, Cat Noir's cataclysm strikes at the purple-black broken communicator, and it breaks into approximately a bajillion pieces, destroyed by the force of darkness and destruction he wields. A butterfly - the butterfly - flies free from the mess, flying up to avoid the dangerous magical boy.

Sailor Eclipse's attire shatters - one second, there's Eclipse, kicking at the bubble, and the next, with a shimmer of darkness, there's a spray of magical particles, and Usagi Tsukino topples over mid-kick as a wave of exhaustion sweeps over her. Her hair is back! It's blond again! It's ridiculously long again! Her school uniform is back! Her baffled confusion is back? "Why... do I feel like I was making a totally self-absorbed argument just now?"

With the communicator destroyed, there was just nothing holding the akuma and Sailor Eclipse together. It has failed it's mission... but it's not through yet! It can still achieve it's purpose! The butterfly dives for the nearest magical girl it can find, flapping wings furiously.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
After the Live Stage closes around Sailor Eclipse, Ginga Otome - still hovering in the air and largely untouched by the chaos - turns a rueful smile toward Yellow Pearl Voice. "Feel like maybe one of us should have done that to start with?"

It's fine. Sailor Eclipse is contained... but the Galactic Maiden remains poised, watchful. Her attention isn't even on Eclipse any more, she's waiting for something else--

--something that happens when the broken, corrupted communicator meets Cat Noir's Cataclysm and disintegrates, releasing a single purple butterfly.

"There!" Wako's hands slam together like the closing of a trap. In the same instant, a sphere of pink energy about the size of a hamster ball glimmers into being around the akuma, arresting its fluttering flight.


Her eyes, the Y-shaped emblem on her chest, and the tiny shield around the butterfly all incandesce into brilliant dawn-pink radiance as she cries out the word and floods the little sphere with enough purifying energy to cleanse a full-grown adult high on Dark Energy.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Wouldn't you rather have me be duct-taped and unable to participate than fight me?" Darien asks Yellow Pearl Voice reasonably, in just regular clothes instead of Hematite's uniform. "I'm pretty sure you don't want to be fighting me."

He winces at poor Cure Spanner's squeak-voice, scootches back toward the shelves with Naru instead of getting trod on by the eel-seeking bakeneko, and then sees what happens to Sunbreaker and just starts laughing--

--and all of a sudden Tragar is coming at Usagi's head with Blauer Greif and ohhhh but okay no it's fine there are pink and yellow bunnies around her head and no you know what, there are way too many things happening right now.

The absolute next sure thing is look at all that hair!!

"Hey, Naru, sorry--" Mamoru says, ripping the duct tape free with a little bit of effort and scrambling over to the timeout Live Stage bubble. "Usako!" he calls joyfully.

Pyrite has posed:
    The horse-sized cat was totally disinterested in the live stages until the exact moment they were reinforced to keep her out. The bakeneko looks up from eel-hunting.
    A closed door/bubble!? Unacceptable!
    The calico cat stands on her hind legs and starts putting her paws against the Live Stage bubble, meowing unhappily and peering in at the people and toys therein like caged birds while pat-patting tentatively, before sitting down on her haunches with her fore legs tucked against her chest.
    Her tail sweeps across the floor, right up until she spots the butterfly. ADHD cat is real.
    Cat goes after the butterfly, intent on eating it. And then winds up batting at yet another bubble. This one glowy.
    More cat noises.
    Himeko just stays there, invisible. "Um." Pause. "Good job to us?" she says, unheard except by Darien, probably.

Adrien Agreste has posed:
Cat Noir watches the Akuma butterfly flit out and quickly go out of his reach to try and find a new target. He lands back on his feet like a cat should only to spin around so he can see the utter chaos happening behind him. Usagi now normal in a live stage trap, Sunbreaker a plush alicorn, and the others starting to attack or react appropriately. It's Ginga his eyes dart up to waiting for their plan to come together as nicely as it does.

"Yes! Got it!" He cheers with a fist pump in the air and a broad grin as the purification starts. It was the first time he's beaten an Akuma without Ladybug so having *someone* to purify was perfect.

"Are you okay, Usagi-chan?" he calls out cheerily. "Welcome back! I'd say there's a handsome boy here that missed you a lot, but he's been with you the whole time, so..." He can only shrug with a silly grin. "Still works."

And the bakeneko is playing with the sphere causing a laugh. "Heeey I thought I was supposed to be the cute cat around here! Ah well, girls always win out." What? That bakeneko was a calico, those were almost always girls!

Coco Kiumi has posed:
Coco summons one Live Stage to pick up Sunbreaker when she in fact sees the alicorn cannot fly. This Live Stage too merges with hers and Plushie Sunbreaker joins Cure Spanner in Coco's waiting arms. She is a bit soured about Sunbreaker insulting her dearest song, so it's with a sprinkle of annoyance that she tells her. "Well, look who was hiding a secret too. You being a winged horse wasn't on the list of things I thought I would discover about you. Did they keep you in a stable?"

And thankfully, Usagi is back! "Usagi, you are back! How are you feeling? Any ache or fatigue?" You know, maybe releasing her from the Live Stage would be a higher priority than worrying about how she is feeling.

Wako points out that would have been wiser to do it from the start, and uh, she can't say she is wrong there. She nods. "That would have been better", she concedes before turning towards Plushie-Miya with an apology. Which is possibly followed up by reassurance, knowing the latter.

"Or you could have just helped Usagi be free?" Seriously, why would he want to fight them when the one he loves is currently brainwashed and not herself. "Unless you are saying you were in cahoots with Hawk Moth to have that evil parody of her at your side. Surely you aren't, right?" Coco doesn't actually think that, but really, is this really the moment to go all "I am actually evil" on them, she thinks.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Amy's yell has Hannah grit her teeth. The concern is touching, but well? This is an attack that's a commitment, and no one does such things like a Belkan! Also likely several kinds of PreCure, but as far as space goes, a Belkan likes to carry through her attack motions for woe or victory!

Thankfully this time she's lighting up spinny bunnies and a cry of head pain. Satisfied with her work, she quickly tugs on gravity to slide herself away a few feet as that Live Stage claims Usagi, the Countess-Palatine ready to launch herself at the next threat.

The sound of Usagi's voice in pure confusion makes Hannah's heart sing!

"Acht! Pay no mind, Usagi-chan! Everyone deserves self indulgence at least once in their lives! I am happy you are back to House und odangos." Her voice /radiates/ delight at the sound of a normal Usagi.

Wako, of course, is a pure Knight of Purification suddenly in Hannah's eyes as she catches the corruptive butterfly with her esoteric techniques! Bluntly, such things are outside of her wheelhouse. She's a Knight, a Ruler, and a force of righteous destruction in Belka's name.

Wako's energy is recorded by her Device, and defies any catagories the scientific and spiritual approach she offers to magic.

But her heart rejoices nonetheless.

And so, she quite simply taps her way over to the fallen blonde, the worried YPV and Darien alike, pausing to stand guard over them all. She re-draws her blade, sends BG's sheath to floating beside her, and summons the biggest <Turmshild> she can manage on the other hand. Wako is clearly competent, but she's taking no chances now, the Belkan ready to tank for both of them!

Amanda Faust has posed:
    Amy has no idea that this outfit is considered so cute by real magical girls. Somewhere, a character designer apparently did a very good job.

    'I only make dolls out of the people who get in my way!' Usagi listen to yourself! But there's no time to say that before suddenly, she's back to normal, "Usagi!" But also, the butterfly -- urgh, there's another memory -- is loose! Amanda jumps up and takes an embarassingly bad swing with her toy wand, whiffing. It's bubbled anyway.

    Amy looks between Cat Noir and the bakeneko. "...You can both be cute cats?" she says, with uncertainty as if this is somehow a kind of cursed thing to say right now.

    She runs up to hug Coco and Hannah, glad her friends didn't get plushified!

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker flailed wildly! "My voice is always amazing!" she objected to Hannah. Oh. Oh dear heavens. If only she could get up. If only--

"DO I LOOK LIKE A PEGASUS?! I have a HORN! That's offensive!"

Welp. It looked like Sailor Eclipse found a massive button on Sunbreaker to hit. And if she could get up, she'd go over there and gum on her ankles ,she tells you what.

Unfortunately, she isn't able to. Instead, she is picked up in a stage and... and... Oh my gosh she is being held by the musician. Uggggggh. Captive audience, she--

"A STABLE?!" Oh, there was a new thing to be offended about! Her voice squeaky and rainbows as ever. "I am an ALICORN! I would never allow anypony to put me in a stable! How dare you! I'm not the one who's best friend tossed me in a fish bowl so she could go and date some guy who can't even get a shirt that closes in the front!"

"Put me down and I will destroy you, mermaid!" ... She'd try chewing on the girl's arm. It was about as painful as one would expect, being chewed on by a toothless plushy.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
If Hannah was the avenging angel, Wako is the hand of healing, the blessed presence that can put an end to all the suffering(?) that's been had this day. The akuma is trapped in the hamster ball of healing and blasted to kingdom come.

When the shield opens, it's a pure white butterfly that flies free, up into the endless starry sky of Zero Time.

The plushies are still plushies.

They also rain down in merry chaos, lightly bouncing against the ground and shelves. There doesn't seem to be the correct amount of force and gravity they should be experiencing - they fall lightly and gently, without chaos. Perhaps there was a sprinkling of magic left, to make it all better.

Meanwhile, Usagi is ah. In a bubble. The bubble that's - a live stage, isn't it? "I'm okay? Um... very, very embarrassed, ahaha?"

There's her rubbing the back of her head, sheepish. "Thanks, everyone. But do you know where my -"


"Mamochan!!!!" There we go. That's what she was looking for. She dives for him - and smacks right into the wall of the LiveStage. Ah. Right. Um. "Yellow-chan?"

Can she be freed now? She would like to hug her chivalrous boyfriend, you see.

Meanwhile, it's as Sunbreaker is chewing on someone's arm with her toothless plushy teeth that she turns back into her human(?) form, swapping plush mouth for very real teeth.

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"I couldn't stop her, and I didn't want her to be alone," Darien tells Coco honestly. "So I just..."

He peels off another piece of duct tape and flicks it away.

"...stuck around."

Then he's apparently hugging empty air and he says, "Py-tan you did a wonderful job, thank you! I'm sorry I didn't know what the bakeneko was up to!"

Hey, Usagi's noticed him! *_* But is still stuck, so after he's extricated himself from ghost, he puts his hands on the outside of the bubble and if they weren't so silly it would look like a movie poster, the two of them separated by a shining slender wall of iridescent magic.

Wako Agemaki has posed:
As the brilliant glow of Wawna's power fades from Wako's eyes, she lets out an expansive breath of relief. "Finally. Thank goodness."

Lightly as a feather, she descends until her feet touch the floor. Cat Noir gets a bright, if slightly lopsided, smile. "Nice work," she tells him, before her attention turns toward Usagi where she's still hovering within Yellow Pearl Voice's Live Stage.

"I'm really glad you're okay, Usagi-chan," she says. "But... the next time somebody gets akumatized into a supervillain? They're going right into the hamster ball."

Then she's making an extraordinarily pained look at Darien's 'stuck around.' Wordlessly, she lifts a hand and flicks a little bubble of pink shield the size of a marble at the back of his head.

Hannah Steiner has posed:
Smiiiiirk! Hannah /grins/ towards the sound of Ali-Breaker-chan!

"Amazingly /adorable/, frau Sunbreaker!" Taunts the young woman!!!

The two loves are reunited, and Hannah is over the Bunny Moon for it! The 'bubble problem' is, frankly, an Usagi-chan problem at this point, and not one she's going to navigate. After all? There's a Red Rocket of a Beloved Amy launched into her, and she lets her blade float in order to catch the dearest of all Red Puella into a single arm!

That <Turmshild> is still held up just in case. She /squeezes/ her beloved close, leans in, and just luxuriates in Amy's closeness!

Coco, meanwhile, is no stranger to affection, because her other arm is offered as she detaches the shield, re-arranging the angle /just in case/.

Hannah might be a little paranoid after some assassination attempts. Sue her. She's gonna snuggle those she cares for in her grip right about now!

Pyrite has posed:
    Himeko, in order to not make her brother stand out even more, pulls the shadows from the surrounding area into a big bubble that blacks everything out momentarily, before letting them snap back. What the heck was that!? Oh, well, it was probably nothing! Hey, when did Himeko get here? She must have snuck in through a completely mundane method because she is a normal mundane little girl, and not anything unusual at all. She hugs back. "Mm. Catstraction. Distractcat. Distrcat... Dis... She was making a scene."
    Sensing it is time for them to go when Darien goes back to fondling the moon ball, Himeko says, "We should go now. This is the 'romantic reunion', according to the movies. You did a good job and are a very good cat." She then sneaks away, back to Mamoru/Darien's shadow, and disappears into it as soon as nobody is looking directly at her.
    The bakeneko is distracted (discatred?) from the white butterfly, and shrinks down with a tail wave and a sleepy 'rraer' noise when she passes by Cat Noir, before passing into the same shadow and disappearing.
    Their work here is done.
    Even if, to everyone around, it appears the bakeneko didn't do anything.
    But she is leaving regardless!

Adrien Agreste has posed:
"Great job!" Cat Noir enthuses at Ginga with a thumbs-up before he takes a final glance over everyone reuniting, or otherwise coming down from their fight modes. Or turning back from plushies to human again.

A little snort of laughter comes before he catches himself, and clears his throat. "Ah well since everything is going great now, and the lovely couple are back together properly..." There's a little beep noise from his side which causes him to sigh. "Time for me to go. Cat you later!" A quick wink and two fingered salute are given before he exits the shop entirely.

Amanda Faust has posed:
    "Don't worry, it wears off in like an hour at most." the cutely-costumed Puella Magi informs Sunbreaker. "...Interesting that you got *that* shape, though. Is adapting to four legs hard, or is it sort of instinctual and I shouldn't have said anything because now you'll centipede's dillema whoops--" and then she's pulled into Hannah's embrace and squeezed and it is nice and yeah she's just gonna enjoy this for a moment now after *such a stressful day*.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"How much have they told you?" Coco replies, just as much shocked by the things she is telling her and the fact Sunbreaker knows them into her first place. "What do you know about being betrayed by your best friend, Sunbreaker?" the mermaid starts saying. "What do you know about still missing her so much to this day it actually hurts?" Tears starts swelling up in her eyes.

"Have you ever had to see your kingdom get destroyed in front of you and actually being powerless to do a thing about it!?" she starts shouting at the plushie. "I would say no, and yet you brought it up" she adds, amidst tears. "Have you ever actually experienced being trapped in the castle of your enemy and the next time you wake up, years have gone by, and people have gone on ahead without you?"

She squeezes the plushie Alicorn slightly. "All the people I knew had changed while I was stuck, and they were both the same and oh so much different, and it was all my fault for not being there for them!"

Coco brings her arm out of the Live Stage. "You want to be put down?" Coco says shaking among tears and anger. "Fine." And she lets go. After flying closer to the ground until there is only about a meter left. She doesn't want to actually risk damaging her even if she is being like that.

"Sorry for forgetting, Usagi", Coco brings her Live Stage to the ground while drying her tears on her gloves, as well as those of the toy-people near a table, and dissolves the spheres of white light.

Hinoiri Kirara has posed:
Sunbreaker was... well. A bit taken aback by Coco's words. Right. Well, she'd been lashing out in anger, but... Admittedly, even she thought the fish bowl was a bit much. And she didn't know what to say to... any of that.

Well. There were things she could say. But wouldn't. Instead, rather than letting herself get caught in those doubts... instead, she focused on her anger. On the injustices delved back on her.

On the fact one of the girls seemed to think she was CONFUSED by bying on four legs!


Only to revert back to herself with a startled squeak. She yelped, falling out of Coco's arms... and landing on all fours. "W-what? What was I--"

And then... her face just went *scarlet*.

She then, quickly, got to her feet... and fell back on her butt. Then got back to her feet! And... "Really. REALLY?! That is my true form, you inconsiderate, useless, vile--" and the rest of the things were just lost as her words turned into a slurry of rage and rawr!

"AND NO! Four legs are NOT hard! ESPECIALLY not when you're a unicorn and... ugh. UGH! I hate ALL of you! The only reason I was even here was because the blond was leaning on my SCHIDT! I'm the Sunbreaker here, if anyone is going to be an Eclipse it's going to be ME! UGH! AS FOR YOU!" she yelled, turning to Usagi, her eyes narrowed. Then... "Ugh, you're not even magical. Not worth my time. This entire thing has just been a... wait, where's my familiar?"

The dazed, confused eel rose out from the ground, disappearing into the gem. She then glared back at Hannah. "I do not know what a Frau is but it sounds too close to friend and we are NOT that!" she snapped before turning, finally, back to Coco.

"Yeah. They're waiting for you back there with that big fish bowl under the sea. You know, if it means so much to you, maybe you should see about grabbing some of the rest of your sparkle skirts and doing something about it. And stop singing at ME! And get a NEW STUPID SONG ALREADY!"


She then angrily stormed over to where she'd dropped the popcorn bag, picked it up, tossed it into the trash and then TELEPORTED AWAY!

Amanda Faust has posed:

    Amy STARES. "You're really a plushie?!" a unicorn "Ohhh. Damn, how hard was it to learn two legs then? And hands? At least hands are pretty neat, huh?" She opens and closes a hand to indicate its advanced gripping technology, unavailable--she thinks--to ungulates.

    And then Sunbreaker teleports away and she gives a worried look to Coco. "Uhh, what was that about a fishbowl?" She puts an arm around her for the GROUP HUG.

Coco Kiumi has posed:
"I have been doing something about it", she says quietly. "I have been trying my best in locating Gaito's errant castle, and I bet you know how well protected it is since you got in there, right? I can't imagine how else you would have met Maria." Who knows whether this is before or after Sunbreaker teleported away.

And a tight hug is given to Amy as she comes in range. Coco turns her red eyes towards her. "She is referring to glass tanks Gaito prepared for us in his underwater palace. Both Noel and I have been stuck in there for years under a magical sleep, and our pearls were taken away. Thanks to a miracle, Aqua Regina's Guardian Hippocampus was able to free me, but Noel is still stuck down there" She takes a deep breath to keep herself calm.

"Sara has betrayed us and gone over to Gaito's side, and he plans to do the same to the 5 of us that are still free. At least, if the other 4 still are free. For all I know..." She doesn't end the sentence.

She lets go of Amy and takes a step back. "I have come here to Tokyo in the first place because I heard Gaito had allied himself with Obsidian, and I need any way to find him and his palace, and stop him once and for all."

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
"...I think I'm friends with Sunbreaker," Usagi says weakly, after the alicorn-unicorn-girl is gone. This appears to be one shock too many, because as soon as the LiveStage is gone, she drops herself into Darien's arms and clings to him. "I can't believe I - well okay, actually, I can fully believe I did all of that, but I can't believe I turned Naru-chan into a plushie."

She allows herself to breathe in deep, inhaling Darien's familiarity and scent and strength and then pauses, lifting herself up -

"Was there a catboy?"